Is Bravecto safe for dogs?

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Hello. I am writing for your opinion on using Bravecto, the pill that provides 12-week flea & tick protection. My vet is keen on it. My concern is that one of my two dogs has had cancer twice; also she reacted badly (vomiting) to a similar pill when she was a puppy. What is your advice? Thank you


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Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I wanted to share my experience with Bravecto. We gave it to our dog Sally this spring per our vet’s recommendation. (FYI, we absolutely love our vet and she has been absolutely fabulous with Sally.) It was a chewable tablet that offered ~4 months of protection I believe. At the time, I hadn’t heard any of the side effects that pets were experiencing or I would’ve asked my vet for more information.

As one of the comment moderators for Canine Journal, my heart breaks reading all of our readers’ comments about what Bravecto has done to your pets. Fortunately, our Sally has been completely healthy and happy and didn’t get sick from the Bravecto. In the future, I will ask more questions up front about potential side effects of medications and do research on what my vet recommends for my dog. I consider us to be very lucky that nothing bad happened to our sweet Sally.

I want to express my sorrow for those of you who have given Bravecto to your dogs and they have gotten ill from it. I can’t imagine how it feels to be in your shoes and I want to thank you for sharing your experiences with our community so other pet parents can be more informed.

Please never take it for granted that your dog will always be ok on Bravecto. After all, what you are doing is topping up the poison every few months ! then one day !!!!! there’s no turning back, its like playing Russian Roulette, I have battled saving my dogs life for months. After the first Bravecto she collapsed totally unconscious, I didn’t make the connection, until 3 months later after her next Bravecto she went into full blown seizures. I have battled, I’ve detoxed her and still have her on CBD oil, she is alive but sadly struggling still.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Thank you for the reminder. I plan on asking my vet about alternatives at our next appointment for my dog. I’m so sorry your dog had a terrible response to Bravecto.
Neota Howard
Am so sorry about your dog. Bravecto was just recommended by the vet, because they no longer sell, advantage 2. After reading the packaged information and reviews, am afraid to use it. My baby is 17 years old with kidney and liver issues, that aren’t a problem now, so I don’t want to create a problem.
DO Not do it! I hope you didn’t. Look up Springtime Inc and Bug Off Garlic instead.
Sick of all the chemicals
I know people will say, no! Garlic is toxic to dogs! But I have read only if in super large quantities, depending on the size of your dog. I know that I have given my dogs people food spiced with garlic and they’re just fine. I can’t imagine the little garlic in these tabs are any worse that the dang chemicals and pesticides that are laden Ed in Adventist’s,frontline, bravecto etc. every time I go to use frontline on my one labs, he looks at it and runs. He is so sad to have it on him, makes his skin crawl. I’m afraid he will have a seizure one day. Vets are brainwashed by their distributors, and lets face it, they make a lot of of off these. But, what is the safest to give? I have young living oils and they have recipes for anti- flea and tick. I may uptey that?
My dog got very sick eating a couple of spoonfuls of pulled pork with bbq sauce on it. I will no longer give him any garlic or onions.
Pork is what did it. Pork will give animals pancreas. Think about it, do you ever see pork in dog food?
David Barry
The pancreas is an organ that’s a part of the digestive system. No food of any kind can create an organ.
She obviously meant Pancreatitis.
Justin M Smith
Yup I have seen pork dog food, Lotus sells Pork Loin dog food cans.
Prine Karen Lee
In Canada as of April 2019 vet visit…there is no warning about seizures after administration of Bravecto ….I just read the entire package insert. This company should be charged!
Same happens in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. No warnings and even more… they prefer this other than the liquid you put in the neck of the dog once a month. The dose they gave me is for dogs between 10 and 20 kilos. Mine has 10 so… is on the limit and will get higher toxicity than a 20 kilos dog. Fortunately I entered here BEFORE giving this poison to my dog and I will throw 80 dollars to the trash NOW so no other dog get this. Something inside of me told me don’t do it.
Janet Smith
I am in Canada…No warning. Here is my time line Apr 24 gave brafecto…May 4th my male mutt had his 1st ever GM Seizure. May 9th our Goldendoodle died…autopsy inconclusive, May 26th had to put our older healthy Labradoodle down as she could not eat or stand. May 27th the male mutt had 3 GM Seizures. Started phenobarbital and 3 month later the phenobarbital destroyed his bone marrow and his white blood cells have dropped to a very concerning level. He has been weened off of the pheno and onto Keppra but his white blood cells have not moved up. Fingers crossed next weeks blood test is better. It is a wait and see game now. Thank you very much you F’en Brafecto! One day karma is going to get your stupid company!!!
Loretta Harris
Janet Smith, have you tried using essential oils? Lavender oil has been proven to raise white blood cells, in a human study. When applied to the skin and massaged the results of the blood study were very interesting. Not sure on which site I read about it but have a look. Also, coconut oil and frankincense are excellent immune system boosters. I use lavender and frankincense externally to help relax my nervous 11 year old pup and it helps alot. I dilute it in coconut oil.I also add a little virgin coconut oil to her food. I hope you win the battle with your little one. P.s. I purchased Bravecto yesterday on the advice of out vet- needless to say, I will NOT be giving this to my fur baby!
Why is it that the vet keeps on recommending it?
My puppy is 8 months old and my vet also recommended it. I informed her that I was a bit scared of Bravecto (heard of the rumors) but she kept on telling me her dogs did just fine with it..
Needless to say I haven’t given it to him. It is still in the box. Too scared to give it….
Hi Jane, My Lab started with seizures after Bravecto – I found an amazing holistic doctor that concluded that. I search everywhere for an answer when my Hemingway started with the horrible seizures. Then obviously the vet prescribed him into antiseizure meds and nothing was working until I started the CBD and avoid dog food. Changing to a natural diet completely. And Hemi is recovering very well. We had been dealing with seizures for years, and I just didn’t know why! But now I know. So if you can start your baby with CBD oil, it really is better than the horrible meds they produce for our fur babies.
Pauline, I am so sorry for what your dog is going through. Sadly, we lost TWO of our dogs after giving them a dose of Bravecto this past fall. Before that, they were healthy, active and had good appetites. We had given them Bravecto before and one of them got very sick. Our vet thought it was a brain infection, so that’s what he treated her for. She got better and was released to come home. She never fully recoverd to her old self, but we thought it was residual effects of the ‘brain infection’. Then four months later we gave them anoter dose of Bravecto. And they both died of organ failure,caused by the active ingredient in Bravecto, Fluralaner.

I don’t know how to get people to understand that just because their dog or cat tolerated it “just fine” the other times they took it, doesn’t mean they won’t eventually suffer a painful, agonizing death. My husband and I did a lot of research on this after they died because Bravecto was the only common factor in their deaths. And what we learned is that hundreds of thousands of pets have died or are now suffering agonizing organ failure or seizures, or both.

I had no problems with my babies. Put them on Bravecto after a nasty scare with a tick with one of them and within months my amazing girl who had no issues before was diagnosed with a mass n her liver. The specialist said he had seen this with a few dogs but to have gotten so big was hnqiue, not unheard of though unique. Since surgery I stopped using this Bravector or like and she has ongoing issues. My girl was 11 and half and had no issues. JUST after 6 months into using bravecto she has problems. Huge warning. This stuff needs alot more testing on indecent human beings.
Prine Karen Lee
Us too. This issue needs to exposed
Rosina Malone
We have just lost our totally beloved Doxie boy , he went into resp failure two weeks after bravecto , vets could give no reason , I ( as a human nurse recognised his almost poisoned symptoms , foaming at the mouth and complete respiratory failure , we feel as if we have murdered our own child , he was so treasured . Please please don’t believe all you are told .
This breaks my heart for you! We have 2 Doxies and we just gave them the Bravecto last night and haven’t seen any issues. I pray nothing happens to them. ๐Ÿ™
Leticia Galdiano
I just gave my Gordo a bravecto that the vet recommended and now I’m freaking out…I wish I could just pump it out of his stomach after reading these reviews
Please watch them closely! I gave my healthy Maltese ( she had just had a complete physical just days before at the vets) a dose of Bravecto and with in days she started having respirator problems. Heavy labored breathing so I took her to the veterinary and she was diagnosed with heart failure. I’m heartbroken! If she pulls through she will have to take meds for the rest of her life.
I’m so sorry to hear this. I feel the same way. I totally failed my sweet baby boy Tonka. He was only a year and a half old. He was very healthy. I gave him bravecto 11-7-2019 he passed away 11-22-19. He stopped eating and drinking water and passed away at the cold animal hospital ALONE. My heart is completely broken. I’m responsible.
Prine Karen Lee
Our dog has suffered seizures since on Bravecto. Went to vet and they still prescribed it. Anyone with half a brain would not prescribe a medication that could cause seizures to a patient that is having seizures with no yet diagnosed cause!
mj dell
My 2 year old Australian labradoodle has had 8 seizures since July 3rd 2019. He had taken 2 doses of Bravecto in 2018 and one dose in May 2019. I’ve been to emergency 5x and still no diagnosis. He’s been on Keppra for 3 weeks. Possibly epilepsy, but after talking to my breeder there’s me no history in her line.
Bravecto is the best
Have been giving this to my dogs for years and have never had a problem.
What breed of dog and how much does he/she weigh?
David Gray
ARSENICUM ALBUM in large doses to clean the organsand system .
Rachael Orrock
How do you detox them from it, I have 2 pups now 2.5 yo they both have seizures, one not under control even though she has 3 high doses of drugs, started at 18months
Mum was put on bravecto while pregnant and we think this may have caused issues, another pup had clef pallet and one abnormal organs and dwarfism
Megan Meyers
I wish I had known before I gave Huxley his first chewable on July 12 2018.

The damage isn’t always immediate, it can develop slowly and then hit like a tubesock full of nickels.

Pet parents, please please please don’t ignore the outcries. Bravecto and Nexgard are very popular options that are being PUSHED hard by vets, PUSH BACK.

Please talk to your families and friends, the risk isn’t worth the “reward”. I’d rather bathe in parasites before giving my babies anymore of this flavorful poison.

Catherine A Garcia
OMG! My girlfriends 4 year old dog is dying right now as I write! The vet pushed this pill on her daughter to give her dog this. I can’t believe how this dog is dying in front of their eyes!
My 4 year old boxer is the same as we speak. Gave him this poison vet crap a week ago.
Erika AleidAns
So did my boy he was 4 .This is pure poison and the company should remove it from the market .
So true! Its not always immediately. Over a few days to a few weeks they can become deathly ill.
Also, it is the Vet’s responsibility to understand the potential side effects and to educate us about the toxic drug. But, then again if dogs become ill, it’s more money for the Vets; right?
Hello, my heart goes out for the people that had such a traumatic experience with this medication. I have three Jack Russel Terriers that are used to being treated with Revolution 12% … i just bought three doses of Bravecto pills and i believe God saved us, me and my wife from giving it to them at the first chance…. so i sat on it … and talking with my mother she said Bravecto was dangerous. Didn’t take much to find in the internet a great deal of reports of that sort so … im not giving it Thank God ! But i have to ask …. is the topical formulation associated with the same side effects ? Or is it safe since its topical ? Does anyone knows of these serious side effects with the topical formulation or should i abandon it altogether ?
Yashashree Chavan
Hello! My dog got his first seizure today. On doctor’s recommendation I did put him on bravecto. He had has second dose last month. I am now connecting the dots. That sh*t is toxic as hell. Please do not give Bravecto to your baby. I’m worried he might get more seizures after today. Can someone give some tips on how to detoxify him?
For everyone who has commented about side effects from Bravecto please contact Merck and open a case report on your pet. The vet team at Merck will need to analyze the information. I started a case report on our dog (14 year old Sheltie) who suddenly developed renal failure, pancreatitis , ataxia, tremors and anorexia after a single dose. She still won’t eat or drink independently. Your reports may help future dogs and cats.
Our mixed breed, Rigsby (69#’s) was given his first vet recommended dose of Bravecto 9/19. Then again per package instructions. He had his first seizure May 2019 and has had 5 more since. 37 to 44 days apart. I didn’t associate this POISON with the seizures and stupidly gave him a dose in July 2019. My vet is not on board with my belief that Bravecto is responsible, and thinks my 8 year old healthy, slim, active pup has epilepsy. But I believe it’s the Bravecto. I have not even given him his heart worm pill as I’m hoping all toxins will flush from his body. Bravecto is a neurotoxin, why else can it kill a flea or tick when they bite the animal. Don’t give this poison to your animals, EVER.
Liz Tempel
I gave my dog a 3 month dose of Bravecto last summer. He was itching and biting like crazy like he had fleas but I flea combed him every day and found nothing. Fast forward to this summer and another 3 month dose of this crap. Still the intense scratching and biting, but also involuntary leg twitches as well as he seems spaced out at times and doesn’t understand commands sometimes and slows down on walks and has to be coaxed to get going again. My vet said it was not from Bravecto. Said the itching and scratching was from allergies and gave him allergy medication that did not work. He also seemed depressed and very lethargic. I gave him the Bravecto in July and he seems to be coming around now but still not his old self. Will never give this piece of crap drug to him again. I am now searching for a holistic vet.
Vick S
Please report any adverse effects of the drugs you observe to FDA though online form.
My young redbone hound was miserable and covered with fleas, after trying a collar and a topical. I finally took her to the vet(which I cannot afford and have rarely had to do with past animals) and having researched Bravecto that they had recommended, I gave her the 3-month dose. She also got a rabies shot. About a week later I noticed her energy level had dropped but I attributed this to the extreme heat. It’s now about 3 weeks later and she has lost considerable weight and has NO vitality, doesn’t even want to go for our walks. I’m not sure what I’ll do, nor if the Bravecto is the cause but there were no other factors, and so I am writing to give my input just in case this is the cause. BTW, I’ve never given my outdoor dog an internal medicine for fleas in the past, but they were so bad this year that I was driven to take the chance. I had, as always, concerns about giving my dog a strong chemical internally, but didn’t know what else to do. Good luck everyone. Not sure what the answer is.
Update please! I just gave my dog Bravecto and she got her shots as well. I’m so terrified!!
Irene Hunter
I took my dog Riley to my Vet last Wednesday~the Vet recommended Bravecto chewables for him.
5 days later, Riley was euthanized….he had every side effect listed for Bravecto chewables.
It was a nightmare….I’m devastated, heartbroken, and miss my buddy Riley, more than anyone can imagine. ๐Ÿ™
Hi All,

I need immediate help from all of you , my GSD is suffering from both fleas and ticks for the last couple of months.
I have tried using “Fixotic Advance” but it didn’t work as per expectation. Can you please suggest which medicine should I go for my GSD? One of my friend suggested me to use “Bravecto” , can you please suggest whether it will be useful or it has any serious side effect.

Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Have you read the comment thread? Hundreds of pet parents have stated the issues their dogs have faced due to their pets taking Bravecto. Talk to your vet about alternatives and avoid Bravecto.
I think if your dog has exhibited adverse reactions as listed in the page above to the similar pill it is better to be safe and have a vet and oncologist agree to usage rather than any online feedback.
M mcbride
I am sorry for any of you that has a bad experience with Bravecta. I tried EVERY natural remedy there was for fleas for my fur baby because I hate using medicine
I’m not against it,but it is my last resort. My fur baby was INFESTED with them and finally I had to put my own selfish issues aside and give in to medicine. He was miserable. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t walk 5 feet without stopping to itch, they were literally EVERYWHERE. Our vet prescribed Bravecta and it was AMAZING and a miracle, at least for us. Every fur baby is different with how it works,luckily we were very fortunate. If anyone asked if I would recommend it,i would tell them our own personal experience and that thats for them to decide. I am happy we used it. It makes me sad for those it didnt work for, and unfortunately that’s the downfall when trying or using prescribed medicine it’s a risk and naturally you hope and pray doe the best.
Is there anybody who can tell us what to do when they first show signs 3-4 days later, of taking this stuff. Shivering, hiding, and refusing to walk. Over munching on grass.
Just put 2 and 2 together, saw my mom had given her a dose, and left the package on the counter. Could not figure out why she is acting so weird. Won’t go back to her conventional doctor. Should I fast her, put her on something to flush her system, she has been on raw food for 4 years, but gets the typical conventional shots, and vaccines.
Will have to find a holistic vet in the Vancouver BC area. Until then any suggestions? Good luck everybody.
Janet Smith
Linda my beautiful wee boy a Caymanian Hound, looks like a Samoyed, had a terrible reaction to Bravecto. He lost all the hair from under his chin all over his tummy to the tip,of his tail. I asked my vet for a liver analysis and his enzymes were very high. I put him on Milk Thistle and within a week his liver count was back to normal. this was three years ago, so Best Wishes for your wee ones quick recovery. The Milk Thistle detoxifies the liver.
Geri DeYoung
My 3.5 yr.old Golden Doodle had her first dose of oral Bravecto 4/19 & second dose 7/19 (and LAST DOSE). In July, it was suspected she had a hearing impairment. After three local vet evaluations, it was determined that she was deaf. This was sudden & without known cause. There have been no health problems until the Bravecto dosing. I took her to the MSU VET CLINIC in Lansing for a thorough evaluation by several Doctors & medical staff. Two days of tests were done including neurological workup, labs, complete ear scoping under general anesthesia, CT scan, spinal tap, brain stem evaluation-all results normal. Doctors said this is the first case they ever had seen at MSU in a healthy dog this young. I have no doubt in my mind it was a result of the toxicity of Bravecto. Proofing it is another issue. I feel responsible for giving her this poison & saddened that she is restricted in some of her daily routines. She is not the happy dog I once knew. My heart aches for those owners who have gone through worse scenarios & even death of their pets. I am hoping that even if only one pet/pet owner is spared the agony that so many have gone through, this attempt to take Bravecto off the market is well worth it. Our pets are family & deserve to be given that same love.
This drug is toxic, poisonous & in too many cases lethal.
Been giving my dogs brave to for awhile now, probably a few years, no problems until this last dose, my oldest Doxie started foaming at the mouth and vomiting blood. I thought she woui pull through. There’ll be no more brave to given to my babies.
Jenny S
It just killed our neighbor’s 2 dogs. Vets toxicology tests proved there was nothing else in their systems. PROVEN IT KILLED THEM BOTH!!!
Clare mccormack
This has caused my dog so much pain. She had an allergic reaction to it 2 months ago. Since then she last 3 kg in weight, has had constant diahorrea, lethargic, her coat lost its shine and today another £90 bill as she still isnt right after taking it. Avoid it at all costs.
Brittany S
Our vet had suggested Bravecto to us a month ago and we decided that we would try it for our dogs. Our dog Buck is fine, however our Bella is not. She started deficating blood and vomiting blood(A lot of it)! We were really stumped and didn’t even think of Bravecto until $3,000 later. We have taken her to 3 different vets and unfortunately they don’t recognize Bravecto as the source. She has not stopped deficating blood and is losing weight quick. Does anyone know of a detox? We are trying one now, but in case it does not work. She is slowly dying and it is devistating to watch. Our family will not be complete without her. My heart goes out to those who have fallen victim to this awful pecticide. I wish vets would address it for what it is a PECTICIDE!
Michael Brits
I just gave my two dogs and one cat Bravecto. My one dog is acting strangely so I Googled and found this site. I am worried. What can I give her to mitigate any of the side affects discussed here. Thanks Mike
My beautiful 2 year old Boston suffered 3 violent seizures after taking Bravecto. My vet told me that Boston’s are prone to seizures and probably shouldn’t be given that again. That Bravecto lowers the seizure threshold in certain pets. Um, no. It CAUSES seizures in pets with no history. I have had Boston Terriers for over 20 years and not one has had a seizure. So, I googled Bravecto and what I found gutted me. I poisoned my baby. To poison the flea and ticks you have to poison the host, your pet. No one is telling people this. I called Merck and contacted my vet, who has ghosted me. Luckily, my baby seems to be ok, for now. So sorry for the less fortunate pet owners that have had to have their baby die. Make your voices known, the drugs in the Isoxazoline class are poison. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo. Was sold to me with a smile, thank you, and enjoy your weekend.
Jennifer Fike
NOOOOOOO this killed my healthy Pug!! Horrible
My dog is currently at the vet after having 2 seizures today. I gave her a dose of bravecto, yesterday(7/15/19). I’m so worried about her. DO NOT GIVE THIS TO YOUR ANIMALS. No doubt it’s the direct result of giving her this flea medication. Poor thing. The vet asked if she had taken it before, and it was in the notes on her chart that she had. But this dose ending up really hurting her. Poor koti.
David Gray
STOP USING THIS. You are killing your dogs and the vets are pushing it for the BIG PHARMA KICK BACKS. If you have used it. DETOX your pups now. Use ARSENICUM ALBUM In high dose and put them on a fried beef liver diet. Use coconut oil to fry. Not butter , Margarine , or Veg oil. Give them the ARSENICUM every other day and the liver 5 times a week. Mix the liver with reg dry food. OR DONT AND PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE.. You also may want to use the CBD oil as well.But make sure its real and not a gas station special.. RANT OVER.
Marcus McDonald
We have a Yorkie approximately 1-1/2 years old and weighs 5.4 lbs. To give you a little history, she was abandoned and I found her on a construction job very sick. After treatment for infection in her reproductive system, she has been very healthy and active for the last 9 months. I asked her vet (who by the way is a very good vet) for flea preventative and was given Bravecto on 6/17/19.I administered the pill on 6/18/19 (Thursday). She did well on 6/19/19 (Friday) but on 6/20/19 (Saturday) began vomiting and digressing for no apparent reason. This continued 6/21/19 (Sunday) and on Monday I brought her to the vet in poor condition. She was diagnosed with inflammation of the stomach and colon and had some kidney issues as well. The treatment was IV fluids and two medicines to help the intestinal tract. Her blood work indicated infection and or inflammation but the kidney and liver levels were normal even though the ultra sound showed problems in the kidneys. I was asked what we had given her to eat or that she had eaten different from the normal routine and the Bravecto is the only thing. I know this doesn’t prove that the Bravecto caused the issues especially with her early past, however, she will not be using any internal flea preventative going forward. To be fair, my other dog who is 50lbs was also give the same treatment for his weight and has not had any adverse reactions. He will not be receiving this any longer. You will have to be the judge. I don’t believe it has the same effect on every dog, but I believe everyone should be aware of the potential reactions.
Would any of you swallow anti mosquito repellent to keep yourself free from mosquito bites for 3 months? Just think about it if you have brains …
It has actually been suggested by some researchers according to this article. Good luck finding volunteers for that!
How much is 1 time sign up fee for wellness plan at Banfeild
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Our Banfield Review will be helpful for you.
Ralph P.
My heart goes out to all that have lost their fur babies to this poison, I have a 5 year lab that has been on Bravecto for about a year now without any sign effects thus far thank God!, but after reading these stories she will not be getting another dose! My question for those of you that have stopped using Bravecto what are you using now? I know many of you are asking yourselves the same question. I, we all want to keep our pets healthy and with us for as long possible, but who do believe, who do trust? thanks in advance for your comments !
Melissa Beach
I was in the same boat as you with my 55lb husky where I gave it to her for about 6 months but I read how bad it was for her and stopped. It’s been about a year now and she now has fleas :/ Someone above posted about Springtime Bug Off Galic and I’m going to give that a shot. I looked up the reviews for it on Amazon too and it’s not too bad. I’m going to try the Chewables first. I’ll spread the word if it works out:) Please do the same if you find something else that works!

Amazon for the reviews
Springtimes website

I have been giving my lab Bravecto for 5 years. March 1 I gave him his dose and about 2 weeks later he woke me up at night having head tremors. My vet said to watch him and keep him posted. Nothing happened until I gave him his next dose June 1. On June 14 he had another head tremor episode. I have noticed he has been lethargic for a few months but didn’t think too much about it since it was still during the winter time. My vet is stopping the Bravecto. Hopefully no long term effects will happen.
Gerald Austin
We just had our Yorkie put to sleep after taking one dose. As a 12 year old, he had is problems with aging, a heart murmur, little protein in his urine, and a long time large liver. He loved food and treats. After taking Bravecto, he threw up and from that point on he would take nothing but water by mouth. Usually he eats after a day or two when he is has gastrointestinal upsets but when 72 hours went by, we took him to our small dog specialist. We also have a cardiac pet doctor. His lungs were clear, his heart was strong, but the lack of food was taking a big toll on his strength. He was basically sleeping all the time and I had to carry out to potty. The chemistry was going crazy out of wack. To me, it looked like the effects of no food primarily. We hospitalized him. He was always taking water and peeing at the normal amount we observe but by the 7th day it was obvious he was suffering and death was inevitable. We had him euthanized Thursday. At this point there is no other obvious cause of his death like an infection or some pathological process. The only link to his death was having him take the Bravecto followed by the sad sequence I outline.
Jodi Severson Schmidt
I gave my four year old shitzu the spill on Memorial Day weekend. We noticed in the last few weeks that she’s just started to get lethargic and we were concerned that she possibly had Lyme’s disease as she has had it before. Took her to the vet and they said she had a tooth infection. Which I found Odd as we just had her teeth cleaned 4 months ago. They put her on an antibiotic and did a lot of blood work my concern is that she is sick from this pill. We are supposed to get the blood work back tomorrow and I would be surprised if they find anything as I am reading all these comments and it sounds like she’s been affected by this pill.
I have a 2 year old Shih-tzu who is allergic to the rabies vaccine. He swells up and now has to be given a dose of Benadryl prior to vaccination. I tried a topical flea treatment and he spent the entire night very restless and experiencing shallow and rapid breathing. What did you guys find in the blood work? What did you decide to use?
If I were you, I would get the titer test done for rabies instead of vaccinating. If you’re dogs numbers come back high enough then you won’t have to vaccinate, your dog is protected. Check again in 3 years. This option is allowed in most states where your dog has a illness or has other health issues to the vaccine.
Jill J
My 1- year old dachshund is in the hospital right now with Stage 3 kidney failure and the vets have absolutely no reason why this is happening… so as I was filling out the “rebate” form for Brevecto, it dawned on me that maybe there was a link between Bravecto and kidney failure. I found this website. This is unbelievable. The ER vets weren’t even concerned when I mentioned he was on it. I am definitely going to discuss it with them now. My dog has had a total of 3 doses of it- every 3 months since November. It appears the dose I gave him on May 1st is going to take his life. Please if there is even a suggestion that this could harm your dog, why give it?? His regular vet even recommended this crap! I am heartbroken…
I had been using Bravecto on my akita for almost 5 years now with no issues. He has his blood checked every year for the apoquel he’s taking, so I know his levels are normal and it seems like the bravecto isn’t affecting him. I had my Shiba on it before she died, and I just started giving my Samoyed bravecto this year as well. I use it all year round. I honestly thought all this talk about Bravecto killing dogs was nonsense, that it had to be coincidental. I read a few incidences where people gave their 17 year old dog with a history of medical issues bravecto and he died, or what have you, and I thought “That’s because your dog is 17 and he has a history of medical issues. Why would you blame the drug for that?”

But then I started reading some of the statistics. There are over a thousand complaints to the EMA about Bravecto in Europe, and about 800 to the FDA in the US. (Roughly, I can’t remember the exact statistics. I got it off of the “does bravecto kill dogs” Facebook group) That’s kinda scary to me. I also started reading a lot of stories of people who’s dogs started coughing after taking bravecto and they eventually died. And I started thinking about it. My shiba developed a cough shortly after we moved into our new house and started working on our basement. I attributed the cough to the dust from the drywall, but it never went away. She got xrayed at the vet, and they said they thought she might have collapsing trachea. About a year later, she started going downhill quickly. She was 12 (We thought. She was a rescue. She could’ve been older). It was to be expected because she was old. We were going to run some tests to see if it was old age or maybe something more malicious, but we never got that far. She collapsed after agility one night and we had to put her down. Abdominal Cancer. The tumor burst, and that’s why she collapsed.

That cough developed right around the time I got my akita. That’s when they were really pushing bravecto at the vet. They had stopped carrying advantage, and I didn’t want to use advantix because we have a cat. So I put them both on bravecto. My shiba then developed a cough, and eventually cancer. Now maybe it’s not related. She was 12, maybe she just was old and got cancer. Maybe she did actually have collapsing trachea. But what if it wasn’t? What if I killed my dog with medicine? That’s the thought that made me switch.

I just gave my dogs Advantix today for the first time now that their bravecto has warn off. It’s a little bit scary switching medicines, honestly, because you never know how they’re going to react to something new. Plus I’m worried about my cat getting sick. But, I’d rather take extra precautions and separate my dogs and cat for a day or two to make sure my cat is safe, than to worry about whether or not my dogs are going to die because of some medicine I’m giving them. I’m sorry you guys had to go through this with your dogs. I hope I switched in time for them to not have any bad effects from the drug.

I gave my sweet little Chi, Chloe, Bravecto about five thirty this afternoon and about two thirty this morning I awake to her trembling in bed. I picked her up to put her blanket around her and noticed she was rigid and trembling. I turned the light on and she started slinging her head left and right. I put her down on the bed and she couldn’t walk. She was wallowing and slinging her head. I picked her up and held her close and was crying as I thought she was dying. I prayed for her and she stopped seizing and looked confused. I put her on the bed again and she could walk ok but clearly the seizure took a toll on her. I turned a night light on to keep watch on her. I will report this to my vet in the morning and will never give her another flea medication again. I only pray there are no lasting effects from this pill. It should be taken off the market in my opinion.
How is your dog?
In all honesty, I understand the concerns of pet parents on keeping our animals as healthy as possible. The only problem I have is when pet parents go against the science and the individuals that have studied for 10 years to treat/cure dogs. Veterinarians are no different than doctors, they have earned their right to recommend drugs and recommend the best course of treatment/preventions for our animals. If a doctor prescribed something to you, you would 100% not have anything to say but when it comes to animals we all become experts and think our knowledge is better than most vets. Most of the people on this forum have little to no scientific background and are making claims that have no evidence to back them. I have given my dog bravetco for the past 4 years and have never had an issue with it. I trust the veterinarian that recommends these products as they know better than most of the general populations. The % of cases that are seen of deaths using bravetco are so small compared to the amount of deaths that are seen with dogs that have been bitten by a flea or tick and have contracted diseases. The box that bravetco comes in, comes with a full pamphlet underlining the efficacy of the drugs as well as how it was studied and what the outcomes of the studies where. Every single drug that is on the market for any species has side effects and has cases where people die because of it, this is a risk we take because the possibility of becoming infected is much lower than the risk of death from the prevention drug. I understand everyones will to do the best for the animals but I think personally we should leave that up to the veterinarians that have dedicated their lives to improving animals lives.
That’s all fine for your pet Mike but when someone’s pet dies in their arms because of the “% of cases that have caused deaths” and it is one of your babies, maybe you would be posting something different.
I am not a veterinarian but a pet food store owner. I have been in this business for over 30 years. I never tried to pretend that I know more than the veterinarian but the past few years I had many customers complaining about food making the pet sick, seizure, fainting, things that was once in a blue moon before. Last year, I started to ask my customers that wanted to change food because of sickness or telling me about seizure if they by any chances had given the Bravecto or the Nexguard, specially the 3 months dose…well every time the answer was YES and why do you asked me that!!! I will not tell a customer not to listen to the veterinarian but I do recommend to my customers to give the 1 month dose.
Prine Karen Lee
In Canada as of my recent prescription for Bravecto (April 2019) there is no warning at all related to seizures! NOT ACCEPTABLE
You are saying that bravetco prevents dogs getting diseases from fleas and ticks, that is not the case, as parasites need to start feeding on the host to become exposed to fluralaner, therefore the risk of the transmission of parasite borne diseases cannot be excluded. If you were to read the instruction and warning given with this medication ( SPECIAL WARNINGS ) then you would not be saying this.
Um, Registered Nurse here. It is the Vet’s total responsibility to explain if the FDA has issued a warning about the drug. If dogs have died and are experiencing complications is it the pet owners responsibility to figure it out? No. I had to figure it out the hard way. The FDA issued a warning in September, do you think vets made pet owners aware? No. Was told after the fact. I appreciate all that vets do, but being silent on a BIG money maker is tacky and just immoral. Check your facts and have a little sympathy for those of us that thought that their baby might die, or those that have had a pet (family member) die. Hope you NEVER have to watch a pet have a full on seizure, where they foam at the mouth, are incontinent, are not in control of their bodies or mind, and you are scared shitless that they might die. Honestly, not certain why you are on this forum unless you are a Vet yourself. There is no excuse for this. But, keep doing you Mike. Hope you never never have to experience what I and countless others have.
Jenny Scotland
I have just received a petition to sign to stop Bravecto as it is killing dogs . We need true statistics.
RONA Miller
Can i sign this petition?
Carolyn Whittenburg
Where do I get this petition?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
judith jefferson
I gave my smooth collie her Bravecto last night with her dinner, she was find but late last night was sick then all night and this morning ,she was so clingy, to is wanted to be close to us, we were very concerned as we had no experinced this before ,this is our second time using this product on her , no issue last time, I just pray it’s done no damage as she is only 10 months, I will be calling vetthis morning to see if I should get her checked out I won’t be using this product again, especially reading all these comments ,
Jill J
Where to we sign this and get some answers from this company??
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Reading all these stories and comments about Bravecto is leaving me very very worried about my two dogs, an 8 year old Border Collie and 5 year old Husky. I’m deeply saddened that so many of you have lost your loved ones. My vet prescribed Bravecto after they both got their legs covered in hundreds of ticks, the vet said that was the only way to kill all the ticks and get them off. They got their first dose the summer 2017. They have had no side effects whatsoever and they received another dose the next summer and now this year too….still no signs of side effects. It is just now that I started hearing and reading the horrific stories of dogs dying after been given Bravecto. I am very concerned and worried that my two very healthy dogs will start showing signs of seizures, lethargy, kidney failure etc. Knowing better now I will never give my dogs Bravecto again!
If someones reading this and have had the same safe experience with Bravecto as I have (so far) but have had their dog showing signs after a few years of giving them Bravecto please let me know the signs to look out for!
Bonnie E.
I have read many of your comments on this string as I was pondering if I should give my girl the Bravecto the vet prescribed. She is a 17 year old Cairn/Westie mix who has been my wild child her whole life and very healthy. She had one dose in October 2018 and did not have any issues. She had her next dose Jan 1st this year. Strangely enough, we came home to her in the midst of a grand mal seizure, foaming at the mouth, rigid posture, and proceeded to urinate and defecate on me. We rushed her to the Emergency vet and she was still slightly seizing but coming out of it. They immediately started her on IV Keppra an anti seizure medication. I called the company to report the adverse effect. They contacted my vet but none seemed very concerned.
After reading all your comments I have made the determination to not give her either the Bravecto or the Interceptor. I cannot chance it, this dose may well kill her. I could not live with myself if anything happened. She does get her anti seizure medication three times a day.
Sorry so long but thank you all for your input into this medication so we can all be better informed.
My 13.5 y/o incredibly healthy cockapoo was vomiting and having bloody diarrhea within 9 hours after taking Bravecto. I am irritated with the vets because no one wants to admit or even consider that it’s Bravecto that did this. It’s been over 2 weeks, he’s been in and out of his vet and the animal hospital since. He has been hospitalized on IVs now for the 3rd time and the outcome is not looking good. He’s not getting better. Have done blood work, X-rays, sonograms, fluids, antibiotics, you name it. It is horrible. There are a lot of dogs that are fine; the company has dispensed a million of those chews, but for those with side effects, they’re deadly. I’m sorry for everyone that has had to go through this.

