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Best Dog Toys For Cockapoos: Our Top Picks


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The Cockapoo is one of the most popular designer dogs in the world. And with sooo many designer dog breeds out there, this is no mean feat. This likely translates to many Cockapoo moms and dads out there who need a helping hand finding the best dog toys on the market. So we are going to offer exactly that – a helping hand in the form of this informative guide. And after teaching you how to find the best dog toy for your Cockapoo, we’ll showcase the best dog toys too to save you time and confusion.

His Poodle genes make him intelligent and curious. And his Cocker Spaniel genes make him alert and forever looking for interactive play with his humans. Together, these genes make for an energetic ball of fluff that needs both physical and mental stimulation. Dog toys not only offer both, but they also keep him out of mischief and keep him happy. It’s safe to say that toys are a necessity in any dog owner’s arsenal. So, let’s kick boredom’s butt with this toy guide!

At A Glance: Our Favorite Cockapoos Toys

This Cockapoo toy guide is aimed at standard-sized Cockapoos. Generally speaking, Cockapoos that weigh between 20 and 50 pounds are considered to be standard-sized. Most of the toys in this article are available in smaller sizes, so be sure to select the appropriate size if you have a toy or mini Cockapoo.

Chuckit! Squirrel Toy
Our Rating

Best For Chewers

Petstages Dogwood Tough Bone

Our Rating

Best Interactive

Outward Hound Interactive Squirels

Our Rating

Best For Fetch

Chuckit! Large Rubber Ball and Launcher

Buyer’s Guide

All Cockapoos are unique, which is why finding the right toy for your Cockapoo might seem more difficult at first. But the great thing is, is that no one knows your Cockapoo as you do. So this buyer’s guide is here to help you figure it out. It’s important to read this because it helps you avoid wasting your money on something that he’ll turn his nose up at.

Golden Cockapoos puppy playing with tug toy in garden
Before jumping headfirst into the toy basket, you need to think about several considerations.

Type Of Play

There are many different types of play, and working out which play type your Cockapoo is into is the first place to start on your toy journey. If you already have a resident Cockapoo, you probably know his play-type preference. Whatever that may be, buy a toy that targets his preference. But if you are about to welcome a puppy into your home, chances are you probably don’t know just yet. In this case, you should purchase a few different toys that target different play types. And have fun learning together what he likes and go from there.

If your Cockapoo likes to fetch, pick a toy that you can toss. Such as a ball or a rubber toy that offers an erratic bounce. If he prefers to play interactively with his humans or other doggy friends, pick a toy that can accommodate this. Rope toys are ideal here. Or, if you have a clever Cockapoo on your hands, pick a puzzle toy to challenge his brain. And for those Cockapoos who chew everything in sight, select a chew toy that he can chew until his heart’s content. As long as you stick to what he likes, it’s sure to be a hit. And recent studies indicate that dogs play more when we humans are watching!


Durability is important in your toy choice. Because if it only lasts two minutes, both your Cockapoo and your wallet are not impressed. It’s important to remember that dog toys are not meant to last forever. But by making the right choice, you can ensure that it lasts longer than cheap Dollar Store toys. And if it lasts longer, it’ll be better value for money, and it keeps Fido happier.

To find a durable dog toy, you need to stick to well-known brands that produce good-quality dog toys. Better-quality toys tend to come with a slightly higher price tag, but it’s worth spending a little extra. Durability also depends on your Cockapoo. If he is a gentle player, the toy lasts longer. If he is a tough chewer, it wears down quickly. You need to match his power. So, if he is a tough chewer, you’ll need to pick a toy designed for extreme chewers.


