Dog food for diabetic dogs?

HI My name is Tammy and I live in Israel. My dog (female) was diagnosed with diabetes. The vet said that I have to put her on a diet and give her only dog food for diabetic dogs. The only type that he told me is Hills for diabetic . My dog will not touch the dog food and I tried everything from putting little pieces of chicken or chicken soup on the dog food but she won’t touch it . She is losing weight and I wanted to know if you now of any other brand dog food for diabetic dogs you know of. My brother lives in the states so he can buy it for me and send it to me. Can you help me with this . Its urgent!!!Maybe the blue Buffalo Wilderness is okay I need a dog food low in fat with moderate fiber and low carbohydrate. and of course no sugar. I would be very thankfull if you could help me with this matter. She is a small breed she weighs 7 Kilo maybe less because of loss of weight . She will have a blood test in 2 weeks to see what her blood sugar is after she started the diet. Please help me help my dog.
-Tammy E

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Jan McBrien
Try Royal Canin Glycobalance. Comes in dry and canned. Our small dog loves it. If you are able to order from were you live it’s a great company. Our pet hated Hill’s. Hope this is helpful. Wishing you good luck our pet was diagnosed in JULY 2017. It’s been a trying time but getting better.
Hi Tammy, my minature poodle Primo was diagnosed with Diabetes going on close to a year now. It took me almost 10 months to get the right dose of insulin which controls his levels – so be patient and don’t get discouraged, this is very much a wait and see type of situation. Regarding food, that can be tricky, I initially went on the Hill’s Diet and it was okay for a while until Primo stopped eating it, I tried Nutro, Wilderness and several other brands – even Little Ceasar’s – not the best for a diabetic dog but it is more important to ensure that your dog eats than trying to get him to eat the “right thing” and stressing when he doesn’t eat. Key rule to remember – if your dog does skip a meal you skip the insulin dose until the next meal – do not stress about this, i was a basket case until I had a good chat with my vet. If he only eats 1/2 his food then only give him 1/2 the prescribed dosage. I still give my dog his treats throughout the day in addition to his food. Primo is not only diabetic, but recently lost his eyesight, and also has thyroid – so I told my vet we would have to come up with an insulin plan that allows him to enjoy his treats because life is simply to short. I tried boiling chicken breasts with veggies, he enjoyed that for while then went off it. We are now back to Little Ceaser’s and when he gets finicky I simply crumble some treats on top to entice him, or bits of bacon or anything else that will get him to eat. Also, you can try hand feeding for a while, give him a treat then several pinches of food, then treat then food – after a couple of days he should be back to eating on his own. I hope this helps, remember patience is definitely the key with doggie diabetes – don’t stress, take your time, try everything, and ask your vet all the questions you need to in order to feel comforable with this experience. Hope this helps – good luck to you and your furbaby!