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Best Dog Foods For Labradoodles: Puppies, Adults & Seniors


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Looking for the best dog food for your Labradoodle? You aren’t alone! The Labradoodle is one of our favorite doodle crossbreeds, and these pups live to love us. So what better way to return the love in the form of finding the best Labradoodle dog food for your pup. So, whether you are about to begin your Labradoodle journey with a brand new puppy. Or your resident Labradoodle needs a change in diet, here we have the top dog foods for Labradoodles.

Because the Labradoodle is a mixed breed, many owners find themselves wondering what kind of food is best. This Labradoodle nutrition guide will answer all of your questions about what nutrients your pup needs at each life stage. And with that, we have worked out which products are the top dog food options for each of those life stages.

The Labradoodle comes in three different sizes thanks to his Poodle parent. Here we are going to walk you through the best foods for the standard sized Labradoodle. A standard sized Labradoodle will measure between 17 and 22 inches tall and weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. It’s important to remember that the miniature Labradoodle has different nutritional needs, so this guide is not for them. So, no more doodling around, let’s get straight to it.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Foods for Labradoodles

Our Rating

Best For Labradoodle Puppies

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Our Rating

Best For Adult Labradoodles

American Journey Adult

Raw Boost Large Breed
Our Rating

Best For Senior Labradoodles

Blue Buffalo Senior

Labradoodle Puppy Nutrient Needs

During his puppy stage, the most crucial thing that you can do for your Labradoodle pup is to feed him a puppy dry dog food. High-quality puppy dog food includes everything that he needs to develop as he should. He also needs vitamins and minerals to support his developing immune system.

The standard-sized Labradoodle falls into the large breed group, so it’s vital that his kibble is specially designed for large puppies. These dog foods have the optimum calcium and phosphorus ratio, which will control his rapid bone growth. By controlling his bone growth, you can decrease the chances of him developing bone diseases, of which both of his parents suffer from.

The Labradoodle’s low-shedding coat needs plenty of omega fatty acids to stay nourished and healthy. Omega fats have a variety of other benefits, too, including keeping his joints supple. High-quality puppy kibbles will contain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and arachidonic acid (ARA), as these are key for his development. So much so that they are found in mothers’ milk. Ingredients such as salmon oil, chicken fat, egg, and flaxseed are great ingredients to look out for.

Under his gorgeous teddy bear coat, he has thick and powerful muscles, and he needs high-quality meat protein for growth and energy. The MSD Veterinary Manual recommends that all puppies should eat a protein content of at least 22%. But being an energetic dog who has lots of puppy growing to do, we’d recommend a higher protein content of at least 26%.

Adult Labradoodle Nutrient Needs

Between the ages of 12 and 18 months, the Labradoodle should be slowly transitioned from a puppy dog food to an adult one. Again, you should look to feed him a dry dog food that is specifically designed for large breed adults. Large breed kibbes will continue with the controlled calcium levels. As well as providing a higher level of glucosamine to keep his joints supple.

The MSD Veterinary Manual recommends that adult dogs need a protein content of at least 18%. But as the Labradoodle is a large pooch with big dog energy, we’d go a little higher again and feed him a protein content of at least 23%. His protein should be high-quality, named meat sources.

Continue to feed him a high-quality dog food that focuses on a well-balanced diet. A balanced diet includes protein, carbohydrates, fiber, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Thankfully, high-quality dog foods will ensure that he gets all the nutrition he needs. And they are usually easy to digest, which is important considering the Labradoodle is known to have a sensitive stomach.

If he inherits the appetite of his Labrador parent, this pup might pile on the pounds too quickly. If he does, be sure to switch him to a weight management kibble. We have 2 healthy diet recommendations at the end of this guide.

Senior Labradoodle Nutrient Needs

As the Labradoodle nears the age of 7 years old, it’s time to think about switching him to a senior dog food. Older Labradoodles don’t need as much energy when they reach their golden years, and these dry foods provide less energy and fats. This is also because his slowing digestive system will not be able to digest fats as well as it once did.

