CBG For Dogs: A New All-Natural Health Remedy Showing Great Promise

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Dog with bottle of CBG oil (caption: CBG For Dogs)If you’ve looked into all-natural remedies for your pup, you’ve likely heard of CBD, or cannabidiol, derived from the cannabis plant. CBD has become a popular choice for many pet owners to help their dogs with anxiety, arthritis, seizures and other ailments.

But now, there’s a new product that’s also derived from the cannabis plant, called CBG, that’s just hitting the holistic scene for pets. What is CBG and how can it help your pup?

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What Is CBG?

CBG, or cannabigerol, is one of many compounds (called cannabinoids) found in the cannabis plant. Two other major cannabinoids you’re likely familiar with are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Like CBD, CBG doesn’t produce the psychotropic effects associated with THC. This makes CBG another great candidate for people who want to experience the medicinal benefits of cannabis without getting high. This also makes it a promising all-natural alternative for pets. So why isn’t CBG as prevalent as CBD?

CBG, sometimes referred to as the stem cell or chemical precursor to other cannabinoids, is present in low levels (usually less than 1%) in most cannabis strains. Young cannabis plants contain higher levels of CBG, but as they grow, CBG converts to CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. So when it’s time for growers to harvest mature cannabis plants, much of the CBG has converted.

Several research studies found that CBG has numerous health benefits, some unique and some similar to those of CBD. This results in growers breeding strains that are high in CBG and harvesting plants at young ages.

Benefits Of CBG

What does CBG do for dogs? While there haven’t been any published studies of CBG in dogs, there’s a growing body of research in animal and human trials1 that suggests a variety of health benefits from CBG. Potential benefits include:

  • Chronic pain relief: Research has found that CBG has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it potentially beneficial for conditions in dogs such as arthritis and hip dysplasia
  • Mood enhancement: CBG could help dogs with anxiety without the drowsiness that CBD can cause
  • Cellular health support: Research suggests that CBG can help slow the growth of cancer cells, so it could be beneficial for dogs with cancer
  • Anti-bacterial agent: The topical use of CBG could help dogs with skin infections
  • Digestive health: CBG has been shown to offer a significant improvement in digestive disorders like colitis and inflammatory bowel disease
  • CBD bottle next to bowl of dog food (caption: CBD's Affect On A Dog's Endocannabinoid System)Bladder issues: Research has shown that CBG can help promote bladder control

Although there are no studies of CBG in dogs yet, vet experts are taking notice of these promising medical studies. The use of CBD in dogs is generally considered very safe at appropriate doses, so we expect in the future to see more veterinarians advocate for CBG in dogs as another beneficial holistic remedy.

Best CBG Oil For Dogs

Bottle of CBG oilCBG for pets is so new, the only CBG oil for dogs that we’ve been able to find available online nationwide is through Holistic Hound. A well-respected, reputable manufacturer of many CBD products for dogs and cats, Holistic Hound currently offers one full-spectrum CBG oil for dogs and cats.

Holistic Hound’s oil contains 300mg of CBG suspended in organic MCT coconut oil. An independent laboratory tests every batch they formulate to ensure that it’s free from pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals and that it contains less than 0.3% THC (the legal limit).

Several other companies are currently in the process of formulating CBG oil for dogs, including one of our favorite providers of CBD for dogs, HempMy Pet. Although they haven’t announced a release date yet, you can sign up with HempMy Pet here to get notified when it’s available.

CBG vs CBD vs THC vs CBN

This video gives you a quick overview of the differences in the major cannabinoids, THC, CBD, CBG and CBN. Keep in mind, the effects they’re discussing are for humans (based on current research) rather than for pets.

CBD Oils & Treats For Dogs

If you haven’t already tried CBD pet products or you want to switch brands, be sure to check out our reviews of the best CBD oils for dogs and CBD treats. We only recommend the highest quality products to help you choose safe and effective remedies for your pup.

What have you heard about CBG for dogs?

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