Rover Dog Sitting Reviews: Other Options Besides A Kennel

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Pet sitter with dog: Rover dog sitting reviewsTaking a last minute trip but need your dog cared for while you’re away? You call the kennel, but they’re already booked up for the weekend. What other options do you have?

Through pet sitting sites like Rover you can connect with pet sitters in your local area, giving you the opportunity to meet and make bookings for them to watch your dog while you’re away. But how safe are services such as Rover compared to taking your dog to the kennel?

What You Must Know Before Reading Our Reviews

Pet sitting rates vary based on location, experience and type of pet. Our pros and cons reflect feedback we’ve received on Rover overall, not the individual independent service providers you can find on their website. Please read our cautionary statement below carefully before going with any of these types of services.

Proceed With Caution

While we have personally had great experiences with these services, we are aware of many disappointments as well. Many online pet sitters are untrained, non-professional, unlicensed individuals. A love for pets is what brought them to work in this business, but a lack of knowledge, experience, CPR and First Aid training may lead to complex and heart-wrenching circumstances.

Many companies like Rover claim that they run background checks on the contracted dog walkers and caretakers. We’ve tested this screening process ourselves with Rover, and they claimed that they ran a background check before allowing our team member to advertise her services via Rover’s website.

A background check into the criminal history of any contractor can give you peace of mind that your dog walker may not rob your house or has a criminal history of animal-related offences. But in no other way can a background check predict how a total stranger will care for your dog.

Treat your dogs as you would your children. Would you trust a childcare provider without getting personal references and word-of-mouth recommendations from your trusted friends and acquaintances? No. For this reason, we strongly urge you to take these same steps for the care of your dogs, no matter what service you use.

While they do facilitate background checks, Rover’s terms of service make it abundantly clear that you as a pet owner are solely responsible for evaluating service providers you can connect with on their site. From their terms:

You should exercise caution and use your independent judgment before engaging a Service Provider, providing services, or otherwise interacting with users via the Rover Service.  Pet Owners and Service Providers are solely responsible for making decisions that are in the best interests of themselves and their pets…

Pet Owners are solely responsible for evaluating the suitability of Service Providers for the services they offer to provide.  Please visit for guidance about making informed decisions about engaging Service Providers.  Though Rover performs a limited review of applications to become Service Providers and facilitates Service Provider background checks conducted by a third party, any such screening is limited, and Rover does not warrant that any such screen is accurate, complete, conclusive or up-to-date.

However, if you choose to rely on these sitters’ online reviews, be sure to choose sitters who have a long history of positive reviews — and ask them for personal references. We have read several complaints of sitters who are hired to come to the house but don’t visit enough for feedings, walks, potty breaks, etc. Be sure to discuss in detail your expectations and make sure they are taking notes.

We also recommend that you always meet the sitter before leaving your pet to make sure you are comfortable with the person, their schedule, the lodging situation, etc.

If you have any concerns about your pet staying with an unlicensed and unbonded individual, search your local listings to find someone who better meets your needs.

A Note On Rover’s Background Checks

Someone on our team who has personal experience sitting on Rover since 2016, was curious to find out how the background check process works, so she did the “simple background check” which consisted of verifying her birthday and passing within a few clicks.

Rover Background Check Screenshot

On the results page, there is an option to upgrade your background check that prompts you to enter your social security number and agree to allow a third party reporting agency which may obtain information about your “character, general reputation, personal characteristics and/or mode of living.” It also says it may contain information about your criminal history, social security verification, motor vehicle records, verification of education or empowerment history.”

The search is conducted by Checkr who also works with other peer to peer services such as Lyft on verification of service providers. Upon agreeing to the search, she passed within a few hours (and was not notified of the status of the check). The only way to find out the result was going to the background check section of her sitting profile.

Rover background check badgeNeither background check was mandatory for creating a Rover sitting account and a sitter must seek it out versus Rover prompting it. This means any sitter who is verified went through extra steps on their own in order to get a special badge (see right) that displays on their profile in search results and at the bottom of the sitter’s profile (below the reviews).

We encourage you to seek out sitters who have taken the time to complete these extra security measures and look for those who not only have a verified check mark (indicating they passed the simple check) but those with a background check badge with a green bar at the bottom (which shows they have also completed the enhanced background check). Again, this doesn’t guarantee they are not a terrible sitter, but should help your due diligence process when vetting your sitter.

