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Boston Terrier Dog Names: 250+ Name Ideas For Bostons


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The Boston Terrier is a Native American dog breed and is highly popular as a human companion. These stocky little dogs pack a whole lot of personality into their small frames. Known as the “American Gentleman,” this handsome breed is noble, kind, very smart, and full of energy.

Congratulations on the addition of a new Boston Terrier to your life! The fun is about to begin. There is a lot to do to get ready for a new puppy. Supplies, food, toys, training, the list is long. It all starts with picking a name for this new bundle of furry joy. Deciding on a title for your new pooch is a big deal. After all, they will be called this their entire lives. These pups need a name that reflects who they are and the personality of their owner. There are many places to look for ideas and inspiration when choosing a name for one of these stocky, muscular pups. Some owners look to a franchise like Disney for ideas. Others simply pick a moniker that feels right.

A name means one thing to a human and another to your dog. It needs to be something your dog will easily recognize and respond to. A humorous name makes people laugh, but for a dog, it means food, affection, time to go outside, etc. We compiled a list of over 250 Boston Terrier name ideas to help new and prospective owners decide on the perfect name for their new pooch.

Male Names

Some dog owners may want a masculine moniker for their Boston Terrier. The perfect choice for a boy puppy will help him communicate with owners and will be the foundation for how the world sees him. Masculine-inspired titles will fit this breed’s look and personality. After all, they are known as American Gentlemen.


Female Names

Boston Terrier girl dogs are just as sweet as they can be. These dainty little ladies are pretty and fancy, as well as smart and full of life. Any little princess needs a fitting title. Your sweet new pup might be a Sugar, a Princess, a Cuite, or any of these pretty and feminine names.

BaileyDivaLuluQueen (Queenie)Sadie

Boston Inspired Names

Places often give us great ideas for pet names. The city and people that make Boston such an alluring place can also inspire some awesome for what to call a new pup. From the area’s rich history to pop culture, Boston itself can inspire some super cool dog monikers.

AmeliaBrocktonFenway or FenPapiWadsworth

Boston Sports Inspired Names

Boston has a highly active sports scene. Many of the biggest talents in the sports world have played in Massachusetts or for colleges and teams based in Boston. We have rounded up a list of some of the most favorite sports-inspired handles for Boston Terriers.


Boston Food & Beverage Inspired Names

Close Up Portrait of a Boston Terrier dog at home playing with duck toy. Cute Dog with yellow Rubber Duck ready for Bath
Boston is a city full of palate-pleasing flavors and tastes.

Delicious cuisine and beverages abound in the city on a Hill. The tastes and food of Boston add to the city’s allure and can make for some very cute Boston Terrier names.

AleClamGnocchiPot Roast
Bay LeafCreamMacRoast Beef
BeansCream PieMac N CheeseSaltie
Brown SugarCream PuffMartiniSamuel

Famous Names From Boston

Boston has been the home of many amazing minds throughout history. Musicians, actors, artists, poets, the list goes on. We cannot include everyone famous who has ever called Boson home. However, we have compiled a list of some of the most amazing people connected to the city of Boston. We listed complete names. Using a first or last name as a tribute to one of these people is a great way to pick a Boston Terrier’s title.

Alexander Graham BellLeonard Nimoy
Ben AffleckLongfellow
Carly SimonLousia May Alcott
Charlie ChaplinMalcom X
Clara BartonMatt Damon
Conan O’BrienMorse
Donna SummerNathaniel Hawthorne
Edgar Allen PoeNorman Rockwell
Helen KellerRalph Waldo Emerson
Henry David ThoreauRobert Frost
James TaylorSpike Lee
John AdamsUma Thurman
Julia Child

Black & White Names

Black and White Dog Laying on Ground
The Boston Terrier is a canine known for their black and white coloring, which can inspire some very cool names.

These stocky, adorable pups inspired us to create this list of ideas that pay homage to the light and dark coloring of this breed. Some refer to the specific color scheme, some are rare, and some are common. Hopefully, one of these ideas inspires you.

