Is Bravecto safe for dogs?

Hello. I am writing for your opinion on using Bravecto, the pill that provides 12-week flea & tick protection. My vet is keen on it. My concern is that one of my two dogs has had cancer twice; also she reacted badly (vomiting) to a similar pill when she was a puppy. What is your advice? Thank you


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Kimberly AltAdmin
I wanted to share my experience with Bravecto. We gave it to our dog Sally this spring per our vet’s recommendation. (FYI, we absolutely love our vet and she has been absolutely fabulous with Sally.) It was a chewable tablet that offered ~4 months of protection I believe. At the time, I hadn’t heard any of the side effects that pets were experiencing or I would’ve asked my vet for more information.

As one of the comment moderators for Canine Journal, my heart breaks reading all of our readers’ comments about what Bravecto has done to your pets. Fortunately, our Sally has been completely healthy and happy and didn’t get sick from the Bravecto. In the future, I will ask more questions up front about potential side effects of medications and do research on what my vet recommends for my dog. I consider us to be very lucky that nothing bad happened to our sweet Sally.

I want to express my sorrow for those of you who have given Bravecto to your dogs and they have gotten ill from it. I can’t imagine how it feels to be in your shoes and I want to thank you for sharing your experiences with our community so other pet parents can be more informed.

Gave my 18 month old Victorian bulldog Bravecto today and Tyson’s hours later began to violently vomit. She had not been given or eaten anything she should not have had. She is a very bouncy pup under normal circumstances. I have now decided to look for other forms of giving flea and tick treatments as I don’t feel it’s fair to put her through this. She did not want to take this and we had a To resort to trying to hide it in cheese and beef and ham slices but eventually managed to get it all eaten by her. Now we feel guilty for giving it to her. Won’t use this again.
Too many people here are making the mistake of association with causation. Just because something happens (i.e. seizure, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) after a medication is given, does not mean the medication is what caused it. That is not how causation works. One can read the product insert if they are interested in the potential side effects of the medication. In many cases, Bravecto had less side effects than the control group. Likely, those that had severe problems with their dogs on Bravecto likely had other health issues that were the cause of the illness.
One of my friends just lost 2 of her digs to Bravecto
Wow, never again. Gave my 8-year-old Great Pyrenees her second dose of the season on Monday July 23 and she is only now (July 28) eating again and pooping/behaving normally. I didn’t make the connection three months ago when she had diarrhea and loss of appetite, silly me. No wonder I never got my $30 mail-in rebate, they’re probably losing in litigation. I am grateful that my dog has the constitution she has and my heart goes out to those whose dogs don’t/didn’t. Going back to Revolution, though it’s pretty nasty too. At least it never nearly killed my dog.
Jonathan M Jackson
Revolution killed my puppy. must be very careful of accidental ingestion. even the smallest amount is lethal.
Correction to my comment. In the one study linked to my previous comment, they killed 32 Beagle dogs to test if Bravecto would kill fleas. And I quote “On day 168, all dogs were sedated by intramuscular injection of ketamine and xylazine and thereafter euthanized by intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbitone as per study plan. A complete post-mortem examination was performed on all dogs “. Do we want to purchase flea treatments for dogs that were tested on other dogs who were ultimately killed for the purpose?
In one clinical study on fluralaner (the ingredient in Bravecto) they tested it on 168 dogs in a laboratory. They killed the dogs so they could weigh their organs. So yes, Bravecto kills dogs. Many dogs. They tested it on them to see if it made them sick – and then killed them. You can become informed here.
My vet gave my GSD this April 15, he was due for another this past sunday, I didn’t give it to him because after taking this, he started loosing weight, wouldn’t eat his favorite food, diarrhea very bad, vet did blood work and he’s losing protein, liver count is out of control, over 284, I have been giving all the meds and a liver support, he goes back Friday for blood work to see how he’s doing. My question is, how the heck do you get this out of his system??? He was healthy, 3 1/2 yrs old, and now, it’s breaking my heart. Can anyone help me?? Tell me how to get this stuff out of his system??? Maybe I’m a little late on this because it has been 3 months since he’s taken it, what can I do to help my boy? Please
Sandra Farr
We have sold and consumed a product since 1988, now called Barley Life. It was marketed mostly for humans, but many have tried it with their dogs for various reasons. It is simply the dried juice of the barley plant, taken from the plant when it is very small, just “booted” they call it. It is one of the highest sources of certain vitamins and minerals for overall health. It is an extremely good antioxidant and I have heard that it has cleansed people’s systems from long time drug usage. I would say that it is very likely that it would work with your dog. All animals we have given it too, love it; we just mix it with their water. It can’t hurt!
