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German Shepherd Boxer Mix: Boxer Shepherd Breed Information


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The German Shepherd and the Boxer are both reliable working dogs, as well as popular family pets. This mix combines the Boxer and the German Shepherd, to create the German Shepherd Boxer mix, also known as the Boxer Shepherd. This highly intelligent mixed breed pup has become increasingly popular as a designer dog, and as a mix that’s adopted out from shelters.

Because of their popularity surge, there’s information you’ll want to digest if you are thinking about welcoming a Boxer Shepherd into your life. From his personality to his appearance, and what training he needs to his grooming schedule. We have covered everything you need to know.

He is energetic, intelligent, intense, and stubborn, to name just a few traits of his. He is certainly not for everyone, but could you be the one for him? Let’s find out.

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight50-85 Pounds
    • height iconHeight22-25 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan9-11 Years
    • color iconColorsTan, Black, White
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs

Parent Breeds

To understand the Boxer Shepherd and what he is all about, you must learn about his parents. He might be an equal blend of them, or he might be 90% similar to just one parent. Until he matures, it really is anyone’s guess. So, make sure you like both breeds to prepare yourself for any Boxer Shepherd eventuality.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd Staring out at Field
The German Shepherd is consistently one of the top dog breeds in the United States.

German Shepherds have consistently found themselves as America’s 2nd favorite breed for a very long time. He is one of the most popular working breeds in law enforcement, search and rescue, and other roles. Thanks to his loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate personality, he also makes a great family pet for many.

Traditionally, he was created to be a herding dog in Germany. He fell out of favor after the World Wars because of the stigma attached to all things German. But over time, he made his way back into the doggy spotlight.

Being a working dog, he is full of intense energy that needs an outlet. Despite his formidable appearance and unfairly aggressive stigma, he is a sensitive dog who suffers from separation anxiety without his family around. Unfortunately many novice dog owners will welcome a German Shepherd into their home without knowing what to expect, which can lead to aggressive behavior when not corrected (which is true for almost any dog). He develops a strong bond with his primary caregiver but is loving with everyone in the family. Because of this, German Shepherds are very commonly mixed with other breeds in order to try and create the perfect mix.


Boxer Dog Outdoors
Boxer dogs are another one of America’s favorite dog breeds.

The Boxer is another popular dog breed, who has consistently found himself in the top 15 dog breeds. This guy is also from Germany, and he was bred down to be a family-friendly version of the Bullenbeisser. The Bullenbeisser was a beastly canine who was used for hunting wild boar, bears, and bison many centuries ago.

The Boxer is much less terrifying, and along the way, he has developed a new persona of the canine comedian. He is entertaining, full of bouncy energy, and bright. Thankfully, he retains the courageous traits of the Bullenbeisser, and he also makes a great family protector.

He is another intense dog who doesn’t like to be left alone. Boxers develop an equal bond with the whole family and also have a fondness for children. He is intelligent, but because he has more exciting things to do, he doesn’t always listen to his master. Because of their bouncy energy and friendly demeanor, it’s quite common for Boxers to be crossbred with other breeds to create a designer dog.

Boxer Shepherd

Boxer Shepherd in Grass
Boxer Shepherds are active, friendly, and high-energy pups.

The Boxer Shepherd is the mix of two of the most famous German dogs. Although the personality and appearance of mixed dogs can never be guaranteed, he usually takes the best of both worlds.

He is a mellower version of the German Shepherd, but a more obedient version of the Boxer. And here we are going to look at a typical Boxer Shepherd, so let’s jump straight into the details.


Boxer Shepherd Outdoors Working
Boxer Shepherds are even keeled dogs that do best with a job to perform.

The Boxer Shepherd is a fun-loving canine who just wants to make his humans laugh. He loves to be the center of attention when he is with his family and likes to get involved with all the family games. Make sure you give him the attention that he deserves. Otherwise, you might offend him.

Thanks to the German Shepherd influence, he is less dopey than the Boxer, and will not bounce off the walls in the home. Instead, if you provide him with enough exercise, he has an off-switch in the evening. This means you can relax with your new buddy on the sofa, and not worry about entertaining him long into the night.

He is very affectionate with his family, and despite his big frame and steely demeanor, he loves sofa snuggle time. Thankfully, he is happy to cuddle with whoever will give him the best belly rubs that evening. Rather than be fixated on one human, like his German Shepherd parent. No family arguments about who gets to cuddle this canine, just lots of bribing with treats!

He does not share this affection with strangers, however. He is aloof with strangers, much like the German Shepherd, and he will definitely not be jumping all over them for attention. Expect him to bark whenever someone steps onto your estate. Meaning that he makes an excellent guard dog. If he feels as though his family is in danger, he will step in and protect them.

