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8 Best and Tastiest Beef Trachea Chews For Your Dog

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A stack of dried beef trachea dog chews

Are you looking for a new tasty treat for your pup?

Beef trachea is a low-fat, single-ingredient dog chew that dogs can’t get enough of.

But what is a beef trachea chew, and is it the right treat for your dog?

By the time you are finished reading this review, you’ll have the answers to these questions and more!

Our Top Picks

Top Dog Chews USA sourced beef trachea sticks

Best 12 Inch

Top Dog Chews

Sancho & Lola's 3 inch beef trachea

Best 3 Inch

Sancho and Lola

Best Bully Sticks Trachea Chips Dog Treats

Best Chips

Best Bully

We also reviewed dozens of different brands of beef trachea to find the best and tastiest chews for your dogs – why settle for less?

Best Beef Trachea Chews

Dog chewing on our number one best beef trachea recommendation

Let’s take a closer look at the 8 different beef trachea chews that delighted our testing team!

Best 12 Inch

Top Dog Chews USA sourced beef trachea sticks

Top Dog Chews Beef Trachea

Ingredients: Beef Trachea

Sourced from: USA

Calories: 137 calories/oz

Crude Protein (Min.)62.3% min
Crude Fat (Min.)7.4% min
Crude Fiber (Max.)5.0% max
Moisture (Max.)11.7%
Ash (Max.)2.7%

Top Dog Chews is proof that it’s hard to beat a good American-made dog treat.

Their beef trachea chews are sourced in the USA from free-range, grass-fed cattle and are free from hormones, steroids, antibiotics and other nasties that can be found in beef products.

These beef trachea chews come in two different lengths:

And they are darn tasty, at least our dogs thought so!

We laid various brands of 6-inch beef trachea chews on the ground and let our dogs decide which one they wanted.

The Top Dog Chews beef trachea chews were picked first 6/10 times!

Want a smaller chew? Check out our next recommendation.

Best 3 Inch

Top Dog Chews USA sourced beef trachea sticks

Sancho and Lola’s Beef Trachea

Ingredients: Beef Trachea

Size: Approx 3 inches

Sourced from: USA

As we soon discovered, finding USA-sourced 3 inch trachea treats was difficult – most manufacturers only make them in 6 or 12-inch lengths.

Fortunately, Sancho & Lola’s fill the gap. Made from Nebraska beef and manufactured in Illinois, these beef trachea chews are as American as you’ll get.

At 3 inches long, these beef trachea chews are the perfect size for smaller dogs (up to about the size of a corgi).

Best Chips

Best Bully Sticks Trachea Chips Dog Treats

Best Bully Beef Trachea Chips

Ingredients: Beef Trachea

Size: Approx 2 inches

Sourced from: Brazil

Crude Protein (Min.)63.1%
Crude Fat (Min.)28.4%
Crude Fiber (Max.)24 hours (claims up to 20)
Moisture (Max.)7.9%

Is your dog watching his calories? Or maybe you just want a smaller treat? At only 1-2 inches in length, these trachea chips are the treat that you are looking for.

Due to their small size, Trachea chips are better suited to smaller dogs, such as a Chihuahua or Pomeranian.

Dog owners who fed multiple snacks across a day preferred these small pieces of trachea – larger trachea tubes need to be eaten in a single sitting.

However, I wouldn’t recommend these for a larger dog – they can quickly be gulped down in a single bite by a hungry Bulldog or Husky.

Please note that trachea chips are not suitable for stuffing. Most chips have been split down one side – they are not hollow.

Best Smoked Beef

Sancho & Lolas USA sourced Smoked Hickory Beef Trachea Dog Chews

Sancho and Lola’s Smoked Beef Trachea

Ingredients: Smoked Beef Trachea

Size: 3, 6, 12 Inches

Sourced from: USA

Sourced from Illinois, these American-made beef trachea chews have been smoked using hickory wood – natures flavoring!

Sancho and Lola’s pride themselves on only using the highest quality beef trachea – the same beef trachea that is used in collagen supplements that humans use to treat arthritis.[1 ]

While these American-made trachea chews are of the highest quality, you should be mindful not all dogs like smoked flavored chews. If your dog has rejected smoked flavored treats in the past, you may want to stick to plain beef trachea instead.

