Parvo In Dogs: How to Diagnose, Treat and Prevent

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Dog with sick mask onCanine parvovirus type 2 or “parvo” is a highly contagious virus that is particularly prominent in the canine community. Parvo is of particular concern for puppy owners due to the severity of symptoms and the weak immune systems of younger dogs. There are ways to help prevent parvo, and it from spreading, and as a responsible dog owner it is important to be familiar with these prevention methods. Effective prevention begins with understanding the virology and pathophysiology of the virus itself. Read on to learn more about this disease, the symptoms, how to treat and prevent it from spreading to others.

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Parvo at a Glance

Before we dig into the details, here are a few facts and things you should know:

  • Parvo was discovered in the 1970’s, and in two years, the virus spread worldwide
  • Dogs that develop parvo will show symptoms 3-10 days after being exposed
  • Symptoms include: vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea (usually bloody), and fever
  • Mortality rate: 90 percent if left untreated, 5-20 percent if aggressively treated
  • 80 percent of adult dogs show no symptoms; puppies are most susceptible1
  • Extremely resilient, parvo can live in feces or other organic material for more than a year
  • The only household cleaner that will destroy the virus is bleach
  • Vaccination is the only prevention

Definition: What Is Canine Parvovirus Type 2 or Parvo?

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Canine parvovirus type 2 (known as parvo) is classified as a group II virus in the family Parvoviridae and the genus Parvovirus. Parvo in dogs is extremely contagious and is spread through a dog’s feces whether through direct or indirect contact with the feces of an infected dog. There are two different types of the canine parvo virus, classified by the system of the body that is mainly affected: Cardiac Manifestation and Intestinal Manifestation. We’ll get into both in more detail below.

Cardiac Manifestation of Parvo

The cardiac manifestation of parvo is characterized by cardiovascular failure or respiratory failure in puppies. The cardiac variant of parvo is much less common than the intestinal form and is found in very young puppies under eight weeks old. These puppies usually have been infected by a mother with parvo while they were still in utero. The virus targets the muscles of the heart and these muscles are not strong enough to withstand the virus. In almost all cases of cardiac parvo virus infection, young puppies die. The death of a puppy infected with this variant of parvo can come on suddenly with little sign of distress or it can be accompanied by a short period of respiratory trouble. Veterinary surgeons have found that the virus results in microscopic necrosis of heart tissue in dogs that do not survive. In dogs that are somehow able to withstand this virus, there is evidence of fibrosis or the growth of fibrous tissue which may cause complication in later life.

Fortunately, there are fewer cases of the cardiac presentation of the parvovirus these days due to the availability of a vaccination that is given routinely to dogs intended for breeding.

Intestinal Manifestation of Parvo

Where the cardiac manifestation of the parvovirus is passed from the infected mother to her puppies in utero, the intestinal form of this virus is passed through oral contact with the parvo virus. The virus can be spread through fomites, feces or infected soil and once an uninfected dog comes into oral contact with the infection through any of these means, the virus can quickly spread. The first step in infection of a dog is when the canine parvo virus is ingested and it replicates in the lymphoid tissue located in the dog’s throat. After replication, the virus then spreads to the bloodstream where it attacks cells within the body that naturally divide quickly. There are a number of cells that seem to be most affected by the virus because of their rapidly dividing nature, these include: bone marrow and lymph nodes. The virus then begins to deplete the lymphocytes found in the lymph nodes and destroys and kills the tissue in the intestines. As the intestines are affected by the virus it becomes possible for leakage to occur in the bloodstream which results in sepsis that can quickly lead to death. If the virus is caught quickly enough, treatment can begin and death can be prevented. There are a number of side effects that can result from intestinal parvo that can be extremely severe, so seeking treatment immediately is imperative.

It is important to understand that a dog that has survived parvo will still have remnants of the virus in their feces for as long as three weeks. It is also crucial to know that a dog that has been affected with the parvovirus at some point during their life will forever be a carrier of the virus and they can shed the virus at various points during their lifespan.

Question: Is Parvo Always Deadly?

As a dog owner, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether parvo is always deadly. Many times when we hear of this disease it’s in relation to young puppies and, unfortunately, in these cases puppies generally cannot survive. When puppies are too young to be vaccinated against the parvo virus and they have not been protected by maternal antibodies as a result of vaccination of a breeding female, they lack the defenses to fight against this aggressive virus. In some cases; however, dogs can recover from parvo. When left untreated, the mortality rate of parvo virus infection is around 90%. When treated with more aggressive therapy, parvo mortality rates can drop to 20% to 5%, but not without lasting effects.

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Question: What Happens When Puppies Are Infected With Parvo Through Maternal Exposure?

Unfortunately for puppies, they can become affected with the parvo virus when their unvaccinated mother is exposed to and contracts it herself. The tricky part of this contagion process is that the mother may not always show symptoms of the virus and she may even develop immunity to it after her puppies have already been infected. After puppies exposed to the parvo virus are born, however, they often show symptoms of the disease and rarely survive. Some of the signs seen in young puppies born with the virus include cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition in which the cerebellum is under developed or incomplete. Other neurological abnormalities are also seen in infected puppies and often these dogs will not be strong enough to fight the complications that accompany their condition.

Question: Is Parvo Different from Heartworms?

As mentioned above, parvo is a virus whereas all worms in dogs, including heartworms, are parasites. Parasites are sometimes easy to spot in dog waste, but often are not easily detected by the human eye. The symptoms for parvo and heartworms in dogs are almost identical and so is the cost of treatment and severity of health concerns. Both can potentially result in death if not treated quickly and correctly but the good news is that both can be treated with preventative medicines such as HeartGard. (Parasites like worms and ticks thrive in warm climates so be especially cautious about remembering the monthly heartworm preventative medicine during summer months. Your dog will thank you.)

What Are the Symptoms of Parvo?

Parvo generally incubates for five to ten days, meaning that five to ten days after a dog is exposed to the virus they will begin to show symptoms. Symptoms vary from dog to dog for a number of reasons, but a handful of symptoms are most commonly seen with infection. Most commonly dogs that have contracted this virus will become extremely lethargic, will have a fever, will begin vomiting and will also have diarrhea. What tips most people off to there being a problem with their dog is the presence of blood in their diarrhea. It is important that if you ever notice blood in your dog’s stool that you take them to the vet immediately. As a result of these primary symptoms, dogs can also begin to suffer from dehydration and infection. Any dog with diarrhea or vomiting should always be kept properly hydrated, if this is not possible at home or if you suspect a parvo infection, take your dog to the vet and they will begin to administer IV fluids.

In cases of intestinal parvo, the lining of the intestines can become damaged and protein and blood can leak into the bloodstream. This can cause a number of medical concerns such as sepsis, anemia, the escape of endotoxins into the bloodstream and a severe drop in white blood cells. Depending on the overall health of the dog, any one of these conditions can severely debilitate or kill an infected dog.

The first sign to look for in a dog infected with parvo is lethargy. A lethargic dog may be difficult to spot if you have an older dog or a dog that has very little energy as a result of any number of conditions. A lethargic dog will not want to get up for treats or food and they will generally fail to respond to any type of stimulation such as their favorite toy. Failing to notice the lethargy that can be seen in parvo infected dogs is not uncommon but the loss of appetite and diarrhea that follow are much more difficult to miss. After the development of diarrhea, dogs may also begin vomiting.

How Is Parvo Diagnosed?

If your dog shows any of the signs of parvo virus you should take him or her to the vet immediately. When parvo is suspected, an EIA or hemagglutination test can be performed on feces to look for signs of the canine parvo virus. An electron microscope may also be used to look for signs of the virus. The drawback to using EIA or enzyme immunoassay for testing for signs of the parvo virus is that dogs in later stages of the disease may not shed much of the virus in their feces. In these cases many veterinarians rely upon PCR or polymerase chain reaction to test for the virus. The term PCR refers to a process of amplifying a piece of DNA across various magnitudes. This type of PCR amplification results in thousands (or more) of copies of the DNA sequence being looked at to magnify causes for concern.

Ruling Out Other Causes

If a dog shows symptoms similar to those of parvo, it is important that your veterinarian be able to rule out other potential causes. Looking for signs of parvo in feces is the easiest way to determine infection. Other symptoms that cluster are also indicative of a parvo infection, these include: a low white blood cell count, diarrhea with blood in it and evidence of necrosis in the intestinal lining. These symptoms are more classic to parvo infection than any other illness. While the intestinal form of parvo virus can occasionally be confused with other types of illnesses such as corona virus, there is no mistaking the symptoms of cardiac parvo.

Treatment of Parvo Virus

There are a number of factors that determine how effective treatment can be against parvo virus once a dog has already been infected. There is currently a particularly effective vaccine for dogs that have not yet been exposed to the illness, but dogs that have already been infected with the virus face a much different road of treatment. Time is one of the most significant factors in whether or not a treatment for parvo will be successful: The earlier the virus is detected and treatment begins, the better the outlook for treatment. Age also plays a significant role in how effective a parvo treatment will be. Extremely young, old or immune-compromised dogs will not be able to withstand the more aggressive types of treatments designed to eradicate parvo.

Hospitalization and Medication

A dog with parvo should always be hospitalized in order to receive treatment. Treatment generally consists of the administration of crystalloid IV fluids and or colloids, administration of anti-nausea medications and injection of antibiotics. The particular types of medications used – both anti-nausea and antibiotics — vary depending upon the dog and the vet issuing the treatment. Some dogs have particular sensitivities to certain medications and some veterinarians have a better track record with using specific treatments. If dogs continue to vomit or void their bowels during treatment, they are also administered additional fluids to rehydrate them. The administration of fluids overall serves to both rehydrate and re-balance levels of electrolytes and other elements in the body that help maintain healthy functions.

Blood Plasma Transfusions

In some cases veterinarians may choose to utilize a somewhat unique procedure called a blood plasma transfusion. This treatment involves taking blood plasma from a dog that has survived canine parvo virus and has developed antibodies to it. This blood is transfused in to the infected dog and is looked upon as providing passive immunity. There are no in-depth studies at the moment to identify whether or not this method is more effective in treating parvo than other more traditional methods.

Returning to Normal Function

After initial treatment for the parvo virus dogs will begin to be weaned off additional fluids, only once they are able to keep fluids down. Sustenance will be administered in the way of bland food; this is generally a prescription-based food that is easy on the gastrointestinal system. Oral antibiotics are generally continued after the initial treatment in dogs that show low white blood cell counts in order to help fight any potential for infection. Any type of infection following treatment for parvo can lead to death due to the weakened system of the infected dog. While some recommend non-conventional or homeopathic remedies for the treatment of parvo virus, it is crucial to understand just how quickly this disease progresses and how quickly it can kill an infected dog. Veterinarian treatment should always be sought in suspected cases of parvo.

Prevention of Parvo

Since parvo is such a devastating virus, one of the most significant things any dog owner can do is prevent infection of their dog. The first step in preventing parvo is vaccination. Puppies will derive immunity from their vaccinated mother and at four months old they receive a series of vaccinations to create their own immunity to the virus. Parvo vaccines are a set of three vaccinations that are spaced within a period of three to four weeks.

