Tips to Cure Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

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Dog laying on sofa sickNormally dogs will eat grass to cleanse out their system – this is the natural method to cure your dog’s upset stomach. However, at times this won’t do the trick, or your dog won’t even feel like eating grass. In this case, it can help to give your dog a little bit of Pepto-Bismol or Pepcid crushed and mixed with water (the amount will depend on your dog’s weight – consult your veterinarian). It is possible that the manufacturers of these products may change their formulas over time and they may not be as safe as they once were for pups so, as with any treatment, always consult a vet before proceeding with treatment. If you are concerned about the costs of treating your pet each time you visit the vet, you might want to consider pet insurance.

Watch this video to learn the benefits of getting pet insurance and how it can help your dog and their upset tummy (plus your pocketbook) in the future.

Tips to Cure Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

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Here are a few things you can try at home before seeking medical attention.

Keep Your Pup Hydrated

One of the most important things is to keep your pup hydrated at all times. This is especially important if they are experiencing diarrhea. With diarrhea, they may very quickly (within hours) become dehydrated, as they will lose water that they would retain under normal conditions.

Don’t assume that you can prevent dehydration by offering water to your furry pet. Your pet also needs electrolytes and vitamins in order to retain fluids. One possible solution to this dilemma is to use Pedialyte. You can obtain a dry mixture made for animals by going to your nearest farming store. The packet is mixed with water, and then fed to the dog. If your dog does not improve quickly though, do not continue to try self-treating. Dehydration in dogs can quickly progress from a passing concern to one of possible organ failure and even death. So, please if your dogs symptoms last more than 24 hours, take him to the vet immediately for treatment.

Check Your Dog’s Temperature

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Also take your dog’s temperature. We recommend using a rectal thermometer as it is the most accurate option. An ear thermometer is also an option but not as precise. A dog’s normal body temperature should be about 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature of 102 or higher is considered to be a fever. If the temperature is higher than 102 degrees or lower than 99 degrees, you should go to the vet or emergency vet hospital immediately to find out the cause. Note that the Pepto-Bismol or Pepcid may make your dog’s stool darken quite a bit – this is not a reason for alarm.

Find Out What Your Dog Ate

Looking for clues may help the vet’s diagnosis of your situation. If any of your house plants have been nibbled on that’s a sure red flag as many house plants are toxic to dogs. Also check the trash bags and cans around your home for signs of scavengers. And be sure to reference our list of foods not to feed dogs.

Ways to Help Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

Here are a few products you can try out that have proven to be successful for other sick pups.

DiarRice for Dogs

DiarriceView DiarRice on Amazon

Rice is a natural remedy for symptoms of diarrhea for humans, but pups can’t digest it as well and therefore it could further upset their stomach. However, DiarRice is a rice-based probiotic that has all the same soothing properties of rice in a format that is easily digestible and tastes like chicken. You can mix with either wet food or dry food (adding a little water). DiarRice should start doing the trick immediately so if you don’t see signs of improvement right away you should seek further medical attention.


PedialyteView Pedialyte on Amazon

If your dog still isn’t feeling well and you wish to feed it Pedialyte or some other mixture that will help prevent dehydration, you’re going to need a syringe (without a needle) and a towel. Your dog isn’t going to want to be fed anything, just as you don’t want to eat when you don’t feel good. Because of this, you may need some assistance when feeding your dog.

After filling the syringe with the mixture to be used, lay the dog on its side. Open the mouth of the dog and use the syringe to inject the fluid down the dog’s throat. If the dog still doesn’t want to swallow the mixture, massage the throat to prompt the swallowing response. Another method is to inject the mixture inside the back of the cheek of the dog. Again, massage the throat as needed for swallowing. If you choose to use the cheek method, watch for liquid to come out the other side of the mouth as sometimes dogs will simply let the liquid drain out if they don’t have the energy or urge to swallow.

Natural Remedies To Cure Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

If you prefer not giving your dog human medications there are other natural home treatments that can do the trick. However, these may not be the best cure for your dog, so make sure you check with your veterinarian before proceeding.

Some natural home remedies include:

  • Banana baby food
  • Rice with boiled chicken (boneless and no salt or seasonings added) – Exact portion can vary by dog, we suggest starting with a half cup of cooked rice and about 4 ounces of chicken. If your dog isn’t drinking water, add some water to the mixture as well.

Do not use hamburger meat – this is a fairly common recommendation on bulletin boards, but the fact is the meat is too greasy and will not help your dog’s upset stomach (nor is it healthy for your dog).

No matter what you choose, however, make sure your dog stays well hydrated. The point of the grass is to make your dog vomit, to clear out whatever is upsetting his or her stomach. For more serious situations, your best bet is to limit food intake, keep getting your dog water, and take them to the vet.

What Causes Dogs To Get An Upset Stomach?

You might be curious to know what caused the upset stomach to begin with? Here are some possible causes and why.

Changing Your Dog’s Food

Although dogs will eat most anything you put in front of them, their stomachs don’t always agree to this free for all type of consumption. One of the most likely causes for an upset stomach is a change in diet. You can’t assume that they have eaten something unhealthy either. Sometimes they get an upset stomach from something as simple as a change in brands or flavors of dog food. If this isn’t the cause, you might start searching for another reason, such as an illness.

So make sure you still have some of your dog’s current food to allow time for the transition. Over the course of about a week, slowly start mixing in more and more of the new food into less and less of the current food until the transition is complete. Read our article on changing dog food for more specific details. Go slow and keep an eye on your dog while changing food to make sure he remains healthy. And make sure your dog doesn’t eat too fast as that can also cause result in an upset tummy. Consult your vet if you have any questions during this process of changing dog food or run into any health concerns.


Dogs (and especially young pups) are very susceptible to occurrences of dehydration, much the way humans are. If you notice that your dog has diarrhea or doesn’t seem to have an appetite or be interested in drinking his or her water, then your dog is taking the first step towards dehydration.

You can check to see if your dog is already dehydrated by assessing the appearance of his or her skin and gums. If you lift the lip of your dogs, the gums should be coated with a shiny wet film. If not, then he or she may be dehydrated. To check the skin to see if your dog is dehydrated, squeeze the skin behind the neck as if you were going to pick your dog up as his or her mother would. Release the skin. If the skin stays in the pinched position, your dog is dehydrated. If it automatically goes back to lying flat on the neck, your dog is not dehydrated. This is the same method used to check humans. If you’ve ever had someone pinch the skin on your hand and then watch to see if it goes back to its original form, you have experienced the same kind of dehydration test.

Dangers of an Upset Stomach

Aside from the fact that our dog is likely to be uncomfortable and even in pain, the upset stomach may be a symptom of an underlying issue. Your dog may have something as mild as the flu or as life threatening as the Parvo virus. If your dog has a bacterial infection or a virus, they are likely to show other signs along with the upset stomach. Should the condition persist, the most dangerous threat is likely to be dehydration. This occurs when the body is unable to retain fluids. Water makes up around 75% of the body weight of dogs, but even consuming large amounts of water may not be enough to prevent dehydration in your dog.

If You Have an Emergency, Call The Vet

If your dog is very ill and you cannot figure out how to help him, please call the vet. No website can match the help that a trained veterinarian and an actual in-person physical exam to determine the best plan of treatment and help guide you through this difficult time. And if you don’t already have pet insurance, you should get it as it can help save you money at the vet (in addition to saving your dog’s life).

As dog owners ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to see your pup suffer so we sure do hope your dog is feeling better soon.

Do you have other treatments that you have tried successfully to get your dog on its way to recovery?

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Since the day she was born, Michelle has lived in a home full of dogs and dog lovers. Her home is no exception with two adorable rescue pups of her own, Bella and Lily. Their unconditional love and never ending tail wags make every day brighter.

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My dog Motely has had a really bad stomach problems every since she had her first cancer surgery on her breast. I noticed it immediately afterwards lots of gurgling and stuff. I figured it would go away but it hasn’t. She’s super thirsty all the time constantly begging for treats and she’s losing weight. I’m really concerned for her. At this point I just don’t have any more money to go to the vet. I don’t have any more credit cards available either. I don’t think it’s change in diet at all because nothing has changed. She also seems pretty lethargic all the time. Other than she sure constantly wanting treats. Because she’s hungry all the time is the only reason I haven’t become more alarmed than I already am. If she stops eating then I’ll get really concerned. She also has terrible gas
Kimberly Alt
Hi Rhonda, it sounds like something could be wrong with your dog. I’m having difficulties wording this, so I apologize if it comes across as too blunt or “not my place.” It’s clear that you care a great deal about your dog. You most likely spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on surgery for your dog, so she could be with you longer and be pain free. Unfortunately, it sounds like there is still an issue with her health and she is living in discomfort.

You and your dog have not been able to reap the rewards of her surgery because she is now dealing with this other issue. I can’t say exactly what this issue is, but it sounds like it was brought on as a result of the surgery.

I completely understand that finances are a struggle and I’m so sorry that they are a factor here. However, I think if you called your vet and spoke to him/her about your dog they’d find it necessary to schedule an appointment. I suggest being upfront with your vet ahead of time about your financial situation, so everything is out in the open and they do not become upset when they find out you cannot pay for the service.

It’s possible that the issue has a simple fix. We hope Motley gets the care she needs and starts feeling more like herself. We will keep you both in our thoughts.

