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Best Dog Beds For English Bulldogs


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The English Bulldog is one of the most recognizable dogs in the world, thanks to their neverending rolls and sour mug. They are fantastic family pets for companionship, entertainment, and squishy cuddles. And there’s one thing they like just as much as food, and that’s sleep. So, if you’ve already got an English Bulldog or are about to get one, you need the best bed for them.

With so many dog beds and plenty of not-so-good ones, choosing the best bed for your English Bulldog is difficult. Here in this guide, we take you through everything you need to know about what to look for in a good quality dog bed and how to figure out which type of bed your pooch prefers.

We have scoured the market and found a wide range of budget-friendly, good-quality dog beds, including couch-style, mattress, and elevated beds. Each recommendation includes an in-depth review to help you to pick the best option for you and your pooch. Let’s take a closer look.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Beds For English Bulldogs

K&H Orthopedic Pillow
Our Rating

Best Couch/Bolster

BarksBar Orthopedic Bolster

BarksBar Snuggly Orthopedic Bolster Bed
Our Rating

Best Mattress

K&H Orthopedic Pillow

Frisco Bolstered Dog Bed
Our Rating

Best Elevated

Frisco Elevated

Buying Guide

Close up of a big overweight white bulldog looking in the camera with his tonque sticking out

Bulldogs are large dogs that typically weigh up to 50 pounds and measure up to 15 inches tall. But many Bulldogs weigh more than this. They are also predisposed to joint conditions, including patella luxation and elbow and hip dysplasia, so you must take extra care to look after their joints. They are also susceptible to skin problems, and many need hypoallergenic beds to prevent skin problems.

Bulldogs also sleep a lot, so the bed you choose gets lots of use. Selecting a high-quality and durable one is crucial if you want it to last. Plus, they are diva doggos that expect the very best! You must also consider other factors before purchasing a dog bed for your English Bulldog. So, let’s explore them.

Reason For Buying

It might seem like a silly question, but it’s essential. Why are you buying your dog a bed? Is it their main bed for sleeping and resting during the day? Or maybe it’s the second bed in your office, an outdoor bed for sunbathing, or a travel bed for trips away. For each unique need, there are different considerations in finding the right type of bed, features, and quality.

If you are looking to replace the bed you already have, whether your Bulldog doesn’t approve of it or it’s falling apart, think about what you do and don’t like about the current one. Use this information to pinpoint the features you want and those you wish to avoid. Choosing a dog bed is important and worth taking your time.

Size & Sleeping Position

Many Bulldogs weigh 50 pounds or more. So, you need to weigh your dog and check that the bed can support your dog’s weight because most beds have weight limits. If you’re looking for a bed to fit inside a crate, choosing a mattress that fits into the dimensions of the crate is an obvious factor. Many English Bulldogs enjoy crates because it gives them a safe space to call their own, away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

You also need to consider how your Bulldog sleeps and what position. For example, some dogs like to curl up into a tight ball. Others spread out using every inch of available space, while others lay to one side with their head on a pillow or raised platform. Different bed designs accommodate different sleeping styles. If you’re unsure which type your Bulldog prefers, watch them for a few nights before ordering a bed.


The age of your dog is another factor to think about. If you have a Bulldog puppy, you might need to pick a smaller bed as a large adult-sized one might not be that comforting to them. Plus, beds for puppies need to be easy to clean and water-resistant because they are still learning to potty train. And elevated beds might be out of the question if they can’t climb onto them.

Older Bulldogs are full-size and need a larger bed than a pup. Older dogs also need an easy-to-clean bed because they might experience incontinence issues. They also need more supportive options for their achy joints. And because older dogs sleep much more, the bed must withstand constant use from a heavy-set pooch.

Health Concerns

English Bulldogs are predisposed to joint conditions, so picking a comfy bed made with memory or orthopedic foam is crucial for joint support. Many Bulldogs suffer from skin conditions and allergies, and selecting a hypoallergenic dog bed can alleviate some skin problems. If your Bulldog struggles to climb stairs, an elevated bed is not a great idea. Instead, opt for a bed with an open side. Think about any other health conditions your pooch has that might determine what style of bed you purchase.


The purpose of a bed is to rest and to rest properly. The bed must be comfortable. If the bed isn’t comfy, you can guarantee your Bulldog should turn its nose up and return to your bed. Beds made with orthopedic or memory foam are much more comfortable than synthetic stuffing. The bed base must be several inches thick to ensure your Bulldog doesn’t sink to the floor.


