Best Anti-Shed Dog Shampoos For Heavy Shedders


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We love having our furry family members in our life, but the amount of dog hair found around your home can definitely drive you bonkers at times. This can be especially frustrating for the owners of heavy shedders, as their shedding often picks up during certain times of the year.

Though you can never completely eliminate a dog’s natural shedding process, you can significantly cut back on the amount that’s let go with certain shampoos. This will ensure your pup’s coat is silky and smooth, as well as keeps you a little more sane during shedding season.

In this guide we’ll discuss the benefits of dog shampoo for heavy shedders, and the best options to add into your furry companion’s bath time routine! Below, we’ll review our favorites “at a glance” followed by a more detailed breakdown of each.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Anti-Shed Dog Shampoos

Rocco and Roxie Shine
Our Rating

Best Overall

FURminator Ultra Premium Deshedding

Nature’s Miracle Shed Control
Our Rating

Best Natural

Earthbath Shed Control

Our Rating

Best Hydrating

Oster Essentials Shed Control

Heavy Shedding Breeds

Though every single breed of dog will shed hair from time to time, there are some breeds who are known to shed significantly more than others. Many of these breeds are double-coated, and that can result in some significant shedding around your house.  Some of these breeds include:

The above breeds typically have a lot of hair, making it impossible to not leave it behind everywhere they go! The breeds listed above are often made for colder climates and can withstand many types of environments. They often have a thicker coat during cold months and shed more during warm seasons.

Shedding Causes

Shedding Causes in Dogs
There are many causes for shedding in dogs, and monitoring them can help prevent it.

There are other factors that can cause a dog to shed more fur aside from their breed and type of fur that they wear. While shedding is a normal process, excessive shedding can always point to a more serious issue. Here are some common reasons that your pup may shed.

  • Allergies: Just like humans, dogs can develop allergies to the world around them. Whether it’s from seasonal plants, a new food, or an allergen in their home; they can develop allergies that can lead to itching and hair loss. If your dog is experiencing sudden loss of fur, you may need to consider any new additions that have been added to their environment. If you think your dog is experiencing allergies, it’s best to talk to your veterinarian for further treatment.
  • Stress: Dogs have a hard time managing stress just as humans can, which can lead to an array of concerning symptoms. One of these symptoms is fur loss, which can be a result of self-mutilation as well. Their stress can be due to new changes, new food, new animals, or any other changes they are adjusting to.
  • Pregnancy: Due to the hormonal shift in pregnancy, it’s normal for dogs to shed a bit more than average. If your pregnant dog is losing a large amount of fur, it’s best to see your veterinarian to rule out any complications.
  • Improper nutrition: A dog relies on certain vitamins and minerals in order to grow a healthy and glowing coat. If they are lacking any vital nutrition that they should be receiving in their diet, this can lead to fur loss. This is why many emaciated dogs are often missing patches of hair.
  • Hormones: Just like in humans, hormones play a huge role in hair production. Any changes in the hormone levels in a dog’s body can result in changes in their fur.
  • Fleas & ticks: Fleas and ticks can cause a great amount of itchiness, as well as skin irritation from skin reactions to their presence. Dogs with fleas and ticks will often scratch, leading to hair loss in the area they are scratching.
  • Skin irritation: There is a list of skin conditions that can result in skin irritation and pain. Any condition that affects the skin’s health can result in fur loss for our furry friends. If you notice any chronic skin irritation, it’s best to see your vet for further treatment.  Your vet will likely advise you to start with a specialized shampoo that’s made specifically for sensitive skin.

De-Shedding Shampoo Ingredients

Anti Shed Shampoo For Dogs Ingredients
There are many ingredients in certain dog shampoos that can help prevent shedding.

There are some vitamins and minerals that are known to promote skin and coat health in our beloved companions. By adding these ingredients in their shampoos, we can help to reduce excessive shedding. Some of these ingredients include:

  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is used to promote shine in a dog’s coat, and aid in healthy fur growth in the future. Because of its ability to promote fur and skin health, you will find this ingredient in many quality dog shampoos.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 Fatty Acids are used as lubrication in many parts of the body. This ingredient can be used in joint health, skin, and coat health. With its moisturizing properties, this ingredient helps to leave a dogs fur shining and healthy.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera is an ingredient known to soothe the skin and prevent any irritation that can come with exposure to the elements.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal is an anti-inflammatory that can help to relieve any skin irritation. By using oatmeal shampoo, you can help to soothe any skin abnormalities.
  • Coconut: While coconut has moisturizing properties, it also has odor-eliminating capabilities. With it being a natural way to reduce odor, it’s a great way to clean a dirty pup without irritating their skin.
  • Natural ingredients: Shampoos with natural ingredients are generally best.  Harsh chemicals in a dog shampoo can lead to skin irritation and additional fur loss. Because of this possibility, you want to make sure that the shampoo you choose is not exacerbating your dog’s shedding problem. You can always follow this token rule: if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you probably don’t want to use that shampoo on your pup.