Decontamination of Parvo Infected Areas

Decontamination is another important part of ensuring that parvo does not spread. As the owner of a dog that has successfully been treated for parvo, it is important to understand that your dog can still contaminate with their feces and they can spread the virus to otherwise healthy dogs. The parvo virus is such a strong virus that it can survive living in soil for as long as a year so it is crucial to completely decontaminate areas where an infected or successfully treated dog eliminates their waste. Active parvo can be treated with a water/bleach solution with a ratio of 15:1. This bleach solution will kill any active parvo and should be used on any area that has been used as an elimination area for the dog. The general advised period for decontaminating an area and bringing another dog in to that area is six months. While grass and soil can be disinfected with bleach solution, a waiting period of six months is advised before bringing a new puppy home. It is also advised to ensure that a new puppy has all of their vaccinations before bringing them in to a home that has recently been exposed to parvo.

The Importance of Notifying the Neighbors

Another important step that should be taken by anyone who has a dog that has been infected with parvo is informing neighbors. Neighbors with dogs should be told that your dog has contracted parvo. Since parvo can be spread from dog to dog in addition to bring spread through feces and soil, neighbors dogs may have become infected simply by walking their dog on your grass. Share any information that you have learned about parvo with these neighbors and prompt them to have their dogs tested for the virus. Many people are afraid that their neighbors will be upset and as such they avoid notifying them. You should keep in mind however, that if a neighborhood dog has contracted parvo, your notification could be the only thing that gets them treatment before the virus causes too much damage.

Remember: Parvo Virus is Preventable

Parvo virus is a relatively new virus, discovered in the 1970’s. It is such a virulent disease that within two years of its discovery it had spread across the world. Parvo is a very destructive and very rapidly moving disease that can kill a dog in a matter of days but with the proper precautions it is possible to wipe out or at least cause a sharp decline in diagnosed cases. All it takes is regular vaccinations of all dogs in addition to treatment and appropriate decontamination of infected areas. Even if a dog is treated and successfully recovers from parvo without appropriate decontamination of the home area it is possible to cause the virus to spread to other dogs in the community. It takes a combination of responsible pet ownership, good veterinary care, and vigilant decontamination of infected areas in order to prevent and hopefully one day eliminate this devastating virus.

Is your dog showing signs of Parvo or has been treated for Parvo?

Sources: [1] Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine (4th ed.); Ettinger, Stephen J. and Feldman, Edward C. (1995).

Jeff has a long history with dogs. Having lived with Boxers, Labs, Golden Retrievers and even a couple of Samoyeds, Jeff has experience raising many different types of dogs.

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We just adopted a 6 month old blue heeler from the pound. She came home and within an hour started to vomit clear and mucus fluid. I called and got her into our vet the next morning where he did a Parvo test right away. She was positive. She was admitted to have I.V. and antibiotics he said 3-4 days. That was Friday. Monday Morning (yesterday) she came home and is back to her happy energetic self. Still on antibiotics 3 times daily. I have 4 other dogs, all different breeds and older. All have and are current on vacs. My vet said she is still contagious so I have to clean her bowels up and bleach. Even handling her can leave the virus on my cloths so im not to have contact with other dogs without cleaning myself off well. Waiting now to see if my other dogs are going to start to show signs. Hoping the vacs really work. It was my understanding that the mucus in the vomit was a big sign she has the virus. She wasn’t home long enough to see any other signs. I will post again and update if there is any changes. Glad I have an awesome Vet. Good luck to you out there dealing with this.
Kimberly Alt
Wow, so glad she is responding well to the medication! Hope she continues to get better and that the rest of your pups stay healthy! Thank you for sharing with us, and please keep us posted. So many pet parents deal with this and sharing your experience could help save a dog’s life. THANK YOU!
April L Sambrano
I have 2 3 month old pups, there mom is a survivor of parvo. She was almost dead when I took her in. I paid 480 and treated her at home. To you that leave your pets at the vet, they need you. My love for my dog pulled her through it. Anyways my pup got parvo and I took her and the boy pup to the vet. They treated her cause she showed signs, but cause he didn’t they vaccinated him. Knowing he had the virus also. Now she is better and he is bad. It’s been 4 days he eats a little here and there drinking water. I been giving him Pepto and Pedialyte. But he still throwing up. Not to much. But I don’t have the money to take him in. I just lost his dad. And I can’t lose him to. Help Please
Kimberly Alt
I’m sorry you and your dogs are facing this. We are not licensed vets and always recommend speaking to your vet about the appropriate care for your animal since they know you personally. We also encourage you to read through our comment section for ideas on how others helped their dogs with parvo. Please keep us updated on how your dog is and we wish you the best.
My son saved his dog with a charcoal infusion that helped to neutralize the virus in the intestine. He purchased it from his vet but could not afford hospitalization. His dog survived. Maybe look into that. Hope it helps.
A family member wants to bring his dog while he is visiting for a few days. His dog is a German Shepherd that not quite a year, but she hadn’t Parvo as a pup. She was treated and thankfully survived but she was hospitalized. We now just got a golden retriever puppy and have an 11 year old beagle and i’m Very concerned that his dog can still infect our dogs. Not to mention our neighbors all have dogs too.
Shouldn’t I be concerned and ask him not to bring his dog?
Kimberly Alt
If you are still concerned that the GSD is contagious, I suggest contacting your vet and explaining the situation to him/her. Depending on how long ago the GSD had parvo will help the vet determine if she should be around other dogs.
Renea Garcia
My Chihuahua is almost a year old, she was born in January. She is not vomiting or having diarrhea yet. She was fine Friday night me and my boys take her with us where ever we go. We can’t stand leaving her alone and if she is not able to come to where we are going someone will stay home with her. I even pay a sitter for het because she does not like to be alone. She is the most happiest, loving dog. She is very energetic normally. Friday night we stopped by my aunts for about 15mins and she has 7 little dogs.
We held her most of the time we were there. By Saturday morning we started to notice she was just laying around and when we offered her food she would not take it. This is so out of character for her. She doed take naps a few time durings the day normally but she will come and sleep right next to who ever is home. She plays with her basket of toys usually just scatters them and she will follow whoever is picking one of them up. Thats how we get her to exercise because she does love and is pretty healthy if you know what I mean. She has not shown interest in her toys, she just looks sad she has her sleepy eyes and usually only looks like that when she is ready for her nap. She does not want to eat. She is trying ro bury her food though. She is not drinking water. I usually fill her bowl 3times daily. As a matter of fact I went and bought her a new bowl a bigger one for one of Christmas gifts Friday. She had not wanted to drink she did have a couple of ice chips though. I just had to try something and remembered she liked ice chips this past summer and sure enough she did eat them, but she wants nothing to do with her food, her treats we even went and purchased her favorite treats to see if that would do the trick. So the only thing I can think is Parvo but she has not thrown up or has diarrhea yet. Im so scared I feel so helpless. I am a single mom of 4 boys and just returned back to work on Mon the 19th because my eldest son was in the hospital sine Nov 28 so I am completely strapped for the cash to take her into the ER Vet. I will borrow the money if I have too she is our girl. Is there something I should be doing now? I gave her a little bit of infant tylenol because she feels very hot on her tummy? Can i give her Pedialyte. I will use a dropper to get it in her. I had to feed her that way for about 3weeks when we got her because she had no teeth and the owner of her mom threw her outside with her mom when she was only 3weeks old so we brought her home immediately because she would of froze to death after being thrown outside in Jan. Please help with suggestions im so scared for her. She is my only girl we will be devastated if we loss her it will late this evening before i can come up with the money to even have her seen. Its going to cost $400 to have her seen
. i just need to do something in the mean time for her until we get her seen. Thank you
Trinity Kendrick
Hey, I have a lab that’s about 11 months old, she contracted parvo about 2 weeks ago.. she showed absolutely NO signs other than not eating or being herself. She was very depressed and wouldn’t even give me kisses. ( She Loves kisses.) We brought her inside and made her drink.. We also gave her Pedialyte, and then ppepto. Which worked for 2 hours..Eventually throwing up.. and within 3 hours she all of a sudden pooped blood and having seizures… Which we began to think it was to late for her.. so we were going to put her down.. old fashioned way but my fiances dad called with this medicine, (BACTRACILLIN G) which we were supposed to inject her every 5 hours until she started eating again. Amd then twice a day after she began to eat on her own.. Within HOURS of her getting this shot she began drinking water and keeping it down.. within the next day she started eating a little and keeping it down. And here we are a week almost 2 weeks later she is back outside running around being my baby girl filled with love and KISSES. sometimes dogs do not show all signs until last minute!!!
Kimberly Alt
So happy to hear your pup is back to herself again.

To any of our readers considering Bactracillin G: Please consult your vet before administering medicine to your dog. Fortunately, Trinity’s dog had a great reaction to it, but this is not the case for all dogs. We are ecstatic to hear that her dog is doing great now, but please speak with your vet before trying this medicine.

Joan Perkins
I’m so glad to hear our baby is better. My baby pit bull is in the Vat’s now in quarantine. In one day the bill is $502. Don’t know where I’ll get it but I’ve got to leave her there. He’s a good Vet & I trust him. She was a rescue & my other rescue dog has heartworms. I have to begin her treatment when my Soc Sec check comes. People that dump their animals make me SICK. I made a cookbook a couple yrs ago & I”M going to try again to see if the bookstore will sell them. There’s got to be a way…
Where are your facts? I do not see a single citation or reference? I lost my dog in February to parvo. She had all her vaccinations. She died three days after her first birthday. I took her to the vet, and because she had all her vaccinations he said it was the flu, and did not test her for it. I called him the next day and said was getting worse. He said it would take a day or two before she started getting better, and to wait it out. I insisted that something was seriously wrong, and ended up telling him, I am bringing her in period. when we arrived at the vets office she had bloody diarrhea. He thought she had chewed something and it obstructed her intestine. He didn’t see anything on the Xray, but was going to perform surgery. They sent us home, he called before we ever made it back to our house and said that she had parvo. He didn’t test her because she had all her shots and was right at a year old. I did not know anything about parvo. Now I’m trying to do as much research as possible, but I can not find statics or factual reports. With out sources how are we to surmise that you know what you are talking about, or that your percentages are based on any facts.
Kimberly Alt
I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for pointing our our lack of sourcing in this article. I have gone back through and sourced where some of those stats can be found. Please let me know if you have any questions or other feedback.
My 5 month old puppy has been vomitting pure transparent liquid lately and not eating. It just started having diarrhea. She has had 2 out of 3 shots for parvovirus. She was not energetic all day yesterday, but today she has been running around normally. She is drinking just a bit of water, but not eating at all. Does she have parvovirus? ( Note: After her bath yesterday, she was outside for a couple of minutes)
Kimberly Alt
If you think your dog has parvo you should take her to the vet immediately.
Our 8 week old german sheppard licked a dog at the vet on her mouth that has parvo, our puppy was immidiatly treated, my question: Is my puppy contagious now, can he infect other dogs? We don’t know if he has the virus.
Kimberly Alt
There’s potential that he could be contagious. Keep him away from other dogs and make sure you and your family are staying away from other dogs as well so you don’t transfer the virus.
I lend to puppies around 6 months old to my cousin and they always take those 2 puppies outside then 1-2 weeks later both puppies got parvo 1 died 3 days after then the other one dies 2 days after with treatment. I visit the first puppy the day before she dies and it was a very sad moment for my life as I treated this pets as my own blood and kin. My question is, I touch my puppies that I lend to my cousin but after that I wash my hand with a soap and put an alcohol with it did the virus dies on that or I might take the virus with me and affect my other dogs in my house?
Kimberly Alt
The virus could be carried on your clothes and other objects. To be safe, I would contact your vet and talk about what steps to take to make sure your dogs are healthy.
I despise these “articles” because there are next to zero FACTS.

