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The English Bulldog is a thick-set bruiser of a pup, best known for their sour mug. Despite their formidable appearance, they still need regular and thorough pamper sessions. Their coat might be short and glossy, but they shed regularly. They also have sensitive skin, so it’s crucial to pick a brush that doesn’t irritate them further. Grooming is an essential part of taking care of your Bulldog buddy.

There are many dog brushes to choose from, suited to different coat types. With so many options available, and not all of them up to the job, it’s a tricky decision. So, finding the best brush for your English Bulldog is an important task, but we’ve done all the hard work for you. Whether you’re about to welcome an English Bulldog into your life or the brush you have is not cutting the mustard, we’ve got a brush for you.

Here in this guide, we take you through everything you need to know about the English Bulldog coat and what it needs. We also review several grooming products to help you find the best brush for your English Bulldog. So, let’s jump into the world of Bulldog brushes.

At A Glance: Best Brushes For English Bulldogs

FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool, Blue, Large
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FURminator Deshedder

Pet Portal Slicker
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Best Combo Brush

Hartz Combo

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Best Rubber Brush

Bodhi Dog Bath Brush

English Bulldog Coat

English Bulldogs have a straight, short, flat, and close coat that is fine and smooth in texture. It sounds like an easy coat to take care of, right? Not exactly. They shed moderately throughout the year and heavier during the shedding seasons. They have two coat layers, a downy undercoat and a stiffer outer coat. The undercoat is soft and dense, and it thins and thickens depending on the time of year, acting as an insulation layer for your pooch.

Plus, English Bulldogs have soft and loose skin, which is wrinkly, particularly around the head and chest area. These wrinkles are a haven for moisture and bacteria, leading to sores and infections if not taken care of properly. These wrinkled and sensitive areas can make brushing your Bulldog tricky. But with the right brush, you can maintain a beautiful Bulldog coat.

English Bulldog Grooming Habits

Sure, their coats aren’t as tricky as a Poodle to take care of or as intense as a Golden Retriever. But by implementing a regular grooming regime, you can keep your English Bulldog’s coat beautiful and trouble-free. Starting this process at a young age desensitizes them to grooming, making it much easier for you both. Remember to make grooming an enjoyable experience by rewarding them with treats.

Brush your Bulldog two to three times a week to keep them looking and feeling their best. Each session will probably take 10 minutes, depending on the size of your pooch. Pick this up a little more during the shedding seasons when your Bulldog sheds more frequently. Investing in the correct high-quality brush makes the grooming process much more effective.

Types Of Brushes

There are several types of brushes to choose from. English Bulldogs have a short and flat coat with two layers, so the brush you pick needs to work for this type of coat. Selecting a high-quality brush is just as important as choosing the right one because many cheap brushes can hurt the dog through design or poor-quality materials.


The slicker brush has many short, thin bristles, usually made of wire. The bristles are packed together and sit on a flat head. Slicker brushes work well for dogs with medium to long, thick hair as it removes debris, mats, and tangles. Although it would work for a Bulldog coat, slicker brushes can be too harsh on loose and sensitive Bulldog skin.


Pinhead brushes are the same as pin brushes, but they are often confused with slicker brushes. There are fewer bristles on a pinhead, usually longer, thicker, and spaced farther apart. High-quality pinhead brushes have rubber tips that are gentler on doggy skin. Pinhead brushes remove hair and dirt from all coat types, but they are a top choice for longer-haired dogs.


Bristle brushes look like human brushes, with many thick bristles with moderate spacing. These brushes are mainly for short, silky coats to remove dander and loose hair and stimulate the skin. They also work as a finishing brush to add shine and smooth the appearance. Bristle brushes are an excellent choice for English Bulldogs.


Undercoat rake brushes are for heavy shedders, as they rake up densely packed, excess hair. They are T-shaped, with one or two rows of bristles or pins, much like a garden rake. They reach through to the undercoat to rake up loose hair. These are similar to combs but with a handle. Undercoat rakes work well on all double-coated dogs.

Rubber Brush

Rubber brushes have short and flexible rubber bristles or bumps, often called curry mitts or rubber combs. These are for dogs with short hair, as the bristles cannot reach the undercoat. They can be a brush with a handle or a glove that fits your hand. Rubber brushes massage the skin and bring hair and dirt to the surface.

Rubber brushes are great when shampooing your dog for a more thorough clean, enabling you to get into your Bulldogs folds and wrinkles. Curry mitts are also an excellent choice for Bulldogs who hate grooming. Rubber brushes are sometimes a great tool for Bulldog coats, but as they cannot reach the undercoat, they do not offer a thorough groom.

