Best Pet Sitting Websites 2018: DogVacay vs Rover vs Care vs Fetch vs PetSitters

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Are you going out of town for vacation? Or maybe you’re working long hours and don’t have time to get home to take out Fido? Dog-sitting services are like Airbnb for pups, giving them the luxury of a home-stay with the freedom and attention they deserve while you’re away. Some even offer other services like grooming, walking and training. Now isn’t that preferable to a crowded kennel or roughing it in a cage?

Find out which of the best pet sitting websites provide background checks, how much they cost, where geographically they’re available, and which is the best fit for your needs.

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Why Dog Sitting Vs Kennel Or Boarding?

More than 43 million households own dogs in the United States. That’s a lot of dogs that need love and attention. Combine that with our busy lives and you may find it difficult to take your dog on walks and feed them throughout the day (or when you’re traveling). That’s where dog sitting services come to the rescue.

What are the benefits of dog sitting over a more traditional kennel or boarding?

  • Flexibility – You’re not restricted by closing times or the hours that the boarding center is open.
  • Convenience – Some sitters offer to pick up and drop off your pet. You are likely to find a sitter in your neighborhood. This is also good for finding sitters while traveling.
  • Peace Of Mind – Most pet sitting services have limited insurance that will cover some damages or theft, should the sitter be guilty of the act.
  • One On One Attention – Nothing beats knowing your beloved animal is in a loving, happy home with someone who will give them extra love and the freedom to roam around.
  • Familiarity & Consistency – If you find a sitter you like, you can build trust with them and have a home away from home (or in your home) for your pup.
  • Personalized Service – In addition to more attention and lots of walks, the sitter will feed your pup, play with them, administer medications and more.

Before You Read Our Dog Sitting App Review

Pet sitting rates vary based on location, experience and type of pet. Because of this, we have not included pricing. We also have not included pros and cons because these services can vary based on location, so what may be true in one area may not be true in another.

Rover Review


Visit Website offers pet sitters for your dog at your home, or your pet can stay at the sitter’s house. Browse their site by zip code and view the possible sitters in your local area.

The company conducts background checks, provides reviews of dog sitters and shows their availability dates. Also, sitters receive “badges” for various items, e.g., Rover 101, which is pet care best practices training. Dog sitting rates are listed upfront along with the services offered and what types of animals the sitter is comfortable with.

Rover offers 24/7 support, a reservation guarantee and pet health insurance (vet bills are covered up to $25,000 per claim, after a $250 deductible). Sitters can also send updates along with photos and even videos of your pets to “stay in touch” with your fur babies while you are away.

Their site is clean and easy to navigate.

Personally, we have had great experiences, but we understand that not everyone has. So So be sure to research the sitter options carefully, read their reviews, and do a meet and greet in the home to make sure you are comfortable with the situation before you leave your dog.

DogVacay & Rover Merger

Note: In March 2017 Rover announced its acquisition of its biggest competitor DogVacay. In June 2017 all DogVacay users (both dog sitters and dog parents) officially moved to Rover. The companies joined forces to become the largest network of 5-star sitters and give those looking for a pet sitter more options, including a wider geographic range.

Check out this 30-second video to find out why dog people make great sitters (over boarding your dog at the kennel).

Coupon Code

Use this link and you will receive a $25 credit towards your first booking with Rover!

Read our in-depth Rover Review

Fetch! Pet Care Review


Visit Website

Fetch! Pet Care does things differently. You don’t get to hand-pick your sitter. Instead, Fetch! personally matches every client to the most qualified sitter on their “staff” for you. Simply submit your request and they find you the most qualified professional in your area that is available on your dates. However, they do schedule a free in-home consultation for you and the sitter to meet. There are also client testimonials on the website.

