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Golden Retriever Dog Names: 225+ Names For Male & Female Goldies


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Choosing the right name for your Golden Retriever can be quite hard. It’s no small feat to conjure an excellent name for your furry friend out of thin air! If you’re struggling to come up with an inspired title for your new best friend, we’re here to help.


Even though it’s easy to just pick a random name out of a hat, do you really want to make such an impersonal choice for your new puppy? An ideal name should be drawn from your dog’s unique characteristics. Otherwise, you run the risk of it being generic, detached, and lame.

Golden Retrievers are known to be exuberant and outgoing. They are relatively easy to train, trustworthy and love to please. Their playfulness as a puppy doesn’t disappear, even when they grow older. So maybe their name should reflect this spirited energy.

As a breed, their pedigree is that of a working dog. You can expect your Golden to enjoy playing fetch, and they tend to be adept swimmers as well. Goldens pack a lot of personality into their medium frame, and their flowing, dense, golden coat distinguishes them from other breeds.

If you are having trouble choosing a name for your adorable dog, don’t settle for a cookie-cutter choice that has nothing to do with them. Play with your dog. Let them show you their personality. Maybe they’re a big eater, very shy, or extremely outgoing. By focusing on the characteristics that make them unique, you will quickly identify a characteristic that translates into the perfect dog name.

We know you have many things to do before you can relax with your new dog. Even though choosing a name is essential, you’re probably also running around trying to get a dog crate, buying food and a leash, and ordering a whole set of toys. So, we have come up with a list of more than 225 names that might be well suited for your Retriever. We broke them into a few categories, so you can easily find what’s best for you and your pup.

Popular Golden Retriever Names

A recent survey of owners collected the names of their dogs. The twenty most popular names are listed here. This is a good starting place to get some inspiration. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so if you see one you like, maybe it’s the perfect fit for yours!

Popular Golden Retriever Dog Names

Coat Color Based Names

Golden Retriever Face smiling
Goldens are uniquely personable. Their intelligent and human-like eyes can be a window into their soul and a mirror of our own.

One of the best ways to come up with a good name for your Goldie is to look at the color and shading of its coat. Goldens Retrievers vary widely in their coloring, as different ones have separate and distinct shades.

Some Golden Retrievers are more red than gold, while others are almost white. There is a lot of variation across the breed, so this characteristic might be unique to your dog. And since their coloring varies according to their type, there are many different names to choose from, and they’re not always ‘golden.’ With a little bit of creativity, you can zero in on a name that suits them quite well.

Sometimes, names based on coat color also draw inspiration from similarly colored things in our lives or comparable famous dogs. For instance, if you’re a big fan of Killian’s Irish Red beer and you have a dog with a hint of redness in their coat, Killian might be a great name. Some have a tawny color that might match your favorite liquor if you enjoy whiskey or other colored spirits.

Some of the very best names for these sporting dogs are typically inspired by their coat. And, it’s a natural decision to name a dog for its coloring. After all, that’s how the entire breed got its name.

Let’s look at some possible names.

Coat Color Based Dog Names

Breed Size Based Names

Golden Retriever Standing next to Water
Have you considered a size-based name? It might be a good fit for your Golden.

Another way to find inspiration in naming your pup is to look at their size. Most Goldens are considered medium-sized. They tend to be sturdy and muscular as well. So you can draw on these qualities when evaluating a possible name fit for your dog.

You might find irony or humor to be helpful muses as well. Suppose you have a smaller Golden Retriever, but they act like a big, tough, guard dog. It might be ironic to call them Titan or Zeus. There are so many hilarious tough dog names from which to choose.

Or, if you have a bigger Golden who acts like a Chihuahua, you might consider a name like Tiny, Tinkerbell, or Peanut. It might seem odd at first, but everyone who meets them will get the joke!


More Names

Golden Retriever laying in Dirt
It’s important to have fun when you’re naming your Retriever.

