Tips to Cure Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

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Dog laying on sofa sickNormally dogs will eat grass to cleanse out their system – this is the natural method to cure your dog’s upset stomach. However, at times this won’t do the trick, or your dog won’t even feel like eating grass. In this case, it can help to give your dog a little bit of Pepto-Bismol or Pepcid crushed and mixed with water (the amount will depend on your dog’s weight – consult your veterinarian). It is possible that the manufacturers of these products may change their formulas over time and they may not be as safe as they once were for pups so, as with any treatment, always consult a vet before proceeding with treatment. If you are concerned about the costs of treating your pet each time you visit the vet, you might want to consider pet insurance.

Watch this video to learn the benefits of getting pet insurance and how it can help your dog and their upset tummy (plus your pocketbook) in the future.

Tips to Cure Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

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Here are a few things you can try at home before seeking medical attention.

Keep Your Pup Hydrated

One of the most important things is to keep your pup hydrated at all times. This is especially important if they are experiencing diarrhea. With diarrhea, they may very quickly (within hours) become dehydrated, as they will lose water that they would retain under normal conditions.

Don’t assume that you can prevent dehydration by offering water to your furry pet. Your pet also needs electrolytes and vitamins in order to retain fluids. One possible solution to this dilemma is to use Pedialyte. You can obtain a dry mixture made for animals by going to your nearest farming store. The packet is mixed with water, and then fed to the dog. If your dog does not improve quickly though, do not continue to try self-treating. Dehydration in dogs can quickly progress from a passing concern to one of possible organ failure and even death. So, please if your dogs symptoms last more than 24 hours, take him to the vet immediately for treatment.

Check Your Dog’s Temperature

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Also take your dog’s temperature. We recommend using a rectal thermometer as it is the most accurate option. An ear thermometer is also an option but not as precise. A dog’s normal body temperature should be about 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature of 102 or higher is considered to be a fever. If the temperature is higher than 102 degrees or lower than 99 degrees, you should go to the vet or emergency vet hospital immediately to find out the cause. Note that the Pepto-Bismol or Pepcid may make your dog’s stool darken quite a bit – this is not a reason for alarm.

Find Out What Your Dog Ate

Looking for clues may help the vet’s diagnosis of your situation. If any of your house plants have been nibbled on that’s a sure red flag as many house plants are toxic to dogs. Also check the trash bags and cans around your home for signs of scavengers. And be sure to reference our list of foods not to feed dogs.

Ways to Help Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

Here are a few products you can try out that have proven to be successful for other sick pups.

DiarRice for Dogs

DiarriceView DiarRice on Amazon

Rice is a natural remedy for symptoms of diarrhea for humans, but pups can’t digest it as well and therefore it could further upset their stomach. However, DiarRice is a rice-based probiotic that has all the same soothing properties of rice in a format that is easily digestible and tastes like chicken. You can mix with either wet food or dry food (adding a little water). DiarRice should start doing the trick immediately so if you don’t see signs of improvement right away you should seek further medical attention.


PedialyteView Pedialyte on Amazon

If your dog still isn’t feeling well and you wish to feed it Pedialyte or some other mixture that will help prevent dehydration, you’re going to need a syringe (without a needle) and a towel. Your dog isn’t going to want to be fed anything, just as you don’t want to eat when you don’t feel good. Because of this, you may need some assistance when feeding your dog.

After filling the syringe with the mixture to be used, lay the dog on its side. Open the mouth of the dog and use the syringe to inject the fluid down the dog’s throat. If the dog still doesn’t want to swallow the mixture, massage the throat to prompt the swallowing response. Another method is to inject the mixture inside the back of the cheek of the dog. Again, massage the throat as needed for swallowing. If you choose to use the cheek method, watch for liquid to come out the other side of the mouth as sometimes dogs will simply let the liquid drain out if they don’t have the energy or urge to swallow.

Natural Remedies To Cure Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

If you prefer not giving your dog human medications there are other natural home treatments that can do the trick. However, these may not be the best cure for your dog, so make sure you check with your veterinarian before proceeding.

Some natural home remedies include:

  • Banana baby food
  • Rice with boiled chicken (boneless and no salt or seasonings added) – Exact portion can vary by dog, we suggest starting with a half cup of cooked rice and about 4 ounces of chicken. If your dog isn’t drinking water, add some water to the mixture as well.

