Is Bravecto safe for dogs?

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Hello. I am writing for your opinion on using Bravecto, the pill that provides 12-week flea & tick protection. My vet is keen on it. My concern is that one of my two dogs has had cancer twice; also she reacted badly (vomiting) to a similar pill when she was a puppy. What is your advice? Thank you


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Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I wanted to share my experience with Bravecto. We gave it to our dog Sally this spring per our vet’s recommendation. (FYI, we absolutely love our vet and she has been absolutely fabulous with Sally.) It was a chewable tablet that offered ~4 months of protection I believe. At the time, I hadn’t heard any of the side effects that pets were experiencing or I would’ve asked my vet for more information.

As one of the comment moderators for Canine Journal, my heart breaks reading all of our readers’ comments about what Bravecto has done to your pets. Fortunately, our Sally has been completely healthy and happy and didn’t get sick from the Bravecto. In the future, I will ask more questions up front about potential side effects of medications and do research on what my vet recommends for my dog. I consider us to be very lucky that nothing bad happened to our sweet Sally.

I want to express my sorrow for those of you who have given Bravecto to your dogs and they have gotten ill from it. I can’t imagine how it feels to be in your shoes and I want to thank you for sharing your experiences with our community so other pet parents can be more informed.

Please never take it for granted that your dog will always be ok on Bravecto. After all, what you are doing is topping up the poison every few months ! then one day !!!!! there’s no turning back, its like playing Russian Roulette, I have battled saving my dogs life for months. After the first Bravecto she collapsed totally unconscious, I didn’t make the connection, until 3 months later after her next Bravecto she went into full blown seizures. I have battled, I’ve detoxed her and still have her on CBD oil, she is alive but sadly struggling still.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Thank you for the reminder. I plan on asking my vet about alternatives at our next appointment for my dog. I’m so sorry your dog had a terrible response to Bravecto.
Neota Howard
Am so sorry about your dog. Bravecto was just recommended by the vet, because they no longer sell, advantage 2. After reading the packaged information and reviews, am afraid to use it. My baby is 17 years old with kidney and liver issues, that aren’t a problem now, so I don’t want to create a problem.
DO Not do it! I hope you didn’t. Look up Springtime Inc and Bug Off Garlic instead.
Sick of all the chemicals
I know people will say, no! Garlic is toxic to dogs! But I have read only if in super large quantities, depending on the size of your dog. I know that I have given my dogs people food spiced with garlic and they’re just fine. I can’t imagine the little garlic in these tabs are any worse that the dang chemicals and pesticides that are laden Ed in Adventist’s,frontline, bravecto etc. every time I go to use frontline on my one labs, he looks at it and runs. He is so sad to have it on him, makes his skin crawl. I’m afraid he will have a seizure one day. Vets are brainwashed by their distributors, and lets face it, they make a lot of of off these. But, what is the safest to give? I have young living oils and they have recipes for anti- flea and tick. I may uptey that?
Pauline, I am so sorry for what your dog is going through. Sadly, we lost TWO of our dogs after giving them a dose of Bravecto this past fall. Before that, they were healthy, active and had good appetites. We had given them Bravecto before and one of them got very sick. Our vet thought it was a brain infection, so that’s what he treated her for. She got better and was released to come home. She never fully recoverd to her old self, but we thought it was residual effects of the ‘brain infection’. Then four months later we gave them anoter dose of Bravecto. And they both died of organ failure,caused by the active ingredient in Bravecto, Fluralaner.

I don’t know how to get people to understand that just because their dog or cat tolerated it “just fine” the other times they took it, doesn’t mean they won’t eventually suffer a painful, agonizing death. My husband and I did a lot of research on this after they died because Bravecto was the only common factor in their deaths. And what we learned is that hundreds of thousands of pets have died or are now suffering agonizing organ failure or seizures, or both.

