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Great Dane Prices: How Much Do They Cost?


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The Great Dane is one of the largest dogs in the canine kingdom, and as you might expect, with his sheer size comes a hefty price tag. Perhaps you are here because you are researching whether this is the right dog breed for you and your circumstances. Maybe you are updating your budget for your resident tall boy. No matter the reason, you have come to the right place to get all the details about the Great Dane price.

Here in this price guide, we’ve gathered all of the information about the average price of this giant breed. We explore the likely bills you’ll face, including the average cost of supplies, food, professional training, veterinary expenses, insurance, and several additional things you should think about as a dog parent. Owning a dog of such stature sure is a privilege, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. So, let’s take a closer look at the Fido figures.

Before we begin, we want to start by saying that we cannot give you an exact figure as to how much your pup will cost. Every dog is different, as is the family that looks after him. We have calculated the average minimum costs. So, not only will you need to be able to take on these costs, but you should also be prepared to expect the unexpected too.

Average Great Dane Lifetime Costs

Average Cost Of Great Dane
Initial Puppy Price & Puppy Supplies$2,470
Yearly Costs$2,698
Minimum Lifetime Cost

What Does A Great Dane Puppy Cost?

After researching various online sources, the average price of a Great Dane puppy from a responsible breeder is between $1,000 and $1,500. However, the price of some puppies may fall as low as $600, and others may cost more than $3,000.

Irresponsible breeders or puppy mills might price a puppy for much less than $600. But this is probably because they have spent no money themselves taking care of their health or socialization needs. Sure, we all like to save money, but ironically, you’ll likely end up spending much more in the long run on vet bills and specialized training. So, please avoid cheap puppies.

Grey Puppy With Toy
The purchase price for a puppy depends on many factors.

When the exciting time comes to welcome your very own Scooby-Doo into your life, you’ll need to shell out for the initial puppy price and the puppy supplies. These supplies are the things that he’ll need to settle into his new home. You’ll then also have to add a year’s cost to that figure, as this includes the general day-to-day supplies that he needs. So, the first year is likely to be the most costly, and it’ll cost a minimum of $5,168.

After that, the yearly cost will be an average of $2,698. This includes basic supplies and other needs such as routine health checks and vaccinations, insurance, food, and more. This figure does not include any additional medical or other costs that your Great Dane might need, such as training or boarding. This giant breed is expected to live an average of 9 years. So we calculate that the basic average total cost of owning is $26,752.

Factors That Affect Great Dane Puppy Prices

Grey Puppy With Sand On Face
If you want a good quality product, you often have to pay a little bit more. The same goes for puppies.

So, why do breeders charge different prices for their pups? There are more factors than we can explain here, but here are the main considerations.

Breeder Quality

Breeders with experience and knowledge will charge more for their expertise, and rightly so. And although they do charge a bit more for their better quality pups, it often means you’ll spend less in the future on vet bills and training. Plus, it means bringing home a happy and healthy pup, which is worth its weight in gold.

Reputable breeders will test their dogs for common health concerns seen in the breed, which means there is less chance of your pup developing it. Unfortunately, poor-quality breeders do not. Instead, they breed sick dogs to maximize their profits, increasing the chance of sick puppies. Poor quality breeders are savvy in looking like responsible breeders, so you must research them thoroughly.


Some breeders breed award-winning dogs, meaning they are more likely to produce potential champion pups. If you are looking for a show-stopper, you are better off working with a reputable breeder who produces a top-breed bloodline. These guys come with a higher price tag, more towards the $3,000 that we mentioned earlier.

Location & Time Of Year

The price of a pup also depends on the breeder’s location. If they live in a high-cost area, they will have to charge slightly more to cover their costs. Equally, some areas favor Danes more than others, meaning the demand is slightly higher. And where there’s more demand, there are higher price tags. The time of the year can also affect the cost of the pup. Puppies ready to take home in the summer are likely to be higher than those in the winter.


Eight weeks is usually the age when puppies are ready to go home, and most do. But some pups end up staying around a bit longer. Either because they need extra time with their mom or they are the least favorite of the bunch. These puppies end up being priced lower until they sell because the breeders don’t want pups to be left behind. If you are happy to wait a few weeks, you could save yourself a few dollars, though you might risk them being snapped up by someone else.

Costs For A Great Dane

Spotted Dog In Bed
This breed requires giant-sized supplies and more food than smaller dogs.

Being a dog owner costs money. And when you welcome a gigantic goofball into your life, the costs are higher than the average dog. There are many things that you’ll need to purchase, both initially and throughout their lifetime. Some things aren’t necessary, but you might want to treat your pup to a Halloween costume, a photo shoot, or a birthday party.

You also need to remember that life always throws unexpected things our way, and some will involve your pooch. This could include life-saving surgery from an accident or emergency boarding for an unexpected work trip. If you are concerned, you might not be able to afford these instances, and you need to make sure that you have insurance in place to cover these unexpected costs.


There are many supplies you need to think about – pretty much everything you’ll need is in our table below. This is the stuff that you’ll need to buy yourself before your pup arrives home. You can reuse some of the stuff you already have if you have previously owned a big dog or a similarly shaped giant dog before. As long as it is no longer being used, of course!

The Great Dane is a massive pup, and he’ll grow into an even bigger adult! This means that he’ll probably need everything in XXL, which costs more than XS items. Instead of buying new items at every growth stage, there are some products that you can buy in XXL right away. For example, an XXL dog crate that comes with training dividers is great for fast-growing Fidos. Other things, such as collars and harnesses, will have to be replaced when he outgrows them.