I have a 9yr old cocker spaniel and with an enlarged heart and heart murmur I used the flea and tick collar. I didnt want anything else introduced into her bloodstream because shes on heart medication. I thought this might be a safer route for her condition and age.

To share with other readers, we lost our Border Collie Sahara on 02/01/2019 after two seizures, she showed all the adverse effects of isoxazoline or Fluralaner toxicity that is ataxia seizures excessive thirst and muscle tremors neurological disorders and most tragically her eye disorder and blindness after the first seizure. We still have our Yorkie who became very ill after his dosage but is doind well but now fully diabetic and on insulin twice a day. He had all the signs but was obviously a bit tougher. A best wish to all owners who have lost their babies, I hope something will be done to prevent this product from affecting more dogs
Kely Pinho
I went to a new vet to buy adequan for my dog Sunny and Bravecto was suggested to flea control. He is 11 years old just coming out of an arthritis crisis and I did not realize the harm on the systemic medication at that moment . I gave Bravecto to my Sunny on April 12. He has diarrhea, vomit, anorexia, lost control of his bladder, and lost tons of weight. It is absolutely horrible to see my little friend suffering and trying to make each day. I’m doing everything I can, from fluids, anti nausea meds, apetite stimulants, cooking whaterver he accepts so he can have at least 2 spoons of food . Tomorrow, I hope my original vet agrees with the evidences and with my conclusion. I hope we can find a way to help Sunny to get ready of this toxicity.
I’m so sorry for your loss. My golden doodle and labradoodle both became sick with neurological problems a month after their first dose. Lost my golden after 4 months, down for a month, she had multiple cancers at 10 and was seemingly very healthy before. My labradoodle just turned 3 and has started up again with the tremors and feeling unwell. Absolutely no help from doctors.
How long after dosing did symptoms show up?
Weakness, lethargy after Bravecto was given to my 11 year old Aussie. Difficult time walking. It’s almost been one week. Never again. My heart is breaking. I always used Nextguard and had no problems with any of my other dogs. What will happen next?
Kacey Taylor
Firstly I am so sorry to hear of everyone’s experiences with Bravecto. My heart goes out to every one of you.

About 10 Days ago my vet game me Bravecto for my dog. I actually had never heard of it. I always use The Frontline spot on
which I have never had a problem with for my dogs. Anyway on leaving the surgery with my dog she said to watch
her for the next 24 hours after I had given her the tablet. If she was sick to ring in, if I was at all concerned about something to phone in and I could bring her back any time through the night they were 24 hours.

I didn’t think anything of it at first until I got back in the car and started driving home, then thought it was a strange thing for the vet to say about watching her. Watch her for what, and why? Needless to say alarm bells
started to go off in my head, As I kept going over what she had said. Got home typed in online and was horrified
to read what I was about Bravecto. Decided to ask a FB group for the breed of what they thought. Many mixed replies
both for and against.

I lost two dogs 4 year ago this year just old age they never had the tablet. I could not face losing another
right now. I decided not to give her the tablet and have got rid of it. Someone also put a video of their dog onto FB having fits having had the medication. Heart breaking to see. I actually rang the vets and told them
I hadn’t given the tablet and didn’t intend to.

What annoys me is that Vets seem to be dishing out this tablet, and giving no information to the owners of the risks
that are involved for fur baby parents to make their own informed decision.

My fur baby is my world. And I am truly sorry for all who have used the tablet and had the problems.
Sending hugs to all.

I was the same after reading all the reviews and I stayed away from the Bravecto chews despite the vet’s recommendation. It probably is fine but I don’t want to take chances. I am all for flea and tick treatment cos I know the ticks can kill my dogs as well so I use the Advantix topical drops every 3 weeks. It’s a monthly treatment but the tick treatment becomes less effective after 2 weeks. I have two 5kg dogs so I buy the medium dog (4-10kg) one and give half to each dog. Very effective considering my dogs go to the dog park, beach, markets, bushwalks and the dam.
I have to say I am impressed with how lucky you are. Typically a medication that is marked as a 4-10Kg cannot be divided if the dog is within that range. What I mean is that if your dog is anywhere into the kg range we mentioned it should take the full dose in order to be fully covered. The reason I called you lucky is because in theory your dogs are not fully covered.
I will not give my dog any more of this. After what I looked up about what is in this I will never use it again.
Please read the FDA advisory dated September 18, 2018 published in Veterinary Practice News. Tried to copy and paste here but not working. Warns of neurological adverse events with Bravecto, Nexgard, and Simparica.
Timothy Jones
This medication killed my Springer Spaniel of 8 years after 1 dose. Use it at your own risk.
Hi Timmothy,

I’m so sorry for your loss. I have a 7 year old springer spaniel and I gave her bravecto two days ago. She was very lethargic and lost bladder control the night we gave it to her. She seems fine now and I’m praying that she will be okay. I was wondering what symptoms your springer had? I will NEVER give this medication to her again I’m just hoping she will be okay from this dose I gave her.

I had to put down my beautiful dog L.J last summer and I’m starting to suspect it was Bravecto that caused all his seizures. I had given him his first dose in the spring of 2017 and he had no issues with it at all. His dad never had any issues either. We thought this was the best tick medication ever. In the spring of 2018 so almost a year later he had his first grand mal seizure with foam coming out of his mouth. It was terrifying. We took him to the vet and he started him on anti seizure medication. He was in terrible shape. The seizures were all grand mal with foam coming out of his mouth. He would get his head stuck on everything and was walking in circles. I did not like the anti seizure meds so I looked for another kind of natural medication. I put him on cbd oil and he was starting to get better and go for walks again. He was coming back to us. Then we took him back to the vet for his bravecto pill. 6 weeks later he was dead. The seizures got worse and he went blind. He finally had the worst seizure ever and he never got up again. We had to put our baby down. He was a healthy 10 year old dog until I gave him this poison. My vet says he doesn’t think Bravecto caused it at all. My other dog is absolutely fine so I don’t know what to think. Maybe some dogs are fine with it but I don’t think it’s worth the risk. I’m not giving my other dog this pill this year. I miss Lj everyday and I wish to god I wouldn’t have given him this pill.
I just want to add to the list. I just put my 10 year old healthy boxer on Bravecto two weeks ago. She is now not eating, lethargic and leaking bloody urine. Based on all of these priors, it looks like we will lose her too. Please don’t risk this med with your pet!
Kely Pinho
So sorry. My dog Sunny had the first dose on April 12 , he is also lethargic, leaking urine, not eating. This is a nightmare. I’m trying to get informed on how to help my dog …
After reading all these posts, I am so scared to think of what my boxer has endured without us even having a clue. She will NOT be getting another dose.
Alaskan Mal Mum
OMG I am terrified reading this. I have literally just given my Alaskan Malamute a chew tablet & the vet even said that it was safe. Now I’m sick with worry that he’s gonna get sick…:(
Chula's mom
Me too, I just gave my tiny girl her first dose last week. I wish I would have seen this site first.
I gave my pupper her pill this evening. I’m regretting it and wish I looked into this.
I’ve given my 7yr old dog a chew earlier this evening. He has had them before, regular every 12 weeks for the past year. 2 hours after taking the medication we went for a walk… he began to eat grass like crazy and wretching. This was 2 1/2 hours ago and he’s still wretching and wanting to go outside to eat grass. I’m between he’s lethargic and twitching a lot. I’m extremely worried after reading this thread.
As suggested by my Vet I just gave my 1 year old lab girl Bravecto. I am now repenting what to do next after seeing so many posts. Please advise on how should I get this thing out of her system.
Milk Thistle and Dandelion root. Detox. My dogs is on Trifexis. Having some problem with one of them. Bad seizures. Now on seizure medicine. Seizures are getting worse every year. I researched it. Milk thistle and dandelion root get the toxins out of their liver and kidneys. I just started this last week. So I am waiting to see if it helps.
Kely Pinho
Please let me know the results from milk whistle. My cocker spaniel Sunny had Bravecto on April 12, and he is in bad shape. Lethargic, refusing to eat, passing gas stink gas, vomiting, lost control of his bladder.I bought the milk thistle today 200mg in capsules and gave him 1/2 capsule ( he is now 27lbs). Let me know .
Thank you
Leah G
Milk thistle definitely works! My 8 year old yellow lab went into sudden liver failure and we thought we were going to have to put him down. After giving him milk thistle he started to recover with 24 hours. I highly recommend it.
Do some research about the ANTI-VACCINOSIS like I did.I think it can help.
Just researched it, does it help with bravecto poisoning?
Hi I also just have both of my dogs the 12 week bravecto. I have no idea why I did not research it prior to administration! I was just trusting my vet. Approximately one hour in and I have my babies 4 charcoal tablets each hoping it may help to adsorb the poison. Sheesh I am worried about long term side effects!!!
Jon Saxon
I just wanted to drop a response here to add to the discussion. I have given my Chocolate Lab Bravecto for the past 2 years. I saw my first tick 2 weeks ago, so i gave her the first chew of the year. Even though she has done fine on it for 2 years, this time, within a few hours she started acting very strange. I took videos of her and took her to the vet and he said she was having seizures and asked if i had given her Bravecto. Over the next few days she started become lethargic and not tolerating exercise. I took her back to the vet and had a full CBC ran and all her tests came back normal except she had a very high red blood count, as well as a lot of new red blood cells, as if he was losing blood somewhere. After a few more days she started refusing food, so i took her back to the vet yet again and they did x-rays and she had an enlarged heart. She had a chest x-ray done in January and all was normal. All the sudden in March she has an enlarged heart. She is now dying from congestive heart failure and i am having to have my 6 year old Lab euthanized today. My heart is destroyed over this, she is my best friend. Don’t take the chance on using Bravecto. It is VERY convenient to only have to give a pill every 12 weeks, but it might just kill your loved one.
See my post above. That is similar to my horror. Congestive heart failure – Bravecto should not be sold
I would never use any of these. Following a dose of Nexgard my dog became VERY sick. Lethargic, wouldnt eat or drink. She was in very bad shape on arrival at the vets office. Diagnosis, autoimmune. (And yes, the vet said that ‘we’ would never be giving our dog Nexgard again.) No one was even sure she would make it through the night or that week.
She has been on strong medications, steriods, immune suppressants ever since. Many blood test and appts to monitor her. Not a day goes by that we are not scared. She was extremely healthy and full of spunk prior to the Nexgard. I feel guilty everyday for giving her the Nexgard.
If you research on -line, you will find many stories of horrible side effects from these tick/ flea meds. Do not put yourself or your beloved pet through any of this. Find a safer alternative.
Wow, thought i would do a little research before I gave my 11 year old puggle Bravecto. I only pulled two ticks out of her last year so I have decided to keep her clean again and not give her any tick medication. Will keep diligently checking her every time she comes in from outside.
Ruby Turk
Hi. I always believed in Bravecto until now. Firstly a month ago my 6 yr old husky had a seizure and now is blind. He has a brain tumor. My GS started passing blood in her urine about 2 weeks ago. She has bladder cancer. Bravecto is poison.
Brenda Ingram
Am afraid to give my 10 lb minpin Bravecto as of August 2018 he went blind in one eye and the vet told me he had a tumor behind the eye I accepted this and waited with the vet telling me there was nothing that could be done. One January Saturday morning he woke still seeing in one one but a couple of hours later he was blind in both. I waited worried afraid cause other then the eyes he was wired and playing eating everything was fine. Finally I took him to a surgery and asked if they could remove the eyes which they did no tumor and no cancers and no answers. Am afraid to give him any thing now.
Diana Halllmark
YES BRAVECTO KILLED MY BOXER, two weeks after Bravecto had seizures Vet put on Meds and then head tremors went blind and then died.. The vet did blood work on his yearly all was fine, put on Bravecto and he died 4 months later.. Bravecto is poison
Ashley G
My beautiful, healthy, 5 year old American pitbull died a horrible death 7 days after giving her bravecto 3 month flea and tick “medication”. I will never again trust the vet’s advice and I will always listen to my gut instinct. Something told me on Nov 20, 18 not to give her that chew. Please don’t poison your furry family members!! The pain she undoubtedly felt and the incalculable amount of guilt I feel, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. The manufacturer conveniently created this poison so that it can not be detected in regular tests. It is only traceable AFTER it kills your pet and a necropsy is performed (which is very expensive). This same poison is now being used in the drinking water for chickens for red mites. The disturbing part of this is there is only a 14 day hold on the meat and zero days on the eggs!! PS when it was prescribed to my Sadie girl, she didn’t have a flea on her body anywhere.
My vet recently recommended Bravecto for my Lhasa Apso. She recommended the Bravecto topical not the chewable pill. I am having difficulty finding any reviews or comments on topical Bravecto, most sites/reviews discuss the chewable Bravecto. Anyone using the topical?
Rebecca Stricker
I have used the topical on my boxer and Aussie for a year now no problems at all
I know a lot of people have convinced themselves that Bravecto is unsafe. Facts and science prove otherwise. The active ingredient in Bravecto does not even get metabolized. Feel comfortable giving this to your dogs as it is very safe and effective.
Roberta E Byrnes
I guess maybe I don’t know what metabolized exactly is? Doesn’t the dog’s body have to metabolize it in order for it to work?
Peter L
Incorrect. Bravecto gets metabolized, it is just not clear how much and the documentation by Merck tries to couch their ignorance on that or rather their not wanting to tell the facts by stating something like “it often does not metabolize” or similar, so it can fundamentally deny it ever said that it never metabolizes. A legal trick to dodge liability.