Senior pooches need more assistance with their digestive system. So they have more fiber, probiotic ingredients, and live cultures to promote friendly gut bacteria. Dog food with higher fiber will also keep him feeling fuller for longer, meaning he’ll need fewer snacks between meals. Feeding him healthy snacks such as zucchini and bell peppers can help here too.

Keeping the extra weight off his weakening joints is essential, so you need to keep an eye on his intake. He will need extra glucosamine and chondroitin to support his joints, and these ingredients are also great for brain function as he begins to slow down. Meat meals and fish oils are a great source of glucosamine.

Lastly, extra vitamins and minerals are crucial to keeping his aging immune system as healthy as it can be. Again, all life stage food is not appropriate for the aging needs of the senior Labradoodle.

Best Dog Food for Labradoodle Puppies

Labradoodle Puppies Eating
Labradoodle puppies will have very specific nutritional needs.

Labradoodles should eat a dry puppy food from the day they are first able, until they reach 12 months.  Puppies start eating solid food around 4 weeks of age, and should be fully weaned by week 6. They will eat a proper puppy age dry kibble until they reach 12-15 months of age, depending on their size. Because their puppy food lays the foundation of their health, you should budget for a higher quality food for your Labradoodle puppy. Doing so will help ensure a happy and healthy pup. Below are our favorite puppy foods for Labradoodles.

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Recipe

  • Great for large breed puppies.
  • Natural DHA from Fish Oil.
  • Antioxidant blend for immune health.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 373 Calories per cup.
  • 24.5% Protein, 12% Fat, 3% Fiber.

Hills Science Diet created this dog food based on science. They usually do, which is why Science Diet is one of our favorites compared to other brands. And although it has the lowest protein content, it is highly rated by other large puppies. The first ingredient is lamb meal, which is a gentle protein that many dogs with sensitive stomachs prefer to eat. Lamb meal, egg product, and fish oil provide the all-important DHA and ARA ingredients for a luxurious coat.

This is the only grain inclusive option and uses grains such as brown rice, wheat, and sorghum. It provides vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as taurine for a healthy heart. It also lists l-carnitine, which supports a healthy metabolism, which will help your Labradoodle pup to stay trim.

We love that this dog food uses lamb as the primary meat source, offering an alternative to the most commonly used protein ingredient, which is chicken.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Food

Wellness Large Breed Puppy Food
  • Grain-free puppy formula.
  • DHA for brain development.
  • Free of soy, corn, and wheat.
  • Omega fatty acids for skin & coat.
  • Protein rich formula.
  • 411 Calories per cup.
  • 35% Protein, 14% Fat, 6% Fiber.


This is a high protein dog food that lists deboned chicken and chicken meal as the first two ingredients. This offers the Labradoodle pup plenty of puppy growing power, as well as lots of chicken taste. Chicken meal, fish meal, flaxseed, egg, and fish oil ingredients are listed, ensuring that he receives lots of DHA, ARA, and glucosamine.

This dog food formula lists peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots, which are nutrient-rich and filling, and replace the need for grains. Blue Buffalo has also added their exclusive LifeSource Bits into the mix for good measure. These are full of 7 superfoods that provide the best nutrients for his puppy life stage and strengthen his immunity.

We love that this food has the joint-first highest fiber content. Making it an excellent option for those pups who need extra help with their digestive system, or those who are forever hungry.

Instinct Raw Boost Puppy Food

American Journey Large Breed Puppy Food
  • Freeze-dried ingredients.
  • Cage-free chicken.
  • Balanced protein sources.
  • Grain-free recipe.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 485 Calories per cup.
  • 33.5% Protein, 18.5% Fat, 5% Fiber.

This is a grain-free dog food formula that is also free from potato, corn, wheat, and soy. Ingredients which can be difficult to digest for some pups with very sensitive stomachs. Instead, it uses peas and tapioca for energy, as well as lots of protein. This product has the highest calorie and fat content, meaning your Labradoodles energy levels and coat health are well cared for.

