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Who owns the dog food company Blue Buffalo?

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Blue Buffalo. They seem to present themselves as a small, almost organic company. Are they independently owned or part of a large pet food company? I guess at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if the product is good, but I am curious.

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First of all Blue Buffalo is not a privately held company, it went public July 22, 2015. I own stock so I am quite sure it is a public company. Honest mistake if you don’t follow the stock market or the landscape of pet food companies, both of which I do. Second I don’t believe for a minute that Blue admitted in the Purina suit that they used poultry by-products, including feathers. I wish that people had to provide proof of where their information comes from when they spout BS like that, but instead they just spew bad info so… Read more »
Allison Miruzzi
Allison Miruzzi

Blue Buffalo was sued back in 2015 for false advertising by Purina. During the suit it came out their food had byproducts including feathers. I used to buy Blue Buffalo but am now switching. I am looking at Orijen and Fresh Pet, but will have to do some serious research…you can’t trust what is on the label. This is shameful as a dog owner I feel so misled and abused.


Blue Buffalo is currently still a privately owned company. It was rumored that they were considering going public with an IPO, but it hasn’t happened yet. So to answer your question specifically, they are not owned by a larger pet food company.