Are Hot Dogs Okay for Dogs to Eat?

Are hotdogs, cooked or canned bad for my dog?  I have an 8mth old mixed breed. Chihuahua & Jack Russell.

– SylToni

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I have 3 dogs, of 3 different breeds. German Shepard, beagle, min-pin. and feed them each 1 hotdog in the morning, and 1 in the evening. There is kibble in their bowls all day for them to eat on as the wish. All 3 of my dogs are very healthy and happy and active and attractive. Their coats are shiny and they are at healthy weights. I have been doing this for many years without problems…
My 15 week old goldendoodle drank a little bit of spilled beer a potato chip cooked burger and 2 pieces of hot dog meat I’m scared cause he has been acting weird but he did that on the Fourth of July
Cheryl Wilson
Have a 7 year old Lhasa Apso mix. He has crippling joint and ligament disorder.
He’s been eating hot dogs all his life cause my new husband fed him like this.
Is his problems caused from the hot dogs.
Matt Swartz
what did your old husband feed him?
My little will not eat any kind of dry food I have tried them all I have spent allot of money on the best dog food out there call me crazy but I give him a half of a hot dog twice aday of course I know I should not be doing this but I can’t stand it if I know he is hungry
Kimberly AltAdmin
Do you think it’s because the food is dry that he doesn’t like it? Have you tried wetting the food some with water?
I have Alexa & I asked “Dr. Dog”, my go to app, if dogs could have hot dogs. She said yes as an occasional treat & then told me she thought it was weird. Dogs eating hot dogs, she made a joke. Anyway, my dog has been getting (safe) people food here & there the past week or so because he’s dying. We’re out of canned food so today he’s getting his medicines in pieces of hot dog. Personally, I don’t give my dogs people food just the occasional safe food treat, fruit, vegetables, eggs ect. Right now, I’m giving Whiskey whatever he’s willing to eat & if it’s hot dogs then he’ll get hot dogs. I would try talking to you vet & maybe get some scans done to make sure there’s not a medical reason. That’s how we found out Whiskey has lymphoma. I know it’s outrageously expensive. We got a credit card just for his medical expenses. The ultrasound was about $250.00. Ask your vet about care credit. It’s basically a credit card without interest.
Care Credit DOES charge interest, but only if you don’t pay your promotional balance before the final due date of the promotion.
I have Care Credit and yeah they do charge interest unless you have that promotional thing and my dog get sick I think I’ll probably use it for her but I’m praying that she’ll be okay she’s a little chihuahua you just ate a hotdog
My Havanese constantly eats my parrots poop, sometimes my chihuahua’s poop and rotten dead roof rats, and never got sick and has eaten small amounts of hot dogs and never had a problem.
Could you soak in water and wash them a few times to reduce the salt content via osmosis or diffusion or something like that!?
My dog has some kind of liver disease/hepatitis that we have so far been unable to diagnose (without a biopsy). He’s been on antibiotics and anti-emetics and all kinds of pills and you can tell he just feels like sh*t… Anyway, he hasn’t eaten in about 2 days, and we’ve tried so many different things — boiled chicken breast, boiled lean ground beef, wet dog food, i/d prescription canned food, cat food, pre-made Cesar Milan dinner packets, GRAVY all over the other canned foods… He just stopped eating altogether. Well after 2 days, we said screw it and got him a pack of hot dogs and oven-baked chicken nuggets. He could’ve eaten the whole pack! He ended up eating 3 hot dogs and about 5 chicken nuggets. We stopped him there because we didn’t want him to get sick from the richness of that stuff (high sodium, added seasonings, etc.). I hope he doesn’t have an adverse reaction to them. Doberman mix, normally 102 pounds, but down to 83 pounds.
Do not give your dog hot dogs !!! Toxic to much salt and additives if you want to give your dog a treat they’ll love give boiled chicken no bones of course mix with some rice and that’s a great feed
It’s unhealthy, period. That said, as long as you’re not making it part of its daily meals, one as a special treat every now and then is completely fine.
I feed my dog hot hot dogs and balogna all the time. She loves them my only concern is the sodium content because dogs don’t sweet like we do. My dog has been very lean since the day I got her, she won’t eat anything including kibble mixed with wet for unless I hand feed her or hold her dish. I like to take her hiking and hot dogs are a great treat I can feed her while we are driving and what not. She’ll eat a whole pack of them then hike ten miles with me with tons of energy. I want to fatten her up and I’m not rich. I wonder if I could feed her hot dogs everyday. Honestly people they have to be better quality meat than canned dog food. I’m just worried about the salt content.
My dog eats horse poop and dead animals. Im sure your dog will tolerate a hotdog just fine.
Erica mueller
My aunts friend gave my sister’s boxer 8 month old puppy a hot dog which was cut up but it had cheese inside. He is able to urinate but he can’t poop right now. Is this temporary or can this kill him
