Healthy Holiday Tip: Lose Pounds With Your Hounds


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Dog sitting on scale (caption: Dog Weight Loss Tips)

The holidays are prime time for parties, elaborate meals, and holiday treats for humans. And your dog is getting more leftovers than they ever could have dreamed! But all of these extra calories are making a straight line for your hips. Here are some tips to shed those extra pounds and get you and your pup back in shape.

Lose Pounds With Your Hounds

Given a choice between doing step aerobics and walking your sweet doggy companion, why not grab your leash and head outside? Any regular physical activity you do helps maintain your current weight and likely even leads to some firmer muscle tone.

What’s beneficial for the body is also good for the mind. It’s essential to maintain your mental health, and exercise is one of the best things you can do to reduce those dangerous stress toxins in your body. A walk with your dog is the silent night that you are seeking.

Exercise gurus have been saying for years that having a workout buddy is key to maintaining accountability in your workout schedule. You are more likely to do it if that partner is a tireless beggar with puppy dog eyes – how could you possibly not go?

Even though walking may seem easy enough, you and your pup may want to gradually work into it. You both will obtain benefits by walking miles at a time, but you may want to ease into your routine. You may also want to visit your vet to check on your pet’s physical condition and discuss your fitness plans before getting started.

Daily Walking Tips

Some recommendations to make your daily walk a success:

  • Begin with short walks and gradually work into longer exercise sessions. Remember, four 10-minute walks are just as beneficial as one 40-minute walk.
  • Dog on leash (caption: Dog leashes and collars guide)Start slowly and work up to a faster speed.
  • Stand up straight and look ahead. Keep your shoulders back and relaxed, chest lifted, and butt tucked in. Your dog should be on a leash and close to your side. We recommend no longer than a 6′ leash to maintain control over your dog in any situation.
  • Your heel should hit the ground before any other part of your foot and then roll forward to the ball of your foot, pushing off with your toes to restart the cycle. If done correctly, this will reduce the risk of injury.
  • If going on a long walk or hike, bring enough water for you and your dog. Pack a dog water bottle so they can easily hydrate on the go.
  • For nighttime walks, use a reflective collar or harness and leash for your dogs to ensure safety.

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Exercising with your dog is a great way to strengthen the bond between you. As a bonus, you’ll be exercising, your dog will be exercising, and you will both be enjoying quality time together.

A Healthy Dog Is A Happy Dog

Stay accountable and keep track of your dog’s fitness with a dog activity tracker. You can also learn which dogs are the most active. We hope these help you and your pet in your quest to both become healthy and happy!

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