Durability is also determined by the type of material that you pick. And some materials are much better than others. Cockapoos are active dogs who get a lot of use out of their toys, so you need to pick a toy made from good quality materials such as these:


Rubber is a top choice for Cockapoos who like to chew. Rubber is long-lasting and can match the strength of tough chewers. It is also great for anxious dogs and teething pups who find the gum relief soothing. Rubber is also fun because it bounces all over the place, so it’s great for fetch games. It’s easy to wash, too, making your chores much easier. Rubber should be non-toxic and natural. Thermoplastic elastomer is a type of rubber that is commonly used to make dog toys.


Rope is a great material choice for Cockapoos who love to play tug of war. It is tough and long-lasting. Plus, long rope toys are great for safety by putting distance between your hands and their mouth.  The rope fibers are also beneficial for his dental hygiene as they act as a flossing tool to break down plaque. Always stick to ropes designed specifically for dog toys instead of ropes from the hardware store. As these are usually treated or exposed to chemicals that are toxic to your dog.


Nylon comes in two forms: hard and soft. Hard nylon is a popular material for chew toys as it is long-lasting and safer than bones and sticks. It can also be shaped so that it is easier to grip, and it is great for his dental hygiene. Plus, it can be flavored with irresistible tastes like bacon and peanut butter. Much more appealing than stinky sneakers. Softer nylon is tougher than polyester for soft toys.

Polyester & Plush

Soft toys made from polyester stuffed with plush stuffing are other popular materials used to make dog toys. But, these materials are only suitable for dogs who are not heavy chewers. If your Cockapoo is rough in play or a consistent chewer, this is not a great material choice for him. This is because the inside stuffing and squeaker can quickly become choking hazards. Instead, it’s best saved for gentle players or those who just like to cuddle their toys.


Toys are meant to be fun, but they also need to be safe. Otherwise, you’ll be putting your pooch at risk, and you’ll be a regular visitor at your vet’s. This is why we always recommend highly-rated toys that are made by trusted pet brands. Well-known brands put their toys through safety tests and have the best interests of your Cockapoo at heart.

Unfortunately, some brands out there only care about making a profit. They make poor-quality toys with seams, beads, and non-durable material that puts dogs at risk. This is why you need to do your own research first. Avoid cheap dog toys, those that look poorly made, or those made from dangerous materials. Always search for recommended materials mentioned above or those you know to be safe after your own research.


The standard-sized Cockapoo is a medium-sized dog. On rare occasions, they are larger than 50 pounds, so they would be considered a large breed in this instance. Generally speaking, the standard-sized Cockapoo needs a medium-sized dog toy. But not all brands size their toys in the same way, so you always need to measure your Cockapoo according to the individual toy.

Sizing is more important than most dog owners think. If it’s too big, your Cockapoo might be overwhelmed, and he probably does not want to play with it. And if the toy is too small, it could be very dangerous because he could swallow it whole. This has happened to many dogs before, and it could happen to your pup. If you are in any doubt about sizing, always go one size up rather than down.

Best Dog Toys For Cockapoos

After reading the buyer’s guide, you are now armed with all the knowledge you need to make the best choice for your pooch. After our market research, we have found six of the best dog toys for Cockapoos. We have reviewed each toy and highlighted why we love them, so be sure to read them all and take your pick.

Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Toy

GoughNuts Interactive Ball Toy
  • Great for dogs that chew.
  • Smells like real natural wood.
  • Made with non-toxic materials.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Great for fetch, or chewing.
  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Made in the United States.

This toy is not just any chew toy. This chew toy is designed to look like wood, and it tastes like wood. And that’s because it is made from real wood. But because it isn’t real wood, it’s much safer because it does not splinter or cause stick-related injuries. Combined with a durable synthetic material known as polypropylene, it is longer-lasting. Chewing is a natural behavior in dogs, so this toy appeals to his chewing needs.

This toy can reduce anxiety and prevent boredom, barks, and other problematic behaviors. Keeping your Cockapoo entertained for hours, this is a much-loved toy, according to the high reviews. This stick is much less messy. Simply wipe it down with warm water and a cloth, and pop it back in his toy basket, ready for his next chew sesh. This toy can also float in water, making it a great distraction for bathtime or fetching in the water.