Each sitter goes through a background check and your dog has limited insurance during the reservation. You should expect to receive updates via text, email and phone call to know how your pup is doing. Fetch! also offers dog walking and overnight visits. Review


Visit Website offers pet care as well as other types of care (senior care, child care, etc.). For pets, they will pet sit, walk your dog, train, groom and board them as you need. How does it work? Sign up for an account and create the job you need to be completed, e.g., a pet sitter for a weekend. guarantees caregivers will contact you within 3 days after posting your job. So, given this extra lead time, you will need to plan ahead for your job. Once they respond, you can review the profiles of the candidates and request any background checks. You can then conduct interviews and check references to hire whomever you like best.

Other Pet Sitting Website Reviews

Below are reviews of other in-home dog sitting sites.

HouseCarers |

HouseCarers Review

House Carers logo

Visit Website

HouseCarers matches you with a house sitter in your area. The house sitter will take care of your home and pets while you are away, so you don’t have to worry about boarding. Your house will also look “lived in” while you are away so criminals won’t see your home as a target.

The downside is HouseCarers does not have any guarantees and does not perform a background check, so you don’t have that peace of mind. When we searched for a house sitter near our area, we found results for people who were available for any location – not necessarily locals. We thought this was strange and not very helpful. Review logo

Visit Website (run by National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) is a pretty basic pet sitting service. They don’t provide any background on the person who will watch your pet and there is very little information about them provided.

There are no reviews of the sitters so you can’t see how they have done in the past. You have to do a bit of your own investigative work for this one: contact the person, conduct an interview, ask for references, conduct a background check, etc. It would be helpful if some of these things were provided in their profile.

Make Sure Your Sitter Is Bonded And Insured

You’ll want to hire a pet sitter that is bonded and insured. What does this mean?


Bonding for pet sitters protects the dog sitting company against employee theft. How does this work? If something goes missing while a pet sitter is staying in your home and you accuse the sitter of potential theft, should the police become involved and convict the sitter of the crime, then the bond would be covered by the company. The guilty sitter would then be responsible for paying back the bond to the company.


If your pet sitter has insurance, your property is protected from any damage that the sitter may cause while in your home. In some cases, the coverage extends to items in your home being stolen during house sitting. So, make sure that your pet sitter has insurance before contracting with them.

Pet Health Insurance

Oh no, Fido was bitten by a horse fly and is acting sluggish! No worries. If your dog doesn’t already have pet health insurance, some pet sitting services offer it for accidents, illnesses, and injuries to your pup (or others) during any pet sitter stay. comes with a Rover Guarantee which is an added layer of protection for when the responsible party is unable or unwilling to pay for costs arising from damage or injury attributable to his or her negligence, and when insurance is not available.

Best Pet Sitting Infographic

We summarized some of the benefits and why you should try out one of these services in the infographic below.

Source: Best Pet Sitting Websites

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Pet Sitting Is Better Than Boarding

Next time you’re leaving town or working late, you may want to search for a dog sitter online. That way your dog can stay in the comfort of its home and not be boarded at a strange place where it may or may not be comfortable.

Want to take your pet with you on your next trip? Learn some tips for successfully traveling with your pet. Are you interested in becoming a pet sitter? Read our dog sitting guide to get started. And lastly check out our reviews of dog walking apps if you just need some help while you are at work.

Have you used a pet sitter before? What was your experience?

Disclaimer: Information regarding insurance company offerings, pricing and other contract details are subject to change by the insurance company at any time and are not under the control of this website. Information published on this website is intended for reference use only. Please review your policy carefully before signing up for a new pet health insurance contract or any other contract as your unique circumstances will differ from those of others who may be used for example purposes in this article.
Growing up, Kimberly used to get the sniffles when she was around dogs. Thankfully, she grew out of her allergy and is now able to play and snuggle with dogs as much as she wants! She and her husband adopted Sally, a four-year-old hound mix, in early 2017, and she has brought so much joy into their lives. Life as pet parents has been very rewarding.