The truth is found though in the report of 2016 to the EMA where it states:

No metabolites could be detected in the faeces of the target animals however in the 90 day oral repeat dose toxicity study in rats as well as in the developmental study in rabbits a metabolite could be detected in substantial amounts in plasma. ”
So if it metabolizes with rats it is highly unlikely it doe snot with cats and dogs.

Kacey Taylor
Seems you probably have something to do with the company right to say that the tablet is safe?
Sorry to burst your bubble my fur baby now has seizures as a result of bravecto.
lisa s. paullin
I’d say use caution with bravecto. 48 hours after first dose my dog (mixed breed 68#)started having hourly bouts of diarrhea. 69 hours from dosing became extremely lethargic. I will not use again.
i stopped giving my dog this prescribed medication after hearing about the poisonous insecticide that can cause death. I recently starting giving my Siberian husky Luvsome flea treatment for dogs and it is wonderful and have the same exact ingredients as frontline plus but much cheaper
I gave Bravecto to 6 out of 7 of my Anatolian Shepherds last June, one female I did not give her because I bred her. As good as it worked to get rid of fleas, I will never use it again. Since that time, one of my sires has been stricken with lameness and my older spayed female has developed lung cancer. It may be coincidental but my gut feeling is this stuff is nastier than fleas.
Here is the full report. It clearly states all the side effects (as mentioned by dog owners on this site) and also admits there is no antidote for fluralaner (Bravecto) poisoning, which is why our little loved ones are dying. The only treatment consists in preventing further exposure together with supportive and symptomatic measures.
After accidental ingestion stomach lavage, as well as administration of active charcoal administration and laxatives, MAY be advisable but as reported here, it may be too late. We have to get this off the market !!
T. Tellado
Wow you have to wonder…we have a wonderful Corgi and he has taken the tablet for 3 years now and we have never had a problem. It is important the animal gets plenty of water and nutrients, but really the main thing is just responsibly regimenting and not combining it with sprays or any other kind of flea/tick. There is such a thing as too much. After all, it’s all just poison but people can die from some of these diseases so a necessary evil.
I gave my healthy 20 lb mini doodle the 3-month bravecto pill for the first time in Nov 2018. One week later he started having seizures. They were cluster seizures every 2 weeks. After the 4th episode, 8 weeks later I put him onseizure meds. He hasn’t had any seizures since that and I’m hoping now that the bravecto is out of his system, the seizures don’t return!
Diana Halllmark
My 10 year old Boxer who was in perfect health last year. My Vet put him on Bravecto in August… in September he started having seizures. After all the tests the Vet did nothing wrong in his blood work.. Well, Taz passed away today. The Vet pet him on Seizure meds and he had been having trimmers for the last few months, but when this last week Seizure and then he never recovered. Bravecto killed my baby.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry Diana. You are in my thoughts.
I’m so sorry for all of those who’ve lost their beloved dogs to this drug. On vet’s advice, we gave it to my 4yo 25LB strappingly healthy purebred BT boy on Oct.5th 2018. He wouldn’t chew the tablet, so I got it into him by chopping it up and hiding it in pieces of cheese. 24hrs after oral administration he was a severely stricken animal. I nursed him around the clock for the next several days, and thankfully he pulled through. I will never use it on any dog of mine again.
If anyone’s reading this who’s as desperate as I was (in the midst of an unfolding disaster) for other owners’ experience/advice for coping with this stuff’s frightening effects, I’ll just fyi/share here what I tried & did, which may or may not have had anything to do with the fact that my dog pulled through this.

Firstly, I wanted to try to get as much of this synthetic/unnatural (fluorinated) stuff back out of his system as possible, but I wasn’t sure what it’d preferentially bind to (i.e., protein/carbohydrate/fat), so I hand-fed him boiled chicken breast, boiled rice, & cheese.

Secondly, I regularly carried his waterbowl over to where he lay and I held it for him so that he could drink lots of fresh water; after a while I’d then carry him to the litterbox so he could pee.

Thirdly, I lay on the floor beside him round the clock until he was well again, so he could feel safe. I gently talked to him and stroked his head so that he knew that I was near, and that I could tell that he was suffering.

On Day 5 (five) he was through.

Never again.

Joanna Jenkins
Just wanted to add our story… lost our healthy fit 9yr old Weimaraner, after one dose of Bravecto… lost his appetite, vomiting, 8 weeks of projectile diarrhoea… vets changed his diet… saw a holistic vet and things settled, but the damage we believe was done. 2 months later he had massive organ damage, liver, stomach, kidneys all hard … and we lost him..
Gina Hernandez
I recently lost my once very healthy shih tzu after giving her this poison! It is poison! It is an insecticide that affects the nervous system of fleas and ticks and unfortunately killed my sweet little dog. She was happy and bouncy and her curious self and 12 hours after taking this poison was staggering, staring in to space, not responsive. She had elevated liver enzymes and eventually died of heart failure and fluid in the lungs. My other pup was unaffected, as far as I know, he seems fine. Do not use this and think twice about giving your animal any ingested pesticides. Your beloved pet could be the ONE that cannot tolerate it and end up just a memory.
First of all thank you all for running this thread and sharing your scary, sometimes devastating, experiences in an attempt to help others make informed decisions for our pets.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for alternatives that are as effective as Bravecto is supposed to be. Topical treatments are constantly failing and I have to change brands all the time and they never seem to keep my dog protected for the full month. We were out of town and missed a treatment by 4 days once and literally had to move out of our apartment after both fumigation and very expensive flea treatment failed. When it gets really bad I have to sit with a flea comb and soapy water picking fleas off him one by one – I once got over 40 live fleas – and he hates it and now runs away when he sees the comb. The fleas also seem to have smartened up because they no longer hang out on the typical areas fleas like (they used to appear on the parts of his body covered in tan/white hair, now they only hide in the black. They also don’t appear near his tail, abdomen or armpits anymore. lately I only find them on his upper chest.) He’s an indoor dog. Doesn’t visit dog parks or hang out with many other dogs and yet its a constant problem. Furthermore, I cannot take a chance with natural flea products as we are in the midst of a flea-borne typhus epidemic in Los Angeles right now and it’s always flea season here so I need something strong and long-lasting. I love my vet and he insists Bravecto is safe, as has our secondary vet, but this thread is terrifying and I’m scared to give it to my dog.

Another question directed at the administrators – have you been reviewing all the posts to try and determine a pattern of common symptoms? It seems that a lot of people are blaming Bravecto for a lot of different types of issues and so I don’t even know what I should be looking for in terms of potential side effects. Any pattern between breeds? Age? Geography?

Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Stefanie, check out these two articles: Homemade Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs & Best Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs.

Regarding your admin questions, we haven’t been analyzing the comments for common threads regarding breeds, age, geography, etc. That would be interesting data to observer and see if there are any commonalities. Something we will definitely consider doing! From what I can tell, there seems to be no pattern I’ve noticed. I’ve given Bravecto to my dog in the past (prior to knowing about the serious issues with it) and fortunately I haven’t had any issues with it. My dog is approximately 4 years old, hound mix, female and we live in Iowa.

Hey Stephanie. I also live in Los Angeles and lived through a terrible year of flea combs and dawn soap water and countless flea bites all over my body. I have a medium sized dog who is mainly in the house, but we had a horrendous infestation of fleas and mosquitoes in our backyard when we came home from a long vacation in July. I inquired on NextDoor to see if this was a neighborhood problem and found out that it was in fact a city-wide phenomenon. Summer time has always been the worst for fleas, but last year was really crazy and I fear that will be the norm.

I have been living in LA for 10 years now and my dog has been taking some form of flea and tick medication either topically or orally until early last year when she reacted badly to taking Comfortis. This was an oral medicine that was to last a month and once administered, my dog vomited, showed lethargy, and had small to large, multiple lesions in her mouth. I knew that all pharmaceutical flea and tick medicine is just some form of pesticide/insecticide in smaller dosages that are supposed to be safe for our pets and never felt good about giving it to her, but with how bad the infestations get, i felt i had no other choice. however, after I saw these lesions, i decided that her body could no longer process the pesticide and stopped giving her any brand of flea/tick medicine. I found one product that seemed to work well. Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick Control concentrate for the yard (we used cedar and lemongrass) seemed to work well to kill the infestation in the back yard. We got the population numbers of both fleas and mosquitoes down significantly, not entirely since rats, raccoons, feral cats, etc. roam there, but it worked so well that we kept spraying the yard every time we saw any fleas in the flea trap. As for my dog, i had to comb her, bathe her regularly to keep her flea free, but she now suffers from Flea afflicted dermatitis so she’s just constantly itchy.

I got an application of BRAVECTO when a friend of mine raved about how well it worked for her cat, who also reacted badly to Comfortis. She mentioned that is gets rid of Flea afflicted dermatitis so i was really excited to try it out on my dog so that she can live itch free. After doing some reasearch and reading about how other dogs have reacted to it badly or caused deaths, I’m reluctant to try it out. Did you end up giving it to your dog? I empathize with your flea ordeal last summer. It was insane. I really hope this year will be easier for us and our dogs ๐Ÿ™‚

Trifexis, Revolution, Credelio are all options.
Ive been using Bravecto for some time. Its been very effective for ticks and fleas. I have 3 large dogs. My 8yr old German Shepherd started coughing, losing weight and suddenly his abdomen is enlarged and hard. Took him to the vet. He has huge mass in throat and also in his liver. Been given 3-4 weeks to live. I told one of my best friends. She has lost 2 Bull Mastiffs since october. One was still a puppy. Same symptoms. Now her Dachshund is dying of same symptoms. She has always fed her dogs raw diet from her brothers farm. The only thing our dogs use in common is Bravecto. I stay in South Africa and the vets are denying its Bravecto. Even though staff at the Vet Shop and 2 other vets I know, have confirmed the suspicious about Bravecto and have also lost dogs with exactly the same symptoms. I for one do not believe its a coincidence.
We have a rescue mastiff he was given Brevecto almost 3 weeks ago from the prior owner and has had 2 seizures in the past two weeks. He has never had seizures prior. How long will this poison be in his system. And has anyone found out if this will now be his new normal? This poor guy is so confused.
I am worried I gave my dog a bravecto tablet yesterday and now he has a rash today. how do I get this out of his system.
I just gave my 6 month old boxer her pill Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon she had huge welts on her body, ears are swollen, and her eyes.
I would loved to know how to get this out of her system as well!!
Maria D
Same, did your dog eventually get better?
Bravecto caused an awful reaction in my dog , vomiting lethargy a seizure and didn’t ear for four days it was horrible he’s a mastiff so not eating was really hard on his big body. He still has seizures in his sleep. Please try a natural alternative I am using one and its fantastic no fleas and his coat looks fantastic. Please please do not use bravecto. This product has killed thousands of dogs I was one of the lucky ones.
Sam Merry
What is the natural alternative please?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Sam, we’ve linked a couple articles above under the Editor’s Note: Homemade Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs & Best Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs
Ivsnka, what is your natural alternative that is working for you? And what part of the country do you reside in? Fleas have been really bad in Los Angeles, where i live ๐Ÿ™
Kavita Maharaj
I used Bravecto to on my very healthy senior dog. He was 10 years at the time and our family vet recommended this chewable pill. It did infact work as it was supposed to. The ticks died within 24 to 48 hours. But 2 weeks ago our very healthy dog was diagnosed with kidney and liver problems. He was also diagnosed as anemic. My poor dog ‘Raja’ went from totally healthy in a matter of 1 week and now he is no more.

The vets can’t seem to understand how his kidneys and liver became damaged. But we used the bravecto just over 6 months ago.
I decided to post this so persons can apply some caution before using this product.

SIP Raja. We love you.

Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Kavita.
Carol Story
My daughters 6 month old healthy puppy just got very ill 24 hours after taking Bravecto and died 4 days later of uncontrollable fluid on her lungs. Post mortem showed no problems with any organs and all blood results when I’ll were normal
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry, Carol.
Christine Netwal
My dog ends up with ulcerated sores on her head back and hind area. They are so bad that she needs antibiotics. She only gets them sores a month after chewing the Bravecto. I couldnt figure out why she all of a sudden she would get these nasty sores. Now i truly believe its the Bravecto.
That’s exactly the symptoms for my 9 yr old American Bulldog, 4 weeks after taking Bravecto. 2 course of antibiotics to clear up the legs, and now it is appearing on her head.
Melanie Carne
I travel down south with my dog who is a 95 pound Airedale Terrier. He developed some skin problems that looked like large black areas that would get red around the edges and the skin would deteriorate. It took a year before I put two into together as I figured he picked up some sort of bacterial infection marking around in the Estero. The vet thought so too because it didn’t look like any allergic reaction. All the sudden one day it dawned on me because after around three or four of anabiotic‘s it would come right back and they had put me on allergy protocols that did little good. He has been off the bravecto for over six months now . He was having to get Cytopoint injections and take semi massive quantities of Apoquel to keep the reaction down. This only seem to be working after the last three months dose should’ve expired. In the past month a miracle has happened. 99.9% of the skin problems are completely gone and I’ve only ordered a little more Apoquel just in case. These lesions look similar to large pimples but the vast majority of them are large very dark areas of skin which are easier to see on lighter skinned dogs. They get red and inflamed around the edges of these black areas and then the skin with in the black area just dies and it becomes a gaping sore. I have looked many times to try to find photographs or other people with issues similar so that I could definitively say that this was the cause and see other people that had had this reaction. I can find no such cooberation . These sores were primarily on his back end and groin area . The last two places that are having any issues at all that did not previously is underneath his neck so I believe the ingredient is also stored in the thyroid . From the bottom of my heart I despise the makers of this medicine. It’s bad enough to put terrible medicine out for humans that can at least have a voice but to do it to animals that have to just suffer because they cannot tell us what’s going on and leave the humans floundering to try to figure it out is beyond reprehensible. Thank you for hearing my story .
Mike van de Sande
I lost my Dutch Shepherd, he got ill shortly after Bravecto and died within a month. Many vets worldwide are “keen” on the drug, which contains a poisonous ingredient “fluralaner”. My other dog had bravecto at the same time, and she had a poor appetite for 6 months.So Gwen, to answer your question: Bravecto (and similar tick and flea treatments like nexgard, simparica, credelio, trifexis etc.) that kill ticks and fleas by drinking the poisoned blood of our pets are definitely not safe at all. Visit the Facebook groups “Does bravecto kill dogs” or “IS BRAVECTO SAFE” to read the sad stories of people who lost their pets in a terrible way because of the side effects of these poison “medications”… I will never use any of these ever again. My wonderful dog Rico, rest in peace, I will always love you
Susan Hoebergen
I gave my dog Bravecto on the vets recommendation. He went for a usual yearly check up and was told he was a little bit overweight. So I cut his food down by half and did wonder why he wasn’t worried or hounding me for food like he usually always does. He started drinking a lot of water and then making this horrible coughing sound. I thought he was choking. He also started vomiting off and on and I noticed he was having heavy breathing. All this started after taking the Bravecto. He also started urinating inside which was not like him and had one bowel accident due to diarrhea. He died two months after his only dose of Bravecto. Ill never give it to my cats now.
lorraine goetz
lost my corgi to this 4 years ago at the age of 4
Jessica Newman
Please don’t give it. Your dog is at risk. Even healthy dogs get sick with it
Lan aston
My 1 year old white bullboxer had terrible demodex bravecto has cleared it up in 3 sorry to hear all youre nad expericances tho
I’m lucky to still have my boy with me. Do not give this to your dog. Do not. He took it back in August (5lb chihuahua) imagine that a small thing being recommended such poison.. wow..
He had some sort of tremors, wouldn’t eat, he lost all his energy and all i did was lay next to him hoping for him to get through it and he did. I read reviews too late but if i would’ve known i would’ve threw it out.
Hi, I have the same side effects with one of my Shar-pei, she is the only one to be given Bravecto, as she was at the vets recently. She has had 2 siezures too!! It was given to her on the 15th f October. Does anyone know how long it will take to be out of her system?
Julie Steel
I lost a perfectly healthy Labradoodle aged 8 having given her Bravecto. She had never been ill, was energetic and had a healthy appetite. Having suffered for 3 weeks, we had to let her go, her tests showed Liver and Kidney disease all of a sudden. The vet told me it was unlikely that Bravecto had caused this. I trusted I was being given accurate information and advice, although I did at that point start to research. These are typical signs of side effects of this medication.

