Banfield Wellness Plan Reviews: Is It Worth It?

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Banfield Pet Hospital logoAlthough sometimes referred to as Banfield Pet Insurance, Banfield isn’t pet insurance — it’s a wellness membership plan (whose logo suggests it’s a vet’s office). Despite all this confusion, the primary question we have — is Banfield wellness care worth it? Its plans don’t cover illness or injury, only preventative care.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive insurance plan to cover accidents and illnesses in addition to preventative care, you may want to consider pet health insurance.

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How Does Banfield Wellness Plan Work?

Banfield Wellness Plans require you to visit a Banfield Pet Hospital, which are located in almost 1,000 PetSmart stores across the country. Its plans offer packages of preventive care, which include bi-annual comprehensive wellness exams that can cover vaccinations, parasite control, dental, nutrition and behavioral consultations. It requires a one-time sign-up fee and monthly payments that start at $12.95.



  • Widely available across the U.S.
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Weekend and evening hours
  • $15 discount on membership fee for additional pets
  • Personalized plans available
  • Annual contract required
  • No illness or injury coverage
  • Contract automatically renews
  • Some Banfield reviews online complain about upselling while at appointments, so it rarely ends up being free
  • Plans can become more expensive than competitors’ wellness plans
  • Must visit a Banfield location


Banfield Wellness Plan prices start at $12.95 per month and vary by species, location and services. It offers 3 plan levels for each type of pet: dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Its basic plan for dogs includes:

  • Comprehensive physical exam, 2 per year
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Fecal Exams, 2 per year
  • Deworming, 2 per year
  • Unlimited office visits
  • 10% off other Banfield services and products

Higher level plans include such services as urine testing, dental cleaning and preventative care x-rays, as well as higher discounts on their services and products. Optional add-ons include parasite control, spay/neuter, additional dental, chronic care and a canine DNA test.

Banfield User Reviews

Typically we post 2 positive and 2 negative reviews that we’ve found online when we do an individual review like this. However, our readers have been so helpful that we encourage you to take a look at our comment section for the most up-to-date customer reviews that we have.

Do You Need A Pet Wellness Plan?

We think the primary questions to ask yourself if you’re considering a wellness plan include:

  1. Do I have a local Pet Smart store, and is it close enough that I would go there vs my current vet’s office?
  2. Have I met the vets that work there, and do I feel comfortable with them caring for my pet?
  3. Can I budget on my own for wellness care for my pet, or would a plan like this help me prepare financially for my pet’s regular preventative needs?

Before you sign up with Banfield, here are some other pet wellness insurance options you should consider.

What Canine Preventative Measures Are Most Important?

Check out this video by Banfield that highlights what you should be doing as your puppy transitions into adulthood.

Are Banfield Wellness Plans Worth It?

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It really depends on several factors. First, some Banfield animal hospital locations are better than others — ask your neighbors/friends/coworkers and do your research online to see if your local Banfield pet hospital is up to par. After all, the kind of veterinary care your dog will receive is the most crucial factor.

Second, if your pup is healthy and young and has finished chewing everything it finds, a Banfield plan may be all you need for preventative care. If you have a new puppy who is always in trouble, your dog is older with more significant health concerns but few preexisting conditions, or if your pet has chronic health problems, you may want to consider pet insurance, which covers illness and injury.

Another major factor to keep in mind? Pet emergency visits aren’t covered by Banfield plans, whereas they are with pet insurance. Pet insurance can come with a higher monthly price tag, but it could be your better option in the long run.

If you’re considering pet insurance, be sure to check out our Pet Insurance Reviews comparison article. Many of the pet insurance companies offer wellness plans as add-on products to their health insurance. Another option would be to purchase a Banfield Wellness Plan in addition to pet insurance. This would provide coverage for both your routine pet exams as well as unexpected illnesses and accidents.

What experiences have you had with your Banfield Wellness Plan or at a Banfield Pet Hospital?

