Is Bravecto safe for dogs?

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Hello. I am writing for your opinion on using Bravecto, the pill that provides 12-week flea & tick protection. My vet is keen on it. My concern is that one of my two dogs has had cancer twice; also she reacted badly (vomiting) to a similar pill when she was a puppy. What is your advice? Thank you


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Kimberly Alt (Admin)

I wanted to share my experience with Bravecto. We gave it to our dog Sally this spring per our vet’s recommendation. (FYI, we absolutely love our vet and she has been absolutely fabulous with Sally.) It was a chewable tablet that offered ~4 months of protection I believe. At the time, I hadn’t heard any of the side effects that pets were experiencing or I would’ve asked my vet for more information.

As one of the comment moderators for Canine Journal, my heart breaks reading all of our readers’ comments about what Bravecto has done to your pets. Fortunately, our Sally has been completely healthy and happy and didn’t get sick from the Bravecto. In the future, I will ask more questions up front about potential side effects of medications and do research on what my vet recommends for my dog. I consider us to be very lucky that nothing bad happened to our sweet Sally.

I want to express my sorrow for those of you who have given Bravecto to your dogs and they have gotten ill from it. I can’t imagine how it feels to be in your shoes and I want to thank you for sharing your experiences with our community so other pet parents can be more informed.


Please never take it for granted that your dog will always be ok on Bravecto. After all, what you are doing is topping up the poison every few months ! then one day !!!!! there’s no turning back, its like playing Russian Roulette, I have battled saving my dogs life for months. After the first Bravecto she collapsed totally unconscious, I didn’t make the connection, until 3 months later after her next Bravecto she went into full blown seizures. I have battled, I’ve detoxed her and still have her on CBD oil, she is alive but sadly struggling still.

Kimberly Alt (Admin)

Thank you for the reminder. I plan on asking my vet about alternatives at our next appointment for my dog. I’m so sorry your dog had a terrible response to Bravecto.

Neota Howard

Am so sorry about your dog. Bravecto was just recommended by the vet, because they no longer sell, advantage 2. After reading the packaged information and reviews, am afraid to use it. My baby is 17 years old with kidney and liver issues, that aren’t a problem now, so I don’t want to create a problem.


DO Not do it! I hope you didn’t. Look up Springtime Inc and Bug Off Garlic instead.

Sick of all the chemicals

I know people will say, no! Garlic is toxic to dogs! But I have read only if in super large quantities, depending on the size of your dog. I know that I have given my dogs people food spiced with garlic and they’re just fine. I can’t imagine the little garlic in these tabs are any worse that the dang chemicals and pesticides that are laden Ed in Adventist’s,frontline, bravecto etc. every time I go to use frontline on my one labs, he looks at it and runs. He is so sad to have it on him, makes his skin crawl. I’m afraid he will have a seizure one day. Vets are brainwashed by their distributors, and lets face it, they make a lot of of off these. But, what is the safest to give? I have young living oils and they have recipes for anti- flea and tick. I may uptey that?


My dog got very sick eating a couple of spoonfuls of pulled pork with bbq sauce on it. I will no longer give him any garlic or onions.


Pork is what did it. Pork will give animals pancreas. Think about it, do you ever see pork in dog food?

David Barry

The pancreas is an organ that’s a part of the digestive system. No food of any kind can create an organ.


She obviously meant Pancreatitis.

Justin M Smith

Yup I have seen pork dog food, Lotus sells Pork Loin dog food cans.


Arden grange do a pork kibble


So does acana pork and squash


I give my Yorkie boneless pork loin (boiled), and rice mixed w/ “Dr. Harvey’s Raw Vibrance” because he’s allergic to chicken, and he tolerates pork better than anything else. Pork ISN’T that high in fat. Dogs and humans need some fat. Check the fat contents of most canned dog foods.
He has Colitis and has had horrible Pancreatitis since he was 1 year old. He will not eat ANY Prescription Diet ID foods. Since he was diagnosed in August of 2018 I have tried everything, purchased everything and cooked everything. Organ meats like beef kidneys are good for Pancreatitis.

