Do Figo Pet Insurance Promo Codes, Seasonal Discounts, Or Other Deals Exist?

Figo Promo CodeIf you found this, you’re probably on a hunt to get pet insurance for your furry family member. And if you’re like us, you’re looking to score the best possible deal before you purchase. Well, if you’re interested in a Figo Pet Insurance discount, you may be in luck.

Are there seasonal discounts? Is there a Black Friday deal that might be better? We’re your source for the latest Figo promo codes.

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Current Promo

Our readers have access to an exclusive 5% off a new Figo pet insurance policy in eligible states - just use this link to get started.

Why Is Figo A Good Choice?

Dog laying on bed (Caption: FIGO Pet Insurance Review)There are several pet insurance companies on the market, but what stands out with Figo is its coverage — it’s the only company in our top three that offers a 100% reimbursement option. We also give Figo kudos for winning our top prizes for dogs, puppies, and cats in our best pet insurance reviews.

Figo, founded in 2013, entered our reviews in 2019 (due to our five years in business policy) and immediately shot into the top three. This is extremely uncommon and speaks volumes that Figo came out so strong. Figo also boasts low average prices relative to their pet insurance competition.

With Figo, waiting periods for new pet coverage are comparable to competitors. However, anything regarding the knees has a six-month waiting period (many others have shorter waiting periods).

Figo offers fully customizable plans to help it fit into your budget. It even offers an optional wellness plan for an extra fee.

Our Experts Compare Figo To The Competition

Dog and cat rubbing each other (caption: Best Pet Insurance)Our team has over 292 years of combined experience reviewing products and services for dogs, with pet insurance being one of our most closely scrutinized categories. That’s why we have a licensed insurance professional on staff to consult on all our pet insurance content.

So who did our experts pick as the top pet insurance company this year? Head on over to our best pet insurance article to see the top three, along with category winners to address specific needs ranging from dental care and older dogs to wellness coverage and multi-pet discounts.

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