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Dawn jacques
Rover is not insured- they have a “guarantee”. Neither the customer nor the walkers are protected by insurance. Please do your research before distributing such harmful information.
Rover is a horrible horrible site. My poor dog was returned to me sick for weeks. I found out she was not well taken care of and reported my experience to Rover. THEY DID NOTHING. The pet sitter is STILL on their site. Please, everyone out there…never never never use this site. There are many sick people who know nothing about taking care of your dog. Many are mentally unwell. If I can save even one person from going through what I went through I will feel this review was worth it. Rover does not vet the sitters for mental problems, health problems or any other problems.
How can you put all sitters on Rover in the same boat. I have been using ROVER for 3 yrs and love my sitter. YOU as a pet owner need to do your homework!
Does anyone know how I can find a pet sitting job. I love dogs but just can’t afford to take care of it properly. Would prefer small dogs. I get so lonely when my friends dog goes home. They just don’t go away often enough for me to get my “little girl “.
Check out your neighborhood, or apartment complex. We were not allowed to post jobs but neighbors saw how good I was with my own and asked me if I’d be interested in caring for their pets. Word of mouth is the best.
Amy Regutti
I’ve been a dog walker and sitter for Rover for two years. It has been a very good service for me. But I am methodical and detail oriented. I take very loving care of the dogs and only host one at time in my home. It is true Rover does very little for the safety of it’s sitters. That is why I screen dogs and owners. I won’t care for big dogs or those with aggression issues. I tried to care for big dogs but right away was bombarded with requests with rescues with aggression problems. Rescue dogs can be wonderful but can have problems too. And yes dogs have gotten sick while I have cared for them. Not anything I did wrong. But I have made trips to the vet for owners. Also dogs do covertly and quickly eat things while you walk them. I am so careful but they can be quick!! My suggestion is get to know a sitter. Start with walks. Some drop in visits. Ask to see their home. I always have a dog and owner visit my home before a boarding.
Diana Hart
I am signed up with and i have had 3 scam telling me they want my serve, but i have to get a blank check and give them my information. I am very disappointed because I truly love Dogs/Cats and really would love to walk, dog sit, and groom but have had zero luck. I tried to send a complaint to and nothing, i would never use that serve. I am not a scammer all i want is to really take care of a dog.
Just a thought here. Most ppl have groomers for their dogs. When I groomed I had several clients ask if I could care for their dog. The dogs knew me well as I saw them regularly. At the time I had a great set up where I could keep the pups separate if need be. Plus all of them got a bath before going home. The more I read about these companies the more I don’t want anything to do with them. So ask your groomer or your vet if they know or recommend someone.
I will never again leave my dog to a sitter. I paid the price for trusting a sitter versus a daycare camp, my dog passed away the day after I picked him up from the sitter. For the first 6 years of his life, I left my dog to a daycare camp each time we travelled. I never had trouble. When we moved to another city, I discovered dogvacay/rover and thought that my dog maybe more happy in a home environment rather than in a camp where at night he is in a crate (we never crated him so each time we left him at the camp he destroyed the bed in the crate). I know it is a freak accident but apparently my dog ate something at the sitter which may have blocked his digestion and he passed away 2 days later. I do not blame the sitter, he took him to the vet after he vomited and the vet told him to check and if his health declined to call emergency. My dog seemed to improve when I took him back on the evening even eating a little. I was planning to take him back to our vet for further check the next day, but unfortunately he died during the night. My point here is that I realized that the house environment is more dangerous than the camp. We do not know what the sitter have in their house. In our case, I know they were renovating their house and a few people where there to help, I do not know what my dog swallowed which cause his death but I know that if I had left him in a camp, the environment is controlled (no socks, no gloves around….) and my dog will still be alive. I will always blame myself and I wrote this to warn people about the home sitter. I do not say that they are bad, just that their house is different than ours and maybe more dangerous than ours. I also wonder how much the sitter really check on the dog, usually the sitter have a lot of dog and join Rover as extra-money but do not necessarily have time to look after the dog which may result in disaster. If I ever have another dog, I will board him to a daycare camp never again to a sitter.
Just choosing the wrong sitter. I have lived in the same place for 7 years and pet owners came to me as they saw how well I took care of my own animals. Now my clientele has built from word of mouth. There are good dog sitters out there. Just hard to find. Start watching others owners and how they treat their own animals.
Suzi Kitchen
Anita that’s horrible! I’m a professional pet sitter and I board at my home. I’ve had some chronic eaters too. Nothing devastating has ever happened and I will say that some of it is luck because it only takes a second for a pet to ingest something dangerous that you wouldn’t in a million years think they’d eat (same for babies).
I’ll also take a large chunk of credit for the lack of problems though because what separates me from untrained/licensed/professional sitters is knowledge, awareness, preparedness, CPR & first aid certification and experience. I’ve started the job with a pet history so I already know about the eating and I’ve removed everything (done it so many times), I only board one or one family at a time and don’t leave them alone more than 3 consecutive hours ever, which is rare. Their location is checked diligently before I go anywhere. I’m with them, bonding, playing, exercising, feeding, loving, sleeping nearly constantly the first 12 hours and then as many as possible during the entire stay. I know them. I monitor I&O (intake and output) because that’s a quick and sure way to diagnose a laundry list of common problems. If I have concerns I reach out to the owners if available, for clarification.
I know veterinarians, vet techs and human physicians I can talk to about certain subjects and in an emergency that effects me, I have a backup who lives closer by.

