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Pet insurance isn’t just for cats and dogs. Do you have a rabbit as a pet and want to protect your wallet from potentially high emergency vet bills? You’re not alone!

More households are adopting bunnies as pets, but only one company currently offers insurance plans to cover them. Compare rabbit insurance below to see if it’s a good fit for you and your furry pal.

How Does Pet Rabbit Insurance Work?

Similar to standard pet insurance, pet insurance for rabbits covers unexpected visits to the vet that are subject to the insurance plan you pay for. Items that may be covered for your rabbit include accidents, illnesses, examinations, lab fees, prescriptions, x-rays, hospitalization, and more.

Rabbits require care that’s different from dogs and cats, so you may need a specialized vet, likely increasing your vet care bill. Rabbit pet insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that if something bad happens to your bunny, you won’t be left paying a gigantic vet bill. Instead, you can focus on being with your rabbit and giving them the love they need.

Which Companies Offer Rabbit Insurance?

Not all pet insurance companies offer rabbit health insurance. In fact, Nationwide is the only one to offer insurance for rabbits in the United States.

Below is a rabbit insurance comparison table of the 13 major pet insurance companies, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association1, and the types of pet insurance each offers.

Crum & ForsterCheckmarkCheckmark
Embrace Pet InsuranceCheckmarkCheckmark
Figo Pet InsuranceCheckmarkCheckmark
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & FoundationCheckmarkCheckmark
MetLife Pet InsuranceCheckmarkCheckmark
Nationwide Pet InsuranceCheckmarkCheckmarkChameleons, Geckos, Iguanas, Lizards, Snakes, Tortoises, TurtlesAmphibians, Chinchillas, Ferrets, Gerbils, Goats, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Hedgehogs, Mice, Opossums, Potbellied pigs, Rats, Sugar glidersCheckmarkCheckmark
PetHealth Inc.CheckmarkCheckmark
Petline InsuranceCheckmarkCheckmark
Pets Best InsuranceCheckmarkCheckmark
Pets Plus UsCheckmarkCheckmark


  • Crum & Forster includes: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Hartville Pet Insurance, PetPremium Pet Health Insurance, Prudent Pet, Spot Pet Insurance, Liberty Mutual Pet Insurance
  • Embrace Pet Insurance includes: Embrace, USAA, Geico, AllState, Bolt Agency, American Family, American Modern, Nationstar Mortgage, SWBC, Armed Forces, Leasing Desk
  • PetHealth Inc. includes: 24PetWatch, Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance Programs, Petango, Petcare, PTZ Insurance Services Ltd.  
  • Petline Insurance includes: Petsecure, Desjardins, HBC, CAA, The Personal, OVMA Pet Health Insurance, Peppermint
  • PetPartners includes: PetPartners, AKC Pet Insurance and CFA Pet Insurance
  • Pets Best Insurance includes: Pets Best Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Progressive Insurance, BB&T Insurance Services

Rabbit Insurance vs Dog/Cat Insurance

Most pet insurance plans (including avian (bird), exotic, rabbit, canine (dog), and feline (cat)) from Nationwide have per-incident benefit schedules. Most cat and dog insurance from other pet insurance companies reimburse a percentage of eligible vet expenses. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by any pet insurance company.

How Much Is Rabbit Insurance?

Through Nationwide, most plans for rabbits start at about $10 per month but vary depending on the insurance plan that you select and your rabbit’s health needs. Prices are subject to change over time.

What Types Of Claims Are Most Common For Rabbits?

According to Nationwide, the most common claims submitted for rabbits include:

  • Ileus – when the bowel is unable to work normally and move waste out of the body through the intestine
  • Overgrown teeth
  • Conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye) – when the outer membrane of the eyeball and the inner eyelid is infected or irritated

In comparison, the most commonly filed claims for cats and dogs are skin allergies, ear infections, and dental disease.

Are Rabbits Exotic?

Did you know that rabbits fall under the “exotic pets” category? You can learn more about this type of pet insurance by visiting our exotic pet insurance comparison article.

Sources: [1] NAPHIA

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