Is Bravecto safe for dogs?

Hello. I am writing for your opinion on using Bravecto, the pill that provides 12-week flea & tick protection. My vet is keen on it. My concern is that one of my two dogs has had cancer twice; also she reacted badly (vomiting) to a similar pill when she was a puppy. What is your advice? Thank you


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Stefanie Schutte
Please do not risk it. I am convinced I accidentally killed my dog by giving her Bravecto. Just under 2 weeks later she had to be put down, bleeding profusely. If you use a collar or similar, at least you can remove it, if your dog shows a reaction. This is not possible with oral or spot on treatment. There are no longterm studies, as Bravecto and similar products are only a few years on the market.
Judy Frost
What are the side effects on a small dog that only weighs 4.9 lbs
Beth Wilkins
I have a highly reactive 10 month old Golden Retriever. She reacted (we think after process of elimination) to K9 Advantix and a Seresto collar (2x). She had the runs for 2 months with the topical and heavy panting, lethargy, itching and loss of appetite with the collar both times we tried it. I am desperately trying to find a flea/tick treatment that won’t kill her. We live in New England and even in the “city” the ticks are horrible in my fenced in backyard. I am not excited about an oral medication in case she does have a reaction (she’s had reactions to Benedryl and Hydroxyzine that are similar) . Does anyone have any experience with the Bravecto topical?
We currently give our dog Advantage ll. A liquid you rub on back of neck and into coat. He does well on that and I will not give him oral meds for fleas. We only give him Heartguard for heart worms.
I wish I had read about the side effects of Bravecto before I gave it to my beloved 10 yr old Golden Retriever. Ticks are horrible, but at least my dog was healthy. Shortly after giving her a dose, she began to vomit, retch, cough and is unable eat; this has gotten progressively worse in 2 weeks. I’m taking her to the vet today, but I fear it will be to euthanize her as she is now suffering & has lost all interest in anything, although she still wags her tail. Do NOT take the risk. There are other ways to treat ticks. Bravecto kills more than ticks, & I am heartbroken.
Bravecto should only be given to dogs over 6 months old, it says that right on the package! I see some younger pups were given it, on recommendation from their vet!! READ the LABEL yourself before taking any drug for YOU or your dog! My large (58 pounds) dog has been on Bravecto for 18 months with no problem. I live near woods over run with deer and 2 people in my family have had Lyme. I use multiple methods to keep deer and ticks out of the yard and protect myself from ticks. I feel my grandkids are safer with the dog on bravecto rather than having them touch topicals or insecticide laden collars.
I wonder when given for the first time a half dose trial should be done to check for sensitivity?
Our 9 tear old, completely healthy great Pyrenees went into kidney failure arter 2 doses od Bravecto. He died because of the kidney failure and I can’t prove it was caused by the Bravecto, but I will always think that caused it.
Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry for your loss, Bren.
Our vet recommend Bravecto for our sorkie. (Sort of a yorkie) It now has been about 5 weeks and now he drinks and drinks and drinks and pees and pees and pees. We are worried about him. Does anyone know if this can be reversed or will it slow down in a few weeks? I am calling the vet in the morning but I thought maybe someone out there might know something.
This sounds like he is having problems with his kidneys. I would get lab work done right away.
definitely should be tested for diabetes or UTI as what you describe are symptoms. Hopefully you have an answer from the vet by now. Probably has nothing to do with Bravecto.
