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Spanish Dog Names: 150+Naming Ideas For Your New Puppy


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Naming a new puppy is a big task, and owners often want something that sounds unique and beautiful. Are you bringing home a new puppy and looking for a Spanish-inspired pet name? Picking a moniker from this beautiful language can be a way to give your pup a title that is sure to stand out.

The Spanish language is spoken worldwide and represents not only a beautiful language but a deep array of cultures. Many amazing canine breeds have Spanish roots, so an idea from the culture is an excellent way to honor that. It is also a wonderful way to honor one’s heritage or a greatly admired culture.

Regardless of why you want a Spanish-inspired idea for your new pup, we are here to help with this list of 150-plus Spanish dog name ideas. We also have tips on picking out and teaching your puppy their new title.

Spanish Dog Breeds

Several canine breeds have roots in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. Some of these breeds are very well known, others are not as common, but all share a connection to this beautiful language. Some Spanish dog breeds include:

  1. Spanish Water Dog
  2. Spanish Mastiff
  3. Catalan Sheepdog
  4. Bichon Frise
  5. Ibizan Hound
  6. Spanish Pointer
  7. Basque Shepherd
  8. Andalusian Hound
  9. Spanish Greyhound
  10. Burgos Pointer
  11. Podenco Canario
  12. Spanish Galgo
  13. Chihuahua

Meanings Of Spanish Names

Sometimes we appreciate names or words because of what they represent. This is true for many of our favorite Spanish-inspired canine names. While we cannot go into the exact meaning of every name on our list, we wanted to explain some of our favorite pet names from the language and what they mean.

  1. Belle means beautiful.
  2. Luna means moon.
  3. Bonita means pretty.
  4. Dulce means sweet, just like your new fur baby.
  5. Reina means queen, and we all know plenty of puppies who will wear this name proudly.
  6. Vida means life and is the perfect pick for a boy or girl puppy.
  7. Aurora means sunrise, a beautiful moniker for a beautiful puppy.
  8. Paloma means beautiful dove.
  9. Sol means sun and is a unique call sign for a pooch. This could work for males or females.
  10. Fuego means fire and is the perfect fit for an attitude-packed little pooch.
  11. Pai means man and is a wonderful idea for a male puppy.
  12. Alejandro is the defender of man, a perfect title for your new pup, especially if they are a guard or protective breed.
  13. Uno means the number one, which is the place your new puppy holds in your heart.
  14. Corazon means love, perfect for a little puppy who has stolen your heart.
  15. Rio means river.
  16. Pero is the Spanish term for a dog.

Female Spanish Names For Dogs

There are many beautiful names within the flowery language that can be very fitting for new puppies. Many of these are short and sweet, just like your new female puppy. Hopefully, one of these Spanish-inspired female titles will be a perfect fit for your new fur princess.


Male Spanish Names For Dogs

Sometimes a new male pup needs a strong male moniker. Many classic male Spanish names can be great for pet monikers. These strong titles from this wonderful language make the top of our list.


Spanish Food-Inspired Dog Names

These foods are packed full of spice and flavor. Some of these foods have become staples and favorites for diners worldwide. Pet owners always love to call animals after their favorite things, like their favorite dishes. Try on some of these delectable food-inspired moniker ideas for your spicy new puppy.


Famous Spanish Names

Throughout history, many people of Spanish and Hispanic heritage have contributed amazing things and ideas to our world. While we cannot list them all below, we have listed some of our favorite male and female famous Latin faces. Some owners may choose to pick a first or last name from our list or call their pup the whole thing in honor of these amazing and talented Spanish people.

Andy GarciaAna De Armas
Antonio BanderasAnya Taylor Joy
Bad BunnyCamila Cabello
Benicio del ToroCardi B.
Carlos SantanaChristina Aguilera
Cheech MarinEllen Ochoa
Danny TrejoEva Longoria
Desi ArnazFrida Kahlo
Enrique IglesisasGloria Estefan
Gabriel IglesiasIndya Moore
Javier BardemJenna Ortega
Mark ConsuelosLynda Carter
Oscar IsaacMariah Carey
Pablo PicassoMarisa Tomei
Pedro PascalPenelope Cruz
Rafael NadalRita Moreno
Richie ValensSalma Hayek
Ritchie ValensSelena
Roberto ClementeShakira
Salvador DaliSylvia Rivera
Tyler PoseyZoe Saldana

Dog Naming Trends

Just like naming trends for human babies, there are always different trends that happen for canine names. Ideas that rise in popularity are often reflections of what is going on in pop culture and society. Trends can change quickly. Sometimes they are designated after entertainment franchises like Harry Potter, Disney, Paw Patrol, or Marvel or simply a certain phase of life or style like hipster dog names. New TV shows, popular books, movies, and even social media trends and celebrities can inspire pet naming trends.