Do not use hamburger meat – this is a fairly common recommendation on bulletin boards, but the fact is the meat is too greasy and will not help your dog’s upset stomach (nor is it healthy for your dog).

No matter what you choose, however, make sure your dog stays well hydrated. The point of the grass is to make your dog vomit, to clear out whatever is upsetting his or her stomach. For more serious situations, your best bet is to limit food intake, keep getting your dog water, and take them to the vet.

What Causes Dogs To Get An Upset Stomach?

You might be curious to know what caused the upset stomach to begin with? Here are some possible causes and why.

Changing Your Dog’s Food

Although dogs will eat most anything you put in front of them, their stomachs don’t always agree to this free for all type of consumption. One of the most likely causes for an upset stomach is a change in diet. You can’t assume that they have eaten something unhealthy either. Sometimes they get an upset stomach from something as simple as a change in brands or flavors of dog food. If this isn’t the cause, you might start searching for another reason, such as an illness.

So make sure you still have some of your dog’s current food to allow time for the transition. Over the course of about a week, slowly start mixing in more and more of the new food into less and less of the current food until the transition is complete. Read our article on changing dog food for more specific details. Go slow and keep an eye on your dog while changing food to make sure he remains healthy. And make sure your dog doesn’t eat too fast as that can also cause result in an upset tummy. Consult your vet if you have any questions during this process of changing dog food or run into any health concerns.


Dogs (and especially young pups) are very susceptible to occurrences of dehydration, much the way humans are. If you notice that your dog has diarrhea or doesn’t seem to have an appetite or be interested in drinking his or her water, then your dog is taking the first step towards dehydration.

You can check to see if your dog is already dehydrated by assessing the appearance of his or her skin and gums. If you lift the lip of your dogs, the gums should be coated with a shiny wet film. If not, then he or she may be dehydrated. To check the skin to see if your dog is dehydrated, squeeze the skin behind the neck as if you were going to pick your dog up as his or her mother would. Release the skin. If the skin stays in the pinched position, your dog is dehydrated. If it automatically goes back to lying flat on the neck, your dog is not dehydrated. This is the same method used to check humans. If you’ve ever had someone pinch the skin on your hand and then watch to see if it goes back to its original form, you have experienced the same kind of dehydration test.

Dangers of an Upset Stomach

Aside from the fact that our dog is likely to be uncomfortable and even in pain, the upset stomach may be a symptom of an underlying issue. Your dog may have something as mild as the flu or as life threatening as the Parvo virus. If your dog has a bacterial infection or a virus, they are likely to show other signs along with the upset stomach. Should the condition persist, the most dangerous threat is likely to be dehydration. This occurs when the body is unable to retain fluids. Water makes up around 75% of the body weight of dogs, but even consuming large amounts of water may not be enough to prevent dehydration in your dog.

If You Have an Emergency, Call The Vet

If your dog is very ill and you cannot figure out how to help him, please call the vet. No website can match the help that a trained veterinarian and an actual in-person physical exam to determine the best plan of treatment and help guide you through this difficult time. And if you don’t already have pet insurance, you should get it as it can help save you money at the vet (in addition to saving your dog’s life).

As dog owners ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to see your pup suffer so we sure do hope your dog is feeling better soon.

Do you have other treatments that you have tried successfully to get your dog on its way to recovery?

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My dog is throwing up an now the only thang coming up is a greenish slime substance
Kimberly Alt
Have you called your vet?
julie deboer
My dog drank out of a paint rinse bucket. should i give him tums or charcoal of some sorts
My dog is a small Yorkier ,his not eating and have dyrhea…
I have a 5 month old great Dane/lab mix and today she chewed up a diaper and now will not eat or drink. I’m giving her fluids thru syringe and gave her Pepto and also pumpkin but she still won’t eat or drink willingly. Any ideas of whether or not the diaper done this to her?
Kimberly Alt
I would assume the diaper is causing her issues unless there is something else she ingested that is out of the ordinary. However, I am not a licensed veterinarian. I suggest calling your vet and making sure there isn’t something more serious going on. Hope she gets back to her normal self soon!!
My dog Motely has had a really bad stomach problems every since she had her first cancer surgery on her breast. I noticed it immediately afterwards lots of gurgling and stuff. I figured it would go away but it hasn’t. She’s super thirsty all the time constantly begging for treats and she’s losing weight. I’m really concerned for her. At this point I just don’t have any more money to go to the vet. I don’t have any more credit cards available either. I don’t think it’s change in diet at all because nothing has changed. She also seems pretty lethargic all the time. Other than she sure constantly wanting treats. Because she’s hungry all the time is the only reason I haven’t become more alarmed than I already am. If she stops eating then I’ll get really concerned. She also has terrible gas
Kimberly Alt
Hi Rhonda, it sounds like something could be wrong with your dog. I’m having difficulties wording this, so I apologize if it comes across as too blunt or “not my place.” It’s clear that you care a great deal about your dog. You most likely spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on surgery for your dog, so she could be with you longer and be pain free. Unfortunately, it sounds like there is still an issue with her health and she is living in discomfort.

