Rover Dog Sitting Reviews: Other Options Besides a Kennel

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Pet sitter with dog: Rover dog sitting reviewsTaking a last minute trip but need your dog cared for while you’re away? You call the kennel, but they’re already booked up for the weekend. What other options do you have? Pet sitting services like Rover offer pet sitters in your local area the opportunity to meet and make bookings to watch your dog while you’re away. Read our Rover pet sitting reviews to see why we think they’re the best pet sitting service.

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Rover Review

Rover Review
Customer Support 5.0
Website Functionality 5.0
Mobile App 5.0
Communication Forms 4.3
Price 4.0


  • Background checks
  • Excellent customer support
  • Choose your pay rate as the sitter
  • Great app and website to book and pay
  • See sitter’s availability on the calendar and their fees upfront
  • May be more flexible for drop off and pick up times opposed to a kennel
  • Great sitter communication via the app with text, photo and video sharing


  • Rover takes 20% of sitters’ earnings

Key Features

  • Dog and sitter can stay at owner’s home or sitter’s home (depending on preferences)
  • Sitter walks, feeds, plays and cares for your dog
  • Reviews of each dog sitter are available on website
  • Rates are listed upfront
  • Limited pet insurance included (be sure to read the details)
  • Sitters can send photos and videos to give owners updates


Price varies for owners depending on what the sitter charges. Owners are charges a service fee of 5-7% of the booking total. Each sitter charges their own rate and Rover keeps 20% of the profits.

Coupon Code

Use this link and you will receive $25 in credit towards your first booking with Rover!

Want To Be a Pet Sitter?

Read our guide to becoming a pet sitter. You can set up a meet and greet with a dog and their owner first to see how the two of you mesh. But first, did you know there’s a proper way to approach a dog? Rover has some tips in this short video below.

What Do Customers Think?

Below are some reviews from people who have worked for the company.

Positive Rover Reviews

Rover is the best! You can make your own schedule, work whenever you want and simply put your profile into away mode when you are busy. Everything is customizable, so you get to set your price, choose what kinds of pets you’d like to either sit or walk, whether you also do grooming, what size dog you would be open to watching. However, you are taking on the responsibility of someone;s family member, so that is something to keep in mind. – Indeed, 11/19/2016

For most of my old Lab’s Rusty’s life my kids have been able to care for him when I travel. This was getting to be an imposition, so I decided to try BINGO! I found Charmaine and her wonderful family who live
quite close to me. She is in Bridle Trails. We did the meet and greet and Rusty seemed very comfortable with her and the house. She is so friendly and obviously loves dogs. His first 7 night stay turned into 10 and this recent one was 5 nights. She even delivered him back to me because she had an early appointment. Both Rusty and I couldn’t be more pleased. – Susan, Trust Pilot 12/9/2016

Negative Rover Reviews

I would not sign up for the protection plan they offer for $49.95. It is absolutely useless. I have had a horrible experience with the site and getting the funds I am owed. Almost all the dogs I sat for are horribly behaved and don’t have any manners. The owners are demanding and don’t plan well. I’ve had three dogs come to stay and they ran out of food while visiting. The owners refused to reimburse me and the protection plan doesn’t cover food. Nor does it cover the destruction the dogs have inflicted on my house. I will never use this company again and am done with pet sitting in my own home game. This has just been an awful experience all around. – Indeed, 2/23/2016

Had one great dog/house sitter. The second one was nice enough but left my dog alone all evening and my neighbor called to tell me my dog had been whining for four hours!!! Then when we returned home we found the stove burner on. Wow! – Julie, Trust Pilot 12/9/2016

Why You Should Pick Rover Pet Sitting

Visit Rover’s Website

Rover is our #1 pick for best pet sitting website. We think Rover is great because they have stellar customer service, their sitters get background checks and their app and website make it easy to communicate with the sitter/owner. Unlike a kennel, your pup will get one-on-one attention from the sitter and perhaps even some adorable photos or videos of them sleeping or playing to help you rest assured that your furry family member is in good hands.

