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Corgi Mixes: 22 Different Cross Breed Pups You’ll Love


Last Updated: May 17, 2023 | 14 min read | 23 Comments

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As if the Corgi couldn’t get any cuter, he goes and mixes with other cute doggos who together, create lots of different Corgi mixed puppers, and this article is solely dedicated to these gorgeous guys. With our fascination for all things miniature, and with the Corgi’s short and stumpy signature legs and delightful derrieres, all the below Corgi mixes are adorable!

If you didn’t already know, there are 2 types of Corgi, the Cardigan Welsh, and the Pembroke Welsh, and the mixes in this article are generally a mixture of both breeds, and because they are so similar it doesn’t really matter if he is a Cardigan or a Pembroke.

Corgis were originally bred in Wales to be herding dogs because they are nippy and agile, tremendously fearless, and their perfectly short height meant that when the cattle tried to kick back at them he was too short to be struck. And at the end of a hard day’s work, he dedicated his remaining energy to his master and family, whom he would snuggle with ‘til sundown.

Corgi Mixed Breeds

They are particularly famous for being the Queen of England’s beloved pet, and her royal seal of approval has inspired many dog owners across the world to welcome these special guys into their homes too. And with the rise of the designer dog trend, it is no surprise that Corgi mixes are becoming increasingly popular across the world.

As with any mixed-breed dog, you can expect that the puppy will inherit a mixture of characteristics from either parent. So, in no particular order, let’s look at 20 of our favorite Corgi mixes!


Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix

Breeds: Corgi & Australian Shepherd

The Augie is an energetic little bundle of fun, whose parents are both herders, so you can expect the Augie to be a herding dog regardless of whose genes he inherits. He is less intense than the Australian Shepherd, and he needs less exercise as his shorter legs are quicker to wear out, but the Augie is no lap dog. Thankfully, he tends to inherit his Corgi parent’s eagerness to please his master, so this makes training much more bearable.

The most striking thing about the Augie is his coloring and his bright eyes, be that blue, green, brown, or a mix of any of them! And when you combine that with his fluffier coat and stumpy little legs, this guy is one memorable looking doggo. He will need more weekly brushing than the Corgi, but he is totally worth it.

Corman Shepherd

Corgi Shepherd Mix

Breeds: Corgi & German Shepherd

Here we have a dog that simply looks like a dwarf German Shepherd. He has the bigger head of the German Shepherd, the small legs of the Corgi, and he seems to have inherited both of their ears to create large bat ears that are twice the size that seem to go on forever! He is slightly bigger in stature compared to the Corgi, but with his fluffier coat, he is just as cute.

He has lots of energy, and a protective flair that he inherits from his German Shepherd parent, so you can expect a loyal dog who will defend his master and family. He might be slightly aloof with strangers at first, but once he realizes that they are a friend, he is super quick to warm up to them, and his new best mate will be playing and scratching his belly in no time. If he doesn’t like someone then expect him to bark quite a lot, who will attempt to herd the person away from his master.


Husky Corgi

Breeds: Corgi & Husky

This Corgi mix has a few names to his belt, including the Siborgi, the Horgski, and Corgski, but whatever you like to call him know that he is a spunky little guy with a huge personality! He tends to inherit his Husky parent’s talkative nature, which means you can expect some funny conversations with this guy, and he will have a few siren or musical instrument impressions up his sleeve. He will also be quite the mischievous pup, so if your house is silent you best go and see what he is up to!

He is much shorter and squatter compared to the Husky, but much more athletic than the Corgi, and with his Husky parent being one of the most energetic dogs around you should provide him with about an hour’s exercise every day.

He also has a thick and lustrous double coat that will keep him warm and cover you in his hair, so you should expect to spend a lot of time brushing him. For more information on this guy please see our complete guide to the Horgi.



Breeds: Corgi & Dalmatian

This is another memorable-looking Corgi mix, with spots that would make Cruella de Vil jealous. His coat is longer than the Dalmatian, and whilst he is not as smooth to the touch he is just as gorgeous. He obviously is much shorter and stockier than a Dalmatian, but slightly more athletic than the thick Corgi.

The Dalgi makes for a great playmate, and he has a lot of energy and attitude that will keep any master on his toes. The Dalmatian is known to make a great watchdog, and with the Corgi’s love for barking you will soon know if there is an intruder around, so if it is a watchdog that you are after the Dalgi wins paws down. But once he feels that he has watched everyone away, you will quickly find him on your lap for a cuddle.