We love that this toy is the best option for Cockapoos who are forever chewing things. This option creates healthy chewing habits, and it is much safer for your pooch, too. Everyone’s a winner!

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball

  • High-bouncing ball.
  • Perfect for dogs that love to fetch.
  • Extra thick rubber core.
  • Floats in water, great for swimmers.
  • Orange color enhances visibility.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Can use with Chuckit! brand Launcher.

Most dogs love to run after balls, and the Cockapoo with his Spaniel genes is bound to be one of them. We have included this toy on our list to cater to your Cockapoos chasing needs. But this isn’t just any ol’ ball. Chuckit! balls are known for their durability and fun bounce thanks to the inner rubber core. It also floats, again, catering to the water-loving Cockapoo.

It also comes with the launcher, which is the main star of the show here. The launcher allows you to throw two to three times further, with much less effort on your part. So not only do you have it easier during walkies, but he’ll have much more fun, too. The launcher is ergonomically designed for your grip and comfort.

We love that this toy makes outdoor exercise much more fun for Cockapoos who love to chase and fetch. With this option, you get up to three times the throwing power, so you can’t get much better than this.

Outward Hound Squirrel Interactive Toy

  • Interactive toy for intelligent pups.
  • Multiple sizes for medium to bigger dogs.
  • Fun hide-and-seek game that pups love.
  • Squirrels squeak.
  • Durable soft toys.
  • Offers replacement squirrels.
  • Great for training.

According to the reviews, this toy is a top hit with most dogs. The main reason for this is that it is versatile and targets several play types. The first is that there are six soft and squeaky squirrels that most dogs go mad for. They can be gently thrown indoors for interactive play or hidden for nose practice around the home. This toy also comes with a hollow trunk that you can hide the toys in, and it challenges Fido to release them one by one.

Not only does this toy provide hours of entertainment but also pleases most play preferences. But it also engages his mind to beat boredom. There are a variety of sounds, textures, and shapes too. It can be used for interactive and solo play. To make it more fun, chuck in a few tasty treats inside amongst the squirrels to make it more exciting. This option is not for tough chewers.

We love that this toy is the top pick for clever Cockapoos who like to challenge their brain. Your pooch will have to get his thinking cap on to release the squirrels, and it’ll provide him with hours of mental stimulation.

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Dog Toy

Frisco Monkey Plush Dog Toy
  • Made from puncture-resistant material.
  • Extremely durable construction.
  • Great for tug-of-war and fetch.
  • Retains shape even if punctured.
  • Made of non-toxic materials.
  • Floats, for water play.
  • Great for fetch and tug-of-war.

This option is popular with tough chewers, making it a top pick if your Cockapoo is part of the tough chewer crown. The ball is made with puncture-resistant material, and the rope is tough, too. This toy caters to those who love both rubber and rope materials. This durable toy is made of non-toxic rubber, so it’s safe to chew. It also floats on the water, making it ideal for the beach or lake-time fun.

The rope fibers assist with dental hygiene making it great for daily chewing. This option is ideal for multi-pet homes because it can be used for tug-of-war games. Or chase after it with someone flinging it around. And, according to the reviews, even horses love it! It’s time to romp-n-roll with this toy around.

We love that this versatile toy combines a rubber ball with a rope. Plus, it floats on water, which is great for most Cockapoos who love to splash around.

West Paw Treat Dispensing Dog Chew Toy

  • Interactive toy keeps your pup busy.
  • Treat dispensing toy.
  • Durable rubber construction.
  • Environmentally friendly design.
  • Extends the life of treats.
  • Great for mental stimulation.
  • Made in the United States.

West Paw has created this toy with a thick rubber material to resist even the toughest of jaws. Plus, it is great as a stand-alone rubber toy to soothe gums and reduce anxiety in dogs. It is also designed to place long treats in so that he has to work that bit harder to earn his treat. Place his favorite dental stick inside, and it’ll provide him with hours of stimulation.

