NomNomNow Reviews: Doesn’t Your Dog Deserve The Freshest Food?

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NomNomNow box with dogDo you consider fresh dog food merely a glorified version of table scraps? Think again! Fresh dog food isn’t just a fad. It’s a fantastic way to keep your dog as healthy and happy as possible.

We tested out NomNomNow on one of our own. What’s our verdict on this all-natural dog food?


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Article Overview

NomNomNow Review

4.6 / 5
NomNomNow Review
Variety 4.6
Nutritional Value 5.0
Pricing 4.0
Customer Support 5.0
Customization 4.5


  • Great variety of meals, including grain-free and gluten-free options
  • Food prepared in-house every week (never frozen)
  • Auto-shipping and you can pause or cancel anytime
  • Free shipping
  • Made in the USA
  • Good customer support with access to pet nutritionists via live chat, phone and email
  • 1% of sales go toward pet nutrition research


  • Must contact customer support to customize recipe combinations and portion sizes (can’t do it via website)
  • Can’t select your shipping day of the week
  • No weekly or bi-weekly delivery (only monthly) for East Coast residents

Key Features

  • Fresh meals made with all-natural ingredients
  • All meals are pre-portioned
  • Four recipes to choose from — Beef, Turkey, Chicken and Pork
  • Chicken or beef jerky treats available (made with USDA certified meats)
  • All ingredients and nutritional content is listed on website
  • Care-grade guarantee — if you don’t see the difference a fresh diet can make after 30 days of eating NomNomNow, they’ll buy your pet’s next diet (up to $50)
  • All packaging is recyclable

How Much Does NomNomNow Cost?

NomNomNow bases its pricing on your dog’s age, weight and target weight. The following price* is based on the profile of a mixed-breed male, 7 years old, 24 pounds, healthy size, no health problems or allergies.

  • $36-$47*/week for 56 meals, depending on the recipe you choose
  • $9.99 for 2-oz. bag of chicken or beef jerky
  • Free shipping
  • See all options


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Tiny’s Personal Experience

NomNomNow gave us a free one-month supply of dog food to test out on one of our Canine Journal family members. Here’s our unbiased review.

Tiny the dog on bed

Pet Profile

Name: Tiny
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Breed: Supposedly a mix of Pug and Cocker Spaniel, but who knows?! He looks like a black lab puppy.
Weight: 24 lbs (his ideal weight)
Health Concerns: Occasional digestive problems and blocked anal glands.
Personality: Active, very playful and a bit high-strung. He’s my shadow 24/7 and is extremely friendly with people (not so much my two cats, though!).

Getting Started

I jumped at the chance to put Tiny on a fresh food diet. I have to confess, I’ve been a kibble pet parent for years, so this was a big change for me and Tiny. Like most dogs, he’s never been excited about his kibble and always begs for “real-people” food. I couldn’t wait to see how he’d react to higher quality (and surely more tasty) food.

Once I placed my order, NomNomNow sent me a same-day, follow-up email asking for more details about Tiny, including his activity level, gender, breed, current dog food and anything else you want them to know about your dog. Once I submitted that information, they processed my order and emailed me the delivery date.

Getting Started Screenshot

Nom Nom Now Unboxing

On delivery day, they sent me a reminder email in the morning. The box arrived as promised, full of individually sealed meals that were kept fresh with two huge, reusable cooling packs. There was also a handy instruction booklet that included nutritional information and tips for transitioning your dog to the NomNomNow diet.

Nom Nom Now Unboxing photos

Tiny’s snout was buried in the box, and his tail was going a mile a minute! But first I had to put 2 weeks worth of food in the freezer and the remainder in my fridge. A word of warning, once you take the meals out of the box, they warm up pretty quickly so make sure you get them put away soon after you open the box.

They give you a week’s worth of starter packs, which contain half the regular portion of their food. You mix this with your existing dog food twice a day for a week to help make the transition easier on his digestive system. I opted for the beef mash for his meals, but they also sent me samples of their four other recipes to try out.

It’s Finally Feeding Time!

Tiny’s first meal was a big hit. The food came well-sealed, and all the ingredients looked and smelled very fresh. He was beyond excited to see what all this fuss was about and gobbled up everything in no time. But would he be this enthusiastic after a few meals?

Video: NomNomNow Unboxing

See how it looks out of the box and find out if our test pups gobbled it up or not…

Week One Update

I’m happy to report that Tiny is still a huge fan of his NomNomNow meals after a week of transition meals. After a few days, he even started spitting out the kibble on the floor to get to the good stuff! I tried to get this on video, but he wouldn’t perform on cue.

I had been worried about potential digestive issues with a pretty drastic diet change, but the side effects were surprisingly minimal. On Day 3, his tummy seemed a bit unsettled, but by Day 4 he was back to normal.

Now it’s time to cut out the kibble entirely. I’m sure he won’t miss it!