Breeds: Corgi x Beagle

The Beagie, with his parent’s love for food, is known to be just as hungry, if not twice as much, so expect that he will always be on the scavenge for snacks and scraps. This means that his family needs to monitor his treat intake carefully and ensure that he does not become too porky because he can easily become obese if left to his own devices.

Aside from his gluttony, he is a delightful family pet that everyone loves. He is friendly, affectionate, and fun to be around, and he has the perfect balance of bouncy energy and the need for chill time which is just another reason why he makes a perfect addition to any family. Just like the Horgi, this guy is known to be noisy too, and because the Beagle is a howler expect the Beagie to be quite vocal!

The Beagle is known for his droopy ears, just like Snoopy, whereas the Corgi is known for his large erect ears, so it is anyone’s guess whose ears he will inherit! His coat will be smooth and he will likely inherit the earthy tones of both parents. For more information head over to our complete guide to the Beagie.

Golden Corgi

Golden Retriever Corgi

Breeds: Corgi & Golden Retriever

The Golden Corgi simply looks like a Golden Retriever with super short legs! He tends to inherit the golden sheen of the Retriever, with the odd white Corgi splash here and there. His fur, just like both of his parents, is medium length and he is known to shed and blow his coat just as much, so expect a moderate shedder who will add a touch of golden shimmer to all of your furniture.

Golden Retrievers are known for their family-friendly personality and being one of the gentlest dogs around, so if you add a little of the Corgi’s clown personality, you can expect a kind and comical canine addition. If you are after a Golden Retriever, but you are not convinced of his size, then the Golden Corgi makes the perfect compact alternative. For more information please head over to our complete guide on the Golden Corgi.


Rottweiler Corgi Mix sitting in the grass

Breeds: Corgi & Rottweiler

He is also known as the Corgweiler, but we prefer the Rottgi. This Corgi mix is one of the rarest on the list, but he isn’t any less cute! Overall, he takes the shape and the ears of the Corgi but with the color markings and head of the Rottweiler. Sometimes his head can look quite disproportionate compared to his little long body, but this allows for a bigger smile which just adds to his charm.

He will make for a great watchdog, given the Rottweiler’s background and employment as a protection dog and the Corgi’s barking tendencies. He might be quite aloof with strangers at first, but once the Rottgi’s master has accepted the stranger onto his estate then he will be the first to jump on his lap! He will need a moderate amount of exercise compared to some of the other smaller Corgi mixes, but he still loves an afternoon nap or two.


Greyhound Corgi

Breeds: Corgi & Greyhound

Just like a few of the other larger mixes on this list, the Greygi simply looks like a Greyhound but with half the amount of leg. His parents’ completely different appearances have led to a quirky-looking canine, but their temperaments are proving to be quite compatible indeed.

Both of his parents are so affectionate that the Greygi will melt your heart in no time! And contrary to popular belief, whilst the Greyhound is thought to be super energetic given his racing athleticism, he is actually quite partial to an afternoon snooze or three.

He only has short outbursts of energy which means that the Greygi’s short little legs should be able to handle his little outbursts. He has a bug-like face, which is long and pointy with the Corgi’s big eyes and smile. And whilst his quirky looks might not be for everyone, he will certainly gain a lot of attention.



Breeds: Corgi & Spitz

The Spitzgi simply looks like a smaller Corgi with an extra fluffy exterior. He is such an adorable pup that you will never want to put him down, and nor will passersby for that matter! His color will be entirely dependent on the color of his Spitz parent, but typically this guy is a golden or brown color.

The Spitzgi is another rare Corgi mix, simply because the German Spitz is one of the lesser-known breeds here, and not for any other reason. Those that know this breed understand that he is a barky and feisty dog who likes to let people know that he is around. So, if you aren’t a fan of barky dogs then you should consider one of the other Corgi mixes here, but if it is a watchdog you are seeking then he is one of the best mixes!

Corgi Pit

Pitbull Corgi

Breeds: Corgi & American Pit Bull Terrier

Those who find the Pitbull scary (even though they really aren’t!) will probably find the Corgi Pit slightly less intimidating. The Corgi Pit inherits his Pitbull’s sensitive side, so expect a dog who is very intuitive and will know when to cheer his master, but he inherits both of his parent’s energy and fun-loving side, so expect twice the entertainment. For this reason, the Corgi Pit would make a great therapy dog!