My dog has been dewormed and every time i keep her in the house she does just fine. She gains weight but soon as i let her play outside she stops eating and starts to lose weight. What’s wrong with her?
Kimberly Alt
Are you leaving her outside for days? She could be running around so much that she’s just not able to keep weight on. She could also be stressed when she’s outside, which would make it difficult for her to keep weight on.
Will walthuis
My dog is about 90# She just quit eating. Drinks water all the time and spits up bile. will not eat treats. Meat or canned food. J lies down and sometimes can not make it to the door to urinate. On the floor of course! Used to eat everything.
Anita Casserly
I am fostering a big from Serbia. He’s a beautiful 4 year old mixed corgi. He’s absolutely beautiful & full of life but I’m worried because he eats well but his stool is loose & has blood in it & seems to want to stop & have a poo so many times with blood in it. I have had his anal glands squeezed, I’ve even given him a special food for dogs with sensitive stomachs & given him worming tabs but now I don’t know what to do. I am talking him to the vets but l need to know what l can do myself.
Plus l need to know what if anybody out there has ever had anything like this themselves. I am asking for your help.
My dog started vomiting from the last night. I am continuously trying to make her eat or drink something, but she is not responding. I searched a lot on Google about this, and then I found your blog. Can you please suggest me what type of precautions I should take to cure my little puppy?
Hello, not to ne rude but the person feeding there dog pork and beans dont do it its hard to digest!! If its can stuff we eat it could contain seasonings that can harm you pup such as onion powder garlic powder etc . Onion can kill your dog as well as grapes chocolate etc. If your goiving your dog anykind of rawhide STOP it grows in there stomachs and its hard to digest and poo.. Try taking a piece of raw hide and drop it on some water and watch it grow and Not break down and your going to have alot of timmy problems when they grow, if they need to chew try pigs ears. .. If your pup has been 2 daus without drinking its a NO BRAINER TAKE HER/HIM TO THE VET.
Einora Karpaviciute
hello. MY pup has been havin diarhea for a couple of days now. but i dont think it’s anything serious because he’s happy and active as always. i read a couple of articles about dog idegestion and found that buckwheat might help him. im ashamed to say this.. .but im poor and i dont want to take him to the vet if its nothing serious. i have alot of buckwheat and its really yummy and helps with MY indigestion so.. can i give this to my dog to help him feel better? i really don want to take him to the vet if it’s nothing serious because it’s really expensive :(. i do care for my pup but i hope ican fix this by myself… please some advice??? thank you :))
My dog chewed and swallowed bits of plastic hanger. Now really loud gurgling Sounds, some drooling. It’s Sunday, what should I do
Einora Karpaviciute
At this case i think.. the vet.. plastic can be deadly for dogs. hope your pup gets better. cheers 🙂
I have a 16 month old Beagle who started vomiting today. Has had no bowel movement today. He did try but I can find anything. I gave him little chicken broth twice and got him to drink water twice. It’s. Been a couple hours and I can’t get him to take anything. He seems to have a belly ache. He’s restless keeps moving around occasionally whinging softly.
Daniel Whitfield
It’s unusual for my dog to experience vomiting. Is there anything i can give him. He’s a 8 yr. old Yorkie
My cocker the food lid off and are quite a bit of food…acts like hea,got a belly ache..i Have him a teaspoon of pepto…what else should I do? He seems miserable
I have a 2 month old lab puppy. He wont eat or drink now. But this morning he ate pork and beans but he threw em up. He is not eating until now. I dont know what to do. Im a new pup owner. HELP. Shoul i take him to a vet? I cri
Kimberly Alt
Yes you should take him to the vet asap.
Anelise Schoeman
We got new puppies the weekend. They had runny tummies. Took them to the vet and the vet gave them more worming medication. Gave them antibiotic injections and electrolytes and also Intestinal dog pellets. Stool got better. Had to take them back yesterday & got more antibiotics to take orally. The one puppies tummy is better but the other one is still very loose. Is the puppy still stressing or why?
A year ago my puppy had problems, antibiotics was given over and over again, watch out now my dog has auto immune disease WAY to much, my puppy may not recover and decision time may be soon. Do your research for the health of your puppy
Kristina W.
I was told about Oat Grass, that it is a good thing to help with upset stomach problems in my dogs. Has anybody tried or heard of this?
My pup went to a puppy training class & was fed little bits of string cheese as a treat about a dot in size about 15 times in class, came home & took a nap, had 3 really good size bowel movements but feels like she has to poo & dribbles pee everywhere. What could be causing this? Lactose intolerant, no more trainers giving her tiny bits of cheese. Does she have a urinary tract infection from cheese? Please advise, I am worried.
Carol Peveler
What can I use if I don’t have pepto
My shih tzu has been experiencing diarrhea for 2-3 days now, her stool is so wet and brown and she poops everywhere in the house. She’s active but I think she’s losing appetite and becoming more lethargic. I always bring her water but she doesn’t drink. Should i bring her to the vet immediately or should I treat hwr myself?
Kimberly Alt
We’re always advocates for taking pets to the vet when something is wrong. Unlike humans, our dogs aren’t able to tell us how bad they feel. We’re always on the side of “better safe than sorry.” We’d hate for something serious to be wrong with your dog and it be too late. We recommend going to the vet.
Trish Harris.
My dog is about 9mnths he is a pittbull 3days ago he started puking he can’t hold no food down he can drink water he plays some, but still lies around I can’t afford to take him to a vet, I have another dog to and if it was parvo, wouldn’t she be sick to. Please any info would be greatly appreciated! I dont want him to die. What should I do? if you
Robbi Mujar
My dog ate a chicken but after that she is not feeling well she started vomiting the food that she ate. The next day she didn’t want to eat her food also she’s weak anr always in bed. What should I do?
Kimberly Alt
You should take your dog to the vet if you think she is felling unwell or acting different. Your vet will be able to help your dog. Please let us know how it goes and we hope your dog gets better soon.
nova peniquito
my dog ate chocolate few days ago and now she’s having a diarrhea her poop is sometimes black..she doesnt want to eat anything unless its meat but she drink water sometimes…what should i do to make her feel well?
Ann Mcconville
My little Yorker has been off a few days had diarrhoea keeps eating grass which makes him sick he is normal when out for a run but in the house just want cuddles and sleep was eating and drinking but this morning refused his food still got wet nose and alert
Chantal Syc
100% Pure canned pumpkin is good for diahrrea. One tablespoon. They love it to. I keep it on hand.
Marlo Pasoz
My 2 and half year old chihuahua has a upset stomach she’s been fatigued all day she has been drinking some water she hasn’t eaten she doesn’t want to. No diarrhea and vomited twice today I’m worried any body with advise on what to do for her at home?
Kimberly Alt
Hi Marlo, have you tried giving your dog this chicken and rice meal?
janasia eskridge
my dog she is a blue nose pitbull, she wont eat or drink, and i think its because she ate grass when i took her outside to use the restroom so what should i do,,,she just stay in one place plz give me some advice plz plz plz
Kimberly Alt
Dog’s sometimes eat grass when their tummies hurt. It’s possible her tummy hurt before you let her outside. If she continues to not eat or drink you should contact your vet.
My pitbull cross lab puppy is almost 6 months old she got sick she vomit now she won’t drink or eat what can I do to make her eat or drink
Kimberly Alt
You should take your dog to the vet to get her feeling better. Hope she recovers quickly.
Our pug is 10 yrs old, just laying around,not eating, hardly drinking, won’t eat treats or any of his favorite table food. He has Lyme’s disease for a couple of years now, could he just have the flu , nose is dry, a couple of days ago he was coughing day and night but now he stopped. Not having any trouble breathing. I will end up taking him to the vet tomorrow, is their anything I could do for him now
Kimberly Alt
I think taking him to the vet is the best you can do for him now. Please keep us posted on how the visit goes. We are hoping for a speedy recovery for your dog.
My dog just had 8 puppies last wensday, the last three days her poop has been runny.. I read that you could give them rice and egg yoke, to help with nutrients for her, so I have been doing that along with her dog food. Is this cause it??? concerned
Why would you do that to your dog? Spay her! Irresponsible owner. Seriously dude! Are you going to sell the 8 puppies to make money? Obviously you don’t know s*** about what your doing. Take her to the vet reading s*** online isn’t going to help so concerned? Don’t breed your dog you a** head! How about you spay your dog you idiot.
patty you don’t know if she is breeding for money her dog may have gotten pregnant quit judging
Sophie's mom
Wow!!! I believe you are the A**hole!! How do you know she is breeding them for money? How do you know they are breeding the dog at all? How do you know that they didn’t provide a happy, healthy, safe home for all 8 puppies and momma? Assumption will get you nowhere my very rude friend!!!
Sophie\'s mom
Wow!!! I believe you are the A**hole!! How do you know she is breeding them for money? How do you know they are breeding the dog at all? How do you know that they didn’t provide a happy, healthy, safe home for all 8 puppies and momma? Assumption will get you nowhere my very rude friend!!!
Dog mom
If everyone spayed their dogs right away, there wouldn’t be anymore dogs. Just stop judging people before you know.
Ruff Rufus
And the pounds wouldn’t be full of unwanted dogs, and dogs dying because of over crowding. Rescues wouldn’t be overwhelmed.
Patty you are really rude and you don’t know the circumstances. Opinionated people like you should never breed either.
Chantal Syc
100% canned pumpkin a couple tablespoons will do the trick. They love the taste too. I keep it on hand
My bezer is 4 years old and has an upset tummy and very bad gas. Is there something I can do to help my baby girl. She is a German shepherd husky mix. Any suggestion would be helpful.
I have a heeler-jack russell mix she has spells where she has upset stomach and gas really bad. My vet told me I could give her a gas-x for the gas and it has helped her with the gas and the upset stomach she weighs 38 pounds and the dose was 12mg of gas-x for her weight I give it to her at the first signs of problems starting.
Hi, I have a 13y/o shih-tzu, she has been sick for a few days now. First sneezing then no appetite and just lying around. Now she drinks water and vomits the water 15-20 min. later. Any suggestions will be appreciated. thanks.
Kimberly Alt
Take your dog to the vet immediately. She needs medical attention. Good luck and keep us posted.
Mary furphy
I have a 13 year old borderline collie who have the runs an it very runne what can i give her if anything
My dutch shepherd is only 5 months old and weighs about 60 to 70 pounds and is not himself/ has stomach issues.. you can hear his stomach growling. not to mention he puked a little this morning….