Shelly Collins

no BBQ sauce


Garlic occasionally and small bits depending on the size of your dog is safe, onion is toxic!

Prine Karen Lee

In Canada as of April 2019 vet visit…there is no warning about seizures after administration of Bravecto ….I just read the entire package insert. This company should be charged!


Same happens in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. No warnings and even more… they prefer this other than the liquid you put in the neck of the dog once a month. The dose they gave me is for dogs between 10 and 20 kilos. Mine has 10 so… is on the limit and will get higher toxicity than a 20 kilos dog. Fortunately I entered here BEFORE giving this poison to my dog and I will throw 80 dollars to the trash NOW so no other dog get this. Something inside of me told me don’t do it.

Janet Smith

I am in Canada…No warning. Here is my time line Apr 24 gave brafecto…May 4th my male mutt had his 1st ever GM Seizure. May 9th our Goldendoodle died…autopsy inconclusive, May 26th had to put our older healthy Labradoodle down as she could not eat or stand. May 27th the male mutt had 3 GM Seizures. Started phenobarbital and 3 month later the phenobarbital destroyed his bone marrow and his white blood cells have dropped to a very concerning level. He has been weened off of the pheno and onto Keppra but his white blood cells have not moved up. Fingers crossed next weeks blood test is better. It is a wait and see game now. Thank you very much you F’en Brafecto! One day karma is going to get your stupid company!!!

Loretta Harris

Janet Smith, have you tried using essential oils? Lavender oil has been proven to raise white blood cells, in a human study. When applied to the skin and massaged the results of the blood study were very interesting. Not sure on which site I read about it but have a look. Also, coconut oil and frankincense are excellent immune system boosters. I use lavender and frankincense externally to help relax my nervous 11 year old pup and it helps alot. I dilute it in coconut oil.I also add a little virgin coconut oil to her food. I hope you win the battle with your little one. P.s. I purchased Bravecto yesterday on the advice of out vet- needless to say, I will NOT be giving this to my fur baby!


Why is it that the vet keeps on recommending it?
My puppy is 8 months old and my vet also recommended it. I informed her that I was a bit scared of Bravecto (heard of the rumors) but she kept on telling me her dogs did just fine with it..
Needless to say I haven’t given it to him. It is still in the box. Too scared to give it….

Andy A

We have a cocker spaniel, this is the 5th time we had given her it. She is shaking and shivering like she is having the DT’s. I would try something else


Hi Jane, My Lab started with seizures after Bravecto – I found an amazing holistic doctor that concluded that. I search everywhere for an answer when my Hemingway started with the horrible seizures. Then obviously the vet prescribed him into antiseizure meds and nothing was working until I started the CBD and avoid dog food. Changing to a natural diet completely. And Hemi is recovering very well. We had been dealing with seizures for years, and I just didn’t know why! But now I know. So if you can start your baby with CBD oil, it really is better than the horrible meds they produce for our fur babies.


Pauline, I am so sorry for what your dog is going through. Sadly, we lost TWO of our dogs after giving them a dose of Bravecto this past fall. Before that, they were healthy, active and had good appetites. We had given them Bravecto before and one of them got very sick. Our vet thought it was a brain infection, so that’s what he treated her for. She got better and was released to come home. She never fully recoverd to her old self, but we thought it was residual effects of the ‘brain infection’. Then four months later we gave them anoter dose of Bravecto. And they both died of organ failure,caused by the active ingredient in Bravecto, Fluralaner.

I don’t know how to get people to understand that just because their dog or cat tolerated it “just fine” the other times they took it, doesn’t mean they won’t eventually suffer a painful, agonizing death. My husband and I did a lot of research on this after they died because Bravecto was the only common factor in their deaths. And what we learned is that hundreds of thousands of pets have died or are now suffering agonizing organ failure or seizures, or both.


I had no problems with my babies. Put them on Bravecto after a nasty scare with a tick with one of them and within months my amazing girl who had no issues before was diagnosed with a mass n her liver. The specialist said he had seen this with a few dogs but to have gotten so big was hnqiue, not unheard of though unique. Since surgery I stopped using this Bravector or like and she has ongoing issues. My girl was 11 and half and had no issues. JUST after 6 months into using bravecto she has problems. Huge warning. This stuff needs alot more testing on indecent human beings.

