Is Bravecto safe for dogs?

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Hello. I am writing for your opinion on using Bravecto, the pill that provides 12-week flea & tick protection. My vet is keen on it. My concern is that one of my two dogs has had cancer twice; also she reacted badly (vomiting) to a similar pill when she was a puppy. What is your advice? Thank you


Editor’s Note: for more information, check out these two articles: Homemade Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs & Best Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

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Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I wanted to share my experience with Bravecto. We gave it to our dog Sally this spring per our vet’s recommendation. (FYI, we absolutely love our vet and she has been absolutely fabulous with Sally.) It was a chewable tablet that offered ~4 months of protection I believe. At the time, I hadn’t heard any of the side effects that pets were experiencing or I would’ve asked my vet for more information.

As one of the comment moderators for Canine Journal, my heart breaks reading all of our readers’ comments about what Bravecto has done to your pets. Fortunately, our Sally has been completely healthy and happy and didn’t get sick from the Bravecto. In the future, I will ask more questions up front about potential side effects of medications and do research on what my vet recommends for my dog. I consider us to be very lucky that nothing bad happened to our sweet Sally.

I want to express my sorrow for those of you who have given Bravecto to your dogs and they have gotten ill from it. I can’t imagine how it feels to be in your shoes and I want to thank you for sharing your experiences with our community so other pet parents can be more informed.

Please never take it for granted that your dog will always be ok on Bravecto. After all, what you are doing is topping up the poison every few months ! then one day !!!!! there’s no turning back, its like playing Russian Roulette, I have battled saving my dogs life for months. After the first Bravecto she collapsed totally unconscious, I didn’t make the connection, until 3 months later after her next Bravecto she went into full blown seizures. I have battled, I’ve detoxed her and still have her on CBD oil, she is alive but sadly struggling still.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Thank you for the reminder. I plan on asking my vet about alternatives at our next appointment for my dog. I’m so sorry your dog had a terrible response to Bravecto.
Joanna Jenkins
Just wanted to add our story… lost our healthy fit 9yr old Weimaraner, after one dose of Bravecto… lost his appetite, vomiting, 8 weeks of projectile diarrhoea… vets changed his diet… saw a holistic vet and things settled, but the damage we believe was done. 2 months later he had massive organ damage, liver, stomach, kidneys all hard … and we lost him..
Gina Hernandez
I recently lost my once very healthy shih tzu after giving her this poison! It is poison! It is an insecticide that affects the nervous system of fleas and ticks and unfortunately killed my sweet little dog. She was happy and bouncy and her curious self and 12 hours after taking this poison was staggering, staring in to space, not responsive. She had elevated liver enzymes and eventually died of heart failure and fluid in the lungs. My other pup was unaffected, as far as I know, he seems fine. Do not use this and think twice about giving your animal any ingested pesticides. Your beloved pet could be the ONE that cannot tolerate it and end up just a memory.
First of all thank you all for running this thread and sharing your scary, sometimes devastating, experiences in an attempt to help others make informed decisions for our pets.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for alternatives that are as effective as Bravecto is supposed to be. Topical treatments are constantly failing and I have to change brands all the time and they never seem to keep my dog protected for the full month. We were out of town and missed a treatment by 4 days once and literally had to move out of our apartment after both fumigation and very expensive flea treatment failed. When it gets really bad I have to sit with a flea comb and soapy water picking fleas off him one by one – I once got over 40 live fleas – and he hates it and now runs away when he sees the comb. The fleas also seem to have smartened up because they no longer hang out on the typical areas fleas like (they used to appear on the parts of his body covered in tan/white hair, now they only hide in the black. They also don’t appear near his tail, abdomen or armpits anymore. lately I only find them on his upper chest.) He’s an indoor dog. Doesn’t visit dog parks or hang out with many other dogs and yet its a constant problem. Furthermore, I cannot take a chance with natural flea products as we are in the midst of a flea-borne typhus epidemic in Los Angeles right now and it’s always flea season here so I need something strong and long-lasting. I love my vet and he insists Bravecto is safe, as has our secondary vet, but this thread is terrifying and I’m scared to give it to my dog.

Another question directed at the administrators – have you been reviewing all the posts to try and determine a pattern of common symptoms? It seems that a lot of people are blaming Bravecto for a lot of different types of issues and so I don’t even know what I should be looking for in terms of potential side effects. Any pattern between breeds? Age? Geography?

Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Stefanie, check out these two articles: Homemade Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs & Best Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs.

Regarding your admin questions, we haven’t been analyzing the comments for common threads regarding breeds, age, geography, etc. That would be interesting data to observer and see if there are any commonalities. Something we will definitely consider doing! From what I can tell, there seems to be no pattern I’ve noticed. I’ve given Bravecto to my dog in the past (prior to knowing about the serious issues with it) and fortunately I haven’t had any issues with it. My dog is approximately 4 years old, hound mix, female and we live in Iowa.

Hey Stephanie. I also live in Los Angeles and lived through a terrible year of flea combs and dawn soap water and countless flea bites all over my body. I have a medium sized dog who is mainly in the house, but we had a horrendous infestation of fleas and mosquitoes in our backyard when we came home from a long vacation in July. I inquired on NextDoor to see if this was a neighborhood problem and found out that it was in fact a city-wide phenomenon. Summer time has always been the worst for fleas, but last year was really crazy and I fear that will be the norm.

I have been living in LA for 10 years now and my dog has been taking some form of flea and tick medication either topically or orally until early last year when she reacted badly to taking Comfortis. This was an oral medicine that was to last a month and once administered, my dog vomited, showed lethargy, and had small to large, multiple lesions in her mouth. I knew that all pharmaceutical flea and tick medicine is just some form of pesticide/insecticide in smaller dosages that are supposed to be safe for our pets and never felt good about giving it to her, but with how bad the infestations get, i felt i had no other choice. however, after I saw these lesions, i decided that her body could no longer process the pesticide and stopped giving her any brand of flea/tick medicine. I found one product that seemed to work well. Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick Control concentrate for the yard (we used cedar and lemongrass) seemed to work well to kill the infestation in the back yard. We got the population numbers of both fleas and mosquitoes down significantly, not entirely since rats, raccoons, feral cats, etc. roam there, but it worked so well that we kept spraying the yard every time we saw any fleas in the flea trap. As for my dog, i had to comb her, bathe her regularly to keep her flea free, but she now suffers from Flea afflicted dermatitis so she’s just constantly itchy.

I got an application of BRAVECTO when a friend of mine raved about how well it worked for her cat, who also reacted badly to Comfortis. She mentioned that is gets rid of Flea afflicted dermatitis so i was really excited to try it out on my dog so that she can live itch free. After doing some reasearch and reading about how other dogs have reacted to it badly or caused deaths, I’m reluctant to try it out. Did you end up giving it to your dog? I empathize with your flea ordeal last summer. It was insane. I really hope this year will be easier for us and our dogs 🙂

Ive been using Bravecto for some time. Its been very effective for ticks and fleas. I have 3 large dogs. My 8yr old German Shepherd started coughing, losing weight and suddenly his abdomen is enlarged and hard. Took him to the vet. He has huge mass in throat and also in his liver. Been given 3-4 weeks to live. I told one of my best friends. She has lost 2 Bull Mastiffs since october. One was still a puppy. Same symptoms. Now her Dachshund is dying of same symptoms. She has always fed her dogs raw diet from her brothers farm. The only thing our dogs use in common is Bravecto. I stay in South Africa and the vets are denying its Bravecto. Even though staff at the Vet Shop and 2 other vets I know, have confirmed the suspicious about Bravecto and have also lost dogs with exactly the same symptoms. I for one do not believe its a coincidence.
We have a rescue mastiff he was given Brevecto almost 3 weeks ago from the prior owner and has had 2 seizures in the past two weeks. He has never had seizures prior. How long will this poison be in his system. And has anyone found out if this will now be his new normal? This poor guy is so confused.
Bravecto caused an awful reaction in my dog , vomiting lethargy a seizure and didn’t ear for four days it was horrible he’s a mastiff so not eating was really hard on his big body. He still has seizures in his sleep. Please try a natural alternative I am using one and its fantastic no fleas and his coat looks fantastic. Please please do not use bravecto. This product has killed thousands of dogs I was one of the lucky ones.
Sam Merry
What is the natural alternative please?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Sam, we’ve linked a couple articles above under the Editor’s Note: Homemade Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs & Best Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs
Ivsnka, what is your natural alternative that is working for you? And what part of the country do you reside in? Fleas have been really bad in Los Angeles, where i live 🙁
Kavita Maharaj
I used Bravecto to on my very healthy senior dog. He was 10 years at the time and our family vet recommended this chewable pill. It did infact work as it was supposed to. The ticks died within 24 to 48 hours. But 2 weeks ago our very healthy dog was diagnosed with kidney and liver problems. He was also diagnosed as anemic. My poor dog ‘Raja’ went from totally healthy in a matter of 1 week and now he is no more.

