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Irish Dog Names: 225+ Ideas & Inspiration


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Have you brought the luck of the Irish home with you in the form of a furry new friend? Are you looking for Irish dog names for this new puppy bundle of love? Whether you want an Irish dog name as an homage to your heritage, as a tribute to your puppy’s breed, or simply because you love all things from the Emerald Isle, you have landed in the right place.

Ireland is a country and culture full of charm, lore, beauty, history, and more. In fact, it is often referred to as the Isle of Enchantment. It offers a wealth of inspiration and ideas for dog names. Ireland’s language is beautiful, and for those who do not speak it and those who do, it holds a certain draw and beauty. Celtic words are often distinctive, standing out from the more common names we hear at the dog park every day.

Picking the perfect pet name is a process that can be fun and even educational as owners learn about Ireland’s culture and language. There are a few tips to remember when naming any puppy, and respecting another country’s culture and history is always important. Let’s dive in and discover the world of possibilities of Irish dog names with over 225 naming ideas.

Dog Breeds From Ireland

Before getting too far into the amazing realm of Gaelic dog names, it is worth taking a moment to recognize Ireland’s canine breeds themselves. The country has gifted the world with several distinguished canine breeds, each with unique traits and history. Let’s get to know a few of the gorgeous and unforgettable canines that hail from the Celtic Heartland, also called the Land of Saints and Scholars.

  • American Water Spaniel
  • Glen of Imaal Terrier
  • Irish Collie
  • Irish Setter
  • Irish Terrier
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Kerry Beagle
  • Kerry Blue Terrier
  • Lancashire Heeler
  • Red And White Setter
  • Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Sussex Spaniel

Classic Irish Names & Meanings

There are many beautiful and meaningful Irish names. These have been used in the culture for a very long time. They represent Ireland, its culture, and its history. There are those that reflect the Celtic landscape’s natural beauty, words steeped in historical significance, that capture Irieland’s colorful essence. All of these are magnificent and can make for lovely and unique pet titles.

Perhaps one of these will fit your little Celtic laddie or lassie precisely right.

  1. Aiden, meaning “little and fiery,” could be a fitting name for a small, spirited pooch.
  2. Aoife is a female Gaelic name that means “radiant” or “beautiful.”
  3. Breandan, meaning prince, is an excellent fit for any regal male canine.
  4. Brianna, a beautiful female title, means “noble and strong.”
  5. Caitlin, a female name, means pure.
  6. Conan, or little wolf, is a popular boy’s title and has been around for centuries.
  7. Conor, a male name, means ‘one who loves wolves.”
  8. Deleany is a female moniker and means “child of dark defiance.”
  9. Eamon, “guardian of the riches,” might be well suited to a protective canine breed or big male pup.
  10. Éire, the Gaelic term for Ireland, also makes a beautiful pet name.
  11. Enya, meaning “kernel of a nut or seed,” would be a charming choice for a small, precious female pup.
  12. Finnegan, which means “fair-haired,” makes a fitting idea for a solid male pup, especially one with a flaxen coat like a Golden Retriever.
  13. Kennedy can be a male or female title and means fierce or helmet-headed.
  14. Liam is a male moniker and means “the strong protector.”
  15. Molly is a simple yet lovely Celtic title for a girl that means noble.
  16. Niall, a male moniker, means cloud and has been the title of many kings.
  17. Nora means to honor and is a beautiful testament to any pup.
  18. Quinn can be for boys or girls and means wisdom and intelligence.
  19. Rian, meaning little king, makes a perfect title for a small yet fierce pup.
  20. Riley can be male or female and means courageous.
  21. Siobhan, which translates to ‘” God’s grace,” might be a perfect choice for a loving and gentle female pup.

Lucky & Mythical Irish Names For Dogs

White lab with lucky clover hat on and four leaf clover background

Ireland is often associated with luck, leprechauns, and magic. Several pet naming ideas can come from this realm. From shamrocks, rainbows, wee leprechauns, and Celtic crosses, the folklore and history of Ireland are rich and a treasure trove of naming ideas. While we divided these into boys and girls, some can work for both.


Dog Names Inspired By Irish Surnames

Ireland is a country full of striking surnames. Whether common or rare, these Celtic surnames make creative and sometimes unusual choices for pet names. We like the following suggestions for pet naming ideas. As these are surnames, we think they could work for male or female pups. As they say, if the name fits, wear it.


Male Irish Dog Names

Male pups need powerful names that share just how awesome, friendly, tough, and fun they are. There are several Celtic male monikers that can be fitting for a healthy boy pup. Whether your good boy is a big dog, a small dude, or just a chipper lad, one of these ideas might work well.


Irish Dog Names For Girl Pups

Many owners want to find a feminine title for their sweet new girl pup. Fortunately, this Gaelic language is full of beautiful female characters. Regardless of breed, any of these are fit for a canine queen. Hopefully, you will love them just as much as we do.


