Top Dog Interview With Pavlov The Corgi

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Pavlov the Corgi

Our latest Top Dog came to us via via social media. Pavlov is an adorable Corgi who resides in San Diego, California. Aside from being hilarious on his Instagram feed, he also runs an online shop.

Check out our exclusive interview to learn how he got his name, what life is like as a Corgi in Cali, and get his great tips for flashing his camera-ready smile on command.

Tell us how you and your humans met?

I came from a breeder in Southern California and was picked up on Christmas Eve of 2015. My parents were attending UCLA at the time and were excited to bring a little potato into their lives!

How’d you get your name?

Pavlov was a famous psychologist/scientist who taught us a lot about behavior through his training of dogs. At first I had two names, Taco and Pavlov. My parents really wanted to name me Pavlov because both my parents were psychology majors, but initially they settled on the name “Taco” because it was easier for everyone else to pronounce. However, when I was picked up, they just felt like Pavlov was the best name for me and so here I am.

What do you like most about California?

My favorite activity in the world is playing in the ocean. Whenever we drive within a few blocks of the beach, I can smell the ocean and start getting excited. I’d probably say that playing in the ocean is my favorite part of California.

Have you met any other Top Dogs in Cali?

I’m a huge fan of many of the other Top Dogs in California. I’ve met Sneakers at Corgi Con in San Francisco and follow several of the other Top Dogs on Instagram. I would love to be able to meet more “Top Dog” friends in real life!

What do you like most about being insta-famous?

The best part about having a large Instagram following is being able to meet so many amazing people (and dogs!) that I would have otherwise been unable to meet. Instagram has allowed my humans to meet people from different backgrounds, occupations, interests, opinions, etc., which has taught them a lot about the world. We’ve met some of our best friends through Instagram.

Any tips for taking a good pup pic?

People ask us all the time how I look so great in pictures. Aside from a lot of practice and training, my trick is to take photos when I’m tired. That’s when I usually have a very stoic, judgmental look on my face. After having some fun and exhausting some energy, I’m usually more willing to smile because I’m happy and opening my mouth to breath more efficiently.

What are your favorite pastimes?

Aside from playing in the water, I love playing with balls. Ball is life!

Pavlov the Corgi in K9 Sport SackAre there any pet products that you love?

Personally, my favorite pet products are those that make my parent’s lives easier.

The Furbo Dog Camera helps them keep an eye on me while they’re away and they can even talk to me and throw treats!

Also, I love my K9 Sport Sack which is a stylish way to ride and allows my parents to bike to work/school with me and keep me safe in crowded places.

Tell us about your shop?

I’m excited to have the privilege of selling merchandise inspired by me on my website! My parents said the inspiration was that when they first got me, they wanted to buy Corgi products but realized that most of the products out there were of red and white corgis, which didn’t look like me (a tri-colored Corgi). So they decided that the best solution was to make our own products. People seemed to have the same experience and were excited to see tri-colored Corgis represented. Currently you can buy hats (pictured on my dad above), beanies, shirts, and tanks.

What’s next for Pavlov?

Well, regarding the shop, we’re releasing Hoodies this Fall/Winter (2018). We are visiting New York City in November for my Birthday (which was October 27th). While nothing else is planned yet, I hope to travel more and would be happy to meet up with some of my furry friends and fans!

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