Some dogs have gone into kidney failure from Bravacto. I’ve heard. I recommend considering Spirulina powder mixed into his food 2x a/day. Half a teaspoon would be enough to strengthen immune system. I would also try Apple Cider Vinegar MADE w/THE VEIL OF THE MOTHER. I use Braggs. This will help with kidney function. And Serepeptase, it will dissolve any plaque or calcification or anything not live. Kidneys over time get calcim and mineral plaque. As for fleas, I use apple cider vinegar spray it on the coat and rub it into the skin. The fleas hate it and it’s good for the skin. I love this stuff! I also use diatomaceous earth to sprinkle on the rug and beds the dogs lay on. It dehydrates the fleas and kills them. It’s bothersome for sure compared to chemical treatments, but you won’t be jeopardizing your dogs health, you will be improving it. If I used any chemicals at all it would be to spray the yard, and keep them off of the grass and dirt for a couple days. This will expose them to some chemical out zoning but much safer. Hope this helps. BTW, I am not a doctor nor am I prescribing. It is my personal experience that I have come to share.
After reading these comments, I will not be giving my pets Bravecto. Three yrs ago we had a terrible flea infestation bc neighbors introduced goats who kept coming over the fence. Someone suggested nematodes and finally it did the trick. Saw a few today and went for an old leftover pill….nope, we will order those little boogers again. I suggest you all do the same.
On April 19th, 2018 my dog was given a full examination by his vet. His blood panel was “excellent” and all components were within their proper ranges. His urinalysis was clear. His intestinal screening was negative. He is a large dog and twelve years of age. The vet stated he was in perfect health. Per her suggestion, she sent us home with one dose of this for his size and instructed me to administer at the beginning of May. I gave it to him the morning of May 3rd and within six hours, all hell broke loose. My poor guy had uncontrollable, explosive dogarrhea (diarrhea), heavy panting, restlessness, aversion to his favorite foods. I am writing this on June 1st, 2018 and he, I mean we, are still suffering with the same. The vets idea was to load him up on anti-diarrhea meds and antibiotics, thinking he may have an infection but they have had no effect. It was this god awful medicine that has made him sick for more than 4 weeks. No one can tell me any different. I have asked my vet to file an adverse reaction report with the manufacturer because that is really all you can do. However, I keep great records and my brothers buddies cousin is a lawyer, we shall see. A little humor helps me with the realization and pain that I poisoned my dog with an unsafe product. It may work for some and to that I say great, fleas and ticks are nasty. Apparently, each dog has their own level of tolerance. My issue is that something should not be marketed as safe for all dogs, when it is demonstrably not. It does not take a dog scientist to know that. To those of you that have lost your furry friends or may be suffering like us, Slick and I feel you and that is why I took the time to be clear, concise and factual with what we are experiencing. Good luck.
kurt Bell
I am going through the same thing with mine I feel you. You can call 1-800-224-5318 to report it to the makers. Seems the vets will not makes me suspicious
HI A year ago my dog also had a BAD REACTION. I thought I was going to loose him. He was Lethargic, would not eat or drink and had diarrhea> The vet gave him meds for nausea and antibiotic. He got better but I never gave it to him again. Now I need something and the Seresto collar only lasts 2 months. He’s such a big dog the fleas show up on his bottom first. I have read and read.
Kimberly Alt
Hi Beverly, these articles may be helpful:
How To Get Rid Of Fleas
Homemade Flea & Tick Prevention
Best Flea & Tick Prevention
I am so scared! A friend of mine suggested Bravecto since the fleas are crazy right now. Her two dogs take it as well and no problems. Reading all this negative stuff about it has me very worried for my Husky.
Do not use it. My parents dog had seizures after taking it and my dogs were very very sick. A friend of mine lost her dog after taking Bravecto. It is not safe for pets!!
Ok. So my vet recommended this to me. My Bedlington is 19 weeks old weighing nearly 6kg. First she was fine once she chewed the tablet. Now, she is suffering for runny poo. Constant urinating. Went off her food (which we thought was the flavour so bought another brand) constant drinking of water. Scratting a lot. Howeve, in herself she is the usual hyper puppy !! Am I to take her to the vets ? I’ve since read on the box and it states the puppy should be at least 6months old to take it so really she shouldn’t have had it. SOMEONE HELP!
Kimberly Alt
Call your vet and explain the situation. Best of luck.
Sea Bender