Milk thistle capsules, safe for dogs, helps the liver heal
First off, I would like to say I’m deeply sorry for those of you that has lost your fur baby. I have been giving both my dogs bravecto for about 18 months and they haven’t had any side affects whatsoever. Upon reading these comments, I googled some facts on it and came across snopes, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. Not saying that your losses aren’t true, but we can’t always believe what the Internet states.
My 10 yr old golden has been on bravecto for 3 yrs with no problem. Then she had a seizure 36 hrs after her second flu shot, which all the vets said couldn’t have had anything to do with it. A few weeks later I gave her the bravecto and 12 hrs later she had an episode for 1 1/2 hrs. I’m to the point I don’t want to give anything & I don’t trust the vets as they all rule out any reactions I think just like the doctors with us they have gotten carried away with the wonder cures and don’t allow for the side affects.
Patricia Koubek
My dog has been sick for 2 weeks. Your product is poison. Do not send me any more Bravecto
Sheena Henstock
Hi. Have been reading all the questions about bravecto. I have a collie who is eight. A nutter always playing. He has gone down on me quite a few times which lasts roughly 5 – 10 minutes before able to walk again. Has been on bravecto to for2 years. A friend suggested it might be this pill.
A veterinarian got all the FDA adverse effects reports for Bravecto and two other new anti-flea drugs. She has posted them all on her website. Search for Bravecto then follow the links, there are a number of reports from 2015 to 2017. Note also her cautions for how to interpret the results, which are important, but through these official you can see the kinds of adverse effects, and the relative frequency, of different adverse effects. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got available in terms of estimating frequency of effects.
Michelle Cox
But if it were your previously very healthy yellow lab who went from fine to vomiting blood and blood clots, how would you feel??
Same here I have two golden retriever who I love so much and for some reason I found vets are really pushy for Bravecto. In the same clinic that I go there is a vet that I have asked to see reguralrly Dr. Wilma and she told me depending on my lifestyle if we are not going into tall bushes or wooden area a lot that won’t be black legged tick in normal walking paths or short grasses. I have been given both my dogs Molly 4 and JackJack (name is from incredible 🙂 8, revolution. It has been in the market long enough and went through all kind of screening. I give them the night before so when they go to sleep and wash them in the morning. In the past has killed the flea that they got right away. It also has heartworm med in it too. Honestly is very suspicious how most vets are pushing the Bravecto almost make you think they must get a huge percentage!!!!
I’ve used this safely in my dogs for two years – and I have a lot of dogs. I’ve not had a single adverse effect associated with Bravecto. I am a vet tech and I feel the reason many vets push this so hard is that it is the best product we currently have on the market and because so far the research has demonstrated this to be a safe and effective product. As sad as it is to hear anecdotal stories, at this point the evidence is not there to say otherwise. I started using this product because I have a kennel of 14 beagles and nothing was working to get rid of a flea problem after years of little to no issues. My dogs were chewing themselves raw. Since using the Bravecto…nothing. I prefer to use this product and make sure my dogs are not miserable with fleas than to go without it when the stories of association with horrific problems as a direct result of use are unsubstantiated. I work in an Emergency and Specialty vet hospital and have yet to see problems even claimed to be associated with this product. What I do see is people making a lot of claims that something caused their pet’s illness when there truly seems to be no causal relationship. And with a science background, I always learned that correlation is not causation unless it can be objectively proven.
Stefanie Schutte
Please do not risk it. I am convinced I accidentally killed my dog by giving her Bravecto. Just under 2 weeks later she had to be put down, bleeding profusely. If you use a collar or similar, at least you can remove it, if your dog shows a reaction. This is not possible with oral or spot on treatment. There are no longterm studies, as Bravecto and similar products are only a few years on the market.
Judy Frost
What are the side effects on a small dog that only weighs 4.9 lbs
My puppies are fine. They received their 3rd series of shots and Bravecto. A little lethargic a few hours later. According to vet, the result of shots. It’s been 4 days now and they are there back to normal, fun loving, happy pups. Vet assured me Bravecto was best for flea protection. So sorry for those who had problems. My heart goes out to you!
As with Sandy my pups had Bravecto twice so far the first time they were only 5 pounds and three months old. I am fortunate we haven’t experienced any adverse reactions. My heart breaks for anyone who has had problems. Our vet doesn’t push Bravecto she actually recommended the seresto collar but we felt this was a better choice. I may be opting for the collar the next time around….so heartbreaking
As an FYI, Bravecto is not approved for use in 3 month old puppies, only puppies 6 months of age or greater. My understanding is this is not due to safety but an issue of efficacy.
Mary Grimaldo
I would like to know this too! I have two yorkies, one weighs 4.7 and the other weighs 11.7. I just discovered that they have ticks. Went to vet this morning and she sold me Bravecto and said it was the best out there. I haven’t given it to my babies yet because I need more info before I unintentionally poison my own kids.
