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Best Dog Foods For West Highland White Terriers: Puppies, Adults & Seniors


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As the proud owner of a West Highland White Terrier, you want to give them the best that life has to offer. To ensure their health and happiness invest in the highest quality nutrition for your adorable canine companion. Since nutrition is the foundation of health for all living creatures, dogs included, we must understand what goes into it.

It’s only right that you want to make an informed choice for your fur baby. However, there are so many different dog food options on the market, making it challenging to decide what to feed your Westie. Let’s explore everything you need to know about your West Highland White Terrier’s best nutrition. We give you recommendations on what we’ve judged to be some of the best food brands on the market, so your dog stays nourished from their puppy through senior life stages. We also go over what to feed overweight Westies.

Your Westie has different dietary needs throughout their life– whether a puppy, adult, or senior. As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to understand these needs, so make sure you’re paying attention. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into a good diet for your West Highland White Terrier.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Foods for West Highland White Terriers

Blue Buffalo Large Breed Senior Food
Our Rating

Best For Puppies

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy

The Farmer's Dog Food Products (3 flavors)
Our Rating

Best For Adults

The Farmer’s Dog

FirstMate Puppy Grain Free
Our Rating

Best For Seniors

Nutro Ultra Senior

Eating Habits

Westie eating bowl of dog food
Feeding the appropriate amount of food for their life stage is important for development.

Since every dog is an individual, they all have their own eating habits, especially as they go through their stages of life. Provided your Westie isn’t a working dog or participating in shows, they do not need to eat that many calories. Generally speaking, more active dogs require more calories than dogs who are simply family pets. How much your dog should be eating depends on many factors, including size, age, and activity level. This is important to keep in mind if your West Highland White Terrier ends up having a bit too big of an appetite.

Figuring out portion sizes can be done with your veterinarian. Most food brands have information on the back of the package as to how much your dog should eat daily. When your Westie is very young, early in their puppyhood, try to feed them around four meals a day and taper it to three once they get older. Once they reach adulthood, at around 12 months old, you should transition them to two meals a day. Senior Westies eat less than their younger counterparts.

Interestingly, the West Highland White Terrier is prone to obesity but can also be among the pickiest breeds. If you find your dog isn’t cooperating at mealtime, you can opt to mix wet food mixed in with their kibble for better palatability. But, don’t overdo it as this could lead to weight gain. Obesity is the gateway to many preventable diseases and can seriously impact your dog’s quality of life.

Dietary Needs For Each Life Stage

Your dog’s nutritional needs change throughout its lifetime, and these depend on several different factors. This section goes over what each life stage needs, whether puppy, adult, or senior. A good diet is essential to your Westie preserving their best quality of health. Since Westies are prone to allergies, it’s always a good idea to check with your veterinarian if they require a special diet.


Westie puppy eating
Puppy serving sizes should be fairly small.

Since West Highland White Terriers are a smaller breed, they must eat food suitable for their breed size, especially at the puppy stage. They should be eating the right kind of dog food at the correct amount to ensure proper growth and development. For this reason, it’s always best to avoid food marketed as being for “all life stages.”

Your Westie puppy needs somewhere around 22% protein and 8% fat in their diet. This amount helps them grow into healthy, sturdy adults. Since puppies require more nutritionally dense food than adults, make sure to feed them puppy formula kibble.

You should start your very young puppy off at around four meals a day, tapering them down to three once they get to be about six months of age. Finally, adjust them to two meals a day once they reach adulthood. There is usually a portion sizing guide at the back of your dog’s food package. However, you should seek extra help from a veterinarian if necessary.


Westie first birthday
When changing puppy food formulas, it is best to do it over a few days.

Westies become adults at around 12 months of age, at which point they should be eating two meals a day. This is also the best time to transition them into eating adult formula. Gradually add adult food to the puppy food, slowly increasing the ratio until they have transitioned to their new diet. A slow pace will help avoid stomach sensitivities and pickiness during this time of change.