Apps and other sites are not pet sitting businesses regardless f how they file with the government. They are scheduling companies.
If you can find someone you think might be good, give them a shot. Just remember, licensed, insured, CPR & first aid certified, local and has good reviews you can confirm by other local people, further education/training/certificates/memberships showing they are serious and staying up to date on news and trends and of course check out the location. Review forms and contracts first, ask questions. There are lists available.
I wish you and your baby the best.

Sherry Cener
Where r u located. Do you take cats or recommend please thsnks
Whatever you do don’t use
Whatever you do don’t use
Barbara Cuddy
For me, Fetch is the best. Never a problem all these years.
Susan Averre
You are wrong about they do absolutely NOTHING in the event your paid sitter never shows up. Here is what happened to me: WARNING!! If you use ROVER.COM this can happen to you! I booked a dog sitter from to stay with my dog when I took a 5 day trip. I met the sitter first. She seemed nice and my dog liked her. I scheduled and paid for this service three months in advance. I gave her a key to my home. I even stocked food for her stay, making every effort to ensure her comfort. I bought my round trip plane ticket and awaited the arrival of the sitter. She NEVER SHOWED UP. She failed to answer any of my calls and failed to respond to any of my texts. My plane took off without me. I called every boarding facility I could to find a last minute arrangement and finally found one, thankfully, and then I had to buy another round trip flight. Extra costs for the second flight and extra boarding fees ran over $650. The amount of stress I went through for hours waiting for the sitter who never showed up then frantically trying to fix this … I would not wish on anyone. When I contacted I was told that they would only refund my payment to them and offer me a $30 credit toward future service. They would not in anyway compensate me for ANY part of my financial losses due to their failure to meet the contractural obligation of their online agreement. After this experience I would never book them again. Since it is their policy that they will NOT compensate you for any losses associated with your engaging of their “service” and it is not made really clear up front that this could happen to anyone who uses them; I am going out of my way to relate my experience and maybe save someone else the horror and financial losses associated with trusting and using Feel free to share this post as a public service.
Michelle Schenker (Admin)
Thanks for sharing your story and sorry it turned into such a stressful experience for you. We have not had that experience personally but the policy seems very odd indeed. We will consider adding this as a con to our review. All the best.
Susan, in some ways you are lucky that the sitter didn’t show up. There are many stories of dogs being lost, injured, or killed while in the so-called “care” of a sitter. My dog died as a result of a sitter’s negligence, and he died slowly over the course of a bit over two months while we desperately tried to save him. The stress of taking time off of work to try to nurse him back to health, the cost of approximately $5000, and the heartbreak of losing a very sweet young dog has taken a terrible toll on me and my family. Companies like and Uber try to make money off of the work of others without having real workers for whom they take responsibility for screening and training. is surely also guilty of internet fraud and/or false advertising for making it look like they carefully check out their dog-sitters while denying it in the small print. Please spread the word to other dog-lovers. As a last resort when someone truly trustworthy cannot be found, a kennel might seem unpleasant but at least kennels are legally regulated to ensure the basic health and safety of pets.
Rustic is a great way to find a petsitter. It is not a pet sitting service itself, but instead more like an online pet sitter directory. You are usually supporting local small businesses and because there is not an extra mark up from the online app it can also be less expensive. The National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) is a great organisation who helps petsitters to always strive to be better. You can see if they have any extra qualifications, and more importabtly if the are NAPPS certified. This certification covers first aid, behavioural issues, good business practices, and so many other essential things for a pet sitter. They also require further study to be completed to renew the cetification, so the NAPPS certified pet sitter will always be up to date on new behavioural techniques, first aid practices, animal health and the care special needs animals. Don’t trust an app to choose a pet sitter for you. Look up small independent businesses in your area and then evaluate them yourself. NAPPS can also help you with what questions to ask a potential petsitter, what qualifications you should be looking for and so many other tools to find an amazing pet sitter in your area. The petsitting apps have one huge flaw in their review system, and that is because it is controlled by the petsitting app themselves, so they are basically in control of the reviews for their own product. They don’t want sitters with bad reviews on their site, it would give the appearance that their pet sitters are not all of the highest quality. Don’t rely on an app that has self governed reviews and instead got to and the NAPPS will show you the pet sitters in your area and how to evaluate them to choose the best one for your pet. I would also suggest that you inform any pet sitter that there are cameras within the home for security. This will give them even more of an incentive to be on their best behavior. Hidden cameras nowadays are inexpensive and easy to come by, but even if you don’t really have them it can be a great motivator.
NAPPS National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International PSI are the ONLY PROFESSIONAL sitters out there. They are bonded, licensed in most areas, and must carry liability insurance. The others are hobbyists and the companies make money off people who join. If you care go to one of them