You and your dog have not been able to reap the rewards of her surgery because she is now dealing with this other issue. I can’t say exactly what this issue is, but it sounds like it was brought on as a result of the surgery.

I completely understand that finances are a struggle and I’m so sorry that they are a factor here. However, I think if you called your vet and spoke to him/her about your dog they’d find it necessary to schedule an appointment. I suggest being upfront with your vet ahead of time about your financial situation, so everything is out in the open and they do not become upset when they find out you cannot pay for the service.

It’s possible that the issue has a simple fix. We hope Motley gets the care she needs and starts feeling more like herself. We will keep you both in our thoughts.

My dog has been dewormed and every time i keep her in the house she does just fine. She gains weight but soon as i let her play outside she stops eating and starts to lose weight. What’s wrong with her?
Kimberly Alt
Are you leaving her outside for days? She could be running around so much that she’s just not able to keep weight on. She could also be stressed when she’s outside, which would make it difficult for her to keep weight on.
Will walthuis
My dog is about 90# She just quit eating. Drinks water all the time and spits up bile. will not eat treats. Meat or canned food. J lies down and sometimes can not make it to the door to urinate. On the floor of course! Used to eat everything.
Anita Casserly
I am fostering a big from Serbia. He’s a beautiful 4 year old mixed corgi. He’s absolutely beautiful & full of life but I’m worried because he eats well but his stool is loose & has blood in it & seems to want to stop & have a poo so many times with blood in it. I have had his anal glands squeezed, I’ve even given him a special food for dogs with sensitive stomachs & given him worming tabs but now I don’t know what to do. I am talking him to the vets but l need to know what l can do myself.
Plus l need to know what if anybody out there has ever had anything like this themselves. I am asking for your help.
Our dog is 18 yrs old, so an old senior, but he has always had a sensitive tummy. One time he got some dog food his body hated. Lots of diarrhea. One bowel was especially bloody. We Found Out dogs can get a bloody bm, when the stomach is extremely irritated. So we waited 24 hrs and gave him food we knew he could handle. If he still had a blood problem, we would take him to the vet. Fortunately, no more BLood and a few more hrs no more diarrhea. I Would try a different dog food, first. even boned chicken in Broth. If the problem continues take him to a Vet. Dogs can be allergic to dog food. There are some made with four ingrediants, that are great for your dog. Be vigilant, he might have swallowed something he shouldnt have or have a Health condition.
My dog started vomiting from the last night. I am continuously trying to make her eat or drink something, but she is not responding. I searched a lot on Google about this, and then I found your blog. Can you please suggest me what type of precautions I should take to cure my little puppy?
Hello, not to ne rude but the person feeding there dog pork and beans dont do it its hard to digest!! If its can stuff we eat it could contain seasonings that can harm you pup such as onion powder garlic powder etc . Onion can kill your dog as well as grapes chocolate etc. If your goiving your dog anykind of rawhide STOP it grows in there stomachs and its hard to digest and poo.. Try taking a piece of raw hide and drop it on some water and watch it grow and Not break down and your going to have alot of timmy problems when they grow, if they need to chew try pigs ears. .. If your pup has been 2 daus without drinking its a NO BRAINER TAKE HER/HIM TO THE VET.
Einora Karpaviciute
hello. MY pup has been havin diarhea for a couple of days now. but i dont think it’s anything serious because he’s happy and active as always. i read a couple of articles about dog idegestion and found that buckwheat might help him. im ashamed to say this.. .but im poor and i dont want to take him to the vet if its nothing serious. i have alot of buckwheat and its really yummy and helps with MY indigestion so.. can i give this to my dog to help him feel better? i really don want to take him to the vet if it’s nothing serious because it’s really expensive :(. i do care for my pup but i hope ican fix this by myself… please some advice??? thank you :))
My dog chewed and swallowed bits of plastic hanger. Now really loud gurgling Sounds, some drooling. It’s Sunday, what should I do
Einora Karpaviciute