Adult Westies eat bigger servings now that they are older. However, this food is not as calorie-rich as their puppy formula was. The focus now shifts from developing a healthy body to preserving that body, maintaining overall strength and health. This is done by giving your dog plenty of high-quality protein. Protein helps fuel muscle building and provides energy to keep your West Highland White Terrier active, whether at work or play. Aim for around 23% protein in your dog’s diet. With this in mind, adult Westies need less fat than they ate in puppyhood. 6% is a good number to aim for.

Caloric needs depend entirely on how active your Westie is, but they are likely to need more than other dogs of a similar size due to their breed’s energy levels. Remember not to overfeed your dog, as this can lead to conditions like gastric torsion and obesity– both potentially deadly.


Senior Westie eating
Like all animals, seniors are less active than they used to be.

Your West Highland White Terrier becomes a senior at around the age of 8. However, all dogs mature at a different pace, and you may need a veterinarian’s help to determine when is best to transition to senior food. Your vet examines your dog for overall health and considers their activity level to see if your they have reached the senior life stage.

Because senior dogs are less active, you must adjust their calorie needs, keeping less frequent movement in mind. As your dog ages, their metabolism slows down, which means they cannot eat as much food as they used to — keeping your dog’s serving size the same as in adulthood can lead to becoming overweight quickly. Obesity is a more significant problem in senior years, as the diseases originating from it cany put their lives in danger. Monitoring your dog’s weight is more important than ever at this stage.

It’s a misconception that senior dogs need less protein just because they are eating less. In fact, your Westie should be eating more protein in their old age to maintain muscle mass. Aim for around 28 to 32% protein in your senior Westie’s diet. High amounts of premium quality protein should be the primary focus of your dog’s diet at this point in their lives, especially if they have to lose weight. Beyond protein, look for food containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin to keep your dog’s joints moving fluidly and manage pain from arthritis and other diseases. Superfoods are a great addition to your dog’s diet, as they contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all essential to boosting their weakened immune system.

Stomach Sensitivities

Unfortunately, your West Highland White Terrier is more prone to food sensitivities than most breeds. If you find them developing allergies or stomach upset, it may be a good idea to look into a limited ingredient diet. Always select minimally processed food to keep your dog’s digestive health in the best shape.

High-quality food provides everything your dog needs nutritionally and also helps keep obesity at bay. Consistent and straightforward nutrition is the best you can give your dog, so try to keep treats to a minimum just in case it’s triggering sensitivities.

Feed Them Well

We only ever promote the best premium quality food, placing a special emphasis on natural ingredients. Veterinarians and canine nutritionists agree that feeding your dog the best food provides complete, balanced nutrients without any guesswork.

All the brands we recommend meet the rigorous standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), meeting expectations for what good dog food should be, no matter the life stage.

Before we move on to our picks for the best dog food for your West Highland White Terrier, let’s go over the ingredients you should look for when choosing your Westie’s food, as well as ones to avoid.

What To Feed Your Westie

Feeding your Westie a well-balanced diet is crucial to their health and quality of life. This contains important components you should prioritize. Here are some of the ingredients every good diet needs for your dog’s best health.

Small White Dog Eating Meat and Vegetables From Dog Bowl
Soft and low-calorie dog-safe vegetables are a good option.


Protein is undoubtedly the most important part of your dog’s nutrition. Make sure your dog is eating food containing real meat for the highest quality protein. If your Westie is not on a limited-ingredient diet, try to find food containing more than one source of protein. There are many good options spanning from fowl, fish, and grassland-dwelling animals. Meat should be listed as the first ingredient in your dog’s food, letting you know it is one of the primary components.

Fruits and Vegetables

Dogs love meat, and protein is definitely the most important part of their diet. However, you should still be feeding them food containing fruits and vegetables. These provide your dog with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber–all necessary to give them well-balanced nutrition. Many premium dog foods contain real superfoods for a more well-rounded diet. Vegetable fibers are also found in many different dog foods, working as prebiotics to support your dog’s good gut health.

