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Best Dog Toys for Pembroke & Cardigan Welsh Corgis: Ratings & Reviews


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The Corgi is a herding dog who is full of gusto and energy. And to make him the happy and cheeky pooch that everyone knows and loves, his mind needs to be stimulated as much as his body does. An active dog is a happy dog, and what better way to keep him happy and energized than with toys?

Nope, we can’t think of much else either. And this is why it’s important to find the right dog toys for your pup. Whether you have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, both pups will need to find the right types of toys to keep them entertained while maintaining durability.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed our favorite dog toys for the Corgi Breed. We’ve broken down each toy, and gone into detail on why we prefer them over others. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide, to help you understand what you should be looking at when buying any toys for your pup. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know everything you need to know before providing your Corgi with plenty of toys to keep them busy!

At A Glance: Top Toys For Corgis

Our Rating

Best Overall

KONG Classic Dog Toy

Our Rating

Popular Pick

ABTOR Durable Chew Toy

ABTOR Ring Chew Dog Toy
Our Rating

Great For Fetch

Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Buyer’s Guide

Corgi Playing With Ring Toy
There are several factors to consider before making a selection of dog toys for your Corgi.

You’ve now arrived at the buyer’s guide section. The part where we’ll run you through each consideration you need to make to ensure you find the best toy for your Corgi. Although every Corgi is perfect, they are all different in their own way. Including how they like to play and what they like to play with. Spend a few minutes on this section, and you’ll be armed with all the info you need to make the best decision.

Type Of Play

Corgis are herding dogs by nature, so they’ll all love to chase things, right? Wrong. Not all dogs like to play the same way, and not all Corgis like to chase things. So to get the right toy for your Corgi, you first need to work out how your Corgi likes to play. Because if he has no interest in playing with it, he’ll find other ways to get up to no good!

If you already have a Corgi and you’re looking to update his toy wardrobe, you probably already have a good idea about how he likes to play. Does he like to chase and fetch? Bouncy balls and frisbees are a great choice. Does he like to pitch his strength against yours? Tug of war toys are the best choice. Most Corgis are obsessed with yummy treats, so why not invest in a treat-dispensing puzzle toy so that he can earn his treats.

Or, if you are here because you have a brand new Corgi pup heading your way (lucky you!), you won’t know what type of play he enjoys yet. For you guys, we suggest investing in a variety of toys so that you can identify what he likes, and doesn’t. We definitely suggest investing in a rubber chew toy of some sort, as they are an immense help during the painful puppy teething period.


The rule of thumb here is that good toys aren’t cheap, and cheap toys aren’t good. Good quality toys are more likely to be durable than cheaper ones. And to get the most out of your Corgi’s toys, they need to last much longer than a few minutes. You certainly don’t have to spend a whole paycheck on his toys, but you do need to spend more than a dollar at the dollar store.

The durability of the toy is also determined by how rough your Corgi likes to play. If he is a non-stop ferocious machine who tears everything to shreds, you’ll need a tough toy for heavy chewers. If he is sweet as cherry pie and gently mouths his toys, you won’t need to buy the most robust of toys. Again, it is all down to how your Corgi likes to play.


Safety is the most important aspect here. Even if you get everything else perfect, if the toy harms your bestie in any way, it’s no good at all. And sadly, many brands out there are more interested in making a profit from cheap, dangerous toys than your Corgi’s health. For this reason, you need to sort out the good from the bad. Thankfully, all of our recommendations below are safe for your pooch.

Pick a good quality toy, highly rated by other dog owners, and made by well-known brands. Always read the description, and ensure that the materials are safe for dogs. The rubber should be 100% natural, and anything plastic needs to state that it is BPA-free. And once you get it home, the condition of the toy needs to be monitored. Once it starts to break down, you need to dispose of it and get a new one.