What do I do? does the chicken and rice really work???

any recommendation is greatly appreciated.

Kimberly Alt
Hi Mel, I’ve personally used the chicken and rice as a solution and it has helped. I know many others who have used it as well. How is your dog feeling today?
My 3lb chihuahua 6month old puppy has been refusing to eat for almost 20 hours. I’ve tried puppy milk, sugar, homemade rice and chicken and kibble, she’s refused all. Her stomach is making small gurgling noises and she cannot find a comfortable spot. I’m so worried. Please help!
Rice water, cook 1 cup of rice with 4 cups of water until rice is cooked and soft, you can add fine shredded boiled chicken breast fillet ( fat/skin free ) no other ingredients added. feed this to your pup in small amount couple times a day, plain yogurt also good, but not too much. good luck
Valerie Stewart
I have a 15 year old Dalmatian. I went out of town for 18 days and when i went to pick her up i could see every bone on her body. She has always been very thin but this was extreme. I immediately went to the store and bought chicken, beef, ham lunch meat and more. She started eating immediately and she has been drinking a ton of water. I stayed by her side for five days straight. Throughout this period of time she had diarrhea which eventually came out blood. But as time progressed the blood went away and it seemed like she was getting better. Last night she threw up for the first time. And this morning i left her to go to work for the first time since i picked her up. She is now refusing to eat. Around 6 months ago she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. I don’t know what to do! Please help
Kimberly Alt
You should contact your vet about her current condition. Keep us posted and know that our thoughts are with you and your dog.
Larry Sanders
I have a 8 year old Rott, and he has had a upset stomach for a day in a half now, what is the best thing to give in this situation. ..Sarge Needs Help
Kimberly Alt
Sorry for the late response, Larry. Checkout this article for a recipe on what to give your dog if he has an upset tummy.
Morgan P.
My basset hound about a month ago threw up blood and was rushed to the emergency very early in the morning. They took her blood and everything came back negative, they said she looks fine. Then several days ago she produced a fever out of nowhere, next morning she was taken to the vet and again more precise tests were done and all came back negative. White blood cells look great, he thought it was Addisons disease and that also came back negative. He told us that she just has a very sensitive stomach and to keep a log on what she eats. She has been acting normal ever since after each episode. I just don’t get it and was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this? Thanks in advance.
My poor MaggieMae she is a tiny Chihuahua she’s 10 and has developed a sensitive stomach she’s on special food but it doesn’t seem to be helping can anyone suggest a good dog food for a sensitive stomach or sensitive digestion
Mary Anderson
Royal Canin Adult HP.
Has your vet check for pancreatitis
Has your vet check for pancreatitis
Is it okay to give my puppy baby aspirin?
Kimberly Alt
We suggest contacting your vet and asking this. We’d hate to tell you one way or the other and something bad happen so your dog. Let us know how it goes!
Alex Schenker
test comment for WP sync
Please help! I have adopted a dog “bully” so I do not know a lot about his history he is very thin in the back area and his spine is showing we are working on his weight. We do know he has had many UT infection and seems to be doing better over the past month but now we notice he is having large chunks of solid yellow clay/rubber looking stuff in his stool and then this morning he vomited yellow mucus with a golf ball size yellow clay/ rubber ball looking thing. On one end its very smooth and perfectly rounded. Please help I’m worried. I know it’s not any toys or things in the yard.
Kimberly Alt
You need to take him to the vet asap. This is not normal behavior and could be life threatening. The vet will know how to help. Best of luck, we are thinking of you! Let us know how it goes.
Maekala Burr
I need some advice my dog has ate some coconut oil that was mixed with sugar to make a body scrub, she isn’t ill at the moment but I’m assuming it isn’t going to agree with her. What would be the best course of action?
Im not a vet by any means, but coconut oil is actually good for their skin and coat. And if its mixed with just sugar, or even sugar and essential oils, they will probably be okay. Just watch out for diarrhea as her stomach probably wont know what to do with it.
I have a yorky Palm mix and I love him dearly. I came home from work tonight and he seemed fine till I found either throw up or diarrhea on my couch. Then I tried to feed him and he has no appetite even for his favorite human food. He doesn’t seem dehydrated. I worry he might have tried to eat something off my basement floor. I can’t think of what else he could have gotten into besides some diluted bleach on some areas of the floor. If so how bad would this affect him?
Kimberly Alt
If you think your dog got into bleach you need to take him to the vet asap.
pierette York
I bought my dog some chewing sticks made in Taiwan. It is some sort of cow hide I believe. Within a few days my little poodle was unable to stand on his back legs to reach the treat I was giving him. I stopped feeding those sticks and within 4 days he had regained the strength in his back legs. Now I only buy food and treats made in the USA. After that episode I noticed that he also gradually started to lose some hair. Even though I complained to the well known supermarket where I bought this product, they still carry it on their shelves. I guess money wins over the health of a pet! When the product mentions a distributor and you have doubts about the origin of the food call the number printed on the box and make sure the product is made in the USA. Also be aware that cat food made in China has poisoned many cats in our country.
Kimberly Alt
You may find this article to be helpful/interesting. It discusses why “Made in the USA” is so important.
My dog is having stomach cramps or something like that he’s swallowing and he really can’t handle that pain…please help.
Kimberly Alt
Take your dog to the vet to get him the help he needs.
Thank you very much it made my dog feel a lot better. At first, I thought I lost my dog but now since I saw this I had my dog back. THANK YOU!
This is an interesting story, sounds a lot like my father’s dog Rex. We found him abandoned when I was about 1-2. He didn’t wear a collar or have any background on his breed. He was an unknown dog cross between many breeds. My dad and my mum looked everywhere for the dogs owner, on websites, local stations we even put signs up but no one was in claim of the dog. Eventually my dad was in-love with him no matter how massive he was. My father owned so many huskies anyway at that time because he was working in sled dog racing. Once Rex settled in with all our other dogs Dad had named him. Rex was respondent to his name and figuring it out was pure coincidence. My dad trained Rex in sled dogs racing for a while and boy they were an amazing team. Rex and my dad were best friends. They were amazing races and won millions of times. Rex was known as one of the fastest dogs in Australia because he had mostly greyhound in him and a lot of other powerful breeds to give him that extra speed. Rex was a skinny tall black dog with floppy ears. He was furry and had a thin layer of hair. He was still beautiful. He was extremely loving as well and was sort of the role model ;”D. Cutting to the chase Rex died about 3-4 years ago. He didn’t die of old age though unlike my other dogs, he died when his stomach twisted. I was young when it all happened and don’t remember it all but I do remember most of it. My bedroom had a window connected to my backyard were my dogs were so I could see half of what was happening. My dog Tycho was barking like crazy in the middle of the night one day and my dad rushed outside to see what was wrong. My dad told me and my brother he was taking Rex to the vet and not to worry. I went back to sleep after he left and the next day I went outside to check on Rex but he wasn’t there. My dad wasn’t home either because he was still at the vet. I was young and ignored it. I sat down and remember watching Home Alone with my brother when Dad got home crying. Rex wasn’t there with him and I had no idea what was going on. I ran to the car to see Rex and he wasn’t there. My dad hugged me and told me his stomach blew up and he didn’t make it. I cried for hours and kept checking out my window every night to see him but he was never there. Itss been years but I do still love him. My other 2 huskies passed away last year from old age but I still think about all my dogs. I now have a young 10 week old puppy named Teddy who is a mini Cavoodle. He is my best friend but will never replace my other dogs. Sorry for the life story but once I started writing I couldn’t stop. Thank you so much if you were bothered to read this whole message.
Sorry for your loss even if it 2 Or 3yrs ago.
Rex sounded amazing …
Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry Madi. It’s never easy losing a dog. Rex sounds like the greatest friend you could ask for. I’m sure he loved you all as much as you loved him. I hope your relationship with Teddy can grow to be as great as your relationship with Rex was. Nothing is greater than the love of a dog. 🙂
Bryan Benson
Thank you so much for the advice. This is a male dog that was left in the forest. I found him two weeks ago he is friendly and beautiful. No one has claimed him so I will keep him. Tomorrow I will take him to the vet.
Ileana Gonzalez
I have a 3 month old Yorkie and Chihuahua mix she has an upset stomach, and she also has diarrhea, I don’t know what to do? I am a very concerned animal lover. What should I do? Some people are telling me to feed her white rice with baby food? Is that okay for a puppy? Also I’m hearing is it okay to give a puppy Pepto Bismol?
Kimberly Alt
Hi Ileana, our article above goes over everything you just mentioned. Please read and let me know if you have any further questions. Hope your pup gets to feeling better! 🙂
I just wanted to add a few things to an old albeit relatively newly active post. 🙂

First, I tried the Diggin’ brand of freeze dried pumpkin several years ago after receiving a sample at a pet boutique in SoCal. I have done a lot of dog rescue, many from the Devore shelter in San Bernardino, and the last 2 years in rural Kentucky (they’re shockingly similar, heh). Many have UTI’s, kennel cough, a slew of worms, diarrhea and so on.