Week Four Update

I’ll add another update once we’ve hit the month mark. NomNomNow says it usually takes a month to see major benefits from their diet.

How’s Their Customer Service?

I have to say, NomNomNow’s customer support far exceeded my expectations. They sent me an email making sure my delivery went smoothly and a few others to check on our progress.

After the first week, Matt, my NomNomNow account manager, sent me a text checking in on how the new meal program was going and giving me his direct line in case I needed anything. If you don’t want to receive texts, you can opt in or out when you place your order or by updating your account.

NomNomNow also has nutrition specialists to answer any of your questions along the way, and they were super helpful, knowledgeable and quite friendly. I couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience. This company really seems to be passionate about their products — and your pup.

What Do Customers Think Of NomNomNow?

Positive Reviews

I have never seen our pups Scarlett & Rhett so excited about their food. It’s a quality, non-processed food that our pups love. I feel great knowing they’re eating healthy and nutritious food. The company’s customer service is top notch. They reply quickly and if you’re going on vacation you can arrange for extra meals to be delivered so they won’t miss their NomNom while you’re away. – Theresa, Trustpilot 3/8/2018

My parent’s dog loves this food. They have said she is more spunky and her coat is even more silky since she started eating NomNomNow. Also, she loves the food and goes wild every time they open a pouch. NomNomNow is helping their dog live her best life. Highly recommended! – Kendall H., Google Reviews 2/2018

Negative Reviews

I signed up for NomNomNow dog meals at the suggeston of my veterinarian. My vet wanted to see if it was a good service. I signed up and the company sent me a date for delivery. NO MEALS WERE DELIVERED. When I went to set up my account the inital password they gave me didn’t work. The company said I requested my account to be deactivate – NOT TRUE. I tried to contact the company regarding my issues online, which apparently only works through Ibooks. When I see my vet next I am going to let him know about my bad experience with the company. – Denise H., Trustpilot 3/8/2018

These people won’t let us unsubscribe..we told them multiple times we don’t want it anymore but they continue to send us boxes and continue to take our money. – Nick M., Google Reviews, 2/2018

People Can Eat This Dog Food Too!

See what the creators of San Francisco-based NomNomNow (and their pets) have to say about their venture that’s now expanded to all 48 contiguous states.

How Does NomNomNow Compare?

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NomNomNow is an excellent choice for dog food delivery if you’re looking for fresh, human-grade meals for your pup. It has among the widest variety of recipes and has fantastic customer support. You can customize portion sizes and combine recipes in your deliveries. This service is, however, on the pricey side.

If you want to see alternatives to NomNomNow, be sure to read our article comparing the best dog food delivery services, which includes all-natural kibble, high-end dog food you’ll find at your local store and more.

Why are you considering home delivery of your pet food?

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Sally grew up in a feline-only home, but cat allergies in her early 20’s made it an easy transition to dog ownership. And she couldn’t be happier with her canine shadow, who’s been at her side (literally) for years. No longer a cat person for obvious reasons, Sally is now a true bone-ified dog lover.

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This company was great at first. My family has 2 dogs and we were happy, until we decided that it wasn’t enough food and our dogs were still hungry. so we asked them if we could increase the amount of food that we were buying. our first delivery we noticed that the food was, I would compare it to watery soup. what they did was they filled it up with water so that it seemed like it was heavier instead of giving more food …and they charged us for the weight. so when I brought it to their attention, all I can say was that it was the worst customer service I have ever dealt with . They were very condescending I will never order from them again
Beware this company. Their delivery service is NOT good. Food does not arrive on time and indeed can arrive an entire day late after sitting in the back of some hot truck for over 24 hours with only a couple of ice packs to keep the food fresh. That may not be a problem if you live in Alaska in the winter but here in Southern California in the summer, with 90 degree plus temperatures, food goes bad very quickly. And, then on top of that, Nom Nom can’t seem to get you replacement shipments until your next delivery date, which is of no help if you have no food to feed your dogs and have to run out to the store and scramble to find something for them to eat that won’t upset their stomachs given a sudden change in diet. We all know that changes to a dog’s diet can truly upset their stomach. NOM NOM even makes a point of instructing their customers to introduce Nom Nom food into the dog’s diet slowly.

Also, I believe this company is trying to cut corners. Case in point above – an undependable delivery service. And, I found that their Beef Mash meal was proportionately off i.e. mostly potatoes and not really much of Beef. It should be called Shepard’s Pie, the poor man’s version.

S. Shelton
I signed up with them and was quoted one price, when I went back on the site they had raised the price by almost $100 a month. When I called them, they said they didn’t know why I was quoted that price because the higher price was the right one. I had to cancel before I even got to try it. Very frustrated with this company.
Hi there! I’m curious about your 4-week update. Did Tiny continue to like NomNomNow? Did you decide to keep the diet or move on to something else? I’m considering a fresh food diet for my Golden Retriever and would love to hear your experience!