Who owns the dog food company Blue Buffalo?

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Blue Buffalo. They seem to present themselves as a small, almost organic company. Are they independently owned or part of a large pet food company? I guess at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if the product is good, but I am curious.

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Karen Bargerhuff
Who makes Blue Buffalo?
Ted Collier
I can’t help feeling that if Blue is swallowed up by General Mills at the end of the year, that the product will lose its identity and maybe some pride of quality.
There is currently a class action lawsuit against blue buffalo for having lead in their dog food. Beware!
This is false. I read the whole story on snopes.
Be sure to do research on the class action law suit against Blue for the toxic levels of lead in their pet foods.
I read that General Mills will acquire Blue Buffalo for around $8 billion in cash, the deal is expected to close by the end of 2018.
which company owns Blue buffalo ? Or who makes it ?
Kimberly Alt
Blue Buffalo’s parent company is Blue Buffalo Pet Products, Inc. From what we found online, a number of companies make Blue Buffalo dog food: CJ Foods, Ainsworth, ProPet, Triple T Foods, Tuffy’s, ANI/Vita-Line.
Janice Bowman
Kim, can you cite your finds? I’d honestly love to know.
Back in 2007 during the first massive pet food recall, I switched all of my pets food to Blue Buffalo because they claimed to be “holistic” and all of their ingredients to be “human grade”. My dog had endless bouts of diarrhea while eating the BB so I had to switch again. I tried multiple formulas of their dry and canned foods and he had trouble with all of them. The company has had many, many recalls since and they have too many manufacturers making their products. I think it’s too many to keep tract of so quality control begins to slide. It has also led them to be victims of at least one dishonest company that switched out the more expensive ingredients in their recipe to cheaper, less healthy ones. After switching pet foods for my dog and cats several times, I gave up and started making my own homemade diets for all of them. I’ve been doing it for almost 6 years now and I don’t regret it. They are all healthier then ever with high energy, glossy coats, bright eyes and great checkups at the vet. The only reason I set foot in a pet store now is to buy kitty litter. I know there are still some good companies out there but things change so frequently it’s difficult to keep up with. Also, many of the best ones eventually sell out to huge conglomerates. And if you believe these people when they say, “don’t worry, the formulas won’t be changed under the new ownership”, think again. I remember when Iams used to be a very good and respected pet food. After P&G bought them out in the 1990’s, all the recipes were changed, using cheap filler ingredients. My Siamese suffered terrible digestive problems that took many months and vet visits to fix.
Thank you for posting this- we are going to issues with BB now after having our dogs eat it for years…..suddenly all are sick and that’s the only thing the vet said it could be……what a shame! Can you share with me what you make for your pups? Just curious….we are having to switch their food now but it’s only a matter of time that this crap could happen again…. 🙁
Kaytee Davis
Highly suggest you watch pet fooled! It’s on Netflix, I also make my own dog food. We made our receipt after about a month of research & lots of vet phone communication. lol

After watching this documentary that I honestly feel every pet parent should see, I am so glad I have switch! Good luck ladies❤

Blue Buffalo killed my dog. If you ask the company where their chicken is sourced, you won’t get an answer. My guess is China. If you doubt this, go to Consumer Affairs and type in Blue Buffalo complaints. So many people with the same stories. Horrible diarrhea and vomiting, causing severe weakness and dehydration. “Made in the USA” or “Made in America” means nothing .. you want to know where the ingredients are sourced from, before they’re “made” in the USA.
Hi. Would you mind sharing your homemade recipes?
I would never consider IAMS a good food. Its like poison back then and now.

Orijin and Acana is very good on my oppinion.