Bulldogs are known for their brute strength, so you need a bed that can take their nesting habits. Look for beds that state they are anti-tear, chew-resistant, and durable. Beds made from canvas, cotton, and nylon are good-quality and strong materials to look for. Beds stitched rather than glued are usually better quality and likely to last longer. Some beds come with a lifetime guarantee, but these usually come with a significant price tag.

Ability To Clean

All dog beds need to be easy to clean because it doesn’t take long to get stinky, especially with puppies or a drooling pooch like the Bulldog. Many dog beds come with removable covers that you can wash in your machine. The covers should also be waterproof to prevent the padding or foam from soaking up liquids.


Last but not least is your budget. Thankfully many high-quality dog beds do not cost the earth. Generally speaking, the more expensive the bed is, the higher quality it should be. It should be more comfortable, last longer, and be better value for money in the long run. But this is not always the case. Remember, a high-quality bed is essential for your dog’s comfort and health. Our top picks balance budget and quality for a happy outcome for everyone, both canine, and owner.

Best Beds For English Bulldogs

Not every English Bulldog is the same, so we have found a selection of beds to suit every Bulldog’s preference and owner need. Using the information in the buying guide, read through our top picks to discover the best bed for your beloved English Bulldog.


A couch bed is sometimes known as a bolster bed. This is because they have a raised, cushioned edge on two or more sides. Some dogs like to rest their head with more support, and others like the sheltered feeling a raised side provides. Here are our top couch-style beds.

BarksBar Snuggly Orthopedic Bolster

Serta Quilted Orthopedic Bolster
  • Orthopedic base to support joints.
  • 3 raised sides for support.
  • Lowered easy access at the front.
  • Made with quilted cotton for durability.
  • Non-slip rubber base.
  • Easy to clean, removable, machine washable cover.

BarksBar has created this bed with your dog’s comfort in mind. It has a 3.5-inch thick human-grade orthopedic memory foam base, providing your English Bulldog with comfort all day long. The removable cover is luxuriously soft and quilted, making it extra cozy, and it can be machine washed for ease.

The cotton-filled bolstered sides are high and provide support whichever way your dog sleeps and the sheltered comfort that most dogs love. The front side is lower, making it easy for your dog to climb in. The color is neutral, matching most decors too. And the base features non-slip rubber, which is ideal for clumsy Bulldogs. It is also chew-resistant and tougher than most.

We love that this couch-style dog bed ticks every dog bed box, making it our overall winner. It is high-quality, durable, comfy, and easy to clean.

Serta Quilted Orthopedic Bolster

  • 4-inch thick mattress.
  • Orthopedic “egg-crate” foam for joint support.
  • Extra high bolsters on 3 sides.
  • Ultra-soft plush fabric.
  • The cover is removable and machine washable.
  • Comes in 3 colors.

Serta has made this bed with the same support materials and advanced comfort design they use in their best-selling human mattresses. The orthopedic “egg-crate” foam base measure 4 inches thick, providing plenty of support for your Bulldog and their joints. The “egg-crate” design allows air to circulate, reducing bed sores and providing warmth to their joints, making this a top option for older, sorer Bulldogs.

The machine washable removable cover is quilted plush, ultra-soft material, and the high sides provide comfort and support for your Bulldog’s head and neck. This bed comes in three neutral colors to suit every decor style. And finally, this bed is made by the number 1 mattress company in the US. So, if it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for our beloved Bulldogs.

We love that this bed uses an “egg-crate” foam design, making it the best option for older Bulldogs with joint and hip pain who like raised sides.

Kopeks Orthopedic Pillow

Frisco Plush Orthopedic Pillow
  • Firm bolstered headrest.
  • Made with 100% orthopedic grade memory foam.
  • Hypoallergenic bed.
  • Soft suede material.
  • 2 removable water-resistant zippered covers.
  • Non-slip rubber base.

Kopeks uses orthopedic-grade hypoallergenic memory foam in the base of the bed. At 5.5 inches, it has the thickest base of them all, making this a top pick for Bulldogs at the top end of the weight scale. The orthopedic foam provides extra support for better sleep and soothes achy joints. This couch bed only has one bolstered side, making it the best pick for Bulldogs who love to stretch out but still need head and neck support.