Rover logoVisit Rover’s Website


4.05 / 5
Customer Support 2.0
Website Functionality 5.0
Mobile App 5.0
Communication Forms 4.3
Price 4.0


  • Choose your pay rate as the sitter
  • Great app and website to book and pay
  • See sitter’s availability on the calendar and their fees upfront
  • May be more flexible for drop off and pick up times opposed to a kennel
  • Great sitter communication via the app with text, photo and video sharing
  • Ability for sitters to GPS track walks
  • Standard criminal background checks with voluntary enhanced checks


  • Rover takes 20% of sitters’ earnings
  • Many complaints of grave issues that were not handled satisfactorily by the customer service team

Key Features

  • Dog and sitter can stay at owner’s home or sitter’s home (depending on preferences)
  • Sitter walks, feeds, plays and cares for your dog
  • Easy way to find regular or occasional dog walkers near you
  • Reviews of each dog sitter are available on website
  • Rates are listed upfront
  • Limited pet insurance included (be sure to read the details)
  • Sitters can send photos and videos to give owners updates
  • Rover Guarantee covers your dog’s health for incidents during stay, damage in your home (if the sitter comes to your home) and third-party damage expenses (e.g. if your dog is being walked and another dog bites them)


Price varies for owners depending on what the sitter charges. Owners are charged a service fee of 5-7% of the booking total. Each sitter charges their own rate and Rover keeps 20% of the profits.

Coupon Code

Use this link and you will receive a $10 credit towards your first booking with Rover!

Read The Terms Of The Sitter Agreement

Make sure you read the terms of agreement before you entrust your dog to someone. Unfortunately, we’ve read complaints about Rover sitters and often times the situation is explained in the sitter agreement and should not be a surprise. Reading the agreement helps you know what to expect in various situations.

After you’ve read the terms, speak with the sitter/owner about what good care to the pet means. Do this before you or the owner leaves, so there is a clear understanding about how the pet should be cared for.

Want To Be A Pet Sitter?

Read our guide to becoming a pet sitter. You can set up a meet and greet with a dog and their owner first to see how the two of you mesh. But first, did you know there’s a proper way to approach a dog? Rover has some tips in this short video below.

What Do Customers Think?

Below are some reviews from people who have worked for the company.

Our Personal Experiences

Several members of our team have used and had great success with loving caregivers and dog lovers.

In fact, one of our team members has been pet sitting for this service for more than three years. She has enjoyed the opportunity to care for other’s furry friends, and the experience inspired her to get her own dog. Now she uses Rover to have play companions for her pup and has an even deeper appreciation and understanding of the importance of trusting sitters to care for fur babies.

Our number one tip is to do your homework — carefully research and read reviews, ask for personal references, do a home visit with your dogs, etc. Feeling comfortable with your pet sitter before you leave your dog with them is crucial to a successful boarding situation.

Positive Rover Reviews

I felt very comfortable leaving our dogs. She is attentive and caring.. will use her again if i come back to Big Bear Ca.. Thank u Jenny. – Susan O., Site Jabber 8/8/2018

I have used twice. In arizonia and Montana. Both times I found excellent sitters, and both times we were gone 10 days. Our care givers sent pictures and updates and put our minds at ease. We will be using Rover again in the future! – Donna H., Trust Pilot 12/10/2018

Negative Rover Reviews

I left my dog with sitter for ten days, they were neglected and starved, I would like a refund, they were severely dehydrated when I got them back, dogs seem to have been kept locked in a pissy room most of the time and not fed properly because of The significant weight loss. – BBB 8/10/2018

I don’t doubt that they probably have excellent service and people are quick to respond. The reason I am giving 2 stars is the price. I needed a pet sitter for my 3 cats over the holidays. Cats don’t really require much to take care of, just a quick visit to feed them and clean out the litter box. But the way that rover does it is that they charge per pet which is insane! It would have cost me hundreds of dollars more than using other services. Every other place I’ve seen charges the rate for up to 3 cats and not per cat. – Natasha K., Trust Pilot 12/13/2018

If you’ve had a negative experience with Rover, we suggest calling its Trust & Safety number: 888-727-1140.  

Should You Trust Rover With Your Pet?

Visit Rover’s Website

As we’ve indicated above, the question isn’t “should you trust Rover,” it’s “have you done your due diligence, and do you trust the sitter you found via Rover?” Rover is a network of sitters, and while they do conduct background checks, they are for criminal purposes only and do not indicate how well the sitter will treat your pet. It’s your responsibility to do your own due diligence, and if you’re still unsure or uncomfortable, consider taking your dog to a kennel instead.

Rover is among the most popular pet sitter portals and dog walking apps. Their app facilitates communication between the sitter and owner, and in best case scenarios we’ve heard from happy customers whose pups got one-on-one attention and even some adorable photos or videos of them sleeping or playing. In the worst case, we’ve heard horror stories of pups being mistreated or even dying. So treat your dog like he’s your kid and take your time with this decision!

Why would you pick Rover over a kennel or other pet sitting service?

About The Author:

Kimberly received her Bachelor of Arts in multimedia journalism from Simpson College. She has been writing about dogs since 2014, covering subjects such as dog insurance, training, health, accessories and more. Her natural curiosity helps her research as she seeks the truth when learning about, comparing and personally testing canine products and services. With every piece she writes, her goal is to help our readers find the best fit for their unique needs.

