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Best Crates For Bernese Mountain Dogs: Size Guide & Reviews


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The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large-sized pooch renowned for pulling carts more than twice his weight. And although he is now more commonly found in family homes across America as the family pooch, he is still a powerful and hardworking pup. And dogs like these need somewhere comfortable and safe to rest their big head. And this is where this crate guide comes in.

Not all dog owners favor the use of crates. But we are here to tell you that crates are one of the most useful and loved (by both canine and human) pieces of doggy equipment to own. So we’re here to run through how to find the best dog crate for Bernese Mountain Dogs. But not just any ol’ Berner – your Berner!

We have found the best crates for the Berner. You’ll find a crate to suit every need, all complete with crate reviews. So, let’s get down to Berner business.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Crates For Bernese Mountain Dogs

Our Rating

Best For Travel

Go Pet Club

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Cage House Shape
Our Rating

Heavy Duty


Our Rating

Popular Pick

MidWest Double Door

Buyer’s Guide

Crate Safety Features
There are safety features, durability, and other factors to consider before buying your dog a crate.

The buying guide might be the least interesting section, but it is the most important. Because without it, like many owners before you, you end up with the wrong crate for your Berner if you don’t read it. We walk you through all of the considerations to think about when choosing the right crate for your Bernese Mountain Dog. As well as the right one for you too.

Like most other vets and canine experts, we recommend bringing a crate into your dog’s life. Not only does it give him his own safe space to retreat to. But research shows it also alleviates anxiety and comforts canines when they are left alone. Dogs naturally crave shelter too, so there really is no reason not to use one. Of course, you need to crate train him first, but getting one is worth the effort.

Crate Size

This is possibly one of the most important factors to think about and get right. Because if your Berner can’t comfortably sit his beautifully big butt down, he isn’t going to use it. Or he might try to chew his way out, which is dangerous. And if it’s too spacious, it can not comfort him like it’s supposed to. So getting the right size crate is crucial to its success.

The Berner is a large to giant-sized dog. They range from 70 to 115 pounds in weight and 23 to 27.5 inches from paw to shoulder. As you can see, smaller Berners might need a different-sized crate from their larger brothers or sisters. And all brands label their crate sizes differently, too. So you need to measure your Berner according to the instructions. Just for info, the average Bernese finds that a 48-inch through to a 54-inch crate is the best fit.


Here you need to ask yourself if there is a particular purpose for his crate? The answer to this question helps you choose between the three crate types better. If his crate is for everyday home use, you probably prefer the most common type: the metal wire crate. If you seek a more stylish option, furniture-style crates are easier on the eye.

If your dog is a busy bee and likes to travel a lot, a soft-sided crate is your best bet. This is for those that like to travel in the car and need a safe crate. Or those who often go to the beach for a whole day out, or a weekend camping. Soft-sided crates are easy to pack away and are lightweight too. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll be using it to carry your Berner, it keeps him safe and maintains your vehicle’s cleanliness.

If this is his first crate and he’s a pup, he will need different sizes as he develops. In this instance, we recommend buying a crate that comes with a training divider. Training dividers allow his crate to grow as he does. This means you can buy the size you think he needs at maturity (his parent’s size gives you a good indicator), but ensure that it fits him as a pup too. This means you don’t have to buy several crates over his developmental period, in turn saving you lots of money.


The Bernese Mountain Dog is known for its large size, energy, and strength. This means the crate you buy him needs to be able to withstand his power should he decide to escape. The crate you choose needs to be made well, which usually means sticking to well-known or premium brands. Not only are all of our options the crème of the crop, but they are also constructed well.

Strong materials are also important, including steel for the metal crates and nylon for the soft-sided options. Although better materials come at a higher price, you can be sure that it lasts you much longer. Durability and value for money are increased with properly constructed crates. Some crates also come with a guarantee, showing you they are committed to producing quality products.

As we have already said, there is a crate recommendation here for every Berner. Each crate can either withstand his weight or accommodate his giant body. And if your Berner is a Swiss escape artist, you have to look for a heavy-duty crate. We have an option for these pesky pooches too. Look for safety features such as double locks and rounded metal corners.


Comfort is another crucial consideration. If there’s no bed in his crate, he might as well sleep on the concrete floor outside. Plus, it’s not good for his hips and joints, and it likely increases the chances of arthritis and other skeletal problems later down the line. It can also cause sore spots too. A blanket, or even a few of them, does not provide the support your giant needs.

So, you’ll need to ensure that you have a bed to place inside the crate for both comfort and support. A crate mattress is ideal because it is usually made from memory or orthopedic foam and provides a few inches of cushion. We have also created a guide for picking the best dog beds for his crate, so be sure to check that out after reading this.

Activity Level

Although this section isn’t about choosing the right crate, it determines whether your crate is a success or not. So it’s worth a mention here. The Bernese Mountain Dog is an energetic dog that needs at least 60 minutes of intense exercise every day. Without this, he becomes bored, anxious, and unruly. And these do not mix well with being stuck in a crate. His crate reminds him of anxious feelings and frustration, and it changes from his happy place to an unhappy one.

It’s also true that you cannot use the crate to contain him for hours on end. Locking him away for more than four hours at a time only annoys him. And it ruins your crate training too. Not to mention eradicating all of the benefits you should be enjoying from his crate. A bored Berner is not a happy one.

Our Favorite Bernese Mountain Dog Crates

Now for the recommendation part. Here we have found five of the best dog crates for Bernese Mountain Dogs. Each recommendation is made by a well-known brand and highly rated by other big dog owners. We’ll run you through all of their features, including why they have made it to our top crate list.