Fact #1 – ALL VACCINES SHED!! Humans and animals will be contagious for 3 weeks after getting ANY vaccine. There is no such thing as a “dead” virus in a vaccine. This is a massive lie told to the masses to ease fears. The truth is all vaccines contain live virus, the question is how much of that virus is still alive?

Fact #2 – Nobody ever asks what strain is in the vaccine vs what strain they willfully injected into their pet. I’m willing to bet those strains are the same.

What I was hoping to find was information on symptoms in older dogs and how long the infection takes to run It’s course. Just like the flu or every other “scary” disease, once infected you get true immunity. I want to know how long that lasts rather than the so-called life-saving “preventable disease” vaccine purports to provide.

I want to know if I spray the bleach mixture in the grass if it will kill the grass and trees (since I live in an apartment like millions of other people with pets. I want to know how often I need to spray.

My moron neighbor vaccinated his puppies and when they shit my dog got sick. VERY sick. She doesn’t get injected by poisons because they caused severe neurological complications (also not reported to pet owners!) and hasn’t been sick a day in her life since I stopped 3 or 4 years ago.

Unfortunately, in an apartment complex there’s not a lot you can do to provide your pet with “their” grass that no other animal touches. I’m going to build her a box to shit in for the future BUT I realize the masses still worship vaccines and as such other dogs will likely get the infection now and possibly die from it. This is why it was important to find information on truly killing the virus not a damn advertisement for failed “miracle drugs.”

Fact #1 Your neighbor is smart for vaccinating her dogs. Vaccinations tell the body how to defend itself without getting a full blown illness.
Fact #2 You are ridiculous if you didn’t vaccinate your dog and now your dog is sick.
Fact #3 There is such a thing as a dead virus. Please take a biology class.
Fact #4 Common sense tells you bleach, if concentrated enough, will kill your grass.
Everything I said WAS fact from vaccination inserts themselves. Instead of calling uneducated you should maybe pick up a manufacturer insert. They are 100% different from those cute doctor/vet printouts. Also, reading a few studies couldn’t hurt either. If you do decide to read those things, don’t skim. The real information is not in summaries or conclusions. It’s hidden where most people aren’t going to bother looking.
Sam Johnson
You are dead (no pun intended) correct. My puppy nearly died after a series of vaccines. She contracted PARVO. I know for a fact that she did not get this from another dog because I am in MINNESOTA & since it was -10 degrees she was strictly using “potty pads” IN MY HOME.
I had to rush her to the University of MN where they were able to get the TRUTH from the manufacturer of the vaccine. Not even my local vet was given the FACTS – only information published for the general population.
Had I taken her to any other animal hospital, they too probably would have been lied to – by the manufacturer of the vaccine.
These people wouldn’t dare lie to the U of MN because of all the money they receive in grants & research funding.
My bill for less than 24 hours of ER/ICU care was over $2,000. Thank goodness I know every move any of my pets make. She started getting sick at 4am & by 8am she was at my local vet, then immediately rushed to the U of MN for emergency treatment. My bill would have been far more costly with possible deadly results if I had waited even an extra hour or two.
This is like the damn flu shot for people – anything for a buck for the large pharmaceutical companies, right?
Jessica Stonebarger
If I have my puppy cremated after having parvo will it still infect my other dogs
Greg Smith
Your other dogs can get the parvo virus that was left in the yard and house.
But not from the ashes of the dead dog! The virus can not survive in it’s ashes.
Ryan Smith
I have a year old golden and he was vaccinated and I just took him to the vet bc he was sick today and found out he has parvo and the vaccine didn’t work.
Jackeline Guerra
This happened with 2 of my fully vaccinated 8 month old puppies. Here I am 3yrs later and Jette now has IMHA. Could the imha be as a result of being a parvo survivor.
She will never be able to bee vaccinated because of this and I will have to titer yearly as a result.
Paul Durfee
My 4 month old German Shepard Katy is fighting for her life right now from parvo. Doc says she’s turned the corner and should survive. My only complaint is we put $2500 deposit on her so they would start treatment. They now say it could be $1000 more, and I need to come in and pay another $1000. I told them I would pay any amount left upon her being discharged. They are calling and pushing me to bring them the extra $1000, even though we have not reached the original $2500 deposit! Plus she’s scheduled for discharge tomorrow or Wendsday!! I want to say what a great job they did saving my babies life. And no I’m not complaining about the amount. It just breaks my heart they took such a great story and made it about nothing but money.
Jackeline Guerra
You need to look for a new vet I had 2 dogs treated hospitalized for a week each and still I only paid 1250.00 for both.
pam hall
I adopted a puppy he was about 8 weeks found out he had parvo 3 days after getting him..It was to agressive even though he was being treated at hospital he passed away 3 days after that his name was riley and he was a beautiful soul and i still think about him we since adopted his brother who beat parvo and is thriving well
Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry for your loss, Pam.
For those of you that are currently dealing with parvo in their dogs, would you all please reply to this comment with your city and state if you feel comfortable doing so?

Any information would be a great help

Salem, OR

I have just adopted two 6 month old puppies, this afternoon! One of them has diarrhea (very watery) and the other soft bowels. I am so afraid they have parvo and will take them early a.m. to the vet. I adopted from the SPCA in Western Michigan where they told me there were some cases of parvo recently but the dogs were isolated and they did not see any signs of this in these two puppies. I am only hoping it is from a change of diet (very good food). They do not seem anxious. One definitely had worshippers in his soft stool (not watery stool). I am very worried about my cat (who has now gone into the library downstairs), concerned if this is contagious; sounds so. And now to read if it effects humans. I have washed the wood floors in living room (where the dogs are) with water/bleach solution….and I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight to be near them. Any information will be gladly received.
Greg Smith
There is a human Provo but it’s not the same as a dogs Parvo.
So you don’t need to worry
April L Sambrano
Fresno, CA.
This is my first puppy, and I have had him for 3 days. He is 8 weeks, I am not fully aware of parvo virus till now. I was going out for a couple hours, so I wanted to tire him out. I had decided to take him outside to get the paper, and he didn’t not touch the ground. I had held him the entire time. We only went to the end of the laneway and back. Should he be ok? I am going to the vet tmr for his check up.
Kate Gamble
I just left my 7 month old puppy in the vet hospital with Parvo. I brought her in last week with bloody diarrhea and they treated her for worms. I brought her back today because she is not eating or drinking and very weak. I am so upset that they didn’t test her last week for the virus. She has only had two of the three shots. I am beside myself with worry..what are her chances?
I am in the same boot my 6 month old lab has parvo I took him in on Tuesday and he has been in there since then. It makes me so sad when I go and see him. praying for your puppy.
Jackeline Guerra
Mine survived. How is yours doing?
I have 2 puppies with Parvo. Have lost 3 so far. The first one that died was not showing symtoms. Hey are 5 months old. I noticed another one lethargic and took her to the vet right away. Even with the vet’s care and hospitalized she died. Another died at home that was kept with fluids and antibiotics. Have another two confined with the virus. Today is day 4. They had stopped vomiting. Today, one of them let out a big pile of bloody diarrhea. They have been in constant care with fluids and antibiotics. Can the puppy survive past the bloody diarrhea if is kept hydrated?
I just got a dog from a girl that said she was hetting to rambunctious witj her little girls. Jeard stary before i saw her. Picked her up, skinny and calm. She wouldnt eat so i took her to vet this morning. Parvo!! 8 months old. I have 8 other dohs at home. I am currently bleaching everything she touched. Then to spray tje yard. It can stay in yard for 6 minths. Anyone with puppies with parvo need to keep areas sanitized and clean with bleach. Prauers for all yalls dogs.
My vet said a minimum of 80 toto 1000 bucks. I would normally bring her home amd treat her myself for way cheaper but with all these others i can not risk it. Plus i am giving boosters to the ones i have.
Lisa marbella
Parvo is killer desease.. One of my dog died because of thIs virus.. And now my other dog still in the hospital..
R. Mukuze
I delayed to go to the vet..
R. Mukuze
I have just lost one puppy today, one is seriously sick. It was suffering from this disease.
I have. 4 yr old and a 10yr old pit bull can they still get parvo? We have a parvo shot to the 4 yr old male in January…will that help. How long will my dogs need to be vaccinated against parvo?
Jackeline Guerra
seriously….. They get the last round at 6 months…. your dogs even if they contract parvo will likely never show signs much less die…. Thomas is a puppy disease kills mist dogs under 6months the older the dog the less likely they will die….
Kristy Haught
My puppy is 2 months old. She is pitt/ boxer mixed. She has parvo. We been giving her electrolytes to keep her hydrated and chicken broth to keep her from going malnourished. Today is day three. She is drinking on her own, but yet very week. She is still puking n pooping blood. Before we had to force fluids n her and she just wanted to sleep. She would still show happiness when she would see my kids n her other owners by wagging her tail. What is the chances of her beating this virus with her showing some improvement? Since day one she would do a complete 360 then back again to feeling bad. She’s done that now for 3 days and again today was the ONLY day she drank a whole bowl of water on her own. Someone please help with something else I can do. Antibiotics? Oh! And I been crushing up human chewable nausea tablets and it seems to work as well.
Kimberly Alt
Hi Kristy, I suggest that you read through the comment section on this article. Many of our readers have shared how they have successfully helped their dog get over Parvo. I am hopeful that since your dog drank an entire bowl of water on her own that means she is on the mends, but I am not a veterinarian. Please keep us posted on how your dog does the next couple days and remember to contact your vet for any emergencies. Your dog is in our thoughts and we’re hopeful that she’ll be fully recovered shortly. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing with us.
I have a 5 week old puppy. He was given to me today and I assume he hasn’t had any sort of shots as he is so very young. Should I keep him inside and used puppy pads until he is vaccinated?the family that he came from took him hour regularly to play and pktþcI think that we took him outside a few times to potty but then straight back inside. I just know he is very young, and very susceptible to different illness. … is there other sicknesses that I should watch for?
Kimberly Alt
I suggest calling a vet and asking what he/she recommends.
Jackeline Guerra
Parvo…. the dog should be with it’s mom til 8 weeks since your breeder didn’t caste about that I doubt mom was utd on vaccines. 5 week old puppies are still learning how to beer dogs. If taken too soon they miss put on important skills mom would have taught. Longer pup is with mom the better his ability to learn is. 1st shots @8weeks should have 3 rounds by 6 months.
Our dog is in the vet right now. Thank you for the info. I will start decontaminating right now.
Debbie Mccabe
I have 4 dogs, 3 pits that are 2 1/2 and one black lab who is 14. My son abandoned them and i have been fostering for 1 year. He told me they had all their shots but I have no records. I’ve kept up to date with rabies and distemper, but unable to afford more. 8 days ago pit 1 started coughing as if he had something lodged in chest. 3 days later, lethargic, yellow bile vomit, no appetite. took him to vet, tested for heartworns, negative, diagnosed with kennel cough. 5 days ago, pit 2 developed mild cough but no other symptoms. 2 days agi, the strongest, high energy, living and playful one developed extreme lethargy, yesterday high fever, no appetite, no water, runny nose. none have had diarreah and only first had vomiting. sascha is the strongest of the 3. she will not even get up, but fever has gone down. there is no way I could afford hospital much less lots of tests. we love I’m one bedroom apartment. the oldest has no symptoms at all. they only walk in apartment complex. the only difference is someone dumped a puppy from shelter and I took her in while I waited for shelter to reopen. what are my options? could this be parvo? and if so, what do I do now?
Jackeline Guerra
Kennel cough is highly contagious and treatable homeopathic meds from grocery store. Hylands children’s cough and cold had 4 of the 6 homeopathic ingredients known to cute cough. If that didn’t coast in 3 days start on Hylands children’s congestion and cold it has other 2 ingredients….5 dollar fix….
My gorgeous 9 month old huge American Staffy “Max” became ill on Thursday, didn’t appear too serious, lethargic, & thick stringy bubbly saliva dripping from his mouth, so straight to the vet where he was diagnosed with a throat infection & given antibiotics.