Most dogs I rescued were emaciated, and I’d use a mixture of critical care formula and clinicare soft food. If they had diarrhea, just a sprinkle of the dried pumpkin in the canned food would have it cleared up in no time (a day), and it strangely worked for constipation, too. There’s also one with cranberry, which helps with UTI’s and such. A small bag lasts for ages and isn’t nearly as wasteful as having to open a can of pumpkin, or leave you feeling obligated to bake a pie, lol.

Next, I strongly recommend those administering liquids via syringe or otherwise do so with great caution as to avoid causing the animal to end up with (aspiration) pneumonia.

Also, to avoid medications for upset stomach that are sugar free, as the ingredients can be deadly for a dog.

Lastly, all dogs need and deserve a loving home; it’s not like they have control over whether they were conceived by accident or breeder-planned. Anyone who loves their dog, provides a safe environment, healthy lifestyle, and overall best care possible for their pet, and provides timely medical attention when called for; is a good pet owner, it doesn’t matter if they have a show quality Maltese, or a Heinz 57-Mega-Mutt.

Hemi 73
I have a small dog that weighs about 30 pounds. He is 12 years old and he may have a tumor because it feels like a small ball inside his tummy. It does hurt him sometimes because he yelps when he is touched or moves. I called the animal clinic to see what I can do for my dog, they told me to bring him in, which will cost me $80 just to be looked at. That’s not including medication or surgery. All they told me is to give him plenty of water and feed him some soft dog food in some water to eat. Which he is not eating either, he does go to the bathroom when he feels like it but he doesn’t move much because he is sore. I have to carry him to go to do his business, then pick him back up. I am really worried about my dog, Ginger. Need some advice please on what I should do for him.
Kimberly Alt
Taking him to the vet is what is best for him. I know how expensive it can be but it sounds like Ginger needs medical attention. A vet can help him get better and make him feel like new.
Dawn Geren
This article is true. I have asked vets before and they say that white rice, no bone chicken and no human food is good when your dog is sick. The pepto trick does actually work. They may seem groggy or sleepy, but after a little bit of rest they are back to normal. Keeping them hydrated is a must in our home.
BeeSee Maw Kay
Hi everyone, I got a puppy called Chinese crested last five months ago. Now she has vomited and has an empty tummy. She doesn’t like to eat her food, but I have no idea how to help her out of sickness. If you guys know some of the good medicine or good information to help puppy can you let me know or send the information to my email please.


Kimberly Alt
Hello, have you spoken to your vet about this? I suggest giving them a call today and explain the situation. The vet knows more about your dog and can help determine the right dog food for her. Best of luck!
Clifford Oakley Webb
Well I have gotten so much good advise from caring people. Thanks to all of you for caring enough to help. And you negative people, I really hope you stay rich, and don’t fall on hard time or lose your job and your income falls. I will pray for everyone and their pets.
Megan Earl
I’m really glad I found this post. My dog has been acting weird lately, and I think he might have a bad case of an upset stomach. After reading this post, I’m wondering if dehydration might be the culprit! He’s an outdoor dog, and we try to do a good job of keeping his water dish full, but it gets hard sometimes. Also, sometimes he doesn’t even seem to want to drink! Maybe I should bring him to the vet and get an actual diagnoses.
Has your vet check for pancreatitis
Why would you have a dog to keep it outside all the time and then actually get on here and tell people that sometimes you forget to fill his water dish
Hi everyone,
I have a 3 month old puppy named Mocha. She just recently got her vaccine shots about 5 days ago. After the shots she would no longer eat food nor drink her water. Now she’s so thin and I’m starting to get worried. We’ve already taken her to the vet but they said she has no fever. Is this a reaction due to the shots she have taken or is this a sign that tells me something is wrong? Help please.
Is Pedialyte that you buy in the grocery store for children the same that you can give to your dog?
Jessica Senechal
But what if she ate too much grass? How can you help her stomach feel better?
Sadie Cornelius
Jessica, sorry to hear your pup has been eating too much grass! Here’s an article that might help!
Debbie McLean
So what have I taken away from this? If your dog has a sick tummy you have a fifty percent chance of ever figuring out what is wrong, you have 100 percent chance of vet over charging you and more then likely giving you no help at all.

I have a very old beagle who does have tummy issues and was hoping to come across something to make him more comfy until his vet opens in the morning and all I came across was nothing. The article itself I already knew. I keep pepto in my house at all times for my dogs just like aspirin, and benadryl and gravol (not for sick tummy but to help a dog relax during fire works the pill makes them a little sleepy) and polysproin for all doggies boo boo’s all of the above are vet approved and vet has told me how to use.

I have a doxie allergic to lots including grass, lots of fun, another doxie with IVDD and my very old beagle from a breeding farm and has issues and is watched by a vet, but the vet has told me what to do in case of, and given me meds for certain things.

We have run into a vomiting issue but it’s been very hot so I did leave it a day thinking it was the heal but he is still going and I cannot calm it so I am taking him to the vet in the morning but wanted something to help until they open.

All this ended up being was heart broken people looking for help or stories to tell or people who need to grow the hell up and shut up. How dare they hold onto their pets and try to do the best they can instead of killing off the pets is the right thing.

You cruel people for killing off dogs because you are poor, shame on you. if you had any kindness in your heart tell people if you cannot afford the care of you pup and you need to have them checked out. Google the help groups in your area there are people who will help you pay for the care of your dog because they would rather see the dog stay with loving people and in good health, then fill another spot in a shelter to die a lonely sad death.

Sooo if you need help paying for your vet care Google it and there are people who will help.

Jessica DeAguero
My little dog is some kind of a mix terrier, she is 15 years old & about 17 lbs. She has had this hacking cough for quite some time now. I read on the internet about her hacking cough & it said this might have something to do with her heart. She will hack & throw up a little liquid followed by a little foam. I can’t tell you how many times she has thrown up her food on the carpet.

I finally took her to the vet & $190.00 later I walked out with a new dog food which I just couldn’t get her to eat it no mater how hard I tried…2 different kinds of pills (Clavamox & Sucralfate) which were time sensitive one to be taken on a full stomach & one on an empty stomach & these pills were twice a day! Then twice a day I was to give her a 1/2 a pill twice a day of an Acid Reducer, poor thing.

It was work for about a 1 1/2 weeks & we couldn’t take it any more she was still throwing up finally my husband said no more pills – give her the can dog food she likes I did & all was ok for a while well she starting throwing up a couple of days ago. All I gave her was the 1/2 pill of the Acid Reducer twice a day & all was ok for a while.

I hate to take her back to the Vet, our other dog has diabetes he’s a Cova-chin ( a Cavalier King Charles & Japanese Chin) What do you think is wrong with Pootsie? 🙁

