Fireworks And Dogs: Tips To Keep Fido Calm

Fireworks: Dogs Scared of FireworksIs your dog scared of fireworks? They are not alone! Although fireworks are a fun, exciting sight for us humans, for dogs, they’re typically the opposite. The unexpected, loud noise can often create stress and anxiety for your dog.

Why Are Dogs Scared Of Fireworks?

It’s normal for loud noises to startle us and the same goes for dogs.

Fireworks are loud, and when they explode, the sound triggers dogs’ nervous systems, which in turn makes them feel afraid. If your dog runs away when fireworks go off, it’s because of its natural instinct. They are trying to survive. It’s not like any other noise they’ve heard before, and they don’t understand where it’s coming from, so their first instinct is to find protection far away from the loud noise.

How To Calm A Dog During Fireworks

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There are a few options for you to help calm your pooch.

  1. Exercise your pet. Taking your dog for a walk before the festivities begin is a natural way to reduce stress for you and your pet.
  2. If you’re at home, create a safe environment for your dog during the fireworks. A good option may be to place her in a crate with a chew toy. You could even play some music in the background. And, be sure all windows and doors are securely closed to prevent anxiety-ridden runaway tendencies.
  3. If you’re somewhere else, give her a treat or her favorite toy during the fireworks. This will make her feel happy and may take some of the attention off of the loud noise.
  4. Stay calm yourself. If you freak out, so will your dog. If your pup begins to go crazy during fireworks, try to stay calm and soothe her. Perhaps you can pick her up and hold her tight. This can help her feel more safe and secure.
  5. Reduce your pet’s anxiety with CBD, a safe solution with no known side effects. It can also help with pain management, joint limitations and more. Check with your vet before starting any new health treatment.
  6. Purchase a Thundershirt. A Thundershirt applies pressure to the dog since it is wrapped tightly around her. This gives her a sense of security. Have your dog wear a Thundershirt during fireworks — this should help with the anxiety. While a Thundershirt is a great tool, never leave your pup unattended while wearing it.
  7. Try an essential oil stress reduction remedy to counteract your dog’s fear of fireworks.
  8. Medicate your pup. If there is no other alternative, and the fireworks are unavoidable (maybe you live close to a venue that regularly has fireworks), then you may wish to talk to your vet about prescribing anti-anxiety medication for your dog to take before the fireworks begin.

Infographic: How To Keep A Dog Calm During Fireworks

How to Keep Dog Calm During Fireworks

Video: Thundershirt Benefits Are Many

Here’s a video of a dog who truly benefits from the Thundershirt.

As you can see from the video, the way you prepare your pup for fireworks can truly be lifesaving. If your dog escapes and is placed in a shelter, you may never find her. So, be sure to take care of your pup the next time fireworks are in the air.

Do you have any tricks for calming your dog during fireworks?

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