I had no problems with my babies. Put them on Bravecto after a nasty scare with a tick with one of them and within months my amazing girl who had no issues before was diagnosed with a mass n her liver. The specialist said he had seen this with a few dogs but to have gotten so big was hnqiue, not unheard of though unique. Since surgery I stopped using this Bravector or like and she has ongoing issues. My girl was 11 and half and had no issues. JUST after 6 months into using bravecto she has problems. Huge warning. This stuff needs alot more testing on indecent human beings.
Megan Meyers
I wish I had known before I gave Huxley his first chewable on July 12 2018.

The damage isn’t always immediate, it can develop slowly and then hit like a tubesock full of nickels.

Pet parents, please please please don’t ignore the outcries. Bravecto and Nexgard are very popular options that are being PUSHED hard by vets, PUSH BACK.

Please talk to your families and friends, the risk isn’t worth the “reward”. I’d rather bathe in parasites before giving my babies anymore of this flavorful poison.

Catherine A Garcia
OMG! My girlfriends 4 year old dog is dying right now as I write! The vet pushed this pill on her daughter to give her dog this. I can’t believe how this dog is dying in front of their eyes!
My 4 year old boxer is the same as we speak. Gave him this poison vet crap a week ago.
Ralph P.
My heart goes out to all that have lost their fur babies to this poison, I have a 5 year lab that has been on Bravecto for about a year now without any sign effects thus far thank God!, but after reading these stories she will not be getting another dose! My question for those of you that have stopped using Bravecto what are you using now? I know many of you are asking yourselves the same question. I, we all want to keep our pets healthy and with us for as long possible, but who do believe, who do trust? thanks in advance for your comments !
I have been giving my lab Bravecto for 5 years. March 1 I gave him his dose and about 2 weeks later he woke me up at night having head tremors. My vet said to watch him and keep him posted. Nothing happened until I gave him his next dose June 1. On June 14 he had another head tremor episode. I have noticed he has been lethargic for a few months but didn’t think too much about it since it was still during the winter time. My vet is stopping the Bravecto. Hopefully no long term effects will happen.
Gerald Austin
We just had our Yorkie put to sleep after taking one dose. As a 12 year old, he had is problems with aging, a heart murmur, little protein in his urine, and a long time large liver. He loved food and treats. After taking Bravecto, he threw up and from that point on he would take nothing but water by mouth. Usually he eats after a day or two when he is has gastrointestinal upsets but when 72 hours went by, we took him to our small dog specialist. We also have a cardiac pet doctor. His lungs were clear, his heart was strong, but the lack of food was taking a big toll on his strength. He was basically sleeping all the time and I had to carry out to potty. The chemistry was going crazy out of wack. To me, it looked like the effects of no food primarily. We hospitalized him. He was always taking water and peeing at the normal amount we observe but by the 7th day it was obvious he was suffering and death was inevitable. We had him euthanized Thursday. At this point there is no other obvious cause of his death like an infection or some pathological process. The only link to his death was having him take the Bravecto followed by the sad sequence I outline.
Jodi Severson Schmidt
I gave my four year old shitzu the spill on Memorial Day weekend. We noticed in the last few weeks that she’s just started to get lethargic and we were concerned that she possibly had Lyme’s disease as she has had it before. Took her to the vet and they said she had a tooth infection. Which I found Odd as we just had her teeth cleaned 4 months ago. They put her on an antibiotic and did a lot of blood work my concern is that she is sick from this pill. We are supposed to get the blood work back tomorrow and I would be surprised if they find anything as I am reading all these comments and it sounds like she’s been affected by this pill.
Jill J
My 1- year old dachshund is in the hospital right now with Stage 3 kidney failure and the vets have absolutely no reason why this is happening… so as I was filling out the “rebate” form for Brevecto, it dawned on me that maybe there was a link between Bravecto and kidney failure. I found this website. This is unbelievable. The ER vets weren’t even concerned when I mentioned he was on it. I am definitely going to discuss it with them now. My dog has had a total of 3 doses of it- every 3 months since November. It appears the dose I gave him on May 1st is going to take his life. Please if there is even a suggestion that this could harm your dog, why give it?? His regular vet even recommended this crap! I am heartbroken…
I had been using Bravecto on my akita for almost 5 years now with no issues. He has his blood checked every year for the apoquel he’s taking, so I know his levels are normal and it seems like the bravecto isn’t affecting him. I had my Shiba on it before she died, and I just started giving my Samoyed bravecto this year as well. I use it all year round. I honestly thought all this talk about Bravecto killing dogs was nonsense, that it had to be coincidental. I read a few incidences where people gave their 17 year old dog with a history of medical issues bravecto and he died, or what have you, and I thought “That’s because your dog is 17 and he has a history of medical issues. Why would you blame the drug for that?”