Friday all seemed fine, though lethargic he eben ate a little. Saturday started vomiting, back to vet, more antibiotics & something to stop the vomiting. Arrived back home mid day & it was downhill from there, vomiting every 40 minutes, it wasn’t until 4 am that he started to have diarrhea, the explosive red type I remember from over 10 years back when 3 of our pups had Parvo………I was in a panic, for Max had had all the jabs & today, Sunday morning forced my Vet to open his surgery for us. He claims this is not Parvo, but the symptoms are identical, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea & he has lost between 2-3 kilos in one day, he is a big dog & his collar is now 2 full holes bigger……….what else is there that can give these symptoms.? I am praying he pulls through…

Sayani Bhattacharya
I have one query I have one dog with 7 months old and another puppy with age one & half months old please let me know that is there any possiblility of catching parvo virus to my puppy from my adult dog. And he is fully vaccinated also
Lisa B
I had my female lab get parvo at 15 months, she was vaccinated before she contacted the parvo. Will she now be a carrier for the virus? meaning if she has pups will they be infected?
Elaine Churchwell
If a person handles the dog with parvo, leaves and.goes to someone else s house and.handles the dogs food there, would it be comtages to the other dogs?
Does parvovirus cause seizures due to hypoglycemia?
Tammy spencer
Can you walk your dog outside when he’s only had 1 shot
Kimberly Alt
I would ask your vet about your dog’s health and whether it’s ok to walk him.
I would avoid this until the pup has his/her full series of shots. Our first pup contracted Parvo, yet survived, but had other medical issues throughout his life. We just got a new puppy and are being much more vigilant this time. Basically in a bubble until all shots are given. It’s tough, but just not taking any chances as the first one probably got it from the grass in our front yard, or like you are taking about on a walk.
Kristina W.
As a dog owner of Rottweiler’s I can not tell you how important it is to make sure they have their shots on time like clockwork. Do not miss by even a day or two. My male when he was a little over 4 months old contracted Parvo by a friend walking in someone’s yard that had animals that had Parvo, they were unaware of it. They walking into our house with the disease on their shoes and infected our whole house. Thank god we have a vet that could smell it right off the bat and worked immediately. I bleached our carpets, walls, beds, bedding, everything that you could imagine; everywhere outside that he had been. He spent a week in isolation in a glass cage and almost did not make it. Our Vet called me everyday 3 times a day to give me up-dates, and on the 5th day he called and said well I think he is going to make it, he chewed through his iv tubing. He got to come home 2 days later, this was the scariest time of my life. He was 2 days late on his last vaccine, please pleas please make sure your animals have their vaccinations on time; it is so very important. Today he turned 2 and is happy and very healthy.
My 14 month rott is fighting for his life right now with patio this is his second day of going to the vet for iv’ s and shots he hasn’t ate for four days but he is drinking a lot of water but still throwing up and has bad diarrhea other than drinking he doesn’t move going back to vet at five tonight I’m praying!
Micah eason
I have a dog,pitbull, I want to know if he has parvo,he thrown up yellow liquid for a while,then he started drinking more water,I gave u pidealyte,he just started eating,he had no blood in his poo,no diarrhea,does it sound like parvo
That can actually just be common. Is not a parvo thing. My puppy did it after coughing too much from pulling. ( something I’ve been working very hard to get her to stop)
When it’s yellow, its bio. Most of the time it means their hungry.
Jackeline Guerra
You can smell parvo
Monie Miller
My neighbors lost 5 dogs and didn’t inform me they thought it was parvo. a week later my dog started showing symptoms. he’s been sick for for 4 days now. have been forcing pedialyte and water down him since the vomiting started. he held fluid but not food. the 3rd day of being sick he quit holding fluid down. went to vet he tested positive. I got an iv some antibiotics and probiotics to treat at home. he’s very lethargic but gets up and goes outside to vomit. has diarrhea bad as well. the vet seems to think he’s gonna make it, said she’s never seen a dog up and walking around after a couple days of virus. I advise everyone who suspects parvo to start pushing fluids through their dog. I think that’s why he’s still alive. its day 5 and he’s lost about 7lbs doesn’t feel good but we’re fighting it. also been liquefying boiled chicken and rice in blender and giving to him I’m hoping he makes it through. He’s an 8 month old Chocolate Bully weighed 50lbs yesterday vet bill was $300.00 I got him from a friend a month ago was told he was vaccinated.
did he make it?
Destini Johnson
Hello , I have a 6 months that old pit bull / lap mix .. he’s been vaccinated.
I brought home a 10 month old puppy from the animal shelter on Saturday and on Monday my pit started vomiting it was brown and reddish like his food color. Diarrhea was the same and very watery.. Tuesday he stopped eating dog food , ate some carrots and chicken, has been drinking half and half Gatorade and water. He also started throwing up all the water with a white foam. Wednesday he threw the carrots up , and would soak the floor with water and foam throw up after he’d drink water . still had diarrhea but it started to thicken up and was a normal light brown color.. still only drinks Gatorade water , but refuses to eat now. Thursday he was still throwing up water and white foam wouldn’t eat still very weak but started to move around more and wagging his tail . He’s getting so skinny you can see all his bones . He started throwing up brown chunky stuff maybe twice and went back to only throwing up foam, .
Now he’s just watering to be in the bathroom an drink the toilet water , we put sryup on his gums to keep his sugar up and to get him to drink more . He hasn’t had any blood in his vomit or stool..

I would take him to a vet but the ones in my area only except care credit and unfortunately I was denied ..

Is he getting better???
Could it be parvo even if there’s no blood ?