Soothing ingredients: Ingredients that soothe the skin will help to keep the skin free of any irritation, which in turn helps to prevent fur loss. Some of these ingredients include oatmeal, aloe vera, honey, and shea butter.

Top Shampoos For Heavy Shedders

Dog Getting Washed with Anti Shed Shampoo
There are many different anti-shed shampoos on the market today.

Your journey to find the perfect shampoo for your furry pup can be a tough one, as it can be challenging to find a shampoo with ingredients that you can trust.  As stated above, you are always better off finding a shampoo that includes natural ingredients where you can.

We did the work for you, and have compiled a list of dog shampoos for excessive shedders that you can trust. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite anti-shed shampoos, and go into detail about why we approve them!

FURminator Ultra Premium Deshedding

PET CARE Sciences 5 in 1
  • Helps reduce excess shedding.
  • Strengthens and nourishes skin and coat.
  • Removes the wet dog smell.
  • No parabens or chemical dyes.
  • Offers a complete system for deShedding, cleansing, and conditioning.

Furminator has gained incredible popularity in the dog shampoo world, as it is the only brand of shampoo created specifically with shedding in mind. It helps to prevent excessive shedding by focusing on the base of fur growth; the skin.

This shampoo is jam-packed with natural ingredients that are known to moisturize the skin and oat. Some of these natural ingredients include Omega-3 fatty acids, papaya leaf extract, and calendula extract. With these ingredients combined, your pup will have silky smooth skin! This shampoo is free of any harsh chemicals, meaning it won’t cause any additional irritation for your dog’s skin. No irritation means less necessary fur loss.

We love how many natural ingredients this shampoo includes, and how this brand was created specifically for dogs with excessive shedding.

Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo

Oster Essentials Shed Control
  • Antioxidants and skin moisturizers.
  • Contains organic fair trade shea butter and Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Extracts of green tea leaf, ginseng, and awapuhi.
  • Safe for all animals over 6 weeks old.
  • Naturally, this pH-balance soap-free shampoo will thoroughly clean and deodorize.
  • No soap, gluten, DEA, parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, or phthalates.
  • Animal cruelty-free.
  • Happiness-guarantee.

Earthbath is known for being one of the leading natural dog shampoos in the pet wellness industry. They focus on giving your dog a product with natural ingredients that we can trust, so you can rest assured each time you are using one of their products.

This product focus on hydrating your pup’s skin with its list of moisturizing ingredients. With green tea, aloe vera, and shea butter as its main ingredients, you know your pup is bathing in natural ingredients that will promote their skins overall health.

This shed control shampoo is free of any chemicals, fragrances, or dyes, so it won’t cause your dog to experience any skin irritation.Since it is so natural, it keeps your pups natural Ph level on their skin intact, meaning it will never leave them compromised to any threats to their skin and fur.

We love how each time you use an Earthbath product, you can rest assured that your pup is being exposed to only the healthiest ingredients available.

Oster Essentials Shed Control

  • Oatmeal shampoo for dogs gently reduces shedding.
  • Enriched with vitamin B5, 100% natural oatmeal extract, and safflower.
  • Long-lasting Coconut Verbena scent keeps your dog smelling fresh.
  • Made with natural, pH-balanced, and biodegradable ingredients.
  • Contains no alcohol, parabens, phthalates, or dyes.

Oster Oatmeal combats excess shedding by getting to the source of the problem. This shed shampoo works to hydrate your dog’s skin, and soothe any irritation they may be experiencing. This product works to thoroughly hydrate your dog’s skin in an effort to prevent any excess shedding due to skin irritation. Some of its main ingredients include oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamin B5, and other natural ingredients that work to soothe the skin.

By being free of any alcohol or parabens, this shampoo is free of any possible irritants that can result in excessive fur loss. Though this product is gentle, it promises a thorough cleaning that will leave your dog with a fresh scent.

We love how gentle this product is, making it ideal for skin of all kinds.

Nature’s Miracle Shed Control

Wahl Shed Control Pet Shampoo
  • Specially formulated shampoo is pH balanced for dogs.
  • Freshens with a light scent, leaves your dog smelling nice and clean.
  • Helps neutralize odors and leaves no wet dog smell.
  • Safe for pets when used and stored as directed.

Nature’s Miracle Supreme Odor and Shed Control does it all! This shampoo offers shed control, odor control, and a conditioner. By giving this shampoo so many abilities to better your pup’s fur health, you won’t need to rely on any other shampoo products.

This product is labeled as a 2-in-1 shampoo, meaning it offers incredible conditioning along with its cleaning capabilities. Its ingredients help to neutralize odor, while providing hydrating nutrients that promote skin and fur health. Since it focuses on odor as well as shedding, this shampoo definitely works better to leave your dog with a lasting fresh scent.

We love how many uses this product has, meaning you can rely on this shampoo to resolve an array of grooming issues.