But then I started reading some of the statistics. There are over a thousand complaints to the EMA about Bravecto in Europe, and about 800 to the FDA in the US. (Roughly, I can’t remember the exact statistics. I got it off of the “does bravecto kill dogs” Facebook group) That’s kinda scary to me. I also started reading a lot of stories of people who’s dogs started coughing after taking bravecto and they eventually died. And I started thinking about it. My shiba developed a cough shortly after we moved into our new house and started working on our basement. I attributed the cough to the dust from the drywall, but it never went away. She got xrayed at the vet, and they said they thought she might have collapsing trachea. About a year later, she started going downhill quickly. She was 12 (We thought. She was a rescue. She could’ve been older). It was to be expected because she was old. We were going to run some tests to see if it was old age or maybe something more malicious, but we never got that far. She collapsed after agility one night and we had to put her down. Abdominal Cancer. The tumor burst, and that’s why she collapsed.

That cough developed right around the time I got my akita. That’s when they were really pushing bravecto at the vet. They had stopped carrying advantage, and I didn’t want to use advantix because we have a cat. So I put them both on bravecto. My shiba then developed a cough, and eventually cancer. Now maybe it’s not related. She was 12, maybe she just was old and got cancer. Maybe she did actually have collapsing trachea. But what if it wasn’t? What if I killed my dog with medicine? That’s the thought that made me switch.

I just gave my dogs Advantix today for the first time now that their bravecto has warn off. It’s a little bit scary switching medicines, honestly, because you never know how they’re going to react to something new. Plus I’m worried about my cat getting sick. But, I’d rather take extra precautions and separate my dogs and cat for a day or two to make sure my cat is safe, than to worry about whether or not my dogs are going to die because of some medicine I’m giving them. I’m sorry you guys had to go through this with your dogs. I hope I switched in time for them to not have any bad effects from the drug.