Julie Ellis
1) How long should u treat for parvo?
Hi. I adopted my puppy Bandit from the animal shelter obe week ago tomorrow. His stomach was so huge but they informed me to just do a dewormer and then take him for a check up. We did the dewormer and I have never seen so roundworms come from just a 4 lb dog. He’s severly skinny and now just lays on the ground with bloody excrement that smells horrible. We called the vet who informed us to do a drop off in the morning for test and treatment. My fear is he will not make it through the night. Has anyone been at this stage? Is there any hope? He’s only two months.
I’ve seen puppies with REALLY BAD WORMS and with the “vet wormer” they did great
Very worried
I got a Shi_ maI from pet store. Had her about a week. Took her to get had to have her out to sleep. I got about her one about 3 weeks later I cleaned an bleached everything, got rid of everything, an this one has had shots for it already. What are chances of her getting it?
francy and josie
holy crap ! I am sorry for your situation, and I hope your dog did not die BUT how do you expect anyone to answer your question if you cannot form a proper sentence? Also, never purchase a puppy from a pet store, they are often ill and your money would be going to support the puppy mills they get their animals from.
I have a breeding pair of adults, a 1 yr old female from a litter out of the pair and two 12wk old males from them as well. Everyone is vaccinated and all were healthy. Then 3 days ago one of the male pups went from alert and playful to 30 minutes later vomiting and diarrhea. The other dogs show 0 signs of anything out of the norm. Can parvo manifest that quickly in just one dog leaving the others untouched?
Hello, I got an 8 months old dachshund, he didn’t want to eat and always vomiting so we brought him to the vet. He was admitted there for 24 hours only because he got so wild when he realized that he will be left there he bit the IVF tubing and get mad with everyone so we brought him home with the IVF attachment and there’s also anti-emetic and Vitamins incorporated to the fluids. We always bring him to the vet everyday to get some serum shots for Parvo and antibiotics. He is still vomiting on the 3rd day, the doctor put him in NPO status but still he is vomiting sometimes with red streaks and recently just yellowish green vomitus. He never had a diarrhea nor bloody stool. What do you think about the chances of survival? We still continue giving him IV fluids and other meds until now. Thanks!
Our vet said our puppy wouldn’t make it. I gave her baby formula and liquid b12, she is 4 years old now.
What type of formula?
I got a puppy at 7 weeks last Sunday night, Wednesday morning I took him to the vet and they diagnosed him with parvo. When I took him in there was no vomiting, was eating and drinking and very playful. the only thing I noticed to detect it was a pink mucus on his puppy pad no feces. He has been there since then and I am bringing him home tomorrow. My question is, What are his chances of being recatching parvo? I have disinfected everything in my house but am afraid of taking him outside. The vet gave him his first vaccination yesterday.
Kimberly Alt
I would talk to your vet about the chances of getting parvo again. Be sure to remove any feces from your back yard and disinfect/clean your home and toys.
Genesis gonzalez
My rottie is 4 months old. About 2 days ago he stopped eating and would throw up about 8 times a day. Since he has nothing in his tummy he just throws up flem. His stool is normal. Oh and he just wants to sleep, he’ll only get up to drink water, (I’m giving him pedialite) vomit, and poo. Could he have parvo?
Kimberly Alt
He needs medical attention from a vet. He could have parvo or another illness. I’m sorry your puppy isn’t feeling well.
Has your dog been wormed?
Jolly Ghosh
Hello! I’ve two she-dogs of German Shepherd breed. One is 5 years old and the other is 8 months old. The younger one is diagnosed with parvo virus. Before reading your post, we didn’t know the fatal impacts of this lethal disease and however, they both were kept separate from the beginning, oftentimes it happened that we patted the infected one and then without washing hands we touched the healthy one… So my questions are 1) What are the chances of the healthy one to get infected by this virus? 2) the infected one is getting the treatment by a vet, what treatment/preventions can be taken for the healthy one?
Thank you!
Kimberly Alt
We recommend notifying your vet about your other dog and perhaps scheduling a checkup. Better safe than sorry and if the virus was transferred to your other dog catching it sooner increases the chances of survival. Best of luck and our thoughts are with you and your pups.
Did your healthy dog get parvovirus too?
Eden Carney
hello, my 6 week old rottie may have contracted the parvo virus, her two brothers are at our local vet recieving treatment. we took her as soon as we suspected anything. she had two vaccinations a deworming pill and the vet gave her some antibiotics. shes been having a runny tummy all through the night, no traces of blood, however i think i may have seen some linning. she drinks alot of water to stay hydrated, but shes weak and is sleeping way too much. im really worried about her. We only got her from the previous owners yesterday.i dont know what more to do thanto keep a close eye on her.
david davies
Hello my 2and a half year old dog has had severe diarrhea now for over 4 nights he has had his jabs and is eating normally but sometimes is very lathargic could this be parvo?
My dog has become very ill, and my vet doesn’t know what to make of it. She has bloody diarrhea that looks like it might have lining in it, vomiting, and when I first took her to the vet when she developed symptoms, she was warm to the touch. It was actually her parvovirus vaccine that I took her in for, but in the lobby, she sniffed another dogs butt. She immediately got the vaccination afterwards just minutes later. Is it possible she could have contracted the virus by sniffing the dog, even having gotten the vaccination minutes later?
Kimberly Alt
It is possible she may have contracted the virus. How is she doing now? If she’s still ill you may want to consider contacting another vet about her condition.
Could the mother dog be a carrier for parvovirus? Just concerned as she has had 2 litters and both haven’t survived due to contracting parvo.
Kimberly Alt
It’s important to decontaminate infected areas. I suggest re-reading the section with the heading “Decontamination of Parvo Infected Areas” so you know what all this includes. I’m so sorry you’ve lost two litters of pups to parvo. My thoughts are with you and the momma.
Braj pal singh
I own a 6-7 weeks old male lab. Although I vaccinated him with 7in1 at the age of 39 days. Yet he got infected with parvovirus. Was there any chance of being improper vaccination or the vaccine may not work properly. He is recovering now. Is there any chance of getting it back.
I found a shephard mix stray this morning, we think about 4-8 months old. She seems tired and isnt eating or drinking. But we dont know her very well, so it may just be a calm puppy. She pooped in the house a couple hours ago, and it was solid, no blood. She has peed twice outside, much to our happiness. Im starting to worry that she isnt well but dont know her well enough to say whether this is abnormal behavior. She is such a sweet girl, Id hate to lose her after having her so short a time. She also has fleas pretty bad, and I found a large tick in her ear that she somehow dislodged later. Could the fleas and ticks be draining her energy? I just hope it isnt parvo…
Please take her to the vet . He is really the only one qualified to tell whats wrong . I lost a dog recently by waiting a few days and it was too late . I would give anything to get that dog back
Funnily enough, she perked up. I think she was just tired and nervous in a new place. A week later, she is fine. Still need to take her to the vet for shots and a deworming. But she is a happy, energetic little puppy now! We will take her to the vet this friday.
I had a friend cane by my house on the way to take his dog to the vet .the vet said the dog has parvo . The dog did not get out of the car . Could my dogs inside the house get the virus from contact with my friend ?
Kimberly Alt
Unfortunately, humans who have contact with a dog who has parvo can easily transmit the virus to other dogs. Parvo is easily carried on clothes, shoes, and other objects where other dogs may come into contact with it.
Hello sir and thanks for the information.i had rottweiler dog suffer with parvo virus,can u plz help my dog by suggesting a proper treatment.
Kimberly Alt
We are sorry your dog has parvo. You should contact your vet. We are not licensed veterinarians and to get the best help for your dog, you should contact your vet asap. Best of luck.
Jayant roy
Hello and thank you for such an informative post. I had 4 stray puppies and they had heen pooping around the house, they have been with me for 2 months and are alive with only some skin problems. I got a rott puppy home the day before and she has been given only one dose of vaccination. The other dogs poop was in the hose only and she has smelled it many times. I’m taking her for 2 and vaccination today (the other dogs had not heen vacvinated) she had also walked on the road for 15-20 mins with an adukt stray dog hardly a meter awaybfrom her. Im very sorry for being soo careless and ignorant. I had no idea about the virus. What should I do? II had gone home for vccations and just came back with the puppy. The other dogs are in a kennel and the poop and piss was lying on the floor for 20days. Please help me. The vets here are very ignorant
My Labrador puppy is infected with this. I started treatment immediately. Now it’s 4th day, now vomiting stopped, diarrhea frequency is also decreased. Is it a good sign?
Kimberly Alt
I suggest talking to your vet about your puppy’s condition. I’m so sorry this is happening and hope your puppy heals fully. Please keep us posted and our thoughts are with you.
What if you can’t afford a vet?
Kimberly Alt
We are not licensed veterinarians so we cannot give medical advice. If you’d like you can skim our comments section and see what has worked for our readers. Our #1 tip is to get your dog to the vet. Perhaps there is a vet in your area that offers discounts or a payment plan for pet parents so dogs can get the care they need. Please keep us posted and we hope your dog gets healthy soon.
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Lashanda Craig
What treatment you started?
My dog has parvo he has been treated for a week now and showing signs of recovery

He is now playing and eating

Can i give him a bath?

When can he start to mingle with other dogs?

I hope you can answer my question


Kimberly Alt
I suggest calling your vet and asking. Your vet will be more knowledgeable in these questions.
Ruby McCarty
My granddaughter has 2 beautiful huskys which had 7 puppies looked healthy play hard now today 3 of them have died. She is a basket case like her kids they don’t have money for what a vet would cost. Why are they dying?
Kimberly Alt
I’m sorry this has happened. There are many reasons why the puppies could be dying. I suggest taking all of the dogs to the vet immediately to prevent more fatalities. Best of luck and let us know how it goes.
Ruby McCarty
Thank-you they live in another state talked with granddaughter during the night 3 more died don’t know what she is going to do.
My puppy had parvo, his brother did not, they are now very aggressive toward each other and they were best friends. Is it because my parvo pup still smells because we cannot bathe him yet? Help.
Jackey Arias Ponce
What do you recommend the dangerous period is over for a puppy infected with parvo? I noticed lack of energy on Wed. Took him to vet on Thurs. I only had money for half the medication he doesn’t have vomiting or diarrhea and we have been giving him Pedialyte, chicken broth, oatmeal water, and beef broth for hydration. Pepto for nausea also we have him on antibotics.
Kimberly Alt
Hi Jackey, I’m sorry your dog has Parvo. If your dog has lasted since Wednesday and hasn’t gotten progressively worse that is a good sign. I suggest reading through our comments on how to continue to help your dog. I’m not sure on a specific timeline because it can vary case by case. Keep us updated on your dog’s health and how you are helping him, please. It could help pet parents in the future. Best of luck, you are in our thoughts.
Jackey Arias Ponce
Thank you he definitely got better and is back to his own self. I had him on 30 ml of chicken broth, and then 30 ml pure Pedialyte every hour given with puppy bottle. I also gave him 1 tsp of peptobesmo (this was according to his weight) every 4-6 hours. I went to a feed store and bought penicillin and injected him (also according to weight) 3ml of it daily although I know there is no cure this is to prevent any other infection to happen to him. All this was given after I took him to the vet and he was able to get half of the medication there. I read up on what they were giving him and found these cheaper medications because essentially we are only treating the symptoms not the sickness in itself.
Monica Russell
Wat kind of antibiotics u use
My 2 month puppy might be suffering form parvo because he’s been throwing up and hasn’t eaten or drank anything and isn’t very active…and it’s the first day he has been like this.
Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry. Contact your vet and update him/her on the situation. I also suggest reading through our comments section. Some of our readers have been kind enough to share how they helped their dog with parvo survive. You and your puppy are in our thoughts. Please keep us posted.
Angelina Garcia
Hi my name is Angie and I have two 5 month old brother pitbulls named Blaze, and Bryson. Just about a week ago Blaze was positive for parvo. So as soon as I knew he wasn’t acting himself I took him to the vet right away. Thank god the owner of the vet clinic had so much heart, she gave me medication and fluids plus the testing for only $80 cause that is all I had. I was so desperate to keep him alive. It would have cost me $300 but I thank the lord above that Blaze is improving and eating. But now since Blaze was around Bryson not knowing Blaze had parvo, my poor baby Bryson is now positive for parvo, and now I have no money until Friday Oct 7, 2016 and my Bryson cannot wait that long. He needs treatment now. He has no energy he won’t eat he keeps throwing up, and the worst part is when he goes diarrhea there’s blood. I’ve been trying to get medication and fluids to do at home, but it is not working. I’m loosing my mind, again I’m very desperate. Life is so unfair that we have to pay to keep our pets alive, and I feel even worse cause I was able to get Blaze treatment but not Bryson. I know this is my fault, and I can’t seem to forgive myself. I haven’t been able to sleep, eat, or have emotion towards anything, but my babies. I can’t take my eyes off Bryson cause I’m afraid he’s going to stop breathing. I need help, I don’t know what to do. My poor baby does not deserve this. If any body has any advice please let me know, and please keep my Blaze, and Bryson in your prayers.