The Pembroke Corgi and the Cardigan Corgi are practically the same size, but all Corgis are different. So you just need to make sure that the toy you choose is a suitable size for your Corgi. Always read the product description and ensure that your forever-hungry Corgi cannot swallow the toy whole.

Yes, it has happened before, and yes, most Corgis will give it a jolly good go! On the other hand, if it’s too big for him, he might not want to play with it. To be safe, double-check the size before placing an order.


Let’s face it, Corgis aren’t cheap. They are expensive to feed, and you’ll be spending money on your Corgi’s dog crates, as well as other gear. Working within a budget is reasonable, but don’t opt for the cheapest toys, as they are likely also the most poorly made.


The durability of the toy you choose also comes down to the material that it is made from. Corgis are more energetic than most people think, and they rarely tire out. Meaning the toys you choose need to be able to withstand long periods of hardcore Corgi play. Not all materials are created equal, and below we have listed some of the most common.


Rubber is one of the most commonly used materials because it is durable and long-lasting. It’s the best choice for heavy chewers and teething puppies as it soothes their gums. Plus, it is easy to wash, meaning less doggy drool odors. Rubber is the most common toy type that should be in your toy arsenal for your Corgi.


Nylon takes two forms in the dog toy world. One is a soft but durable material often used in better quality plush toys as it is more durable than polyester. And the other form is hard nylon used in chew toys and sticks. If it is a soft toy, always ensure that the material is stitched together rather than glued. Otherwise, it won’t last long at all. Nylon is a great alternative for dogs who can’t get used to chewing rubber.


Rope the next best durable toy material. It is tough to break, which is ideal considering that this is commonly used for tug-of-war toys. Rope consists of lots of fibers that can be good for dental hygiene. You’ll want to be careful with rope toys though, as Corgis are chewers. Rope toys have a tendency to get swallowed and can be fatal for dogs if too much gets ingested. Never leave your Corgi unsupervised with a rope toy.

Polyester And Plush

Polyester and plush toys are not suited for heavy chewers. But they are okay for the gentler Corgis, who aren’t as rough during playtime. Again, the material must be stitched rather than glued together. These toy materials are unsuitable for moderate to heavy chewers because they will not last long. They will also quickly become a choking hazard. Corgis should always be monitored when playing with polyester or plush toys.

Best Dog Toys For Corgis

Corgi With Rubber Ring Chew Toy
There are several different brands and types of dog toys that Corgis will enjoy.

Now it’s time to take a look at our favorites and why we like them. We have spent hours scouring the market so that you don’t have to. Not only have we ensured that all the toys are safe and durable.

We’ve also reviewed a variety of toys so that there is something here for every Corgi. Plus, each one is great value for money too. Read through each review, and you should find at least one toy that your Corgi and his fluffy butt will go nuts for.

KONG Classic Dog Toy

  • Veterinarian endorsed.
  • Made from all-natural durable rubber.
  • Relieves separation anxiety.
  • Irregular bounce pattern for games of fetch.
  • Can be stuffed full of treats.
  • Excellent KONG brand history.
  • Made in the United States.

No toy guide is complete without a Kong treat-dispensing toy. It’s one of our favorites for just about every breed, because of its durability. The KONG Classic is the perfect toy for dogs that love yummy treats stuffed into a brain-teasing rubber toy.  Your Corgi will chew and chew until it spits out his favorite treats, enticing him to play for hours on end. It will enrich his day by satisfying his natural chewing needs.

The rubber is tough and durable, and it can also be used for fetching fun. Simply toss it, and he’ll go running down the end of the yard for it. And thanks to the ridged and tapered design, it will bounce erratically on impact. Meaning no game is ever the same! This is for the average chewer, but there is also an extreme Kong option for heavy chewers.

We love this toy as an option for Corgis that are obsessed with treat-dispensers. The always-hungry Corgi will never get bored with this toy pick!