I will definitely try DogVacay.

Katia Shuchman
I would like to leave a negative star but was not offered this option..I was hosting in my beautiful 4 bedroom home with front and back yard. I went to work for Rover Dec 2016 and recently we have parted ways after a few incidents with my property being damaged(dog tore my fence and pulled up boards on my deck all in the few minutes he was dropped off by owner) I also received a sever dog bite..causing the dog to run pass me and knock me off balance dislocating my shoulder. Rover only protects the client not the contractor(myself) my insurance paid for the stitches and Physical Therapy. I in the 8 months and being in great physical shape as a runner bounced back slowly nd still working. I have a small clientele base but wanted to leave Rover in a civilized manner, I was gracious thanking them for the clients (putting the property damage behind me) and requested something that I had truly earned my 22 5 star reviews…they said they could not do this…I was surprised as I had earned them and they were mine to keep. Lucky 8 clients live in my neighborhood and I am grateful for that…one client is an attorney I will have to seek consul from him. Its one thing to take down my profile Rover but to not sending me off with what is mine is wrong. You are truly unprofessional and I will warn others to stay clear of you and be WARE. Remember you take a great deal of money 20% everytime I took a job and in return you do not protect the employee from harms way or return what is their property that is my reviews.
I just joined as a caregiver and can’t apply to what appear to be legitimate jobs unless I pay. I keep getting bombarded with messages from ‘different’ users all using the same text. has sent an email advising against communicating with clients who are ‘relocating’ to your area, otherwise don’t seem to be taking actions to remove these users as I’ve been contacted again by the same person. So far from what I have experienced I would not suggest using Care.Com.
Terry Sayler
I used DogVacay, one sitter that I used is now on Rover with a 5 star rating??? My dogs came home infested with fleas, saw where others had same issues. I contacted Rover about this, I forwarded emails i had received from him after the issue. they said all reviews are not transferred over yet?? Months later! Be very careful of the ratings on their sitters. He was no longer active on Dogvacay, then showed up on Rover!
Michelle Crosby
DO NOT EVER USE ROVER.COM. I left three dogs and 1 cat with one of their pet sitters. My first dog (she’s 2) had an apparent heart attack but the pet sitter revived her with CPR. Next came a text with my chihuahua (she’s 2) who was bitten by another dog and her eye popped out of her skull. If that wasn’t enough, my cat was lost twice. But the icing on the cake was the third text that came in that my dog (she’s 3) was having convulsions, frothing at the mouth and was near death. The pet sitter said don’t worry, we have insurance through ROVER.COM. Not one of these incidents was actually covered by rover’s apparent premium insurance. Their customer service is deplorable, inhumane and downright rude. Why offer a premium insurance that doesn’t cover one vet incident, and I had three, in one go??? I paid over 3000 USD in vet bills, the cost of the pet sitter and all the time I invested while on vacation dealing with these issues. Piece of mind while you are on vacation????? DO NOT BE FOOLED by their lying marketing! They also treat their pet sitters terribly unfairly. This company will do nothing to assist you and is after every penny they can grab. Disgusting does not begin to describe this company’s practices. Go to BBB (Better Business Bureau) to read more comments like mine