To all the negative people here that say if you can’t afford a vet you shouldn’t have one. My dog just had an upset stomach so I rushed him to the 24 hour vet on a Sunday. I knew what to do but I chose to bring him in. $200 to be told to do what I already knew and I have vet insurance but was useless as it has deductible. Some of these people that are not rich would do more for their pet than one that is. Many vets are about money. They push Hills Science Diet and other crap foods to make more money. They push shots that are hurting pets because they don’t need them every year. I’m far from having money but I feed my dog 5 star food with no by-products and all the rest of junk in it. I would give my life for my dog. He is everything to me. So if you have nothing nice to say to people, go get a life.
My 7 year old chocolate lab has just started vomiting but nothing is coming up. She weighs 80 lbs. How much pepto bismal can I give her? She doesn’t want to even eat ice chips. Can someone please give me advice? I live 2 hours from an emergency vet hospital and they want an arm and a leg to see her after hours.
Bill Breeze
I have found that when my dog has an upset stomach I give her the low fat cottage cheese and her tummy is fine in 24 hours. I also give chicken broth rice. I use a chicken broth instead of water when making the rice and she usually will eat it. If you go the cottage cheese route be sure to take your dog out more than usual being it may cause diarrhea but with mine she has a small bowl of 2% cold milk and she is usually fine. Hope this helps out but I am not a vet so make sure you consult with your vet as well. – Bill
Sadie Cornelius
Thanks Bill those are great tips, we appreciate you sharing your first hand experience with what has helped your dog’s upset stomach!
Our 9 month old Vizsla has had chronic diarrhea almost since we got him. He did have worms and it was treated, but the diarrhea did not go away. It starts out good in the morning and gets worse as the day goes on. He should weigh a lot more than he does. We do pay for pet insurance, but we have still spent a fortune on testing. Right now he is on three meds, but the vet does not know what’s going on. She is hoping the meds clear up whatever he has. She also prescribed a crappy food.
Cooper is currently taking Trifexis monthly for fleas and heartworm. From what I have been reading, Trifexis can cause upset stomach like vomiting and diarrhea. I already gave it to him in May so I have to wait until it run its course. He will not be getting it in June. Instead he will be taking Flea Treats which are a Vitamin B complex vitamin so it will be good for him on so many levels, I think. Cooper is about 50 pounds so the bottle would be a 5.5 month supply. Not bad! It is supposed to repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. I have also heard about coconut oil being really good for dogs.
We will also be switching his food to raw. It’s messy but it works and it will be better for him. It’s the least amount of ingredients as well. We will also be giving him vitamins. Good vitamins aren’t cheap, but it’s cheaper than doctor visits, medication, and testing. I guess you can say we will be a taking a holistic view on all of it. Money wasted on vet bills and Cooper still has chronic diarrhea. We are going to try the natural way.
I rescued two Yorkies many years ago and they were very sickly, feet, testicles swollen, and throat swollen, could hardly breathe, terrible allergies, I saw three vets, each finally put them back on prednisone, which only worked for short periods. After walking the floor one night crying and rocking the little one, thinking I would have to put him down in the.morning, I was desperate and finally found a holistic vet, The Tree of Life, in Courtenay, 1 1/2 hrs out of town. I immediately drove out there and she was a God send, they finally got well. I also got fish carcasses from the marina and cooked them, then mixed the fish with rice, ground up veggies, and chicken broth, filled baggies with enough for a meal each and froze them. They loved it. I fed them this for a long time. They lived for many years.
My dog got sick after eating commercial pet treats. What kinds of additives would make a dog sick like that? I talked to the company and they didn’t act too helpful. Other than broth and time, does anyone know what I can do for the poor dear?
Stephanie Leach
Yesterday my dog started with some diarrhea later in the day. Then she threw up her food from the morning. I knew not to give her any more food. I could tell she was uncomfortable, not in pain but wanting out often & not being able to do anything. I let her rest and the main thing was – she was drinking water, thankfully. When outside a neighbor told me about giving her a bit of Pepto Bismol (she’s only 9 lbs. so 1/4 of the syringe.) I did that around 5:30pm and again before bed and she was good as gold all evening and never got up throughout the night. 🙂 Awhile after giving her the pepto she wanted out and we walked a bit – she was back to her prancing self. This a.m. she drank some water and I gave her a heaping tsp. of pureed pumpkin to see if that continues to work well. Pureed pumpkin has fibre & is binding. My dog sitter gives her dogs a tsp. everyday as a treat and for good health. I’ll call the vets this a.m.
I want to say thank you to you because this is my first time going through having to feel bad that my dog had a tummy ache. I want to do the best I can for my dog, and your website helped a lot. Thank you again for the great advice!
Bill Breeze
I have found over the years that cottage cheese has always helped my dogs with her stomach issues. Maybe because the cheese is light and is a bacteria already but it always eases the issues and it firms up the diarrhea associated with stomach issue. My second stand by is the chicken breast with the rice and light broth. There are only a few times I have broken an antacid tablet in half for immediate relief. Hope this helps someone out.
My one year old chihuahua is not eating or drinking water. This just started yesterday afternoon. It is now midnight and he still isn’t eating. He tries to cover up his food with his blanket. What should I do? I am on a very fixed income and have no money for a vet.
My dog doesn’t want to eat anymore. She felt bad. She’s vomiting and diarrhea with some worms. Does anyone know how I can revive her? I brought her to the vet last night and the vet advised me to confine her. But I don’t have enough money to buy a dextrose powder and antibiotics and some other medicine. We went back in our house. She’s feeling the same and not wanting to eat. What can I do? Can anyone please help me? I love my dog and I don’t want her to die. Please help.
Hello, Just a quick question: my dog has had diarrhea for 2 days now and her stomach is really grumbling. She still wants to eat her food but on here you said to give them white rice and I only have brown rice would that be ok to give her.
Rob Frost
I have a 12 yr old lab/mastiff mix and she has tons of life still. Everyone thinks she’s like 7. Well she’s been sick for about a week and hasn’t eaten the whole time. She threw up a little blood and pooped some dark tar-like stuff and now it’s green diarrhea that just leaks out. The vet has done blood tests and organ test and even checked for pyometra and parvo virus and still nothing. My bill since I first went to the ER and then a local vet will total around $3k. I don’t want to let her go since she still didn’t show any sign of old age. Today they opened her up for exploratory surgery or whatever and I’m reading in these comments that she shouldn’t be opened up. Reading this makes me scared since now I know she is in pain and looks like crap. I have never seen her this crappy before but then again it was shortly after surgery. Gotta stay positive. I need all the help I can get because i don’t know what to do!
IN reality- Vets CARE BUT…..MONEY MATTERS and BECAUSE they KNOW it’s like CHILDREN to YOU- they tend to MILK YOU DRY! Example- My dog throws up early AM.hardly PM- went to vet- just Diagnosed- WRONG-will be 3rd time back and NOW she Suggests a BLOOD TEST- OUR TIME to DRIVE, wasted GAS, wasted MONEY as each time WE pay for a ROOM- lets meet at a MOTEL and and maybe have a GOOD TIME for this amount of MONEY- anyway- MY Dog is STILL throwing up-DISCOMFORT- I as a Disabled Vet am getting SICK as MY SACRED ONLY amount is Dwindling because THEY want the MONEY MORE! She could have said on the Phone TRY this and let’s see- DOES EVERY DAMN idea HAVE to cost MONEY- what happened to their CREED? IF vets really cared- they would have PRIVET Room (s) where you could take YOUR Animal IF it need to be PUT to sleep and have a LAST PRIVET MOMENT to CRY like HELL and say GOODBY but NO- you MUST do it INSIDE the CROWDED OFFICE and become a SPECTICAL- VETS are like REAL DOCTORS- SHOW ME THE MONEY- how about THE REWARD? NO one CARES anymore BUT the WED does make it BETTER and it shows SOMEONE is WILLING to GIVE FREE INFO to HELP CURE the ANIMAL of PAIN and DISCOMFORT- NOT just the OWNER of his Bank Account!!
Sheri Gorton
Interesting comments. I can see many points of view here. It’s unfortunate that so many pet owners are disappointed in their vet care, and say most vets are money hungry. I’m sure they are out there. And where you live does change the vet care costs. Many vets take Care credit, which we always refer people to if they can’t afford an unexpected cost for their pet. Our vet Hospital in Susanville, California where I am a vet tech is pretty affordable. People come from the big cities to have pet care from us because it is much more affordable, just the basics. Our office fee is $35. Emergency is $85, a sonogram is $55.00, an x-ray is $45.00, most vaccines are $15.00. We don’t take payment, but usually will make some sort of arrangement if we know ahead of time. Our Humane Society pays $50.00 to help out low income families for spay and neuter or for emergency care. I guess we’re pretty lucky. We do live in a very small town. I’m sorry for all your sick pets not feeling well. But there are some good ideas on here. The rice/chicken/pediyliate hydration is one we use too. I see a lot of sick pets come through and it’s never easy. Do your best to vaccinate and God Bless you and your furry friends!
the problem with care credit is that you have to have some credit to get it. I have paid cash for everything thus having a low credit score and was denied carecredit. If you are in the poor range of income care credit seems to not want to help out. I can make payments but can not pay a couple hundred dollars out of pocket. right now i am not working due to surgery.

my issue is that i have an 18 month old pitt/boxer mix. she has gotten into all kinds of things in the past, including eating combat roach killer, all with no ill effects at the time. for the last 24 hours she has had some vomiting and been staying in her crate ( the door is unlocked she just stays in there) or under our bed, or behind the sofa. Now part of this is normal, as she normally goes behind the sofa after going out in the morning and will stay there for most of the day, or goes into her crate and stays in there. today she started with diarrhea but has more energy. she went outside this morning, walked around the yard then came back inside and went to her crate. the crate thing is normal for her. I am wondering if she has the flu. she does not have blood in her stool just more lethargic than normal. If she does not seem to get a little better we will take her to the vet, because a neighbors dog has parvo. Now with that said the neighbors dog was not on our place, nor was my dog roaming around. however read it can be taken to your place via shoes, and i have walked to the mailbox, and their dog runs loose everywhere in the trailer park we live.

