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How Much Does Ollie Dog Food Cost?


Last Updated: December 1, 2023 | 5 min read | 1 Comment

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Ollie dog food flavors spread out on table with ingredients layflat.

Ollie is a premium, subscription-based fresh dog food company that personalizes your pup’s food. Many pet nutritionists are proponents of feeding your dog fresh, whole-food ingredients. However, this super-healthy approach to dog chow comes at a high price compared to kibble. So, how much does Ollie dog food cost? Because this brand factors in your furry friend’s unique nutritional needs, the answer is that your price depends on your dog. Ollie ranges anywhere from $20 to $100 or more per week. 

To give you a better idea of the cost you can expect to pay for your canine companion, we ran quotes for several different breeds and sizes for all three of Ollie’s subscription options. We also share our personal experience with their dog food and why it’s one of our favorite fresh dog food delivery services.

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Why Consider Fresh Dog Food Delivery?

Ollie fresh five flavors.

A nutritious diet full of superfoods and natural ingredients is as important for our pups as it is for us. So, feeding your furry friend a high-quality, fresh-food diet full of nutrient-dense ingredients is one of the best ways to keep your dog as healthy as possible throughout his lifetime.

Dog food brands like Ollie gently cook whole-food ingredients at low temperatures to preserve nutrients, freshness, and flavor. Ollie and several other fresh dog food manufacturers include ingredients certified for human consumption (and cooked in human-grade facilities). These recipes include real, premium meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains, all fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. The result is the ideal nutrition for whole-body wellness and the energy they need to thrive. Benefits include everything from a stronger immune system and improved digestion to heart, brain, eye, skin, and coat health, and much more.

Why not just prepare homemade dog food? Making homemade dog food is time-consuming and extremely difficult to ensure that your furry friend is getting the appropriate nutrition. Too much or not enough of any nutrient can lead to obesity, malnutrition, serious illnesses, and even life-threatening problems. However, fresh dog food from brands like Ollie is formulated by vet nutritionists and contains the ideal ingredients and level of nutrients our pups require.

Ollie Dog Food

Brown checkmark (Yes) All-natural, human-grade meals made with whole-food ingredients
Brown checkmark (Yes) 5 fresh and 2 gently-baked recipes developed by specialized veterinarians (grain-free & grain-inclusive available)
Brown checkmark (Yes) Personalized for your dog’s age, breed, size, weight goals & more
Brown checkmark (Yes) All meals are cooked at a USDA-inspected facility to ensure quality & safety
Brown checkmark (Yes) 3 subscription options: full or half-portion fresh meals or a mix of fresh & gently-baked dry food
Brown checkmark (Yes) Money-back guarantee on starter box
Brown checkmark (Yes) Free shipping & get 50% off your first box through Canine Journal

How Much Is Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie’s three subscription options give you the ability to work fresh dog food into your pup’s diet according to your budget.

  • Full Fresh Plan: starts at around $2.85 per day
  • Half Fresh Plan: starts at around $2 per day
  • Mixed Bowl Plan: starts at around $2.57 per day (gently baked recipes in beef and chicken)

However, each plan’s exact price options depend on your dog’s specific needs and your recipe choices. Ollie determines the ideal number of calories your dog needs every day based on the information you share in your pup’s online profile, which includes breed, age, weight, ideal weight, and activity level. This profile gives Ollie all the information they need to personalize your pup’s food and portions.

How Much Is Ollie Dog Food A Month?

We ran quotes on Ollie’s website for several different dogs to give you a better idea of their pricing. However, we recommend you get a quote so you’ll know exactly what Ollie’s price is for your unique pup. Their profile quiz only takes a few minutes to complete, and you’re not required to make any commitment to see your quote.

Each quote below (as of September 2023) is for three-year-old, moderately active dogs at a healthy weight with no health problems. We chose to represent a few of the most popular breeds in the U.S. This chart reflects pricing for their beef recipe, which (along with pork) is their least expensive option. Chicken, lamb, and turkey recipes are slightly more expensive. You can choose up to four fresh recipes for each shipment.

