Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Shots & Testing?

Allergies are one of the most common claims submitted to pet insurance providers. We surveyed 10 of the most popular pet insurance companies, and the average allergy claim in 2020 was $262.95. Find out how pet insurance can help cover the cost of allergies for your dog.

Dog at vet getting shot (Caption: Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Shots & Testing?)

Allergies are known to cause more issues during specific times of the year, depending on each dog’s allergen sensitivities. Once a dog is diagnosed with allergies, they will likely experience them for the remainder of their life. This means you could face thousands of dollars in unexpected vet bills for allergies alone throughout your dog’s lifetime. Is that something you can afford? If not, a pet insurance policy bought prior to diagnosis may be able to ease the financial burden and help you focus your attention on your dog.

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Are Allergies Considered A Pre-Existing Condition For Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance Quote Form WidgetIt depends on when you signed up for pet insurance. If your pet began showing symptoms or was diagnosed with allergies before you purchased a pet insurance policy, allergies are considered pre-existing. However, if you buy a pet insurance policy and your dog begins showing symptoms of allergies after the policy’s effective date and all waiting periods have passed, the allergies may be eligible for coverage.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Testing?

Suppose your vet decides that allergy testing would be beneficial for your dog and prescribes it. In that case, it’s eligible for coverage by your pet insurance provider as long as allergies aren’t a pre-existing condition. You can purchase an at-home allergy test for your dog, or your vet may conduct their own tests in the vet office. We recommend speaking to your doctor about the options.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Medication?

Allergy shots and medication may be eligible for pet insurance coverage if prescribed by a veterinarian. However, if allergies are considered pre-existing for your dog, allergy medications are most likely regarded as pre-existing and excluded by pet insurance.

What’s The Best Pet Insurance For Allergies?

Fortunately, all of the pet insurance companies we review offer coverage for dog allergies. Our deep-dive research can help you find the best pet insurance for dogs with allergies and any other concerns they may experience over the years. Our pet insurance comparison may be helpful, providing helpful charts that allow you to quickly see how the most popular providers stack up against one another. Our comparison includes tables comparing plan customizations, coverage and exclusions, waiting periods, age limitations, and sample prices.