Wahl Shed Control

Oster Essentials Shed Control
  • pH balanced, alcohol free, paraben free, PEG-80 free.
  • Thick lather rinses off clean, and keeps your pet looking and smelling clean.
  • A higher concentrate of coconut-derived sodding agent.
  • Brand has been serving professional vets and groomers for over 50 years.
  • Clean, condition fur & hair for a smooth, soft coat.

Wahl has made a name for itself in the natural product dog world over the last couple of years. They pride themselves in creating products that are made of natural and whole ingredients, that will never cause additional irritation for your furry friend.

This shampoo works to hydrate the skin by using sage, oatmeal, lemongrass, and aloe. By using these ingredients, they are able to combat skin inflammation and irritation. This shampoo is made entirely of plant-derived ingredients, meaning it is free of any harsh chemicals that could cause your dog harm.

We love how natural this product is, and how focused this brand is on providing a product with a list of ingredients that you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

The topic of shedding can bring with it many questions, as shedding can be quite a nuisance in our home. Below are some of the most common questions about shedding and shedding shampoos.

Do dogs shed more during certain times of the year?

Yes, dogs do shed more during certain seasons. Since the main purpose of a dog’s coat is for survival, their coat thickness will vary depending on the environment in which they live. During colder seasons, their coat will be plush enough to assist in keeping them warm. During warmer seasons, their coat will shed more in an effort to help them regulate them cool off.

Can shedding be an indicator of health problems?

While shedding is normal, excessive shedding can be of concern. Some reasons behind sudden and excessive shedding in dogs includes fleas, allergies, skin irritation, stress, hormonal changes, skin conditions, and any other condition that can result in poor skin and coat health.

When is it time to see the vet when your dog is shedding?

Some signs that would warrant a visit to the vet include: skin irritation, excessive itching, sores on the skin, bald spots, licking and chewing area on their body.

Are there dogs that shed less than others?

Though shedding is normal, there are some dogs that are known to shed less. Some breeds that shed less include poodles, maltese, yorkies, shih tzus, schnauzers, labradoodles, westies, cairn terriers, and bichons.

Will shampoo alone improve shedding in dogs?

No. To improve excessive shedding, you will need to also implement a daily brushing routine. This will help to limit the hair that is shed around your home.

How often should you brush a dog to help reduce shedding?

Hairy dogs with thick fur should be brushed daily in an effort to decrease the fur around your home. Other dogs can get away with brushing 3-4 times a week.

7 Tips To Reduce Shedding

It takes more than one tactic to reduce excessive shedding in your home. Some of the things you can do are probably not the most convenient, but some are absolutely no brainers as they can help make your life much easier when maintaining your pup’s shedding around the house.  Some tips and tricks that you can implement into your routine include:

  1. Shampoos made for dogs who shed: Bathing your dog in shampoos geared toward shedding and skin health once a month can help keep your dog’s skin healthy. By keeping their skin healthy, you are in turn helping to prevent shedding.
  2. Frequent brushing: For dogs with an excessive amount of fur, daily brushing will help to limit the amount of fur you find around your home. For other dogs, you can get away with brushing sessions once every few days. This is also a moment of bonding between you and your pup that you can add into your daily routine, and dogs seem to really enjoy it.  Use a de-shedding tool like the ones featured here, if a brush doesn’t seem to do the trick.
  3. Proper diet and nutrition: By giving feeding your dog proper minerals and nutrients, you are helping to give them everything they need to produce healthy skin and a shiny coat. Since healthy skin is the foundation of healthy fur, a diet plays a huge role in shedding and fur loss.
  4. Flea and tick prevention: By limiting their exposure to irritating parasites such as fleas and ticks, you are limiting the possibility of your dog scratching themselves to fur loss. Loss of fur can often be the result of self-mutilation, so be reducing parasites that cause itching, you can limit this issue.
  5. Routine physical exams: By taking your dog to the vet for routine physical exams, you can help to detect any developing medical concerns that could possibly lead to fur loss. Veterinarians can also provide your pup with adequate prevention for fleas and ticks.
  6. Reduce stress: Stress can often result in self-mutilation such as scratching, biting, and licking of the skin and fur. Dogs can even develop OCD’s due to stress and pick up bad habits, like biting their nails. By limiting their stress in their environment, you can help to prevent any self-mutilation that can affect fur growth.
  7. Act at the first sign of hair loss: If you ever notice a change in your dog’s fur loss, it’s important that you act quickly. By trying new methods to fix the problem right away, you have a better chance of resolving the issue.

Final Thoughts

There are so many reliable options when it comes to dog shampoos for heavy shedders. By reviewing the great options above, we’ve been able to find a product that stands out from the rest. By testing any or all of the picks above, we are confident you’ll find the best anti-shedding shampoo for your dog.

Furminator Deshedding Ultra Premium Shampoo is the only brand that is made specifically with shedding in mind. By only focusing on the excessive shedders of the dog world, they truly give your dog everything they could need to maintain a healthy coat. These dog shampoos for heavy shedders have everything you need to keep your home fur free, and keep your beloved canine’s fur looking its best!

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