He is very intelligent and needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day. He also craves human companionship, and without it, he can become upset and problematic. For this reason, he needs to be placed with a family where someone can be home for most of the day.

Size & Appearance

German Shepherd Boxer Mix With Different Colored Eyes
Almost all German Shepherd Boxer mixes will look different, but share some similarities.

The Boxer Shepherd is a large dog who measures between 22 and 25 inches tall, and he weighs between 50 and 85 pounds. He is a stocky and athletic looking dog, who takes a mixture of the squareness of the Boxer, and the longer frame of the German Shepherd. Both have large ears, be that floppy or erect, so you can expect big ears too.

Other than his size and height, there are no guarantees as to what he will look like. As you can see when looking at the pictures of Boxer Shepherds in this guide, they do not follow any real pattern. Even within the same litter, they can sometimes look like different breeds altogether.

The best way to determine what this guy is going to look like as an adult is to see him as a pup. Although you should always choose a puppy based on his personality and suitability for you and your family, for some, appearance is important too.

Coat & Colors

Boxer Shepherd Outdoors
No Boxer Shepherd is likely to have the same coat color and patterns as the other.

The coat of the Boxer Shepherd is thick and double-coated, meaning that he is a moderate shedder all year round. He’ll also be a heavy shedder during the shedding seasons. His coat will be straight, and the length of his jacket is likely to be short to medium. This will be dependent on whether his German Shepherd parent has a long coat or has a shorter coat.

Both of his parents sport dark colors, so you can expect that he’ll inherit the same dark colors too. He might also have a flash of white or brindle. Some German Shepherds sport a completely white coat, and some can even have blue coloring, which is almost as rare. This means there’s a chance your pup could sport either of these colors or black as well.

But again, with mixed breeds, their appearance is a lottery, but you can be sure that they are all beautiful in their own quirky way. This is part of the fun when it comes to mixed breeds.

Exercise & Living Conditions

Highly Active Boxer Shepherd Outside
Boxer Shepherds are extremely active and will do best when they can be walked or exercised regularly.

The Boxer Shepherd is a very energetic dog who will need at least one hour of intense exercise every day to keep healthy and happy. Being very intelligent, he would appreciate a variety of exercise activities to prevent him from becoming too bored. He loves mountain hikes, makes a great jogging partner, and loves to play fetch too.

To keep his mind occupied and away from chair legs, you should look to play brain games with him in addition to his exercise. This could be either teaching him some new tricks or play the ‘find the treat under the cup’ game. Whatever you decide to do, as long as he is with you, he’ll thoroughly enjoy it. It’ll give you a break from boring adult life too!

The Boxer Shepherd is a large boy, and ideally, he needs a large home with access to his own yard. This guy is not going to do well in a small apartment, that’s for sure! Both of his parents are used to the wild forests and farms in Germany, and without access to fresh air, he’ll get cabin fever.

He is excellent with families of all kinds, just as long as they keep him company. He is gentle enough to live with young children. Because of his large size, you need to supervise him with kids at all times. And as long as he is socialized well, he will live happily with other dogs and other pets too. Overall, he is very adaptable as long as his needs are met.


Boxer Shepherd During Training Lessons
Boxer German Shepherd mixes are extremely intelligent, and learn quickly.

When it comes to training the Boxer Shepherd, you need a little bit of patience. Although he is very intelligent, mainly thanks to his Shepherd genes, he is impatient and can become bored quickly. The trick is to start training with him as soon as you get him home.

This will teach him who the boss is, and instill obedience into him at a young age. Starting him young will increase your chances of having an obedient pup in later life. Keep training sessions short and fun, and reward him with treats or toys for good behavior. Because they are quick to learn, they are excellent when it comes to mastering basic dog tricks.

Do not give into him, because he’ll quickly learn that he can wrap you around his paws, and that’s not a good position to be in. This boy can be a little diva, but hopefully, he will inherit the eager to please nature of the Shepherd.

Because he is a protective dog, he needs early socialization. This is one of the main reasons why you should work with a reputable breeder because they will begin the socialization process with him as soon as he can walk. Introduce him to as many dogs and humans as you possibly can, as well as new places and loud sounds.


Healthy Boxer Shepherd Mix Outdoors
Boxer Shepherds are generally healthier than both purebred parents.

The Boxer Shepherd is a relatively healthy dog who will enjoy a lifespan of 9 to 11 years. This is typically a bit longer than a purebred German Shepherd, and he should enjoy the longer lifespan of the Boxer.

Here are the most common concerns to look out for when looking at both of his parent’s health conditions:

Hip and elbow dysplasia: both of his parents suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, which is a malformation of the hip and elbow joint sockets.