Chuckit! Classic Launcher

Blue Chuckit! Ball Launcher
  • Perfect for fetching Corgis.
  • Made of lightweight, flexible plastic.
  • Makes throwing easier.
  • Launches the ball long distances.
  • Hands-free pickup.
  • Fits Chuckit! brand balls and Tennis balls.
  • Made in the United States.

This is our favorite toy for the Corgi with lots of energy who loves to run and chase. The classic ball launcher is ideal for small dogs with little legs who aren’t going to cover as much ground as a Whippet. But who still has lots of energy. The brightly colored neon orange ball means that you’ll struggle to lose it compared to other balls. But if you do, you can just order a few more without having to buy a new launcher.

The rubber ball provides erratic bouncing, meaning lots of fun trying to work out where it will land. Playtime in the park with this toy will tire your Corgi out for sure, and a tired pooch is a happy pooch. Another great thing about the launcher is that you don’t have to handle the slobbery ball. Hands-free fun for everyone! It is also ergonomically designed for your comfort.

We love that this toy is great for the energetic Corgi who loves to run and fetch balls. The launcher gives you up to three times the throwing power. Meaning much more fun than traditional ball toys!

ABTOR Durable Ring Chew Toy

Frisco Plush Cow Toy
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Textured nubs for dental health.
  • Extremely durable.
  • BPA-Free.
  • Made with natural rubber.
  • Three different color combinations.
  • Perfect for stuffing with Peanut Butter.

This toy is designed with heavy chewers in mind, so if your Corgi is a hardcore chewer, this is his best bet. This chew toy is well designed, with textured nubs that can provide your pup with a soothing feeling as it’s chewed. It’s also ergonomically designed so it’s easy for your pup to hold onto while chewing.

It is made with a durable rubber material, so it is long-lasting and safer than sticks and normal bones. The rubber is BPA-free and food-grade safe. This means it’s safe for your pup, and also safe for the environment. This toy will satisfy your Corgi’s natural urge to chew, saving your sneakers and shoelaces from destruction.

We love this toy for the most ardent Corgi chewers. It’s also extremely easy on your pocketbook, which is a big plus if you plan to build up a toy arsenal for your pup with many different options.

ZippyPaws Hide & Seek Plush Toy

Dogwood Toy For Dogs
  • Interactive brain-game toy.
  • Puzzle will mentally challenge your Corgi.
  • Machine-washable.
  • Chipmunks squeak (holds attention).
  • Made with plush fabric, stuffing, and fleece.
  • Best for supervised playtime.
  • Not as durable as other chew toys.

This toy consists of a plush hollow log with several little holes and three chipmunks to place inside. The chipmunks are also soft, and they each have a squeaker inside for extra excitement. Hide the chipmunks inside the log, and watch him work out how to extract them. The reward of not one, not two, but three squeaky chipmunks will keep him going for hours on end.

You could also hide a few of his favorite treats inside to make it more exciting for him. This toy is machine washable, making it easier and less smelly for you. And if he misplaces his chipmunks, you can order some more. This toy is ideal for those who love soft cuddly toys but are not heavy chewers. They are also great fun for hide-and-seek games around the home and nose work.

We love that this toy offers a variety of sounds, textures, and shapes to play with. Stimulating your Corgi’s brain and keeping him entertained for hours on end.

Frisco Squeaking Cow Toy

Bones and Chews Toy
  • Squeaky toy that keeps dogs occupied.
  • Minimal stuffing.
  • Built-in rope through the body.
  • Internal rope keeps dogs interested.
  • Durable construction.
  • Best for non-aggressive chewers.
  • Recommended only for supervised playtimes.

This cow toy is a fab option for the herding Corgi, and its versatility is what we love about it. It is a plush squeaky toy for pups that love the sound of squeakers. It is well stitched and reinforced with rope throughout the body, meaning it will last much longer than standard plush toys. Plus, it can be used for gentle tug-of-war games. And toss it around the home for some interactive fun.