Chicken and chicken meal are the first two ingredients, followed by fish meal, chicken liver, lamb meal, and chicken heart. These supply your pooch with intense meat flavor, which he will go crazy for. Salmon oil, flaxseed, and pumpkin seeds provide DHA, ARA, and glucosamine too. Added vitamins, minerals, and probiotics keep his immunity and digestive system healthy.

We love that this dog food formula uses freeze-dried toppers in addition to dry dog food pieces, which are nutritious and full of big meaty flavor.

American Journey Puppy Food

Holisitic Select Giant Breed Puppy Food
  • Grain-free recipe.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Real chicken is the first ingredient.
  • DHA for brain and vision development.
  • No grains, wheat or soy.
  • 374 Calories per cup.
  • 30% Protein, 12% Fat, 6% Fiber.

American Journey is Chewy’s home brand, and their products are proving to be very popular and excellent quality. This dog food lists deboned chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal as the first three ingredients, which is fantastic for his muscle mass and puppy growth. Peas, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes provide alternative grain ingredients.

This dog food formula has a high fiber content, which provides gut regularity and firmer stools. Probiotic ingredients such as dried bacillus support gut health even more. Fish meal, salmon oil, and flaxseed will assist in healthy skin and coat, as well as joint support and brain function. This formula is free from corn, wheat, and soy too, and it has mineral-rich kelp for strong bones.

We love that this food is the budget-friendly option, without scrimping on quality.

Wellness Core Puppy Food

Wellness Core Large Breed Adult
  • Grain-free formula.
  • Premium ingredients.
  • No meat by-products.
  • High concentration animal protein.
  • No corn, wheat or soy.
  • 387 Calories per cup.
  • 35% Protein, 14% Fat, 5.5% Fiber.

This is another protein-rich dog food, with deboned chicken and chicken meal listed as the first two ingredients, with turkey meal following soon after. This food also contains salmon oil and chicken fat, which will supply vital developmental DHA and ARA ingredients. This is a grain-free formula that uses lentils and ground potatoes for energy and fiber.

Each biscuit is coated in an ‘acticoat’ solution, which is their exclusive probiotic solution that supports a healthy digestive system. This formula lists a whole bunch of superfoods, including banana, blueberries, spinach, and kale, which will strengthen your Labradoodle’s developing immune system. Taurine is also listed, which supports a healthy heart.

We love that this dog food has the joint-highest protein content, making it a good option for those super energetic Labradoodles who need lots of energy.

Best Dog Food for Adult Labradoodles

Adult Labradoodle Sitting
Labradoodles should eat an adult formula beginning at 12 to 15 months of age.

Once your Labradoodle reaches adulthood, it’s time to transition to an Adult food. They can’t stay on a puppy formula forever, or they will start risking weight gain. While Labradoodles may not gain weight like Labs, they can still be prone to overeating. If they overeat a puppy food that’s higher in calories, it’s a recipe for an overweight pup. You should start to transition your Labradoodle to an adult dog food between 12 and 15 months of age. At this point, “all live stage” dog food comes into play. Some Labradoodles do have more sensitive stomachs, so keep that in mind when selecting the right formula. Below are our favorite foods for adult Labradoodles.

Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Adult

  • Glucosamine boost for joint health.
  • Antioxidants for immune health.
  • Omega fatty acids for skin & coat.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 367 Calories per cup.
  • 19% Protein, 12% Fat, 3% Fiber.

This option follows the puppy suggestion, making it an excellent choice for those who did well on this recipe as a pup. Lamb meal is the first ingredient on the list, meaning it is the most significant ingredient. Many Labradoodles find lamb easier to digest too, and it offers an alternative for those that don’t do well with chicken.

This is a grain inclusive diet, listing ingredients such as brown rice, wheat, and corn. Which is great for those who prefer grain inclusive options, without being too heavy on the fiber front. Lamb meal, flaxseed, biotin, and folic acid are full of omega fatty acids that will nourish his coat from the inside out. It is fortified with vitamin and mineral supplements for overall health.