Degenerative myelopathy: both of his parents are predisposed to this spinal disease. Eventually, it leads to paralysis and other complications.

Hypothyroidism: his Boxer parent is known to suffer from hypothyroidism. This is where his thyroid gland cannot produce the average level of hormones, leading to a variety of symptoms and other conditions.

Heart conditions: his Boxer parent is known to suffer from a variety of heart conditions. The common concerns are aortic valve disease, cardiomyopathy, and subvalvular aortic stenosis.

Brachycephalic syndrome: his Boxer parent has a flat-shaped face, which can lead to respiratory problems and other associated symptoms. He may or may not inherit the flat face of the Boxer. But if he does, it will affect his daily life, so you need to research it.


Boxer Shepherd Mix Eating Dog Food
The Boxer Shepherd will do well on a high protein diet to support their active lifestyle.

The Boxer Shepherd will consume anywhere between 2 ½ and 3 cups of food every day. This will be dependent on his size, energy levels, and age. Always follow package instructions according to your own dog’s weight and needs. Otherwise, you risk a porky pup, and this guy does not need to add any extra weight to his joints and dysplasia problems.

Always choose the best nutrition that you can afford. A high-quality kibble will provide him with a well-balanced diet. A balanced diet will keep him healthy and strong, and it could keep him with you for that little bit longer too.

Look for a kibble that is specifically designed for large dog breeds. This is particularly important during the puppy stage, as they are intended to control bone growth. Research shows that this could lower the chances of him developing joint dysplasia and other bone diseases. Typically speaking, because the Boxer Shepherd is an active breed, they will do better on a high protein dog food. Taste of the Wild has several formulas that will likely do well with your German Shepherd Boxer mix.


Grooming Your Boxer Shepherd
Grooming your Boxer Shepherd mix will depend largely on which parent’s coat they inherit.

The Boxer Shepherd’s grooming routine will be dependent on the coat that he inherits. If it is short like his Boxer parent, he’ll only need brushing once a week to keep him looking healthy and shiny. If he inherits the Shepherds coat, he will require brushing several times a week to prevent matting.

He should be bathed once every 8 to 12 weeks to keep him smelling and feeling fresh. Other grooming routines such as nail clipping and dental cleaning are the same as any other dog. Clip his nails as and when you can hear them tapping on the floor, and clean his teeth once a week.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Boxer Shepherd Mix Puppy
Boxer Shepherd puppies can be found at breeders and rescues alike.

Looking for a reputable breeder is essential when it comes to securing a healthy pup. Look for those with a professional website, or one with numerous good reviews from other customers. Good breeders will want you to meet the pups and their parents. And talk you through everything you need to know about your new life with him.

The average cost of the Boxer Shepherd will fall, on average, anywhere between $600 and $1,000. If you find a puppy for much less than this, this could be a warning sign that they are part of a puppy mill. Although a lower price might be tempting, their pups might not be healthy, and it’ll cost you more in vet bills in the long run.

Rescue & Shelters

Rescue Dog Boxer Shepherd Outdoors Looking at Owner
Consider rescuing your Boxer Shepherd before looking at breeders.

Rescuing a Boxer Shepherd is another option to consider. Although he is a rarer find in the rescue shelters, saving any dog is worth the wait when you find the one.

If you cannot find any in your local rescue centers, be sure to check out rescue organizations that rescue specific breeds and their mixes. The American German Shepherd Rescue Association lists German Shepherd rescue centers across America, and the Across America Boxer Rescue lists dogs for adoption. Both assist families in the rescue of their breeds and other mixes, including the Boxer Shepherd.

As Family Pets

  • The Boxer Shepherd is very playful and enjoy family time.
  • He is very affectionate and loves attention.
  • The Boxer Shepherd can live with young children and other family pets.
  • He is protective of his family and home.
  • The Boxer Shepherd is aloof with strangers.
  • Because of this, they are excellent guard dogs.
  • He is active and needs one hour of intense exercise every day.
  • The Boxer Shepherd is very intelligent.
  • Boxer Shepherds need attention throughout the day.
  • He is a moderate to heavy shedder and needs regular grooming.
  • The Boxer Shepherd needs early socialization to be a suitable family pet.

Final Thoughts

That is everything that you need to know about the Boxer Shepherd and what you can expect from him as a family pet. Boxer Shepherds are happy dogs that love nothing more than to get involved in the family fun and make everyone laugh. They are also big fans of sofa snooze time too!

He makes a fantastic family guard dog, but with this in mind, he needs to be placed with a family who has the time to train and socialize him well as a pup. He is a mix of both the German Shepherd and Boxer world. And overall, he is a well-balanced dog who is a pleasure to have in the family home.

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