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Darrell Grose
They didn’t read any of my dogs tests performed and said she was OK when in fact she had bladder stones .
Nichole Burnside
I’m cancelling simply because I don’t want my cat in their care anymore. I had been taking him to the Banfield location for years not knowing that I was ‘assigned’ a vet and could switch within the clinic. I was never 100% satisfied with this specific vet but thought he was giving the basic care and would educate me if he found anything weird. One day, I asked to have my cat’s leg checked (he skinned it somehow) and I got a different vet. She spotted something in his ears within 5 minutes and referred me to a more knowledgeable vet outside Banfield. I took her advice and we treated him with the outside vet and the problem is fixed (just have to keep note if it flares up again ever) and learned more about what his known heart condition is.

I took him back to Banfield for his standard appointment (which the plan covered) and to catch the vet up on his health. I wanted to speak about it first before any further surgery (since the risks are higher for him) and was treated rudely by most of the staff for refusing to do dental (multiple times) until I could speak to the vet. When I finally saw the vet he openly got mad that he colleague sent me somewhere and that I followed that advice. FYI MY CAT COULD HAVE GONE DEAF IF THIS WAS LEFT UNTREATED!!! The vet did NOT want to discuss my concerns or hear what the outside vet did or found! I left angry and never wanted this vet to touch my cat again since he obviously just wants to do ‘assembly line care’ and not caring about individual pet’s needs. I don’t even want to switch to a different vet in the same clinic since I can’t tell who handles the pets behind the scenes after you drop them off!

I thank his colleague for pointing stuff out to me. Its the mark of a true professional to admit when something is outside your area of expertise and sending the client elsewhere even if you loose money. Besides, I found the outside vet teaches the pet owner way more about the pet’s care and allows more transparency about what things cost and what needs done. If its a little bit more up front, fine, I know my cat is getting the better care for his needs.

If you’re looking to keep up on preventive care, a wellness plan is the plan for you. There’s no office fees, so that’s a savings of $50+, even if you just want an appointment to discuss things with a vet. No. It does not cover illnesses. As it’s not PREVENTIVE care. Google preventive, then complain. I caught my dogs illness way before it was an issue, due to the blood work that was available on my plan. I had to pay for medications, at a discounted rate. But not the bloodwork. Yes. Not everything is covered. But not everything is preventive. On each invoice there’s a total savings from that visit. I pay roughly 370 (give or take) for the year. And my savings at the bottom of the invoice are either slightly under that or above. From reading the reviews don’t understand what they’re actually paying for, or dont understand pet health care.
Mike Hallenbeck
Do NOT get a wellness plan. Every part of every “covered” treatment has some other aspect that is most definitely not free. I never left that place without coughing up, at least, an additional $300 for these free services. And canceling your plan affords you the luxury of paying for all of the “discounts” that you received but hadn’t yet paid for on your monthly billing. It cost me another $500 just to cancel. Total ripoff.
Don’t walk away from this… away.
Laurie Kaufmann
Do not buy the wellness plan. I bought it figuring it would cover my dog’s teeth cleaning. When I took her in for the cleaning, they said they would not do it without a bunch of expensive additional tests. When I asked why the tests were important they explained that the tests would determine whether she could have the cleaning. When I asked about the fact that not having her teeth cleaned would be more dangerous to her (bacteria can migrate to the heart) they didn’t have an answer for that. When I elected to have her teeth cleaned without the additional tests, the doctor and tech became quite rude to me and indicated I would have to sign a form that stated I was going against medical treatment. On the day of the cleaning, i was again called and asked to spend additional money on extractions and “special” anesthesia. I paid $800 for these items. I think this should have been covered under the wellness plan.

When I called to cancel my automatic subscription renewal, the guy on the phone was extremely rude to me trying to tell me how much “I saved” by having the Wellness plan. I repeated my request and he became ruder.

I will no longer go to Banfield Pet Hospitals.

