Does Walmart Have Pet Insurance? Our Experts Review Their Rx & Pet Care Services

Golden dog smiling (caption: How Does Walmart Pet Insurance)Walmart has partnered with leading pet care companies to provide pet insurance, prescription medications, boarding, dog walking, doggy daycare, and more. Learn more about how these services work, whether they may be beneficial to you, and consider other options that may serve your needs better.

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How Does Walmart Pet Insurance Work?

Fetch by the Dodo logoFetch by The Dodo (formerly Petplan) manages Walmart’s pet insurance policies. Fetch has some of the best pet insurance coverage in the industry, offering unique benefits like up to $1,000 in VirtualVet visits and a healthy pet credit which decreases your premiums by 15% for every 12-month period without a paid pet insurance claim reimbursement (up to a 30% maximum total credit). It’s unclear if Walmart’s policy includes the healthy pet credit, so it’s best to purchase straight from Fetch to make sure you get all the bells and whistles.

With Walmart’s pet insurance policy (aka Fetch), you can visit any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada. If your pet has an emergency, you can submit claims through the app. Once approved, reimbursement may be processed as quickly as the next business day.

Learn More About Fetch and Other Top-Rated Pet Insurance Providers

Small grey dog being examined by vet (Caption: Fetch by the Dodo review)To learn more about Fetch by The Dodo’s pet insurance policies, read our full Fetch review. It includes pros and cons, key features, waiting periods, coverage and exclusion details, pricing quotes, a coupon code, comparisons against other leading pet insurance companies, and more.

Additionally, our experts have analyzed over 20 pet insurance providers. Check out our pet insurance reviews to learn more about this year’s top-ranked companies.

How To Get Pet Prescriptions Through Walmart

Nationwide logoNationwide has partnered with Walmart to offer its pet insurance customers a convenient claims process at Walmart pharmacies. Nationwide Pet Rx Express allows Nationwide pet insurance customers access to Walmart’s most commonly prescribed pet medications for chronic disease and flea, tick, and heartworm prevention.

How does it work? If you’re a Nationwide pet insurance policyholder and your pet requires a prescription drug, you may be able to have it filled at Walmart. You can submit the claim through the Walmart pharmacy, and any eligible reimbursement will be paid to you directly after it’s approved (no need to submit a separate claim form).

Dog wiht owner in background (caption: Nationwide Pet Insurance Review)For more information about Nationwide’s pet policies and benefits, read our full Nationwide Pet Insurance review. Our review includes pros and cons, key features, waiting periods, coverage and exclusion details, sample pricing quotes, comparisons to other leading pet insurance providers, and more.

How To Get Boarding, Walking, Daycare & Drop-In Visits

Rover logoWalmart offers Rover services for pet boarding, walking, daycare, and drop-in visits. How does it work? Sign up for a Rover account through Walmart, then schedule a service for your pet. Services include overnight stays at a sitter’s home, walks around the neighborhood with a dog walker, daycare at a dog-friendly home, and more. You can also receive updates on your dog’s care throughout the day.

Pet sitter with dog (caption: Rover Dog Sitting Review)For more information about Rover’s services, read our full Rover review. Our review includes some words of caution about the company as well as pros and cons, key features, pricing, our personal experiences, and more.

Alternatives To Walmart Pet Care

If pet insurance is intriguing to you, we recommend comparing the top pet insurance providers and getting multiple quotes. Our comparison includes more than 20 companies and outlines pros and cons to give you an idea of what to expect from each company.

Since Walmart doesn’t offer any of these services directly and partners with other companies, we’d suggest eliminating the middle man (Walmart) and purchasing your pet care service directly from the providers.

Why are you considering Walmart for your pet care needs?