I gave my sweet little Chi, Chloe, Bravecto about five thirty this afternoon and about two thirty this morning I awake to her trembling in bed. I picked her up to put her blanket around her and noticed she was rigid and trembling. I turned the light on and she started slinging her head left and right. I put her down on the bed and she couldn’t walk. She was wallowing and slinging her head. I picked her up and held her close and was crying as I thought she was dying. I prayed for her and she stopped seizing and looked confused. I put her on the bed again and she could walk ok but clearly the seizure took a toll on her. I turned a night light on to keep watch on her. I will report this to my vet in the morning and will never give her another flea medication again. I only pray there are no lasting effects from this pill. It should be taken off the market in my opinion.
In all honesty, I understand the concerns of pet parents on keeping our animals as healthy as possible. The only problem I have is when pet parents go against the science and the individuals that have studied for 10 years to treat/cure dogs. Veterinarians are no different than doctors, they have earned their right to recommend drugs and recommend the best course of treatment/preventions for our animals. If a doctor prescribed something to you, you would 100% not have anything to say but when it comes to animals we all become experts and think our knowledge is better than most vets. Most of the people on this forum have little to no scientific background and are making claims that have no evidence to back them. I have given my dog bravetco for the past 4 years and have never had an issue with it. I trust the veterinarian that recommends these products as they know better than most of the general populations. The % of cases that are seen of deaths using bravetco are so small compared to the amount of deaths that are seen with dogs that have been bitten by a flea or tick and have contracted diseases. The box that bravetco comes in, comes with a full pamphlet underlining the efficacy of the drugs as well as how it was studied and what the outcomes of the studies where. Every single drug that is on the market for any species has side effects and has cases where people die because of it, this is a risk we take because the possibility of becoming infected is much lower than the risk of death from the prevention drug. I understand everyones will to do the best for the animals but I think personally we should leave that up to the veterinarians that have dedicated their lives to improving animals lives.
That’s all fine for your pet Mike but when someone’s pet dies in their arms because of the “% of cases that have caused deaths” and it is one of your babies, maybe you would be posting something different.
I am not a veterinarian but a pet food store owner. I have been in this business for over 30 years. I never tried to pretend that I know more than the veterinarian but the past few years I had many customers complaining about food making the pet sick, seizure, fainting, things that was once in a blue moon before. Last year, I started to ask my customers that wanted to change food because of sickness or telling me about seizure if they by any chances had given the Bravecto or the Nexguard, specially the 3 months dose…well every time the answer was YES and why do you asked me that!!! I will not tell a customer not to listen to the veterinarian but I do recommend to my customers to give the 1 month dose.
Jenny Scotland
I have just received a petition to sign to stop Bravecto as it is killing dogs . We need true statistics.
RONA Miller
Can i sign this petition?
Carolyn Whittenburg
Where do I get this petition?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
judith jefferson
I gave my smooth collie her Bravecto last night with her dinner, she was find but late last night was sick then all night and this morning ,she was so clingy, to is wanted to be close to us, we were very concerned as we had no experinced this before ,this is our second time using this product on her , no issue last time, I just pray it’s done no damage as she is only 10 months, I will be calling vetthis morning to see if I should get her checked out I won’t be using this product again, especially reading all these comments ,
Jill J
Where to we sign this and get some answers from this company??
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Reading all these stories and comments about Bravecto is leaving me very very worried about my two dogs, an 8 year old Border Collie and 5 year old Husky. I’m deeply saddened that so many of you have lost your loved ones. My vet prescribed Bravecto after they both got their legs covered in hundreds of ticks, the vet said that was the only way to kill all the ticks and get them off. They got their first dose the summer 2017. They have had no side effects whatsoever and they received another dose the next summer and now this year too….still no signs of side effects. It is just now that I started hearing and reading the horrific stories of dogs dying after been given Bravecto. I am very concerned and worried that my two very healthy dogs will start showing signs of seizures, lethargy, kidney failure etc. Knowing better now I will never give my dogs Bravecto again!
If someones reading this and have had the same safe experience with Bravecto as I have (so far) but have had their dog showing signs after a few years of giving them Bravecto please let me know the signs to look out for!
Bonnie E.
I have read many of your comments on this string as I was pondering if I should give my girl the Bravecto the vet prescribed. She is a 17 year old Cairn/Westie mix who has been my wild child her whole life and very healthy. She had one dose in October 2018 and did not have any issues. She had her next dose Jan 1st this year. Strangely enough, we came home to her in the midst of a grand mal seizure, foaming at the mouth, rigid posture, and proceeded to urinate and defecate on me. We rushed her to the Emergency vet and she was still slightly seizing but coming out of it. They immediately started her on IV Keppra an anti seizure medication. I called the company to report the adverse effect. They contacted my vet but none seemed very concerned.
After reading all your comments I have made the determination to not give her either the Bravecto or the Interceptor. I cannot chance it, this dose may well kill her. I could not live with myself if anything happened. She does get her anti seizure medication three times a day.
Sorry so long but thank you all for your input into this medication so we can all be better informed.
My 13.5 y/o incredibly healthy cockapoo was vomiting and having bloody diarrhea within 9 hours after taking Bravecto. I am irritated with the vets because no one wants to admit or even consider that it’s Bravecto that did this. It’s been over 2 weeks, he’s been in and out of his vet and the animal hospital since. He has been hospitalized on IVs now for the 3rd time and the outcome is not looking good. He’s not getting better. Have done blood work, X-rays, sonograms, fluids, antibiotics, you name it. It is horrible. There are a lot of dogs that are fine; the company has dispensed a million of those chews, but for those with side effects, they’re deadly. I’m sorry for everyone that has had to go through this.