Best Bulk

bulk package of 6 inch beef trachea from Best Bully Sticks

Best Bully Sticks 50 Pack

Ingredients: Smoked Beef Trachea

Size: 5-6 Inches

Sourced from: Brazil

Crude Protein (Min.)63.1% min
Crude Fat (Min.)28.4% min
Crude Fiber (Max.)1.2% max
Moisture (Max.)7.9%

Do you prefer to buy in bulk? Or maybe your pup is a trachea chew addict?

This value pack containing 50 beef trachea chews is a bargain that is hard to pass up. By buying in bulky, you’ll get the costs down to less than a dollar per chew – Bargain!

If you give your dog a beef trachea chew each day, this pack will last two and a half months before you need to resupply. If you rotate your dogs treats, it’s only going to last longer!

Best Filled

USA Bones Beef Trachea Dog Treats with bully stick and beef filling

The Country Butcher Stuffed Beef Trachea

Ingredients: Beef Trachea, Chicken Meal, Cane Sugar, Molasses, Rye Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Dried Beef Pizzle, Citric Acid (Preservative), Natural Prime Rib Beef Flavor, Buffered White Distilled Vinegar, Mixed Tocopherols (Preservative), Rosemary Extract.

Size: Approx 3 Inches

Sourced from: USA

Crude Protein (Min.)63.1%
Crude Fat (Min.)12.0%
Crude Fiber (Max.)2%
Moisture (Max.)20%

My first thought after noticing that beef trachea chews are hollow:

I wonder what I can stuff inside there?.

The Country Butcher had the exact same thought. Their beef trachea chews have been filled with a tasty bully stick, and chicken n rice-flavored stuffing.

Your dog will go wild when he bites down on his trachea treat. Instead of a hollow center, he will discover a delicious meaty filling!

These tasty treats are also available with a peanut butter flavored filling – However, if you already have a good natural peanut butter on hand you can fill regular trachea chew yourself – it’s cheaper this way!

Best Freeze-Dried

Natural Farm Odor-Free Beef Trachea

Ingredients: Beef Trachea

Size: Approx 6 inches

Sourced from: Brazil

Ordinarily, beef trachea chews are baked in an oven until they dry and harden. The downside with baking that some of the nutritional value is lost – heat destroys some of the nutrients.

Natural Farm Odor-Free Beef Tracheas are different from most other brands of beef trachea treats – they are freeze-dried.

Processed at freezing temperatures, these treat-sized pieces of beef trachea maintain almost the same amount of nutrients as raw beef trachea!

They are also crunchy, rather than chewy – you can break these treats into smaller pieces with your fingers if you wanted.

The only downside is the cost. Freeze-dried beef trachea is considerably more expensive than oven-baked.

But if you are looking for an alternative beef trachea treat for your dog, these are worth checking out!

Best Tracheal Supplement

Ancestral Supplements Bovine Tracheal Carilage capsules for joint health

Ancestral Supplements tracheal Cartilage

Ingredients: Beef Trachea, Liver, Gelatin Capsules

Size: n/a

Sourced from: New Zealand

Okay, I know this recommendation isn’t a dog treat.

However, I wanted to include it for those of you who are using beef trachea as a source of chondroitin, collagen, and glucosamine for their dog – nutrients that help promote joint health.

If that sounds like you, may find it easier to give your pup beef trachea capsules instead.

These gelatin capsules contain beef trachea and liver from grass-fed cows from New Zealand – no other additives.

Does your pup hate pills? Check out our tricks to getting a dog to take a pill – I found it easier to open these capsules and sprinkle the powder over my dog’s food.

What is beef trachea?

Dog staring at cow in field learning where beef trachea comes from

Beef trachea is a baked meat dog chew that is made from the windpipe of cows, the cartilage tube that leads from the mouth to the lungs.