Now a days almost no Vetenary clinics will take payments and their fees are outrages! I’m beginning to think they are just in it for the money. So are only rich people suppose to have pets now? If that is the case then their is going to be a large number of pets put to sleep in shelters. Going to the vet these days is like going to a mechanic with a car problem. It is most likely that the bill is going to be very high with a lot of miscellaneous fees.
My male Chihuahua mix is dying :'( I am financially broke. It is awful to not be abke to take them to a vet! He is suffering and in shock already. He feels cold and clammy, has shallow breaths and just defecated foul smelling watery stool with chunks of feces. I just want him to stop suffering. Please dont let this happen to your dog it is awful to hear them suffering. Please God! Ease his pain and suffering!
Sadie Cornelius
Laura, we are so sorry to hear your dog is sick! Hopefully your pup gets to feeling better soon!
9 week, 12 oz puppy is throwing up. We went to vet and his sugar was low but now has no appetite and is throwing up.
Hello there. I have a 1 year old Chihuahua and he doesn’t want to eat or drink. He just vomits. No diarrhea. It’s been 3 days and I’m worried.
Are there certain breeds of dogs that are prone to digestive issues? My American Eskimo has been a grass eater since he was a puppy. I don’t have any serious issues with him, but I have found once in a great while I will find a little patch of what appears to be vomit. This might happen once or twice a year. Other than that, he burps sometimes, so I am thinking he might just have a sensitive tummy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I keep him on the same food for at least a year now, and he enjoys it. I don’t think it is his diet.
suzzt ggh
My puppy has a bad stomach ache and is vomiting. Any ideas on what I should do?
My Chihuahua is an 8 pound male. His name is Bruiser and I’ve had him since the beginning of February this year. He was a rescue doggie. In the last couple of weeks he has begun to eat grass and vomit in the morning only. I have not changed his food lately. Although I do give him fresh apple, watermelon and a scrambled egg on occasion. I though his vomiting might be due to his being hungry in the morning and have fed him a small snack before going to bed. On those few occasions that he has vomited I have fed him a little rice with his food and will give him plain chicken when I have it. The vomiting is not everyday. His appetite is fine, he is very active, I walk him up to 4 times a day. I can’t afford to go to the vet at every turn and am looking for any advice from those that have experienced something like this. Thank you.
I’m 16 years old my dog is sick and my mom doesn’t want to help me. I worked and right now I just have $220 and my dog need to be hospitalized. I don’t want to let him die he is just 6 months I try to feed him but he even throws up water. I don’t really know what else to do with him 🙁
Take it to the vet and tell them your issues…maybe they can help even without pay. I’ve had a vet do a lot of things for me free of charge just because they loved animals so much and didn’t want it to suffer!
The current temperature in my city is 44-45 degrees. My dog has slight fever with loss in appetite with very upset stomach, like a shower of watery stool coming out. I think he is affected because of temperature. Can I give him cold stuff and ice cream to lower down the temp or any other suggestions?
Is there any vet out there that cares more about pets then their pocket book. My dogs dying because I can’t find a vet that will take payments.
Do you have a humane society or animal shelter in your area that could help you find someone?
Is there any vet out there that cares more about pets then their pocket book. My dogs dying because I can’t find a vet that will take payments.
I have a little dog 3 years old. She has an upset stomach. So I looked up how to help her and, as this page suggested, feed them rice. But also feed them boiled chicken. Do this for 4-5 days.
What the heck is wrong with you people? Trying to find out about remedies for my dog who has an upset stomach, not trying to find out about economic issues, rushing children to the doctor, and other life and rescue stories! Can’t people just respond normally without getting into discussions of who knows what? Some people would LIKE TO HELP THEIR PETS QUICKLY without having to read a bunch of nothing! Good grief!
Because this is an open forum where anyone can, and should, ask questions/respond problems they have with their pets, If you have an issue with people’s responses, remember that they are also stressed out and perhaps need to write down details/express their concerns in order to get their thoughts in order. I wish you had some more patience. Reading these stories isn’t hurting you or your time. If you are so concerned with the time to take care of your pet, perhaps a trip to the vet would be more in order, since you are in such an emergency. I wish you and your pet well. It’s been ten months since you wrote this, so I hope you have overcome all your issues.
Rhonda Willoughby-Ohl
Wow… Really??? No wonder your dog has an upset stomach… Sorry but, well, that was just plain rude! Sheesh!!
You right on track.
Can too much sweet potato cause my dog to have diarrhea? I gave my dog a sweet potato chew and she ate the whole thing in less than thirty minutes. It was the Snooks Organic sweet potato chew. It was kind of large and now she has orange diarrhea. Could the treat have caused that? 🙁
Heather, yes sweet potatoes can cause diarrhea. My dog cannot have any of those types of treats. Her system is sensitive and diarrhea will happen.
Yes. They have lots of fiber and thus can cause loose stools. She just ate too much at once. Sweet potato is also good for dogs that have diarrhea oddly enough. That can work both ways.
My 130 lb Yugoslavian Mountain Shepard mixed with a King Shepard, female was switched @a month ago to healthy weight food by iams. Had to since she was getting too fat and being a big dog I didn’t want leg etc problems for her. When she stands she is almost 6ft 5. She has been fine with her new food. She started the past few days passing gas. It smells and you can hear her. There’s no grass since we have snow. She loves it. Her tummy rumbles real loud and she won’t eat, bathroom is ok and no vomiting. Any ideas what to try? Like most, the economy is destroying lives but is no reason to get rid of an animal or as some fools say let it free. Now that’s cruel. But in truth vet bills are for some of us at this moment in life, out of reach. I do not have relatives to borrow from, I do not have decent clothes, go out, cable, or anything other. I use a cell because I have no phone and can only work part time even with health problems I can’t afford to fix. This includes a torn painful knee and seizures anyways it’s not about me it’s about my dog Meka and the vet costs. If worse came to worse I’d sell my furniture for her ( furniture is a little on the worthless side) some people find themselves on hard times but is not a reason to get rid of your loved one. I want to try home remedies first. Please don’t judge. It wasn’t like this when we first got her. She is 2 1/2 now. We are hopefully for the future but for now?? You can only stretch your income so far and some of us we even deny ourselves of medical care to when we have no choice so no mean remarks please. God bless those of you with big hearts and understanding too.
Hi, my dog is 2 years old and she has been vomiting for the past two days. We are taking her to the vet tomorrow but we wanted to know how we can help her. She’s not eating. She’s not playing. She’s just laying on the floor. Sometimes she just stands without moving, just shaking. She looks really uncomfortable. She won’t drink anything unless it’s out of my hand. I’m really worried. What can I do to make her feel better?
Monique Patterson
6 lbs Female Chihuahua having Diarrhea/Vomiting –
Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for having this website. The day before Thanksgiving I was making an apple pie and I gave my Chihuahua couple of apple strips. Also a few pecan chips fell on the floor due to a recipe to a dish I was preparing of which she had eaten as well. The next morning she started her spell of diarrhea and vomiting. Twenty four hours had passed and she had expelled all she could which then left blood in her stool. I decided to call an emergency vet hospital. The charge of just seeing her was $80.00 not to mention the cost of the diagnosis and what meds would be prescribed. I then decided to go online to obtain any information that may help and I found your Website. Afterwards I purchased a small bottle of Pepto-Bismol and a bottle of electrolyte of which you suggested. I dispensed just a small amount of the Pepto-Bismol to her and poured the electrolyte in her water bowl with chips of ice. Within hours she no longer had diarrhea and her vomiting had ceased. It’s now Saturday morning and she’s back to her normal self. Also her stool is back to normal. I did in fact continue the electrolyte and will probably for the duration of the day. Thank you again and thank you for saving me the cost of not going to the vet emergency hospital.
Luis Cebamanos
Unless you are a qualified vet, please do not do that again.
Toni Perkins
Unless you are qualified to tell people what to do, please don’t do it again Luis.

I have a Pomeranian mix puppy we found running around and it was starved and full of fleas. We cleaned him up and he was eating really good but was throwing up at times. Today he will not eat but, will drink. We gave him Pepto Bismol and this is the first day. I guess I will take him to the vet, hopefully he will eat later or tomorrow. If you have any ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Sander T.

In mammals hydration needn't always be through the mouth or even nose.

I have "seen" it done to several dehydrated children who were force hydrated through the anus. A similar but slightly larger syringe can be used to gently bring water into the last 15-20 cm of the large intestine. Water can be absorbed by the bowel lining. I have even heard about accounts of people doing the procedure with "not so clean" water, illustrating that the water used needn't even be sanitized. The lining acts as a filter in this way and works similarly as a reverse osmoses filter unit. All due respect for the use of the word reverse.

Regards, Sander

My 3 year old Lab-mix, Nicko, was not eating his food, so we switched back to the food he did like. We tried to integrate slowly, but he would not eat the new food. So we gave him his former food (small chunks Iams) and he has been throwing up 6 hours after, the food is not digested and sometimes it is runny. He seems to be the same with every day behavior, walking playing and drinking water. What can I do?
Sara Logan Wilson

Hi Julie, in a case of vomiting, diarrhea, or gastrointestinal distress, we recommend contacting your vet. They should be able to suggest a bland food alternative — like chicken and rice — to soothe your pup's stomach before easing him back into his food.


What sort of dog do you have in the picture? I really want to know. Thanks.


my dog was great this afternoon and then don't know what happened — droopy eyes, droopy ears and didn't want to walk, just laid there.


I rescued a four month old lab mix from a very abusive home back in April. In May, my husband got into an auto accident that nearly took his life, however it did take his very good paying job. We have managed to keep out head afloat with bills until I finish college. My husband is working but for crap pay, not even 1/4 what he was making, and we have our three, two-legged kids, our puppy and a snake. I believe in taking dogs to the vet to get shots much like my kids, however I do not rush my children to the doctor any time one of them gets sick at school or has the flu. Yelling at people to take their furry babies to the vet or get rid of them is wrong. I believe in healthy and natural treatments when possible, I feed all of my kids, even the snake, the best of what we can afford. Last night my puppy "baby" became ill and began getting sick. We have not changed her diet, environment or added any other stress that could cause her to react like this. Her treats and food are all homemade. I worry about Parvo but she is not lethargic or dehydrated, her stools are a normal color. My main question is has anyone tried ginger water (pulverize a ginger root and boil with water for five minutes, strain and cool, incorporate into pups regular water bowl at a 1.5 ratio) for puppy tummy problems?


I never thought of giving my dog ginger but I will try it thanks for that 'lil tidbit the only thing is Spot wont eat or drink anything other than grass but we are going to start forcing him to drink some water. Again thanks for the advice.