I have a 125 lb. Male Great Pyrnesses. I’ve used Bravecto from April – December for 2 years and the dog hasn’t gotten fleas or ticks. We live on 3 acres of woodland prairie. My dog has had no adverse side effects. I have thought about the fact that my dog is injesting a poison and that worries me. I also gave my dog the Lyme vaccinations. Not sure if these measures will be adverse long term but if you’ve ever experienced a flea infestation in your home (we did 10 years ago with a yellow lab) it took months of heavy duty cleaning and also replacing carpets, mattress and bedding. Terrible experience. Someone mentioned Diatomaceous earth. That works well around baseboards and along the foundation, it definitely keeps ants away. It’s ecologically safe and non toxic.
I have been using Bravecto for years, and my pup receives the Lyme vaccine. If you have ever seen horses and dogs crippled from Lyme’s, you just can’t take the chance. I have never had a problem. I worried more abt the chemicals all over my family and my house using topicals. They were also less effective. The downside is— I keep getting ticks after our walks in the woods.
1st Mags
Although Bravecto seems to act as a tick repellant but the Lyme disease vaccine is not to be omitted. Who is getting ticks on your walks? You or the dog(s)?
Laura Dean
I gave my 2 year old female Great Pyrenees this medicine. We have tics all over. These posts have scared me! She didn’t have a reaction but wouldn’t chew this even when hidden. I broke it in thirds and gave it like a pill. I may use something else next time!
I have given my dog Bravecto 6th May, for the first time. 13 days later she had to be euthanized with bleeding from her rectum and low platelets and being very lethargic. She was old and not well before, but still happy to go for walks and came running to the gate when I came home. I am monitoring my other two dogs, who also got Bravecto at the same day. I personally will never give Bravecto or something similar to my dogs ever again. I think the risk of a reaction is just too big and then there is little that one can do about it. At least with a collar or similar, you can take it off, if your dog gets sick.
Gloria Tate
I gave my 2 dogs the same meds beginning of May.. and just few days a go talk k my dog has been purking off on for 3 days so did puppy purk one time .. plus.. .and the diarrhea but now the diarrhea is gone and the puking is gone I just kept reading them from coconut oil organic praying that they will make it through this if they do I will never get my dog’s this again I hope God is with y’all too and I just pray to God my dogs live
Diane Carr
Please clarify part of your message…”I just kept reading them from coconut oil organic…”
Jennifer H
I gave my GSD Bravecto last summer with NO side affects. I live in the country with alot of trees by us. We found a few ticks on her last year before Bravecto, and nothing after. This year the ticks in Illinois are really bad. I tried shampoo. Topical, and tried the home remedies I found on Google search. Still found more ticks. Friday afternoon I gave her Bravecto again and still no side effects. For those of you that did I feel for you. My dog is my life, and when she is sick so am I. I couldn’t imagine life without her. I hope this may help someone else.
I have 5 months old american pittbul Terrier he was sooo energetic playful and 8 May 2018 send him to vet. he gave him BRAVECTO after 24 hrs he los apetite and today the poop was all blood and he cant barely stand. I gave him dextrose powder and hope something will change. His new to us.
Laura Dean
So sorry!
I live in an area that is HUGE with ticks – no fleas-just ticks. The side effects of a tick bite can be as bad as a side effect of a pill. I had terrible experiences with topicals and flea collars are horrible. I tried natural shampoos with little to no effect. I woke up last night with a tick on me and I did not even go out in my yard so I know it came from one of my dogs. I live on a creek with a lot of trees so they are out there no matter what. We spray the yard and that lasts until the next big rain. I am out of options and my vet suggested Bravecto. I am scared to use but don’t know what to do. I have 6 dogs who I love deeply and want them to be healthy. But, do not want them to get tick-borne disease and do not want them to get ill from medicine. I need options and have none. Any ideas?
Kimberly Alt
I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with ticks, Stacy. I think you may find these two articles helpful:
Homemade Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs
Best Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