Top Brushes For English Bulldogs

We have scoured the market for some of the most popular dog brushes suitable for the English Bulldog. Your brush should be high-quality, gentle on the skin, comfortable, and effective. Every dog has unique needs, so be sure that the brush you pick works for your Bulldogs coat type. Here is a selection of our favorite brushes for the English Bulldog.

FURminator Short Hair Deshedding Tool

Shed Defender® Original
  • Designed specifically for short hair.
  • Safety tips at both ends protect the skin.
  • Curved design for your dog’s comfort.
  • Ergonomic handle for your comfort.
  • Has a FURejector button for easy cleanup.

The FURminator is designed specifically for canines with short hair, which is ideal for your English Bulldog. It has a smooth stainless steel rake that glides effortlessly through the topcoat. It removes the undercoat and loose hair without damaging the skin or hair. Each end of the rake has a plastic edge for protection, which is another safety feature to protect your Bulldog’s loose skin.

The FURminator is curvy in shape, which contours around the shape of your dog’s body, rather than being flat like many other rakes. This is a high-quality tool that remembers your comfort too. The ergonomic rubber handle makes grooming your pup a relaxing activity. The FURejector button quickly releases the hair with one press, making clean-up much more straightforward.

We love that this brush is a great tool for raking the English Bulldog’s undercoat, which is particularly helpful during the shedding seasons.

Hartz Combo

Andi’s Large Pin Brush green
  • 2-in-1 combo brush provides multiple benefits.
  • Stainless steel pins with rounded tips for skin protection.
  • Nylon bristles collect dirt and hair without irritating skin.
  • Ergonomic handle for your comfort.
  • Designed with breather holes for comfortable grooming.

This brush has multi-uses. One side provides a stainless steel pin brush to loosen dirt, tangles, and the undercoat, and the other consists of nylon bristles that stimulate the skin and redistribute your dog’s natural coat oils. Use the pin brush first, and finish the grooming session with the bristle brush to finish the look. This 2-in-1 brush saves you from buying a deshedder for the shedding season and a general daily brush.

The stainless steel pins have safety tips to protect your dog’s skin, and the nylon bristles are stiff enough to work effectively but soft enough to prevent damaging your dog’s skin. The ergonomic handle allows you to groom your pup without worrying about strain. The breathing holes mean it contours to your dog’s shape rather than being rigid.

We love that this brush has multiple uses, meaning you don’t have to buy several brushes. Save money and space with this dual brush.

Bodhi Dog Bath Brush

Alcott Bamboo Groom Palm Brush
  • Rubber tips for a gentle brush.
  • Rubber handle to secure it to your hand.
  • Contours to the shape of your dog’s body.
  • Split ends collect dirt, grime, and hair.
  • Can be used for wet or dry grooming.

This popular rubber brush also has several uses. It is called a bath brush because many owners use it in the bath to massage and clean their dog’s skin and coat. It penetrates the topcoat to reach the skin and undercoat, removing dirt, grime, and bacteria lurking in your Bulldog’s skin folds. Simply slip your hand under the handle and get massaging.

The soft rubber tips offer a thorough clean without irritating or pulling on your dog’s skin. Plus, the ends are split, which assists in removing excess hair and dirt rather than moving it around, unlike other brushes. You can use this brush on other pets. And it is a great option for Bulldogs who find brushes uncomfortable or the overall grooming process too scary.

We love that this waterproof brush is excellent for grooming inside and outside the bath. Use it to massage the skin with shampoo and as a daily rubber mitt to remove dirt and loose hair.

Safari Curved Slicker

Hartz Combo Pin and Bristle
  • This slicker brush penetrates the outer coat for a thorough groom.
  • Has coated tips for gentle detangling.
  • The curved design provides comfortable brushing.
  • Rubber, ergonomic handle for your comfort.
  • Great for multi-dog households and other coat types.

The Safari slicker brush is cleverly designed for your Bulldog’s comfort. Unlike many other slicker brushes, it has coated tips that prevent skin snagging or irritation, which is especially important for the sensitive Bulldog. Gentle brushing allows you to take time with your Bulldog, removing loose hair and debris without alarming them.

The curved design means you can take care of extra sensitive areas, like your Bulldog’s heavily rolled shoulders and chest. This brush is also suitable for dogs of all sizes and all coat lengths, which is great for multi-dog households. It has an ergonomic rubber handle that is comfortable for you too.