Jessica P.
I’m an LVT and I just started working at a Banfield. I’ve worked in private practices and emergency facilities, so I can compare what’s out there. If you’re concerned about paying too much for your pets care, then seriously do the research. The private practice I used to work for would charge hundreds of dollars more for the same services Banfield provides, even if you’re not on a wellness plan. People can say what they want, but unless you have experience working in the veterinary field you can’t really appreciate what Banfield does. Putting an emphasis on preventative care is so important because it’s educating clients on flea and tick products, the importance of spaying/neutering and dental care. Most people don’t realize how important these things are to your animals health. This week alone I saw a dog that wasn’t neutered die of prostrate cancer, and a don’t that wasn’t on any preventative tested positive for heartworm. Maybe Banfield can’t provide orthopedic surgery, emergency care, boarding or holistic medicine…but it serves a place in our communities. It’s bringing vet care and education to some people who maybe couldn’t afford it otherwise. To group all facilities together when there are hundreds around the country is insane. Of course it’s going to vary state to Star, city to city. If Banfield isn’t the right hospital for you then it’s not like there’s hard feelings about it; go wherever you and your pet are comfortable. That’s all that matters.
Tina Marie Glinski
i enjoyed reading your post. It sounds logical and intelligent. Thank you. It will help me make what shouldn’t be this hard of a decision. New Pug Puppy. 3 months. A lot of possible health issues. Preventable care is just as important as a Full healthcare plan.
Melissa Smith
I think the wellness plan is better for older pets. Mine both needed dental cleanings and often have older pet issues. I found out the hard way going through a private vet which was way more than paying the monthly plan at banfield for a year. Also when my pet died, I still had 4 payments left on her plan and my options were to either pay the equivalent of the services she had or pay the last 4 payments. Thankfully, they were kind and offered their condolences and took off 3/4 of the remaining payments. I have 3 plans, 2 for my 18 year old cats and 1 for my 12 year old dog. My younger cats don’t have a plan.
At first, I thought the wellness plan was a good deal. My dog, Lily could get a bright, shiny smile with her annual dental cleaning and her shots were covered. When she became severely sick and died of cancer within a few months of her annual plan renewing, I learned the hard way that it was NOT worth it. About a month after her devastating passing and paying to have her cremated, I noticed another charge from Banfield had hit my account. I had assumed her wellness plan had ended since they had in their system that she had died. I thought maybe I needed to call and officially cancel the policy. When I contacted them, they informed me that was still obligated to complete the contract or pay a cancellation fee!!! It makes me so angry that an organization designed to care for our furry friends could do something so heartless. I refused to pay and five years later, it showed up on my credit report. I’m angry all over again. I no longer use Banfield clinics or their wellness plans for my pets. I’d highly endorse Healthy Paws pet insurance instead.
Joyce Schmidt
I see the Wellness plan as a contract with 12 payments. Same as a car lease. If you turn the car in months in advance, you are still liable for the remaining payments.
Ben Bethel
That’s not true of a lot of car leases… and I’ve had over a dozen cars that I’ve leased. Recently I turned my Tesla in early, and received credit for the unused months on the lease. There may be an early termination fee, or just end of lease fee… but often leasing companies already have the down payment you paid on the lease so they’re more than happy to take a car back early – even a $150K car that you leased as in my most recent case.
Tina Marie Glinski
that’s true =/ unfortunately *sigh*
Tina Marie Glinski
I DO NOT agress with this is it is true. Once your pet has passed it just seems right for Banfield to stop the account. Cancel any payments from that point on. Not fair.
Michele S
I cannot say enough good things about the Banfield I take my dog to.Just as with anything else that’s important you have to do your due diligence and check things out before you make a decision. I switched when the high end vet I was going to wanted $1500 for a spay which I just thought was ridiculous(I work for a hand surgeon who charges less for a procedures on humans!!) I tried Banfield and signed up for the wellness plans and never looked back. I love and trust all the providers there.
Kyle Swartz