Some of the supplies below are ongoing monthly costs, such as dog food. And some might have to be purchased when they are damaged or worn out, which might be a few times during his lifespan. Usually, the better quality you buy, the longer they’ll last. For example, some top-quality dog beds perfect for the Great Dane are designed to last a lifetime.

Here are the average supply costs:

SuppliesAverage Cost
Food & Water Bowls$20
Food (30lb bag)$50
Dog Collar$20
Stain & Odor Removal Spray$10
Poop Bags (1 yr supply)$55
ID tags$10
First Aid Kit$30
Car Restraint$15
Nail Clippers$15
Toothbrush Kit & Brush$10

As you can see, the supplies that you’ll need for your puppy starter pack will cost, on average, $685. You might want to buy lower-quality items and spend less, given that some puppies destroy everything. Alternatively, you might want to spend more on a few items to ensure better quality and longevity. If you need to puppy-proof your home with tall fences and safety gates, you’ll need to add these costs to the total.

Professional Training

Puppy training classes are a great idea for all dogs because they are a great way to socialize pups and build confidence in owners. If you’re an experienced dog owner, you might not see the need for puppy training classes. The Great Dane is not a particularly protective or dominant dog breed, so obedience training isn’t likely to be necessary.

Initial puppy training classes cost, on average, $100 for a five-week course. This typically involves one 1-hour session per week. If you would like a more intense or one-to-one training course, it will cost much more than this. For example, some dog training companies charge several thousand dollars for doggy-style boot-camp training. It all depends on how much assistance you need.


The Great Dane has a huge appetite, so food designed for your Giant breed dog is likely to be one of your greatest, most frequent bills. You can expect that an average adult will eat just under 60 pounds of food every month. This means that you can expect to spend around $95 on your monthly food bill. If you want to buy higher-quality food for your Dane, you’ll end up spending a bit more. Which we recommend that you do.

If your doggo eats more or less, the amount will obviously change. And because puppies eat less than adults, you’re likely to spend a little less than this in the first year. If they require a special prescription diet, the costs will be much higher. Or if you choose raw meat over kibble, the costs will be higher still.

Now, we need to talk about those Scooby Snacks. These are necessities, darling! We estimate that a month’s worth of treats will cost around $25. Don’t let your dog get too greedy; be sure to lock the treats away and use them when he’s been a super good boy.

Medical & Insurance

Like all puppies, these dogs need three vet visits in the first year for their physical exams and essential vaccinations. At an average cost of $150 each time, this will be an extra $450. Preventative treatments for heartworm and flea and tick are monthly, costing an average of $15 per month. As these are necessary, we have included these costs in the first and subsequent years.

You may be required to neuter or spay your pup, which is often a part of many puppy or adoption contracts. This usually costs between $150 to $450. This cost is not included in our calculations.

Sick dog on the ground with text "Dog's Vet Bills Ad Up Quickly - pet insurance can save you money" and "get my quote" button

Thankfully, the Great Dane is a relatively healthy breed. But like all breeds, he is prone to particular conditions usually linked to his size. Hip dysplasia is a common concern in large breeds, which can cost anywhere between $500 and $13,000 for the treatment depending on the severity. As you can see, medical treatment can be a huge cost, and it is also unexpected too. For this reason, getting pet insurance is a responsible thing to do and often reduces stress in emergencies.

The pet insurance premium costs per month vary hugely, depending on the level of coverage you need and the company you choose. Online sources show that the average cost for this breed is around $70 per month. Please be sure to read the small print because many owners have been caught out after not buying the right coverage for their dog and their circumstances.

Ongoing Yearly CostsAverage Cost
Basic Medical Care$263
Other Supplies$1,155

Additional Costs To Consider

Black and White Dog Training With Cones
When you are budgeting, it’s important to think about your lifestyle and what you will need.

Here we will quickly run you through some of the other costs you may need to consider. As we said, these are not necessary for every family, but they are for some. These costs can add up quickly if you use them regularly.

Dog Walking

If you have to leave your beloved best friend for hours on end, you will need to get a dog walker in. This might need to be done once a week, or it might need to be done every day. For a 30-minute group walk, the average dog walker charges $20. There is also doggy daycare to consider, which costs an average of $25 a day. But if you work from home or there is a family member to keep them company, this is not a concern.


Danes have very short hair that doesn’t require regular grooming, and it is relatively simple to brush. But not everyone has the time, patience, or facilities for bathing their hairy hunk of love. For this reason, many owners like to send their pups to a professional every month or two. A single grooming session can cost between $80 to $100, depending on the service you require and the behavior of your dog.


As you can imagine, it’s not easy to travel with a dog of such a large size unless you have a fleet of vehicles for the whole family. This means doggy boarding will probably be necessary when you go on vacation. The average dog boarding facility charges between $25 and $85 per night. The cost will depend on many factors, such as the kennel’s reputation, location, time of year, and demand. Plus, your huge hound will probably command a higher price as he’ll need a spacious kennel.

Final Thoughts

Large Grey Dog Drinking Water
Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding things in life, but it sure does come at a cost.

By our calculations, the average minimum lifetime cost of being a Great Dane owner is $26,752. This does not include unexpected costs such as emergency vet visits, so it is likely to be more than this. CNBC estimates that the cost of owning a pooch can range from $2,000-4,000 per year, but an emergency vet visit could be $5,000-10,000 or more. This is why pet insurance is so important to consider.

And as you’d probably expect, this cost is higher than most other dog breeds simply because of his size. He eats much more food than most, and his larger body means that supplies, vet bills, and insurance costs are much higher. So, please make sure that you are in a position to take care of your beautiful pup. But trust us when we say they are totally worth all that and then some!

Giant Breed Spotted Dog Laying Down

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