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Best Dog Crates For English Bulldogs: Ratings & Reviews


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Looking for the best dog crate for your English Bulldog? You aren’t alone! You might be thinking that the English Bulldogs can be stubborn, and even more determined. They will never set foot into a crate, right? Well, no, most dogs crave the security of dog crates, and all dogs have a natural den instinct. English Bulldogs are no different, despite their headstrong demeanor.

For lazy dogs that love their sleep so much as the English Bulldog does, they can certainly take solace in having their own personal space. If you’ve always been against crate training your English Bulldog, this guide is here to change your mind.

With so many dog crates available, how do you know if it is the right one for your English Bulldog? Stick with us, because we’ve done all the hard research just so that you have more time to spend with your charming pooch. Not only will we tell you what to look for in a high-quality dog crate, but we review our favorite crate options for all English Bulldogs. So, let’s find the perfect crate for your sassy sour-mug English Bulldog!

At a Glance: Our Favorite English Bulldog Crates

Our Rating

Best Overall

Frisco Dog Crate

Our Rating

Budget Pick

Midwest Dog Crate

Our Rating

Heavy Duty

ProSelect Dog Crate

Buyer’s Guide

Full Size Dog Crate
You’ll want to determine a few factors before deciding on the type of crate to use for your English Bulldog.

Before we provide you with our recommendations, we want to run you through what to look for in a good-quality crate. This way, when you reach our recommendations, you will know which one will be the best option for your dog. After all, no two English Bulldogs are the same.

Crate Purpose: The purpose of his soon-to-be crate will determine the type that you choose. If it’s a crate to transport him from home to somewhere exciting, or the vet, you’ll want to choose a lightweight transportable crate. The best option here is a soft-sided crate. If you want one for the home, you have the option of a traditional wire crate. Or a more stylish and furniture style crate that blends into your décor.

Crate Material: English Bulldogs are notorious for their super bullish strength. So, you’ll need to invest in a top-quality heavy-duty crate that will be able to take a few headbutts, kicks, and nesting behavior. Many good-quality metal crates are described as heavy-duty, so these can be an excellent option for headstrong dogs like English Bulldogs. These pups can get anxious, and a panicked English Bulldog is not beneficial for anyone!

Crate Size: The size that you get will be dependent on his size. He weighs, on average, between 40 to 50 pounds, and measures between 14 to 15 inches. If the crate’s too big, your pup won’t feel secure in it. If it’s too small, he probably won’t even try to squeeze his chunky butt into it. He needs to be able to stand up in it, and turn around comfortably, and stretch a little when he is lying down. Some bigger crates plan ahead and are equipped with a divider.

Crate Comfort: His crate needs to be comfy, otherwise, he won’t get into it. This means you’ll want a crate that can fit a dog bed. Some beds come with a fleece-lined base, which is excellent news for his comfort. Some do not, so for these, you will need to invest in a bed or a comfy pillow for him to lay on.

Our Favorite English Bulldog Crates

English Bulldog Outside
Below are our favorite dog crates for English Bulldogs.

So now you know more about what the different crate options are and what to look for, we can get to the product part. Here we have five of the best crate options for the English Bulldog and his gorgeous face. There is an option for every pooch’s needs and every owner’s budget. And in no particular order, here they are.

MidWest LifeStages Single Door Crate

  • Value pick.
  • Sturdy metal construction.
  • Fold and carry design.
  • Secure bolt latch.
  • Divider to accommodate growth.
  • Composite plastic pan.
  • Easy-remove pan for accidents.

This wire crate has a single door with plenty of room for him to shuffle his thick butt through. It is made with metal with slide bolt latches that keep him safe and secure in the crate. It is collapsible for easy transportation, and it has handles too. The leak-proof plastic crate is removable for an easy clean, and it also comes with a divider to achieve the best size as he grows.

It also comes with four rubber roller feet, meaning it can be wheeled with him in it for easier transportation. As well as his safety so that the cage will not slip and slide as he climbs in and out. MidWest offers a one-year limited warranty on this crate, meaning you can rest assured it is made with excellent quality workmanship.

We love that this crate comes with a divider, making this an ideal crate for a Bulldog puppy who is yet to grow into his full size.

Frisco Heavy Duty Fold & Carry Crate

  • Best value.
  • Comes in 6 different sizes.
  • Strong metal construction.
  • Two-door design.
  • Removable divider panel.
  • Fold and carry construction.
  • Electro coated finish.

This is a heavy-duty wired crate that is built with a strong Bulldog in mind. It has thicker wiring than most other standard crates. And it is black electro-coat finished meaning it is built to last longer too. The edges are rounded for his safety, and it has a secure lock with double latches. This crate has double doors for easy entry and exit points, and for use in the car.

This crate also comes with a divider panel, meaning it grows as your pup does. Making it an ideal option for crate training English Bulldog puppies. The durable plastic pan is removable for an easy clean. This crate has adjustable handles, and it also collapses for easy transportation without the need for tools.

We love that this crate has double doors, making it an excellent option for those awkward spaces at home.