I hope you find a solution shortly as we head into summer!

Try Soresto collars. I have 3 big dogs and live in tick central (Southeastern Mass near Cape Cod). They provide up to 8 months of coverage and no powder or residue on the collars.
Can bravecto cause aggression without any provocation?
Todd Press
A few illiterate morons have jumped on this thread, so in the name of Charles Darwin, I encourage them to go ahead and give their dog Bravecto.
What an awful thing to say. Do you not have anything better to do than spread your negativity on a board for people who are concerned for their pets? Seems like you are the ignorant one. Your comments are not helping anyone. Perhaps it’s best if you go make better use of your time. Rather than randomly putting in your two cents on something you clearly don’t understand, go read a book on how to change your personality.
iolanda de souza
I’m researching about Bravecto because my dog has been having a ridiculous alarming increase in the ALT and something else, that I’m going to check when I get home tonight (her bloods tests results etc.). She was supposed to take Bravecto again in about 10 days, but I already left a message to my vet, to see what’s going on. The only different things I can think of is her treats, that I give one when I leave to work, and the Bravecto. She has been eating the food for hepatic something… Why are you going to use the Milk Thistle? Just curious…getting worried as I read about Bravecto, every where… 🙁
I hate idiots like todd
Todd p. You are nothing but a Troll for breve to. YOU are the one with zero credibility – anywhere.
Darlene Chulak Chulak
Not valid data when her pet & other under reported pets have died? Respectfully, responsible pet owners know their pet best & it is shameful that, at the very least, warnings are not issued, due to other agendas. And it is shameful to then badger grieving pet owners who are trying to both come to terms re medical facts & warn others from a similar fate.
there are plenty of other flea control drugs, some are not systemic, but surface only which lowers the possibility of systemic complications as your dog experienced. try to find one that does not have the side effects which your dog experienced.
Todd Press
Hey Ray, “apparently” you’re an MD, but not a DVM, so you have zero credibility here.
And btw, “try to find one that does not have the side effects which your dog experienced” …isn’t that the Veterinarian’s job?
I am unsure of the oral Bravecto, but have heard many bad things about it. If you are a member of Facebook, join the group Does Bravecto kill dogs? My personal experience is with a cat and the topical. I used the topical Bravecto and within 12 hours he was vomiting. He never ate on his own again. His intestines shut down. He was 3 years old with no health issues whatsoever. He went from being a playful, loving cat to being dead three weeks after treatment. Personally, I would never use this product on any animal.
Todd Press
Attn: C Zimm

Your post was not helpful. Your comments and assertions are irelevant and you’ve done a disservice to the discourse.

Your experience with Bravecto is subjective and anecdotal and therefore irrelevant. You offer no data to substantiate your point and there is no correlation to incidents of side effects and fatalities. It is useless to suggest that in a universe of one dog (yours) Bravecto didn’t kill it, so that is proof of efficacy. No one needs a reminder to be cautious with pharmaceuticals – that’s an obvious point. Maybe you need to hear it again: Bravecto kills dogs! Can you name any other brand of flea & tick drug that is killing dogs?!

individual reports of problems are not scientific proof of the possible correlation, but such reports are of great value, and you confusion that the anecdotal report is not scientific proof thus has not value, I think is not justified. Such reports are often the basis for designing and doing scientific data collection and analysis, so such reports, though not scientific proof of anything, may have great value in causing, perhaps with other similar reports, enough concern to get a valid scientific evaluation going.
Todd Press
“Such reports are often the basis for designing and doing scientific data collection and analysis” … fyi, clinical trials are conducted and the results are submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration for a marketing approval – BEFORE – commercial launch of a drug! Not subsequently, when they get reports of problems, and decide to look into it…as you’ve suggested. You obviously have no medical training – so get off this thread.
Hi Todd,

I think you are the person who can help me. I’m not interested in the clinical trials for oral flea and tick insecticide for dogs. I’m interested in the long term studies. Where can I find the one for Bravecto. If not Bravecto, I’d be settle a long term study for one of the other favourites, such as Nexgard or Simparica.

Thank you.

Elizabeth mls and biologist
To my knowledge At this point there have not been long term studies completed.
Elizabeth mls and biologist
Nothing is proven in science only supported until other data comes along. Sorry pet peeve.