Make your own dog and cat food, cooked or raw. Benefits: much less shedding, silkier softer fur, no body odor, much less poop (because the body will absorb the food, unlike its inability to absorb all dry food, which goes to waste, literally), reduced risk of skin problems. Much more energy, stronger immune system, to name some benefits!
kim Alamandy
How do you make you own dog food, how do you figure out what to feed, where to source the ingredients and what to use (protein, veg, fat etc)
Kimberly Alt
Check out this article, Kim. 🙂
Ray Naterlin
sounds like its a company that went Bad bad real fast after getting big and going public..we had heard it was family owned by a vet and that like the bag says…. healthy and holistic… what a load of crap… soo many people complaining about sick animals… come on … how hard can it be to make good dry dog food thats healthy when your charging 50 dollars a bag?… more crooks… such greedy irresponsible losers in this day and age…hope they go broke.
steve k
company sold to genear mills today for 8 billion dollars

yes 8 billion dollars

I think the question that people are wondering is – are the independently owned or were they bought out by a corporation like Mars or P&G.
They are still independent.
Blue buffalo has had numerous recalls and is too high in protein.. too much protein affects the kidneys
Bowl. Dogs and cats are carnivores!
I agree, it doesn’t matter so long as the quality is good, but I look at recalls to determine much of that at Blue Buffalo has had more than its share.
First of all Blue Buffalo is not a privately held company, it went public July 22, 2015. I own stock so I am quite sure it is a public company. Honest mistake if you don’t follow the stock market or the landscape of pet food companies, both of which I do.

Second I don’t believe for a minute that Blue admitted in the Purina suit that they used poultry by-products, including feathers. I wish that people had to provide proof of where their information comes from when they spout BS like that, but instead they just spew bad info so others continue the cycle of misinformation.

If you Google the lawsuit you’ll find their official statement admitting they included byproduct due to a labeling mishap from a supplier. I’m not on a laptop so it’s not convenient for me to link you, but it was in the first page of search results, and was in multiple search results.
This is a one time deal. The mustache was made by the supplier witch mislabled the products. It wasn’t a practice. It was ingerdiants coming from the supplier.
Since you want to defend Blue Buffalo and their reputation, maybe you could tell me why their puppy food has made my puppy vomit almost from the beginning. She is now about eight months old and finally became so sick that she almost died. I live in a remote Alaska village where veterinary care is non-existent and had no idea that the food was the perpetrator until she became so ill that she stopped eating and drinking a little over a month ago. Then, after two days of vomiting she started drinking water again. We gave her homemade chicken broth from organic chicken and a day later, started feeding organic brown rice and organic eggs. She made a rapid recovery on the chicken broth, rice and eggs. After a week on this diet, she transitioned back onto her Blue Wilderness Puppy formula and exactly two weeks and one day following the first severe illness, she was refusing to eat and drink again. She was eating that food for a week. She refused to eat and drink again for three and a half days and had explosive diarrhea and vomiting. We keep her in our apartment and she is closely supervised outdoors at all times so we had no reason to suspect any other problem. We thought she was going to die and then she began to drink water again. We began giving her the homemade organic chicken broth again. She drank this for two days again before looking for more and when she began to act hungry, we started her on organic brown rice and organic eggs again. She was eating this for about a week when she began to act like she was starving again so we began mixing the Blue Wilderness Puppy kibble back in and she started to immediately become sick again, vomiting. We immediately borrowed some Iams food from our neighbors because in our location, good food is not available at the store, and switched her to it. We transitioned her to this food and have not had any other problems but I do attribute her vomiting since we got her at eight weeks to the Blue Wilderness Puppy food. It is a shame that a company can claim to make the best product out there while poisoning our closest, most reliable friends, all while charging us premium prices. I will be making homemade dog food from here out because I cannot trust any company to have my puppy’s best interests at its heart.
Allison Miruzzi
Blue Buffalo was sued back in 2015 for false advertising by Purina. During the suit it came out their food had byproducts including feathers. I used to buy Blue Buffalo but am now switching. I am looking at Orijen and Fresh Pet, but will have to do some serious research…you can’t trust what is on the label. This is shameful as a dog owner I feel so misled and abused.
Blue Buffalo is currently still a privately owned company. It was rumored that they were considering going public with an IPO, but it hasn’t happened yet. So to answer your question specifically, they are not owned by a larger pet food company.
This company IS a public company. Here is a link to one of it’s quarterly results news releases.