My email is

Chinemerem bede
My pup is 3 months. All of a sudden, the puppy lost appetite totally and could only take bones and milk. They ignore other foods it eats from before and behaved lethargic. But after a while, I dewormed it and it became very active but still doesn’t eat food. I don’t know why. Till today, I went to give her vaccination and I don’t know what will happen next because she not eating again, she has slimmed down well.
My puppy just got parvovirus and was treated for it a week and a half ago. Can she get sick again because she is pooping diarrhea with what looks like blood?
Sadie Cornelius
Maria, we encourage you to take your pet to the vet again for a follow up on her treatment! Sorry to hear and good luck with your pup!
I have a 10 year old cocker mix, who’s been having diarrhea for the last 5 days. He has no blood in the stool, no signs of parasites or vomiting. He’s been drinking alot of water, is not off his feed or lethargic. He’s showing his normal behavior except for the diarrhea and drinking alot of water. What else could be causing the diarrhea?
Chris Morris
Dry heaves in 8 week old puppy.
Kate Powell
First of all, NO breeder should be selling pups at that young age. Pups need to stay with their mamas until at least eight weeks old and in some states it is illegal to sell them before 8 weeks. Secondly, Tamiflu requires a written prescription from a doctor. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t believe everything you read online. If your animal is sick take it to the vet!
I was very lucky, several years ago we had a lab/Shepard mix. We had no idea the person giving away the pups had not vaccinated them at all. The whole litter ended up dying except my Slayer. He contracted the disease at 4 months old. I took him to one vet on a Friday who diagnosed him with parvo, but it was a weekend so he was stuck in a kennel out back for two days without treatment, which I found out when I went to pick him up. I was still 3 months pregnant and needless to say after that vet’s office I was ready to call the cops once I got through with them. So I took him to another vet that was recommended to me who kept my dog, administered IV fluids and fed him by spoon for 10 days. He ended up living to the ripe old age of almost 12 years old. And if he hadn’t contracted a fungal infection which took us 6 months to get diagnosed he would have lived longer. Always get second opinions and make sure the vet is reputable. I will never use Claire’s Animal Hospital in Stuarts Draft, VA even for a goldfish.
I am so sorry you had to go through that, my heart goes out to you!
Hi I have a 6 month old jack russel puppy he got sick on Sunday and was diagnosed with parvo on Tuesday, and is getting treatment. He got his first 2 vaccinations on time and the 3rd one the Friday before he got sick. He as minimal vomiting and diarrhea. I just want someone to tell me how long my baby boy is going to take to get better? Thank you.
Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry. I suggest reading through our comments section. Our readers have been wonderful in providing their tips on how to cure parvo and what their experience entailed. Please keep us updated on your dog’s health. We are sending your dog our thoughts and hope for a speedy recovery.
I have a dog who is about 8 months. He was diagnosed with parvo and the vet has given him medication but he doesn’t seem to be getting any better. He is still weak and vomits everything that gets to his stomach. He has been like this for six days now. The vet seems to have lost hope. What can I do to prevent him from dying?
Kimberly Alt
We are so sorry your dog has parvo. We suggest reading through our comments section. Our readers have provided tips on how they helped their dogs recover from parvo. Perhaps one will help you!
Roxanne leija
Do they charge at the vet because my puppy just got sick she loves to play but now she don’t want to this morning. She was fine but tonight she is not herself. Someone help please.
Kimberly Alt
Yes, it costs money to go to the vet. If you think your dog is ill you should take her to the vet ASAP. Vets often times will work with you on a payment system.
Hans Moleman
I brought my dog to the vet today and he had to stay overnight with an IV. I’m just wondering if he will be alright because he isn’t a puppy or an older dog. He is about two years and two months. He has the symptoms of Parvo and has been showing them for about two days now. I hope I didn’t wait too long to get him help. These past two years he has really changed my life and is like my little boy. Super worried corgi dad in Montana.
Kimberly Alt
We are so sorry and are thinking of you and your dog during this time. We are hoping for a full recovery. Please let us know how everything goes.
Hans Moleman
Update from the vet is he was super dehydrated so he’s been on an IV. They decided to keep him another night to monitor him but the vet said it might not be Parvo even though he is showing all the signs. He wasn’t agitated when we brought him in and didn’t put up a fight so the vet knew he wasn’t feeling well. I will let you know what happens soon. Thanks I’m glad I found this community!
Kimberly Alt
So glad to hear that the vet thinks it might not be Parvo. We are hoping for a full recovery! Thank you for keeping us updated!
Hans Moleman
Good news! He is eating, drinking and has had bm’s. We are going to pick him up today @1! I’m so relieved that my boy is ok. I’ve been a wreck without him these past two days. Thanks for reassuring me with the kind and positive feedback.
Kimberly Alt
That is great to hear! We’re so glad he’s doing better!! Give him lots of lovings when you get home with him! 🙂
Love all this info! My dog recently came in contact with his brother that has parvo. My dog recently was attacked by a large husky dog as well leaving five wounds on his butt. He is almost 5mo, took him to the vet, the vet said give him tamaflu but it cost $170. Instead she gave him a shot of antibiotics for his wounds, anti throw up meds, stuff to keep good belly culture, pain meds. I can’t afford to treat him, up until last night he was fine but then of course he threw up once then hasn’t left the couch since and he has no energy. He does not have bloody poop but almost liquid poop. I have given him pedialyte, raw egg, and some pumpkin. I’m not sure if he is sick from the parvo or the dog attack. I am hoping he can pull through, any suggestions at all? Please help! How much of what should I give him and how often, he weighs 20lbs.
I had a cocker spaniel puppy who passed away after he had parvo. Then our Doberman was diagnosed with it too but he was better after two days and had a broken paw.
connie williams
I have a 3 month English Bulldog who became sick on May 25th vomiting and bloody stool. I took her to emergency vet and they tested for Parvo but was negative. They kept her over night on IV and we picked her up the next morning she was 100%. 12 days later she got sick again vomiting and loose stool but no blood. Took her back and the tested her garcinia, I thing that’s what it’s called but also negative. They sent her home with meds and I took her to her vet the next day which was this past Wednesday and they ran every test there was even did a barium test thinking it was a an obstruction in her bowel but nothing. They tested her again for Parvo yesterday and again negative but she has a watery stool with blood and has every sign of Parvo. She’s been hospitalized since Wednesday and is being treated for Parvo. All of her blood work is perfect. Her white blood cell test is perfect too and the only test that came back out of wack was her liver test which was slightly elevated. She’s on fluids through IV and antibiotics and is drinking water on her own and she has pretty good strength. If she wasn’t going to survive would she have passed away by now? What are her chances of surviving?
Kimberly Alt
If parvo is what your dog has, there is a survival rate of 80% to 95% for puppies with treatment. Hopefully since she’s been in the vet’s care since Wednesday it means she’s getting the care she needs. We are thinking of you and hope she heals quickly!
My pup is a cow dog barley 4 weeks old and he threw up after going number 2 but I fed him right before I took him out. Could it be because the person I got him from wasn’t feeding him right and the mix of dog food and grass or signs of parvo? Also he has a quick heart beat when he plays and its quick but slows down but not enough while he sleeps could it possibly be cardiac manifestation?
Kimberly Alt
If you think there is something seriously wrong with your dog, you should take him to the vet immediately.
I had a cross breed pup that had the same problem, the vet told me it was down to his breed and was nothing to worry about.

Not happy I tried another vet and it turned out it was a major heart problem, I lost him a couple of months later.

Kimberly Alt
We are so sorry for your loss, Dave. Losing a pup is like losing a family member. Our thoughts are with you.
Hi, my dog a Rotweiller was diagnosed with Parvo. He has been treated with IV fluids and also Serum vaccine. He is now passing stools on his own without his knowledge. But not blood. He is neither vomitting. He was passing stools with blood earlier. He had also vomitted blood.

Is he out of danger. Will he survive? It’s been three days now since the treatment has begun.
After he survives will there be any side effect due to this parvo infection in his growth etc.
Will he loose size/build etc.

Please advise.

Chris Catalina
Can parvo be acquired even if my dog is vaccinated? I have a very healthy 5 month old golden retriever and I recently brought in a Labrador puppy which is showing parvo symptoms. I am just worried that my golden may be affected if ever my lab is infected with parvo. I would really appreciate a reply. You may email me at

Thanks in advance.

Kimberly Alt
We haven’t been able to find anything that says the vaccination is 100% effective. It definitely decreases the chances of your dog getting parvo but we aren’t sure if it’s 100% parvo proof. I suggest contacting your vet and asking.
Jamie Leggat
I wanted to know if my puppy has had his first round of shots, can he still contract parvo?
Kimberly Alt
During our research we haven’t been able to find anything about the vaccine being 100% effective but we know that the vaccine greatly diminishes the chances of your dog getting the disease. We suggest asking your vet about the effectiveness of the vaccine.
I have a 5 month old bull mastiff that has parvo. Her name is Bailey. She has been to the vet, has been given IV fluids, antibiotics and medicine for nausea. Bailey is being really aggressive to our cat “Kitty” that she has grown up with. She is growling and snapping at animals that she has grown up with “like our neighbor’s dog”. My question is has the parvo virus made her this way?
My dog dexter is 6 months old and I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Since last night he has been vomiting, not moving or eating as much as he used to and he also lost weight. Now he’s shedding I don’t know if this is parvo or what? I went to a feed store and bought a vaccine kit. (I know how to give shots) I’m hoping this works but I’ll like if someone can tell me what’s wrong with him. I also don’t know what kind of dog he is (he’s a mixed breed), but he’s face kind of looks like a pitbull. Also he’s medium sized dog so don’t actually know how much to give him?
Kimberly Alt
You should take him to the vet ASAP.
Tiffany N Brittany
I have a 9 week old pitt bull that was left here when the owners got evicted and now 2 weeks later it has parvo. I don’t have enough money to give the vet so they will keep her there and treat her. So what is the best thing for me to do? How can I help her? Somebody told me to give her charcoal tablets mixed with Pedialyte has anyone tried this?
Kimberly Alt
Hi Tiffany, I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I suggest reading through our comments for this article. Many of our readers have had success with Pedialyte and they have shared their tips with us. Hopefully this can help you!
Hello, my 1 year old pitbull started vomiting on Saturday at 3 a.m. Hours later, he had fever, diarrhea, then bloody diarrhea. I bought chicken and rice canned food and he happily ate it and drank water as well. He then went to the restroom and this time it was solid brown with a bit red stool. On Sunday, he was more depressed, fever throughout the day, began shivering at around 7 p.m, and vomiting and non-bloody diarrhea continued. He refused to eat, but drank a bit of water. I will be taking him to the vet at 8 a.m. Please reply and let me know if your pet experienced the same thing. I am very concerned about the shivering on his back legs. I’m praying it is not distemper disease. His symptoms are more parvovirus though.
Kimberly Alt
Please let us know how he is doing today after the vet. We are hoping for the best. We are thinking of you.
One of my dogs died but we are not sure of what. His fecies were fine but he did throw up. Since he has died his brother has taken it hard. He has not been eating or drinking and he has not been playing. Is he depressed or does he have parvo? Also he has not thrown up or anything.
Kimberly Alt
I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is not easy. I suggest calling your vet and explain your dog’s characteristics. It’s possible he could be depressed but if it is parvo, you’ll want to take action immediately. Best of luck.
I had 11 puppies about 3 months old, 3 different mothers. They all got parvo and I took care of it but lost 3 dogs. I used the solutions this site recommends and it seems to have worked well but I still have 2 puppies who are very lethargic. My question is, when can I vaccinate the puppies who are now playing and eating?
Kimberly Alt
I am so sorry you’ve lost some of your puppies. My thoughts are with you. I am glad that information from our site has helped you care for your other puppies. As for when you can vaccinate the puppies, I would give your vet a call and ask them. It may vary for each pup and they will know your situation best. Again, I am so sorry for your loss and hope for full recoveries for the rest of your pups.
I have an american bully only 1 year old, he isn’t exactly pooping at all, he pushes so hard but he can’t seem to get it out. He looks completely uncomfortable during this process. He’s very well trained and he can’t seem to make it even to my hallway he’ll start pushing but nothing comes out but little specks of blood. Please tell me what to do.
Kimberly Alt
Take your dog to the vet ASAP. Blood in your dog’s stool is not good and can be life threatening.
Can I vaccinate my puppies though they already have parvo?
Kimberly Alt
I would contact your vet and ask. If they currently have parvo it’s important to keep them from any other dogs.
Melissa Bagamasbad
Three of our young dogs/pups were diagnosed with parvo last month. Two of them died, while one survived. For the first time since we had dogs, we delayed vaccinations and paid the price greatly. =/

I am still getting over the death of the first one who was diagnosed, because it seemed like the vet gave the wrong recommendation. =/ He was nine months when he got it, and was lethargic, then was puking. When we got to the vet, our dog pooped bloody, smelly diarrhea right in front of her. After he tested positive for parvo, the vet said to take him home then prescribed anti-vomit meds, antibiotics and food. When we got home and gave it to him, our dog threw these up. We kept force-feeding him the food and meds until night time, even if it seemed useless; then around 12MN to 1AM, he seemed fine, no more vomiting, so I thought he had taken in what we were force-feeding him. I decided to sleep a bit at around 3AM, thinking we would bring him to the vet at 5AM. I even talked to our dog and told him we loved him, and to fight if he could. When I woke up, I found out he was gone. =/ I really wish I hadn’t slept and woke up my dad instead so we could have rushed him to the ER. =/

So when our two other dogs tested positive for parvo, we rushed them to a second vet, and had them confined with IV, ASAP.