Healthy Fats

Feeding your Westie healthy fat is also an important part of their overall health. Fat is good for the brain and gives extra energy where protein cannot. Chicken fat and flaxseed oil are good ingredients to look for to help give your dog the fat they need. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help your puppy’s cognitive and retinal development. These are also good for skin and coat health.

What Foods Should You Avoid?

Now that you know which ingredients to prioritize when selecting food for your Westie, here are some ingredients you must avoid. These ingredients have very little nutritional value and may even be detrimental to your dog’s health.


Dogs have difficulty processing lactose, so it’s best to avoid dairy products in the ingredients of the food you select. Milk-based ingredients can trigger stomach upset. This may cause gas or loose stools. Milk by-products such as skim milk powder and whey powder should also be avoided, as these can also cause digestive issues and allergies.

Wheat, Gluten, and Other Grains

While not all grains are bad, many of them are difficult for your dog to digest and may even cause stomach sensitivities. Corn, wheat, and grains containing gluten are very commonly found in lower-quality dog food. These provide little nutritional value and may also increase your dog’s blood sugar, which is bad news for diabetic dogs. Instead of these, opt for good carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and brown rice. These ingredients are full of nutrients and have a low glycemic index to boot.

Additives and Fillers

Fillers are unnecessary ingredients added to pad out an ingredient list or to make something seem more nutritious than it actually is. Artificial preservatives aren’t exactly bad, though they should still be avoided if possible. However, artificial flavors and coloring should not be present in your Westie’s food. Seeing the word” meat” by itself is also a bad sign, as is the phrase “meat meal.” This does not tell us what the meat involved actually is, and therefore leaves us guessing about the precise nutritional value of the ingredient.

How To Choose The Best

Choosing dog food for your beloved West Highland White Terrier is a lot of research, so we have decided to remove the guesswork for you. We have listed some of the best dog food products available from brands beloved the world over. These are sure to give your dog optimum nutrition throughout each life stage. We have chosen five different products, each for a puppy, adult, and senior Westies. We’ve also included choices for your Westie in case they have gotten overweight. Rest assured that each product we choose contains the nutrients necessary for your dog to live a healthy life.

Best Dog Foods for Puppies

One of the best things you can do for your puppy is to start them off right with the best nutrition. Nutrient-dense food formulated specifically for your West Highland White Terrier puppy gives them a great start in life. This provides the energy needed to explore, grow, and play.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy

  • Grain-free formula.
  • Contains real chicken.
  • DHA for brain development.
  • No corn, soy, or wheat.
  • No fillers or byproducts.
  • 423 Calories per cup.
  • 36% Protein, 16% Fat, 5% Fiber.

Blue Buffalo has created this special food that is perfect for your West Highland White Terrier puppy. This is a high-protein formula featuring real chicken to give the best quality nutrition, as well as satisfy your young pup’s voracious appetite. This also helps with growing strong and lean muscles. DHA, ARA, and Taurine all work together to help support brain and eye development.

We love formula is grain-free and should not irritate your puppy’s sensitive stomach. It includes LifeSource Bits– a precise blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help boost your puppy’s developing immune system.

Nutro Natural Choice Puppy

Nutro Senior Formula Dog Food
  • Non-GMO ingredients.
  • Made with real chicken.
  • No by-products, corn, wheat, or soy.
  • DHA for brain development.
  • 390 Calories per cup.
  • 28% Protein, 16% Fat, 3% Fiber.

Another great offering with chicken as the very first ingredient is Nutro’s Wholesome Essentials puppy food. This highly palatable kibble contains everything your puppy needs for their wellness. You can be assured of safety for your Westie pup as this formula does not contain GMO ingredients, nor corn, wheat, soy, or chicken by-product meal. Nutro also includes Omega-3 fatty acids to help with brain and vision development.