ProSelect Empire Single Door Steel Dog Crate

  • Heavy-duty pick.
  • Great for destructive Bulldogs.
  • Locking casters.
  • Crated floor with latching tray.
  • Pan/tray is easy to clean.
  • Made with 20 gauge steel.
  • Dual slide latches.

This is a thick 20-gauge steel crate option. So, this is the best option for you if your English Bulldog is the Houdini of hounds. It is reinforced with half-inch diameter steel tubing, with extra welding at the stress points. The two latches are out of Fido’s reach so that he cannot let himself out. This crate is by far one of the strongest crates on the market.

This crate has four locking caster wheels meaning that you can secure it and transport it with ease as it is super heavy. The floor is grated with a slide-out tray, meaning that you can clear messes and crumbs with ease. The crate is completed with a hammer-tone finish, which adds a little style. If you want peace of mind, this is the crate for you.

We love that this crate is the heavy-duty option for those naughty English Bulldogs who can break out of everything.

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Collapsible Crate

  • Soft-sided crate.
  • Great for travel.
  • Available in 5 different sizes.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Great for outdoor and/or training sessions.
  • Water-resistant base.
  • Accomodates dogs up to 85 pounds.

This is the only soft-sided crate that we have included on this list. Because not many can stand up to the weight of a medium to large-sized dog. This one does, thanks to its sturdy steel frame, which can take up to 85 pounds of canine weight. The material is durable and can be washed easily. The base is water-resistant to protect your floors or car seats if he has an accident.

You can set this crate up quickly, and again, no tools are required for this crate. Three zippered doors offer quick entry and exit points. The doors each have meshed material, which provides the ability to control airflow for his comfort and safety. This crate is lightweight and has handles for more comfortable transportation. This crate is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

We love that this is a soft-sided crate option for those who like to travel with their English Bulldog. If you travel long distances in the car, consider using a crash-tested crate to protect your pup.

Merry Products Furniture Style Dog Crate

  • Furniture style crate.
  • Three different sizes.
  • Easy-remove plastic tray.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Bars are powder-coated steel.
  • Portable once wood paneling is removed.

This is the most stylish option, which is excellent for the fashion-conscious English Bulldogs. Crates aren’t always easy on the eye, and this option offers English Bulldog moms and dads a subtle crate without compromising on your home’s style. It can also be used as an end table, and it can withstand up to 40 pounds in weight. This product comes with a one-year limited warranty.

White finished wood panels make the crates frame, and the grates are made with durable powder-coated steel, so it should be long-lasting. It has a removable plastic tray for your ease, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble. This crate also comes with a divider so that you can use it from his early puppy years to his golden years.

We love that this crate is the most stylish option for those families who want style and function.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love the English Bulldog here at Canine Journal, and we field some common questions about creating these little bundles of personality. If you still have questions about the English Bulldog and crates, here are some of the most commonly asked questions we see.

How Do I Measure My English Bulldog For Their Crate?

The general rule is to measure him from his nose to the base of his tail (not the tip), and that gives you the length. Measure him from the top of his head to the floor, either sitting or standing, and that will provide you with the height. Add four inches to each measurement, and that is roughly what you should be looking for.

Do I Need to Crate Train My English Bulldog?

If you are planning on using a crate, then yes, you need to crate train your pup. Without the proper initiation process, there is a chance that he could feel anxious about it and ruin the chances of him using it. Slow and steady wins the race with crate training, and be sure to go at his own pace. If you don’t, there’s a chance he could chew his way out of it.

How Long Can My English Bulldog Stay in their Crate?

No dog should spend longer than a few hours in a crate. A crate should be his safe space, and if you lock him in there for hours on end, it’ll soon become a lonely and anxious place to be. A crate is not for storing your pup. It should be for his comfort. As a general rule of thought, there’s some guidelines you can stick to.

  • 8-10 Weeks: 30-60 minute training sessions
  • 11-14 Weeks: 1-3 hour training sessions
  • 15-17 Weeks: 3-4 hour training sessions
  • 17+ Weeks: 4- hours at a time

English Bulldogs can get separation anxiety, so it’s recommended that you don’t crate your pup for longer periods of time. If your English Bulldog is extremely worried when you leave the house, there are dog crates made specifically for pups with separation anxiety. Even dogs that don’t suffer from separation anxiety should only be crated when necessary. If you stick to these timelines during training, it should make it less stressful on your pup.

Can I Take My English Bulldog on a Plane in a Crate?

Before you travel anywhere with your English Bulldog on an airplane, you need to be sure that your airline approves of the crate. Many airlines have different policies and rules regarding crates.

Final Thoughts

When you combine consistent crate training with a comfy and secure dog crate, your English Bulldog will soon fall in love with his very own safe space. The English Bulldog has two loves, and that is food and sleep. So, if you place a treat into his crate, you might struggle to get him out!

By picking one of our recommendations above, you can be sure that your English Bulldog will enjoy spending time on his own in his crate. As well as patiently wait for you to come home. Make everything about his crate enjoyable, pleasant, and comfy, and you can be sure that you’re onto a winner.

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