My Dog Can’t Get Up By Himself

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Dog on GroundThis question for our Pet Doc comes from Linda and her Cocker Spaniel Bojak.


My Dog Can’t Get Up By Himself? Any Tips?

Beginning this morning, my Cocker Spaniel Bojak has had troubles getting up. I’m wondering what the cause could be and what I can do to help?

Pet Doc Suggestions

Thanks for the question regarding the sad news that your dog can’t get up. If Bojak is having these problems, then it needs to be determined why that is. Is it lethargy? Joint disease like maybe arthritis? There are so many reasons that this may be a problem and some of those reasons can be or become quite serious. My best recommendation to you is to take Bojak to your local veterinarian. There is no substitute for a properly done physical exam and consultation. I hope everything goes well and please keep us updated.

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Richard S.

This answer to Bojak's condition answers my question, but where the owner of Bojak's owner failed I will not! I want to thank you very much for taking the time to answer this question I had about my dog's condition. As a matter of fact, Sheba (my dog) says thank you, also. 

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