We love that this slicker brush has coated tips (unlike many others), which helps to protect your English Bulldog’s loose skin from irritation. Allowing deeper coat penetration for a thorough scrub.

Delomo Rubber Gloves

  • Mimics the shape of your hand for a gentle brushing experience.
  • This is a great pick for Bulldogs who fear grooming.
  • 255 silicone tips gently massage and remove dirt and hair.
  • One size fits all with an adjustable wrist strap.
  • Can be used in the bath for a thorough cleanse.

Although this is not the best brushing tool for every Bulldog, it is a great option for those scared of being brushed. These gloves are easy to slip on and allow you to groom your pooch without them knowing as much. It mimics the shape and feel of your hand. So if your courageous Bulldog is a secret scaredy cat, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

It contains 255 silicone tips that grip onto loose hair and dirt, removing it from their coat. The rubber clings onto the hair, so all you need to do is peel off the layer of hair once you’ve finished. The five-finger glove design means you can get into all the hard-to-reach places, including wrinkles and skin folds. One size fits all, and it has an adjustable wrist strap. These can also be used in the bath too.

We love that this brush is ideal for Bulldogs who are sensitive to or fear brushing. Simply slide the gloves on and pet your Bulldog.

The Buddy System Oval Palm Bristle Brush

Bodhi Dog Bath Brush
  • Bristle brush designed to groom under and outer coat.
  • Boar bristles are a great alternative to metal or plastic.
  • Oval-shaped brush for easy grip.
  • Made from bamboo making it an eco-friendly brush.
  • Gentle around the face and folds.

The Buddy System soft touch oval-shaped brush is a great bristle brush for many reasons. This lightweight brush fits into the palm of your hand for an easy and natural grip. This is ideal for owners with specific mobility issues or struggling to grip typical handles. For some owners, fooling their Bulldogs into thinking they are petting them rather than brushing them is the success of grooming.

The Buddy System brush is aesthetically pleasing, which is essential for some owners. This and the packaging makes it an ideal gift for new Bulldog owners. This brush uses bamboo and boar bristles, making it an eco-friendly option. The stiff, soft bristles reach through the outer coat to remove dirt and loose hair. Some strands fall out on the first few uses, which is typical for a natural product.

We love that this brush is easy to grip, an excellent alternative to most brushes with handles. It is an eco-friendly choice made with bamboo and boar bristles for earth-mindful dog owners.

Managing The English Bulldog Coat

English Bulldogs have sensitive skin, and they shed, which you have to manage. However, there are some ways you can help to avoid excess shedding and keep their coat in top condition in addition to brushing. For example, dogs shed more when stressed or are exposed to fleas, mites, and infections, so try to avoid these. Here are some ways to keep their coat as healthy as possible.

Grooming Products

English Bulldogs have sensitive skin, so it’s essential never to use human grooming products on your pooch. Choose products that are designed for dogs with sensitive skin or made with natural products. High-quality products are thoroughly tested to ensure they don’t irritate most doggy skins. Be wary of cheap products that might not be as vigorously tested.


Bathing an English Bulldog is challenging, getting them in the tub and giving them a thorough scrub down. Regular baths keep skin and coats clean and healthy. Although you’ll see excess hair in the tub, regular bath time minimizes shedding in the long run. Bathe them once every month or two unless directed differently by your vet.

Loose Skin & Folds

The English Bulldog has loose and wrinkly skin, which needs additional care. When brushing your Bulldog, take extra care not to scrape the skin, as this irritates the skin and can lead to cuts and abrasions. All brushes should have rubber or plastic tips for additional skin protection.

Folds and wrinkles need additional grooming care. Regular cleaning between each fold is crucial to keep bacteria and infections at bay. Depending on how wrinkly your Bulldog gets, fold cleaning is required several times a week to daily. Choose a high-quality wrinkle-cleaning product or doggy wipes, and dry them every time. You can use medicated products if your vet suggests it.


Not many dog owners know the links between nutrition and skin and coat condition. Picking a high-quality diet for your English Bulldog is crucial to their coat health. Top-quality diets contain good proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, all of which help keep doggy skin in top condition. Ensure your Bulldog has access to fresh water, as hydration is essential too.

Final Thoughts

The English Bulldog is a stubborn and fussy pooch, but with the brush recommendations above, you can be sure of successful grooming sessions from now on. They don’t shed a huge amount, but their loose skin, sensitive rolls, and short but double coat can make choosing a brush a tricky task. Whether you are looking for a dual-action brush or rubber mitts for a gentler groom, there is something here for every owner and Bulldog.

BarksBar Orthopedic Bolster

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