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Cage House Shape

  • Heavy duty steel frame with upgrade anti-escape lock.
  • Strong and durable, suitable for many big dogs.
  • Can open at the top, side, or front.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant steel frame and plastic tray,handiness,easy to take out and cleaning.
  • 48″L X 29″W X 51″H
  • Dark Sliver.

This is our strongest crate choice for those Berners who have previously chomped through metal crates. It is made with a heavy-duty thick steel frame. Each bar is 0.85 inches thick, so even the most powerful of dogs couldn’t escape. Being so thick, dogs know that they can’t escape. There are multiple security locks keeping his confinement, and safety is paramount.

The roof is tipped, so he has extra room to stretch upwards. Which also makes it feel less confined. You can open the pitched roof, turning it into a skylight. So you can interact with your Berner without having to let him out. The tray is removable for easy cleaning just in case of accidents. There are also four lockable wheels for his safety. And it can withstand over 1000 pounds of weight, making it ideal for the biggest of Berners.

We love that this product is the best product for those Berners who need a heavy-duty crate. This is more of a cage than a crate, but you can be sure it keeps him safe and out of mischief.

Midwest Homes iCrate

Three Different Poodles
  • Double door access.
  • Popular brand.
  • Composite slide-out plastic pan.
  • Bolt latches for security.
  • Divider panel allows for growth.
  • Easy to setup and break down.
  • Fold and carry design.

We are a big fan of this option and recommend it for a lot of dog breeds. This is the largest size available, making it suitable for many Berners. This crate isn’t just a crate, but the whole shebang. It comes with a removable tray, two snap-fit bowls, a fleece-lined bed, a crate cover, and a free crate training DVD. Plus, it has that all-important crate divider you can use as your Berner as he grows.

The crate itself has double doors that offer different entry options. It is made with strong wire, complete with a secure side bolt that your Berner is not able to reach. The corners of the crate are rounded so that neither you nor your Berner catches yourselves. It comes with a one-year warranty, so you can be sure that it is made with good quality craftsmanship.

We love that this crate kit is the best option for puppies looking for their first crate. It comes with a training divider, a cover, snappable bowls, and much more for the whole setup.

Go Pet Club Soft Crate

  • The crate has a cozy fleece floor pad.
  • Equipped with soft sides and ample ventilation.
  • keeps your Corgi cool in warm temperatures.
  • You secure the crate using handy clips.
  • No tools are needed to assemble or disassemble.
  • The portable crate weighs about 10 pounds.
  • Measures 28 x 20.5 x 20.5 inches.

This option is for those Berners who are always on the road traveling with their families. When it’s impractical to travel with a metal crate, this option folds down into a bag, taking up to 93% less space than when erect. It is made with water-resistant polyester and PVC backing, which the manufacturer describes as heavy duty. We would never suggest that you carry a giant-sized dog in any crate, but it’s perfect for his outdoor needs.

There are meshed screens on all four sides, offering optimum ventilation. Open it up for the hotter days, and lower the sides when he needs protecting from the draft. It comes with four ground pegs, so it won’t blow away when camping out on the beach. It has pockets for storage, and it also comes with a free sheepskin mat for his comfort.

We love that this product is the only soft-sided option suitable for the Berner that we could find. But it ticks all of the boxes, so you can be sure that it should meet all of his traveling needs.

Frisco Heavy Duty Double Door

  • Easy-clean plastic pan.
  • Drop-in hinges for security.
  • Easy assembly (no tools).
  • Perfect height for bigger dogs.
  • Dual doors allows location flexibility.
  • Black electro-coating.

This crate is the largest on this list. There aren’t many XXL options offering 54 inches of length, but this one ticks all of our boxes. It is a plain and simple metal crate, but it is very durable thanks to the steel wire. The wire is electro-coated for extra longevity. There is a leak-proof plastic tray that is easily removed to make it much easier for you to clean.

There are two doors, so the crate can be placed in small spaces, allowing him to enter and exit freely. The doors have drop-pin hinges that make this crate extremely hard to escape, giving you added peace of mind. It also has three latches for an extra layer of security. It’s simple to set up, and it is collapsible if you want to take it down for a while.

We love that this product is the largest crate on this list, making it an ideal option for larger Berners. Or those who are looking for a simple metal-crate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about crates and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Do I need to crate train my Bernese Mountain Dog?

Yes, absolutely. You cannot expect him to sit without training, so you cannot expect him to use his crate without being shown either. It’s important to learn how to crate train your Berner. He might jump straight in, or it might take him a while, but it’s important to go at his own pace. It’s easier than you probably think.

How do I measure my Bernese Mountain Dog for his crate?

Before you order a crate, you must check the product’s own measuring instructions because some are different. But the most common method is to measure your Berner from the tip of his nose to the base (not the end) of his tail. Next, measure him from the top of his head to his paws. All you need to do is add four inches to those measurements, and that’s the best crate size.

How long should my Bernese Mountain Dog stay in his crate?

  • 8 – 10 weeks: 30 – 60-minute training sessions
  • 11 – 14 weeks: 1 – 3-hour training sessions
  • 15 – 17 weeks: 3 – 4-hour training sessions
  • 17+ weeks: 4-hours at a time

When you are at home, leave the crate door open so he can use his crate as he pleases.

Final Thoughts

Finding a giant-sized dog crate that is good quality, durable, safe, and comfortable is no easy feat. But after spending hours trawling through the net, we have found five of the best crate options for your Bernese Mountain Dog. With something here for everyone and every dog, we hope we made it a much easier process for you.

Before ordering your crate, it’s important to think about everything mentioned in the buying guide. This helps you to find the best option for your Berner. And by sticking to one of our recommendations above, you can be sure that your Berner is getting one of the best crates available. Pop a bed in there, and he might just spend longer in there than you might think.

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