We have just had a week from hell with our 5 year old, 40kg male Labradoodle, who also is never ill, full of life and eats exceptionally well. He has had Bravecto (on the advice of the vet), even though I voiced concerns previously. The problem as I see it, is that the dog doesn’t necessarily have an immediate reaction, it could be the same day, week, month or year, if the tablet is given on a regular basis. I’ve now researched even further, to find out that the toxins can build up, and slowly poison the dog, especially if they are not strong in the first place. The symptoms of both previously healthy dogs, did not come to light straight away, but after taking on a regular basis for a year. They were both disorientated, stagger, violently sick and diarrhoea, and all the usual symptoms connected to Bravecto. Our dog didn’t even recognise us for days.

Our current experience started 5 weeks ago, within a week of taking the tablet. I’ve never seen such a sick dog, and took him to our vet – cut a long story short 3 vets at the practice could find absolutely no conclusive reason for his illness, all the tests came back negative, and the dog ended up staying in for 2 days. At this point they recommended a referral to a vet hospital, which were also very good, but don’t seem to want to hear concerns about Bravecto. He had every scan, MRI, CT, Spinal tap, advanced bloods, to no avail – there appeared to be no answer. Our poor dog didn’t recognise us, couldn’t stand straight, and paced, without stopping for 36 hours straight. We were absolutely devastated and distressed. I asked for a neurosurgeon to have a look and that also concluded negative. I’m not medically trained at all, but know the dog, and it was definitely neurological in nature. He’d seen 3 vets and 4 specialist vets in the period of a week.

We brought him home on Thursday night, none the wiser, but if we were going to have to make the dreaded decision to let him go, it was going to be with us at home.

A miracle happened, and slowly (presuming by now the toxins had expelled themselves or worked through his system), our boy slowly came back to us over the next 2 days and now appears back to normal. We are so relieved to say the least, and will never ever give another dog this dreadful poison again.

I actually don’t know a vet that will say it could be related to Bravecto, but do have 2 colleagues who used to work as Vet Assistants, who both said the practice were bound somehow to prescribing this, but they themselves would never, ever give to their pets. Says everything.

Additionally, why do all vets want to recommend Royal Canin and Purina to poorly animals – indpendant dog food sites, show they are really low end and full of sugar and have as much goodness as cardboard. I’m afraid, as soon as my boy got home and wanted to eat, I put him straight back on to his raw……. he is now bounding back to normal.

I’ve owned dogs for 45 years, and up until using Bravecto have never experienced anything like this before.

Please, anyone reading this, do your own research before making the decision to give your dog Bravecto. I have never voiced anything on the web before, but as a concerned dog and animal lover, had to tell the story.

So happy that your boy made a turn around from that poison. Vets get incentives from pharma companies and will get more money from clients with sick pets, so of course they will not tell you the dangers. Your best option is to find a holistic vet or start questioning everything.
Has anyone had their dog act aggressive after taking bravecto?
yes my Dog was miserable! He was not agreddive towards me but at the vet he acted like a different Dog. He had a hot spot, was vomiting, and lethargic immediately after taking bravecto. He may have had some prior allergies or a pancreas problem but the Bravecto made him so sick. The Vet said it was the beef in the bravecto and not the chemicals but i disagree. it may have been both but he was sick after every dose of that poison.
I also gave my 2 dogs the Bravecto the first time on the 31st of October this year. One dog is fine but the other one is so sick. We thought she had a tummy bug and took her to the vet. One day she is fine but as soon as she start eating again she would vomit. Her belly would swell so that she can’t even lay down on it. She has been tested for an obstruction and they did liver tests but can’t find the reason as to why this is happening. I will NEVER give my dogs this poison again.
Just lost my healthy dog will never reccomend or use this poison ever
Jim W
I began giving my dog Bravecta in the middle of June this year. In the middle of August she began vomiting for no apparent reason. I first thought she had eaten something around the house or the backyard that was poisoning her, but eventually ruled this out because it kept happening regularly, week after week, even though she is nearly always in my presence since I’m retired.

In the middle of September, after her second dose of Bravecta, she started having regular episodes where she would vomit, become lethargic, suffer tremors and a staggered gait. These episodes lasted four days the first few times, and occurred about twice a month. Eventually the episodes started happening more frequently, and would last about two days. Currently, these episodes are lasting anywhere between 12 hours and two days, but they’re occurring slightly more frequently than once a week.

I took her to the vet and am waiting for the blood panel results. She recommended that I take her off the Bravecta. I agreed with her whole heartedly. Unfortunately, she’ll have that crap in her system until December 13. Until then I’ve. Just been treating the symptoms the best way I can. I will take the advice of an earlier commenter and complain to the FDA as well as Merck. I’m also going to go on YouTube and share my experience. My dog has been so sick, and I’ve unwittingly been the cause.

Make sure you get a case number from maufacturer and make detailed notes on your pets illness symptoms, keep all vets bills, copies of reports and insist on test reports, I am fighting at the movement after losing my perfectly healthy dog to this poison, the more publicity you can get the better because vets and authorities in it for the money and trying to fob owners off that want to report/ advise of symptoms. So sorry your pet is ill,nothing will bring mine back, but they will listen to me however long it takes, get this off the shelves!!
Abigail Escobar
My dog Chika is in the hospital now for a very high blood sugar.she has an increased thirst and urinates frequently.Shehhad been given bravect last nov 21 this year.
jefferson formales
hey abigail. my dog also experiencing same situation like your chuahua after taking bravecto. how is you chuahua today.
jefferson formales
how is your dog rught now whay meds she taking up.??
she still alive right now but she has poor appettite sometimes and lethargic. im just worried why she is drinking alot and urinate?? and her urine is clear.with no smell at all. is your chuahua has same condition with my dog??
Oh. My. God. Something compelled me to check up on Bravecto. I have had the exact same experience as you. Will not be giving this to my dog again.
Jim W

As I mentioned in my first post, my dog began suffering these symptoms: vomiting full contents of stomach, lethargy, droopy eyelids, restlessness, confusion, “spacey,” extreme thirst, complete loss of appetite, staggered gait, tremors, overheating. Well, I stopped giving her Bravecto, and its efficacy ended December 13, 2018. From that day on, I saw an immediate reduction in the occurrences of these episodes, and over the next four months the episodes dropped off to nothing.

April 21, 2019 was the last episode. I thought, great, this crap is finally out of her system. Well, on October 24 and 25, 2019, my dog had a two-day episode. All the symptoms I mentioned above were present. Fortunately, the symptoms had almost all gone by late in the evening of October 25.

It had been six months between episodes. I think that’s wonderful, but I’m curious why she experienced such a long period of great health, then WHAMO! she’s out for two days. I can’t say for sure, except to suggest that some of this Bravecto remains in her body long after its three-month efficacy period. I asked my vet whether she believed Bravecto could be stored in a pet’s fat cells (like LSD and other types of dangerous drugs). She said no, but of course my vet office sells Bravecto. What did I expect her to say?

At any rate, other than this last two-day episode, my dog has been extremely healthy and apparently lucky. I’m very sorry for pet owners whose dogs suffered worse or even died as a result of using Bravecto. Also, you should know that today I organized the journal and log I had been keeping from the very beginning. I attached them to the FDA form 1932a (, and sent them off to the Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine ( They notified me that they are in receipt of my report and documentation. They will also cross report to Merck (the manufacturer of Bravecto).

If I can say one thing to owners who have used Bravecto on their pets, and whose pets are now experiencing the symptoms I mentioned, it would be that there is a good chance they will get better. Just stop using this pesticide, and advise all your friends to follow suit. If I can say another thing, it would be to stop listening to your vet singing the praises of this poison. Vets are inclined to accept only the research put out by Merck, and often overlook or ignore what their clients are telling them.

I hate using chemicals on my pets. Someone mentioned Cedarcide…has anyone else used it? The website says it is safe for dogs, cats and people.
Linda Barbour
Go to some of the natural product sites..NaturVet. They have natural one spots or sprays that work is deterant or preventive…Skin so soft by Avon works to deter mosquitos…mosquito dunks to go in standing water or rain barrels kill larvae. Diatomaceous earth go in places that you think fleas breed outside or inside..just have to be careful not to breath the dust. I have been using this for ticks this past summer with good results.
I get more ticks than my dogs do and I have 8 of them.
Diane Stacy
After what I’ve read about bravecto I would never give it to my dog again. I did it once and then red and never again and I also put him on play for 2 weeks bentonite clay to get out of his system.
I gave my 1 1/2 year old dog Bravecto today for the very first time. I usually read about the drug before giving it to him and today I made a mistake of not reading up on it. After reading all your comments here, it is clearly not a safe drug to be giving our dogs. How do I get the drug out of my dogs system before it can do some serious damage?
Christina haylett
I gave our dog bravecto last spring. He didn’t want to take it and I made him. The very next day he wouldn’t eat his food or treats. He was a 60 pound lab and loved to eat until I gave him bravecto.5 months later he was dead. He slowly declined and was never the same after giving him that drug. I didn’t research it before I gave it to him. I figured if it was at my vets it must be ok. Please be very cautious about this drug.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Christina.
I recently gave my lab a chewable and surprisingly I had to break it up and mix it in his food to eat it. When doesn’t a lab eat! Now a week later, I’ve had to clip him and treat his skin irritation daily with cortisone cream and medicated washes to keep him from chewing him myself to bits. I too will never use it again
Currently trying to save our yorkie , had bravecto 5 days ago and his kidneys are shutting down . Going to the vet 2 times a day with iv fluids , vitamins . HAS ANYONE HAD THEIR DOG SURVIVE ?!? What were the treatments
Lucy kite
There’s a Facebook group on Bravecto with lots of information. It’s recommended you detox your dog.
I am so sorry to hear this. My little Maltese died from this a few weeks ago.
Irma Rewcastle
So sorry for your dreadful plight Raquel. My previously Healthy Malchi Pup, Trilly has been ill in different ways since taking it 4 weeks ago. Her Kidneys have been affected and doing Blood Tests to see if her Liver has also been affected? I’m devestated for her Did your wee Dog make it? ♥
CC | Saving Cats, Dogs and Cash
While I have not personally lost a dog to Bravecto, I have lost a dog to prescription meds so I know how painful it is to injure or lose a dog after doing something that you think will help them. My heart breaks for everyone who has gone through or is going through this nightmare with Bravecto. To those that have been affected negatively by Bravecto, please join the Facebook group titled ‘Does Bravecto kill dogs?’ and share your story there to help others. At the moment, the group has 42k members. If your dog is currently suffering from the side effects of taking Bravecto or you suspect your dog is, I know that group has a detox protocol that they recommend. I’m sorry I don’t have it or I’d share it here. Please don’t let your dog just suffer from the side effects, as this is a long-term medication meant to stay in your dog’s body and continue killing fleas and ticks on a long-term basis. Detoxing is necessary to get as much of that poison out as possible so your dog can start healing.
I gave my Havanese Bravecto three days ago. He has been throwing up since. He goes to the vet tomorrow. First time he has ever thrown up. I know it is the Bravecto.I will never give him this horrid medicine ever. It kills dogs.
The vets never admit that it’s those poisons that they push on ppl to give their pets . It’s all about the money for them!! Same w the over vaccinating!!!
Love my dogs
Thank you
My two year old mini poodle was given a bravecto chew on 8/1/2018; it was not his first one. Two hours later, he was laying on the floor and when got up, his hind legs were wobbly. He remained lethargic for several weeks, experiencing twitches in his legs and difficulties on standing. His labs showed elevated liver enzymes and his symptoms worsened to include confusion, staring into space, not knowing who I am, not responding to his name or commands, and periods of vomiting and inability to drink fluids. I am still in a wait and see mode as to what the outcome will be, but regardless, I will never again use this or any other pesticide on either of my dogs.
Jackie Sawrantschuk
my dog also stares in corners, loss of hearing, hindend falls under her at times, sensitive to being touched
Kristy Sherman
Hi Jackie- your post caught my eye. My dog took Bravecto 4 days ago (not her first dose) and is all of a sudden staring into space, acts confused, wont walk down or walk up the steps and I also went to touch her and she basically screamed like it hurt her for me to touch her. My heart is breaking because I feel like it’s the Bravecto that is causing this. How is your dog doing and did she/he ever snap out of it and go back to being normal? I don’t know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Take your dog immediately to a holistic vet ask fo
Take your dog immediately to a holistic vet ask for a detox similar to rat poisoning.
How is your dog doing ? Our family dog had it 5 days ago , still trying to recover
I have a nine year old border collie mix. He has had issues with seizures on/off for the last 4 years. He is normally very happy, active and very energetic. Typical Collie!
Then, these “episodes” started occurring a few+ times a year. He would seem fine, then look scared and weak. Then he would lose control of his muscles and either fall over or not be able to get up. Drooling became excessive and his eyes looked dialated and “lost”. He would lose his bladder and shake uncontrollably. These episodes would last for about 5-30 minutes; leaving him tired and weak. I have tried to correlate the episodes with medicines, food, weather, seasons, activities, etc. He has also had episodes of itchiness/scratching. We have not noticed any dry patches or redness. (I thought it could be the Bravecto wearing off and he had a flea or two?) I have taken him to the vet for regular visits; as well as additional visits when the earlier seizure-like events occurred. We hoped to diagnose “what” happened to treat or prevent further episodes. We ran test and all was good. Fortunately, he doesn’t have enough seizures to warrant sedation-type meds so we did “nothing” but hope that his last episode was just that— his last.
Our vet has also pushed Bravecto for him during this time- even after our concerns about the med were raised at each visit. He kept assuring us the medicine was safe. It is expensive and the rebates were hardly worth the effort it took to receive! But through all our complaints and concerns, we were still assured it was our best & safest option. My rationale was it was tested and approved by a reputable pharmaceutical company!?! Plus, our dog even liked taking it … it was his “treat”!
Our dog’s last episode was two weeks after giving him his last dose of Bravecto – – two months ago. Can I 100% say Bravecto was the cause of his seizures? No! Will I give him another dose of Bravecto? Absolutely NOT! I’m ashamed it has taken me this long to realize I probably, and literally, may have been handing him his poison!
Sadie Cornelius (Admin)
So sorry to hear about this experience!
Jenny lings
Last year my border collie Merlin suffered a bad flea infestation went to the vet who gave us
Bravecto tablet. A few days later he had a bad seizure he is 7yrs old and has never had a fit before. This was the first time I have used it and it is the last. He has had fits after using this bravecto for over seven months before they stopped. He has always been a healthy dog before this. I am convinced bravecto is the cause of this. My son has just got a puppy and has taken him to the vets yesterday and in this puppy pack they have given him is bravecto tablets I was very annoyed as this could have dire consequences for a 9 week old puppy.
My daughter’s vet recommended giving her French Bull dog Bravecto. He said it was safe and he used it on his dogs. After giving her the first dose, her dog started drooling and having seizures. She took her back to the vet. He did blood work and said she was in excellent health but had slightly elevated liver enzymes. Nothing to worry about. The seizures continued so he placed her on an anti seizure medication. The seizures stopped. When it was time for the second dose, my daughter hesitated but gave it to her dog trusting the vet. Her dog had 5 grand mal seizures in less then 6 hours. She rushed her to the vet. He put her on phenobarbital and 5 mgs Valium rectally. Five grand mal seizures later she was rushed to an Emergency ER. She was told there that her dog was in respiratory distress and the seizures had caused her to burn up inside. The only choice they had was to euthanize her. One day she was healthy the next day at 12:44 a.m. she was dead. I called Merck and filed a formal complaint. I also contacted the FDA and am filing out a complaint form with them. I got all her medical records. The problem is the vets don’t follow through in contacting the FDA about adverse reactions. Too much paperwork involved. It is up to us as animal lovers to take the bull by the horns and file the complaint with Merck and the FDA. I hope my daughter loosing a healthy dog because of giving her something that no one questioned was a severe reaction to a medication will save other dogs.
I am so sorry this happened and I am surprised that the veterinarian gave the medication after the apparent reaction to the first dose.
Did you ask your vet to follow up? Often in addition to paperwork, the company will require a post-mortem exam and other tests. We should partner with our veterinarians to let them know this is important and we are willing to do all we can to make sure the companies are aware and the reactions are on the record. When we have reactions to our own medications, we have to report them to the companies and FDA, my doctor has always provided the information for me to file the report. I am not aware of him filing forms but the company may contact the doctor because I provide the information on my doctor. Of course, there are privacy issues with people’s records and not necessarily with animal’s records.
Same thing happened to my dog. I’m sorry for your loss and hope your family heals from this terrible tragedy.
We have 2 West Highland Terriers. Our female started having ‘tremors, stumbling, shuddering, tipping over after having been given Bravecto. She also developed dry scaly patches on her skin in numerous places. Unfortunately, our Vet didn’t even record her ‘shakes’ in her file and said the scaly patches were most likely because that breed is prone to skin problems. She had never had anything like that before and when it first appeared 3 years ago, she was 12 yrs old. She started the shakes at the same time. I felt it was related to Bravecto as I knew Bravecto affects the neurology of the insect. The act tried to reassure me and said her limping was due to her age and arthritis. Because ticks are so rampant in Ontario, I gave it the benefit of the doubt. This year I gave both dogs the initial dose and we observed her tremors were worsening. Her character changed markedly as well. She started acting very insecure and sometimes seemed like she was a ‘few minutes behind reality’. The other disconcerting thing is she went deaf. I felt it was related to the Bravecto as well. I only found one other reference to Bravecto and deafness but there may be more.
In August when both dogs were due for their 2nd dose, I just couldn’t bring myself to give it to them. I just thought it absolutely does not make sense to give a chewy tablet filled with toxic insecticide to a pet that you dearly love and are trying to give the best to. Last Wednesday, the day before the FDA released their warning to the public that Bravecto causes seizures, tremors, stumbling and the like, I took the remaining 4 doses ( for both dogs) back to the Vet stating that I just couldn’t bring myself to giving them to my dogs. The Vet assistants were very dismissive and made me feel I was over reacting and didn’t know the facts etc etc. They even took the warning insert from the box to review the cautions from Merck, the manufacturer. I responded by saying ‘Do you really think the manufacturer, Merck, are going to list those side effects?’
I really did not appreciate the dismissive manner with which they responded to me. Even though for the past two years at our dogs annual check up, I clearly signalled that I felt the tremors and even the deafness was related to Bravecto, our Vet did not even record my intuitions in his notes.
My husband texted me the FDA public warning late Friday night, 2 days after I had returned the Bravecto to the Vet. I can’t begin to describe the guilt I experienced Friday night after the confirmation that the Bravecto causes seizures and tremors, stumbling and lack of coordination. Earlier that Friday morning, my female had great difficulty coming up the stairs outside. We had installed rubber mats both on the stairs outside and even in the house because with her tremors and lack of coordination ( again I remind you the Vet told us was old age and arthritis) she had great difficulty going up and down the stairs. When she did come in from outside after having had difficulty going up the stairs, she went to go down the stairs to our basement, which than God are carpeted, and fell about one third of the way down head over heel. She came sheepishly into the room, very disoriented after the fall and had one of the worst tremors I had ever seen her have which lasted much longer than any she has experienced before. She has then several times a day, like ‘shudders’ and trips over her own feet. Most times very unsteady on her feet, limping around and whenever she is standing, she is always leaning like the tower of Pisa. She just broke out with a new series of scaly patches at a few spots around her body with one large patch under her front leg.
I am devastated by the confirmation from the FDA about the toxicity hazard of this product. I can’t believe I made the intuitive decision the day before the Public Warning that I had returned the product to the Vet. I wish in my heart of hearts that I had followed that same intuition when I first had it 2 years earlier to not give it to them. My male has not presented like my female but he is 4 years younger.
I hope this helps anyone with identifying the symptoms of their own pets.
It’s just not worth taking the chance.
We are using ‘Cedarcide’ , a natural non toxic spray made from the Texas Red Cedar and NO, it is not the cedar oil that is dangerous for cats.
We have had great results with it over the last 12 years and sincerely wish we had simply stuck with it but when we moved to Ontario 4 years ago, we were overwhelmed with the tick crisis so thought we had better use the Bravecto because of the fear of Lyme disease.
I read reports from a vet in England who proved one dose of Bravecto can stay in the dogs system for even as long as a year! So even when you stop dosing them, they still have it in their system and will continue to present with the side effects.
Imagine giving the prescribed 3 or 4 doses! Imagine the concentration of the pesticide in their system!
Like GMO foods, Monsanto states that the pesticide Round Up that they use in their GMO’d seeds would not leak into the guts of the people eating GMO’d food but guess what, it does! Round up affects the ‘gut’ of the insect so you can imagine what it is doing to humans!
The American Paediatric Society tried to get the FDA to do something about it as they were seeing a huge increase of children presenting with serious intestinal disorders at very very young ages. Your intestinal health is the foundation for your immune system and now they are documenting that tour intestinal health has direct impact on your mental health.
We really don’t know what we’re doing,
do we?
I am sure the leakage of the poison in Bravecto is the same as the leakage of Monsanto ( which was recently bought out by Bayer pharmaceuticals )
They know what they’re doing for profit, without conscience or integrity and we, out of fear compromise our better judgement and feed poison to our beloved pets. Imagine, they were looking into making a Bravecto like tablet for humans like our neurology hasn’t been affected enough in this life.
No, we do not know what we are doing.
where do you get Cedarcide? It looks like it is only available in the US
My dog died please keep warning everyone
My one dog died and the other is stil showing symptoms for the past 5 months
Julie Emerick
I am so sorry to hear about your dog.. my dog passed away before Christmas after having out of the blue intense tremors, could not walk, and seizures .. she was on Brevecto.. I have been searching for a reason why this happened to her and I now believe I have found it.. she was only 3

