Pet Plate Reviews: Tails Will Wag For This Dog Food Delivery Service

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Bella licking Pet Plate container next to box (Caption: Pet Plate Dog Food Review)Pet Plate’s founder didn’t let a pass on Shark Tank hold him back from making sure dogs across the country get nutritional, human-grade dog food. His enterprise now feeds thousands of happy hounds every day.

Could Pet Plate be just what the vet ordered for your pup? Our site’s founders subscribe to this all-natural dog food delivery service for their pups. But what’s our verdict on Pet Plate?

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Article Overview


4.6 / 5
Variety 4.3
Nutritional Value 5.0
Pricing 4.4
Customer Support 4.8
Customization 4.6


  • Pet Plate comes in 4 recipes: beef, turkey, chicken or lamb
  • Human-grade, USDA-certified, all-natural, fresh ingredients with no preservatives or fillers
  • Auto-shipping that you can pause, skip or cancel anytime
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Responsive customer service
  • Free shipping
  • Made in the USA
  • Two pet food subscription plans or custom


  • Dog profile doesn’t take health issues into account

Key Features

  • Fresh meals made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients and designed by a vet nutritionist
  • Custom orders for each pup, including age, weight, ideal weight, breed and activity level.
  • All meals are pre-portioned
  • Comes in 4 flavors: beef, turkey, chicken or lamb
  • Two subscription plans available plus custom options
  • Free delivery to all 48 contiguous U.S. states
  • Referral Rewards program for a $50 credit to your Pet Plate account
  • All packaging is recyclable
  • Featured in HuffPost, Fortune, Good Housekeeping and more


Pet Plate offers a 50% off discount on your first pet food box. The following price* is based on the profile of a neutered mixed-breed male, 7 years old, 24 pounds, healthy size.

  • Full plan: $34.58*/week ($103.74 total) for 21 days of meals shipped every 3 weeks
  • Topper plan: $20.16*/week ($80.64 total) for 6 12-oz containers shipped every 4 weeks


Get 35% off your first box of PetPlate! Just use this link to get started!

Our Personal Experience With Pet Plate

To get started with Pet Plate, simply answer a few questions about your pup (if you have more than one, you will add them at the end of the process). These details will help Pet Plate determine the right nutritionally balanced portion size based on your dog’s size, age, breed and activity level.

Pet Plate Weight Question screenshot

Then select any mix of the four different recipes: beef, turkey, chicken or lamb (this flavor is a little more expensive than the others). On this screen, you can also read the detailed ingredients and key benefits of each formula.

Pet Plate Flavors

Pet Plate Turkey Details

Finally, enter your email address, and they will give you a customized meal plan. At this point, you can select from two options: a full meal of Pet Plate or a topper on their current food.

Lily's Pet Plate Plan screenshot

Michelle’s First-Hand Review

Dog eating PetPlate in bowlWe switched from feeding our dogs 100% dry kibble to mixing the kibble 50/50 with Pet Plate after seeing it on Shark Tank. The company makes meals with natural ingredients, including meat (turkey, beef, chicken or lamb) cooked with fresh veggies (carrots, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, pumpkin, etc.). They prepare the food fresh, then freeze it and ship it to our doorstep.

At first, we tried it out to see how our dogs would react to such a treat. But, as it turned out, our dog Lily, who used to be a very finicky eater, immediately gobbled her Pet Plate food up and ate the mixed-in kibble as well! She went from a dog who only ate 1 of 2 meals every day to a member of the clean plate club every time! This was enough to convince us to add Pet Plate to our regular feeding routine. We continue to feed 50/50 kibble because it makes this a more economical choice and keeps our dogs’ teeth cleaner, thanks to the abrasion of the harder food.

We have also found Pet Plate to be easier on senior stomachs and experience less gas. Pet Plate is a win for all in our household!

Pet Plate Unboxing

See what’s inside a Pet Plate box and witness for yourself how much our very own Barley and Lily love it as they gobble it up!

Read Our Interview With The Pet Plate Founder

How Does Pet Plate Compare?

Visit Pet Plate’s Website

Pet Plate isn’t cheap, but if you’re committed to the healthiest lifestyle for your pets, you can’t go wrong with this high-quality dog food. Pet Plate makes ordering and delivery a breeze, and their customer support is top-notch.

To see how other services compare to Pet Plate, read our article comparing the best dog food delivery services. Our reviews include additional options for “human-grade” meals, as well as all-natural kibble, auto-ship dog food and more.

Why are you considering all-natural dog food?

About The Author:

Sally holds a BA in English from James Madison University and began her 25-year writing career as a grad student at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism & Mass Communications. She’s been a pet parent since college years (and spent her whole childhood with pets). Her work has appeared in many notable media outlets, including The Washington Post, Entrepreneur, People, Forbes, Huffington Post, and more.

Now as a parent of two teenagers, she’s made sure to raise her daughters to learn how to love and care for pets (and other animals) in the most responsible and loving ways. As a result, she and her daughters now have 5 rescued dogs and cats who essentially rule their home! Sally has also volunteered over the years to help raise funds for various animal nonprofit organizations.