My dog only eats hot dogs and has for the past five years im sure the dog will be fine Mabey just constipated but im not completely sure im not a vet
All you have to do is give him astool softener a few days.thats what my vet said
Ted Petroskie
Absolutely!!! I have a big beautiful, smart, spoiled, & healthy 120 lb German Shepherd that is 2 years old. I’ve been giving him two packs of hot dogs a day for the last year and he absolutely loves them. Never had any problems. I mostly only feed him human food. Mostly hot dogs though because they are very cheap.
A concerned animal.owner
You dumba** each hotdog contains 330 mg of salt your going to put that dog into a salt induced coma
Wayne Rhodes
You are going to kill your dog hotdogs are very toxic and several vets told me of stories of dogs killing over from eating hot dogs a doberman pinscher, a boxer bull dog, and a big blue pit bull, the biggest and strongest of the breed all died from toxic hot dogs it is just a matter of time before your beloved pet will die suddenly. The veterinarians did an autopsy and found black livers and lungs also blood poisoning from stubborn pet owners who would not listen because hotdogs can be bought for little more than a dollar a pack, Ted I hope you hear me on this and stop feeding you sheperd hotdogs. Don’t take my word for it, ask your veterinarian. wish you all the best Ted
Tony Kelton
My dog eats hotdogs and he healthy and happy at 10 years old,your just kind of misinformed
I is confused
My 6 year old Shih Tzu somehow go into a whole package of CHEAP hotdogs that were left out all day and we’re on the counter. He threw up for a couple days, and wasn’t getting better. He stopped eating and drinking, we made an appointment for the vet. But sadly he didn’t make it that long and passed away just 2 days after eating the whole package. I think if your dog eats 1 hotdog they might be fine, but if anything seems off get them to the vet ASAP!
My dog has an upset stomach, diarrhea to be exact and won’t eat regular dog food but we took out a hot dog and got more excited than ever and enjoyed it. Good or bad ?
My dog cannot take pills. She is currently taking Tramadol. I have been putting the pills in a piece of hotdog. Two pills per piece – maybe a whole hot dog in a day. What hot dog contains less salt. She is 12 years old.
I go to an animal college and I’m the dog training aspect of it, one of the many treats we use to train them is cut up hotdogs. However asking the question if ‘they are okay’ is quite broad, they are good as a treat, in away a dog eating these hotdogs is alike a human having a chocolate bar, it’s not really ‘good’ for them but it won’t do any harm if given to them in moderation, but I’d avoid giving a dog a full hot dog as that could make them choke, but curing them up should be fine. That being said. Every dog responds differently to different food. Just giving them a little to start off with and watch closely how they react for the next 24 hours. Hope this helped!
How bout red color hot dogs
Wayne Rhodes
you are so stupid you need your head examined going to an animal college you should know better shame on you girl.
Thanks for the information. My dogs eat hot dogs 1 time every other a day. One of them not much but the other one likes it. I boil it twice.
I gave my chihuahua a little piece of hotdog & sauerkraut. Within thirty mins. She got so lethargic & looked highly intoxicated. It’s been three days, she’s a little better after giving her boiled chicken & she’s still not herself yet. I give her the best food & I gave her a lousy hotdog cause she wanted it. No more. She only eats 90% GF Venison, Merrick. TU, Zia.
Kimberly Alt
I hope she gets back to her normal self soon! Since she eats a 90% GF Venison diet, the hotdog and sauerkraut were completely different, which caused her to be ill. If you think about it, when a vegan eats an animal product they can become ill easily because their body is not used to those types of foods any longer. Hope that helps to put it in perspective as to why your pup was feeling under the weather. It can be hard to say no to those cute puppy eyes and begging for food but we have to stay strong for their health. 🙂
Kimberly Alt
My grandpa has been giving his dog hotdogs as a treat since I can remember. She’s not in the best shape physically but she seems pretty happy. I wouldn’t recommend them as a daily treat or anything but in moderation, hot dogs are okay.
Canine JournalAdmin
They are not toxic but are high in fat, sodium and cholesterol and as with an low quality meats that contain preservatives they should be given in moderation. Also avoid meats with thick casings that could cause them to choke or ones with added flavors or ingredients (cheese) that may be more harmful. Although small pieces are great for training, remember they are like treats and not a part of their typical diet so treat them as such.
Sylvia CDolcy
Hello – thank you so much, this is very helpful.
Kimberly Alt
Glad we could help you! You’re welcome.
Thank you very much! This is memorial day weekend and I ran out of dogfood. I have 2pkgs of ballpark chin m pork dogs. Wanted to see if I could give them ( my 1yr old pitbulls) these mixed with white rice!! I will respond IF THEY HAVE A BAD REACTION… according to this blog it will be OK. Again, TY from SWFL!
How did this work out for you? I’m wanting to give them to my dogs, just as you did, but worried that it may not be a good idea.