We love that this grain inclusive diet is scientifically based on the needs of large breed adults, making it a good option for most Labradoodles.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult

  • Made with deboned beef.
  • Includes venison and lamb.
  • Free of chicken or any by-products.
  • Grain-free formula.
  • Glucosamine for joint support.
  • 373 Calories per cup.
  • 28% Protein, 13% Fat, 6% Fiber.

This option is slightly different from the puppy option, in that it is their chicken and poultry free dog food formula. Instead, it uses bison, fish meal, beef meal as the primary protein ingredients, with lamb and venison found further down. These ingredients will fuel the boundless energy of the adult Labradoodle, and it is super tasty too.

LifeSource Bits are featured in this dog food as well, meaning his immunity is kept healthy and strong thanks to the 7 superfoods. This is a grain-free recipe and instead relies on potatoes and peas. His large joints and coat are supported by glucosamine and omega fatty acids found in meat meals, fish oils, and canola oil.

We love that this recipe continues with the high fiber content, making it an excellent option for those Labradoodles whose digestive system needs extra help.

Merrick Large Breed Adult

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken
  • Grain-free dry kibble.
  • Gluten-free formula.
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • No corn, wheat, or soy.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 372 Calories per cup.
  • 31% Protein, 15% Fat, 3.5% Fiber.

This protein-rich dog food formula starts with deboned chicken and chicken meal, with salmon meal and egg product following shortly after. Not only will this take care of his large muscle mass, but it is full of omega fatty oils and DHA for continued cognitive function. L-carnitine is listed, which will help to keep this forever hungry pooch’s metabolism stimulated.

This is another grain-free dog food recipe, and it uses sweet potatoes, and peas to provide healthy carbohydrates for slow release and healthy energy. This recipe is fortified with vitamins and minerals, as well as fruits such as apples and blueberries. It’s also enriched with probiotic ingredients like lactobacillus plantarum and casei, which promote friendly gut bacteria.

We love that this formula has the highest levels of glucosamine and chondroitin. Meaning your Labradoodle’s joints are in good hands with this dog food.

American Journey Adult Formula

  • Grain-free recipe.
  • Made without corn, wheat or soy.
  • Made with real fruits and veggies.
  • DHA for brain health.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • 390 Calories per cup.
  • 32% Protein, 14% Fat, 5% Fiber.

This formula is similar to the American Journey puppy option, but it is salmon flavored rather than chicken. This provides a different flavor option, and the omega 3 fatty acid content is higher too. Meaning his coat will shine brighter. Deboned salmon and turkey meal are the first two ingredients, so he’ll get plenty of protein for his energetic lifestyle.

This is another grain-free dog food that uses peas, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes, all of which are highly nutritious. Blueberries and carrots add extra vitamins and minerals, and dried kelp helps to keep his bones healthy as it is rich in calcium. Taurine is also added for robust cardiac health.

We love that this dog food is the best option for those Labradoodle owners who are on a tighter budget. It’s also great for those that don’t want to sacrifice quality. American Journey is consistently one of the brands we like when comparing to other bigger brands like Nutro, or compared to Taste of the Wild.

Wellness Core Original

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Adult
  • Glucosamine boost for adults.
  • Anxioxidants for Immune health.
  • No by-products or fillers.
  • Grain-free formula.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 346 Calories per cup.
  • 34% Protein, 12% Fat, 6% Fiber.

This is a grain-free dog food that focuses on being protein-rich. The first three ingredients are deboned chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal, which are nutritious and full of healthy fats too. His skin and coat are nourished with the meat meals, flaxseed, and chicken fat, and they help his joints, brain, and heart functioning well.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, and peas supply healthy carbohydrates to keep your Labradoodle energized. Each dry dog food piece is coated in their ‘acticoat’ solution, for healthy digestion. It is also fortified with vitamins and minerals, and fruits and veggies such as kale, blueberries, and apples to ensure that he gets plenty of antioxidants too.