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September 15, 2020 5:47 pm

I agree that the photos of the meals are very misleading and that the quality has deteriorated. Pet Plates also is very hard to cancel. I did once and then received another shipment. I have just canceled again. If that doesn’t work, I am contacting my credit card company. My dogs like Farmer’s Dog much better.

July 29, 2020 12:33 am

11 year olds, Bella and Juju, have been eating Pet Plate since January 2018. At first the food was great. No fillers. Just meat, produce and vitamins. So long kibble. Hello, real food! They loved it. We loved it. We saw signs of health improvements in the first 3 weeks. After 3 months, chronic ear infections, allergies, and fatty lipomas abated. About a year after subscribing, Pet Plate sent an e-mail to customers announcing the addition of investors to their company. While the information was appreciated, the recipes and food quality changed soon after the announcement. Either grains or sweet and white potatoes became the 2nd and 3rd ingredients in all 4 protein recipes, yet the prices stayed exactly the same. Paying for meat, but getting starch…well, that’s not okay. So, we started looking elsewhere for a better product. We found one, but it cost significantly more per month. It has pasture-raised, grass-fed meats, organic fruits and veg, omegas 3 and 6, sous vide cooking method in BPA free pouches, and no salt, rice, or high glycemic white potatoes. We liked the idea of offering it to the girls, but the price was prohibitive. Since the coronavirus hit, money that is normally spent on transportation, entertainment, eating out, dry cleaning, and miscellaneous other items is being saved. So, trying the other company is now possible. Honestly, if the girls weren’t 120 lbs, we’d make their food ourselves. In conclusion, Pet Plate isn’t a bad product, it just isn’t as good as it once was and we’ve done a lot of research on dog nutrition/health. If you start subscribing now, you’ll never know what you’ve been missing. The problem is, we know. When we know better, we ALL should do better.

August 30, 2020 12:43 pm
Reply to  Sharyn

I agree with Sharyn. I have been feeding my dogs (3 rescues, each around 20 pounds each) Pet Plate for a few years now. Something in the past 1 to 2 years changed with the product/quality. The meals do not look the same or smell the same. For the first year, the food smelled good, was appealing, and appeared “human grade.” The food is now mushy and does not smell as good or the same as before this change. Not sure what happened or why. I have noticed my dogs bowel movements are more mushy also. I am one that knows better also.

August 18, 2020 10:09 am
Reply to  Sharyn

Hi Sharyn. Thanks for the post. Would you mind saying what new product you changed to? We’ve been looking to make a change as well.

Apiffany Gaither Billings
August 19, 2020 9:38 am
Reply to  Amy

Here is an article that you can look into while you wait for her response. I hope this helps!

Gary Shaw
June 19, 2020 12:02 am

I just received my first order of Pet Plate. I must say, it looks nothing like the images on the website. I just opened the chicken and it’s like gray mush. Does not look appetizing and barely resembles their appetizing photos. My dog did eat it but it was very wet. There was even a separation of water at the bottom. I’m sure it’s good for him but the texture and appeal is noting like their pictures.

Kevin Kirby
November 26, 2019 4:28 am

Seems like a lot of plastic and styrofoam in the packaging – yes/no?

Kimberly Alt
November 26, 2019 11:33 am
Reply to  Kevin Kirby

Yes, unfortunately. If you want a similar product with less packaging, we’d suggest looking into The Farmer’s Dog.

November 6, 2019 3:18 pm

I appreciate all the fresh food diets that are popping up now but so many of them are full of white potatoes, rice, even pasta, all things that dogs don’t need to be eating. One really has to bypass all the pretty website content and go straight to reading the ingredients, just like buying any other dog food. Human grade is great, but they also need to be species appropriate meals.

Kevin Kirby
November 26, 2019 4:26 am
Reply to  Sherri

True – those ingredients are better then corn.

Gus Garcia
July 15, 2019 9:24 pm

My Chihuahua hated it. Wouldn’t even try it. When I mixed a little with her existing dry food, she no longer ate her existing food. When I gave her dry food alone again, she ate it. When I tried a different dry food, and other wet food, she ate both … Maybe mine is a unique situation but was a complete waste of money. I purchased the chicken

Fig Newton
January 25, 2019 1:13 pm

We have been using Pet Plate for over six months and could not be more pleased. My elderly Pug was not eating and, despite all my efforts, I thought it was the end of her life. An ad on Instagram led me to the fresh pet food delivery market. After much research, I picked Pet Plate and do not regret it. I highly recommend Pet Plate. Five Stars!!

Marian McLeod-Custer
November 4, 2018 10:54 pm

Just watched you on Shark Tank. Very interested! My dog is rescue from Cairo, Egypt. She’s an Egyptian Baladi dog. She lived in the streets till 7 months ago. She has a sensitive stomach. I have tried several dog food brands and even tried cooking home cooked meals and that didn’t settle well with her either. Presently she eats and likes Rachel Ray dog food. I want to keep Rachel Ray as part of the diet as well as trying your food.