Why would you pick Rover over a kennel or other pet sitting service?

Growing up, Kimberly used to get the sniffles when she was around dogs. Thankfully, she grew out of her allergy and is now able to play and snuggle with dogs as much as she wants! She and her husband adopted Sally, a four-year-old hound mix, in early 2017, and she has brought so much joy into their lives. Life as pet parents has been very rewarding.

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Deborah Roberts
I board dogs for Rover. I have had positive experiences with all stays. I only board dogs from one family at a time. I stay home while boarding except to run to the store for food, never longer than 30 minutes.
Update: my sweet dog died yesterday, a bit over two painful months after being poisoned at a sitter’s house. Neither the company nor this particular San Diego sitter [name redacted] advertises truthfully or is responsible when it comes to pet care. We are heartbroken to lose our previously healthy 2 1/2 year old lovingdog. All dog lovers need to spread the word: does NOT check up on the safety or abilities of the pet-sitters it advertises or on the truth of what is advertised on their website, even though on their home-page and related links they make it appear that they screen applicants carefully. Spread the word, please! In the fine print, and contradicting what is stated or implied in the consumer promo material, finally admits that “ does not warrant that any such screen[ing of sitters] is accurate, complete, conclusive or up-to-date,” that “We make no representations or warranties about the quality of boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, house sitting, transportation, or other services provided,” and with respect to their “5 star reviews” they admit in the fine print that “ makes no commitments that such reviews are accurate or legitimate.” You cannot trust anything you read about sitters on the website–not even that a yard is fully fenced in. Find a friend or neighbor you can truly trust with your pet–and please spread the word! Feel free to re-post on other websites.
My dog was poisoned at a sitter’s house. “A Place for Rover, Inc.” (a.k.a. makes it appear to consumers looking for pet-sitters that all of their “5-star pet sitters” are carefully chosen with “pet safety their number one concern.” That is simply false (curiously, not one of their sitters appears to have below 5 stars, including the sitter I recently gave 1 star). If one digs deeply enough one finds that the company does not seem to check anything their sitters post on the website nor carefully check a sitter’s background to see whether the sitter can provide reasonable or safe services, and the company disclaims all liability for any fraud perpetrated via their website. Analysis of the company website, its ad’s for pet-sitters to join them, and communications I have had with the company reveal numerous contradictions about whether sitters are vetted at all, but the bottom line seems to be this: the appearance crafted for the general public is of a company that carefully ensures the highest pet-sitter qualifications with pet-safety and quality of care given priority in “hiring” pet-sitters (except that sitters are “independent contractors,” wink-wink) while the company makes no effort to ensure anything of the sort. I will lodge a complaint with the relevant regulatory bodies for what appears to be internet fraud by the company; I’m not sure about the legal status of individuals who engage in fraud via the company website but that merits a complaint as well. One of my dogs has been slowly dying for two months after a stay with a sitter whose abilities do not match her advertising (some people would call that “lying” but it might be a case of “puffery,” arrogance, lack of self-awareness, ignorance, lack of common sense, and greed). This is the review I posted on the website after my two dogs stayed at the house of a sitter, [name redacted], here in San Diego while we were out of town for Thanksgiving: “Scott L. January 16, 2018 Verified Stay Zero stars. One of our dogs might not survive after being poisoned by extremely toxic plants in [name redacted]’s yard. Contrary to her false profile, [name redacted] isn’t really “intuitive with any potential medical symptoms that might arise and comfortable providing any medical treatments that might be necessary.” She explicitly claims knowing pet “first aid” but if she knew about basic canine medical problems, bothered to examine her yard for dangers or to see what my dog had eaten once he became sick (rather than passively stumbling upon the cause on the fourth