And it’s packed full of goodness…

You see, trachea is naturally high in chondroitin and glucosamine, which have been shown to help treat arthritis in dogs.[1 ]

You’ll sometimes hear cow trachea referred to as “trachea bones,” “moo-tubes,” or “windies” – nicknames that relate back to the part of the cow that is used in the chew, beef trachea.

Cow anatomy the wind pipe that beef trachea chews are made from

Beef Trachea is a popular dog chew due to its simple manufacturing process. The cow’s windpipe is cut into pieces and baked at a high temperature until it hardens into a chewy treat – one that your dog will find irresistible.

Typically, no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives are used in the preparation of beef trachea – they are highly digestible!

Beef trachea chews typically comes three different sizes:

  • 3 inches
  • 6 inches
  • 12 inches

Each piece of beef trachea is approximately 2 inches wide.

The smaller pieces are better suited to small breeds like a Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian or Chihuahua.

If you have a medium or larger dog, I recommend choosing the 6 or 12-inch varieties. Larger breeds, such as Labradors or German Shepherds, can swallow a 3-inch piece of beef trachea in a single gulp, which poses a choking hazard.

Unfortunately, unless you have an incredibly sharp pair of shears, beef trachea is hard to cut without breaking it into pieces. If you want small pieces of beef trachea, it’s easiest to buy the correct size.

Pros and cons of beef trachea

Bernese Mountain Dog holding Beef Trachea Chew in mouth like bone

Are you considering using beef trachea as your go-to dog treat?

I can’t say I blame you, they have a lot of good things going for them.

But so you don’t experience any surprises, I have outlined the good and the bad of beef trachea treats…

The good

Teeth Cleaning – beef trachea, like all hard chews, have cleaning properties. As your dog chews, plaque is scraped off by the cows ear.[1]

Low-fat – Beef Trachea are a low fat alternative to other meat chews, like pigs ears. Great if you are watching your dog’s calories.

Relatively affordable – When it comes to all-meat dog chews, beef trachea chews are a bargain. Typically, you can pick up beef trachea made in the USA for under $2.00. If you buy in bulk, you can get the price under a dollar per chew.

Good for joints – beef trachea contain cartilage, a natural source of chondroitin, glucosamine and collagen. Chondroitin and glucosamine can help to support good joint health in dogs [1]

But like all dog treats, there are some drawbacks of beef trachea chews that you should be mindful of…

The Bad

Potential choking hazard When pieces get too small, they pose a risk, especially if your dog swallows a beef trachea in a single gulp.

Dog may reject – All dogs are different. Some dogs don’t enjoy the taste or smell of beef trachea. While all the testers who reviewed beef trachea loved them, your mileage may vary.

Can leave grease stains – You see those white rings surrounding the trachea? Well, that’s beef fat, and it can leave oil marks. To avoid stains, skip feeding trachea on the carpet, furniture and other fabric surfaces.

How long does it take a dog to chew beef trachea?

Bernese Mountain Dog Taking Beef Trachea Chew out of owners handsjpg

How long will a beef trachea chew last for your dog?

Rounded up 11 different dog breeds to see how long it would take for each one to finish a 6-inch piece of the beef trachea.

  • Cavapoo – 90 minutes
  • Pomeranian – 55 minutes
  • Pug – 23 minutes
  • Dachshund – 18 minutes
  • Beagle – 15 minutes
  • Border Collie -10 minutes
  • German Shepherd – 9 minutes
  • Labrador – 8 minutes
  • Rottweiler – 8 minutes
  • Boxer – 6 minutes
  • Great Dane

– 4 minutes

Based on our testing, the larger and more powerful dogs can finish off a beef trachea significantly faster than smaller breeds.

The thin, hollow tubes just don’t hold up to aggressive chewers the same way as a harder chew – such as antlers, cow hooves or even bully sticks.

However, beef trachea certainly lasts longer than thinner chews, such as pigs ears or chicken feet.

Beef Trachea Vs. Bully Sticks

Can’t decide between beef trachea and bully sticks? Let’s compare the two.

Bully sticks are made from bull penis. When we surveyed dog owners, we discovered that some owners refused to feed their pups bully sticks due to the ick-factor – they didn’t like thinking about their pup chewing penis.