He tends to have a smoother coat thanks to the Pitbull genes, which means that he is much easier to groom. The Corgi Pit will probably be more prone to skin allergies, but with medication and ointments readily available this should not be an issue at all.

Equally, on the flip side, he tends to live longer than the purebred Corgi thanks to the Pitbull’s longevity, so you will probably have this guy by your side for a bit longer! For more information on him, head over to our complete guide about the Corgi Pit.


Corgi Labrador

Breeds: Corgi & Labrador Retriever

The Corgidor makes a wonderful family pet, and he is proving to be one of the most popular Corgi mixes, mainly because his Labrador parent is currently the most popular dog breed in America! His sweet and caring nature, boundless loyalty, and energetic sense of humor make him a well-balanced pup for the whole family. When you combine that with the Corgi’s energy and sweet side, the Corgidor is one of the most perfect canine concoctions of all time!

One of the Corgidors most noticeable characteristics is his ears, and boy will you notice them from miles away! The Labrador has big ears that drop down, but if you add the Corgi’s erect ears, they create one of the biggest canine bat ears you’ll ever see. For more information on this guy read our complete guide to the Corgidor.


Corgi Chow Mix

Breeds: Corgi & Chow Chow

If you are seeking an energetic ball of fluff, then look no further, the Chorgi is the one for you! Undoubtedly the fluffiest of them all, you can expect to find as much of his fur on you as you can on him! If this is something that you can look past, then he is definitely worth the lint roll expenditure.

The Chorgi’s parents vary significantly, with the Corgi being a happy-go-lucky pup and the Chow Chow being a serious and dignified gentleman who does not suffer fools kindly, so the Chorgi’s personality is entirely dependent on who he takes after most.

However, if you expect him to be a little more mature than the playful Corgi, and a more relaxed version of the cautious Chow Chow, then you can’t really go wrong. In Cantonese, the word ‘Chow’ means edible, and the Chorgi is so seriously cute that you really could just eat him up!


Pug Corgi Mix

Breeds: Corgi & Pug

The Porgi is an adventurous and brave little guy that is setting the designer small-dog world alight! With his short and stout stature and goofy eyeballs and big ears he certainly is a quirky-looking pup that will turn heads!

He is known for his outbursts of energy, but also his love for a snooze. You can expect that if he inherits the flat face of his Pug parent then he will be a snuffler by day, and a snorer by night. Therefore you can expect a fair bit of noise all day long, and whilst some find this trait adorable it certainly is not for everyone.

With the Corgi’s royal seal of approval from the Queen of England, and the Chinese Emperor’s fascination with the Pug, the Porgi would undoubtedly win the hearts of anyone he meets, and he would most certainly be fit for any King or Queen. For more information please read our complete guide to the Porgi.


Chihuahua Corgi Mix

Breeds: Corgi & Chihuahua

Not to be confused with the Chorgi, this little dude is one of the smallest on this list. Typically, he will inherit the smaller head of the Chihuahua but with the ears of the Corgi, again creating another bat-like pooch. He also inherits the Corgi’s smile and big ears, which adds to his cutesy charm.

If the Chihuahua is not socialized properly will become overwhelmingly barky, and with the Corgi’s similar tendency to bark, if you invite one of these guys into your home, then be sure to socialize him well with other dogs and humans. This is particularly important if he inherits the Chihuahua’s stubborn side! Other than this he makes for a delightful family pet who everyone will adore. For more information read our complete guide to the Chigi.


Samoyed Corgi

Breeds: Corgi & Samoyed

The Corgoyed is another fluffball whose coat will keep you busy with the vacuum cleaner. His fluffy exterior is not just cute, but it serves the purpose of keeping him warm. His Samoyed parent is from the freezing harsh lands of Russia, so if you live in a warm climate he may not do so well, so we’d recommend you chose a mix with less fur. If you do live somewhere cold then this guy would happily be yours.

His mellow temperament suits a calmer and more docile family environment, but thanks to the Corgi’s excitable personality, you should expect energy bursts regularly throughout the day.


Corgi Boxer Mix

Breeds: Corgi & Boxer

The Corger is a very energetic dog who inherits excitable and humorous genes from both his parents, so if you are after a Corgi mix that will provide you with hours of comedy gold then look no further than this guy. There is never a dull moment with the Corger about!