day of illness), or called the support line for veterinary advice (per protocol) when my dog was on his second day of ghastly bright yellow diarrhea, my dog might not be slowly dying from damage to his GI tract going on two months now. Nor was it true that [name redacted]’s yard is fully enclosed: our two dogs walked out of her yard on the first day, one dog crossed a dangerous street to return home but, fortunately, was found uninjured by another dog-sitter whom [name redacted] had no previous acquaintance with but had sub-contracted for the first few days while [name redacted] was out of town; the sub-contracted sitter had to find boards to block the gap in the yard’s enclosure. Most recently, in a hurtful and presumptuous response yesterday to my request for her gardener’s contact info to see what other toxins my dog might have ingested, she refused to provide the information and asserted, with zero basis and falsely, that I am “trying to cast blame for a medical condition that was already present prior to Mufasa’s stay with us.” [name redacted] is irresponsible, negligent, and untruthful, and our previously perfectly healthy two-and-a-half-year-old dog, Mufasa, is now suffering the consequences as we pay mounting vet bills in a desperate attempt to save him. And yes, [name redacted], NOW I am casting blame.”
Kerrie Ann
I was just fired after many many positive stays because an American Bulldog attacked my puppy and tried to kill him. They say the cover sitter and pets but do not pay any medical for sitter just dog after $250 deductible then fire you for using a whole $528 They will reimburse me between 5 and 20 days. They are punishing me because my dog was attacked. I would love to possibly join the suit.
Due to an accident which left me immobilized, I had to urgently find a dog walker in Manhattan last Tue. [name redacted] agreed and showed up just before midnight.
I had booked 2 walks, morning and afternoon/evening, for one week.
Out of the 3 mornings since then, she managed to oversleep 2 times, resulting in ‘morning’ walks at 0251pm(!), 12:41pm and 1146pm (the last one after I had told her that mornings means before 12pm).
The evening walks took place at 1150pm (yes, midnight), 1122pm and 1104pm. I have never heard of a dog walker showing up close to midnight.
Everybody knows what those long times mean to a dog.
[name redacted] keeps postponing her appointments constantly, changing them for example from 7pm to 8pm then to 10pm and finally to 11pm, always showing up more tham 4 hrs later than promised, making it difficult for me to time the meals/drinks. Juliana W. is the most irresponsible and unreliable dog walker I have ever come across.
After I got mad about her constant lies and the unbelievable hours, she quit on me last night and cancelled the whole weekend + Monday and left me in the lurch (I cannot walk as of now).
I contacted Rover but they do not see themselves responsible to provide me with a replacement.
AVOID [name and location redacted]. SHE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR DOG.
I am interviewing Rover sitters but have not selected one. My problem with Rover is the individual sitters do not update their profiles. I need a place with no other dogs and seems so many I contacted did have dogs. Also, they state they do overnight stays but the ones I contacted do not (update profile). Really nervous about this service because I cannot kennel my Yorkie
Jocel Wettstein
Do NOT use Rover sitters. The insurance policy they use has an out for any “illness” which could frankly get them out of paying for almost anything. My dog almost died during an 8 day stay with a sitter. She was very lethargic, vomiting, dehydrated, heavy bloody discharge, thickened intestines, etc. She even lost several pounds during her visit for almost 1/3 body percentage / weight lost. My pet has never had any health issues and in fact had just visited the vet a few days before my trip for her annual visit with a clean bill of health.
Honestly, the sitter returned the fees and was more concerned than I am extremely disappointed with the false sense of security provided with the insurance and statements on the Rover website. I gave them several attempts to make this situation right and it still has not happened. My vet stated that if I returned even one day later, my pet could have died.
I can not stress enough – DO NOT USE ROVER!
I’m a dog sitter who has used DogVacay in the past but looking to switch. Just curious from a dog owner’s perspective if you like one or the other better and why?
Paula Banas
Rover all the way!! Great to work for and they care about their customers!