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Best Dog Beds For Labrador Retrievers: Ratings & Reviews


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Looking for the perfect dog bed for your Labrador? Labs are known to have arthritis, joint and soft tissue-related pain as they age. Getting your Lab the perfect dog bed at an early age should be a top priority. And if you have a senior Labrador, it’s even more important to provide them with a comfortable place to rest their aging joints.

The Labrador Retriever is America’s number one breed, and he has been for the last few decades. The Labrador is a large dog, which means he needs an even larger bed. And weighing in at 55 to 80 pounds means that he needs a good quality bed to support his thick body and gorgeous head. There are many bed options out there, but only a few tick all of the boxes on our checklist.

In this guide, we examine our favorite Labrador dog beds, all complete with reviews. We love Labradors at Canine Journal, so we want you to find the perfect bed to go easy on your pup’s joints. And because all Labs are different, we have put together a comprehensive buying guide so that you know how to pick the right one for your dog’s needs.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Dog Beds For Labradors

Frisco Mattress Style Dog Bed
Our Rating

Best Bolster Bed

Furhaven Bolster Bed

K and H Elevated Dog Bed
Our Rating

Best Mattress Style

Frisco Orthopedic Bed

Senior Lab Laying on Bed
Our Rating

Best Elevated Bed

K&H Elevated Bed

Buying Guide

Labrador Laying on Dog Bed
Finding the right dog bed for your Labrador can be challenging.

For us humans, buying a bed is a big decision. Not only do we spend a lot of time in it, but it also allows us to rejuvenate and rest. The same goes for when you purchase a bed for your Labrador. It’s nowhere near as easy as naming your Lab, and to find your pup the best bed for his needs, there are many factors to think about. Some of them might be obvious, but some not so much.

Here we are going to run you through the most important things to think about before clicking just any old bed into your online basket. And in no particular order, let’s take a look at what they are.


Labradors aren’t cheap dogs. While you might not spend as much on a bed for your Labrador as you would for a Mastiff, buying your Lab a bed still won’t be cheap. Budget is most certainly something we’ve taken into account when analyzing our favorites. If you’ve recently adopted a Lab puppy, you’ll need to save money so that you can afford high-quality dog food for your Lab, as well as a proper Labrador dog harness. The costs definitely add up, so your budget will likely be one of the primary considerations when selecting a dog bed.

Sleeping Position

Labs are big guys, but not all of them are the same. Some Labs like to starfish when they sleep, and some of them prefer to curl into the tightest of balls. Just like before, your Lab’s favorite sleeping position might determine the bed you choose. If you’re not sure what his preferred position is, be sure to watch him for a few nights to work it out.

For example, if he likes to curl up, he will probably appreciate a walled bed that will offer him extra security. Or, if he wants to sploot, a flat mattress bed will give him all the space he needs. If he likes to rest his head on your pillow, a bed with at least one head support will be ideal for him. Or if your Lab sleeps wherever, you probably don’t have to worry about it.


Whatever type of bed you buy him, it needs to be comfy. Otherwise, he might as well sleep on the floor or the sofa. Good quality beds will offer thick and supportive bases so that his body doesn’t sink to the bottom. Memory foam or orthopedic foam (yes, they are different) are great options to look for. Steer clear of cheap and flimsy polyester bases.

Labradors are prone to elbow and hip dysplasia, which is another reason to invest in a comfortable, good-quality bed. They will support his joints, alleviate joint pressure, and keep him warm. Not only are they essential for older dogs, but starting your Lab off with a good bed as a puppy can prevent and delay these conditions too.

It’s worth noting that some Labradors are harder on their joints than others. English Labs, for example, can be more content to relax than American Labs. American Labs, otherwise known as Field Labs, are likely to be more active and have more energy when they are young. More activity usually means more wear and tear on their joints. If you own an American Lab (also known as a Field Lab) then consider getting a higher quality bed early on in puppyhood.

Labrador Age

Senior Lab Laying on Bed
Older Labradors will need additional hip and joint support as they age.