AstridCoralMickeyPepe Le PewSylvester
Chocolate ChipFlowerOpalSapphireYin
CocoaKonaOreoSnickersZig Zag

Massachusetts Inspired Names

Boston and the state of Massachusetts are full of history and beauty. This great state can also inspire many moniker ideas for a puppy. We came up with just a few of our favorite Massachusetts-linked ideas.


Tips For Naming Your Dog

Naming a new puppy is no small task. What designation you pick should be something that has personal meaning or inspiration to you and is something that a dog will easily recognize throughout his life. You never want to pick something that sounds inappropriate and will embarrass you, your dog, or other people around you. It is perfectly fine to get creative and original when coming up with a name for a new pup.

While picking a funny or slightly inappropriate idea can be amusing at first, in the long run, this is not going to be best for the dog. Remember, you will be calling it out for many years to come, and other people will have to write it down, read it, and refer to your pet with this word. You want it to be a word that is respectful, does not offend anyone, and is not inappropriate.

Things To Remember When Picking A Dog Name

Boston Terrier on Table
A new pup is a cause for celebration. But keep these tips in mind when coming up with a name.
  1. Keep the name you pick for your pet simple. One or two syllables are best. While it might be fun to title your dog the “Mayor of Bean Town,” that is not going to be the easiest for him to understand. In that case, you might want to stick to something shorter like Mayor, or Bean. The shorter the word, the easier it is going to be for your dog to understand. Remember, this is going to be what you use to train them with, so you want it to be something that is easily recognizable for your dog.
  2. Steer clear of words that can be mistaken for commands or training words. For example, naming your pooch “Bit” sounds awfully a lot like “sit.” Bo is quite similar to “No,”, and Oliver sounds very similar to “roll over.” Keep this in mind when coming up with your dog’s name. Say the name out loud along with common commands to see if they sound similar.
  3. There are some letter sounds that dogs simply hear better than others. Strong, distinct sounds are easier for them to hear. For example, D, T, K, R, and hard C, all make strong sounds that dogs can pick up easily. Softer sounds like F or S may be harder for them to hear. Dog monikers that end in vowels like a long E or sharp a sound may also be easier for them to hear.
  4. It is always important when picking a dog name that you pay attention to the different nicknames that may come from that name. When picking a name, try out different variations and different nicknames. It is okay to get silly here. What you want to do is try to decide if this name is going to work well for your pet.
  5. Avoid words that sound negative or may have a negative or offensive impression or meaning for other people. This is especially important when considering slang or regional terms for a puppy’s name. You never want to call your pup something that is going to offend anyone else, so be sure to do your research.
  6. If you have other pets and children in the home, you want to make sure that the name you pick for your new puppy is not a name that is going to be mistaken for another pet or person’s name in the home. This will just lead to a lot of confusion and frustration and will confuse the dog. You want to pick something that is very clearly his and will not be confused by him or other people for someone else.
  7. Remember that it is acceptable to change a dog’s name if, after a couple of weeks, the idea you have chosen just does not fit. You might pick a perfect word in your opinion, and your dog may simply just not respond to it. If this is the case, it is alright to try out a few backups and see which one the dog responds to the best. Remember simple, short, and sweet is the best way to go when it comes to picking a moniker for your Boston Terrier.

Final Thoughts

Owners are so excited to bring this sweet new cuddle bug into their home and find the perfect name. Boston Terriers are a wonderful breed and are highly popular as pets due to their small size, great attitude, and distinguished appearance. Finding the right name for one of these pups might take a little time, and that is fine. This is going to be his call sign for the rest of his life, so you want it to fit him and be something that he will respond to easily.

From food, famous people, and the flavors associated with the city of Boston, we have presented you with a list full of great ideas to name your New Boston Terrier. Remember, picking this name and teaching him to recognize it or all part of the strong bond you will build with this new pup. Enjoy everything that comes with your new puppy, and we hope we have helped you find the perfect name.

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