Kimberly grew up in a family that loved Labrador Retrievers and remembers running and playing in the yard with them as a child. In 2017, she and her husband adopted their Coonhound mix, Sally, from a local shelter. Kimberly's research was put to good use since Sally faced some aggression issues with other dogs and needed some training to be an inside dog. She worked daily with Sally and sought help from professionals to help Sally become the happy pup she is today.

One of Kimberly's favorite pastimes is spoiling Sally with new toys, comfy beds and yummy treats (she even makes homemade goodies for her). She tries to purchase the safest products for Sally and knows that each canine has their own specific likes and dislikes. Kimberly is passionate about dogs, and knows the bond between humans and canines is like no other.

Disclaimer: This website contains reviews, opinions and information regarding products and services manufactured or provided by third parties. We are not responsible in any way for such products and services, and nothing contained here should be construed as a guarantee of the functionality, utility, safety or reliability of any product or services reviewed or discussed. Please follow the directions provided by the manufacturer or service provider when using any product or service reviewed or discussed on this website.

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Catherina catherina
The worst service I ever got. I have 2 dogs and when contracting the sitter I had advised the type dogs I had and advised the age, one of the dogs is younger never away from me a little spoiled too, I had ask if he had experience with that and if he was ok with it , the sitter said was ok and I could book the stay. I had to book flight last minute because my grandmother had passed away only reason why I would leave my dogs with someone I didn’t knew, and I was confirmed that it was ok, and my booking was accepted.
When I get to the house to drop off my dogs no yard with proper fence, there was no gate , the only gate was a table and some chair preventing any dog jumping the house, one lie to start with because in is profile says fenced yard. Secondly said he only has 2 dogs what is lie there was 4 dogs in the house at that time I arrived , for the size of the house and the backyard this person has clearly was overbooked , however was not advised of any of this when I booked. I dropped my dogs with some concern but reviews in website were good and I have heard good things from Rover services.
I was getting ready to leave to the airport and I get message (30 minutes after dropping my dogs) saying the dog was barking too much and scratching is door and that he was trying, and he couldn’t keep my dogs I would have to pick them up. Of course, I went to get them, I’m not going to leave them with someone who doesn’t know what commitment is and that doesn’t want to take care of them. Cleary this person doesn’t have s much experience has he was advertising because in 30 minutes did you even try or just sit in sofa doing nothing, because if you leave them by them self of course them are going to be bored, he didn’t even try to play with them or go for a walk.
I ask any dog owner or anyone who uses this service are you paying for someone to just take your pet and do NOTHING or are you paying for them to be taken care off and give attention and play with them. You don’t know when are you going to get a call letting you know they are not able to take care of your pet, you my be just a few minutes away (that God I WAS) OR YOU CAN BE MILES AWAY IN AIRPLANE and you can’t do nothing, because Rover is not someone you rely on never, this person who says he is a dog sitter don’t TRUST happened once will happen again.
I have had dogs all my life and I babysit from friends when they travel also and if you don’t give them attention and play with then they are not going to behave specially when they are young dogs. 30 MINUTES IS A DISGRACE.
I lost my flight (I have lost $ 1550 from my flight tickets such terrible service provided by Rover. Rover is who hires this people and incorrect information is provided to the customer. I’m glad it happen when I was still in Canada and I could go pick my dogs, what would happen if I was away and not able to pick them up as fast as I did, that feeling that someone could do something so wrong against your love ones, because my dogs are part of my family, they are not just dogs for me much more than that.
Thank you
Rover is a terrible service. Their platform is so confusing – you can hardly see if the services have been booked. Cancelling a service is even harder. You have to confirm through a representative via email and they act like they don’t understand, making you repeat yourself over and over again that you don’t need the service. I also know that they take a large percentage away from the pet sitter/walker, so they end up getting very little pay and pet owners end up paying inflated prices. Horrible idea with an even worse platform/customer service.
K Lynn
We booked a doggy day care service with Rover. Our sitter ghosted us last second. We drove to the address she gave us to drop off our dog at the agreed-upon time, only to realize that address didn’t exist. She would not pick up her phone. I had travel plans and my boyfriend needed to be at work, and we were left scrambling to figure out what to do with our dog last second. Eventually Rover refunded me, but they did not cancel the booking, meaning our “sitter” still profited. Rover did not hold her accountable in any way. She and other “sitters” may do this regularly on this app, basically making money from scamming people. This app enables people to easily to this with no repercussions. I would be extremely weary to trust their sitters. I’m not sure what qualifications, if any, people need to have to register as sitters. Our day was messed up and hectic, but it could honestly go much worse if the “sitter” had more nefarious intentions. I would strongly advise against using Rover, as they do not have any standards or accountability for their sitters.
I was really hoping Rover would be a positive experience. I am a relatively easy to accommodate individual with a small under 8 pound dog who is 15 years old. We needed someone to watch him overnight last minute.
We have been thrilled by services such as Airbnb and Uber that offer affordable solutions for overpriced alternative. Unfortunately my Rover experience was AWFUL. My dog returned with a gash and blood wound the sitter could not explain as to how they got there. They said it may have happened when he was outside for a pee. It seemed unusual as he does not wander and the gash was huge. Rover customer service would not provide any reimbursement for the vet services he incurred as a result. It was horrible – the financial ramifications were the least of our concerns however it would be the minimum we could hope for. DO NOT RECOMMEND.
Dana King-MacCallum
A video has surfaced of a rover dot com sitter abusing a small puppy, this video is legitimate and has been posted by trustworthy sources. Please do not use this company and inform anyone you know to never use this company.
HORRIBLE experience with Rover! Do not use this service!
Kandle from Rover was supposed to come by once a day, for a 30 minute visit. She stayed at my house, ate my food, left food and dirty dishes out for me to clean up, broke two miniblinds, and most alarmingly she described to me how she “decompressed” my 16 year old dog’s spine because she didn’t like how he walked. She said she bent him until she “felt resistance.” I feel very fortunate that he is still alive and walking. Rover will not help pay for the blinds and refuses to help me collect from the so-called “pet sitter.” Their guarantee is worthless and they need to include psychological screening as part of their background check of potential sitters.
I also had a horrible experience with Rover. A sitter in Napa, CA who I will call A. responded to my request and we negotiated a price, a visit schedule and a set of tasks. When I returned home after two and a half weeks I found that my dogs had NEVER been walked in 18 days, there were dog feces carpeting the side yard, the sitter was there for as short as 5 minutes at a time, with an average of 10 minutes, items broken, my house reeking of cat urine. I asked A. what happened and received a bizarre rant back, telling me that my pets were still alive so I should be thanking her. I asked Rover to help but since A. asked me to pay her directly and not on Rover, Rover said they couldn’t do anything. They said they would review her, however in spite of multiple abusive messages from her to me, Rover has done nothing. Although A. and I negotiated a price of $1,800 for 18 days she sued me in small claims court for almost $5,800. I had no choice but to take a day off work and go. The judge asked her how she got that number and she just kept saying it was from the Rover app. She finally admitted I had never agreed to that price. She also admitted to the judge she had never walked my dogs, never informed me of this, never picked up the mess in the yard. She had pictures of the inside of my home, claiming she couldn’t help the broken items I found because my house is messy. This woman took pictures of the inside of my home before I even got home or said a word about the quality of her work. This is a huge security issue. Rover claims they guarantee their sitters but they do not. My pets were neglected and abused and Rover has done nothing about it. I would NEVER use Rover again and would strongly advise others to look for local alternatives.
Jk hickey
Rover sitter cancelled at the last minute weeks after we had confirmed, paid in full and spent hours communicating and meeting with her. Left us in a huge bind. Will not be using Rover again.
I had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE with Rover. BEWARE – do NOT trust this company or their dog sitters!

