How To Treat UTI In Dogs: Home Remedies And Medicine Options

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Dog peeing on a treeIf your dog is prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs), you probably feel helpless at times. What can you give a dog for urinary tract infection? Is there a dog UTI treatment over-the-counter? How can you help prevent your dog from getting UTIs? We’ll answer these questions and more.

Dog UTI Treatment

First, you’ll want to be certain that it is a urinary tract infection that your dog has. We suggest taking your dog to the vet to confirm the UTI (unless your dog suffers from regular UTIs and you have a game plan that you have gone over with your dog’s vet.) Your veterinarian may suggest some dog UTI medicine or dog UTI antibiotics.

Dog UTI Symptoms

Watch this video by Pets Best Insurance to help you know what to look for in a UTI.

Dog UTI Home Remedy

There are many dog UTI home treatment options to help your dog feel more comfortable and recover. Below are six dog urinary tract infection home remedy options. Please check with your vet before administering a dog urinary tract infection treatment.

  1. Add one teaspoon (for small dogs) or 1-2 tablespoons (for big dogs) of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water bowl. Repeat up to two times per day for up to seven to ten days, depending on how severe the UTI is. Be sure to have a second bowl of water without apple cider vinegar in case your dog doesn’t like the taste.
  2. Have your dog soak in a hot bath (make sure it’s not too hot and the level isn’t too deep) for ten minutes to help relieve the muscles. Wash your dog with a mild soap and pay attention to the genital area. Don’t leave soap on the area for too long and be sure to rinse the area with clean, warm water. Do this every few days until the UTI is gone. Learn more about bathing your dog.
  3. Encourage your dog to drink more water by placing extra water bowls around the house. Change the water once or twice a day to make sure it’s fresh.
  4. Crush one 500mg Vitamin C tablet and sprinkle it over your dog’s food. Do this once per day for seven days.
  5. Give your dog one to three teaspoons of citrus juice. The juice should NOT be from concentrate and SHOULD be all natural. Make sure there is no added sugar because it could aggravate your dog’s UTI further.
  6. Add about two teaspoons of chopped blueberries or cranberries to your dog’s food. Do this twice per day for seven to ten days.

Can I Give My Dog Cranberry Juice?

We have heard time and time again that for humans, cranberry juice can help get rid of a UTI. But what about dogs? How much cranberry juice for a dog UTI and is it safe? We recommend speaking to your dog’s vet about this. Each dog is unique and what works for one, may be dangerous for another. We strongly urge you to speak with your dog’s vet before administering any type of treatment.

Can I Give My Dog Cranberry Pills

We don’t want to sound like a politician here, but our answer is the same as above. Please check with your dog’s veterinarian before giving cranberry pills to your dog.

3 Dog UTI Prevention Tips

Below are three tips for preventing bladder infection in dogs.

  1. Make sure your dog is drinking enough water
  2. Keep your dog well-groomed, especially around the genital area
  3. Encourage potty breaks for your dog; the longer urine sits in the bladder; the more opportunity for bacteria to multiply.

Dog UTI Test

Did you know you can find out if your dog has a UTI without visiting the vet? Try one of these dog UTI tests to detect a urinary tract infection in dogs as well as other illnesses. It could save you time and money at the vet’s office, especially if your dog is prone to UTIs. If the test comes back positive, you can then call your vet to get advice on how to proceed with treatment.

How often does your dog get a UTI?