Julie Emerick

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! We gave it to our 1 year old English bulldog thinking it was safe because our vet gave it to us and recommended it, about a week later she began to not eat, lay around and sleep more then usual, and she stares into space like she’s not even there, DO NOT GIVE THIS TO YOUR PETS
My dog just started doing this 4 days after giving her Bravecto. Do they snap out of it? How is your dog doing?
Is your dog better? If not take the dog to a holistic vet, ask for a poison detox? Some do not snap out of it, my dog had inflammation in the brain and the intestinal tract issues. It’s started with lethargy, sensitivity to touch, and a strange look in her eyes something was wrong. No regular vet could help her because Bravecto doesn’t have an antidote and it stays in the system for a very long time (even the makers of Bravecto don’t know for sure, otherwise they would have an antidote on the packaging just like vaccines have). It breaks my heart, many terrible symptoms followed that are too gruesome to mention and eventually she was taken off life support.
Jo Downes
I gave my 4 year old healthy Labrador Bravecto and within 3 days he was having seizures. These happened daily for 2.5 weeks but have fortunately stopped now (he’s not had a seizure for 10 days). His bloods were normal when they were tested a week after taking Bravecto despite these seizures. I will never give him it again. I feel lucky he is still here and he seems not to have any long lasting effects.
My 1 year old Newfoundland was given his first dose of Bravecto then shortly after got his 1 year booster shots and had 2 gran mal seizures that night. He then proceeded to have 8 more gran mal seizures in a four hour period. They were so bad he suffered brain damage. We knew it was medicine related but did not know until now which medicine took our baby away. The damage is not reversible and the makers of this horrible medicine should be held responsible. I hope soon we will hear the class action lawsuit is being launched. They need to be stopped before they kill more beloved animals. I am sick of hearing their excuses and then getting the brush off from a vet. Don’t allow anyone to tell you to use this medicine. Please tell everyone you know and save a pet from harm.
Karen Shadle
See the newest alarming cautions from the FDA about neurological deterioration from Bravecto. News came out3 days ago. I gave Bravecto to my 15year old dog about 3 weeks ago. Within a few days he couldn’t walk well because his hind legs were weak; the following day he lost strength in his front legs. He developed ataxia and fell several times. He didn’t seem tsee right. He would walk into furniture, go to the closet door to be let outside instead of the back door. He PACED for 48 hours straight, including on the bed, which he just walked off the end of. He didn’t interact with me. Drooled. Doesn’t seem to be able to turn his head and look to the right. He hasn’t vocalized ONCE since this started. He is now more steady and sleeps at night. I saw him wag his tail for the first time yesterday, so there seems to be some improvement. Notifying FDA and Merck the manufacturer.
Isa Blue
I’ve just read many comments about Bravecto and, in my point of view, Bravecto is for plagues control in strong dogs. I’m not encouraged to give Bravecto to my old problem-dog because I’ve heard that it could cause few fatal intoxications.
Ava Swartslander
I gave Bravecto to my “Allergy Boy” a 7 year old Dalmatian—I will NEVER use it again! Within 3 days he was scratching so violently I had to put him on Apoquel to try to get it under some control. I do not like using Apoquel–but he was almost raw in places. Bravecto made our 1 year old Dalmatian itch and had no (itching) effect on our 10 year old Dalmatian. I will NEVER use it again! I would NOT recommend it for any allergy dog–it seems to aggravate the allergies.
This is happening to one of my three pit bulls. She’s the only one having side effects. She’s raw and nothing helps. I’m going to call her vet and ask about apoquel. Thanks.
Is he allergic to chicken too? We have a Dalmatian and i have the Bravecto th give our 3 dogs but now i am very nervous!
Gloria Tate
My dog died of mask cell tumor Cancer from this shit on August 18th don’t give it to your dogs get some cannons oil
Thank you for your advice and so sorry to hear about your dog.
Lisa butler
I just gave bravefecto 2 my two Shih-Tzus for the first time today they both weigh about 8 pounds so far I have seen little Improvement neither one of my girls have gotten sick yet.. where can I find this oil you’re talking about
fred smith
do not put oil on malignant tumors. Go to a veterinarian.
Annie Benabdallah
I tried looking up cannons oil, but I couldn’t find it. Can you tell us where to get it? My son’s corgi has had shaking, weakness, balance issues, staring into space, and terribly itchy skin. He’s improving a tiny bit each day, but I’d like to know something that could help him.
Deanna R. Roache
I gave my 13 lb longhair chihuahua her first Bravecto this orning. This evening when she went to bed, she started to vomit violently. She finally stopped after alot of throwing up, and is now asleep. I am so worried as to what will happen tomorrow? I will call the vet for sure.
Joel Ritter
Never again will I give my 8 year old basset hound Bravecto! He took this medicine for quite some time before ever having a reaction to it. However, when he was given his dose in early April of this year, he became violently ill with bloody vomiting and bloody diarrhea. After bloodwork and x-rays, he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. After several weeks of medicines, altered diet and well over $1,000 in vet bills, he finally recovered enough to become his normal self again, though on a very strict diet (no treats, etc..). Not realizing that Bravecto might have truly been the cause of his pancreatitis (though he had never before had this problem), we again gave him his Bravecto dosage according to schedule. Again, he had a severe reaction to the medicine, with vomiting and diarrhea. Though he was not diagnosed with pancreatitis this time, he was an extremely sick dog with an ulcerated esophagus, other digestive issues and general listlessness. After shelling out close to $1,500 this time, our Berkeley is just beginning to return to his normal, loving self. Bravecto should be removed from the market. You never know when your four-legged family member might become violently ill or worse when taking this medication. I will go back to using topical flea treatments in the future. And another thing, I still have not received my $15 rebate check from Merck as yet, although it has been more than 8 weeks since submitting the proper paperwork to them.
Gave my 18 month old Victorian bulldog Bravecto today and Tyson’s hours later began to violently vomit. She had not been given or eaten anything she should not have had. She is a very bouncy pup under normal circumstances. I have now decided to look for other forms of giving flea and tick treatments as I don’t feel it’s fair to put her through this. She did not want to take this and we had a To resort to trying to hide it in cheese and beef and ham slices but eventually managed to get it all eaten by her. Now we feel guilty for giving it to her. Won’t use this again.
Too many people here are making the mistake of association with causation. Just because something happens (i.e. seizure, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) after a medication is given, does not mean the medication is what caused it. That is not how causation works. One can read the product insert if they are interested in the potential side effects of the medication. In many cases, Bravecto had less side effects than the control group. Likely, those that had severe problems with their dogs on Bravecto likely had other health issues that were the cause of the illness.
Oh, come on, Scott. Give that tired argument a rest. There are too many dogs out there who have gotten sick or died from these flea pills — it’s no longer anecdotal. Your “reasoning” is the one used by the pharma companies and by vets who want to look the other way.
Annie Benabdallah
You know, Scott, the FDA doesn’t usually issue warnings and demand new warming labels for drugs that are harmless. While I agree that you can find endless information on the internet to support any crackpot idea you can come up with, this isn’t one of those times.
Eva Murray
Scott. You must work for Bayer.Lame statement to say the least. You are clueless,uneducated and actually just plain stupid!!!
My 4 year old healthy mastiff died 8 days after taking Bravetco.
Lost my dog
Why don’t you test on yourself if it keeps the ticks away and Lyme disease. Report back to us that lost our beloved pets.
Renae Hoss
Oh you must either be a vet or a Bravecto manufacturer. Bravecto is poison.
One of my friends just lost 2 of her digs to Bravecto
Wow, never again. Gave my 8-year-old Great Pyrenees her second dose of the season on Monday July 23 and she is only now (July 28) eating again and pooping/behaving normally. I didn’t make the connection three months ago when she had diarrhea and loss of appetite, silly me. No wonder I never got my $30 mail-in rebate, they’re probably losing in litigation. I am grateful that my dog has the constitution she has and my heart goes out to those whose dogs don’t/didn’t. Going back to Revolution, though it’s pretty nasty too. At least it never nearly killed my dog.
Jonathan M Jackson
Revolution killed my puppy. must be very careful of accidental ingestion. even the smallest amount is lethal.
Correction to my comment. In the one study linked to my previous comment, they killed 32 Beagle dogs to test if Bravecto would kill fleas. And I quote “On day 168, all dogs were sedated by intramuscular injection of ketamine and xylazine and thereafter euthanized by intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbitone as per study plan. A complete post-mortem examination was performed on all dogs “. Do we want to purchase flea treatments for dogs that were tested on other dogs who were ultimately killed for the purpose?
I stopped reading here, couldn’t read the link. I will never buy this stuff ever for that reason….a dog, truly mans best friend, that is disgusting.
In one clinical study on fluralaner (the ingredient in Bravecto) they tested it on 168 dogs in a laboratory. They killed the dogs so they could weigh their organs. So yes, Bravecto kills dogs. Many dogs. They tested it on them to see if it made them sick – and then killed them. You can become informed here.
My vet gave my GSD this April 15, he was due for another this past sunday, I didn’t give it to him because after taking this, he started loosing weight, wouldn’t eat his favorite food, diarrhea very bad, vet did blood work and he’s losing protein, liver count is out of control, over 284, I have been giving all the meds and a liver support, he goes back Friday for blood work to see how he’s doing. My question is, how the heck do you get this out of his system??? He was healthy, 3 1/2 yrs old, and now, it’s breaking my heart. Can anyone help me?? Tell me how to get this stuff out of his system??? Maybe I’m a little late on this because it has been 3 months since he’s taken it, what can I do to help my boy? Please
Sandra Farr
We have sold and consumed a product since 1988, now called Barley Life. It was marketed mostly for humans, but many have tried it with their dogs for various reasons. It is simply the dried juice of the barley plant, taken from the plant when it is very small, just “booted” they call it. It is one of the highest sources of certain vitamins and minerals for overall health. It is an extremely good antioxidant and I have heard that it has cleansed people’s systems from long time drug usage. I would say that it is very likely that it would work with your dog. All animals we have given it too, love it; we just mix it with their water. It can’t hurt!
Milk thistle capsules, safe for dogs, helps the liver heal
That is the problem with any long acting drug! Unless there is a dedicated reversal agent it is in your system for the duration!
Dianne Stacy
Try bentonite clay. Safe for dogs. Food grade only. It removes toxins.
Renae Hoss
Please go to the site on Facebook does bravevto kill dogs. They have recommendations. Like using liquid milk thistle to detox liver and kidneys. CBS oil.
First off, I would like to say I’m deeply sorry for those of you that has lost your fur baby. I have been giving both my dogs bravecto for about 18 months and they haven’t had any side affects whatsoever. Upon reading these comments, I googled some facts on it and came across snopes, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. Not saying that your losses aren’t true, but we can’t always believe what the Internet states.
Janice DiGirolamo
We need be alert that cancer happens slowly even without extreme side effects along the way. My dog died of transdermal bladder cancer without any side effect early on. She was on Advantage. The research shows that this type of cancer has a direct cause from flea tick heartworm meds. I started a regimen with my other dogs of thysilin (milk thistle) and an immune booster from petalive. I give Immune booster all the time twice a day–thysilin twice a day for 2 weeks following applications pesticide-and probiotics twice a day–vetionx mulitivitamin and 3/6/9 omegas twice a day–100 mg burdock on the other 2 weeks twice a day when not giving thysilin. So far so good. You may try consulting with Dr. Loops in North Carolina, an excellent homeopathic vet 919-5420442. Good luck.
Stefanie Schutte
We can also not always believe what we read on snopes.
My 10 yr old golden has been on bravecto for 3 yrs with no problem. Then she had a seizure 36 hrs after her second flu shot, which all the vets said couldn’t have had anything to do with it. A few weeks later I gave her the bravecto and 12 hrs later she had an episode for 1 1/2 hrs. I’m to the point I don’t want to give anything & I don’t trust the vets as they all rule out any reactions I think just like the doctors with us they have gotten carried away with the wonder cures and don’t allow for the side affects.
Patricia Koubek
My dog has been sick for 2 weeks. Your product is poison. Do not send me any more Bravecto
Sheena Henstock
Hi. Have been reading all the questions about bravecto. I have a collie who is eight. A nutter always playing. He has gone down on me quite a few times which lasts roughly 5 – 10 minutes before able to walk again. Has been on bravecto to for2 years. A friend suggested it might be this pill.
A veterinarian got all the FDA adverse effects reports for Bravecto and two other new anti-flea drugs. She has posted them all on her website. Search for Bravecto then follow the links, there are a number of reports from 2015 to 2017. Note also her cautions for how to interpret the results, which are important, but through these official you can see the kinds of adverse effects, and the relative frequency, of different adverse effects. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got available in terms of estimating frequency of effects.
Michelle Cox
But if it were your previously very healthy yellow lab who went from fine to vomiting blood and blood clots, how would you feel??
Same here I have two golden retriever who I love so much and for some reason I found vets are really pushy for Bravecto. In the same clinic that I go there is a vet that I have asked to see reguralrly Dr. Wilma and she told me depending on my lifestyle if we are not going into tall bushes or wooden area a lot that won’t be black legged tick in normal walking paths or short grasses. I have been given both my dogs Molly 4 and JackJack (name is from incredible ๐Ÿ™‚ 8, revolution. It has been in the market long enough and went through all kind of screening. I give them the night before so when they go to sleep and wash them in the morning. In the past has killed the flea that they got right away. It also has heartworm med in it too. Honestly is very suspicious how most vets are pushing the Bravecto almost make you think they must get a huge percentage!!!!
I’ve used this safely in my dogs for two years – and I have a lot of dogs. I’ve not had a single adverse effect associated with Bravecto. I am a vet tech and I feel the reason many vets push this so hard is that it is the best product we currently have on the market and because so far the research has demonstrated this to be a safe and effective product. As sad as it is to hear anecdotal stories, at this point the evidence is not there to say otherwise. I started using this product because I have a kennel of 14 beagles and nothing was working to get rid of a flea problem after years of little to no issues. My dogs were chewing themselves raw. Since using the Bravecto…nothing. I prefer to use this product and make sure my dogs are not miserable with fleas than to go without it when the stories of association with horrific problems as a direct result of use are unsubstantiated. I work in an Emergency and Specialty vet hospital and have yet to see problems even claimed to be associated with this product. What I do see is people making a lot of claims that something caused their pet’s illness when there truly seems to be no causal relationship. And with a science background, I always learned that correlation is not causation unless it can be objectively proven.
Well, Barb, now it has been scientifically proven. The FDA has issued a warning against it. And it’s about time. My vet also recommended this poison, but I did my research and opted against it. There are other ways to be rid of fleas. Vacuuming and Borax did the trick for me and I have four little fur babies. We are now flea free.
I agree. My vet pushed it as well. I strongly suspect the vet makes quite a profit off it.
Stefanie Schutte
Please do not risk it. I am convinced I accidentally killed my dog by giving her Bravecto. Just under 2 weeks later she had to be put down, bleeding profusely. If you use a collar or similar, at least you can remove it, if your dog shows a reaction. This is not possible with oral or spot on treatment. There are no longterm studies, as Bravecto and similar products are only a few years on the market.
Judy Frost
What are the side effects on a small dog that only weighs 4.9 lbs