The dog sitter named (name redacted) in West Hollywood we hired to care for our dog BOARDED OTHER DOGS IN MY HOME without my consent!! We have photographic proof of this, as does Rover, since he accidentally sent me pictures of ANOTHER dog in my home meant for the other dog’s owner through the Rover app. There was over $2000 in damages to my home and my car that Rover REFUSED to compensate me for. If you care about your furry friend and your home, please read before you book…

I booked (name redacted) to care for my dog – an 11 year old recent Pit Bull American Bulldog tripawd – for 3.5 weeks in my home. A few days into our trip, (name redacted) accidentally sends me a message through Rover with photos of ANOTHER DOG, a small one, in my home, on my bed, on my couch (in my dog’s spot) meant for this dog’s owner. In other words, (name redacted) was dog sitting other dogs in my home without my consent! When we confronted him about it on the phone, he at first denied it, and only when my husband told him that he sent us those photos, did he come clean. He was very apologetic, offered us a refund, and said it won’t happen again. Still, UNACCEPTABLE. My dog is post-chemo and any dog that he brought into my house could have potentially been carrying some illness, which could be detrimental to my dog. Regardless, how dare (name redacted) use my home to board other dogs??!! UNACCEPTABLE. We felt so invaded, but had no option but to continue having (name redacted) watch our dog, since we were just a week into our trip and didn’t have anyone else to care for our dog.