Regret A Vet

You are are all better off searching the internet for information. You can go to five different vets and you will get five different opinions. Because vets are so great! Pfffft!


Let's make one thing clear: Sometimes, not all dogs are adopted. We didn't go and buy our dog or get papers etc. The wiener dog we have was a pure accident; she was standing outside the back of our house one night barking her head off and would not shut up. She was disturbing the folks next door. So the neighbor brings over some food to try and hush up the dog. We didn't want the dog. We tried going to websites, called the local radio stations, no one was claiming the dog. So out of the goodness of my heart, we kept the dog. Till this day we don't know any history on our dog. We know she was neglected and possibly severely abused. We did take her to the vet once to get a rabies shot. Till then she has been just fine. Right now she does have an upset tummy so we come to get advice on what to do about our dog having an upset tummy and cure it and I read comments that you should not have a dog if you can't take care of it, etc. I even read a comment that you should just release the dog into the wild and let nature take its course.

You know, reading stuff like that just makes me lose hope for humans more and more. So what are the ones with sick animals supposed to do? Just let their animals stay sick without advice? Oh, here is an idea: How about we just take it to the pound and have the poor animal put to sleep? You know what, you folks that judge others make me sick. It's no wonder why I have lost respect for the human population as a whole. Hope you're proud of yourselves for putting other people down. 

Nancy Kizilos-Clift
I struggle with the same thing — it is the thing I myself am most judgmental about – others being judgmental. 🙂 ironic, I know. Human people often walk around as if we have owners’ manuals for each others lives. Yet if we are not compassionate and listening to each other, we have no idea what others are dealing with – one may be witnessing a MIRACLE and think it’s a SHAME, assuming the other person started where you did and not where they did.
Take heart, though – there are signs of love and generosity everywhere if you look.
Have a wonderful day!
Carole A Saulino
We had a dog show up at our house in a similar way-we nursed him back to health, took pictures, posted signs everywhere from stores to vets to shelters, animal hospitals…3 months later & getting healthy no one came to rescue him but that’s ok. He rescued us!!! He is the best thing to ever happen to our family. He became best friends & comforted our Rottie as he became ill.
Kimberly Alt
So happy to hear this turned into a positive story for both you and the dog. He is very lucky to have you as his family. 🙂
Lisa letanosky
Brian I completely agree. One must know the situation before making rude and lewd remarks. I, like you, have lost about all hope for man kind. Kind now there is the word that is missing. No one is kind anymore. No one wants to help anyone out. It basically is a dog eat dog world. How can we ever evolve if it stays this way? Any opportunity I get to help someone out, whether it be person or animal, if I can I’m there to lend a helping hand. People you may want to try and do the same from time to time. Other wise we will always be stuck in this horrible world with all this nastiness. Be good to one another and ANY pet you see.
Andrea Bykovsky
There is also this blanket assumption that “taking care” of your pet means taking it to the vet, when in reality this is not always the case. Many vet centers are known for being salespeople who push unnecessary products, procedures, and medicines onto people and upcharge them a ridiculous amount. I had a vet who prescribed my dog with antihistamines, that cost over $80. When I pressed them to tell me what it was they admitted it was chemically identical to human Claritin, and dosage-wise equally measured. Claritin costs under 15 at the store and I don’t need my dog to have his blood drawn four times in a month to get it, or pay the vet a costly fee just to walk into the office. Many vets prey on the fact that animals can’t speak and owners will do nearly anything to keep their pets healthy. What you did Brian is most definitely a rescue and an adoption, and keep searching for cures for non-serious ailments for dogs online because there is a ton of info and great tips.
Gabrielle Gilbert
Hi =) I have a beautiful red nosed Dogter and her breed is highly susceptible to allergies. Our vet has recommended Benadryl, a mg per lb. It works just fine any time, especially Spring, when her allergies begin to cause discomfort. On the same note, She once needed prescription eye drops that cost @$20. Getting them home & added to the medicines, I noticed they were IDENTICAL to some less than 1oz. prescription eye drops that I paid $99 for myself. These eye drops are also usable for earaches, needless to say, we buy them @ HER doctor’s now! 😉 I’m sure this is not a common happenstance whatsoever; so I’m definitely not recommending sharing medicine cabinets with your fur~baby. But it goes to show it pays to do your homework. Hoping that Benadryl tip helps.
Great post! Love it! Some people are either just plain stupid or don’t have hearts!
Omg some people really suck. I have two boxers and love them with all my heart. May god have mercy on their souls cuz I know I wouldn’t. If someone told me to just put them to sleep cuz they didn’t feel good, reading that just pissed me off. I’ll say it again, people suck! No wonder my good friends all have pets. And the ones that don’t, I don’t want anything to do with. Ok back to my sick baby. : (
Larry you need to go back & read what Brian wrote again. If you read it correctly, he was merely saying how he had tried to find the rightful owner calling radio stations, going on the Internet & was discussing how the dog just appeared on his doorstep. How he knew she had been neglected and abused, not by him, whoever she got away from. He was speaking his truth about her being sick and clearly said he was trying to get advice. My daughter has boxers who are fun, healthy, never need to visit a vet, but not everyone is so lucky. I’m here to tell you I have a mixed chihuahua who is a blessing, but she has brought us to financial ruins. Literally, I am not exaggerating when I say we have spent an easy $10,000 out of pocket (with every receipt to show for it) & watching her deal with her pain daily. I tell my husband what would have happened to her if we didn’t have her? Yes we looked into pet insurance, but you can only get coverage if it is not a pre-existing condition. Not everyone can afford a $45.00 visit, x-ray, meds & out the door with a $200.00 vet bill, not to mention heartworm meds, teeth clean, etc. Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes, count your blessings & shut-up!! Or I have a better idea, put your money where your mouth is & offer to help someone in need by giving a small donation to his vet in order to help someone who didn’t leave her out in the cold without food or call the pound which a lot people would have done. You need a reality check. He didn’t ask for this dog, but said in the end he kept her. So are you bitching about that? Oh I get it, you are clearly pessimistic? I’m an animal lover who has family that rescues dogs. If you consider yourself an animal lover, then I’m conflicted thanks to you. Since you don’t deal with a dog who is sick often, go back to your perfect world & play fetch!!
I did not get the impression that Larry was insulting Brian. I think he was basically agreeing with him about the sorry judgmental attacks other people perpetrate against animal owners when they have no grasp of the facts. And his comment about getting angry if someone suggested he put his dog down due to being sick and them not being able to take them to the vet was directed at a fictional party, not Brian. He said reading that made him PO’d, but I am reasonably certain he meant his anger was at the thought of someone having the nerve. So, while I understand your passion and your financial difficulties due to your sick pup, I think maybe you should reread Larry’s post, then ask yourself why Brian wanted to return a dog to an abusive owner. Nobody caught that detail? Sincere respect.
Amen! 🙂
I have a Dachshund too- she has a sensitive stomach.
Sam is that something that Dachshunds are known for? I have a Dachshundpit mix and he seems to have that problem with his tummy he is a rescue and is 28 months old now.
Yeah- I just stick with meat with no salt and high quality dog food for the appropriate age. I use now senior dog food and I give snacks for dogs and sometimes vegetables such as a boiled potato.
Where do you live? Regardless, you need to get some fresh air and take a sedative. You are a good person. You cannot control what others do. Damning the entire human race will not change anything, but it will affect you personally in a negative way. Don’t let the Neanderthals win. Stay cool headed.
Absolutely. I believe you sir, just said what so many of us pet owners feel. I thank you for that sir. 🙂
delia bustillos
My Puppy keeps on making this weird noise. She makes a noise like she’s throwing up but nothing comes out. What can I do? She can’t stop doing that and I can’t sleep cause I’m scared that she will be super sick but besides all her actions she’s supper active. Please help me.
Delia, this sounds like reverse sneezing. Both of my dogs do this and while it sounds pretty rough (like a cross between hyperventilating and a loud hairball retch made by a cat), it is harmless. Maybe look up “reverse sneezing” on Google. I would hate for you to pay a steep office charge just to hear that it’s harmless!
Kimberly Alt
Hi Delia, I suggest you call your vet. Better safe than sorry and we all want your pup to feel better!
Marion Tharrington
I agree with you Brian. I hate when I see hunting dogs that have been discarded after the hunting season is over… they take off the collars and leave them all alone along highways and back roads. They die of hunger and get run over. People are CRUEL, but thank God not all have sick hearts like them.
Sam McGowan
Baloney! Hunters take good care of their dogs. A good hunting dog is well-trained and a hunter is not going to abandon it at the end of the season.
It happened near me. Someone just left their beautiful dog alone in the woods to fend for herself. My friend adopted her and she now showers him with love and appreciation.
Nicly said brian…
good for u brian. i agree.
I try to rescue any dog I see left beside the road. I liked dogs better than most humans. They are more loyal and loving.
Go Brian. Pets are often more human than people. Definitely more kinder and loving. I’d rather have a dog than a person for my best friend.
I completely agree with you Brian. Very well said. We rescued a rottweiler puppy about 2 days ago and she can’t be more than 3 or 4 weeks old. However, quickly upon her arrival we realized she was already infected with the parvo virus. We are financially stable for our family at the moment but not enough for a $1500 vet bill. So as a Christian woman we decided to take care of her at home and if she passes it’s God’s will. We have been loving her, encouraging her, and keeping her hydrated and comfortable. I just feel like people have no right to judge anyone because no one knows a strangers story behind their animal, and for one day they will be judged. Matthew 7:1-5 If I wasn’t saved I would definitely give them a piece of my mind but losing religion is no longer an option especially for uneducated, ignorant, judgemental people.
Alex P
They’re more or less nice, not very human if you ask Brian (and most likely a lot of others).
Hannah J.