If your Lab is a puppy, don’t fall for his puppy-dog eyes. Because he will probably destroy his new bed if it is not chew-proof. So here, you have two options. You can either buy a cheaper flat mattress that doesn’t matter if it survives the troublesome puppy stage. Or, you can buy a top-quality bed that guarantees to be tear-resistant and chew proof. The choice is yours.

Going back to the point we mentioned earlier, if he is a senior Lab with arthritic joints or a youngster with achy joints, you’ll definitely want to look for an orthopedic bed in order to ease your pup’s arthritic pain.


Durable materials are a must for the Labrador and his thick frame. Labs are known to be destructive. Labs can be relentless with their toys, destroying them in minutes. Your Lab’s bed will need to be able to withstand his weight and nest-digging rituals. And it needs to be more substantial compared to a bed for a Beagle. Better quality materials and craftsmanship command a higher price, but because they last much longer, they are often better valued for your money.

Materials such as cotton and canvas are strong materials that will last much longer than pure polyester. Some durable dog beds will guarantee to be anti-tear too. Materials such also be soft enough for him to sleep on, and many beds will offer plush fabric in the sleeping area.

If your Lab has asked for an elevated bed, you need to make sure that it can hold his weight. If he is a pup, remember that he will keep growing until he reaches somewhere between 50 and 80 pounds. A robust weatherproof steel or aluminum frame is ideal. And the material panel should hold its shape well rather than sag and stretch.


High-quality beds that are durable and made to last will usually come with a guarantee of some sort. And if it comes with a guarantee, you can be sure that the manufacturer believes in its design and craftsmanship. Always follow the instructions, and be sure to register the product if you need to. Remember to keep your proof of purchase.

Easy To Clean

Labradors are adventurous, and they are bound to get their beds dirty. And all dogs, at some point in their lifetime, have accidents through illness. To make your life a whole lot easier, we advise you to get a bed with a removable cover that can be machine washed. No one likes cleaning up, but remember it won’t fall to Fido to clean his mess.

It is also a great idea to get a water-resistant or waterproof bed too. Not only will it protect your flooring from doggy accidents, but it will also prolong the life of his bed by protecting the inner foam. Some manufacturers also offer water-resistant inner liners separately, which is always worth the extra money if the bed isn’t initially waterproof. Again, always follow instructions.


Many Labs suffer from sensitive skin and a variety of allergies. If your Lab does, you also need to look for a hypoallergenic bed that will help not aggravate his allergies. Hypoallergenic beds are usually made from tightly woven materials that prevent dander and dust mites from sinking into his bed. Although they might be more expensive, you always need to do what’s best for Fido’s health.

Best Dog Beds For Labs

Labrador Puppies on Circle Style Bed
Labradors will do just fine on a variety of different dog beds.

Here we are going to present the best dog beds for Labradors. We have split them into three categories for your ease, so if you know what type of bed you want, jump straight to that section. It’s important to note, that each of our picks in each section should do well for your Lab. You’ll want to take size, shape, and material into consideration as it applies to your home and living layout.

Couch Style Dog Beds

These beds are also known as bolstered or walled beds. They are the most popular with dogs because they offer an extra sense of security, and they provide headrests for additional neck support. Some are entirely walled, and some have just two walls. Some older dogs, or those recovering from injury, need at least on the side or a gap for easy entry and exit.

FurHaven Bolstered Dog Bed

Furhaven Goliath Bed
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Faux-fur sleeping surface.
  • Sizes Large or Jumbo are perfect for Labs.
  • Removable cover.
  • Machine washable cover.
  • Made with soft egg-crate foam.
  • Bolsters offer back support.

FurHaven is a well-known brand in the world of pet beds, and this bed comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. With the soft, plush faux fur material, you can be sure that your Labrador is in for a fantastic night’s sleep. The rest of the bed is covered in a suede material that is both soft and durable. It has three bolstered sides for extra neck support.

The bed base is 4 ½ inches thick, and it uses egg-crate medical-grade orthopedic foam to provide him with extra support. Egg-crate-shaped foam offers additional support for achy joints and alleviates pressure too. One side is open, which offers easy entry and exit for dogs with mobility issues. The cover is machine washable and comes in four colors.

We love that this dog bed is super soft, so if your Lab is a fussy pup, he’ll probably fall in love with this bed.