When we returned home from our trip, exhausted from 2 days of travel, (name redacted) had already left. There were was a very strong oder of urine all over the house. After investigating a bit, we found every single one of the rugs in my home (and there are many, I’m talking about a dozen or so, since we had to cover our hardwood floors with rugs since my dog’s amputation surgery 6 months ago, she has difficulty walking on hard floors) were stained in urine. My dog’s 2 orthopedic beds were stained in urine, and we later found another one under our bed, also stained in urine. All of the extra sheets, towels and blankets I left for my dog were in hampers COVERED in urine. We had to throw everything out that night and replace the rugs the next day to prevent her from slipping and injuring herself. There were 3 severe stains on my hardwood floors from urine stains that seeped through the rug, which I had to pay a lot of money to repair and despite the repairs, are still visible. Something my landlord will surely not appreciate when I move out, and will most likely be taken out of my deposit. (Name redacted) left an EMPTY bottle of upholstery cleaner in the kitchen, that didn’t belong to me.

Furthermore, there was dried up feces caked onto my bedroom rug and on the side of the cabinet in the bathroom, tucked in a corner that my dog – a 60 lb pit bull – could not even begin to fit into. This was obviously done by a smaller dog. In the nearly 11 years since I’ve adopted my dog, she has NEVER poo’d in the house. In 11 years, she’s had two pee accidents on her bed when she was going through chemotherapy months ago, and that was only because she was on meds and her body was weak and she hadn’t been out for longer than 5 hours to pee when we were away from the house. Since then she has not had any accidents.

While we were away, before (name redacted) sent us the pics of this other dog by accident, (name redacted) told us my dog had one accident on her bed, while he was at home working in my bedroom on my bed on his laptop. In the couple of times she had a pee accident in the house with us, it was never when we were home, as my dog is very communicative and makes it clear when she has to go outside. When I asked (name redacted) how long it had been since he took my dog out when this happened, he said he didn’t remember, “maybe 6, 7 hours, maybe a bit longer, I lost track of time.” Later, we realized the timing of this coincided with the day that he sent me a Rover message and photos of this OTHER DOG on my bed, at (name redacted’s) laptop is visible in the photos. Perhaps he was distracted with this other dog that he neglected to take my dog out. Unbelievable! Of course, I didn’t know about the other dog at the time. I reminded him what we went over several times verbally and in writing – please take her out during day every 4-5 hours maximum. As our trip progressed, (name redacted) continued to mention to us that my dog had not had another accident since that one time. So we know for a fact that those urine stains in my house were all from another dog(s) – probably all markings or perhaps poor things weren’t being taken out by (name redacted) when they needed to. Rover told me that (name redacted) was dog sitting at least 2 other dogs during the time he dog sat my dog. I’m fine with him walking other dogs, but NOT boarding them in my house and in my car…

Not only did (name redacted) use my home to dog sit another dog, we found a bag with another dog’s items in my CAR (a blanket, bag of food, toys). (Name redacted) used my car to transport other dogs!! He was supposed to use my car ONLY in case of an emergency for my dog. He not only used it without my consent, but he damaged it and left it a complete mess; my middle divider was broken off and tossed in the back seat and my car phone holder was broken. The rim on one of my (very expensive) tires was damaged. The back seat was covered in items that were in my trunk (I have an SUV), and it smelled obscene. We had to air it out for 3 days before we can even sit in it. What the hell did he do in my car???!

When we tried to contact (name redacted) that evening asking what had happened, HE NEVER RESPONDED. He completely disappeared on us. We attempted to call him, left messages, emails. NOTHING. We asked him to just leave us our parking permit at least, which cost $35. NOTHING. He left some things here we wanted to return to him, which we told him we can leave for him to pick up. NO RESPONSE. Not surprising given he left my house and car a wreck.

Not only did (name redacted) have the audacity to board other dogs in my home and in car, allowing them on my bed (which I don’t even allow my dog on, and which I explicitly told him), he fed my dog pasta when I told him both verbally and in writing that she is ALLERGIC TO GRAINS. I had to remind him several times about basic things like my dog’s medication, her toys, and treats. When I returned home, I found my dog’s basket of a variety of treats COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED, except for her bully sticks, even though he was telling me during my trip that he was giving her her treats. What’s more, regarding her bully sticks, I verbally and in writing (detailed instructions I emailed and printed for him) told him they were choking hazards (especially given her dental health) and that he must be around when he gives them to her. Yet the day we returned, on our way from the airport, I asked him which treats he gave her that day so that I don’t repeat any; he responded that he gave her a bully stick before he left my house “to keep her entertained” – what!!??

The first thing I noticed about my dog when we arrived at home was that she had gained weight – 3 pounds! 3 pounds in 3.5 weeks!! I had explicitly explained to (name redacted) that my dog was on a very specific diet to keep her in shape for the sake of her mobility (again, 11 year old recent amputee with severe arthritis) in terms of feeding, treats, and exercise (which is very minimal), and also given her many allergies. I had left her kibble and plenty of home made chicken soup frozen in multiple containers in the freezer for him to thaw and supplement with her kibble. Yet he still made her his own chicken soup that he sent me pics of – with pasta! When I reminded him that she was allergic to grains, he said “Good to know.” WTF?? I told him about this and it’s in her instructions that I emailed and printed for him!! He also took it upon himself to make her more chicken, which he sent me photos of covered in oil and spices! Why?! I had plenty that I had prepared for her. And as mentioned, I’m not sure which treats he was giving her, because he didn’t use any of the specific ones I left for her. There were other issues regarding her toys, which he didn’t put down for her as I asked him to, and had to remind him; and details about when to give her more of her pain pills… just complete incompetence.