This couch-style bed comes with two zippered covers, both water-resistant and machine washable, making cleaning up easy. The outer cover is a soft micro-suede material, making it soft and snuggly. The two covers protect the foam and keep it in top hypoallergenic condition for longer. The anti-slip rubber bottom is a welcome safety feature too.

We love that this bed is hypoallergenic, making it the best option for Bulldogs with sensitive skin and allergies.


Mattress-style beds are precisely that, simple mattresses. Mattress-style beds are thick and comfortable, raising your dog above the floor but not too much. They are the best bed option for inside a crate. They are also great for dogs who don’t like to feel restricted by raised sides or older Bulldogs who prefer a more accessible entrance and exit.

K&H Orthopedic Pillow Bed

PawHut Elevated Bed With Canopy
  • 5-inch medical-grade orthopedic foam mattress.
  • Uses the “egg-crate” design for joint support.
  • Topped with a 1.5-inch duck feather pillow for extra comfort and warmth.
  • The sleeping area is complete with a soft micro-suede material.
  • The removable cover is machine washable for ease.

This premium mattress-style bed offers one of the thickest bases available on the market. 5 inches of orthopedic, medical-grade foam with an “egg-crate” design offers soothing therapeutic support for achy doggy joints. It also has a 1.5-inch duck feather-filled pillow covered in luxurious quilted plush material. This is an excellent option if your Bulldog likes to sink into their bed or they are heavier than the average Bulldog.

The micro-suede cover is removable and machine washable, making cleaning it a breeze. The two-tone neutral design means it fits in with any decor scheme. This bed is a top choice if your Bulldog likes mattress-style beds with extra comfort.

We love that this premium option includes a duck feather-filled pillow that keeps your Bulldog warm for extra comfort on top of a thick 5-inch orthopedic base.

Brindle Orthopedic Pillow

Frisco Elevated Dog Bed
  • Simple mattress design.
  • The base is 4 inches thick memory foam for support.
  • Removable cover made from soft velour.
  • The cover is water-resistant and machine-washable.
  • Hypoallergenic bed.

This simple mattress-style bed consists of two layers of foam. The bottom layer is 2 inches thick and made of high-density support foam. The top layer is also 2 inches wide and is supportive memory foam. Together they mold around your Bulldog’s body shape, relieving pressure points and helping to soothe achy joints. The open-cell technology allows air to circulate and creates a comfortable sleeping temperature. Providing your pup with a restful night’s sleep.

The mattress cover is waterproof, protecting the foam from liquids, dirt, and hair, and is dust-mite resistant. Making it a hypoallergenic option for dogs with sensitive skin. The cover is soft velour and machine washable for an easy clean.

We love that this mattress bed is a hypoallergenic option for your Bulldog with a sleek design.

FurHaven Classic Mattress

KOPEKS Waterproof Orthopedic Pillow
  • Choice of the base material.
  • Cooling gel mattress option.
  • Soft faux fur for snuggly comfort.
  • 32 design choices.
  • Comes with a 60-day worry-free warranty if you change your mind.

FurHaven has created this bed with both comfort and style in mind. The mattress is available in memory foam, orthopedic foam, and cooling gel-infused memory foam. The cooling gel option wicks the heat away, lowering the temperature by 1 to 2 degrees. If your Bulldog overheats quickly, this is an excellent bed choice. All options provide support for achy joints.

The sleeping surface is soft, faux fur material providing snuggly comfort. The removable cover is machine washable for your ease. Plus, there is also an option to buy the cover only, so you don’t have to buy a brand-new bed if the shell needs replacing. The foam is tested through the CertiPUR-US program, meeting content, emissions, and durability standards. It comes with a 60-day worry-free program.

We love that you are spoilt for choice with this mattress bed because it is easily customizable with three mattress material options, five size choices, and 32 color designs.


Elevated dog beds usually sit on legs raised above the floor. These types of beds are a popular choice for outdoor or travel beds as they are easier to move around. Plus, the additional air circulation helps to keep your dog cool, which is excellent during the summer for large and brachycephalic dogs like the English Bulldog.

Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated

KH Elevated Dog Bed
  • Simple elevated bed design.
  • Made with a steel frame to support heavy dogs.
  • PVC-coated material for an easy clean.
  • Tightly woven breathable material does not sag over time.
  • Skid-resistant feet for safety.