My puppies are fine. They received their 3rd series of shots and Bravecto. A little lethargic a few hours later. According to vet, the result of shots. It’s been 4 days now and they are there back to normal, fun loving, happy pups. Vet assured me Bravecto was best for flea protection. So sorry for those who had problems. My heart goes out to you!
As with Sandy my pups had Bravecto twice so far the first time they were only 5 pounds and three months old. I am fortunate we haven’t experienced any adverse reactions. My heart breaks for anyone who has had problems. Our vet doesn’t push Bravecto she actually recommended the seresto collar but we felt this was a better choice. I may be opting for the collar the next time around….so heartbreaking
As an FYI, Bravecto is not approved for use in 3 month old puppies, only puppies 6 months of age or greater. My understanding is this is not due to safety but an issue of efficacy.
Mary Grimaldo
I would like to know this too! I have two yorkies, one weighs 4.7 and the other weighs 11.7. I just discovered that they have ticks. Went to vet this morning and she sold me Bravecto and said it was the best out there. I haven’t given it to my babies yet because I need more info before I unintentionally poison my own kids.
I have used Bravecto on 6 dogs and 6 cats( spot on) and have never had any problems for the last 3 years. 4 of my dogs are between 8-11 lbs. 3 years ago, it was recommended to try the Seresto collar…first time in 30 years I had fleas! Thats when I found the Seresto. My Golden Retriever has a seizure disorder, again, no problem.I think every pet is different but I highly recommend it.
Renae Hoss
Please don’t. It’s like playing Russian roulette with your dog’s health and life.
That’s what I would like to know I just gave back to Shih Tzus this product for the first time today
Beth Wilkins
I have a highly reactive 10 month old Golden Retriever. She reacted (we think after process of elimination) to K9 Advantix and a Seresto collar (2x). She had the runs for 2 months with the topical and heavy panting, lethargy, itching and loss of appetite with the collar both times we tried it. I am desperately trying to find a flea/tick treatment that won’t kill her. We live in New England and even in the “city” the ticks are horrible in my fenced in backyard. I am not excited about an oral medication in case she does have a reaction (she’s had reactions to Benedryl and Hydroxyzine that are similar) . Does anyone have any experience with the Bravecto topical?
We currently give our dog Advantage ll. A liquid you rub on back of neck and into coat. He does well on that and I will not give him oral meds for fleas. We only give him Heartguard for heart worms.
I wish I had read about the side effects of Bravecto before I gave it to my beloved 10 yr old Golden Retriever. Ticks are horrible, but at least my dog was healthy. Shortly after giving her a dose, she began to vomit, retch, cough and is unable eat; this has gotten progressively worse in 2 weeks. I’m taking her to the vet today, but I fear it will be to euthanize her as she is now suffering & has lost all interest in anything, although she still wags her tail. Do NOT take the risk. There are other ways to treat ticks. Bravecto kills more than ticks, & I am heartbroken.
And before rushing her to the vet, and waiting a FULL 2 WEEKS of her suffering, you took the time to post here? Frankly, I find your post suspicious.
I concur! Do not give your pets this pesticide! I am heartbroken as I watch my once healthy dog go downhill quickly! I am mad at vet that said it was ok to give to him when I asked if ok while he was still on antibiotics for pancreatitis, and some liver/kidney issues. His numbers were going down (which was good), until I gave him the Bravevto. That same number skyrocketed just 3 weeks after his last bloodwork. I have spent hundreds at vet, more more importantly, I feel like I am killing my dog! Don’t use this product ever! Why is it even an option?! Read the ingredients – some are the same as Roundup weed killer!
Bravecto should only be given to dogs over 6 months old, it says that right on the package! I see some younger pups were given it, on recommendation from their vet!! READ the LABEL yourself before taking any drug for YOU or your dog! My large (58 pounds) dog has been on Bravecto for 18 months with no problem. I live near woods over run with deer and 2 people in my family have had Lyme. I use multiple methods to keep deer and ticks out of the yard and protect myself from ticks. I feel my grandkids are safer with the dog on bravecto rather than having them touch topicals or insecticide laden collars.
I wonder when given for the first time a half dose trial should be done to check for sensitivity?
I worried about that after we were giving it to our pups that were 4 or 5 months old at the time. I read the label and called my vet and asked about the label stating the age of 6 months of older. My vet said its only because its not as effective on puppies under six months because of rapid growth and large increases in weight in short periods of time. I called the company as well just to confirm and they too said the same thing. I guess some pups put on a lot a weight in short periods of time and the Bravecto is weight based.
Interesting…the study on the safety of Fluralaner (Bravecto) was done on 8 week old healthy Beagles. Following the conclusion of the “experiment”, the Beagles were EUTHANIZED!
Our 9 tear old, completely healthy great Pyrenees went into kidney failure arter 2 doses od Bravecto. He died because of the kidney failure and I can’t prove it was caused by the Bravecto, but I will always think that caused it.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Bren.
I gave my HEALTHY 5 3/4 year old mix breed dog Bravecto the week before she went into acute liver failure. I suppose I’ll never be able to prove it but now I am extremely angry to think “I did this” to my beloved pet thinking I was protecting her. After 7-8 thousand dollars trying to save her, I made the decision to put her down after 5 days of her not showing signs of improvement. It’s been over 5 months and now the wound is as fresh as it was April 11, 2018.
Wendy, Wow I’m in the same boat. This wound is impossible to heal.
Our vet recommend Bravecto for our sorkie. (Sort of a yorkie) It now has been about 5 weeks and now he drinks and drinks and drinks and pees and pees and pees. We are worried about him. Does anyone know if this can be reversed or will it slow down in a few weeks? I am calling the vet in the morning but I thought maybe someone out there might know something.
This sounds like he is having problems with his kidneys. I would get lab work done right away.
definitely should be tested for diabetes or UTI as what you describe are symptoms. Hopefully you have an answer from the vet by now. Probably has nothing to do with Bravecto.
Some dogs have gone into kidney failure from Bravacto. I’ve heard. I recommend considering Spirulina powder mixed into his food 2x a/day. Half a teaspoon would be enough to strengthen immune system. I would also try Apple Cider Vinegar MADE w/THE VEIL OF THE MOTHER. I use Braggs. This will help with kidney function. And Serepeptase, it will dissolve any plaque or calcification or anything not live. Kidneys over time get calcim and mineral plaque. As for fleas, I use apple cider vinegar spray it on the coat and rub it into the skin. The fleas hate it and it’s good for the skin. I love this stuff! I also use diatomaceous earth to sprinkle on the rug and beds the dogs lay on. It dehydrates the fleas and kills them. It’s bothersome for sure compared to chemical treatments, but you won’t be jeopardizing your dogs health, you will be improving it. If I used any chemicals at all it would be to spray the yard, and keep them off of the grass and dirt for a couple days. This will expose them to some chemical out zoning but much safer. Hope this helps. BTW, I am not a doctor nor am I prescribing. It is my personal experience that I have come to share.
This is my dog as well. His kidneys are not working properly, Have your dogs liver checked as well. My dog is having issues with both, coincidently shortly after his most recent dose of Bravecto, which if you read the ingredients, is purely pesticides! I am heartbroken that I gave my dog all these medical issues, trying to save him from fleas & ticks! This product should not be on the market! I will be contacting anyone that will listen to get it off the market! And shame on vets for pushing it!
After reading these comments, I will not be giving my pets Bravecto. Three yrs ago we had a terrible flea infestation bc neighbors introduced goats who kept coming over the fence. Someone suggested nematodes and finally it did the trick. Saw a few today and went for an old leftover pill….nope, we will order those little boogers again. I suggest you all do the same.
On April 19th, 2018 my dog was given a full examination by his vet. His blood panel was “excellent” and all components were within their proper ranges. His urinalysis was clear. His intestinal screening was negative. He is a large dog and twelve years of age. The vet stated he was in perfect health. Per her suggestion, she sent us home with one dose of this for his size and instructed me to administer at the beginning of May. I gave it to him the morning of May 3rd and within six hours, all hell broke loose. My poor guy had uncontrollable, explosive dogarrhea (diarrhea), heavy panting, restlessness, aversion to his favorite foods. I am writing this on June 1st, 2018 and he, I mean we, are still suffering with the same. The vets idea was to load him up on anti-diarrhea meds and antibiotics, thinking he may have an infection but they have had no effect. It was this god awful medicine that has made him sick for more than 4 weeks. No one can tell me any different. I have asked my vet to file an adverse reaction report with the manufacturer because that is really all you can do. However, I keep great records and my brothers buddies cousin is a lawyer, we shall see. A little humor helps me with the realization and pain that I poisoned my dog with an unsafe product. It may work for some and to that I say great, fleas and ticks are nasty. Apparently, each dog has their own level of tolerance. My issue is that something should not be marketed as safe for all dogs, when it is demonstrably not. It does not take a dog scientist to know that. To those of you that have lost your furry friends or may be suffering like us, Slick and I feel you and that is why I took the time to be clear, concise and factual with what we are experiencing. Good luck.
kurt Bell
I am going through the same thing with mine I feel you. You can call 1-800-224-5318 to report it to the makers. Seems the vets will not makes me suspicious
HI A year ago my dog also had a BAD REACTION. I thought I was going to loose him. He was Lethargic, would not eat or drink and had diarrhea> The vet gave him meds for nausea and antibiotic. He got better but I never gave it to him again. Now I need something and the Seresto collar only lasts 2 months. He’s such a big dog the fleas show up on his bottom first. I have read and read.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Beverly, these articles may be helpful:
How To Get Rid Of Fleas
Homemade Flea & Tick Prevention
Best Flea & Tick Prevention
I feel your pain, as my dog is having both liver & kidney issues just after giving him Bravecto. These ingredients should not be given to animals, they are intended to kill pesticides. Obviously what will kill the bug, will also harm the dog. Should not be on the market! Heartbroken that I am putting my dog thru this while just trying to protect him from ticks! I pray it gets out of his system before it kills him!
I am so scared! A friend of mine suggested Bravecto since the fleas are crazy right now. Her two dogs take it as well and no problems. Reading all this negative stuff about it has me very worried for my Husky.
Do not use it. My parents dog had seizures after taking it and my dogs were very very sick. A friend of mine lost her dog after taking Bravecto. It is not safe for pets!!
Our dog is having panting and not eating and had vomiting and the vet gave her a steroid and naseau meds. How late nb does this last? She had the chewable about 15 hours ago
Ok. So my vet recommended this to me. My Bedlington is 19 weeks old weighing nearly 6kg. First she was fine once she chewed the tablet. Now, she is suffering for runny poo. Constant urinating. Went off her food (which we thought was the flavour so bought another brand) constant drinking of water. Scratting a lot. Howeve, in herself she is the usual hyper puppy !! Am I to take her to the vets ? I’ve since read on the box and it states the puppy should be at least 6months old to take it so really she shouldn’t have had it. SOMEONE HELP!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Call your vet and explain the situation. Best of luck.
Sea Bender
I have a 125 lb. Male Great Pyrnesses. I’ve used Bravecto from April – December for 2 years and the dog hasn’t gotten fleas or ticks. We live on 3 acres of woodland prairie. My dog has had no adverse side effects. I have thought about the fact that my dog is injesting a poison and that worries me. I also gave my dog the Lyme vaccinations. Not sure if these measures will be adverse long term but if you’ve ever experienced a flea infestation in your home (we did 10 years ago with a yellow lab) it took months of heavy duty cleaning and also replacing carpets, mattress and bedding. Terrible experience. Someone mentioned Diatomaceous earth. That works well around baseboards and along the foundation, it definitely keeps ants away. It’s ecologically safe and non toxic.
I have been using Bravecto for years, and my pup receives the Lyme vaccine. If you have ever seen horses and dogs crippled from Lyme’s, you just can’t take the chance. I have never had a problem. I worried more abt the chemicals all over my family and my house using topicals. They were also less effective. The downside is— I keep getting ticks after our walks in the woods.
1st Mags
Although Bravecto seems to act as a tick repellant but the Lyme disease vaccine is not to be omitted. Who is getting ticks on your walks? You or the dog(s)?
Laura Dean
I gave my 2 year old female Great Pyrenees this medicine. We have tics all over. These posts have scared me! She didn’t have a reaction but wouldn’t chew this even when hidden. I broke it in thirds and gave it like a pill. I may use something else next time!
I have given my dog Bravecto 6th May, for the first time. 13 days later she had to be euthanized with bleeding from her rectum and low platelets and being very lethargic. She was old and not well before, but still happy to go for walks and came running to the gate when I came home. I am monitoring my other two dogs, who also got Bravecto at the same day. I personally will never give Bravecto or something similar to my dogs ever again. I think the risk of a reaction is just too big and then there is little that one can do about it. At least with a collar or similar, you can take it off, if your dog gets sick.
Gloria Tate
I gave my 2 dogs the same meds beginning of May.. and just few days a go talk k my dog has been purking off on for 3 days so did puppy purk one time .. plus.. .and the diarrhea but now the diarrhea is gone and the puking is gone I just kept reading them from coconut oil organic praying that they will make it through this if they do I will never get my dog’s this again I hope God is with y’all too and I just pray to God my dogs live
Diane Carr
Please clarify part of your message…”I just kept reading them from coconut oil organic…”
You gave your dog coconut oil? It helped?
I also gave my almost eight year old Golden Retreiver bravecto In May 2018 and I just had to euthanize her on june 28th she was having trouble walking, vet said it was arthritis,(all of a sudden) and her platelets dropped to zero she bled internally and it effected her brain, Please it is just not worth the risk, I’m having a hard time getting over this one. No Bravecto!!
I gave my 10-year-old dog Bravecto On 18 June. She was fine , I then gave her regular sentinel Tablet on July 5. The next night she did not eat that morning she did not eat she was listless We took her to the emergency vet clinic they found she was bleeding internally from her chest cavity they pull blood from her abdomen also. we had to Euthanize her They said there was nothing they could do that it was probably cancer I don’t believe that , she was perfectly healthy until these pills I blame myself . I did not know about the side effects. She was also very happy to take walks still and ran up to the car when we came in the driveway .
Jennifer H
I gave my GSD Bravecto last summer with NO side affects. I live in the country with alot of trees by us. We found a few ticks on her last year before Bravecto, and nothing after. This year the ticks in Illinois are really bad. I tried shampoo. Topical, and tried the home remedies I found on Google search. Still found more ticks. Friday afternoon I gave her Bravecto again and still no side effects. For those of you that did I feel for you. My dog is my life, and when she is sick so am I. I couldn’t imagine life without her. I hope this may help someone else.
I have 5 months old american pittbul Terrier he was sooo energetic playful and 8 May 2018 send him to vet. he gave him BRAVECTO after 24 hrs he los apetite and today the poop was all blood and he cant barely stand. I gave him dextrose powder and hope something will change. His new to us.
Laura Dean
So sorry!
I live in an area that is HUGE with ticks – no fleas-just ticks. The side effects of a tick bite can be as bad as a side effect of a pill. I had terrible experiences with topicals and flea collars are horrible. I tried natural shampoos with little to no effect. I woke up last night with a tick on me and I did not even go out in my yard so I know it came from one of my dogs. I live on a creek with a lot of trees so they are out there no matter what. We spray the yard and that lasts until the next big rain. I am out of options and my vet suggested Bravecto. I am scared to use but don’t know what to do. I have 6 dogs who I love deeply and want them to be healthy. But, do not want them to get tick-borne disease and do not want them to get ill from medicine. I need options and have none. Any ideas?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with ticks, Stacy. I think you may find these two articles helpful:
Homemade Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs
Best Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