The Corger’s size is somewhere between the Boxer and Corgi, but he tends to be more muscular compared to the Corgi so expect a sturdier dog. His coat will be more like the Corgi’s, and it will likely have a mixture of both his parent’s colors and markings.



Breeds: Corgi & Poodle

If you have slight dog allergies, but you definitely need a Corgi in your life, then this guy is your best bet (but it is important to remember that like the majority of Doodle mixes he is not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic!). Overall, it is likely that he will be much easier on your allergies than most of the other Corgi mixes. The Corgipoo will take any color of his Poodle or Corgi parents, so there are a lot of choices here!

He will have a family-friendly balance of excitableness and relaxation mode, and this adaptable dog will slide himself into your family life with ease. For more information please see our complete guide to the Corgipoo.


Doberman Corgi Mix

Breeds: Corgi & Doberman Pinscher

The Dobergi, a bit like the Rottgi, is a somewhat unlikely pairing, but one that seems to work quite well. Just like his parents, he is very people-oriented and he will be very affectionate with his immediate family. As long as he is socialized well as a puppy then he will also be pleasant with strangers, but if not then he will likely inherit the aloofness of his Doberman parents.

This guy will tend to look much like the Corgi, but with the colorings of the Doberman Pinscher. Like most of the mixes here, the Dobergi will inherit the large ears of the Corgi, but they will tend to be much longer and thinner much like the Doberman’s ears.  These pups are still on the smaller side, you’ll want to make sure you equip them with a properly sized harness (on the smaller side) in order to fit them properly.

Corgi Pom

Corgi Pom

Breeds: Corgi & Pomeranian

The Corgi Pom is a common mixed-breed because these two pint-sized pups are similar in stature, making them an easy match for a crossbreed designer dog.  The corgi will bring the active side, while the Pomeranian brings all the yaps.

This little pup can live a long life, but if you don’t enjoy a dog that barks regularly, this is probably not the breed for you.  These little mixes are known to be barkers, so make sure you plan accordingly if you live in a tighter space, or have neighbors that don’t care for louder pups.



Breeds: Corgi & Border Collie

It goes without saying that the Border Collie Corgi mix is one of the best herding dogs around! With his Border Collie’s intelligence and the Corgi’s small stature that voids those cattle kicks, he would make a great addition to any farm. Alternatively, if you are simply seeking a family companion then he will be just as good with his gentle and sweet nature, with a little twist of cheekiness thanks to the Corgi.

He will tend to look like the Border Collie but much smaller, with the short Corgi legs and larger ears. He will also typically inherit the Border Collie’s white and black markings, but he really could be any color of either parent.


Blue Heeler Corgi Mix outside sitting

Breeds: Corgi and Blue Heeler

The Blue Heeler Corgi blend brings together two breeds traditionally popular with horse people. The two breeds have similar mindsets and instincts but differ in body type and coat thickness, reflecting the environment they were bred to serve. The Corgi’s ancestors in Great Britain and Belgium had adapted to a cooler climate than the dry heat where the Blue Heeler, a color variety of the Australian Cattle Dog, was developed.

Both parent breeds have the innate drive to give chase and move cows. Your Blue Heeler Corgi mix will be a high-energy dog that needs to burn off a lot of energy. Even though they may not have the longest legs, they make great companions for an easy jog. Keep this blend securely leashed when you’re out together. His strong herding instinct will move him to give chase if something catches his eye.


Corgi Maltese Mix
The Cortese is a crossbreed between the Corgi and Maltese.

Breeds: Corgi and Maltese

Introducing the Cortese – a charming and determined dog breed resulting from the crossbreed of a Corgi and a Maltese. Despite their small size, these pups possess an incredible amount of energy and intelligence, making them highly entertaining and engaging. However, their strong-willed nature requires consistent and positive training to overcome their stubbornness.

Don’t let their friendly and sociable nature fool you, as the Cortese is not an ideal watchdog due to their lack of suspicion towards strangers. Nonetheless, they make for a delightful addition to any family, readily forming bonds with children and animals of all kinds. With such a loving and loyal companion by your side, what more could you ask for?

Final Thoughts

With so many Corgi choices available, all of which are very different in their own unique way, there is a Corgi mix out there for everyone. They are fast becoming some of the more popular “designer dogs” out there that people mix with other breeds.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but it definitely lists a great variety of Corgi choices, and we hope that we have helped you on your journey to find your perfect Corgi Prince Charming! If you feel there’s a mix we missed, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section of this post!

Corgi in Harness on Playground

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