Sealy Bolstered Dog Bed

MidWest Bolstered Cradle Bed
  • Quad-layer technology.
  • Made with orthopedic memory foam.
  • Memory foam relieves joint pressure.
  • Cooling energy gel keeps your Lab cool.
  • Removable cover.
  • Machine washable cover.
  • Water-resistant liner.

This premium bed uses quad-layer technology. Which provides, you guessed it, four layers of orthopedic foam, memory foam, and a cooling gel layer to top it off. This will cradle all of his joints, alleviate the pressure, and keep him cool at the same time. It has three low bolsters to provide his head and neck with extra support and allows him to climb in and out easily.

The base is infused with charcoal, which is known for its odor-eliminating qualities. A water-resistant liner protects the foam base, and the bottom is non-skid for extra safety. The cover is a mixture of cotton and polyester, and it is removable and machine washable too. The base goes up to 5 1/4 inches thick, depending on the size you choose. There are four colors to choose from.

We love that this dog bed is the premium option, so if you are looking for the crème of the crop, this is the one to choose.

MidWest Bolstered Dog Bed

Frisco Plush Mattress Bed Large
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Thick foam bolsters for support.
  • Egg crate base.
  • Soft fleece lining for warmth.
  • Teflon coated bed cover.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Machine washable cover.

MidWest has created this bed with both Fido and you in mind. The base is 5 1/2 inches thick, and it uses egg-crate shaped orthopedic foam to support your dog’s joints and provide him with therapeutic rest. The sleeping area is lined with faux fur for a super soft feel, and the sides are sturdy to keep their protective shape. It has a window for easy entry and exit too.

The bed is oval-shaped, offering an alternative shape for those Labs who sleep better when they feel protected and enclosed. The gray cover has a stylish geometric design, making it a stylish addition to any room. The cover has a Teflon coating, meaning it is water and odor resistant. It is removable and machine washable, and it comes with a one year warranty as well.

We love that this dog bed is oval-shaped, offering the best option for those Labradors that love to curl up when they sleep.

Mattress Style Dog Beds

Mattress beds are an excellent option for those Labradors who like to stretch away while they snooze. Or those that prefer to sleep on floors or rugs, but never where they might feel too claustrophobic. They are also ideal for crate bedding, just be sure to measure that they will fit before you buy one.

Kopeks Orthopedic Mattress Bed

Kuranda Elevated Bed
  • Orthopedic grade memory foam.
  • Hypoallergenic memory foam.
  • Micro-suede cover.
  • Build-in headrest design.
  • Cover is removable.
  • Water-resistant cover.
  • Cover is also machine washable.

This bed offers up to 7 inches of thick foam as a support base, meaning it is the thickest option on this list. It is made with hypoallergenic orthopedic foam, also making it an excellent choice for sensitive Labs. One side has a pillow, meaning that if your dog is a stretcher but also likes a headrest, this is an ideal option for him.

The removable and machine washable cover is micro-suede material that will feel super lush on his nose and paws. The outer surface is water-resistant, and the foam is also protected by a water-resistant inner liner for double the protection. The base is non-slip, so it is safe for Labs recovering from injury and older dogs. It comes in two colors to match your décor.

We love that this dog bed has the thickest foam base. This is great for heavier Labs as you can be sure his body will not sink to the floor.

FurHaven Orthopedic Mattress Bed

Brindle Dog Bed
  • Low-profile bed.
  • Easy access for arthritic Labradors.
  • Ergonomic neck and back support.
  • Machine washable removable cover.
  • Uniquely shaped for therapeutic support.
  • Only 5.5 inches tall.
  • Made with medical-grade orthopedic foam.

FurHaven has created this flat mattress bed for those who like to stretch but also need extra head support. It contours the shape of his body for extra comfort as your dog sleeps, and it supports his spine too. Made with orthopedic medical-grade foam, you can be sure that his joints and hips are firmly supported. The middle of the bed measures up to 5 inches tall.

The sleeping area has a faux-fur material that is soft on his pads, making him feel more snuggly. The cover is removable, and you can put it into the washing machine for an easy clean. This bed is ideal for your Lab to step on and off with ease. This bed comes in three colors and a wide range of sizes, depending on how giant a starfish your Labrador turns into.

