Best Pet Transport Service: Which Best Meets Your Relocation Needs?

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Moving no matter how long the distance can be one of the most stressful life events in your life (let alone for your pet). That’s why it’s so important to make sure you find dog shipping services that offer TLC and reliability to make your pet’s journey as seamless as possible.

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How To Find A Trustworthy Pet Delivery Service

There are a lot of pet transport scams online, so be sure that the pet delivery carrier you’re considering is registered with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

This ensures their commitment to humane practices. You’ll also want a pet transfer service that is a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), the industry’s leading professional organization.

Best Pet Transport Service Winners

We’ve based our rankings on several factors including:

  • Services offered
  • Reputation
  • Professional accreditation
  • Pricing
  • More….

Happy Tails Travel, Inc. Review


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Arizona-based Happy Tails Travel, Inc. has been an industry leader in shipping dogs by air for 23 years, and they also transport cats, birds, etc. They specialize in European relocation but have experience in many countries around the world. Happy Tails one-time fee is extremely competitive.

The $425 fee covers all of their services, from booking flights and coordinating logistics to securing all necessary documents and providing detailed written instructions. This fee doesn’t include airfare.



  • Domestic and international
  • Air transportation available worldwide
  • USDA and IPATA accredited
  • BBB accredited: A+
  • None known at this time


  • $425 fee for domestic service (doesn’t include airfare) including Alaska and Puerto Rico
  • $500 for service U.S. to Hawaii or international to U.S.
  • $600-950+ for other destinations

Air Animal Review


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Florida-based Air Animal has safely moved more than 100,000 animals since they opened 40 years ago. This veterinarian-owned family business partners with more than 225 airlines. Air Animal professionals are experts at various destination-based requirements in more than 165 countries.

This pet courier service is extremely knowledgeable about quarantine issues, blood test and documentation requirements, and the preferred air carriers by destination. They also provide excellent domestic air transport with optional door-to-door service.



  • Domestic and international
  • In-transit pet lounges at some locations
  • Free country-specific microchipping with all international transport
  • USDA and IPATA accredited
  • BBB accredited: A+
  • Expensive
  • No long-distance ground transport


  • Domestic transport ranges from $1,095- $1,995+ (includes airfare)
  • International transport ranges from $1,795 to $2,895+ (includes airfare)

Pet-Express Review


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Looking for the best pet ground transport reviews? California-based Pet-Express Animal Transport has been a trusted animal relocation service since 1978 on both air and ground. They have a broad network of professionals nationwide and internationally. All of their drivers are certified pet handlers, and they work closely with major airlines to ensure a safe, stress-free delivery.

Pet-Express also works with USDA-accredited veterinarians to provide treatment and to handle any medical issues your dog may need assistance with while traveling. Another plus, Pet-Express supports several animal organizations, and they help transport many rescue pets from shelters to their new forever homes. Learn more about Pet-Express in our interview with General Manager John Manning.



  • Domestic and international
  • Ground and air transportation available
  • USDA and IPATA accredited
  • BBB accredited: A+
  • No information about pricing fees on website
  • A few user complaints about customer support


  • Must contact Pet-Express for pricing

Other Pet Transport Reviews

Below are our reviews for some other recommended pet transport companies.

Animals Away | Blue Collar Pet Transport | PetRelocation

Animals Away Review

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New York-based Animals Away has been a trusted worldwide pet shipping service since 1995. Like the other companies reviewed here, Animals Away takes care of all the booking, documents and door-to-door logistics for you.

They’re committed to giving you a customized dog transport service, from direct flights when possible to a wide variety of modifiable kennels. Animals Away offers air transport worldwide and ground transport within local regions of New York, Connecticut, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Albany, Syracuse, and Boston.



  • Domestic and international
  • Air and regional ground transportation available
  • USDA and IPATA accredited
  • BBB accredited: A+
  • No information about pricing fees on website


  • Must contact Animals Away for pricing

Blue Collar Pet Transport

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Newer to the pet transport service game is Florida-based Blue Collar Pet Transport. They pride themselves on high-quality, individualized care for your furry family members while in transit to their destination. From photo updates and communication, door to door pick up (with ID verification) and GPS-tracking, you’ll rest assured knowing your pet is in good hands during their journey.

All breeds are welcome, and they do not charge extra for puppies or dogs with special needs. Pricing varies depending on distance and type of service, ranging from private air travel to more economical, shared road routes.



  • No cargo or kennels
  • Background checks and screenings of drivers and handlers
  • Air and ground transportation available for North America
  • Bonded, insured and USDA certified
  • Not as established and experienced as other companies
  • No international transportation
  • Not BBB accredited


  • Shared Ride: $0.35 cents per mile + $375 handling fee ($675 minimum)
  • Private Transport: $1.57 per mile + $475 handling fee (minimum $1,000)
  • Escorted Air Transport (for pets under 20 lbs only): Starts at $800
  • Central Florida Relocation: $1 per mile + $99 service fee

PetRelocation Review

Pet Relocation logo

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Texas-based PetRelocation has been specializing in international pet relocation since 2004 with service in more than 50 countries around the world. They also provide air transport within the U.S. PetRelocation books all your pet’s flights, drivers, and veterinary or USDA appointments if needed.

In addition, they only work with trusted airlines and agents. If your pet can’t fly, however, you’re out of luck with PetRelocation, as they don’t offer long-distance pet ground transport.