At this case i think.. the vet.. plastic can be deadly for dogs. hope your pup gets better. cheers 🙂
I have a 16 month old Beagle who started vomiting today. Has had no bowel movement today. He did try but I can find anything. I gave him little chicken broth twice and got him to drink water twice. It’s. Been a couple hours and I can’t get him to take anything. He seems to have a belly ache. He’s restless keeps moving around occasionally whinging softly.
Daniel Whitfield
It’s unusual for my dog to experience vomiting. Is there anything i can give him. He’s a 8 yr. old Yorkie
My cocker the food lid off and are quite a bit of food…acts like hea,got a belly ache..i Have him a teaspoon of pepto…what else should I do? He seems miserable
I have a 2 month old lab puppy. He wont eat or drink now. But this morning he ate pork and beans but he threw em up. He is not eating until now. I dont know what to do. Im a new pup owner. HELP. Shoul i take him to a vet? I cri
Kimberly Alt
Yes you should take him to the vet asap.
Anelise Schoeman
We got new puppies the weekend. They had runny tummies. Took them to the vet and the vet gave them more worming medication. Gave them antibiotic injections and electrolytes and also Intestinal dog pellets. Stool got better. Had to take them back yesterday & got more antibiotics to take orally. The one puppies tummy is better but the other one is still very loose. Is the puppy still stressing or why?
A year ago my puppy had problems, antibiotics was given over and over again, watch out now my dog has auto immune disease WAY to much, my puppy may not recover and decision time may be soon. Do your research for the health of your puppy
Kristina W.
I was told about Oat Grass, that it is a good thing to help with upset stomach problems in my dogs. Has anybody tried or heard of this?
My pup went to a puppy training class & was fed little bits of string cheese as a treat about a dot in size about 15 times in class, came home & took a nap, had 3 really good size bowel movements but feels like she has to poo & dribbles pee everywhere. What could be causing this? Lactose intolerant, no more trainers giving her tiny bits of cheese. Does she have a urinary tract infection from cheese? Please advise, I am worried.
Carol Peveler
What can I use if I don’t have pepto
My shih tzu has been experiencing diarrhea for 2-3 days now, her stool is so wet and brown and she poops everywhere in the house. She’s active but I think she’s losing appetite and becoming more lethargic. I always bring her water but she doesn’t drink. Should i bring her to the vet immediately or should I treat hwr myself?
Kimberly Alt
We’re always advocates for taking pets to the vet when something is wrong. Unlike humans, our dogs aren’t able to tell us how bad they feel. We’re always on the side of “better safe than sorry.” We’d hate for something serious to be wrong with your dog and it be too late. We recommend going to the vet.
Trish Harris.
My dog is about 9mnths he is a pittbull 3days ago he started puking he can’t hold no food down he can drink water he plays some, but still lies around I can’t afford to take him to a vet, I have another dog to and if it was parvo, wouldn’t she be sick to. Please any info would be greatly appreciated! I dont want him to die. What should I do? if you
Robbi Mujar
My dog ate a chicken but after that she is not feeling well she started vomiting the food that she ate. The next day she didn’t want to eat her food also she’s weak anr always in bed. What should I do?
Kimberly Alt
You should take your dog to the vet if you think she is felling unwell or acting different. Your vet will be able to help your dog. Please let us know how it goes and we hope your dog gets better soon.
nova peniquito
my dog ate chocolate few days ago and now she’s having a diarrhea her poop is sometimes black..she doesnt want to eat anything unless its meat but she drink water sometimes…what should i do to make her feel well?
Ann Mcconville
My little Yorker has been off a few days had diarrhoea keeps eating grass which makes him sick he is normal when out for a run but in the house just want cuddles and sleep was eating and drinking but this morning refused his food still got wet nose and alert
Chantal Syc
100% Pure canned pumpkin is good for diahrrea. One tablespoon. They love it to. I keep it on hand.
Marlo Pasoz
My 2 and half year old chihuahua has a upset stomach she’s been fatigued all day she has been drinking some water she hasn’t eaten she doesn’t want to. No diarrhea and vomited twice today I’m worried any body with advise on what to do for her at home?
Kimberly Alt
Hi Marlo, have you tried giving your dog this chicken and rice meal?

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