I have a 9yr old cocker spaniel and with an enlarged heart and heart murmur I used the flea and tick collar. I didnt want anything else introduced into her bloodstream because shes on heart medication. I thought this might be a safer route for her condition and age.

To share with other readers, we lost our Border Collie Sahara on 02/01/2019 after two seizures, she showed all the adverse effects of isoxazoline or Fluralaner toxicity that is ataxia seizures excessive thirst and muscle tremors neurological disorders and most tragically her eye disorder and blindness after the first seizure. We still have our Yorkie who became very ill after his dosage but is doind well but now fully diabetic and on insulin twice a day. He had all the signs but was obviously a bit tougher. A best wish to all owners who have lost their babies, I hope something will be done to prevent this product from affecting more dogs
Kely Pinho
I went to a new vet to buy adequan for my dog Sunny and Bravecto was suggested to flea control. He is 11 years old just coming out of an arthritis crisis and I did not realize the harm on the systemic medication at that moment . I gave Bravecto to my Sunny on April 12. He has diarrhea, vomit, anorexia, lost control of his bladder, and lost tons of weight. It is absolutely horrible to see my little friend suffering and trying to make each day. I’m doing everything I can, from fluids, anti nausea meds, apetite stimulants, cooking whaterver he accepts so he can have at least 2 spoons of food . Tomorrow, I hope my original vet agrees with the evidences and with my conclusion. I hope we can find a way to help Sunny to get ready of this toxicity.
I’m so sorry for your loss. My golden doodle and labradoodle both became sick with neurological problems a month after their first dose. Lost my golden after 4 months, down for a month, she had multiple cancers at 10 and was seemingly very healthy before. My labradoodle just turned 3 and has started up again with the tremors and feeling unwell. Absolutely no help from doctors.
Weakness, lethargy after Bravecto was given to my 11 year old Aussie. Difficult time walking. It’s almost been one week. Never again. My heart is breaking. I always used Nextguard and had no problems with any of my other dogs. What will happen next?
Kacey Taylor
Firstly I am so sorry to hear of everyone’s experiences with Bravecto. My heart goes out to every one of you.

About 10 Days ago my vet game me Bravecto for my dog. I actually had never heard of it. I always use The Frontline spot on
which I have never had a problem with for my dogs. Anyway on leaving the surgery with my dog she said to watch
her for the next 24 hours after I had given her the tablet. If she was sick to ring in, if I was at all concerned about something to phone in and I could bring her back any time through the night they were 24 hours.

I didn’t think anything of it at first until I got back in the car and started driving home, then thought it was a strange thing for the vet to say about watching her. Watch her for what, and why? Needless to say alarm bells
started to go off in my head, As I kept going over what she had said. Got home typed in online and was horrified
to read what I was about Bravecto. Decided to ask a FB group for the breed of what they thought. Many mixed replies
both for and against.

I lost two dogs 4 year ago this year just old age they never had the tablet. I could not face losing another
right now. I decided not to give her the tablet and have got rid of it. Someone also put a video of their dog onto FB having fits having had the medication. Heart breaking to see. I actually rang the vets and told them
I hadn’t given the tablet and didn’t intend to.

What annoys me is that Vets seem to be dishing out this tablet, and giving no information to the owners of the risks
that are involved for fur baby parents to make their own informed decision.

My fur baby is my world. And I am truly sorry for all who have used the tablet and had the problems.
Sending hugs to all.

