Why is My Dog Walking Backwards?

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I’m really confused. When I let my dog outside to go to the bathroom he walks backwards around the yard. It’s really weird and it’s got me puzzled. This is the only time I see him walk backwards. He makes his way around the entire yard like this. Why is he doing this?

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sarah – All the dog sites say some canned pumpkin helps with constipation.
Cause Dog is God backwards
My dog just started doing this, she walks backwards from kitchen to living room. The kitchen is our most haunted room. We think she doesn’t want to turn her back to something in that room.
My dog just started walking backwards in some rooms and shaking badly and even pawed at the air. We took her for a drive and when we got back home she didn’t want to inside – instead of bounding up the steps she backed away. I am thinking she sees the ghost of the old woman who died in this house.
My grandmother told me when I was a kid.When dogs
Jessica R
My dog doesn’t just walk backwards, he walks diagonally backwards, and sometimes sideways. I swear I thought he was high but it’s becoming more of an issue, almost like the poor guy is in pain 🙁 I’m taking him to the vet and will report back here with their findings. Wish us luck Canine Journal!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Good luck Jessica! Keep us posted!
I’ve noticed my dog walks backwards sometimes when not on the leash but it’s usually while walking down a hallway or something where he is curious and to watch me but still wants to be alpha dog and be in front of me. As for your dog doing it when you let him outside, yeah maybe he does have a weird quirk or perhaps he’s trying to retrace his footsteps or something?
Miles Milerston
I totally know why your dog is walking backwards! He is in a parallel universe where everyone walks backwards, including dogs. Think about it.
Sadie Cornelius (Admin)
haha, possibly true!? You might be onto something Miles!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Two things come to mind when I read your question.

1) Your dog may just have a “weird quirk” where he likes to walk backwards.
2) He has a neurological problem.

I suggest making an appointment with your vet and talk to them about his behavior. It could be nothing but it could also be something more serious.

Pooper back
Hi guys, my parents dog does this. It seems to be related to a food allergy and problems with anal glands.
my pit bull puppy zannie just got over parvo when I brought her home from the vet she’s been on a strict diet but of course I ended up feeding her some table food cuz she was starving well now she can’t poop! I woke to zannie not feeling well she was going in circles licking her but and when she squats to poop she starts walking backwards and nothing is coming out so I take her to the vet spend another 150.00 after spending 300.00 on parvo treatment and she still hasn’t pooped.. what should I do besides call the vet and ask what exactly I spent 150 on