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Donna Niederhelman
Hi. My Aunt and Uncle rescued an 8 year old small female dog about 10 days ago. She is sweet and very smart. She drinks all the water you put down and is urinating with a lot of blood in it. She continues to try to go even when She has already emptied her bladder. She also appears to have lumps on her belly/abdomen. We know to take her to the vet and will do so Monday as money is extremely tight. Is there anything we can do to stop what ever infection, ease her discomfort or make her feel better until Monday? Anything we should be doing for her?
LouAnn Skidgel
What did you do for this and did it work.
Kristal N
We have a female Aussie, Katie, that’s about 3 1/2 yrs old, she was a working cattle dog until the guy we worked for sold off all his cattle, she’s now a spoiled inside central air hog/fur baby. She was fixed at young age, before she was 10 months old and she had never gone through a heat cycle. She has never pottied in the house, until today. She urinated on the floor and never asked to go out like she always does. When we take her out to potty she will potty for longer then usual and will go several different times. She is also now asking to go out more often. She has been drinking alot more water. We are in southern Tennessee, so it’s hot and can be very humid outside 6-7 months out of the year. We had chalked her drinking more water the last couple days up to it being hot outside. Now we’re not so sure that’s why she’s been drinking more water, after her pottying in the house today, something she has never done before, as well as her asking to go out to potty, as well as her urinating longer and several times while outside, I’m pretty sure she has a UTI. Will these natural remedies work and are they safe for us to try with her. I know that Aussie’s are more sensitive to various human foods, such as peanut butter, etc and we don’t want to try one of these natural remedies if there is a possibility it could harm her. We are not able to take her to a vet at this time and we prefer to use all natural methods/remedies for our fur babies. Can you tell me if trying these natural remedies are safe to be used on an Aussie dog? I appreciate any and all help/advice regarding our girl, Katie.
I honestly don’t know the answer to your question, but you could also try using probiotic chews and cranberry supplement chews for dogs. I bought mine through Amazon. We started having the same problems with one of our pups so we are currently trying the chews and the vinegar. He loves the vinegar for some reason. Hope your dog feels better soon.
Sylvia Leili
My dog urin is neon yellow i think it could be UTI he drinks water but doesn’t want to eat. What should I do?
tony s
i don’t know if this helps but my dog passed away and it was because we thought he was picky then when i tried to take him to the vet they kept saying they cant take him but from what i saw online he had limes disease
Cathy Farley
Hi i was just wondering about my collie switch is a male dog.He has a soft swelled spot as big as a golf ball beside of his lipstick as they call it it is just on one side it dont seem to hurt him feels like a pocket of pus or something an his urine is a dark yellow i was just wondering could this be a UTI .i dont have no way to take him to a vet at this time.can anyone help
How often do you give the orange juice for UTI treatment? Once or twice a day and for how many days? Thanks!
Michelle Schenker (Admin)
Ideally, you would give your dog about 1-2 ounces for every 10 pounds of weight. It would be given with breakfast every day for three days straight.
Hi Michelle! I believe my female pup has had a UTI for a while, now that I’ve noticed she has blood in her urine, she’s had accidents (where she’s never had them before), has to urinate often, and has been drinking more water than usual. I’m going to try the OJ and blueberries. I see you say every day, 3 days straight. Do you think I should do it for 7-10 days to be sure it’s gone? Thanks so much for any help you can give! We’re unable to take her to a vet right now.
Michelle Schenker (Admin)
Hi Susan, If there is blood in the urine, you should see a vet. If you cannot take your dog to a vet, perhaps this online vet service can help.
Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for your reply. I ended up giving our dog the blueberries and OJ over the weekend and again,this morning. I was able to get an appointment and just got back from taking her to the vet. As a recommendation to others out there, our vet clinic was bought out by Banfield and so they suggested that I download their coupon for a free visit and they honored it for me; all I had to pay for was the medicine. That was such a great help. Hoping all will go well and that there isn’t anything more serious with her. Thanks, again!
Gerald Earwood m
Anyone got any suggestions
Gerald Earwood m
My poodle is 8 years old when she goes out to pee she goes a long time then when she finishes a real thick substance comes out
Kay Lewis
Sounds like she has a UTI or other infection. Probably should see a vet.
Kiya Hanson
My dog urinates once then squats 2 more times later on, but nothing comes out. Urine is not concentrated and she seems fine Otherwise
I’m a fellow dog owner, not a professional, but my dog lifts his leg a thousand times on a walk or hike, long after the bladder is empty. Seems like a territorial marking/ instinctual behavior to me.
My boy dog keeps trying g to hump my girl dog, she is fixed. I noticed some greenish fluid coming out of his pee hole. I give him a little bit of tramadol and he stops doing it for awhile, but after a few hours he starts again. Vets are so expensive and I recently had major back surgery so money is tight. I feel so bad for him. How can I help him…
Give him one tablespoon of lemon and mix it in with his water. You can also use apple cider vinegar in there as well. Be sure to soak him in hot baths.
Humping is an act of dominance. He’s trying to show his sister he’s the boss. No big deal unless they’re fighting. Get him neutered if he isn’t already. Call local shelters to find out what is the least expensive option. And I’ve seen discharge from a dogs’ penis before. I’d google it, but if he seems healthy and has no other symptoms, ask when he gets neutered.
My 7 yeAR old female dog has had about 5or6 UTI infections in her life now she is acting like she has another but this time she screams when she has a bowel movement. Even though they are so few but ot diarrhea what can I do she wets all over her self when I pick her up. She also tries to bite me
Jane Doe
Take her to a vet!
I’m trying this for my 5 yr old female. I didn’t think about her muscles until I saw the bath idea, it’s nice out so she can relax herself outside too thankfully! I was shocked at how she liked the blueberries. So thankful they’re in season! 3 big blueberries made 2 tsp. She doesn’t like the ACV. Has anyone squeezed their own citrus juice for the sick pup? Which one is best? TYIA
We are using Florida’s Natural OJ. She loves it drizzled on food or bread, or just found that she will drink it straight, too. 3 days on blueberries and oj in food and she’s improved already!
When should we notice improvement when using the above remedies?
We are using the blueberries and oj, and have noticed a great improvement already in 2 days. It probably depends on how far along the infection was when you started. We tested and started as soon as she began having accidents and trying to go in lots of spots outside. Then saw blood in her urine. We will continue for 7-10 days to make sure it’s gone, and do a followup Petnostics urine test – very helpful tool!
Hi Donna, how did this help your pup? Our female is going through this now.
Great info. I’ll try this
I tried this treatment and it worked thank you
My dog has had all these symptoms so I’m pretty sure it’s a UTI, so appreciate you sharing these remedies for the poor guy!