I was the same after reading all the reviews and I stayed away from the Bravecto chews despite the vet’s recommendation. It probably is fine but I don’t want to take chances. I am all for flea and tick treatment cos I know the ticks can kill my dogs as well so I use the Advantix topical drops every 3 weeks. It’s a monthly treatment but the tick treatment becomes less effective after 2 weeks. I have two 5kg dogs so I buy the medium dog (4-10kg) one and give half to each dog. Very effective considering my dogs go to the dog park, beach, markets, bushwalks and the dam.
I have to say I am impressed with how lucky you are. Typically a medication that is marked as a 4-10Kg cannot be divided if the dog is within that range. What I mean is that if your dog is anywhere into the kg range we mentioned it should take the full dose in order to be fully covered. The reason I called you lucky is because in theory your dogs are not fully covered.
Please read the FDA advisory dated September 18, 2018 published in Veterinary Practice News. Tried to copy and paste here but not working. Warns of neurological adverse events with Bravecto, Nexgard, and Simparica.
Timothy Jones
This medication killed my Springer Spaniel of 8 years after 1 dose. Use it at your own risk.
I had to put down my beautiful dog L.J last summer and I’m starting to suspect it was Bravecto that caused all his seizures. I had given him his first dose in the spring of 2017 and he had no issues with it at all. His dad never had any issues either. We thought this was the best tick medication ever. In the spring of 2018 so almost a year later he had his first grand mal seizure with foam coming out of his mouth. It was terrifying. We took him to the vet and he started him on anti seizure medication. He was in terrible shape. The seizures were all grand mal with foam coming out of his mouth. He would get his head stuck on everything and was walking in circles. I did not like the anti seizure meds so I looked for another kind of natural medication. I put him on cbd oil and he was starting to get better and go for walks again. He was coming back to us. Then we took him back to the vet for his bravecto pill. 6 weeks later he was dead. The seizures got worse and he went blind. He finally had the worst seizure ever and he never got up again. We had to put our baby down. He was a healthy 10 year old dog until I gave him this poison. My vet says he doesn’t think Bravecto caused it at all. My other dog is absolutely fine so I don’t know what to think. Maybe some dogs are fine with it but I don’t think it’s worth the risk. I’m not giving my other dog this pill this year. I miss Lj everyday and I wish to god I wouldn’t have given him this pill.
I just want to add to the list. I just put my 10 year old healthy boxer on Bravecto two weeks ago. She is now not eating, lethargic and leaking bloody urine. Based on all of these priors, it looks like we will lose her too. Please don’t risk this med with your pet!
Kely Pinho
So sorry. My dog Sunny had the first dose on April 12 , he is also lethargic, leaking urine, not eating. This is a nightmare. I’m trying to get informed on how to help my dog …
After reading all these posts, I am so scared to think of what my boxer has endured without us even having a clue. She will NOT be getting another dose.
Alaskan Mal Mum
OMG I am terrified reading this. I have literally just given my Alaskan Malamute a chew tablet & the vet even said that it was safe. Now I’m sick with worry that he’s gonna get sick…:(
Chula's mom
Me too, I just gave my tiny girl her first dose last week. I wish I would have seen this site first.
I gave my pupper her pill this evening. I’m regretting it and wish I looked into this.
I’ve given my 7yr old dog a chew earlier this evening. He has had them before, regular every 12 weeks for the past year. 2 hours after taking the medication we went for a walk… he began to eat grass like crazy and wretching. This was 2 1/2 hours ago and he’s still wretching and wanting to go outside to eat grass. I’m between he’s lethargic and twitching a lot. I’m extremely worried after reading this thread.
As suggested by my Vet I just gave my 1 year old lab girl Bravecto. I am now repenting what to do next after seeing so many posts. Please advise on how should I get this thing out of her system.
Milk Thistle and Dandelion root. Detox. My dogs is on Trifexis. Having some problem with one of them. Bad seizures. Now on seizure medicine. Seizures are getting worse every year. I researched it. Milk thistle and dandelion root get the toxins out of their liver and kidneys. I just started this last week. So I am waiting to see if it helps.