(Name redacted) agreed to brush my dog’s teeth a few times a week. We went over how to do it. She is the most docile and sweetest, calmest creature, and it’s the easiest thing in the world to brush her teeth, she basically licks the brush and falls asleep as you do it. When we arrived home, I noticed her new toothbrush and toothpaste were UNTOUCHED. Her teeth were covered in plaque and tartar, and the first few nights I brushed her teeth, her gums bled – which they never do – because he hadn’t brushed them AT ALL.

Needless to say, this has been a very disturbing and frustrating experience. Not only did we return after our long trip to this horrible experience, the lack of professionalism on (name redacted’s) part in not responding to us made everything even worse. His deplorable and unprofessional behavior completely broke any trust I have in the kind of care he took of my dog. My imagination is reeling as to what went on in my home while we were gone. Thank goodness my dog is ok – despite her extra weight impeding on her mobility and her gums bleeding the first few days I brushed her teeth. Obviously she cannot tell me what happened. All I can do to make myself feel better about the situation is that she is alive and ok, and that I’m warning other people about (name redacted) and about Rover’s complete lack of dealing with this situation.

Now dealing with Rover’s “Safety and Security Team” has been a COMPLETE JOKE. They strung me along for a month; I spent so much time, energy, and went through so much stress while dealing with this – filled out all the paperwork, sent them receipts, spoke to numerous people including an incompetant agent (name redacted) I was assigned to and his equally incompetent supervisor named (name redacted). They are unwilling to compensate me for the damages to my home. From Rover’s most recent email to me yesterday:
“We were able to address this situation in-full with (name redacted), and while (name redacted) declined to offer a refund for the booking, I was able to get approval to issue a $250.00 refund, which should reflect on your form of payment within 3-5 business days. As mentioned our prior conversations, our coverage for damaged property does not extend to vehicles, or damage caused by an owner’s pet and we are unfortunately unable to extend coverage for those damages.”

THE DAMAGE WAS NOT CAUSED BY MY DOG, BUT BY OTHER DOG(S) THAT (name redacted) BROUGHT INTO MY HOME WITHOUT MY CONSENT AND LIED TO ME ABOUT IT AFTER THE FACT – WHICH WE HAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF. Given that I spent $1250 on the dog-sitting and over $2000 in damages and repairs, not to mention the money that will be taken out of my deposit for the damage to my hardwood floor, and the damage to my car – which Rover does not cover – they can take their $250 and stuff it up their &$%. And what does the supervisor say about this: that there is not enough evidence on my part to show that the damage was not caused by my own dog – even though I sent photos upon photos, screenshots of messages, receipts, etc, explaining the matter – what else could I show!!? DNA samples of my dog’s urine??! Disgusting customer service. They completely took the sitter’s side. He told them that all of these urine accidents were my dog’s doing – BULL – and that that other dog only spent an hour or so at my house while waiting for his owner to pick him up – BULL AND STILL UNACCEPTABLE – and that he used my car to pick up water in an emergency situation – ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME!? My parents came by to drop off one of those huge waters for my water cooler during the stay, and I left plenty of water for him when I left. And even if there was an “emergency water situation” – why do you need to have a bag of other dog’s stuff in my car along with it, and why leave my car a complete mess, and break stuff?? BIZARRE and BULL.

To make matters worse, (name redacted’s) profile is still up and running on Rover!!! Not only did he completely take advantage of my home, my car and my trust… I sent Rover a screenshot of a message (name redacted) sent me before our trip asking me if I want to BYPASS ROVER and book privately with him to save money – which is completely against Rover’s contract with its dog sitters – (which I declined) and yet Rover allows him to continue booking jobs. When I addressed this matter with the supervisor, she said they have a “forgiving” policy with the dog sitter for doing such things, even though it goes against their contract. Unbelievable!

This is the company you’re dealing with if you book through Rover. I’ve booked through them in the past for dog boarding and luckily had good experiences. But I will NEVER trust this company or its sitters again. They do not back up their so-called insurance policy. There is literally no more specific evidence I could have provided them in this situation and that was their main support for not reimbursing me for damages.

I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and I will be seeking legal assistance.