I just kept thinking that if only the first vet had our dog confined ASAP with dextrose, after seeing his advanced symptoms, our dog would have more of a fighting chance. I wish she didn’t prescribe meds, food and water at home because vomiting dogs should have been given an IV according to the second vet. =/ I am more at peace with the death of the second parvo dog, because I know we did our best with her, and even with the best vet treatment, her body couldn’t take it anymore.

Do you think that the first vet had the wrong recommendation?

Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry for your loss Melissa. I think the first vet did what she thought was best for your dog. The stage of parvo that your dog was at may have been further along than your other dogs, which may have resulted in the recommendation she gave.

Don’t feel like you didn’t do everything you could to help your dog. You were doing what you thought was best. You were there for him when he needed you. You took care of him, you told him how much you loved him and you were there for him during his last hours. You did everything you could. I’m sure he appreciated that and knows how much you loved him due to the affection you showed him.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Melissa Bagamasbad
Your reply got me teary-eyed all over again, hehehe. Thank you for the words of comfort, Kimberly. I guess it hurts more when it is the “rock star” or the favorite/s of the group that had to go too early. I know our babies are now angels in heaven, and are watching over us. I will look at this as a learning experience that made me stronger, and will be more careful with our remaining dogs.
Kimberly Alt
You are so welcome Melissa and thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m sure our readers will appreciate reading your comments. Parvo is such a scary illness and progresses quickly. By sharing your experience with us you may help other pet parents who are facing this type of situation and in turn save another dog’s life. Thank you and our thoughts are with you.
My new puppy found another dog’s poop in our yard and was licking it. I removed her as soon as I knew what was going on. She has had only one shot this last week. Could she get sick from this, and is there anything I can do to be preemptive to prevent parvo? The other excrement has been removed, and I will be bleaching the area.
I have two small dogs that will turn 2 years old on March 22, 2016. They have both been fixed at a young age and have had all of their vaccinations and are up-to-date of all of their vaccinations. My mom took them to Petsmart on Saturday, February 6th. One dog walk and she carried the other one. By Saturday, February 13th, the dog that walked in Petsmart was vomiting and pooping out bright red blood. She rushed both dogs to the vet and was treated for Parvo (both dogs). The parvo test had a very light line through it so it’s hard to tell if they really have the parvo virus. I spoke with the vet and he said the line is very light because it is the first stage of parvo and we caught in time. The dogs have been on treatment this whole week and are doing very well. I want to write this to let you all know that it doesn’t matter how well you think you are taking care of your pets, there is always that 1% chance of getting parvo even when you vaccinate.
I don’t know if my pup has parvo or not I was told it was parvo and I was told it’s worms but he eats but not like he used to. He lays around until he sees me or someone walking to him and he’s vomiting what looks like mucus.
Kimberly Alt
Who is telling you it’s parvo and/or worms? If it’s not a vet then you need to go see a vet asap.
Im going to go today. He’s acting normal now eating like he normally does and he has vomited since yesterday afternoon. I went ahead and wormed him just in case but your right my husband is taking him to the vet in a few minutes because we still don’t know if that’s the cause of it.
My question is. After a puppy show signs of Parvo, when did they become contagious to others?
Kimberly Alt
To be sure, I would contact your vet and ask. To be on the safe side, if your dog has parvo I would keep him from other dogs immediately. And if you know of a dog with parvo, I would keep your puppy from him/her as well. But to have a more exact answer, I suggest asking your vet.
Kenneth Shepherd
I have a 8 week old pit bull puppy, that was suffering from parvo. I took him to the vet twice and he was getting worse. The vet said he might not make it. I went and bought him some pepto bismol, pedialyte, Gerber baby food. How I defeated parvo in him when the vet said he might not make it. I administered Noni Juice twice a day. Two days my lil guy is back the same. He is eating, and drinking water, playing, wrestling. My other dogs hasn’t had parvo shots. They didn’t get it. I also administered Noni Juice to them. The Noni you have to get is 100% Organic Noni. I hope this helps someone. I also use Noni for health benefits, for my heart, and my arthritis.
Maninder singh
After my bully recovered from parvo what should I give him to eat to bring his immune system to normal? Because after recovery some time he vomit after giving him food.
andrew l
Hello, I have a Jack Russell, she’s about 4 years old. I’m worried about her and at this time I don’t have the money to go to a vet. She had puppies 4 weeks ago and now she’s really skinny and the last 2 days it’s been liquid poop with blood. After she poops I see a little blood on her tail please tell me what’s happening to her.
Kimberly Alt
Some vets will work with you on financing. It’s important that you get your dog to the vet.
My puppy died from parvo this morning. I’m still in tears, this such a hard thing to go through.
Kimberly Alt
We are so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts. Losing a pet is never easy.
My 4 months old shih tzu feels tired, like she always lay around. But she eats her food and pees. She doesn’t poop or drink water that much. Does that mean she has a parvo? Please answer asap.
Kimberly Alt
Only your vet will be able to diagnose your dog with parvo. I suggest you take her to the vet asap.
Mark Stefan
Trixie our little angel did not survive. Huhu. How sad.
Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry for your loss Mark.
Rach Bennett
My puppies both got parvo from the pound. First Souljah was lethargic, then not eating, I was watching for him for signs of being sick with kennel cough, didn’t even think about parvo until he wouldn’t eat. Then he started spewing and had the runs. I googled everything, as I live in the boonies, and have limited access to things. I gave him activated charcoal tabs mixed with pedialyte. I also gave him people penicillin that I had here. Only a little bit. I ordered colloidal silver, and I alternated this with the pedialyte. When he couldn’t keep anything down, I syringed the pedialyte and the colloidal silver in his bottom. Very very slowly. To keep him hydrated. Twice I thought he was dead when I woke up. I did the pedialyte and colloidal silver every hour, including through the night, then every half hour. You can tell when they’re dehydrated because of their skin not bouncing back on their neck when you lift it up. I also gave him raw egg once it seemed like he could keep things down. After the first raw egg he seemed back to normal, then the next day he was unwell again, so I did the colloidal silver and pedialyte every half hour, on the 6th day he was better. I also tried gatorade to keep his sugars up, but he puked it every time, so in the end I used manuka honey, it’s a natural antibiotic too, and soothing on the tummy. For Thor, he went down the day after Souljah was on the mend, I’d already been giving him colloidal silver just in case, and I had been feeding him lots of raw eggs, and raw chicken, and cooked kumara for the vitamin c. I’d boil kumara and pumpkin in chicken broth, then when ready I’d mix raw egg in it and feed it to him, I was also syringing small amounts of this to Souljah throughout his illness, chicken broth is wonderful, and the kumara has vitamin c, both help with viruses, and it’s a viral infection. It was a longer, slower illness for Thor, he didn’t get as skinny as Souljah, Souljah looked like a chicken carcass after you’ve eaten it. He did puke and poop more though. I just kept up the colloidal silver, activated charcoal, and pedialyte, and Praise God, they both pulled through. That was 6 weeks ago. Do NOT give your puppy the parvo vaccine when they have parvo, it will OD them and kill them. You need to keep them hydrated and hopefully give them enough proteins and energy for their bodies to start fighting the virus and get them through it. It takes days for anyone to start making antibodies in their system, I assume animals are the same. Lots of love too. You cannot OD them on pedialyte and colloidal silver. Don’t be scared to give it to them rectally, just do it very very slowly and at body temp. If they have had enough fluids it will just come back out. Better than your dog dying because you are scared. I watched a YouTube video. Thank goodness for YouTube and Google or our pups would have died. Just a note, when Souljah went backwards again, I read something that helped me a lot. She said be aggressive in your treatment. Fight for your dog. I was unsure what I was doing before I read that, she said I couldn’t overdose my dog with pedialyte and colloidal silver. So I stepped it up to every half hour. I’m so glad I read that, even though it wasn’t written specifically for me, it felt like it. Seeing your animals sick is sad just like when your kids are sick. It can be hard to know if you’re doing what’s right. Be aggressive.
Kimberly Alt
Wow what a scary situation. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m so glad your puppies are all better now!
I recently took my dog to the vet it’s $30 just for an exam for them to tell me he is not ok. Well I know he is not ok so then they tell me it will cost me $80 to test him for parvo so I deny it because I didn’t have money then they checked his feces after all for free and told me he had hook worms but they couldn’t test him for parvo. Ok they had the feces there why couldn’t they tell me and do the same? Anyways they give him some dose of medicine for his hook worm and some to give at home but here I am seeing him not knowing if he has parvo but what can I do? Can he still get the vaccine if he is already sick he is not getting any better. He still has diarrhea and no appetite which are signs of parvo. I also have been giving him pedailite.
celia dills
Hi our three month old pup has been throwing up a lot its mostly clear but he isn’t acting right.
Kimberly Alt
Take him to the vet to find out what is wrong.
My 12 week puppy has parvo and was rushed to the vet’s on Sunday. He was given antibiotics and a fluid injection under the skin. We were told he wouldn’t make it through the night. He did with lots of love and help. Monday morning we took him back and they said he was doing ok, as I’d stayed up all night giving him fluids every 30 mins, Monday night he was eating small amounts and seemed to be doing well, by late that night he had gone down hill again, so Tuesday morning the vets admitted him. He has been on iv though still being sick and runny poo. By Thursday he was eating again(only a few biscuits every hour) and was told he may be able to come home Friday (today) if he kept eating, I’ve been going in twice a day to see him, but today he was unhappy and hadn’t eaten this morning. By 12:30 the vets called saying they were worried and wanted to do more blood test, 30 mins after they called back saying his immune system wasn’t good but they can try him on some other drugs. I gave the go ahead to try as he has come this far little fighter! I was wondering if anyone knows if his immune system has a good chance of picking back up? Very worried about this and so upset.
Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry this is happening Zoe. I hope things have gotten better for your pup since Friday. Unfortunately, I think with cases like this it can be a “luck of the draw” kind of situation. It sounds like your little guy is a fighter. Let’s hope he can make it through this. My thoughts are with your family and I hope things have turned around.
Ayana Green
My puppy is 9 weeks and I’m bringing him home tomorrow the 15th. He doesn’t go to get his first set of shots until Friday the 20th! I want to start house training immediately but not a fan of pee pads in the house! I have a gated porch and I was wondering if I put the pee pad on the porch is it ok for me to let him out to potty on the porch even though he doesn’t go for his shots until another 5 days?
Someone help please!
Kimberly Alt
Check out our housebreaking article here
Maria Villalovos
Hi I have 5 month old puppy that just got diagnosed with parvo today and the weird thing is that she doesn’t open her mouth for nothing not even to drink her pedialite and I read about parvo but I didn’t read anything about jaw locking is that normal or should I be worried please help me.
Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry your puppy has parvo. I suggest calling your vet and asking if there’s anything specific you can do to help. They will know what is normal and what is abnormal. I hope all goes well for your pup!
My puppy is only about 4 months old and was just diagnosed with parvo this morning. Apparently he hasn’t been eating for 4 days (which my mom just told me as I wasn’t at home) and he either pukes up bile or just dry heaves. We took him to a vet and they gave him a shot for nausea and an iv of fluid.