Kely Pinho
Please let me know the results from milk whistle. My cocker spaniel Sunny had Bravecto on April 12, and he is in bad shape. Lethargic, refusing to eat, passing gas stink gas, vomiting, lost control of his bladder.I bought the milk thistle today 200mg in capsules and gave him 1/2 capsule ( he is now 27lbs). Let me know .
Thank you
Leah G
Milk thistle definitely works! My 8 year old yellow lab went into sudden liver failure and we thought we were going to have to put him down. After giving him milk thistle he started to recover with 24 hours. I highly recommend it.
Do some research about the ANTI-VACCINOSIS like I did.I think it can help.
Just researched it, does it help with bravecto poisoning?
Hi I also just have both of my dogs the 12 week bravecto. I have no idea why I did not research it prior to administration! I was just trusting my vet. Approximately one hour in and I have my babies 4 charcoal tablets each hoping it may help to adsorb the poison. Sheesh I am worried about long term side effects!!!
Jon Saxon
I just wanted to drop a response here to add to the discussion. I have given my Chocolate Lab Bravecto for the past 2 years. I saw my first tick 2 weeks ago, so i gave her the first chew of the year. Even though she has done fine on it for 2 years, this time, within a few hours she started acting very strange. I took videos of her and took her to the vet and he said she was having seizures and asked if i had given her Bravecto. Over the next few days she started become lethargic and not tolerating exercise. I took her back to the vet and had a full CBC ran and all her tests came back normal except she had a very high red blood count, as well as a lot of new red blood cells, as if he was losing blood somewhere. After a few more days she started refusing food, so i took her back to the vet yet again and they did x-rays and she had an enlarged heart. She had a chest x-ray done in January and all was normal. All the sudden in March she has an enlarged heart. She is now dying from congestive heart failure and i am having to have my 6 year old Lab euthanized today. My heart is destroyed over this, she is my best friend. Don’t take the chance on using Bravecto. It is VERY convenient to only have to give a pill every 12 weeks, but it might just kill your loved one.
See my post above. That is similar to my horror. Congestive heart failure – Bravecto should not be sold
I would never use any of these. Following a dose of Nexgard my dog became VERY sick. Lethargic, wouldnt eat or drink. She was in very bad shape on arrival at the vets office. Diagnosis, autoimmune. (And yes, the vet said that ‘we’ would never be giving our dog Nexgard again.) No one was even sure she would make it through the night or that week.
She has been on strong medications, steriods, immune suppressants ever since. Many blood test and appts to monitor her. Not a day goes by that we are not scared. She was extremely healthy and full of spunk prior to the Nexgard. I feel guilty everyday for giving her the Nexgard.
If you research on -line, you will find many stories of horrible side effects from these tick/ flea meds. Do not put yourself or your beloved pet through any of this. Find a safer alternative.
Wow, thought i would do a little research before I gave my 11 year old puggle Bravecto. I only pulled two ticks out of her last year so I have decided to keep her clean again and not give her any tick medication. Will keep diligently checking her every time she comes in from outside.
Ruby Turk
Hi. I always believed in Bravecto until now. Firstly a month ago my 6 yr old husky had a seizure and now is blind. He has a brain tumor. My GS started passing blood in her urine about 2 weeks ago. She has bladder cancer. Bravecto is poison.
Brenda Ingram
Am afraid to give my 10 lb minpin Bravecto as of August 2018 he went blind in one eye and the vet told me he had a tumor behind the eye I accepted this and waited with the vet telling me there was nothing that could be done. One January Saturday morning he woke still seeing in one one but a couple of hours later he was blind in both. I waited worried afraid cause other then the eyes he was wired and playing eating everything was fine. Finally I took him to a surgery and asked if they could remove the eyes which they did no tumor and no cancers and no answers. Am afraid to give him any thing now.
Diana Halllmark
YES BRAVECTO KILLED MY BOXER, two weeks after Bravecto had seizures Vet put on Meds and then head tremors went blind and then died.. The vet did blood work on his yearly all was fine, put on Bravecto and he died 4 months later.. Bravecto is poison