We love essential antioxidants that keep your puppy’s immune system strong and healthy so they can stay strong and healthy. Calcium helps with growing sturdy bones and joints for an active life ahead.

FirstMate Puppy Grain Free

CANIDAE Pure Salmon
  • Single source, novel protein.
  • Grain-free recipe with wild herring.
  • Rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.
  • Bite-size kibble and optimal levels of protein and fat.
  • Made in Canada with the high quality ingredients.

FirstMate has created this special, limited ingredient formula meant to give your Westie puppy maximum nutrition during the most important developmental stage of their life. This formula contains optimal levels of protein, plus puppy-appropriate bite-size pieces for healthy growing speed. This recipe includes wild herring from the Pacific Ocean to give your dog novel protein that is delicious and nutritious.

We love single source protein means less risk of allergies, making this a great hypoallergenic formula. There is no grain in this recipe, so it is easily digestible. It is also rich in Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and proper brain and eye development.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Grain-Free Puppy

Wellness Core Puppy Freeze Dried
  • Limited ingredient food.
  • Pea and lentil free.
  • Farm-raised duck is the first ingredient.
  • No corn, wheat, or soy.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 395 Calories per cup.
  • 25% Protein, 12% Fat, 4% Fiber.

Natural Balance’s limited ingredient formula features farm-raised duck as its primary ingredient for high-quality protein. It also includes potatoes for ease of digestion, plus a good source of healthy carbohydrates. DHA from marine sources boosts neural and retinal development. The kibble shape is specially made for smaller jaws, helping your Westie puppy chew their dinner well to get maximum nutrient absorption.

We love that this food has been formulated by veterinarians, canine nutritionists, research scientists, design engineers, and pet feeding analysts with a combined experience of over 125 years, so you know the best science backs your dog’s dinner.

Victor Purpose Active Puppy Formula

Purina Pro Sensitive Stomach Adult
  • Made of 77% meat protein.
  • Grain-free formula.
  • Promotes digestibility and gut health.
  • Antioxidants for immune health.
  • Made for active dogs.
  • 384 Calories per cup.
  • 33% Protein, 16% Fat, 3.8% Fiber.

Since your puppy will live an active life, make sure each day is filled with purpose. VICTOR’s Purpose formula answers this need with this grain-free, multi-protein diet. It is made with beef, pork, and fish meals of the highest quality to ensure your Westie gets concentrated protein to help them grow up strong.

We love this formula is fortified with vitamins and minerals to keep your dog’s developing immune system strong. Since this recipe is grain-free, you can rest assured that your dog won’t experience the stomach upset they would in grain-inclusive formulas.

Best Dog Foods for Adults

Once your dog has reached adulthood, it’s time to keep them nourished throughout their adult years. This ensures they are healthy and active, whether at work or play. Understanding their calorie needs is especially important at this age, as obesity begins to be a real problem. Choose a dog food that gives them everything they need to stay fit and enjoy the prime of their life.

The Farmer's Dog

  • Cooked fresh, flash-frozen, and shipped to you.
  • Personalized meal plans.
  • 4 healthy, vet-designed options: beef, chicken, turkey, or pork.
  • Made with human-grade ingredients (no fillers or preservatives).
  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • Calories and nutritional values vary based on recipe.

The Farmer’s Dog’s recipes are naturally healthy, thanks to fresh, human-grade ingredients. Their recipes list meat as the first ingredient, giving your dog protein and rich nutrients for healthy skin, coat, and cognitive function. Wholesome vegetables provide the immune system with antioxidants while the protein keeps his bones and teeth strong. This food is grain-free, so mixing in some freshly cooked rice or kibble is a great way to add in some additional carbs and fiber while supporting a healthy balance for your pup’s diet and your wallet.

We love everything about this product. For the adult stage, this is one of the best dog foods for your Westie. Its human-grade ingredients and AAFCO-backed recipes are so good you could even eat them if you get hungry.

CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Limited Ingredient

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Recipe with Real Lamb Freeze-Dried Raw
  • Salmon is the first ingredient.
  • Grain-free recipe.
  • Contains whole vegetables.
  • Only eight real food ingredients.
  • Custom blend of probiotics & antioxidants.
  • Includes omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

This limited ingredient diet from CANIDAE has everything your adult West Highland White Terrier needs for complete and balanced nutrition. This formula contains salmon for a delicious mealtime, giving your dog all the benefits of Omega fatty acids from fish. This helps keep their skin soft, as well as improves coat luster. It also contains a special blend of probiotics for better and easier digestion, plus antioxidants to keep their immune system in good shape.

We love this formula is grain-free and does not contain soy, wheat, corn, or other filler, making it great for your Westie with a sensitive stomach.

American Journey Limited Ingredient Grain-Free

  • Grain-free Formula.
  • Short ingredient list.
  • Single form of animal protein.
  • Omega 3’s to nourish coats and skin.
  • Includes flaxseed for fiber.
  • Made with sweet potatoes and peas.
  • Great for sensitive stomachs.

American Journey prepares your dog for a healthy and active life ahead with this limited ingredient diet full of wholesome nutrition. Real, deboned salmon is the first ingredient, giving your dog a single concentrated source of protein to maintain healthy muscles. It provides a delicious flavor without a sensitive stomach or itchy skin. This formula is made with easily digestible carbohydrates, including peace and sweet potatoes, making it great for dogs sensitive to wheat and other grains.

We love flaxseed gives your dog a healthy amount of fat, plus Omega fatty acids to help nourish your dog’s coat and skin.

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Raw

Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Includes just one animal protein and one vegetable.
  • Made with grass-fed lamb.
  • Guaranteed levels of natural omegas and antioxidants.
  • Made in the USA using premium ingredients.
  • No grain, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Instinct keeps your dog’s essential nutrition in mind with this grain-free limited ingredient diet. Grass-fed lamb is this recipe’s single animal protein to give your dog the most nutrition for healthy muscles and lots of energy. This is perfect for dogs with food sensitivities, just like your Westie. It contains guaranteed levels of antioxidants for immune health and Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

We love this recipe takes care of your dog’s sensitivities and does not contain grain or dairy. It prevents allergies and gives your dog everything they need to live an active life.

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free

Taste of the Wild Puppy Formula High Prairie
  • Roasted bison and venison meat are main ingredients.
  • High in protein (32%).
  • Crafted with vitamins and minerals from real fruits, superfoods, omega fatty acids.
  • Contains species-specific K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics, along with antioxidants and prebiotics.
  • Made in the USA by a family-owned company.
  • Sustainable local and global sources.
  • Made without grains, corn, wheat, artificial flavors, or artificial colors.

Taste of the Wild prioritizes balanced nutrition, emphasizing deliciousness, perfect for picky dogs, just like your Westie may be. This formula contains novel proteins such as buffalo and bison, plus roasted venison and beef, giving your dog the nutrition and energy needed to support its lifestyle. This recipe contains added vitamins and powerful antioxidants from real fruits and vegetables to help support your dog’s complete health.

We love omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help your dog’s skin and coat look great, so they can look as healthy as they feel. This formula is grain-free, which is great for dogs with allergies.

Diamond Naturals Adult

  • Real pasture-raised lamb as the first ingredient.
  • Contains omega fatty acids and vitamins and minerals from superfoods.
  • Each serving includes species-specific K9 strain proprietary probiotics.
  • Made without corn, wheat, artificial flavors, or colors.
  • Made in the USA by a family-owned company.
  • Quality ingredients from trusted domestic and global sources.

Diamond Naturals has created this delicious formula to give your dog the superior nutrition they deserve. It contains real lamb meal and rice for a vital protein source and carbohydrates for optimal energy. Superfoods including coconut, blueberries, and kale give your dog the vitamins and minerals needed for great overall health. This recipe also contains omega fatty acids for a beautiful coat and skin. Antioxidants help to boost your furry friend’s immune system to keep disease at bay.