Michael Clark
OMG. He should be arrested for abuse and neglect. Seriously file a police report. Although he sounds unstable. Was he young?
Ritzi Dean
Do not use Rover. Our dogsitter had an emergency while we were on an international trip. She basically dumped our dogs at our house, with no one to care for them. She completely abandoned our animals. We asked Rover to find a replacement and they were unable to do so, instead they did nothing helpful and instead of finding a replacement bombarded us with Texts and asked us to have our dogs taken to a city that is an hour away for care. They never actually found anyone to replace the extremely irresponsible and horrible dog sitter that had dumped our dogs.
We spent a day of our vacation finding a caregiver for our dogs. Our dogsitter also kept some of our personal property.
I will never use Rover again
FYI Rover reviews according to their own terms of service are not accurate or legitimate (2.6). Also, they have the right to screen, edit, or delete any review on the platform (7.6) You wonder why all their sitters are “5-star” and they lack negative reviews on their platform compared to other consumer sites reviewing rover, it’s because they are allowed to delete the low star reviews to keep their “5-star image” up. You can not do proper homework on sitters using this service if the reviews are not accurate, legitimate, and filtered at their discretion. The fact sitters decide to use a service where the terms of service state it’s cheaper for them to kill your dog than to get it any medical help says a lot about that “dog loving” sitter. BEWARE USING ANYONE ON THE ROVER.COM PLATFORM THEY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED SINCE ROVER.COM TERMS OF SERVICE SAYS AS MUCH. Also, don’t listen to canine journal about them they “receive affiliate commissions via some of their links,” so most likely this is a paid advertisement, not a properly researched review.
My Rover sitter had her boyfriend and another friend leave her reviews, even though she had never done any pet sitting for them.
All of these horrible experiences make me want to cry. I’ve been boarding and walking dogs casually through Rover for a little over a year and have never heard such horror stories as the ones on this thread. I only take one client at a time and watch them like a hawk even though my 2 doxies are pretty chill. Just can’t understand the lack of responsibility in some people.
Jenna James
i spent an hour on this application making sure it was just right and then i found out im too poor to get this job. i literally dont have enough money to get a job at this company. they wont answer me as to why.
This has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. There is NO phone number to report complaints and my guess is it is because there are so many complaints. I will state this is the only time I have had to prepay before being allowed to reserve a spot for a service, which in my case was almost a month. Not prepay when I was dropping my dogs off, but prepay before I could even book the appointment. In addition, they ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to provide a receipt. Has anyone ever purchased a service and not gotten a receipt. I have sent over 10 emails and finally got a response that said they would sent one. One week later and still no receipt. This should be a no brainer. You charged by credit card, now provide a receipt. This is actually for my job and without a receipt I am unable to get reimbursed for business expenses. Who runs a business by refusing to provide receipts??? Must be some unethical business if you ask me. I just feel bad for all these sitters who must be getting screwed too. I am now going to call the sitter and tell her I will be cancelling unless she can get a receipt. Everyone should know how horrible Rover’s service department it.
Dana Fredriksson
I agree never use this service When I use the them Sitter could not get out of the door fast enough before I could see have she left the dogs alone too much There was dry pee on my new hardwood floor My dog who never had an issue going into his crate before is now agressive When I call customer support and I told them what happened They said they would look at not it for meThey never got back to me
Never use them! Unreliable and bill for services never received!! Do not use this app unless you are okay with paying someone who does not show up to watch your animals.

We used the Rover app when going out of town for the weekend. We have 4 dogs, and three ducks. It was made clear to the sitter that the ducks had to be locked in their pen by dark due to predators(coyotes, raccoons, etc) and the dogs ate around 6:00PM We left town and that night tried to check in with the sitter to make sure she was able to get into the house okay, at around 9:00PM since we still had not heard from her we sent over a family friend to see if the animals had been taken care of. The ducks were still out and the dogs had not been fed or let out. Thankfully they were okay. At this time we decided to cancel the Rover sitter since they were not doing as instructed. Even though we cancelled due to lack of service and putting our animals in danger, Rover still billed us for half of the amount and refused to refund us. This was our first and will be our ONLY experience with Rover. DO NOT USE THIS APP UNLESS YOU ARE OKAY WITH PAYING SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT SHOW UP TO WATCH YOUR ANIMALS.