The vets can’t seem to understand how his kidneys and liver became damaged. But we used the bravecto just over 6 months ago.
I decided to post this so persons can apply some caution before using this product.

SIP Raja. We love you.

Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Kavita.
Carol Story
My daughters 6 month old healthy puppy just got very ill 24 hours after taking Bravecto and died 4 days later of uncontrollable fluid on her lungs. Post mortem showed no problems with any organs and all blood results when I’ll were normal
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry, Carol.
Christine Netwal
My dog ends up with ulcerated sores on her head back and hind area. They are so bad that she needs antibiotics. She only gets them sores a month after chewing the Bravecto. I couldnt figure out why she all of a sudden she would get these nasty sores. Now i truly believe its the Bravecto.
Mike van de Sande
I lost my Dutch Shepherd, he got ill shortly after Bravecto and died within a month. Many vets worldwide are “keen” on the drug, which contains a poisonous ingredient “fluralaner”. My other dog had bravecto at the same time, and she had a poor appetite for 6 months.So Gwen, to answer your question: Bravecto (and similar tick and flea treatments like nexgard, simparica, credelio, trifexis etc.) that kill ticks and fleas by drinking the poisoned blood of our pets are definitely not safe at all. Visit the Facebook groups “Does bravecto kill dogs” or “IS BRAVECTO SAFE” to read the sad stories of people who lost their pets in a terrible way because of the side effects of these poison “medications”… I will never use any of these ever again. My wonderful dog Rico, rest in peace, I will always love you
Susan Hoebergen
I gave my dog Bravecto on the vets recommendation. He went for a usual yearly check up and was told he was a little bit overweight. So I cut his food down by half and did wonder why he wasn’t worried or hounding me for food like he usually always does. He started drinking a lot of water and then making this horrible coughing sound. I thought he was choking. He also started vomiting off and on and I noticed he was having heavy breathing. All this started after taking the Bravecto. He also started urinating inside which was not like him and had one bowel accident due to diarrhea. He died two months after his only dose of Bravecto. Ill never give it to my cats now.
lorraine goetz
lost my corgi to this 4 years ago at the age of 4
Jessica Newman
Please don’t give it. Your dog is at risk. Even healthy dogs get sick with it
Lan aston
My 1 year old white bullboxer had terrible demodex bravecto has cleared it up in 3 sorry to hear all youre nad expericances tho
I’m lucky to still have my boy with me. Do not give this to your dog. Do not. He took it back in August (5lb chihuahua) imagine that a small thing being recommended such poison.. wow..
He had some sort of tremors, wouldn’t eat, he lost all his energy and all i did was lay next to him hoping for him to get through it and he did. I read reviews too late but if i would’ve known i would’ve threw it out.
Hi, I have the same side effects with one of my Shar-pei, she is the only one to be given Bravecto, as she was at the vets recently. She has had 2 siezures too!! It was given to her on the 15th f October. Does anyone know how long it will take to be out of her system?
Julie Steel
I lost a perfectly healthy Labradoodle aged 8 having given her Bravecto. She had never been ill, was energetic and had a healthy appetite. Having suffered for 3 weeks, we had to let her go, her tests showed Liver and Kidney disease all of a sudden. The vet told me it was unlikely that Bravecto had caused this. I trusted I was being given accurate information and advice, although I did at that point start to research. These are typical signs of side effects of this medication.

We have just had a week from hell with our 5 year old, 40kg male Labradoodle, who also is never ill, full of life and eats exceptionally well. He has had Bravecto (on the advice of the vet), even though I voiced concerns previously. The problem as I see it, is that the dog doesn’t necessarily have an immediate reaction, it could be the same day, week, month or year, if the tablet is given on a regular basis. I’ve now researched even further, to find out that the toxins can build up, and slowly poison the dog, especially if they are not strong in the first place. The symptoms of both previously healthy dogs, did not come to light straight away, but after taking on a regular basis for a year. They were both disorientated, stagger, violently sick and diarrhoea, and all the usual symptoms connected to Bravecto. Our dog didn’t even recognise us for days.