I have used Bravecto on 6 dogs and 6 cats( spot on) and have never had any problems for the last 3 years. 4 of my dogs are between 8-11 lbs. 3 years ago, it was recommended to try the Seresto collar…first time in 30 years I had fleas! Thats when I found the Seresto. My Golden Retriever has a seizure disorder, again, no problem.I think every pet is different but I highly recommend it.
Beth Wilkins
I have a highly reactive 10 month old Golden Retriever. She reacted (we think after process of elimination) to K9 Advantix and a Seresto collar (2x). She had the runs for 2 months with the topical and heavy panting, lethargy, itching and loss of appetite with the collar both times we tried it. I am desperately trying to find a flea/tick treatment that won’t kill her. We live in New England and even in the “city” the ticks are horrible in my fenced in backyard. I am not excited about an oral medication in case she does have a reaction (she’s had reactions to Benedryl and Hydroxyzine that are similar) . Does anyone have any experience with the Bravecto topical?
We currently give our dog Advantage ll. A liquid you rub on back of neck and into coat. He does well on that and I will not give him oral meds for fleas. We only give him Heartguard for heart worms.
I wish I had read about the side effects of Bravecto before I gave it to my beloved 10 yr old Golden Retriever. Ticks are horrible, but at least my dog was healthy. Shortly after giving her a dose, she began to vomit, retch, cough and is unable eat; this has gotten progressively worse in 2 weeks. I’m taking her to the vet today, but I fear it will be to euthanize her as she is now suffering & has lost all interest in anything, although she still wags her tail. Do NOT take the risk. There are other ways to treat ticks. Bravecto kills more than ticks, & I am heartbroken.
And before rushing her to the vet, and waiting a FULL 2 WEEKS of her suffering, you took the time to post here? Frankly, I find your post suspicious.
I concur! Do not give your pets this pesticide! I am heartbroken as I watch my once healthy dog go downhill quickly! I am mad at vet that said it was ok to give to him when I asked if ok while he was still on antibiotics for pancreatitis, and some liver/kidney issues. His numbers were going down (which was good), until I gave him the Bravevto. That same number skyrocketed just 3 weeks after his last bloodwork. I have spent hundreds at vet, more more importantly, I feel like I am killing my dog! Don’t use this product ever! Why is it even an option?! Read the ingredients – some are the same as Roundup weed killer!
Bravecto should only be given to dogs over 6 months old, it says that right on the package! I see some younger pups were given it, on recommendation from their vet!! READ the LABEL yourself before taking any drug for YOU or your dog! My large (58 pounds) dog has been on Bravecto for 18 months with no problem. I live near woods over run with deer and 2 people in my family have had Lyme. I use multiple methods to keep deer and ticks out of the yard and protect myself from ticks. I feel my grandkids are safer with the dog on bravecto rather than having them touch topicals or insecticide laden collars.
I wonder when given for the first time a half dose trial should be done to check for sensitivity?
I worried about that after we were giving it to our pups that were 4 or 5 months old at the time. I read the label and called my vet and asked about the label stating the age of 6 months of older. My vet said its only because its not as effective on puppies under six months because of rapid growth and large increases in weight in short periods of time. I called the company as well just to confirm and they too said the same thing. I guess some pups put on a lot a weight in short periods of time and the Bravecto is weight based.
Interesting…the study on the safety of Fluralaner (Bravecto) was done on 8 week old healthy Beagles. Following the conclusion of the “experiment”, the Beagles were EUTHANIZED!
Our 9 tear old, completely healthy great Pyrenees went into kidney failure arter 2 doses od Bravecto. He died because of the kidney failure and I can’t prove it was caused by the Bravecto, but I will always think that caused it.
Kimberly AltAdmin
I’m so sorry for your loss, Bren.
Our vet recommend Bravecto for our sorkie. (Sort of a yorkie) It now has been about 5 weeks and now he drinks and drinks and drinks and pees and pees and pees. We are worried about him. Does anyone know if this can be reversed or will it slow down in a few weeks? I am calling the vet in the morning but I thought maybe someone out there might know something.
This sounds like he is having problems with his kidneys. I would get lab work done right away.
definitely should be tested for diabetes or UTI as what you describe are symptoms. Hopefully you have an answer from the vet by now. Probably has nothing to do with Bravecto.