We love that this dog bed is ergonomically designed to cradle your Labrador as he snoozes the night away.

Frisco Plush Mattress Bed

Gen 7 Pets Elevated Bed
  • Budget-friendly bed.
  • Pillow top bed for fomfort.
  • Plush poly-fill sleeping surface.
  • Firm foam base for additional support.
  • Several sizes for larger labs.
  • Multiple color variants.
  • Removable machine washable cover.

This bed has two elements to it. The first is the base, which is 4 inches tall and made with convoluted foam. Convoluted foam means that it is a ridged design with peaks and dips, allowing for airflow. This helps to distribute the weight and let him to sink in. The second part is the comfy pillow top that can be attached to the base and adds extra squishy comfort.

The pillow is stuffed with poly-fill, but as long as the base is made with foam, this is fine. The cover is removable, and it can be machine washed. This bed comes in three colors, with one being a stylish herringbone pattern for those seeking a bed with pizazz. It also comes in three sizes, making it suitable for Labradors of all sizes.

We love that this dog bed has an extra soft pillow for your Lab to sink into, offering him an extra-luxurious sleep.

Elevated Style Dog Beds

Elevated dog beds are usually picked for outdoor use. They raise dogs off the floor, which will not only give your Lab somewhere more comfortable to rest, but it will also keep him clean, meaning less dirt in the house.

Elevated beds are versatile, and you can take them anywhere. They can go with you to the beach or your favorite camping spot. They are also designed to keep them cool by allowing air to circulate his body. This makes them an excellent option for those Labs living in a warmer climate.

K&H Elevated Dog Bed

Veehoo Dog Bed
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Excellent Labrador training bed.
  • Mesh fabric improves breathability.
  • Durable bed frame can withstand abuse.
  • Easy assembly with no tools.
  • Non-skid rubber feet.
  • Can hold dogs up to 150 pounds.

This bed elevates dogs from the ground, thanks to a metal frame. It is sturdy enough that it can take up to 150 pounds in weight. Potentially making it suitable for two Labs if you’re lucky enough to be a multi-Lab owner. You can assemble and disassemble the frame easily without any tools, making it perfect for a traveling family.

The material center is made from a waterproof 600 denier nylon with double stitching and double backing, making it durable. It is made of mesh so that it will keep him cool, allowing air to circulate his body. The frame has four rubber feet, which ensures it will not slip or slide as your pooch climbs on or off it. It comes in two colors and a one-year warranty.

We love that this dog bed is the best option if you are looking for a simple, quality elevated dog bed.

Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot

  • Unique and portable design.
  • Mesh bottom for improved airflow.
  • Mesh prevents water pooling.
  • Curved back provides additional support.
  • Easy to setup and tear down.
  • Durable powder-coated frame.
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

This bed is another elevated dog bed, but with a difference. It has a curved back that offers the feeling of security that dogs naturally crave, or a windshield if you are traveling somewhere partially windy, like the beach. It is easy to set up thanks to the locking mechanisms. This bed comes in one color and with a one-year warranty.

The frame is made from metal, and it is steel coated, meaning that it is rust-proof and can be left outside. It can take up to 90 pounds in weight. The center panel is made from Smart Air-flow mesh, which allows air to circulate and prevents sweating and skin irritation. You can also adjust it for a tight or relaxed fit based on your Lab’s preferences.

We love that this dog bed has a curved wall that gives your Lab extra security and a windshield, making it all the more comfortable for him.

Final Thoughts

After searching high and low for the best dog bed for your Labrador, we’ve outlined what we feel are the top eight beds for every Labrador. Hopefully, we have made it easier for you to choose the right dog bed for your dog’s needs. From comfy sofas to simple mattresses and elevated dog beds, there is something here for everyone.

Always buy the best bed that you can afford, and you can be sure that it will last longer and offer more comfort and joint support. Always follow the needs and preferences of your Labrador, and you cannot go far wrong. With a great quality bed, not only are you showing him that he means the world to you, but he will also feel much better having somewhere comfortable to rest and rejuvenate. Setting sail to snooze land has never been better.

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