Instead of focusing on size or color, these names are popular, fun, famous, or just plain cute. And, some of them might be all of the above! A dog’s name will stick with them for the rest of their lives, so having a name that sparks joy or invokes pleasant memories is valuable.

Here are some of our favorite choices:

Popular Golden Retriever Dog Names

Golden Retriever Dog Name Trends

Golden Retriever Smiling
Don’t predetermine your dog’s identity by falling into the trap of conventional naming practices that may ignore a dog’s personality.

One of the current trends for naming your Retriever is to use a more human name than some classic dog names. For instance, some of the trendiest dog names are Louie, Lola, and Layla.

Another trend in dog naming is to use a name that is androgynous. Names like Myrtle or Orion are examples of not assigning masculinity or femininity through a title. This might help you avoid forcing your dog to act in a certain way because you predetermined its activities based on their sex.

It might seem a little silly, but some big male dogs might prefer to be spoiled or handled with extra love and care. And some female dogs might be the toughest on the block.

Golden Retriever Naming Tips

Golden Retriever Puppy in the grass
Your Golden’s name should be something they can easily recognize, and easy for you to say!

When it’s time to choose a name for your dog, the biggest thing to remembers is that you will be saying it many thousands of times. Think of how many times you will call your dog during its lifetime, so it makes sense to spend a little extra time choosing the best fit.

Tip 1: Tell A Story

Each dog has a story to tell. Their name can explain a lot about them. Imagine a puppy adopted from a shelter. Despite their sad and desolate surroundings, they are excitable, intelligent, and eager to please. Their tail wags, and they seem to light up when you pet them, and you decide on the spot to name them Scrappy.

For the rest of their life, their name will be a segue to a conversation about how you found them, rescued them, and brought them into your life. It will be a heart-warming memory that you will have forever, and you might recall it every time you say their name. Well, except when you find them chewing one of your shoes!

Tip 2: Test Your Dog’s Name

Even from the first time you meet your dog, you can say their name and see how they react. If they perk up at a specific word, that might be the best choice. If they seem to ignore a name you’re using, maybe move on to another. Remember that you should also like the name that you are testing out. It won’t be an ideal situation if your dog responds to a name that you cannot stand.

Some dogs might not receive a name well. And that’s fine. Just keep trying until you find one that they respond to.

Tip 3: Make It Unique

A good name for any dog is one that they recognize easily. For instance, Stacy is probably a terrible name for a dog because it sounds too much like stay! Similarly, you wouldn’t want to choose a name for your Retriever that sounds too similar to the name of another family dog, a family member, or even a friend who visits a lot. Those similarities can lead to confusion and frustration.

One piece of advice that you hear from many dog owners is to stick with a name that has two syllables. Fido. Scooby. Zippy. This is more likely to get their attention than a shorter one-syllable name like Bob, or a longer, more complicated name like Rin Tin Tin or Zacharias.

Something that rolls off your tongue and is snappy and attention-grabbing is perfect. It is also nice to have a name that you can shorten when desired. Like if your dog’s full name is Sherlock, and they are used to it, they will be just as likely to pay attention when you call them by an abbreviated name like Sher.

Final Thoughts

Naming your dog can seem stressful when you feel the pressure to give a name as soon as possible. You might be under a deadline from the breeder or adoption center to choose a name for the paperwork. Or, maybe you are just feeling anxious about not making the right choice. Remember, you can always change it on the paperwork. So, relax.

Naming your sporting dog should be fun. Make sure you enjoy the process, and you and your dog will be ready for years of fun together. Don’t get too tense and let your nervousness stifle your imagination. Remember to choose a name that suits your dog’s personality and one that will always get your dog’s attention when you call. We hope that you found inspiration from our list of names for your new pup. Now, take this time to be creative in finding a name both you and your Golden Retriever like, and focus on the lifetime of memories in store for you.

Golden Retriever with Kong Tennis Ball

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