Prine Karen Lee

Us too. This issue needs to exposed

Rosina Malone

We have just lost our totally beloved Doxie boy , he went into resp failure two weeks after bravecto , vets could give no reason , I ( as a human nurse recognised his almost poisoned symptoms , foaming at the mouth and complete respiratory failure , we feel as if we have murdered our own child , he was so treasured . Please please don’t believe all you are told .


This breaks my heart for you! We have 2 Doxies and we just gave them the Bravecto last night and haven’t seen any issues. I pray nothing happens to them. 🙁

Leticia Galdiano

I just gave my Gordo a bravecto that the vet recommended and now I’m freaking out…I wish I could just pump it out of his stomach after reading these reviews


Please watch them closely! I gave my healthy Maltese ( she had just had a complete physical just days before at the vets) a dose of Bravecto and with in days she started having respirator problems. Heavy labored breathing so I took her to the veterinary and she was diagnosed with heart failure. I’m heartbroken! If she pulls through she will have to take meds for the rest of her life.


Have had no problems with bravecto actually one of my dogs had bad skin from fleas but bravcto has cleared it all up have been using for a few years now


I’m so sorry to hear this. I feel the same way. I totally failed my sweet baby boy Tonka. He was only a year and a half old. He was very healthy. I gave him bravecto 11-7-2019 he passed away 11-22-19. He stopped eating and drinking water and passed away at the cold animal hospital ALONE. My heart is completely broken. I’m responsible.

Prine Karen Lee

Our dog has suffered seizures since on Bravecto. Went to vet and they still prescribed it. Anyone with half a brain would not prescribe a medication that could cause seizures to a patient that is having seizures with no yet diagnosed cause!

mj dell

My 2 year old Australian labradoodle has had 8 seizures since July 3rd 2019. He had taken 2 doses of Bravecto in 2018 and one dose in May 2019. I’ve been to emergency 5x and still no diagnosis. He’s been on Keppra for 3 weeks. Possibly epilepsy, but after talking to my breeder there’s me no history in her line.

Bravecto is the best

Have been giving this to my dogs for years and have never had a problem.


What breed of dog and how much does he/she weigh?


Same here

David Gray

ARSENICUM ALBUM in large doses to clean the organsand system .

Rachael Orrock

How do you detox them from it, I have 2 pups now 2.5 yo they both have seizures, one not under control even though she has 3 high doses of drugs, started at 18months
Mum was put on bravecto while pregnant and we think this may have caused issues, another pup had clef pallet and one abnormal organs and dwarfism

Megan Meyers

I wish I had known before I gave Huxley his first chewable on July 12 2018.

The damage isn’t always immediate, it can develop slowly and then hit like a tubesock full of nickels.

Pet parents, please please please don’t ignore the outcries. Bravecto and Nexgard are very popular options that are being PUSHED hard by vets, PUSH BACK.

Please talk to your families and friends, the risk isn’t worth the “reward”. I’d rather bathe in parasites before giving my babies anymore of this flavorful poison.

Catherine A Garcia

OMG! My girlfriends 4 year old dog is dying right now as I write! The vet pushed this pill on her daughter to give her dog this. I can’t believe how this dog is dying in front of their eyes!


My 4 year old boxer is the same as we speak. Gave him this poison vet crap a week ago.

Erika AleidAns

So did my boy he was 4 .This is pure poison and the company should remove it from the market .


So true! Its not always immediately. Over a few days to a few weeks they can become deathly ill.


Also, it is the Vet’s responsibility to understand the potential side effects and to educate us about the toxic drug. But, then again if dogs become ill, it’s more money for the Vets; right?


My dog is throwing up like a gooey whitish liquid after taking bravecto

Apiffany Gaither Billings (Admin)

That sounds like it could be an adverse reaction. Please contact your vet with your concerns.

G Taylor

My family is devastated that our healthy dog developed volatile seizures after starting Brevecto. It was the only new thing added to her life and there were no other changes. The Vet Neurologist has put her on seizure meds but she still seizes. It is so painful to watch and she goes blind and hostile after them. I bought this in my vet’s office. So many don’t know what’s happening to so many dogs on this. It’s not worth trying. We are devastated.

