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How To Cancel Figo Pet Insurance


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While having pet insurance to protect your pup is important, many circumstances can warrant a policy cancellation. If you’re facing financial hardship, I’ll share with you how to terminate your Figo policy as quickly as possible.

However, you may be considering canceling your Figo policy because you’re unhappy with this company’s pricing, coverage, claim reimbursement, or customer service. If that’s the case, I recommend reading my article to find out what you need to factor into your final decision. I have tips on what to consider and how to find another provider.

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Figo Pet Insurance Cancellation Policy

Here’s Figo’s official cancellation policy verbatim based on the sample pet insurance policy you can find on their website.

You may cancel this Policy at any time by emailing or writing to Us and stating the future date that You wish the cancellation to be effective.

Upon cancellation, You may be entitled to a premium refund. If You provide Us written notice of cancellation within thirty (30) days of the Original Start Date and You have made no Claim, We will refund the premium You paid Us, and the Policy will be canceled.

If You have made a Claim within thirty (30) days of the effective date, the premiums paid for or allocable to the first month of Coverage become fully earned upon the submittal of the Claim, and You will only receive a refund for any premiums paid for periods beyond the first month.

After the first thirty (30) days of the Policy period, We will compute any refund due on a daily pro-rata basis.

How To Cancel Your Figo Pet Insurance Policy

Unlike many other providers, Figo only gives you one option to officially cancel your pet’s policy. According to their website, Figo requires cancellation in writing via email at You cannot cancel in writing by snail mail, by phone, or online.

However, if you have any questions before canceling, call their customer service team at (844) 738-3446. Customer support is available Monday-Friday 7:00am-7:00pm and Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm (CT).

I recommend doing so if you’re unsure about their cancellation terms. Remember, after speaking with one of their agents, you’ll still need to cancel by emailing them.

3 Issues To Consider Before Canceling Your Policy

If you’re unsure whether canceling your Figo policy is your best option, I encourage you to consider these factors before terminating altogether.

1. Other Insurers Will Exclude Pre-Existing Conditions

One of the most significant disadvantages of canceling your Figo policy involves coverage for pre-existing conditions. Any conditions your pet was diagnosed with during the time your dog was enrolled in Figo’s pet insurance will likely be excluded from coverage by any new insurance provider.

This can be a difficult blow if your pup requires ongoing treatment for a chronic condition, such as allergies, arthritis, diabetes, or cancer. I recommend calculating your dog’s medical costs covered by Figo. Are those expenses something you can independently cover yourself?

2. Your Pet’s Age Might Limit Options

Your current Figo policy covers your pet for life. However, if you cancel your policy and have an elderly pet, you may not be able to find a new pet insurance policy that meets your budget and needs. Some providers have age limits and won’t insure pets once they reach a certain age (limits vary by provider).

3. Illnesses & Accidents Can Occur Anytime

Some people cancel pet insurance because they’ve never had to submit a claim. If your pet has never had any medical problems, you’re lucky. But keep in mind that accidents and health conditions can pop up at any time. Even if you plan on enrolling your pup with a new insurance provider, you’ll have waiting periods before your new policy’s coverage kicks in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions pet parents often ask about canceling Figo Pet Insurance. If you don’t see yours here, please ask us in our comments.

Can I Lower My Monthly Payments With Figo?

Yes, but only during your renewal period. You can make adjustments to your coverage in your Figo Pet Cloud account. You may be able to decrease your monthly payment (aka premium) in a few ways.

  1. Change to the Value Plus plan
  2. Remove Powerups
  3. Choose a lower annual coverage amount
  4. Reduce your reimbursement rate
  5. Choose a higher deductible

Can I Cancel Figo Pet Insurance At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your Figo pet insurance policy at any time for any reason. Figo does not charge any early cancellation fees.

What Is Figo’s Money-Back Guarantee?

If you with to cancel your policy within the first 30 days, Figo will provide you with a full refund of your premium amount, as long as you haven’t filed a claim. If you cancel your policy after the first 30 days, Figo will compute any refund due to you on a daily pro-rata basis.

What Happens To Pet Insurance When A Pet Dies?

If you’re canceling your pet insurance policy because your pet has passed away, please know you’re in our thoughts. While this is such a difficult time for you, it’s still important to remember to contact Figo and notify them of your pet’s passing. You can do so by calling or emailing Figo’s customer service department. If you had to euthanize your pup, some of Figo’s policies cover costs associated with veterinarian-recommended euthanasia. Check your individual policy to see if you’re covered.

How To Find A New Pet Insurance Company

If you’re not satisfied with Figo’s pet insurance but still want to insure your pet, I encourage you to read our pet insurance reviews to see which companies we recommend. You can get quotes from many of the top pet insurance companies by filling out the quote form above.

If you plan on choosing another pet insurance provider, it’s a good idea to do your research and get quotes before you cancel your existing Figo policy. This way, you can minimize the time your pet isn’t covered. Pet insurance is worth it, and insuring your furry friends is a great way to protect your wallet and make sure your pets get the necessary health care they need.

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