Some dogs have gone into kidney failure from Bravacto. I’ve heard. I recommend considering Spirulina powder mixed into his food 2x a/day. Half a teaspoon would be enough to strengthen immune system. I would also try Apple Cider Vinegar MADE w/THE VEIL OF THE MOTHER. I use Braggs. This will help with kidney function. And Serepeptase, it will dissolve any plaque or calcification or anything not live. Kidneys over time get calcim and mineral plaque. As for fleas, I use apple cider vinegar spray it on the coat and rub it into the skin. The fleas hate it and it’s good for the skin. I love this stuff! I also use diatomaceous earth to sprinkle on the rug and beds the dogs lay on. It dehydrates the fleas and kills them. It’s bothersome for sure compared to chemical treatments, but you won’t be jeopardizing your dogs health, you will be improving it. If I used any chemicals at all it would be to spray the yard, and keep them off of the grass and dirt for a couple days. This will expose them to some chemical out zoning but much safer. Hope this helps. BTW, I am not a doctor nor am I prescribing. It is my personal experience that I have come to share.
This is my dog as well. His kidneys are not working properly, Have your dogs liver checked as well. My dog is having issues with both, coincidently shortly after his most recent dose of Bravecto, which if you read the ingredients, is purely pesticides! I am heartbroken that I gave my dog all these medical issues, trying to save him from fleas & ticks! This product should not be on the market! I will be contacting anyone that will listen to get it off the market! And shame on vets for pushing it!
After reading these comments, I will not be giving my pets Bravecto. Three yrs ago we had a terrible flea infestation bc neighbors introduced goats who kept coming over the fence. Someone suggested nematodes and finally it did the trick. Saw a few today and went for an old leftover pill….nope, we will order those little boogers again. I suggest you all do the same.
On April 19th, 2018 my dog was given a full examination by his vet. His blood panel was “excellent” and all components were within their proper ranges. His urinalysis was clear. His intestinal screening was negative. He is a large dog and twelve years of age. The vet stated he was in perfect health. Per her suggestion, she sent us home with one dose of this for his size and instructed me to administer at the beginning of May. I gave it to him the morning of May 3rd and within six hours, all hell broke loose. My poor guy had uncontrollable, explosive dogarrhea (diarrhea), heavy panting, restlessness, aversion to his favorite foods. I am writing this on June 1st, 2018 and he, I mean we, are still suffering with the same. The vets idea was to load him up on anti-diarrhea meds and antibiotics, thinking he may have an infection but they have had no effect. It was this god awful medicine that has made him sick for more than 4 weeks. No one can tell me any different. I have asked my vet to file an adverse reaction report with the manufacturer because that is really all you can do. However, I keep great records and my brothers buddies cousin is a lawyer, we shall see. A little humor helps me with the realization and pain that I poisoned my dog with an unsafe product. It may work for some and to that I say great, fleas and ticks are nasty. Apparently, each dog has their own level of tolerance. My issue is that something should not be marketed as safe for all dogs, when it is demonstrably not. It does not take a dog scientist to know that. To those of you that have lost your furry friends or may be suffering like us, Slick and I feel you and that is why I took the time to be clear, concise and factual with what we are experiencing. Good luck.
kurt Bell
I am going through the same thing with mine I feel you. You can call 1-800-224-5318 to report it to the makers. Seems the vets will not makes me suspicious
HI A year ago my dog also had a BAD REACTION. I thought I was going to loose him. He was Lethargic, would not eat or drink and had diarrhea> The vet gave him meds for nausea and antibiotic. He got better but I never gave it to him again. Now I need something and the Seresto collar only lasts 2 months. He’s such a big dog the fleas show up on his bottom first. I have read and read.
Kimberly AltAdmin
Hi Beverly, these articles may be helpful:
How To Get Rid Of Fleas
Homemade Flea & Tick Prevention
Best Flea & Tick Prevention
I feel your pain, as my dog is having both liver & kidney issues just after giving him Bravecto. These ingredients should not be given to animals, they are intended to kill pesticides. Obviously what will kill the bug, will also harm the dog. Should not be on the market! Heartbroken that I am putting my dog thru this while just trying to protect him from ticks! I pray it gets out of his system before it kills him!
I am so scared! A friend of mine suggested Bravecto since the fleas are crazy right now. Her two dogs take it as well and no problems. Reading all this negative stuff about it has me very worried for my Husky.
Do not use it. My parents dog had seizures after taking it and my dogs were very very sick. A friend of mine lost her dog after taking Bravecto. It is not safe for pets!!
Our dog is having panting and not eating and had vomiting and the vet gave her a steroid and naseau meds. How late nb does this last? She had the chewable about 15 hours ago
Ok. So my vet recommended this to me. My Bedlington is 19 weeks old weighing nearly 6kg. First she was fine once she chewed the tablet. Now, she is suffering for runny poo. Constant urinating. Went off her food (which we thought was the flavour so bought another brand) constant drinking of water. Scratting a lot. Howeve, in herself she is the usual hyper puppy !! Am I to take her to the vets ? I’ve since read on the box and it states the puppy should be at least 6months old to take it so really she shouldn’t have had it. SOMEONE HELP!
Kimberly AltAdmin
Call your vet and explain the situation. Best of luck.