How dare ya'll that say if you can afford this or that than you can afford pet care. My hubby and I have a dog who has an upset stomach and yes, we would love to take her to the vet but seriously with everything else we have to pay for and how much we earn every two weeks it's sometimes overwhelming. We love our dog and we got her because her previous owners dumped her or she ran away. She was neglected as well as malnourished, and abused. Yes, we love her and would give anything to make her better, but vet bills alone would be expensive. Before ya'll sit up here and judge people and the fact that they can't afford the vet care because they come here for advice on what to do, shame on you. People would not give up their pet for anything. So before any of you sit up here throwing stones or judging maybe you should think what would you do in this situation. 

Yes, you can make payments on vet bills, but seriously, now days who can afford that on top of anything else they have to pay? Also what about these homeless people who have their pets beside them. Pets are reliable and faithful partners who people turn to when times are tough and they have no one else to turn to.

Shame on you all for saying some of the things you say. 

I haven’t heard about many vets who let you make payments. It’s really a shame. An office visit plus that awful prescription food + bloodwork, shots, antibiotics, this test, that test ends up costing around $800 (or more). It’s ridiculous. And shelters are begging us citizens to “adopt” a dog or cat. Very sad.
I was so distrubed by Larry’s reply to Brian who only ask for advice that I replied immediately. Now I’m reading that others voiced the same concern. Good for you.
“Payments on vet bills,” when did that all start? lol With the prices they get for just walking in the door I had to decide to self diagnose and treat my pet, I just don’t trust a vet anymore, they would love to get anybody’s pet on an operating table to play with their laser surgery tools and stick you with hundreds in bills if not a few thousand. The days of the real vet are gone!
If you can’t afford the care (Vet) they may need, maybe you should not own a dog or any pet!
Well Terry if you and all the other people passing judgement who can run your pet to the vet every time they fart would just go to all the shelters and rescue every single pet in there, and take all the abandoned ones off the street, and take in all the pets whose families have fallen on hard times, then poor ignorant people such as myself wouldn’t be left to take care of so many. Until then be quiet. On another note thank you so much for this site that helps so many.
Heather Leverette
How very cruel of you to knock someone down for trying to care for their sick furbuddy. There are a lot of people out there with children who cannot afford health care… does this mean we should give them up for adoption? People like you TERRY should not be allowed to comment on places like this. I have 4 little dogs whom I love more than anything and mine do occasionally get sick. When they do I also rely on this website to help me help them. Apparently you have money falling out of your pockets. So instead of being a jerk, why don’t you try and help someone that needs help with their fur buddy and maybe, just maybe, it will teach you what unconditional love really is!
I’ll be the one to say go find your dog a new home… the thought of this dog not feeling good and you don’t have money to pay to see a vet is ABUSE so stop being selfish and go find a loving home that can afford vet bills. You should not have a dog…. PERIOD
Michael Daymonte
I am an animal lover whether it’s domesticated or wild. All animals deserve the same respect and right to life as humans. But mjk98 has a point. People need to be held accountable when they decide to take the big step and become a pet owner JUST as someone has to care for and feed a child they bring into this world.

I have witnessed people buy pets during the holidays and they discover they don’t like the smell or spend time with their new puppy and don’t play with the dog so it barks and whines for attention. They quickly decide their new dog is too much of an inconvenience so they dispose of the dog.

A neighbor took their new puppy to the interstate and threw the dog out the window into the brush along the side of the road. The dog was badly injured and crawled out into the road and was killed.

We just had a case where a McDonald’s employee was taking out garbage and heard whining and found 6 puppies wrapped in a plastic bag stuffed deep in their garbage dumpster.

These acts, if the perpetrators are caught, are dismissed or they are given a warning at the most. I think we animal lovers need to start doing something about these injustices and start a movement to get laws passed to correct them. Pet insurance needs to be regulated just as health insurance is for us. As of now, the pet insurance is pretty much a money maker but not a help to cover a pet’s vet bills. Pet Insurance should be required to give coverage similar to health insurance, not the ever increasing rates of our health insurance but in the types of coverage and ease of acceptance. I had pet insurance and when my dog needed surgery, come to find out the vet won’t accept insurance, I had to pay the whole bill (no vet does payments) and then the insurance would review my case and within 6 months I would get a refund of sorts. They only covered maximum 80 percent of any bill and/or they could say unnecessary item and not cover anything. The point of insurance is to be able to cover the unexpected expenses when your dog becomes ill or injured. Having to pay the whole bill and maybe get reimbursed later defeats the whole reason most of us consider getting pet insurance.

The laws governing human health insurance should regulate all insurance policies including pet insurance. We need to pressure our law makers to pass laws to protect our pets, many are considered a family member and their life is as valuable as every other family member. Punishment for crimes of abduction, torture, poisoning, shooting, etc. should be the same punishments as if it were done to a human.

Recently a neighbor girl wanted another neighbor’s dog for her own so she opened the gate when the dog was let out to relieve itself and took the dog home. The dog’s family immediately began searching high and low for their beloved pet. When the girl’s family discovered she had abducted him, her father killed the dog and stuffed it in the garbage so they would not have any charges and/or fines sought for abducting the dog. The girl told her friends at school what had occurred and one of her friends went and told the dog’s owners and they called the police. It went through the courts and they were found guilty but the judge deemed it was just a sad set of circumstance and he ruled there was to be no fine and no jail time or community service. The judge felt the little girl also lost her pet (the abducted dog) and her family had suffered enough already.

I’m not sure that is a smart thing to say…I work/volunteer as a behaviorist/trainer for the local SPCA and we have many, many people who love dogs but don’t always have the funds to support all needs and requirements. This is precisely one of the reasons why we exist; to rescue animals, and sometimes their owners need a little help as well. In cases like this it would probably be more helpful to recommend to any dog/cat lover to consider the foster option instead of adopting the animal. That way the person will have the best of both worlds plus the fact that we will provide the food and pay for all vet expenses. But it also takes psychological preparedness and readiness on the human site because eventually, the foster dog might get adopted, and that can also be heart breaking to some. However, reality tells me otherwise, personally, I have 6 dogs, 2 of them are foster dogs and both are pitbull mix, very hard to find a good place for them because of the judgmental ignorance of other humans, both are well behaved and absolutely loving companions. So, essentially I got used to the idea that both fosters might never get adopted and are a permanent part of my pack. I pay for my own dogs if it comes to vet bills and get full refund for the foster dogs, that’s how it works and I encourage people who are on a fixed income to use this route. And if things go better over time then there is the second option – foster to adopt; very much a trial and error system, if the dog is the desired companion then people can try to establish a relationship over 6-8 months as a foster and then adopt…so I call you out on your “selfish” comment and challenge you to do better, just because we are on top of the food chain doesn’t mean we should not leave any options on the table, in fact, because we are on top of the food chain and brought dogs and cats into our domestic life, it became our responsibility to help others, humans and animals!
mjk98, you are a horrible human being.
What about people who have children and can’t afford expensive medical treatments should they give them away or not be allowed to have them???
You are a jerk. Please do us all a favor and NEVER get a pet… PERIOD.
Really?! He could have taken the dog to the pound and the pound would have put the dog to sleep a few days later. So by keeping the dog and doing that he pretty much saved the dog.
So you’re telling me that when you have an upset stomach @mjk98 we should just rush you to the hospital and let them poke you, probe you and draw all kinds of blood? Hmmm… now let’s say you don’t have insurance. Heaven forbid that doctor gives you a Tums and sends you home. You sound like a jerk. That is all.
I absolutely agree Karl S. I love my 2 dogs and would do anything for them but cannot afford vet bills. My one dog is a registered therapy dog for me and my many disabilities which puts me on a tight budge. So, mjk98 you really do sound like a jerk!
Marion Tharrington
The first ones to abuse animals are the vets. Their fees are far too high. I paid over a $1,000 to treat two small cysts on my dog’s face. They operated twice and both times they came back. I read on a site like this to use a little coconut oil and turmeric in a paste like consistency. It worked and my dog is fine. Not even all the antibiotics prescribed by the vet could stop them from coming back.
Soooo… People that don’t have lots of money don’t deserve pets? 2 years ago I was doing well financially, working, living in a nice home and the proud owner of a pitt bull and black lab. Almost overnight my life went downhill. My place of employment ended (state job) the program I worked on – myself and 12 others were left jobless. 3 months later my home burned down. As if all that wasn’t enough, I was diagnosed with a serious medical issue. When it rains it pours. My lab got an ear infection and thanks to sites like this I was able to help him at home. Just because we can’t take our pets to the vet as soon as they are ill does not mean we don’t deserve them or that we abuse them. I’d love to be able to take my pets to the vets right away. Sometimes I have to wait a week or so. I’d move mountains however if it were a dire emergency, to get them in. Sadly vets don’t “take payments ” and I understand why. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so quick to judge lest you find yourself in a tough situation like so many of us have who come here looking for advice.
Mary Nova