Ollie Prices Per Month

Dog ProfileFull FreshMixed BowlHalf Fresh
Yorkshire Terrier (6 lbs)$88$76$61.60
French Bulldog (20 lbs)$168$136$117.60
Mixed-Breed (34 lbs)$204$168$142.80
Australian Shepherd (50 lbs)$220$180$154
Labrador Retriever (69 lbs)$276$236$165.20
Rottweiler (98 lbs)$312$260$182
Great Dane (122 lbs)$332$292$232.40

Ollie Coupon

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Full Review Of Ollie Dog Food

Our Personal Experience With Ollie

Ollie product in front of a box.

Our dogs love Ollie’s fresh food and gobble it right up! However, we found it a bit messier and slightly wasteful encounter compared to our experience with competitive products that come in individual servings or ship in larger plastic containers that you serve directly from. All of that said, the food quality is high and our dogs enjoyed it.

Michelle Schenker, Co-Founder Of Canine Journal & Parent To Two Rescue Mixed Breed Dogs

Is Ollie Dog Food Worth The Cost?

Visit Ollie’s Website

There’s no doubt that fresh dog food is pricey, but we think it’s definitely worth the cost compared to most premium kibble options given the health benefits for your pup. Ollie’s pricing is about average in the fresh dog food space. It’s generally more expensive than The Farmer’s Dog but less expensive than Nom Nom, two of its major competitors who also offer personalized fresh-frozen dog food delivered to your door.

A huge plus for Ollie compared to The Farmer’s Dog and Nom Nom is that Ollie gives you an additional option of purchasing their dry dog food that you can mix in with their fresh food to save you some money. Ollie’s half-fresh meal plan is also a fantastic alternative if you can’t swing the cost of the full or mixed plans. Mixing in fresh food with your dog’s existing chow is still an excellent way to give her the health benefits of fresh food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog in an Ollie box with food ingredients on plates and Ollie food packaging.

Here are just a few questions pup owners often have when considering Ollie. Don’t see yours? Ask us in our comments.

Does Ollie Have Dog Treats & Supplements?

Yes, you can add treats and/or supplements to your regular shipments or pick and choose how often you want them added to your deliveries. Ollie currently offers three treat varieties ($10 per 5-oz bag): beef & sweet potato jerky, chicken & apple jerky, and sweet potato slices. Soft-chew supplements include probiotics, hip & joint, and calming ($22 for 60 chews).

When Will I Be Billed?

After your initial purchase, Ollie establishes automatic billing and shipping. Billing occurs three days before each package ships. Simply log into your account to find your billing and shipping dates. You can’t make any changes to your order or delivery dates once you’re charged. In general, delivery options range from every two to eight weeks. If you have enough freezer space, setting up less frequent deliveries is an excellent way to cut down on packaging waste.

Once I Sign Up, Is My Subscription Flexible?

Yes, Ollie subscriptions are quite flexible. After your first purchase, all you have to do is go into your account to make any changes you want. You can adjust your recipe choices and the delivery frequency. You can also reschedule your next delivery to arrive sooner or later or pause, skip, or cancel your subscription any time before they process your next shipment.

How Do I Store The Food?

Because their food is fresh without any preservatives, you’ll need to store your food in the refrigerator or freezer once you receive it. (Food is shipped frozen in boxes with dry ice and insulation.) According to Ollie’s website, unopened food packets can last as long as six months in your freezer. However, once it’s thawed and in the fridge, you’ll need to use it within four days.

Alternatives To Ollie

You may want to see how Ollie compares to your other options in our reviews of the best fresh dog food brands. But if you’re still not sure that fresh food fits in with your budget, we have plenty of other recommendations for high-quality, all-natural dog food. Our reviews of the best dog food delivery services also include shelf-stable dehydrated dog food, premium kibble, and more.

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