DIY Dog Costume Ideas: 10 Different Costumes Your Pup Can Wear


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Thinking of dressing up your dog this holiday season? Whether you are dressing your pup for Christmas, Halloween, or some other holiday, it’s hard not to outfit our canine companions in costumes we love.

You have two options when it comes to dog costumes. You can either get a store-bought costume that will cost you anywhere from $10-$50, or you can make your own with some simple materials and tools found around the house.

Many of these DIY costumes are quite easy to find materials for and put together. They are even easier to put together than most DIY doggy clothes or DIY dog projects. Most of the materials can be found at your local arts and crafts store and are relatively inexpensive to make. Here are 10 great DIY dog costume ideas you can buy or make on a budget.

Ghost Doggy

Doggy in DIY ghost sheet costume holding Happy Halloween sign in its mouth
One of the easiest costumes you can DIY is just a sheet with some holes for the eyes.

A ghost dog costume can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. All you need is an old sheet and some very delicate elastic bands (you don’t want to cut off circulation).

If your pup has a long tail, cut the bottom edge of the sheet so that he/she won’t trip on it when they run around. Then tie one end of a band. Slip the band over your dog’s head and then around their neck. Finally, tie a knot with that end of the elastic band, so it stays in place.

The ghost sheet should now be draped all around them like a white shroud (or bedsheet!). Make any alterations to this costume if needed for comfort by adding or removing cloth pieces from the dog’s neck, shoulders, or belly.

This is a perfect costume for Halloween and can be combined with other costumes, like an angel where the ghost dog is trying to scare someone!

Hot Dogger

Small black and white spotted dog in DIY hot dog costume
The hot dogger is a quick costume you can put together in a pinch.

This is a classic costume for most pups. You can turn them into a literal “hot dog” with creative cloth work. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear as soon as you see your pup wearing it.

You’ll need the following:

  1. Hot dog bun or pillow to cover your pup’s waist or stomach.
  2. Red, yellow, and green felt for the hot dog, mustard, and relish.
  3. Scissors for cutting the felt.
  4. White thread and needle to sew it together.

Once you’ve used these materials to put together your dog’s costume, it’s just a matter of ensuring it fits your pup. If you only have a white pillow, you can DIY this with a tan pillowcase.


Dog in DIY super hero costume red cape and mask with blue background
The Superdog is another quick and easy DIY dog costume that can be made from materials around the house.

Superdog is a quick and easy costume that will make your pup look like your favorite caped crusader. This simple costume is made out of a facemask that your dog can see out of, as well as a cape that drapes across their back.

You’ll need the following:

  1. Your favorite color of felt (two different colors).
  2. Scissors to cut the felt.
  3. Felt glue to glue the felt together.

This costume is simple and DIY. You just need to create the same outline for your dog’s cape. Draw it on your favorite felt, and match it on the same size with the other felt color. Cut it all out so that both felt colors are the shape of a cape in the exact same size. Then you’ll glue them together, so you have a double-sided cape that’s two different colors.

You then will do the same exact steps in the shape of a mask. You’ll connect the back areas of the mask with a small piece of elastic rubber to keep it on your pup while watching the positioning of the ears. Attach the cape around your pup by tying it at the front and keeping it loose.

Lion Dog

Pug in DIY lion costume with harry mane sitting looking at camera outside jungle-like background
The Lion costume is an easy one to put together with a DIY Lion’s mane.

A lion costume would be an excellent idea if you want to dress up your pup as something really different from what everyone else is going with this year! Especially if you have a big dog! There are many lion costumes out there but they can cost anywhere between $20-$50, depending on which kind you choose.

What’s great about creating a DIY Lion Costume yourself, however, is that it won’t cost nearly as much as other costumes. You’ll need to find some furry texture or yarn at your local craft store and glue it together on an elastic band. All you do from there is place it around your dog’s neck gently like you would a collar, and voila. Instant Lion!

Firefighter Dog

Two pug dogs sitting in fire fighter hats and jacket in red and yellow colors on white background
The firefighter dog can be created from a child’s costume lying around the house.

For all you parents out there, this one can be quite easy! All you need is a child’s costume from a prior year, which many parents have. While this costume can be bought from most retailers as a dog costume, you can’t beat free if you have the outfit already have it. Expect to pay around $50 for one of these brand new.

If you have one lying around, it’s easy! Just make a few cuts with your scissors for the body of your fireman costume, and use a comfortable elastic band around the hat to place on your pup. Instant costume for no additional cost!

Ladybug Dog

Small white toy dog with lady bug DIY wings on back and antennae on head on brown background
The Ladybug is a true DIY dog costume that you can assemble with markers and cardboard.

This DIY costume is quite easy to assemble. You can make your pup look like a ladybug with just a little bit of leg work. This costume is cheap to make and can be done in just a few hours.

You’ll need the following:

  1. Cardboard and scissors.
  2. Red spray paint (only if cardboard isn’t already red in color).
  3. Black marker.
  4. Elastic bands for connecting the wings.
  5. Earmuffs or headband.
  6. Felt pipe cleaners and fluffy puffs for antennae.

To create this quick and easy costume, all you need to do is trace over the areas to create the wings on cardboard. Cut them out. Paint them red, followed by using a black marker to color the spots. From there, you’ll connect the two wings using a piece of elastic so that they flow effortlessly as your dog walks.

Afterward, you’ll take the earmuffs or headband and attach pipe cleaners, as well as the fluffy puffs for the antennae. You’ll place the headband on your dog, and presto, Ladybug costume!

Count Dogula

Pug sitting outside in Dracula costume black cape with red collar smiling outside
Count Dogula is easy to put together with a cape that can be fashioned out of household materials.