The cut-out design allows your dog to smell and taste the chew constantly, so he’ll work on it for that bit longer compared to other treat-dispensing toys. Reviewers love that about this option. It can also be used as a fetching toy, and the uneven design creates an erratic bounce that is different every time. It is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

We love that this toy is the best option for those who love to chew rubber or a toy that releases yummy treats. This toy is great for teething pups, anxious dogs, and any Cockapoo spellbound by tasty treats.

Frisco Squeaking Monkey Toy

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Great for tug-of-war and fetch.
  • Soft plush fabric.
  • Minimal stuffing in construction.
  • Built-in rope for durability.
  • Built-in squeaker.
  • Not recommended for unsupervised play.

This is our favorite option for your cuddly canine. Pair him with this cuddly monkey toy for some great fun and cute photos too. The outer material is soft, making him a great snuggle buddy for sweet Cockapoos. This toy can be used for indoor fetch games, and the rope means it can be used for gentle tug of war games. And there is an internal squeaker for added excitement.

Frisco has also thought about his safety, which is why they have added rope inside the toy for extra durability. Plus, they have added just enough plush stuffing, but not as much as other plush toys. That means fewer choking hazards for when it does break down eventually. Although this is not for tough chewers, reviewers love how it is more durable than most other plush toys on the market.

We love that this toy is a great choice for cute Cockapoos who love plush toys, especially ones that squeak. This toy is bound to get him excited like nothing else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a toy that physically and mentally entertains your cute but energetic Cockapoo isn’t as easy as most owners first think. And with so many toy options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. So, below, we have listed some of the most commonly asked questions.

What type of toys are the best toys for my Cockapoo?

This question can only be answered by you, but we can guide you. It all comes down to what play preference your Cockapoo has. All Cockapoos are different, and catering to his play preferences is the key to toy success. But if you are about to welcome a puppy or rescue into your home, you probably don’t know what he likes yet. So, it’s best to get a selection for him so that you can learn what he likes.

Are there any completely 100% indestructible dog toys available?

Dog toys are not meant to last forever. They are meant to be played with and enjoyed. And if your Cockapoo enjoys chewing and destroying toys, it’s better he destroys the toys than your furniture or sneakers. The Cockapoo is not likely to be as tough a chewer as a Pittie, but he will play with his toys a lot. This is why you should stick to durable, high-quality toys.

 Is one toy enough for my Cockapoo?

No. Dog toys are not a luxury. They are a necessity for proper physical and mental stimulation. Without them, he will undoubtedly become restless and get up to mischief. If he becomes bored with one toy, he’ll make something else a new toy. And probably something that shouldn’t be. So, it’s always best to invest in a selection of dog toys and rotate them throughout the week.

Are some materials dangerous for my Cockapoo?

Yes, unfortunately, some cheaper toy brands still use unsafe materials, all so that they can make more of a profit. Although there aren’t many of these toys around, you still need to know what you are giving to Fido. Always do your research, and stick to well-known brands that produce quality toys. Look for the materials listed in our buyer’s guide, including non-toxic rubber, rope, cotton, polyester, BPA-free plastics, and others. As soon as the toy starts to break down, you need to dispose of it and replace it. Otherwise, it’ll become a choking hazard.

Final Thoughts

The Cockapoo is a lovely and brilliant pooch who brings joy to all that he meets. But he isn’t just the cute teddy bear lookalike that everyone thinks he is. This guy is a mixture of sporting parents who have lots of energy, and he has just as much. Toys are a much-needed staple of his daily life to keep him physically and mentally stimulated.

Invest in a selection of dog toys for him to play with to keep him healthy, out of trouble, and, most importantly, happy. By focusing on his play-type preference, you cannot go far wrong. By choosing from our recommendations above, you can be sure that the toy you choose is safe, durable, good value for money, and super fun.

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