Frisco delivers a no-frill simple elevated bed for indoor and outdoor use. The steel frame can carry up to 85 pounds depending on which size you opt for. The frame is sturdy and has anti-slip feet for added safety, which means it is suitable for most floor types. The steel is powder-coated for durability and is quick and easy to assemble.

The PVC-coated material prevents dirt and grime from sticking to it, and it is quick and easy to clean with a simple wipe. The tightly woven fabric does not sag over time and comes in five color options. The woven design makes it breathable, with almost 8 inches between the ground and the material for air circulation. Keeping your Bulldog cool, whatever the weather.

We love that this no-frills, simple design is excellent for use outdoors and is budget-friendly.

K&H Bolstered Elevated

2PET Elevated Cooling Bed
  • Comfortable elevated bed.
  • Meshed material for improved airflow.
  • 3 bolstered sides for head and neck support.
  • The sturdy frame can carry up to 200 pounds.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.

This elevated bed with bolstered sides takes traveling and outdoor relaxing to the next level. Bolstered sides are essential for Bulldogs who do not like to feel exposed when sleeping. Or those who need to rest their head on a raised platform. You can easily remove the bolstered sides for cleaning or transport. Plus, they are made with 600-denier waterproof nylon fabric.

The sturdy frame can carry up to 200 pounds, and the feet are non-slip and anti-scratch to protect your flooring. The bed is raised off the ground by 7 inches, so air can flow around and under your Bulldog through the breathable meshed material to keep them cool. It is also the lowest elevated bed making it the best option for older Bulldogs. This bed is quick and easy to assemble and resemble, and no tools are required, making it ideal for traveling families.

We love that this elevated bed comes with three bolstered sides, making it the best outdoor or travel option for Bulldogs who need extra head and neck support.

PawHut Elevated Bed With Canopy

Dekeyoo Calming Sofa Dog Bed
  • Elevated bed for outdoor use.
  • Increased airflow to keep your Bulldog cool.
  • Comes with a detachable canopy.
  • The canopy is water and UV-resistant.
  • Sturdy frame and non-slip feet.

PawHut’s elevated bed is raised over 9 inches off the ground, allowing air to flow freely around your Bulldog. The meshed material allows the material to breathe, which is essential for Bulldogs who overheat and become sweaty and stuffy. The meshed material is stitched to a more robust oxford material. This bed can carry up to 110 pounds thanks to the sturdy, powder-coated steel frame. The sturdy feet and additional mid-section legs provide extra support.

This bed has a canopy that protects your Bulldog from the hot summer sun. Providing your Bulldog with UV-resistant shelter means they can enjoy your outdoor space for longer without overheating. The canopy is also water resistant, and your dog can enjoy rainy days without getting wet. The canopy can be attached easily with bungee cords. This lightweight and portable design comes with a transport bag making it great for traveling.

We love that this elevated dog bed comes with a canopy, allowing your Bulldog to keep out of the sun, which is essential for brachycephalic breeds.

Bonus Bed

Dekeyoo Calming Sofa Dog Bed

  • Universal sofa cover dog bed.
  • Soft faux fur for comfort and warmth.
  • Provides protection to your furniture.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Cushion attachment points for safety.
  • Machine washable.

Technically, this is not a dog bed. However, some dogs refuse to sleep on anything other than our furniture. So this is an option for owners who need to think outside the box. This sofa cover protects your furniture from scratches, dog hair, dirt, and liquids. It is universal and can be anchored to prevent slipping when your Bulldog climbs and nests into it.

The inner liner is 100% waterproof. The cover is made with luxurious faux fur material, making it super soft and cuddly. It includes a bolstered back for head support and extra warmth while protecting the back of the sofa. The outer cover is machine washable too. Placing this on your sofa gives Fido their own space while still enjoying the comfort of sitting next to their humans.

We love that this bed is the best option for Bulldogs who refuse to sleep on their bed and insist on sleeping on your furniture. After all, compromise is vital for Bulldog parents!

Final Thoughts

As you’ve learned, buying a dog bed for your Bulldog is more complex than you probably thought. Hopefully, after reading our informative buying guide, you are able to choose the best dog bed for your English Bulldog. With ten different recommendations, you are sure to find the best pick for you and your pup.

English Bulldog wearing workout gear and tape measure around neck.

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