I’ve been on and off the wellness plan through my life of owning dogs and cats. At one time I canceled and went to a private practice vet and did the math and I wished I had never canceled the wellness plan. I decided to go back on the wellness plan when the private practice vet charged me $65.00 office visit just to walk in and get a dressing changed on my cats leg. I got a job at the local humane society which gave me 30% off vet care at their low cost clinic so I canceled the wellness plan again. I don’t work there anymore so I recently took my three dogs to another low cost clinic for a wellness exam and vaccinations and did the math and it came out to be a $20.00 savings per dog. That may not sound like a big savings but it is something saved. The thing with the Banfield Wellness Plan is it seems that it is over vaccinating your pet, they give like two bordetella a year to your dog which is only required once. They do two fecal exams in a year which is over kill, because if you are giving your dog heartworm medicine most have dewormer in it, so why do you need to get two fecals a year? They deworm your dog two times a year which shouldn’t need to be done if you are giving your dog heartworm preventive with dewormer in it. A lot of it is over kill to make that money. Just look at it like this; they wouldn’t be doing the wellness plans if it wasn’t making them a lot of money. Who is really benefiting from the plans? I’m still trying to figure it out which way is the best for me and my dogs. When I took one of my dogs in to Banfield I still had to pay some kind of bill on top of the plan because not everything is covered under it. I’m not going to say whether the wellness plan is good or bad because I’m still trying to do the math to see which way will save me the most money.
Dilan C. Bay
Actually, a Bordetella vaccine isn’t mandatory at all. I simply ask my Wellness Plan Banfield Vet to NOT give it to my dog. She is rarely around strange dogs and never stays at a sitters/kennel.
Thanks for all the info though! 🙂
I do NOT recommend Banfield. Especially not their wellness plans. I have a 15 week old puppy that I signed up for the wellness plan at 7 weeks. He has been 3 times so far for routine shots. The second visit I was told he had ear mites and a severe ear infection, and that he needed the hair trimmed around his eyes. I was told “no problem, we can do that for you” when I said I was nervous cutting it myself, and he can’t go to a groomer yet. They tried to charge me $25 to cut his hair, without even telling me ahead of time they were even charging me (my old vet did this and trimmed nails for free). Another $100 for ear cleaning, medication, etc. I walked out with a $133 vet bill for a puppy they’d given a perfect bill of health to just 3 weeks before. Upon getting home, I took a closer look at my puppy’s ears. I decided to wait and see how he did after having the ear mites treatment, which I was more than happy to pay for (would have been a total of $20 instead of $133). There is no infection. Never was an infection. I was just sold $70 worth of medication to treat it when there was none. When I asked the vet about it I was told “90% of dogs with ear mites will have a secondary infection” so I was sold medication and asked to administer it to my puppy for NO reason other than this vet thinks the greater majority will have one. My dog does NOT. At the follow up I was asked to have an ear swab performed, to the tune of $38. I declined, and was told he could still have an infection “even though it looks like he doesn’t”. My dog does not have an ear infection. He is happy and bouncy and runs all over and plays constantly, just like a normal puppy. His ears look fantastic, and I’m more than irritated at this vet attempting to scare me into giving my dog medication he does not need. His food also. I was told Blue puppy food is bad, horrible, too many fillers. I should be feeding him Royal Canin (happens to be owned by Banfield apparently) the vet: “I’m not saying this because it’s owned by Banfield!”. I tried changing the wellness plan to the basic, instead of the plus. (NO WAY am I leaving my dog here for them to operate on him) and I was told I would have to pay for all services I’ve already received in order to do this. Excuse me? I’m not trying to cancel, and the plan I’m trying to change to still covers EVERYTHING they’re trying to say I’d have to pay for, with the exception of the neuter. I’m done with Banfield. I will finish out this year, he will get his routine shots and ONLY his routine shots, and I will be taking him elsewhere for neutering and, God forbid, if he gets sick.
Dilan C. Bay
Hmmmm… can you imagine how much more it would have been, had you had the tests run to see if there was a secondary infection? And, if there was, you would still need the meds, now on top of that cost.
This would have happened at any vet worth his salt.
Trying to milk you would be insisting more tests be run. 😉
Sondra J Kahler, RN
I’ve had Banfield Wellness plans since 2010 and I have been more than satisfied! The vets have been very knowledgeable, and have provided fantastic care to my dogs. I have had 6 dogs on plans over the years, and having the cost of every office visit included in the plan has been a blessing. I had two dogs with immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, and the vets provided awesome care and did everything they could to manage the disease and help my dogs live longer lives. I was really appreciate that I was able to go to Banfield hospitals in Colorado and Washington while we were traveling and get wonderful care because the vets had access to my pets’ records from our home hospital in Idaho. I’m surprised to read the reviews that vets were lacking in knowledge. While I’m certainly not a vet myself, I am a nurse and my best friend is a veterinarian, and when I have gone to her for additional information, she has always endorsed the care my pets have received from Banfield. I also have not experienced the “up-selling” of which folks are complaining. While the staff have suggested certain products on occasion, they have never been forceful about it, and I have never been made to feel that my pets will suffer without my making the purchase.