We love that this dog food has the highest protein content in this list, meaning that his muscle maintenance and overall health is cared for. As well as providing a big meaty taste.

Best Dog Food for Senior Labradoodles

Senior Labradoodle
Senior Labradoodles can start on a senior life stage food at around 7 or 8 years of age.

Senior Labradoodles seem to stay younger, longer than other breeds. As your Labradoodle ages, you’ll likely start to consider transitioning to Senior dog food. You can start considering a “senior” formula around age 7, but if your Labradoodle is active, you may even be able to delay this until age 8 or 9 depending on their health. It’s important your senior pup has enough glucosamine support as they age, in order to support their aging joints. Below are our favorite foods for Senior Labradoodles.

Hill’s Science Diet Senior

  • Glucosamine boost for joint health.
  • Omega fatty acids for skin & coat.
  • Anxioxidants to boost immune health.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 353 Calories per cup.
  • 15.5% Protein, 10.5% Fat, 4% Fiber.

This is the last to complete the Hill’s Science set, but this time the flavor is chicken-based. Chicken meal is the first ingredient, and although we wouldn’t recommend a 15.5% protein content for adults, for less active seniors, this is adequate. And because this dog food formula is based on science, you know that your aging Labradoodle will likely do well on it.

This is a grain inclusive dog food that lists barley, rice, wheat, and corn. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals, as well as apples, broccoli, carrots, and cranberries for added antioxidants. Taurine is added for his heart, and l-carnitine is added to assist his aging metabolism. This recipe is for Labradoodles age 6 and above.

We love that this dog food is based on the needs of large breed seniors, according to science. Meaning that most Labradoodles will do well on this dog food.

Blue Buffalo Senior Life Protection

Science Diet Large Breed Senior
  • Glucosamine for joint health.
  • Omega fatty acids to support skin & coat.
  • L-carnitine for muscle maintenance.
  • No corn, wheat, or soy.
  • No By-product meals.
  • 344 Calories per cup.
  • 20% Protein, 10% Fat, 7% Fiber.

The first ingredient is deboned chicken, shortly followed by chicken meal. This will provide your aging Labradoodle with the muscle repair power and energy that his body needs. It is a grain inclusive dog food, making it different from the previous two Blue Buffalo dog foods. But, thankfully, the grains are brown rice, barley, and oatmeal, which are gentle on his aging digestive system.

This recipe still includes the exclusive LifeSource Bits, but they focus on the needs of the senior pooch this time round. Alfalfa is also used here as it is nutrient-rich and assists in the vitamin absorption process. The senior Labradoodle’s immune system is happy for the extra boost. Taurine and l-carnitine are also listed for heart and metabolism health.

We love that this has the highest fiber content on this list, which will ensure that his digestive system is well cared for as it begins to slow down.

Merrick Senior Formula

  • Grain-free formula.
  • Glucosamine boost for joint support.
  • Lower-calorie count for less active pups.
  • Gluten-free formula.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 372 Calories per cup.
  • 32% Protein, 12% Fat, 3.5% Fiber.

When it comes to the senior years, we don’t usually recommend ‘all-breed kibbles’. But this dog food has leading levels of glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega fats so we almost always recommend it for senior large breeds. Deboned chicken, chicken meal, closely followed by salmon meal, provides all of the protein and omega fats that he will need in his senior years.

Sweet potatoes, peas, and other veggies provide vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber to assist in gut health. As do the lactobacillus casei and plantarum probiotics. Alfalfa meal helps his gut to absorb all the goodness from his food, making sure his immune system is supported. It also lists yucca schidigera, which is known to reduce stool odor by making his food easier to digest.

We love that this recipe has the joint-highest protein content, which is excellent for those Labradoodles who are still energetic well into their golden years.

American Journey Senior Recipe

Nutro Healthy Weight
  • Grain-free formula.
  • MCT’s to support brain health.
  • Glucosamine boost for aging joints.
  • Antioxidants for immune health.
  • No corn, wheat or soy.
  • 329 Calories per cup.
  • 32% Protein, 10% Fat, 7% Fiber.