We love this highly digestible recipe with its proprietary probiotic blend for your Westie’s best gut health. This product contains no corn, wheat, filler, or artificial ingredients.

Best Dog Foods for Seniors

Once your West Highland White Terrier has reached their senior years, it’s likely for new needs to pop up. These needs must be addressed, first and foremost, by proper nutrition. Choosing their food to meet those needs is imperative to a long and healthy life. This is also the time to adjust their diet to make way for less frequent movement. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are essential at this age for the greatest ease of movement.

Nutro Ultra Senior

  • Limited ingredient food.
  • Made from lean animal proteins.
  • Contains glucosamine boost for seniors.
  • No artificial colors or flavors.
  • Omega fatty acids for skin & coat health.
  • 316 Calories per cup.
  • 26% Protein, 11% Fat, 4% Fiber.

Nutro Ultra has created this delicious superfood blend for your Westie senior. It contains three lean animal proteins from chicken, lamb, and salmon to give your senior dog the amino acids they need to stay fit, even in old age. Whole grains are added, making a nutrient-dense food that is easily digestible. This formula contains a precise amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. It also contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin for the best joint health to keep your dog strong and feeling young.

We love there are no artificial ingredients in this formula. Instead, your dog gets vitamins and minerals from great sources like pumpkin, spinach, and apples.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient

Blue Buffalo Grain Free Adult Freedom
  • Limited ingredient recipe.
  • Free of chicken, beef, corn, wheat and soy.
  • Natural food, no by-product meals.
  • Taurine for heart health.
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint health.
  • 348 Calories per cup.
  • 18% Protein, 10% Fat, 7% Fiber.

This limited ingredient diet by Blue Buffalo is made especially for senior dogs like your Westie. It is delicious and packed full of great protein from real turkey to support muscle maintenance. It also includes wholesome ingredients like pumpkin, potatoes, and peas for healthy digestion and lots of nutrients. Since it contains fewer ingredients, it’s sure not to irritate your dog’s sensitive stomach. This formula also includes LifeSource Bits, so your dog gets all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to boost their immune health and keep them safe from disease.

We love this formula does not contain artificial ingredients or poultry by-product meal.

Victor Senior Healthy Weight

Victor Puppy Grain-free Formula
  • Nutrient-dense for aging dogs.
  • includes glucosamine boost for joint health.
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • L-Carnitine for muscle retention.
  • Formulated for optimal digestion.
  • 360 Calories per cup.
  • 27% Protein, 11.5% Fat, 4.5% Fiber.

VICTOR’s Purpose returns with another great product, this time for senior dogs. This formula is made with premium quality beef, chicken, and fish meal for concentrated protein. It is nutrient-dense and contains plenty of Glucosamine and Chondroitin to support joint health in the senior years. You will find vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids are added for complete health. This kibble also helps keep your dog at a healthy weight, which is crucial at this point in their life.

We love L-Carnitine helps convert fat to energy, so your dog stays strong and lean always.

CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Senior Limited Ingredient

  • Made with only 9 real food ingredients.
  • Grain-free and made without corn, wheat or soy.
  • Contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
  • Fortified with Canidae’s HealthPLUS probiotics, antioxidants and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • Manufactured in United States.

This is another great limited ingredient formula from CANIDAE made with only nine ingredients to keep your senior Westie feeling their best. It contains lots of chicken and turkey for a yummy supper your dog is sure to love. This formula is grain-free and made without corn, wheat, or soy to prevent stomach upset and allergies, which can be especially uncomfortable in old age. It contains a great blend of probiotics for proper digestion since your old buddy’s digestive system doesn’t work the way it used to. Antioxidants help to boost immune health, and Taurine helps with keeping the heart strong and eyes clear.

We love Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that keep your dog looking healthy with a well-nourished coat and skin.