Micaela Grill

All these dogs with Bravecto reactions — are you people checking for the MDR1 gene mutation first? Ivermectin products can be deadly for certain breeds, mostly sheepdogs and sheepdog mixes. General rule — white feet, don’t treat. University of Washington tests cheek swabs for $60 — do it yourself, not through your vet, you’ll pay up to 5 times the test fee if the vet does it, they’ll say they have to send a blood sample so they can charge you lab fees. Never give Bravecto to a mutt or sheepdog without this test.

Alan and Andrea Sargeant

We used Bravecto on our Cavalier King Charles spaniel and she had several seizures! It was terrible to watch. Really long seizures. This year we have been advised to use Advantixii instead and are crossing our fingers. She uses Interceptor Plus for Heartworm. You can imagine we are hesitant and not sure what to do.

Dog Mommy

My advice is don’t do it. May 2018 our dog was diagnosed with low grade mass cell cancer. He was also started on Bravecto for flea prevention. Was told the cancer was low grade & he still had many years ahead of him. He never showed any side effects from the Bravecto. Spring 2019 he got a lump under the skin on his shoulder that grew in size from walnut to ping pong ball to extra large egg when it was finally removed surgically. He recovered, but then a couple months later he developed a much larger, harder lump on the same shoulder that grew to the point we had to let him go July 2019.

I didn’t know anything about Bravecto at the time we were giving it to him except that the vet & the rescue we got him from both raved about it. We have another rescue dog now & this time I decided to do my research on Bravecto & other flea meds to see exactly how they work & that’s when I found all the info about all the different side effects.

There’s a big party of me that now wonders if Bravecto accelerated his cancer. I’m still researching info on it but I will never again give this to any dog I own.


Hello, my heart goes out for the people that had such a traumatic experience with this medication. I have three Jack Russel Terriers that are used to being treated with Revolution 12% … i just bought three doses of Bravecto pills and i believe God saved us, me and my wife from giving it to them at the first chance…. so i sat on it … and talking with my mother she said Bravecto was dangerous. Didn’t take much to find in the internet a great deal of reports of that sort so … im not giving it Thank God ! But i have to ask …. is the topical formulation associated with the same side effects ? Or is it safe since its topical ? Does anyone knows of these serious side effects with the topical formulation or should i abandon it altogether ?

C Jarvis

Oh my gosh !! Be thankful ! There’s bad stuff going on and you can’t trust the vets who tell you a pill for your dog . They are trying to kill our dog and family because I complained about Virginia Beach , va city officials !! Please be careful ! A lot of people and animals have died !!

Yashashree Chavan

Hello! My dog got his first seizure today. On doctor’s recommendation I did put him on bravecto. He had has second dose last month. I am now connecting the dots. That sh*t is toxic as hell. Please do not give Bravecto to your baby. I’m worried he might get more seizures after today. Can someone give some tips on how to detoxify him?


For everyone who has commented about side effects from Bravecto please contact Merck and open a case report on your pet. The vet team at Merck will need to analyze the information. I started a case report on our dog (14 year old Sheltie) who suddenly developed renal failure, pancreatitis , ataxia, tremors and anorexia after a single dose. She still won’t eat or drink independently. Your reports may help future dogs and cats.


Our mixed breed, Rigsby (69#’s) was given his first vet recommended dose of Bravecto 9/19. Then again per package instructions. He had his first seizure May 2019 and has had 5 more since. 37 to 44 days apart. I didn’t associate this POISON with the seizures and stupidly gave him a dose in July 2019. My vet is not on board with my belief that Bravecto is responsible, and thinks my 8 year old healthy, slim, active pup has epilepsy. But I believe it’s the Bravecto. I have not even given him his heart worm pill as I’m hoping all toxins will flush from his body. Bravecto is a neurotoxin, why else can it kill a flea or tick when they bite the animal. Don’t give this poison to your animals, EVER.