There is a lot of inspiration out there for finding a trendy pet moniker. One thing to remember is that trends come and go, and your pup will be around for many years. Make sure you give your pup a call sign that you will be happy with years in the future, as it is hard to change things once a pooch has learned it. If you are looking for an idea that is not trendy and is far more unusual, looking through pet naming trends can be a good way to see what is popular and what direction you should look. Keep in mind that ideas can come from many different places, and what might be popular for one person or area of the world may not be popular for another.

Canine Naming Tips

Cute dog with sombrero and maracas near green wall
Many owners spend hours toiling away to find the perfect name, only to refer to their new pooch by a nickname.

Naming a new puppy is an important task and not one that owners should rush into without being prepared. There are a few things to remember when picking a name for a new furry family member. There are some cases when owners will have an idea already picked out, and those people that like to wait to even think about it until they meet their new pup. Take a look at our tips below to help pick the perfect idea that your dog will respond to.

  1. Remember that naming a new canine family member is a big responsibility. Owners should feel free to get creative, have fun, and look for inspiration wherever they like. It is important to avoid words or terms that might come across as offensive or inappropriate. Remember, this title will be attached to your pet and yourself for the rest of your dog’s life. You do not want to embarrass your fur baby, anyone who must use the word, or yourself.
  2. Canines respond to shorter words better than longer words. One or two-syllable words work best. If you choose a longer title, make sure to come up with some shorter nicknames.
  3. Remember that a canine’s name is your main communication tool with them. While you may pick something that has special meaning or significance to you, for your dog, it will not have the same interpretation. They will understand that when you say this word, you want them to come, that something is going to happen. This might mean breakfast in the morning, a walk in the afternoon, or a late-night potty break. Your fur baby will understand that their name is something special and that when you use that word, you are referring to them. However, they will not understand any specific meaning, so do not expect them to.
  4. Avoid any ideas that sound like common commands. This will only confuse a puppy and interrupt training.
  5. Along with avoiding words that sound like common commands, owners should steer clear of any picks that sound like people who live in or are commonly around the home. It can be fun and even appropriate sometimes to call your pet after a human, but you do not want your pet’s and your spouse’s or child’s name to be too similar. This will only create confusion, chaos, and even resentment among human and canine family members.
  6. Do not forget to come up with some different nicknames for every idea you are considering. Nicknames are often smaller portions of a full name or a variation. Even though we spend a lot of time and effort trying to pick the perfect name, just like our human babies, our fur babies often go by many different nicknames. Come up with a list of nicknames, try them out, and see how you feel saying them and if your pup responds to them before making a final selection.
  7. Take your dog’s breed, size, color, and other physical features, along with personality, into account when picking out a pup’s title. Sometimes a certain color or breed will inspire a fitting moniker.
  8. Allow yourself the time and space to make the best decision for yourself and your new pup. Sometimes this can be a few weeks to a month or so after a new fur baby comes home. Many times owners will pick something out and, after a few weeks, realize it’s just not working out. This is all acceptable. The last thing you or your pup need is for you to become upset or worried over this process. As long as they receive top-notch care, plenty of love, and great nutrition, they will be ok, regardless of their title or how long it takes to pick. Sometimes an idea simply doesn’t work out, and you will need to pick a new one. This should not be viewed as a failure. It is something that happens all the time.
  9. Remember that your puppy will need to be taught their name. This process will take time. Provide plenty of positive behavior reinforcement rewards when they do respond to this word. Sometimes this is a deliciously chewy treat. Other times a new toy or a cuddle session. When your pet realizes that they get a positive response for responding to you, they will learn their name much quicker.

Final Thoughts

Naming a new puppy is a fun, special time. It is the first big decision, along with picking out your pup, that you make for your new fur baby. This title will stick with your pup throughout their lives, so it needs to be something that fits and that they respond to well. Picking a Spanish-inspired name is one way to give your pup an unforgettable, beautiful name.


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