Pet Assure Reviews: How To Save 25% On Vet Bills

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Pet Assure offers veterinary discounts and wellness plans for your dogs and cats. The vet discount plan is primarily available through your employer (although we have a link for individuals to purchase through), but the Mint Wellness plans are available online today. Find out if Pet Assure’s Mint Wellness plan can benefit your pet.

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Pet Assure Review


Our investigation of Pet Assure reveals overwhelmingly positive feedback. The company has been operational since 1995, and they appear to be well-organized. However, selecting Pet Assure instead of pet insurance entails a certain amount of risk. If an emergency arises or your pet becomes unexpectedly ill, you will probably have to pay a considerable amount out-of-pocket with Pet Assure.

Our team rates pet health plans based on several factors, including annual limits, customer service and reputation, amount of money saved, and more.

Overall Score



  • Pre-existing conditions are covered with Veterinary Discount Plan
  • Can be used with pet insurance
  • You won’t be turned down due to your pet’s age, breed or health condition
  • All medical services are covered with Veterinary Discount Plan
  • No annual limits for Veterinary Discount Plan
  • 3 Mint Wellness plan options


  • Not all vets honor the Veterinary Discount Plan, so finding a provider near you that you trust may be difficult
  • If your pet has an expensive procedure done you’ll most likely have to pay a lot more than you would with insurance

Key Features

  • All types of pets accepted: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses, reptiles, etc.
  • No age limitations or waiting periods
  • Veterinary Discount Plan and Mint Wellness are purchased separately
  • Veterinary Discount Plan
    • No exclusions or deductible
    • Covers pre-existing conditions
    • Can use it with or without your pet insurance
    • 25% discount is given at the time of service
    • Unlimited use
    • Can only be used with in-network vets, which are limited
  • Mint Wellness
    • Reimburses annual routine care costs
    • Can be used at any vet

How Does Pet Assure’s Veterinary Discount Plan Work?

  1. Find out if your employer offers this benefit
  2. Enroll in a Pet Assure plan through your employer
  3. Find an in-network veterinarian by visiting Pet Assure’s website
  4. Take your ID card to the in-network vet at the time of service
  5. Receive a discount on most in-house medical services

Pet Assure is also available directly to consumers via the link here.

What Does Pet Assure’s Veterinary Discount Plan Cover?

Pet Assure offers a 25% discount on all in-house medical services and procedures, including:

  • Dental Cleanings
  • Dental Exams and X-Rays
  • Spays & Neuters
  • Routine Care & Vaccines
  • Diabetes Management
  • Cancer Care
  • Hospitalization
  • Wellness Visits
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Allergy Treatments
  • Sick Visits
  • Emergency Care
  • Tumor Removal
  • Ultrasound
  • Parasite Screenings

Pet Assure even covers pre-existing conditions, something that pet insurance doesn’t protect. Pet Assure has the following disclaimer on its website:

Please note: You cannot combine the discount with other discounts and service packages, and there is no discount on non-medical services such as routine grooming and boarding, outsourced services such as blood work sent to a lab or an outside specialist, mileage fees and products taken home such as medications and food.

How Much Is Pet Assure Veterinary Discount Plan?

Single CatSingle DogFamilyUnlimited
Type Of PetCat, Rodent, Reptile Or Other Small AnimalDog, Horse Or Other Large Animal2-4 Pets Of Any SizeEvery Pet In Your Household
Price Per Month$9.95$11.95$16.95$21.95
Price Per Year$79$99$149$199

Examples of savings on common vet procedures:

Vet ServiceAverage Cost*Your Savings
Routine Wellness Exam$45Save $11.50
Vaccinations$118Save $29.50
Fecal Exam$57Save $14.25
In-House Lab Work$96Save $24.00
Dental Cleaning & X-Rays$475Save $118.75
Emergency Sick Exam$90Save $22.50
X-Rays$120Save $30.00
Cruciate Ligament Repair$825Save $206.25
Tumor Removal$525Save $131.25
*Based on actual vet bills of Pet Assure members

Promo Code

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What Is Mint Wellness By Pet Assure?

Routine care is critical to keep your pet’s health in tip-top shape. Pet Assure offers three Mint Wellness plans for you to choose from in the table below. The table below shows the amount allotted for each wellness care item with the number eligible in parenthesis.

Price Per Month$18$34$57
Wellness Visit$100 (1 visit)$100 (1 visit)$200 (2 visits)
Vaccinations$100 (2)$150 (3)$200 (4)
1 Routine Bloodwork Test$100$100$100
1 Fecal Test/Urinalysis (up to $50)checkmark
1 Fecal Test (up to $50)checkmarkcheckmark
1 Urinalysis (up to $50)checkmarkcheckmark
1 Dental (up to $100)checkmark
Maximum Reimbursed Annually$350$650$1,100

Pet Assure vs Pet Insurance

Pet insurance protects you when your pet gets injured or becomes ill unexpectedly. These types of emergencies can be extremely expensive. With Pet Assure, if your pet has an $8,000 surgery, you’re still out $6,000 because you only get a 25% discount, whereas, with pet health insurance, your vet bill is completely covered minus the deductible and copay. Learn more about pet insurance and if it’s worth it for your pet.

Pet Assure is cheaper than pet insurance at first glance, but if your dog or cat has a terrible accident or is diagnosed with a serious illness, you will likely have to fork over more money than you would with insurance. 

However, there are certain circumstances where Pet Assure might be a better option than pet insurance. For example, if your dog or cat has a pre-existing condition, then insurance won’t cover related cases. This is especially true if that condition is chronic and will require many vet visits over a long period.

Pet Assure and pet insurance can work together to help fill gaps that the other one doesn’t cover. Use our free tool below to get multiple pet insurance quotes instantly.

How Do The Two Work Together?

This is an example of how a bill may work for someone with Pet Assure and pet insurance.

Let’s say you receive a $1,000 vet bill for an accident or illness. Pet Assure covers 25% of that bill for in-house medical services, which is $250. The remaining bill is $750.

Your pet insurance carrier would then apply the deductible (let’s say $100 per your policy) once you submit your claim and then they would reimburse you the percentage outlined in your policy (let’s say 100% for easy math).

In this case, the customer only pays their deductible of $100 for the original $1,000 vet bill because $250 was discounted at the vet’s office by Pet Assure and the remaining $650 was reimbursed by insurance.

Pet Assure, Pet Insurance Or Both?

Everything in our research for Pet Assure Reviews seems positive. They’ve been in business since 1995 and they seem to have their act together but choosing Pet Assure over pet insurance is risky. In case of an emergency or an unexpected illness, you’ll most likely end up paying a lot more out-of-pocket with Pet Assure.

However, Pet Assure is an option to consider if you really can’t afford pet insurance or if you get it for a good price from your employer. It can also be a good supplement if your insurance has a lot of exclusions. To learn more, read our articles on the best pet insurance or other pet insurance alternatives

Why Trust Canine Journal?

Canine Journal has been covering the topic of pet insurance and other vet cost-saving alternatives since 2012, well before other conglomerates discovered the rising popularity of health care for our pets. Many of our authors have personal experience with pet insurance, including Kimberly Alt, who worked closely with Pet Assure to deliver accurate, in-depth information to you about Pet Assure’s offerings. Kimberly has been Canine Journal’s go-to author for pet insurance and their alternatives for over a decade, having written about nearly every possible facet related to vet cost-saving options.

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