Similar to super dog, Count Dogula is a quick and easy costume that will make your pup look like your favorite vampire. This costume only requires a longer cape and can be made with some simple material, and some felt.

You’ll need the following:

  1. Black Fabric for the cape.
  2. Red felt for the neck liner.
  3. Scissors to cut the felt and fabric.
  4. Felt glue to glue the felt and fabric together.
  5. Elastic bands to tie together the neck area of the cape.

To create this costume, you just need to cut out the black fabric and have it long enough so that it extends past the back end of your dog. This can be done in a somewhat square shape with a tapered neck area.

You’ll need to cut out red felt to line the neck area of the cape. You’ll then glue together the red felt onto the neck of the cape and tie it around your pup’s neck. You really don’t need fangs, but a touch of fake blood on the front of their chest might make for a nice doggy vampire look!

Garden Doggy

Jack Russel Terrier in fake carrot costume with orange felt around legs and plastic greenery around body
The Bush Doggy can be created with houseplants attached to a dog harness.

While this costume might be a little less comfortable for your canine companion, it’s really quite easy. You can assemble this costume in under an hour with some basic things that are available at home.

You’ll need:

  1. An old T-shirt (preferably green).
  2. Scissors.
  3. Some fake bush trimmings.
  4. Some glue.
  5. Optional rubber boots.

Make sure the T-shirt is the right size for your pup. Usually, one that will fit snugly, depending on your dog’s size. This will look the best if the t-shirt is colored green. You’ll then take some clippings from fake trees you may have around your home. You may need to buy one or two fake silk plants at your local dollar store.

Cut out the arms of the t-shirt so that it fits your dog snugly. Glue these fake plants to the t-shirt, and ensure they aren’t poking through the shirt when your dog wears it. Place it on your pup, and add some small rubber doggy boots for a gardening pup extraordinaire!

Doggy Bee

Big white curly haired dog dressed up as a bumble bee with 3 kids in costumes next to dog petting it
The Doggy Bee is a quick costume you can put together using felt and an old T-Shirt.

Similar to Garden Doggy, Doggy Bee is made with DIY materials from home. This is a slightly more comfortable costume and can be made for pups of all sizes.

You’ll need the following:

  1. An old t-shirt, preferably white.
  2. Felt coloring that’s black and yellow and can be textured.
  3. Fabric glue.
  4. Cardboard.
  5. White paint.
  6. Elastic bands.

To create this costume, you’ll want to take your old t-shirt and cut away the sleeves. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to cut several bands of yellow and black felt out. You’ll glue these in alternating patterns across the t-shirt.

You’ll then take the cardboard and cut it into the shapes of two wings. These wings will need to get painted white. You can attach them to the T-shirt or attach them to one another with Elastic bands that will go around your pup and keep the costume and wings in one place.

Now you’ll have an instant doggy bee that can buzz around your neighborhood anytime you wish!

Doggy Bear

This costume can be made by using the remains of an old teddy bear or using felt and an old T-shirt.

Doggy bear is a quick DIY costume that can be done using a t-shirt, some felt fur, and some leftover teddy bear parts from a stuffed animal. You can put this costume together in about an hour once you have the materials.

You’ll need:

  1. Old t-shirt.
  2. Brown felt or fuzzy fabric.
  3. Old teddy-bear.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue.
  6. Velcro.

To create this costume, you’ll need to cut the t-shirt, so it comfortably wraps around your dog’s head. Then you’ll cut some brown felt or fuzzy fabric out in the shape of the t-shirt and glue it to the shirt. You’ll place the velcro at the edges of the t-shirt fabric so that it can be joined together under your dog’s chin.

Next, take the old teddy bear, and remove the ears. You’ll want to glue the ears to the top of the brown felt area that you’ve used to create the head area. Once done, you’ll have a little wrap-around costume that can make your dog look like a teddy bear anywhere they go!

DIY Big Bad Wolf Dog Costume

This two-in-one dog costume is great for huskies, collies, fluffy & large wolf looking dogs. 

Below you will find easy to follow instructions on how to build a Grandma costume from Little Red Riding Hood for your dog.

You’ll need:

  • Shower cap
  • Glasses
  • U shaped hairband
  • Large to extra large women’s snap housecoat. 

Directions For Hair Band And Glasses:

  1. The hairband will ride across the dog’s forehead & in front of the ears.
  2. You want to place the hair band where it will ride comfortably on the head.
  3. Next, set the glasses where you want them; then mark the hairband with chalk for where to glue it. (Do not use the hot glue gun near your dog!)
  4. Hot glue the glasses to the hairband where you marked it; then using the cool setting on the hot glue gun attach the shower cap to the hairband on the sides and across the front. Note that if the shower cap elastic makes it too tight for a good fit – it can be cut at the back. 
  5. Once the shower cap is glued in place, you can then cut holes in the shower cap for the dog’s ears to peek through.  
  6. (Optional: If your dog likes to shake things off his or her head, you can add a piece of elastic across the bottom of the hairband.) 

For the Housecoat

  1. Buy a large or extra-large women’s snap housecoat.
  2. Put your dog’s front paws through the armholes.
  3. Snap the first few buttons. 

Here’s a no-sew option:

Tie the bottom corners of the coat together so it does not drag on the ground. 

Sew option:

Cut down the middle of the back of the housecoat to size it down to fit the chest diameter of your dog. 

If the length is too long it can be cut, sewn or stapled to shorten it. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen our 10 favorite doggy DIY costumes, it’s up to you to go out and actually put them together! Which of these are you excited to use for your next holiday with your canine companion? Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section with any suggestions you may have!

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