I too left a healthy dog with a sitter via Rover and came back to a sick one. The sitter lied to me about the maximum number of dogs she would have her in household while mine were there. My dog wound up with kennel cough because there were 6 dogs in the sitter’s house. This is not pet sitting, this is pet warehousing at premium rates. The sitter, of course, denied any responsibility and Rover did nothing to help with the vet and prescription costs I incurred not to mention the stress of the entire situation. Rover offers you a lame complaint process whereby you submit a written statement. They denied mine within an hour of my having sent the official complaint email to them. They spend ZERO time actually looking into complaints. It seems the bottom line with this company is that it is hit or miss with their sitters. You might get lucky and get a good one or you might wind up with a really sick or dead pet. Not worth the gamble. We will never use them again.
Thomas Aiellos
Rover is a fake and fraud! It takes your crossover information and never sends jobs, then doesn’t list a phone number to get in touch with anyone!

This article must be a paid for service!

L Wyatt
I’ve worked for rover about 5years now. I have plenty of business from them. The potential clients search for the perfect sitter and book you. IF you do a great job or horrible they will leave a review for other potential clients. I have over 13-5 star reviews, and have very loyal customers. Keep trying and keep your head up. It can take a bit to build a solid foundation but this career is very rewarding.
Just thought you should know that according to Site Jabber…Care is one of the worst sites possible for work.
Janet Curtis
rover and vacay are upping their prices and lowering sitters pay. they gouge u all day long they send clients who have agressive dogs unhousetrained dogs destructive dogs bad pet parents. then when u make a suggestion they simply end u as a host with no reason and never exlain then suddenly they contact u for work and say oh well we removed alot of hosts for six months and put u bk on then take u off again with no explaination again. Im far better than alot of hosts who compete for my area jobs call in lie to get rid of competition etc. Its wrong. they are not ok.
Jamie Shanahan
I will never use Rover again after my recent experience with them. I booked a weekend stay at a sitter’s apartment through Rover while I went away for a wedding, and my dog had a suspected anaphylactic reaction to something on a walk with the sitter. She was taken to an emergency vet hospital and Rover put down a $1,500 deposit for any care needed there. I was on a flight and unavailable, by the time i got updated the vet hospital had already run up an insane bill in testing and interventions without my consent. My dog was kept over night and released to a new sitter because I was concerned as to what she was exposed to under the care of the sitter. Rover then said this was all my responsibility because allergies were considered a pre-existing condition. This had never happened to my dog before. Rover’s customer service was terrible to deal with, and I was left with the total vet bill, full of testing that I never would have consented for. Looking out for other conservative pet owners, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
At the end of March 2017, Rover acquired DogVacay. As a host for DogVacay, I don’t know yet whether this will be good, bad or indifferent. It will probably make the web or app experience better for customers since they can choose from the best of each culture. And, btw, many hosts have long been on both websites.