Irish Drink-Inspired Names For Dogs

Dog attempting to drink beer from a pint glass

Along with being known for their luck, history, and lore, the good people of Ireland are also known for their love of alcohol. While moderation is always wise when it comes to indulging in drinks, this can also be a fantastic place to find inspiration for canine monikers.

BaileysGreen Mary
CiderIrish Crème
Coole SwanIrish Jack Rose
DerbyIrish Mule
Fat FrogNegroni
GinOld Fashioned
Ginger & LimePot O’Gold

Irish Food-Inspired Dog Names

Naming your new pup after a favorite food item, in this case, a delicious Celtic dish, is a fun way to find a unique idea. We love food. We love dogs, so why not christen our fur babies after our favorite food dishes from Ireland? Fit for boys and girls, the list below might yield an excellent naming idea and, at the very least, will inspire you to get a snack. But don’t share with your pooch; stick to tasty, well-balanced dog food instead.

Apple CakeGoody
BangersGur Cake
Black JackOyster
CoddleShepherd’s Pie
ColcannonSoda Bread
CrèmeSpice Bag

Irish Place-Inspired Dog Names

Ireland is full of beautiful, mysterious, historical, and unforgettable places. From big cities, quaint villages, ancient castles, and more, pet owners can find ideas from a wide array of places. While we know we cannot list all this amazing country has to offer, below are just a few fun place name ideas inspired by Ireland for your sweet pup.


Pet Naming Trends

As different ideas, entertainment franchises, fashion, food, other cultures, and ideas rise and fall in popularity, so do pet naming trends. These trends often reflect what is happening in the wide world around us. Naming trends and fads come and go, and though some stick around for quite some time, others are simply a flash in the pan. Naming trends can be a fantastic way to find ideas if you are stuck or to see what other people are naming their pets.

These naming trends and fads are quite helpful. Owners can learn what ideas to avoid and what is popular or simply use them to start their brainstorming sessions.

Dog Naming Tips

Finding the perfect moniker for your new pup is an exciting, fun, unforgettable process. It is an important time, as this is when owners start to build and solidify a close bond with their new pet. Names can represent a dog’s breed, color, personality, size, as well as country of origin. Perhaps you have Celtic roots, have adopted an Irish breed, or simply feel a passion for the Celtic Isle. Whatever your reason is, Ireland is a land full of inspiration. We have a few general naming tips to remember as you work through this process with your new pup.

  1. If picking a Celtic word, take some time to get to know the culture, the language, and the history of Ireland. This can be extremely helpful, as you want to avoid picking something inappropriate or considered offensive. If Ireland is not your native culture, make sure you understand when borrowing naming ideas from this new or foreign language.
  2. Consider your puppy’s color, breed, appearance, size, and personality. You may find a perfect moniker for a brown or black dog or a specific breed.
  3. Try to stick to short one or two-syllable words. Canines hear and respond to these better. If you must pick a longer designation, come up with a few nicknames to which your fur baby might respond better. In fact, it is wise to think up a list of nicknames for any idea you are considering.
  4. Do your best to stay respectful and appropriate. Stay away from any idea that might be taken as inappropriate or disrespectful. It is fine to have fun and be silly, but remember that other people will need to use this word, and it’s not fair to them or your pet to pick something that makes people uncomfortable.
  5. Understand that your puppy will not comprehend their name’s full, more profound meaning. So, if you are naming your fur baby after a specific place in Ireland, favorite food, or person, they will not understand that deeper significance. For your pet, a name is an important tool, as it lets them know that it is time for dinner, time to go outside, take a walk, or that their owners need their attention for some other reason.
  6. Keep in mind that your pup will take some time to learn his or her new title. This is not a process that happens overnight. They must be trained to understand that this word has more significance than others. Make sure you have plenty of patience, time, treats, and rewards for your puppy when they respond appropriately. Take the time to practice and give your pup room to learn and grow.
  7. Be mindful that sometimes names, as beautiful as they may seem, simply do not work out. If this happens, it is okay to change your dog’s name. However, this is only appropriate with young puppies, as changing an older dog’s name is a much more complex, more sensitive process.
  8. Take the time to learn more about your puppy, get to know their personality, and consider a few different options before selecting one. It is a good idea to have a few backup ideas ready in case your first choice does not work out.

Final Thoughts

Picking out a new name for a puppy is a fantastic, unforgettable experience. It helps set up a close relationship and bond between the puppy and the owner. When selecting a new title, there are a few different things to consider. Pet owners look to many unusual places to find inspiration, including other countries. Ireland is a mystical, beautiful land rich in history and lore. Hopefully, you have enjoyed learning more about this beautiful country and culture and have found some inspiring naming ideas on our list. You can also consider unique, funny, or popular names for your new pet.

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