Bully sticks are denser than the hollow beef trachea, which makes them better suited to aggressive chewers. They are a longer-lasting chew.

However, beef trachea has a couple of advantages. Firstly, compared to bully sticks, beef trachea is lower odor – it doesn’t smell as strong.

Next, beef trachea is lower fat. If your dog is on a low-fat diet, beef trachea may be a viable alternative to bully sticks.

Another benefit is that beef trachea is hollow. This allows you to fill the trachea with other treats.

On a hot day I’ll stuff beef trachea with canned dog food and freeze it. It’s like a chewy popsicle for my dog. Not only does he love the taste, but it keeps him cool in the hot weather!

If cost is the deciding factor, then bully sticks are typically cheaper than beef trachea – especially when buying in bulk.

Is Beef Trachea safe for dogs?

As dog owners, none of us want to feed our pup something harmful.

Thousands of dog owners feed their pup beef trachea without issue. However, you should be mindful that there are some risks associated with beef trachea chews.

Like with most chews, beef trachea can be a potential choking hazard – especially if your dog is known for swallowing treats whole, without chewing.

Same goes for when the treats get too small. Your dog may decide to gulp down that final piece, where it can get lodged in the throat.

it is for this reason that beef trachea should always be given under supervision.

Also, dogs with sensitive stomachs can get diarrhea from beef chews but are for the most part digestible.

You know your dog best. If you have doubts, then you should avoid feeding your dog beef trachea.

How do you store beef trachea?

Beef trachea is a natural dog chew that does not contain any preservatives. Because of this, proper storage is essential so that your beef trachea doesn’t go rancid.

Does your dog typically eat his trachea chews within a week or two? Then an airtight container is the ideal storage – keep the container in a cool, dry spot in your pantry.

If your beef trachea came in a resealable packet, then it’s fine to use the pack as storage. Make sure you seal the package properly each time.

However, if you live where it’s hot and humid, you’ll want to refrigerate your chews instead. If you leave them out, the chews can “sweat” and go bad.

If long term storage is what you want, beef trachea chews should be frozen – frozen trachea chews can last up to three years!

The only exception to this is if you have purchased freeze-dried beef trachea. As long as these are stored under 75˚F in an air-tight container, freeze-dried beef trachea can last up to 30 years.

How many beef trachea chews can your dog have each day?

While some owners give their dogs beef trachea every day, others offer them as a rare treat.

How often should you give your dog beef trachea?

A good guideline is that beef trachea should not take up more than 10% of your dogs daily calories.[2]

Beef trachea contains around 25 calories per inch and a half. However, calories can vary according to how much fat is left on the trachea and where it is sourced from – check the bag for the number of calories in your beef trachea.

For the most accurate estimate of your dogs daily calorie intake, you should speak to your vet.

Like with all treats, beef trachea is not essential to your dog’s diet. You should be relying on dog food to provide the complete nutrition your pup needs – cows ears are a treat given in addition to your pup’s regular meals.


If you have made it this far, you should now know which beef trachea chew is right for your pup.

A recap of our recommendations:

The best beef trachea for dogs we reviewed:

  1. Top Dog Chews – Best Beef Trachea (6 + 12 inch)
  2. Sancho & Lola’s – Best Beef Trachea (3 inch)
  3. Best Bully Sticks – Best Beef Trachea Chips
  4. Sancho & Lola’s – Best Smoked Beef Trachea
  5. Best Bully Sticks – Best Bulk Beef Trachea
  6. USA Bones – Best Stuffed Beef Trachea
  7. Natural Farm – Best Freeze-Dried Beef Trachea
  8. Ancestral Supplements – Best Beef Trachea Supplement

Do you give your dog beef trachea? Why/why not? Let me know in the comments below!

The information provided through this website should not be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease; it is not intended to offer any legal opinion or advice or a substitute for professional safety advice or professional care. Please consult your health care provider, attorney, or product manual for professional advice. Products and services reviewed are provided by third parties; we are not responsible in any way for them, nor do we guarantee their functionality, utility, safety, or reliability. Our content is for educational purposes only.

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