Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets (Dogs And Cats): Comparison, Plans, Discounts, And More

Two dogs with two vets (caption: Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets)

Did you know you can get pet insurance for more than one pet? It doesn’t matter if it’s dogs, cats, or a combination of the two. Many pet insurance companies offer policies for multiple pets and even give you a discount. But which company offers the best deal? Our experts dig in to find out.

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ASPCA Pet Insurance Reviews: Coverage, Quote, Cost, App, Complaints, Promo Code, How To Cancel, And More

Dog running in water with stick in mouth (caption: ASPCA & Hartville Pet Insurance Reviews)

You may have come across ASPCA Pet Insurance and wonder if it’s an excellent option since it has a prominent and trustworthy brand name. ASPCA Pet Insurance offers detailed coverage and short waiting periods. But is its pricing in line with the competition? We cover all the details about this provider here.

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PetFirst Pet Insurance Reviews: Customer Service, Wellness Plans, Claims, And More

Dog with stethoscope at vet (Caption: PetFirst Pet Insurance Review)

PetFirst was founded in 2004 and bought by MetLife in December 2019. Even though it’s been in business for more than 15 years, customer reviews were difficult to find. It has a short waiting period for accidents (only one day after enrollment). PetFirst is one of the few pet insurance companies to offer a $0 deductible. It also offers a 100% reimbursement, something only a few other pet insurance companies offer. We suggest you request a quote and read a sample policy to see if PetFirst is a good fit for you and your pup. 

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Hartville Pet Insurance Reviews

Woman vet with dog and clipboard (caption: Hartville Pet Insurance Review)

Crum & Forster (C&F) Insurance Agency administers Hartville Pet Insurance, similar to ASPCA Pet Insurance. Hartville has a 14-day waiting period for both accidents and illnesses (which is a little long for accidents compared to competitors). However, its waiting period for CCL surgery and hip dysplasia is only 14 days, which is extremely short compared to others. The main reason Hartville isn’t in our top picks for best pet insurance is because customers report reimbursements are lower than they expected and claim repayment is slow.

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Best Pet Dental Insurance: What Coverage & Exclusions Are Common?

Dog with white teeth up close (caption: Dog Dental Diseases and Insurance)

Puppies have 28 teeth and often enjoy chewing on wooden furniture, rocks, and other items that aren’t labeled as “chew toys.” This can lead to foreign body ingestion and opens up the risk of tooth destruction. As puppies age, they lose their baby teeth, and their adult teeth grow in. All breeds have 42 teeth as adults. Whether it’s playing with a toy, wrestling with a furry pal or pet parent, or getting injured accidentally by a car or something else, it’s common for dogs to experience dental issues due to illness or injury.

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Best Pet Insurance In New Jersey: Companies Reviewed In Newark, Jersey City And More

Dog on beach in NJ (caption: Best Pet Insurance In New Jersey)

Whether you’re taking a stroll down The Boardwalk or jogging through Liberty State Park, there’s plenty to do with your dog in the Garden State. But bringing your dog along on all your adventures can open him up to accidents. That’s why getting pet insurance is a must. Fortunately, all of our top-ranked pet insurance companies offer coverage in New Jersey. Monthly premiums are based on your dog’s breed, zip code, pre-existing conditions, and more. Learn about New Jersey-specific stats and read some quotes to see which company may be the best pick for your pup…

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Odie Pet Insurance Review: Do They Offer Transparent, Flexible, Or Affordable Plans?

Collie laying down (caption: Odie Pet Insurance Review)

Odie is a newcomer to the pet insurance industry, which means there isn’t much feedback from pet parents about its policies. But how does its coverage compare to other pet insurance companies, and can it fit into your budget? Find out what to expect with Odie in our review.

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Best Pet Insurance In Massachusetts: Companies Reviewed In Boston, Worcester, And More

Black dog in jacket on road (caption: Best Pet Insurance in Massachusetts)

Despite the cold, snowy winters in Massachusetts, the state is relatively pet-friendly. With Boston’s cobblestone streets, seaside beaches in Cape Cod and mountainous hikes in the Berkshires, there is a great diversity of options in this New England state. But what should you expect when you insure your dog in Massachusetts to secure peace of mind should an accident or illness occur.

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Best Pet Insurance In New York: Companies Reviewed in NYC, Buffalo, Rochester And More

Dog on street in New York City (caption: Best Pet Insurance In New York)

New York state has some of the highest costs for veterinary care, which means if Fido experiences an emergency, you may face what feels like an Earth-shattering bill. But signing up for pet insurance can direct your focus to your pet’s health instead of your bank account. Find out which company offers the best pet insurance for you in New York…

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Bypass The Blacklist: Dog Liability Insurance

Dog with sunglasses (Caption: Dog Liability Insurance)

Having trouble finding a place to live because your dog is blacklisted as a “bad breed?” Can’t secure homeowners or renters insurance that covers your pooch? Many of the top insurance companies won’t provide dog liability insurance for certain breeds of dogs deemed “dangerous.” There are a number of lesser-known insurance companies that disagree with the concept of labeling dogs solely because of their breed. If you own or are thinking about getting a “bad breed” dog, this article is for you…

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