Liz Tempel

I gave my dog a 3 month dose of Bravecto last summer. He was itching and biting like crazy like he had fleas but I flea combed him every day and found nothing. Fast forward to this summer and another 3 month dose of this crap. Still the intense scratching and biting, but also involuntary leg twitches as well as he seems spaced out at times and doesn’t understand commands sometimes and slows down on walks and has to be coaxed to get going again. My vet said it was not from Bravecto. Said the itching and scratching was from allergies and gave him allergy medication that did not work. He also seemed depressed and very lethargic. I gave him the Bravecto in July and he seems to be coming around now but still not his old self. Will never give this piece of crap drug to him again. I am now searching for a holistic vet.

Vick S

Please report any adverse effects of the drugs you observe to FDA though online form.


My young redbone hound was miserable and covered with fleas, after trying a collar and a topical. I finally took her to the vet(which I cannot afford and have rarely had to do with past animals) and having researched Bravecto that they had recommended, I gave her the 3-month dose. She also got a rabies shot. About a week later I noticed her energy level had dropped but I attributed this to the extreme heat. It’s now about 3 weeks later and she has lost considerable weight and has NO vitality, doesn’t even want to go for our walks. I’m not sure what I’ll do, nor if the Bravecto is the cause but there were no other factors, and so I am writing to give my input just in case this is the cause. BTW, I’ve never given my outdoor dog an internal medicine for fleas in the past, but they were so bad this year that I was driven to take the chance. I had, as always, concerns about giving my dog a strong chemical internally, but didn’t know what else to do. Good luck everyone. Not sure what the answer is.


Update please! I just gave my dog Bravecto and she got her shots as well. I’m so terrified!!

Irene Hunter

I took my dog Riley to my Vet last Wednesday~the Vet recommended Bravecto chewables for him.
5 days later, Riley was euthanized….he had every side effect listed for Bravecto chewables.
It was a nightmare….I’m devastated, heartbroken, and miss my buddy Riley, more than anyone can imagine. 🙁


Hi All,

I need immediate help from all of you , my GSD is suffering from both fleas and ticks for the last couple of months.
I have tried using “Fixotic Advance” but it didn’t work as per expectation. Can you please suggest which medicine should I go for my GSD? One of my friend suggested me to use “Bravecto” , can you please suggest whether it will be useful or it has any serious side effect.

Kimberly Alt (Admin)

Have you read the comment thread? Hundreds of pet parents have stated the issues their dogs have faced due to their pets taking Bravecto. Talk to your vet about alternatives and avoid Bravecto.


I think if your dog has exhibited adverse reactions as listed in the page above to the similar pill it is better to be safe and have a vet and oncologist agree to usage rather than any online feedback.

M mcbride

I am sorry for any of you that has a bad experience with Bravecta. I tried EVERY natural remedy there was for fleas for my fur baby because I hate using medicine
I’m not against it,but it is my last resort. My fur baby was INFESTED with them and finally I had to put my own selfish issues aside and give in to medicine. He was miserable. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t walk 5 feet without stopping to itch, they were literally EVERYWHERE. Our vet prescribed Bravecta and it was AMAZING and a miracle, at least for us. Every fur baby is different with how it works,luckily we were very fortunate. If anyone asked if I would recommend it,i would tell them our own personal experience and that thats for them to decide. I am happy we used it. It makes me sad for those it didnt work for, and unfortunately that’s the downfall when trying or using prescribed medicine it’s a risk and naturally you hope and pray doe the best.


Is there anybody who can tell us what to do when they first show signs 3-4 days later, of taking this stuff. Shivering, hiding, and refusing to walk. Over munching on grass.
Just put 2 and 2 together, saw my mom had given her a dose, and left the package on the counter. Could not figure out why she is acting so weird. Won’t go back to her conventional doctor. Should I fast her, put her on something to flush her system, she has been on raw food for 4 years, but gets the typical conventional shots, and vaccines.
Will have to find a holistic vet in the Vancouver BC area. Until then any suggestions? Good luck everybody.

Janet Smith

Linda my beautiful wee boy a Caymanian Hound, looks like a Samoyed, had a terrible reaction to Bravecto. He lost all the hair from under his chin all over his tummy to the tip,of his tail. I asked my vet for a liver analysis and his enzymes were very high. I put him on Milk Thistle and within a week his liver count was back to normal. this was three years ago, so Best Wishes for your wee ones quick recovery. The Milk Thistle detoxifies the liver.