Since each host is different, your experience with any of these depends entirely on the person you choose. Rover, DogVacay and every comparable outfit has good and bad people so read reviews, ask friends and neighbors and find the best match for your pet. Most people get involved in this because they love dogs. The ones who stick with it are usually the ones with happy customers.

Fetch is a different thing. They make money by selling franchises to people who want to start a business so it’s designed to sell more than to care for pets.

Gregg G
Use Rover as a last resort.

While Rover provides good services such as connecting owners with sitters, an insurance plan, and a solid payment system, there are two very important facts that users must know up front.

1) Rover takes a big chunk (15-20%) before paying the sitter. So if the sitter needs to make $100, and Rover is taking 20% of the gross, the customer must pay $125. That’s a 25% markup, passed to the owner. On top of that, Rover charges the owner an additional, ambigious, 5-7% fee. So, if the sitter needs $100, the owner can pay upwards of $132 – a 32% mark-up!!

2) Once an owner meets a sitter in Rover, the owner is expected per Rover’s interpretation of their terms of service to always go through Rover to use that sitter. FOREVER. This means that anybody you meet there is off the market for any future arrangements unless you intend to pay through Rover.

My recommendation is that you look at other options first (PSI, Facebook, vet suggestions, etc.). Know what you are committing to before enrolling in Rover.

Rover is providing a service and deserves to be paid for it. It’s not unusual for a company to make 30% GP on their products. This is Rover’s product. It brings people with specific needs and skills together. I just moved to a new city and am going out of town for the weekend, and without rover my dog would be stuck in a cage at his daycare over night. I think Rover deserves to get paid.
I believe the host from Dog Vacay treated our doggie with care, but in the future they shouldn’t jump to conclusions with guests and threaten them with their policies without the full story! We have two other small dogs and wanted to use this site for people located in our state but what a horrible and scary experience with this company. Dog Vacay should have communicated with their host about her saying we didn’t have to pay any further. This whole situation was about us being reunited with our lost dog and family member who was missing after 2 years, but our plans fell through to get her across country!!! And Dog Vacay attacked us for their host saying she was working on homing for our baby and we were paid in full! And she was the one who refused to drop her off with SPCA the day after we paid in full! What a scam to hold her hostage for more money! I was raised correct and have integrity! I will never recommend nor use Dog Vacay again!
Surfing web and found this site. I have used Rover and received solicitations. Rover actually contacted me asking me why I’m not booking with certain businesses. The people that did respond wanted my personal email address and asked if I would work for them. It was weird and another one of those companies is listed here on this site (I will leave anonymous). My experience wasn’t good. However, my vet referred to a local company in Montgomery county pa Dogsitter247 who specializes in the individual needs of you dog. Don’t know if anyone has heard of them but I must tell you I had the best experience. They are trained in medical specialize care for dogs and the woman I met is absolutely wonderful with our dog. Wish I would of known about them a long time ago. You may want to check them out. Hope this is helpful
Rover is amazing! This sitter has almost 100 5 star reviews. Where can customer reviews for Dogsitter247 be found?
There’s a new site called Sitting for a Cause. Similar to DogVacay and Rover, their commission fees are lower for pet care professionals who use their site, they don’t charge any extra service fees for pet parents, and they donate 50% of their profits from service fees to help animals in need. May be worth checking out!
Do not use rover or vacay and either do what the 1st comment suggests or find a NAPPS Sitter.

Ask / Look for the following:
-proof of insurance
-Ask the sitter what their emergency protocols are
-Ask if he or she is familiar with and/or had any formal training in canine body language & behavior.

Someone who can answer these questions and show evidence will separate the professionals from the individuals who simply love dogs. It is possible to find professionals like this through those apps but it is up to each owner to ask and find out! I know 2 separate individuals whose dearly loved dogs died in the care of Rover sitters due to sitter negligence.