FirstMate Weight Control Limited Ingredient Senior Grain-Free

Merrick Grain-Free Healthy Weight
  • Single novel protein & single source carbohydrate.
  • Hypoallergenic formula.
  • Reduced calorie formula.
  • Grain-free recipe.
  • Glucosamine and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • Made in Canada with the best ingredient quality available.

FirstMate gives us this senior formula made with a single source novel protein– wild pacific ocean fish. Not only is this delicious, but it eliminates the possibility of allergies from chicken. This formula also has fewer calories to help your dog stay trim and fit in their senior years. It is an ideal bite-sized making it easier for their mouths to chew. It also includes Glucosamine to preserve joint health in your aging Westie. FirstMate has added potatoes for good amounts of healthy carbohydrates, making this a simple, easily digestible recipe.

We love it also contains Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to keep your dog’s skin and coat looking their best.

Best Food for Overweight Westies

If your Westie has gotten a little bit too hefty, it’s time to act fast. Weight management is highly important to preserve your dog’s health. Helping your dog lose weight brings them back to safety. Overweight dogs have a lower life expectancy and are prone to various diseases they could have otherwise avoided. Your Westie may develop heart disease, joint pain, skin conditions, respiratory problems, and circulatory issues if they stay overweight for too long.

Helping your Westie lose weight begins by monitoring their food consumption. Gradually give them less food until you see them start to lose weight. Your veterinarian helps in determining precise portion sizes. It’s crucial to provide them with food that keeps them nourished and healthy during this time of weight loss, even though they’re eating fewer calories. They need less fat but still ample amounts of protein to give them energy and build muscle. It’s especially important to avoid filler ingredients now, as these contribute negatively to your dog’s weight loss.

Merrick Grain-Free Healthy Weight

Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low Calorie
  • Formulated to help pet maintain healthy weight.
  • Real deboned beef is primary ingredient.
  • Contains 55% protein and healthy fat and 45% produce, fiber, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients.
  • 80% of protein comes from animal sources.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin.

Merrick has created this grain-free recipe to help your dog maintain a healthy weight. Deboned beef serves as the very first ingredient to keep your dog active and build muscles as they lose weight. An astounding 55% of this recipe is devoted to protein and good fat, while the rest contains produce, fiber, and nutrients to give your dog the balanced nutrition they need, without the added calories. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are also added to keep the stress off your Westie’s joints, so they can focus on playing and having fun to help shed the extra pounds.

We love this formula focuses on high-quality whole foods and does not contain corn, wheat, soy, gluten, or artificial ingredients.

Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low Calorie

  • A low calorie formula that is high in fiber and supports healthy digestion.
  • Highly palatable.
  • Protein blend helps maintain healthy weight and preserve lean muscle.
  • Balanced omegas.
  • Helps feel full to prevent excessive begging.

Focusing on keeping your dog on a natural, balanced diet is key to their weight loss success. Natural Balance has created this formula to bring your dog back to good health. This low-calorie kibble is high in fiber to help your dog digest their food properly and absorb all the nutrients it can get. It is highly palatable, so your Westie looks forward to mealtime. They won’t even know they’re on a diet. A protein blend of chicken and salmon gives your dog all the energy and muscle-building power needed to live a healthy life.

We love this helps keep them fuller for longer and reduces begging. Balanced Omega fatty acids give your dog a healthy coat and skin.

Final Thoughts

Your West Highland White Terrier is a dog that is full of fun, excitement, and love. They deserve to be happy throughout their lifetime. Their best happiness depends on their best health. Therefore, we should work hard to give our dogs the nutrition they need for their happiest, most fulfilling lives as pet parents.

Having a good understanding of your Westie’s dietary needs tells you so much of what you need to know to keep their bodies healthy. This leads to proper organ function, sharp minds, clear eyes, and shiny coats. Preserving our dogs’ health is the least we can do for all the devotion they give us. If we want to live a long and happy life with our pets, we must always have their health in mind. The best paw forward is excellent nutrition.

dog sniffing the farmer's dog box with food on top

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