Our current experience started 5 weeks ago, within a week of taking the tablet. I’ve never seen such a sick dog, and took him to our vet – cut a long story short 3 vets at the practice could find absolutely no conclusive reason for his illness, all the tests came back negative, and the dog ended up staying in for 2 days. At this point they recommended a referral to a vet hospital, which were also very good, but don’t seem to want to hear concerns about Bravecto. He had every scan, MRI, CT, Spinal tap, advanced bloods, to no avail – there appeared to be no answer. Our poor dog didn’t recognise us, couldn’t stand straight, and paced, without stopping for 36 hours straight. We were absolutely devastated and distressed. I asked for a neurosurgeon to have a look and that also concluded negative. I’m not medically trained at all, but know the dog, and it was definitely neurological in nature. He’d seen 3 vets and 4 specialist vets in the period of a week.

We brought him home on Thursday night, none the wiser, but if we were going to have to make the dreaded decision to let him go, it was going to be with us at home.

A miracle happened, and slowly (presuming by now the toxins had expelled themselves or worked through his system), our boy slowly came back to us over the next 2 days and now appears back to normal. We are so relieved to say the least, and will never ever give another dog this dreadful poison again.

I actually don’t know a vet that will say it could be related to Bravecto, but do have 2 colleagues who used to work as Vet Assistants, who both said the practice were bound somehow to prescribing this, but they themselves would never, ever give to their pets. Says everything.

Additionally, why do all vets want to recommend Royal Canin and Purina to poorly animals – indpendant dog food sites, show they are really low end and full of sugar and have as much goodness as cardboard. I’m afraid, as soon as my boy got home and wanted to eat, I put him straight back on to his raw……. he is now bounding back to normal.

I’ve owned dogs for 45 years, and up until using Bravecto have never experienced anything like this before.

Please, anyone reading this, do your own research before making the decision to give your dog Bravecto. I have never voiced anything on the web before, but as a concerned dog and animal lover, had to tell the story.

So happy that your boy made a turn around from that poison. Vets get incentives from pharma companies and will get more money from clients with sick pets, so of course they will not tell you the dangers. Your best option is to find a holistic vet or start questioning everything.
Has anyone had their dog act aggressive after taking bravecto?
yes my Dog was miserable! He was not agreddive towards me but at the vet he acted like a different Dog. He had a hot spot, was vomiting, and lethargic immediately after taking bravecto. He may have had some prior allergies or a pancreas problem but the Bravecto made him so sick. The Vet said it was the beef in the bravecto and not the chemicals but i disagree. it may have been both but he was sick after every dose of that poison.
I also gave my 2 dogs the Bravecto the first time on the 31st of October this year. One dog is fine but the other one is so sick. We thought she had a tummy bug and took her to the vet. One day she is fine but as soon as she start eating again she would vomit. Her belly would swell so that she can’t even lay down on it. She has been tested for an obstruction and they did liver tests but can’t find the reason as to why this is happening. I will NEVER give my dogs this poison again.
Just lost my healthy dog will never reccomend or use this poison ever
Jim W
I began giving my dog Bravecta in the middle of June this year. In the middle of August she began vomiting for no apparent reason. I first thought she had eaten something around the house or the backyard that was poisoning her, but eventually ruled this out because it kept happening regularly, week after week, even though she is nearly always in my presence since I’m retired.

In the middle of September, after her second dose of Bravecta, she started having regular episodes where she would vomit, become lethargic, suffer tremors and a staggered gait. These episodes lasted four days the first few times, and occurred about twice a month. Eventually the episodes started happening more frequently, and would last about two days. Currently, these episodes are lasting anywhere between 12 hours and two days, but they’re occurring slightly more frequently than once a week.

I took her to the vet and am waiting for the blood panel results. She recommended that I take her off the Bravecta. I agreed with her whole heartedly. Unfortunately, she’ll have that crap in her system until December 13. Until then I’ve. Just been treating the symptoms the best way I can. I will take the advice of an earlier commenter and complain to the FDA as well as Merck. I’m also going to go on YouTube and share my experience. My dog has been so sick, and I’ve unwittingly been the cause.