Now that we’re back home he’s hiding in my (dark) closet. Should I be concerned?

Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry your puppy has parvo. As for him hiding in the closet, I would call your vet and ask about him doing that. In the mean time, maybe try to give him extra attention so he feels loved even more. He’s not feeling too well so having you to cuddle with him or pet him may soothe him some. He’s still young so he’s probably very scared and doesn’t know why he feels so crummy. 🙁 Hope all goes well for you and your puppy.
Tay Tay (Forever&Always)
If my dog got a shot for parvo, could he still get it? He is 2 years old.
Kimberly Alt
Be sure to keep the vaccines for parvo up to date for your dog. We can’t find anything about the vaccine being 100% effective but we know that the vaccine greatly diminishes the chances of your dog getting the disease. Perhaps you can ask your vet the next time you are there?
My dog eats and drinks fine but his gums are pale. He’s been throwing up and what not but he seems normal I gave him new cheap dog food then he started getting sick. Could it be the food or worms?
Kimberly Alt
I would contact your vet and ask them. Be sure to explain that you’ve changed dog foods recently as well.
If you get an animal you have to be responsible and take care of it. If you can’t afford proper vaccinations and care don’t get a pet. It’s not the fault of a veterinarian or vaccine distributor that you decided to live outside your means. I feel extreme sympathy for the animals who suffer because of human ignorance and selfishness. If you can’t afford an animal give it to someone who can so it can at least have a shot at a decent life.
I have a 4 month old puppy. By mistake we didn’t care much. He used to go on the street near our campus and one day someone threw rat poison in the water and he drank the water. After that he seemed ok for a week or so. Now he is sick and is fully blooded through and we don’t know what to do.

We’ve taken him to the government hospital and they say he’s infected with a small virus and he will be dead soon. They said if small dogs smell menstrual blood of female dogs then when it smells it, if he’s younger than one some virus affects it and dies soon.

Now we are taking him to the hospital for treatment twice a day. They say to have hope and they will try their best but not sure whether he’ll be saved.

Can this be cured?

Kimberly Alt
Hi Kranthi, it sounds like you’re doing everything you can. Just be sure to take him to the vet or hospital to get the best help he can get. It’s hard to say what your pup has and we are not licensed physicians so the people at the hospital and veterinarian’s office will definitely be able to help you more in this situation. Best of luck and our thoughts are with you and your pup.
Donna Watkins
Hi my baby who is 4 months old was fine. I came home from work today and now he is sick with parvo. Are the rest of my dogs going to get it? Please can some one answer me.
Kimberly Alt
Donna, you should call your vet immediately. Parvo is a life threatening illness and needs to be taken seriously. Parvo can take full force within days so make sure you call ASAP.
Nathan Wojcik
My pup has been acting very differently the past few days and I am very worried he could possibly have parvo. He has had diarrhea the past 3 days and about every 2 hours or so he has to have a bowel movement. His poo is very watery. He also isn’t finishing his food nearly as quickly as he used to. He has only thrown up once and that was about three days ago. Today he pooped in the kitchen and I saw what looked like was a tiny bit of blood. He sleeps quite a bit, but isn’t lethargic like most parvo symptoms suggest. He still likes to play like normal. We changed his food about 4 days ago and started to give him a new kind of dog treat. Could that possibly be what the problem is or do you think we should play it safe and go ahead with the parvo test? He is a 5 month old chiweenie and weighs about 5 lbs. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Kimberly Alt
I’m so sorry Nathan. Whenever you think you see blood in your dog’s stool you should take him to the vet. So for your situation, I would try to get him in as soon as possible. Hopefully the vet can get him on the up and up soon. Let us know how it goes! Our thoughts are with you.
My dog has come in contact with a dog that has parvo. He has had his shots but how do I know if he will get it or not?? Got a booster shot the day I found out, just to make sure. What should I do ???
Michelle Schenker
Hi Mariah,
We would suggest that you ask whoever gave the booster shot for more advice. Likely they are a trained vet. If not, please call one to ask for specific advise on your situation. Thanks!
Hello, I have a 1 month old pitbull puppy. What should I do to prevent parvo in my puppies?
Michelle Schenker
Talk to your vet to find out whether your pet has been vaccinated and all shots are up to date. Thanks!
My recommendation to anyone who has a dog: If you see these symptoms, please contact a vet IMMEDIATELY. This virus is no joke. I have unfortunately lost my best friend to the virus and it was very horrible to see him suffer. Please contact a vet. I cannot stress that enough.
My puppy has parvo. She stayed in the vets office for 6 days and was released today. She seems fine – a little weak but almost back to her old self. She will drink water from her dish but she won’t eat. Should I be concerned or will she eat when she’s ready? I would call the vet but they are closed over the weekend. Any ideas?
Michelle Schenker
Hi Debbie,
The vet should be opened today so be sure to call them. They will know the details of your case best to offer proper advice. Thanks and take care of your sweet fur baby.
I am very lucky. my 4 month-ish rescue from the street was diagnosed with parvo 4 days ago. I was lucky since I realized she was not acting normal and we started treatment before she began showing any symptoms other then being lethargic. My vet said ” don’t worry about the bill we will calculate it when the treatment is over”. She is eating properly by herself now and as energetic as ever. My main concern is I was thinking about getting one more puppy how long will she carry the virus with her and when can I get a puppy close to her without being worried.
Sadie Cornelius
Glad to hear you caught your dog’s Parvo early on! Hopefully she will get on the path to recovery soon. We would recommend asking your vet when it would be okay to get another dog without transmitting anything. Very kind of you to rescue your dog and get it back to good health. Thanks for sharing your story!
juliet delnero
I had a liter of 11 pups. All were healthy until about 3 days ago. 2 pups were acting real lethargic and didn’t want to eat or drink. They were pooping blood and vomiting. I must say, my eyes are watering telling this, as I raised them by hand since they were newborn (mother had mastitis). This was a slow painful death. I thought they ate cat liter. the vet was closed. I lost both of my baby boys yesterday morning. My baby girl is getting treated right now and there is a 70-80% chance it will take effect. $350 for everything. Which is not bad. But my heart hurts at this horrible disease. Please everyone be aware. Whoever lived in my house before me must have had dogs with parvo in the backyard because none of our animals have it or have had it. And the pups have never been in the front yard. So very sad my baby boys are now in doggy heaven – in peace at last. Pray for my baby girl Cayenne.
Michelle Schenker
Hi Juliet,
I am so sorry to hear this story and for your loss. I’ve never even thought of moving into a new place and it being infected… this may act as a good warning for many dog owners. Thank you for sharing your story and we will all be praying for your sweet Cheyenne.

Sending much love and healing, Michelle

I have a 5 month old Shih Tzu that has had all its parvo shots but was diagnosed this morning with parvo. The vet sent us home with antibiotics medicine and told me to keep him hydrated as this is more important than how much he eats. We are getting some water and pedialite down him, but not very much. I guess we are doing about everything we can do! We are very sad for this pup!!
My son has a puppy that is 4 months old and the puppy has not eaten in three days. However we have been trying to keep him hydrated with fluids. I called the vet and asked if they would take payments. They don’t but I asked what could I do because the puppy is vomiting everything he eats and drinks. She suggested that we give the puppy Gatorade. His poop is very runny and bloody. He seems to be a little warm with no high fever. This could be Parvo or a virus. Anybody know what we can do? Any help will be appreciated. We feel that we are at our wit’s end. I have a sad son who does not want to lose his puppy but can’t afford a vet at this time. Thanks in advance.
Hi. How’s the puppy right now?
Thomas Kane
Find a vet that will treat him immediately.
My 1 year old has been treated and released from the vet. He looks great and is being his normal energetic self. Does anyone know the answer to my question: He has never had and parvo shots, how soon after being treated can I give him his parvo shot?
Destiny Violette
Does anyone know if it is normal for my parvo surviving pup to have a saggy tummy? It hangs on the left and the right, so that when it’s hot the sides rub and create what I believe is a heat/skin rash that is red and dry.
Becky Torgerson
I got a shelter pup that the vet says is 9 months old and the shelter says a year. I had her spayed on April 29 but I had her a week before that when I saw some blood in her stools. I thought it might be the dye in the dog food. Anyway, the vet said after spaying her that she has parvo. He gave me some meds. She doesn’t have diarrhea, is not lethargic, eats and drinks fine. I don’t understand it. Does anyone have any thoughts?
My 5 week old lab/shepherd came down with parvo. I got him from a litter my daughter had. Seems the mom was weaning the pups at 4 weeks so my daughter asked me to take my pup home because she could not manually feed 7 pups by herself.

I took the pup home not knowing he was already infected with parvo. His litter mates began to die one by one and now my pup is the only one left alive.

I looked up info about parvo online and my husband and I began to treat the pup (we named him Rambo) ourselves. It has been one week now and he is acting like he feels better but we are not sure when to expect his complete recovery. He is eating and drinking with no vomiting or diarrhea. He stands on his hind legs, wags his tail and looks at us so pitifully. He cries for us to take him out of his pen. We think he is lonely and needs to feel us close to him but we don’t want to contaminate our clothes and carpets etc. by picking him up and letting him come inside.

Also we have a new mom Pekingese with two pups that are two weeks old and we don’t want them to come in contact with the parvo. Can anyone tell me when we can safely allow Rambo back into our home without danger to our other dogs? Thank you!

Adam Cottrill
you can’t!!!
Alejandra Damian
What if he doesn’t have diarrhea?
Does parvo always have bloody stool/vomit?
Trish Cottrell
I had a 4 month old pom that had no signs at all until the 28th when I found a dead bird in my living room. My dog Sammie was running around with her mom and his 1/2 sister who is 1 day older then Sammie. That day I noticed something was not right about Sam. I held him in my arms the whole day and fed him white rice and chicken broth with pedialite. He did not want any of it. The only thing that would comfort him was me getting in a warm bath with all my clothes on and laying him on my chest with his legs and tummy in the water. I stayed up with him until 4 am – no sleep at all. I then woke my husband up and said I know he is dying. We took him to the vet where they did the test. It was negative. Then they did a blood test and his white cells were a 0.5 ppl. There was no chance of survival – just minutes. would not let them put him to sleep. I wanted him home. 5 mins after we got home he took his last breath in my arms. As I was sitting on my porch, my husband was already bleaching everything up and down – no joke. So my Sam is gone but with no signs. Does anyone know how I can make sure the other 2 dogs are ok? There is no way I can go through that again. He was all white 3lbs 3oz and the cutest ever.
Charissa Weston
We just had a dog with parvo but breast milk, chicken broth and a solution of water and sugar helped him pull through.
I’m not sure if my puppies have parvo. If I give them the parvo shot will it help or not a good idea? Does anyone know?
I have also found an article about how parvo is spread. I’d like to know if this disease could also be transmitted to humans and how thoroughly we must disinfect your house if a dog has parvo. Would the neighbor have to clean his house if the dog went in for a short period of time?
Michelle Schenker