I used the Rover app for the first time and I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!!!!! Save yourself the headache and frustration by booking through this app. The cat sitter hired to watch my cats for 4 days (name and phone number redacted) left my apartment a complete mess. I came home to cat litter scattered all through my living room, in the kitchen, a pile of cat litter on the garbage can, cat feces sitting outside the cat litter box, our pantry door wide open, and hardly any water in the cat’s water bowl. When I reached out to (name redacted) to express my dissatisfaction and ask her how this could happen, she immediately got on the defense, blamed me (called me crazy, even though she eventually admitted it could have happened because there was a hole in the bag she used to clean the litter box), and then refused to bring my keys or arrange to meet up to get my keys. Rover did an absolutely AWFUL job helping in this situation. I had to call their emergency help line several times, I exchanged emails with their customer service, and neither was any help. Their advice was to get the police involved and that they couldn’t do anything because I paid outside of the Rover app, per (name redacted)’s instructions. This has been going on for almost 24 hours and I still do not have my keys. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!!!!
Mike Thompson
I have used twice now. I will never use them again. We pay to have someone sit 24 hours. My dog that is on medication which makes him per a lot stays in the crates for hours atva time. He is going through heart worm treatment and she lets him jump up on the sofa after we have told her no hyper activity it could kill him. I watch her with our puppy cam and she is there to sleep at night and rarely see her during the day and have to text her to go let our dog out. I will never let her watch my dog again. Both sitters have sucked and we have watched our dogs spends hours for days sitting in a crate. Stay away for
susie promises “You can Trust Us.” So I met one of their pet sitters and arranged for her to watch my dog over the Thanksgiving holiday. When I arrived at the sitter’s home at the appointed time, there was no answer. I repeatedly tried to contact her–no answer. I then called’s emergency phone number (which was not easy to find). I asked’s support to please contact the sitter, as time was drawing short. They put me on hold– and several minutes elapsed as they were confused if I was “canceling” or not. They apparently had trouble contacting the sitter also. They offered no back-up plan–I was left scrambling at the last minute, to find someone else to watch my dog, trying not to miss my plane. I did make the flight, with seconds to spare. No , you cannot “trust”–what kind of screening are they giving these dog sitters??
Terry M
We loved our dog sitter from Rover the 1st time we used her and so did my dogs. The second time however we discovered she was sending a boyfriend. We we spoke to her about she said she’d been sic. Arrived home 2 days later to find the she never came back after telling us she was sick! Dogs had no food and drank toilet water!
Our original house/dog sitter cancelled and we have been left to scramble to find a replacement as it is from mid-December through New Year (holidays). Rover was initially helpful in sending potential replacement sitters, although out of several, only two were actually able to house sit over the dates we needed. One was a High School student who had just signed on with Rover, with no previous experience, and the other was a good fit so we figured we’d book this sitter. The issue we had was Rover had initially sent us a support email stating they would provide 25% credit towards cost of replacement. The new sitter was over $500 more expensive than our original booked/paid in full sitter. Rover admitted the Customer Service person had made a mistake and reneged on their 25% ‘written’ offer because the cancellation was outside their 2-week window. I have no complaints about their Terms & Conditions, but they should have honored their employees mistake and made good on the offer. It also raised other concerns; such as what else would they renege on? We have since found a great sitter through our neighborhood network. We will never use Rover again and most certainly won’t recommend.
My experience with Rover was a complete disaster. My dog was injured during a stay with one of Rovers sitters who had all five star reviews. My dog had a gash in his leg that required veterinary care exceeding $1000. It looks like a knife cut to me, but no one had any explanation of what happened. I was called and informed at 2:00 AM while on a family vacation. I had to cancel my vacation and leave early to come home to take care of my dog. And me, the dog owner, not the sitter is responsible for the first $250 of the Vet Bill per Rovers policy. Make sure you read beyond the first page of their “guarantee”. In the terms and conditions on a subsequent page you will find that you the owner are responsible for the first $250 of the vet bills for the injury that occurred to your dog. I would not recommend using Rover. First my dog was injured and no one will say how. Then I had to end my family vacation early to come back and take care of my dog. Then to top it all off, I had to pay $250 for Vet bills to Rover. My recommendation, use a kennel, they take full responsibility for your dog. They are professionals. Don’t trust your beloved pet with a non-professional and an Internet company focused on making a quick buck on someone else providing a service that they don’t take complete responsibility for. Also, I question their sitter rating system. Even though I input a one-star review, the sitter still shows five stars. There is no indication anywhere of a one-star rating. It seems they mislead you to believe all the sitters receive nothing but five-star reviews.
Horrible, horrible experience with!!! Please DO NOT trust this company!! We had a HORRIFIC experience with our pet sitter. She lost our cat, she lied to us about it (and about everything else), she left the house smelly and filthy, she caused our cat a condition on her chin that will never fully go away, she gave our dogs 6-months worth of dogs treats in less than 2 weeks (they were all overweight when we returned), she didn’t follow any of our rules, she let our elderly dogs pee all over the house instead of using the diapers that were at her disposal, she never took out the trash, and much, much more. We got back to a disaster house, needy, filthy pets, disgusting bowls, smelly litter box, at least 25 pee stains on carpets, shelves and walls and fat pets. She then proceeded to lie about every single thing.

I contacted about it and was sure that she would be removed because it wasn’t the first time she had been reported. They did NOTHING. I wrote a negative review and she replied to it with a long list of new lies. There is nothing else I can do. Nothing to warn people about her. even encourages sitters to reply to negative reviews to seem responsible and attentive and turn things around in their favor. Please DO NOT use this company!!!