Dana Wiggins

My Boston has lost his hair from his back to his tail and on his hind legs after taking Bravecto. My vet is running thyroid tests tomorrow..think I should ask for a liver function test too!


Can you tell me more about milk thistle and how (Is it liquid) to give it to my dog? Did you immediately stop giving him the Bravecto? I heard the Seresto collar is better to use on dogs. Have you heard anything about them. Thank you!

Geri DeYoung

My 3.5 yr.old Golden Doodle had her first dose of oral Bravecto 4/19 & second dose 7/19 (and LAST DOSE). In July, it was suspected she had a hearing impairment. After three local vet evaluations, it was determined that she was deaf. This was sudden & without known cause. There have been no health problems until the Bravecto dosing. I took her to the MSU VET CLINIC in Lansing for a thorough evaluation by several Doctors & medical staff. Two days of tests were done including neurological workup, labs, complete ear scoping under general anesthesia, CT scan, spinal tap, brain stem evaluation-all results normal. Doctors said this is the first case they ever had seen at MSU in a healthy dog this young. I have no doubt in my mind it was a result of the toxicity of Bravecto. Proofing it is another issue. I feel responsible for giving her this poison & saddened that she is restricted in some of her daily routines. She is not the happy dog I once knew. My heart aches for those owners who have gone through worse scenarios & even death of their pets. I am hoping that even if only one pet/pet owner is spared the agony that so many have gone through, this attempt to take Bravecto off the market is well worth it. Our pets are family & deserve to be given that same love.
This drug is toxic, poisonous & in too many cases lethal.


Been giving my dogs brave to for awhile now, probably a few years, no problems until this last dose, my oldest Doxie started foaming at the mouth and vomiting blood. I thought she woui pull through. There’ll be no more brave to given to my babies.

Jenny S

It just killed our neighbor’s 2 dogs. Vets toxicology tests proved there was nothing else in their systems. PROVEN IT KILLED THEM BOTH!!!

Clare mccormack

This has caused my dog so much pain. She had an allergic reaction to it 2 months ago. Since then she last 3 kg in weight, has had constant diahorrea, lethargic, her coat lost its shine and today another £90 bill as she still isnt right after taking it. Avoid it at all costs.

Brittany S

Our vet had suggested Bravecto to us a month ago and we decided that we would try it for our dogs. Our dog Buck is fine, however our Bella is not. She started deficating blood and vomiting blood(A lot of it)! We were really stumped and didn’t even think of Bravecto until $3,000 later. We have taken her to 3 different vets and unfortunately they don’t recognize Bravecto as the source. She has not stopped deficating blood and is losing weight quick. Does anyone know of a detox? We are trying one now, but in case it does not work. She is slowly dying and it is devistating to watch. Our family will not be complete without her. My heart goes out to those who have fallen victim to this awful pecticide. I wish vets would address it for what it is a PECTICIDE!

Michael Brits

I just gave my two dogs and one cat Bravecto. My one dog is acting strangely so I Googled and found this site. I am worried. What can I give her to mitigate any of the side affects discussed here. Thanks Mike


My beautiful 2 year old Boston suffered 3 violent seizures after taking Bravecto. My vet told me that Boston’s are prone to seizures and probably shouldn’t be given that again. That Bravecto lowers the seizure threshold in certain pets. Um, no. It CAUSES seizures in pets with no history. I have had Boston Terriers for over 20 years and not one has had a seizure. So, I googled Bravecto and what I found gutted me. I poisoned my baby. To poison the flea and ticks you have to poison the host, your pet. No one is telling people this. I called Merck and contacted my vet, who has ghosted me. Luckily, my baby seems to be ok, for now. So sorry for the less fortunate pet owners that have had to have their baby die. Make your voices known, the drugs in the Isoxazoline class are poison. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo. Was sold to me with a smile, thank you, and enjoy your weekend.

Jennifer Fike

NOOOOOOO this killed my healthy Pug!! Horrible