  • Domestic and international
  • Air transportation available
  • IPATA accredited
  • Doesn’t offer ground transport
  • No information about pricing fees on website
  • Not USDA registered
  • Not BBB accredited


  • Must contact PetRelocation for pricing

Ready Your Pet For Moving Day

The following video is an excellent resource for planning and preparing for your pup’s big move day.

Are You Vacationing With Your Pets?

Can’t stand to be away from your dog while you’re on vacation? You’re not alone! It’s a fun adventure for him to accompany you on your travels. If you want to fly with your dog, there are airline requirements and other info you need to know.

Our Flying With Pets article can give you answers to all your questions. If you’ll be traveling closer to home, check out our tips on how to travel safely with dogs in your car. 

What are your biggest concerns about pet relocation services?

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Looking at transporting 2 puppies from Luther, OK to Windsor, Ont, Canada. They are not 8wks yet would need pick-up. I don’t believe they would need anything shots but would need confirmation of date of birth to cross the border. With the Covid 19 restrictions I am not sure how to do this. Recommendations would be appreciated

Jailah Christian Sconiers

Blue Collar Pet Transport really worked out for our San Diego to Brooklyn transport. I highly recommend there service. I didn’t see them posted her so I thought I should let you know about them.


Hello i am looking to take my dog BOXER from Washington DC to Germany Frankfurt .He never fly i am very concerned about flying

Paul Hendrickson

Hello, I am considering doing yet another senior rescue. Last time I flew and drove back from Texas to northern California. This time Florida would be the area to pickup from but the driving time for me would be longer and more expensive. I am thinking a pet transportation service would be better and depending on cost possibly in line with a one way car rental any way. The dogs age is 15 so should I be concerned about flying? Maybe ground would be better?

Brendan Hall

I use Pet Transport Pro once a year. Awesome guy named Anthony is my go to guy


I trusted pet movers hk to relocate 3 animals from Shanghai to Sydney. Firstly they came to collect them in a car way too small and the driver wanted to put one in the boot. Secondly amd much worse one died in Macau. This company showed no remorse, then wanted me to pay the full amount for all 3 to be relocated to Sydney. Absolutely a fraud in animal care with zero level of responsibility this business. You will notice comments are disabled on their facebook site. If you love your pets this business is very high risk!

Angela Valverde-Riekert

Jason what company was this? We’re trying to find a reliable comoany that can ship our cats to the USA. Thx for your heads up. I’m sorry you lost a furry baby.

kelly lamb

Hi Sally…moving to Spain from Oregon. Looking for the best airline for that. Our girl will ride below, unfortunately. Can’t find a list of service driven airlines in this category. Suggestions. Kelly

Kimberly Alt (Admin)

You may find this article about flying with pets helpful.


Any one can help me with transport bird pet from Kuwait to Romania ?!


Hello! I’m trying to get 2 domestic long haired cats (brother and sister) from San Antonio TX to Hampton VA in the next 2 weeks. Any help would be appreciated.

Heidi Martin

Looking to rescue a three legged dog in TX. She is at a shelter now, and she may not much time left before she gets euthanized. We are 16 hours away by car. I’m willing to pay a reasonable amount to have her transported here to me. I don’t want her to be stressed out at all while in transit. I am close to Charlotte International Airport. What price range am I looking at? Approx 55lbs Female dog.

Kimberly Alt (Admin)

That’s so wonderful you want to rescue a dog in Texas! I suggest contacting some pet transport companies and asking what price you would pay for your specific details. Pricing can vary on each location, distance, etc. Best of luck!


Hi, I am relocating 2 dogs to Australia. I have received a quote for $10,000 for both dogs, including quarantine. Not inclusive of crates. Only includes flight from LAX (I will need to get them to LAX from NY). I will have to pick up from quarantine via car. Is this reasonable? Thanks

Kimberly Alt (Admin)

We recommend getting prices from some competitors to see how the price compares.


Hi Ken! I’d be happy to provide you with a quote and see if we can be anymore price friendly. Message me with you pet’s details?

Susan Shekaramiz

Discussion to find a provider to safely and comfortably move my pet “babies” (2 medium-sized dogs) from Phoenix, Az. to Wichita, Kansas.


Hi. I am looking to rescue a small puppy from Ukraine.. she has been saved by a kind heart from a large shelter. She is missing a front paw… when I came across her story I could not pass it by. I want to bring her to love with me and give her a home. I am struggling to figure out how I can bring this dog from Ukraine to California. So I am reaching out for help and suggestions. Please let me know if you could help or point me in the right direction. Anything will help. Thank you.

AirVets Pet Relocation

We are international pet movers offering best pet relocation, shipping, and transport services within the United States or internationally.


Just working on getting information for moving abroad. PetRelocation gave me an estimate of $8800, not including the Quarantine or Ground Transport. Any thoughts about that price?


Yeah. Extortion. That’s grossly over priced. Granted, you did not mention the number of animals to be relocated, nor the type or how far they are to be travelling. Just saying.


I’ve used Pet Relocation in the past but only because I thought they were the only company that offered this service, so pleasantly surprised to see that as I started researching again that there are more options available. I am getting ready to make a big move again so will check these out.

Mike Allen

Check this company Woof Airlines there are the best known company in Europe

Dan Stable

Woof Airlines is one guy that tries his best buy can’t fly half the pets and has to find other company and ended up added his price on top of other company’s price.

Steve Wirth

Take a look of Facebook comments for Woof Airlines. 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Do you know a better company?