Make sure you get a case number from maufacturer and make detailed notes on your pets illness symptoms, keep all vets bills, copies of reports and insist on test reports, I am fighting at the movement after losing my perfectly healthy dog to this poison, the more publicity you can get the better because vets and authorities in it for the money and trying to fob owners off that want to report/ advise of symptoms. So sorry your pet is ill,nothing will bring mine back, but they will listen to me however long it takes, get this off the shelves!!
Abigail Escobar
My dog Chika is in the hospital now for a very high blood sugar.she has an increased thirst and urinates frequently.Shehhad been given bravect last nov 21 this year.
jefferson formales
hey abigail. my dog also experiencing same situation like your chuahua after taking bravecto. how is you chuahua today.
jefferson formales
how is your dog rught now whay meds she taking up.??
she still alive right now but she has poor appettite sometimes and lethargic. im just worried why she is drinking alot and urinate?? and her urine is clear.with no smell at all. is your chuahua has same condition with my dog??
Oh. My. God. Something compelled me to check up on Bravecto. I have had the exact same experience as you. Will not be giving this to my dog again.
I hate using chemicals on my pets. Someone mentioned Cedarcide…has anyone else used it? The website says it is safe for dogs, cats and people.
Linda Barbour
Go to some of the natural product sites..NaturVet. They have natural one spots or sprays that work is deterant or preventive…Skin so soft by Avon works to deter mosquitos…mosquito dunks to go in standing water or rain barrels kill larvae. Diatomaceous earth go in places that you think fleas breed outside or inside..just have to be careful not to breath the dust. I have been using this for ticks this past summer with good results.
I get more ticks than my dogs do and I have 8 of them.
Diane Stacy
After what I’ve read about bravecto I would never give it to my dog again. I did it once and then red and never again and I also put him on play for 2 weeks bentonite clay to get out of his system.
I gave my 1 1/2 year old dog Bravecto today for the very first time. I usually read about the drug before giving it to him and today I made a mistake of not reading up on it. After reading all your comments here, it is clearly not a safe drug to be giving our dogs. How do I get the drug out of my dogs system before it can do some serious damage?
Christina haylett
I gave our dog bravecto last spring. He didn’t want to take it and I made him. The very next day he wouldn’t eat his food or treats. He was a 60 pound lab and loved to eat until I gave him bravecto.5 months later he was dead. He slowly declined and was never the same after giving him that drug. I didn’t research it before I gave it to him. I figured if it was at my vets it must be ok. Please be very cautious about this drug.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Christina.
I recently gave my lab a chewable and surprisingly I had to break it up and mix it in his food to eat it. When doesn’t a lab eat! Now a week later, I’ve had to clip him and treat his skin irritation daily with cortisone cream and medicated washes to keep him from chewing him myself to bits. I too will never use it again
Currently trying to save our yorkie , had bravecto 5 days ago and his kidneys are shutting down . Going to the vet 2 times a day with iv fluids , vitamins . HAS ANYONE HAD THEIR DOG SURVIVE ?!? What were the treatments
Lucy kite
There’s a Facebook group on Bravecto with lots of information. It’s recommended you detox your dog.
I am so sorry to hear this. My little Maltese died from this a few weeks ago.
Irma Rewcastle
So sorry for your dreadful plight Raquel. My previously Healthy Malchi Pup, Trilly has been ill in different ways since taking it 4 weeks ago. Her Kidneys have been affected and doing Blood Tests to see if her Liver has also been affected? I’m devestated for her Did your wee Dog make it? ♥
CC | Saving Cats, Dogs and Cash
While I have not personally lost a dog to Bravecto, I have lost a dog to prescription meds so I know how painful it is to injure or lose a dog after doing something that you think will help them. My heart breaks for everyone who has gone through or is going through this nightmare with Bravecto. To those that have been affected negatively by Bravecto, please join the Facebook group titled ‘Does Bravecto kill dogs?’ and share your story there to help others. At the moment, the group has 42k members. If your dog is currently suffering from the side effects of taking Bravecto or you suspect your dog is, I know that group has a detox protocol that they recommend. I’m sorry I don’t have it or I’d share it here. Please don’t let your dog just suffer from the side effects, as this is a long-term medication meant to stay in your dog’s body and continue killing fleas and ticks on a long-term basis. Detoxing is necessary to get as much of that poison out as possible so your dog can start healing.