I hope you find a solution shortly as we head into summer!

Try Soresto collars. I have 3 big dogs and live in tick central (Southeastern Mass near Cape Cod). They provide up to 8 months of coverage and no powder or residue on the collars.
Can bravecto cause aggression without any provocation?
This is my question. I’ve been giving it to my three dogs for the last 6 months. I recently had to give my pit mix up because her aggression had gotten so bad that she was attacking the other dogs unprovoked, it broke my heart. I never even thought about the flea pill being a cause, but I gave my other two dogs a dose this morning and my sweet hound dog chased my niece across the room barking at her aggressively. Now I’m wondering if that is why my Margo’s demeanor changed after having her two years. It breaks my heart junking I may have been the reason she’s no longer with us.
Julia from all I’ve read, yes. The oral and Topicals both can cause aggression.
Todd Press
A few illiterate morons have jumped on this thread, so in the name of Charles Darwin, I encourage them to go ahead and give their dog Bravecto.
What an awful thing to say. Do you not have anything better to do than spread your negativity on a board for people who are concerned for their pets? Seems like you are the ignorant one. Your comments are not helping anyone. Perhaps it’s best if you go make better use of your time. Rather than randomly putting in your two cents on something you clearly don’t understand, go read a book on how to change your personality.
iolanda de souza
I’m researching about Bravecto because my dog has been having a ridiculous alarming increase in the ALT and something else, that I’m going to check when I get home tonight (her bloods tests results etc.). She was supposed to take Bravecto again in about 10 days, but I already left a message to my vet, to see what’s going on. The only different things I can think of is her treats, that I give one when I leave to work, and the Bravecto. She has been eating the food for hepatic something… Why are you going to use the Milk Thistle? Just curious…getting worried as I read about Bravecto, every where… ๐Ÿ™
I hate idiots like todd
Todd p. You are nothing but a Troll for breve to. YOU are the one with zero credibility – anywhere.
Darlene Chulak Chulak
Not valid data when her pet & other under reported pets have died? Respectfully, responsible pet owners know their pet best & it is shameful that, at the very least, warnings are not issued, due to other agendas. And it is shameful to then badger grieving pet owners who are trying to both come to terms re medical facts & warn others from a similar fate.
there are plenty of other flea control drugs, some are not systemic, but surface only which lowers the possibility of systemic complications as your dog experienced. try to find one that does not have the side effects which your dog experienced.
Todd Press
Hey Ray, “apparently” you’re an MD, but not a DVM, so you have zero credibility here.
And btw, “try to find one that does not have the side effects which your dog experienced” …isn’t that the Veterinarian’s job?
Patricia Knudsen
A medical title does not convey expertise … only $$$$$
Crawl back into your hole Todd with your blanket and suck your thumb or whatever else you can find. Your harm is not welcome here.
Patricia Knudsen
Your response makes sense. Thank you. This idiot, Todd, must be on Merck’s payroll. I am former Goldman Sachs & Co. NYC. I know. Secretaries are privy to too much information. In my case, I copied it!!
I am unsure of the oral Bravecto, but have heard many bad things about it. If you are a member of Facebook, join the group Does Bravecto kill dogs? My personal experience is with a cat and the topical. I used the topical Bravecto and within 12 hours he was vomiting. He never ate on his own again. His intestines shut down. He was 3 years old with no health issues whatsoever. He went from being a playful, loving cat to being dead three weeks after treatment. Personally, I would never use this product on any animal.
Todd Press
Attn: C Zimm

Your post was not helpful. Your comments and assertions are irelevant and you’ve done a disservice to the discourse.

Your experience with Bravecto is subjective and anecdotal and therefore irrelevant. You offer no data to substantiate your point and there is no correlation to incidents of side effects and fatalities. It is useless to suggest that in a universe of one dog (yours) Bravecto didn’t kill it, so that is proof of efficacy. No one needs a reminder to be cautious with pharmaceuticals – that’s an obvious point. Maybe you need to hear it again: Bravecto kills dogs! Can you name any other brand of flea & tick drug that is killing dogs?!

individual reports of problems are not scientific proof of the possible correlation, but such reports are of great value, and you confusion that the anecdotal report is not scientific proof thus has not value, I think is not justified. Such reports are often the basis for designing and doing scientific data collection and analysis, so such reports, though not scientific proof of anything, may have great value in causing, perhaps with other similar reports, enough concern to get a valid scientific evaluation going.
Todd Press
“Such reports are often the basis for designing and doing scientific data collection and analysis” … fyi, clinical trials are conducted and the results are submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration for a marketing approval – BEFORE – commercial launch of a drug! Not subsequently, when they get reports of problems, and decide to look into it…as you’ve suggested. You obviously have no medical training – so get off this thread.
Hi Todd,

I think you are the person who can help me. I’m not interested in the clinical trials for oral flea and tick insecticide for dogs. I’m interested in the long term studies. Where can I find the one for Bravecto. If not Bravecto, I’d be settle a long term study for one of the other favourites, such as Nexgard or Simparica.

Thank you.

Elizabeth mls and biologist
To my knowledge At this point there have not been long term studies completed.
Elizabeth mls and biologist
Nothing is proven in science only supported until other data comes along. Sorry pet peeve.
Todd Press
Bravecto kills dogs! Within 12 hours of taking it, my perfectly healthy dog suffered a life threatening adverse reaction, including the following side effects, listed in sequence of events:
– Panic Attack lasting 2 hours
– Respiratory Distress
– Multiple Convulsions
– A Seizure

As of today, it has been 3 weeks since my dog took Bravecto and to date, and she still has no appetite for her food, but she is constantly drinking water.

Do the research and check for the findings of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Since it was launched in 2014, Bravecto has killed hundreds of dogs, while inflicting critical and lasting side effects on more than 5000 dogs worldwide.

Merck needs to act and pull this dangerous product off the market!

C Zimm
My dog has had all of those symptoms, the scariest being a convulsive-like seizure where his body flopped uncontrollably around the house, from the over-the-counter topical flea treatments. My dog is 8 years old and Bravecto has been the only flea treatment I’ve tried throughout his life that has not resulted in terrible or life threatening side effects. I am not advocating for Bravecto but just want to remind folks that ALL flea treatments, other than natural remedies, are POISON you are either applying to or feeding your dog. It is obviously important to find the right flea remedy for your pet and Bravecto has been the best in terms of causing no symptoms after treatment for my dog. His last seizure was 5 years ago — the last time I used a topical flea treatment.
I have studied the EMA document on Bravecto and I conclude that is within all normal limits for drug safety.
Todd Press
Oh, okay then, thanks for your expert opinion…and I believe in Santa Claus
You are such a nasty person, and your negativity is not helpful or amusing.
Have you had a CBC blood panel on your dog. Ask for a copy. Check kidney and liver . I run a dog daycare,boarding and training facility. My daily interaction with dogs and clients gives me an extensive data base . I hear repeatedly the same symptoms your dog has experienced . I’ve raised dogs for 37 years and have been involved with canine research at UC Davis concerning adverse reactions to vaccines in Weims. I live in a county that has the highest incident of tick born illness in the U.S. Although I do use a topical during high tick times only I don’t recommend Bravecto. For a product to poison the blood for three months common sense should dictate this is toxic. The liver and kidneys take the role of detox. If damage to these organs have occurred you can reverse the effects. Seek a Holistic Vet.Hope you dog has recovered.
Hello, I gave Bravecto to my 3 year old English bulldog 5 days ago. Two days after taking it he started vomiting saliva with something white that seems like mucus, we took him to the vet where they gave him some medicines for the kidney, antibiotics and fluids through the IV. He was very weak and hot, on Tuesday he was still vomiting and couldn’t eat anything so we took him to the vet again and they gave him some vitamins. Today (Thursday) he stay all day at the vet where he was still under observation and taking medicines through the IV, when he came home he was better, he could eat without vomiting but still had a little nausea. The thing is that at 10 pm he started like chocking, making an strange noise, that I assumed was him trying to expel all the mucus but he couldn’t, we took him again to the vet and he said that was because he had an allergic reaction and his throat was inflamed, so he gave him an injection of anti inflamatori and anti allergic. Right now he is fine but I am deadly scare that something is really wrong because I have read of a lot of dogs that die from this Bravecto, plus I am from Ecuador so this medicine is new here and the vets don’t have a lot of experience with it. My question is that if this reactions are normal? Or what else kind of exams or treatment do you recommend? Thank you so much for your time!! I really hope you can give me an answer because I am desperate
Mr Press, you’re definitely funny. Don’t you know that no one will take you seriously with the way you talk? You react like a Drama Queen
I have a 8 yrs old pom, had her annual check up done on a Friday, gave her Bravecto, Sat morning and was called back in for a new blood check up her ast and alt and cpk was three times more than the Fridays blood work up. The vet told me not to give her anymore, which i will not ever give her Bravecto, again. She has always been healthy and active. I am giving her Milk thistle and we will do more blood work up in 5 months, if she lives.
Bravest will kill your dog it also causes liver failure and kidney failure. After second dose of my boxer, the other two so far are ok but I am detoxing them would rather live with the fleas than five bravecto.
I believe it’s been mentioned, but Facebook has an entire page devoted to this topic. It’s called does bravecto kill dogs. I would be immensely concerned with a product known to kill dogs! Scary stuff. We use K9 advantage II for the last 8 months (our puppy is 10 months old.) I’ve been told that Frontline isn’t quite working on killing fleas. We are going to try putting food grade diatomateous earth outside to control fleas. My neighbors have fleas badly and I’ve seen some in our backyard as a result. I know that the K9 advantage repels the fleas so your dog does not need to be bitten to prevent fleas. It also repels mosquitos quite well. I’ve seen the mosquitoes get close to my pups fur and just fly off. Hope my comment helps. The one problem with the advantage is it does not work against ticks. I believe there is a tick only collar however which we will use for camping.
Cheryl Gwen McAlpine
Thank you both very much. I am going to look into this collar. And yes, there does seem to be a great deal of concern for profit among many vets. Sad.
Michelle Schenker (Admin)
Strangely enough, we were presented with new flea options by our vet office last week too and they suggested either Bravecto or Seresto collar. The vet claimed that fleas are growing immune to Frontline and Vectra after years of pet owner use to fight them. After the info Gwen shared here, we decided to go with the Seresto collar but have not started it yet as I want to do more research. Has anyone heard of this? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Len Chel
Vets are keen to Bravecto because its new and a real cash cow for them (expensive). I’ll admit I got it for my 2 Siberians but will decline future use. I’ll go back to my tried and true Petzlife: Herbal Defense Powder.
As for the monthly spot application products on the back, every northern breed dog I’ve by owned by the stuff drives them weird with panting, pacing etc. etc. That stuff is a toxin great for killing fleas and ticks but it still affects them too.
the vet , unless he or she has stock in bravecto does not make any money on bravecto unless it is sold to you via the clinic . you can order it on line thru heartland .you fill out the info , they contact your vet , they ok it , and its a lot less of a price . if your vet wont ok it , yet sells it , its time to change vets now .
My vet prescribed it then directed me to purchase it from their site so they make the profit. Gross!!
Agree. Also, everyone using Bravecto or any other medication against fleas and ticks should be Aware that your giving your pet a pesticide, NOT MEDICINE! Therefore, after trying many natural products and not successfull I did used Bravecto, but I always gave my pets a lower dose, for example, for medium pet I gave him the dose of a small pet therefore there will be less toxic in his body, reduce any secondary effects and still got the same results. If you use the normal dose, appropriate for his weight but decide to give your pet half the dose by cutting the pill by half, It won’t work, because the active ingredient is never evenly spread on the pill, therefore, you might end up giving your pet the most toxic part of the pill. We do in Medicine, specially when we apply anesthesia.
Michelle Schenker (Admin)
More info from Gwen:
I ask my dog’s cancer vet. She said that she did not like any of the flea prevention pills. She said only to use the liquids: either Advantage Plus or Vectra. The problem now is that our dogs have buzz cuts & roll on rugs, leading to their rubbing off the flea liquid just after it’s applied.

My young dog had awful symptoms from a flea pill as a puppy. Our vet actually posted a sign about it because so many dogs vomited from it. Since then, our dog has had cancer twice. So we are cautious.

audrey leow
I fed my 3 dogs bravecto. One with only one dosage. The 2nd one vomited blood after 2nd dosage .The oldest dog vomited for days .She suffered seizures as well. Sent her to the vet for check up. Did blood test, Ultra scan and cushing disease test ,Utra scan shows no tumor but she has enlarged liver and adrenal gland and with very high liver values. Vet said most likely it is Toxicity. I only gave her Bravecto. She stays indoor with no access to other poisonous stuff.
Please do check the FB group Does bravecto kills dogs or Is bravecto safe?
I will never ever feed them that.
Side effects like seizures was stated in the information leaflet on the topical application but not the Oral one.
If the vet prescribes a toxic pill that is knowingly harmful to dogs, aren’t they liable for the subsequent vet bills? Or is this a scam to make dogs sick so they can charge to treat them?

Class action?

My dog and my brother’s dog have never been together. Both took Bravecto and went blind. They each were diagnosed with SARDS-sudden acute retinal dysfunction. My dog vomited, peed a lot, and had twitches. I have no way to know for sure, but symptoms started only after taking Bravecto.
(Canis lupus familiaris) are domesticated mammals, not natural wild animals. They were originally bred from wolves. They have been bred by humans for a long time and were the first animals ever to be domesticated. … They are a popular pet because they are usually playful, friendly, loyal and listen to humans.