The soft outer material also makes for a soft cuddle buddy in bed when playtime is over. It has minimal stuffing inside, making it less of a choking hazard for when it eventually breaks down. And it is made with a blend of polyester and durable nylon. This toy is cute and so much fun that many owners have said that their dogs never left home without it.

We love that this toy offers a little bit of everything. Rope for tug of war challenges, a plush squeaky toy for cute cuddles, and it can also be used for fetching fun too!

Bones & Chews Cotton Rope Toy

Chuckit! Ball Launcher
  • Chew and tug toy combination.
  • Great for Corgis that love to tug.
  • Supports dental health.
  • No artificial colors or preservatives.
  • No chemical use.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Recommended only for supervised play.

Here we have another versatile toy that combines different play types. The rope is made from 100% cotton, meaning it is strong and safe for your bestie. It also acts as a dental cleaning tool for healthy teeth and gums, making playtime functional too.

This dog toy is long enough to provide a safe distance between your hand and his mouth or dog to dog. But not so big that he cannot play with it comfortably like some other larger rope toys. This rope is designed with several knots throughout, meaning that whoever is playing with it can hold it with a firm grip.

There are two beef bones placed on either end. This adds extra flavors and aromas to playtime to drive him wild. Plus, he can also chew the bones when he isn’t in the mood for rope fun. Plus, it alleviates stress and keeps him occupied.

We love that this toy combines strong rope fun with chew toys for extra Corgi excitement. And it is interactive for both humans and dogs alike!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of toys are best for my Corgi?

Every Corgi is different, so there is not a simple answer to this question. Sorry guys and gals! Only you can answer this question because only you know your Corgi and what type of play he favors. No matter how fun and amazing a toy looks, if it doesn’t match your dog’s taste, it’s completely useless.

Most Corgis are greedy pups, so incorporating yummy treats into the mix is likely to interest him. If you have a Corgi puppy, you should invest in a few different types of toys to see what he likes the most.

Which toys withstand the abuse a Corgi can dish out?

There isn’t a single dog toy in the world that is completely indestructible. Dog toys are meant to be played with, and hopefully for hours on end. Not only is playtime good for his well-being and mental health, but it also prevents him from ruining your lawn or eating your cushions.

Hardcore Corgis who are extreme chewers will wear toys out faster than those who are gentle. If your Corgi is a known abuser of toys, stick with your more durable options, like the KONG.

Is one dog toy enough for my Corgi?

No. You really need a selection of toys for your Corgi to play with. Toys are meant to be fun, and after a week of playing with the same toy over and over, he will eventually lose interest in it. And if your Corgi loses interest, you can be certain he will find other ways to cause mischief.

Dog toys are necessary for your pup’s well-being, and they are not just a luxury as some people might think. Even if your Corgi is only into chew sticks, it mixes things up a bit by investing in different shapes and flavors and keeps him interested. Rotate them throughout the week, and it’ll keep him busy.

Are some materials dangerous for my Corgi?

Unfortunately, some materials are dangerous for dogs. And even worse, some of these materials are found in cheap toys. This is why you should never buy just any ol’ dog toy. Always read the product description to see what the material is.

And if you can’t find it in the description, look in the frequently asked questions section. And if you still can’t find the info, stay away. Toys made from 100% natural rubber, cotton, nylon, and polyester are safe, and BPA-free and latex-free toys are safe too.

Final Thoughts

The Corgi is a fun and lively pup that has bundles of energy. Toys are a great way to burn that extra energy after exercise and stimulate his brain when you can’t spend hours entertaining him. In addition to solo play, interactive playtime is another great way to keep him out of mischief and bond with him. Toys are a necessary part of his daily routine, but thankfully, they are tons of fun too.

Finding the right toy is harder than dog owners first think. But you should now have a clearer picture of which toys to choose for your Corgi. By sticking to any one of our recommendations (or a few!), you can be sure that your pup will be very grateful, and more importantly, content!

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