This is another ‘all-breed’ dog food, but again, it has a suitable level of glucosamine for the joints of large dogs. The primary protein is salmon providing a rich fishy flavor that most dogs love. Labradoodles and their worn joints need all the support they can get having led an active lifestyle. These, along with coconut oil, help to keep his coat looking healthy too.

The first ingredient is deboned salmon, closely followed by turkey meal and chicken meal. Blueberries, carrots, and pumpkin are just some of the fruits and veggies listed. And vitamins and mineral supplements give his immune system an extra boost. Marine microalgae and dried kelp are rich in calcium for healthy bones.

We love that this dog food is the best option for those on a budget, while still ensuring that your Labradoodle gets all the senior nutrition that he needs.

Nutro Wholesome Large Breed Senior

Blue Buffalo Senior Large Breed Formula
  • Non GMO ingredients.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Made with farm-raised chicken.
  • Glucosamine boost for joint health.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 306 Calories per cup.
  • 22% Protein, 11% Fat, 4% Fiber.

Nutro’s first two ingredients in this senior recipe are chicken and chicken meal, ensuring that he receives a good amount of protein without being too rich in meat. It also provides just enough omega fatty acids to keep his coat looking healthy and shiny, and his joints supported and supple. All without the added fat or calories to keep him trim in his senior years.

This one of Nutro’s grain inclusive recipes, with brown rice being the first grain that is known for its gentle properties. Sweet potato and dried beet pulp provide the fiber to keep his digestive system regular. This dog food is fortified in vitamins and minerals, as well as listing apples, blueberries, and carrots for an extra immunity boost.

We love that this recipe isn’t too rich in meat protein, which is essential for some seniors who struggle to digest intensely rich high-protein kibbles.

Dog Foods for Overweight Labradoodles

Overweight Labradoodle
You may want to consider a reduced-calorie dog food if your Labradoodle gains some weight.

Because the Labradoodle is half Labrador (who eats anything and everything!), there will probably come a time in your Labradoodle’s life when he needs to lose a little chunk. If reducing the amount you feed him doesn’t shed the pounds, you’ll need to turn to a longer-term solution. That solution is weight management dog food.

Nutro Healthy Weight for Large Breeds

  • Made with Non-GMO ingredients.
  • Lower-calorie formula.
  • Natural sources of Glucosamine.
  • No by-products, corn, wheat or soy.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 239 Calories per cup.
  • 22% Protein, 10% Fat, 12% Fiber.

This dog food has a low-fat content of 7%, and with only 227 calories per cup, it is an excellent dog food formula for those who are struggling to lose it no matter what they seem to do. But with a protein content of 22%, his muscles and overall health is still well cared for. This is a grain inclusive dog food, and chicken is the primary protein source. It has healthy omega fats too to ensure joint support and coat health.

Wellness Core Reduced-Fat Recipe

  • Grain-free formula.
  • Taurine for healthy heart support.
  • Reduced fat and calories.
  • Great for sensitive stomachs.
  • No corn, wheat, or soy.
  • 360 Calories per cup.
  • 33% Protein, 12% Fat, 12% Fiber.

This is a grain-free dog food formula that contains 25% less fats and calories compared to their original food formula, without compromising on protein content. Offering 33% protein, less than 12% fat, and 360 calories per cup, this dog food is excellent for those looking to lose just a little or maintain their weight. Lean deboned turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal, and chicken liver provide big meaty taste. So much so that he probably will not realize that you’ve switched him to a healthy diet.

Final Thoughts

The standard-sized Labradoodle is a large dog with big dog needs. So, it’s essential to feed him a dry dog food that is designed for large dogs. Or at least one that meets the standards expected for large breeds. By sticking to our recommendations above, you will save yourself a lot of time researching the top dog foods for your Labradoodle. But most importantly, your Labradoodle will get all the nutrition he needs, and he’ll love every bite of it too!

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