Wellness plans are awesome for providing regular preventive care for your pets. They are a cost-effective way to be a good pet parent.
Dilan C Bay
Sondra, it’s nice to see a positive comment. I am still “on the fence” regarding my plan. I am however, leaning in the direction of keeping it.
The first two people wrote emotionally charged opinions, not so much “reviews”.
They had little value as research was not conducted on the contrary.
Thanks! 🙂
Whatever you do do not get this service. They cannot do anything for your pets. They know nothing about veterinary care. I went one time with my cat, and tried to cancel 4 months later. They told me to pay off the one visit (for a basic spay and shots) would be $900! Do not sign up for their program it is a scam and they are horrible veterinarians!!
Larue ford
You are absolutely right.the fees that they charge is outrageous and when they sum it up they try to say you save money. Example I had my dog get the basic yearly shots and he had his teeth clean and they told me it was 900.00. Yet when I had it done at another vet 2 years ago it cost 300.00..after I realized I made a awful mistake I called to cancel they told me I couldn’t..I even offered to pay the service that I used they still not get service with them..I also have another dog that have health issues..they insisted that I bring him in an they can help the end they ran several test which ran up to 600.00. Then they told me there nothing they can do left me with a fat pill and put him on 6 different medications.
Bruce Bart MD
They are unprofessional with their young staff always clowning around They have no clue of how to treat a pet. They operate only to maximize their profit. I strongly suggest finding an alternative. My years in practice did not prepare me to watch the clowns at Banfield.
gloria kauffman
If anything happens to your pet during the year, you will finish paying out your yearly Banfield plan in your monthly plan payments which is fair to me for convenience of a monthly plan.
Sondra J Kahler, RN
After my elderly dog passed, Banfield did not require that I pay more than the value of the services she had received under the plan. I thought that was very fair.
Pat Maycumber
I have had Banfield Wellness Plans for over 15 years. In that time, when my two oldest dogs passed, Banfield’s staff was compassionate and helpful. Most importantly, when my dogs died, Banfield Wellness Plans DID NOT require me to pay off the balance of the yearly contract.
gloria kauffman
banfield plan is cheaper, more convenient; we have 3 dogs, they take care of scheduling, i take them to the appts, happy so far. Only thing, trifexis flea/heartworm medications, I get thru online service; it’s been “hell” to get my trifexis, cause they push their flea/heartworm treatments. If I wasn’t a senior citizen, I’d give in to the runaround and delays, but I get the treatments much cheaper online. The delays are unforgivable, almost.
Do not get the wellness plan!! Customer service is very poor and will not let you out of the plan if something happens. They made me come in multiple times for unnecessary testing and extra money out of pocket for for me to take my dog somewhere else and say that nothing is wrong she is just getting older and it was more of an incompetent situation. When I called complain about all the extra trips and testing for my dog they just argued with me telling me they will not cancel my plan when I will never be taking my dog there again. The are un educated and will run every test un needed. Then I had to take my dog somewhere else and pay for that as well. I do not recommend taking your animals to Banfeild!!! They just try to take your money
Leon, You should never blame the victim!
In this case it was both you and your pet the minute you walked through their doors.
It reminds me of Kaiser so much that I have a hard time even looking at Petsmart which will not disclose what their relationship really is.
I used their services as a first time pet owner and purchased a purebreed which was flown to me allready vacinated.
The dangers and risks that go along with this should have been weighed since they told me to get a licence or rabies tag my pet would have to be re-vacinated. She has never been the same again.
Out of maybe 6 visits I only saw a Vet once and the rest were in training and half my age, talking smack from begining to end.
They are reading a script for the most part and taught to sell, sell, sell!
My Breeder alerted me to what was going on and I called corperate twice and kept getting my disatisafiction relayed to the Manager of the Store which is doing exactly what their trained to do and lie, lie and if you call them on a simple fact they come unglued.
I asked how many animals came down with Parvo last year or the year before and the reply was lots. I replied what is lots?
I thought she was going to take a swing at me and when I demanded to see the Vet for my sceduled visit I was told they were running behind and short staffed. Ya….Tell me something new…..
They are always behind and rarley is you pet treated by a Vet and mostly by trainees.
Don’t beat yourself up over this since they are trained to over charge and make you think you are getting a discount.
They take care of mostly strays and don’t know how to treat a pet owner and pet that met by choice or pure breeds that are very costly.
This is not my first day at the Rodeo and have quit companies that treat customers this way as I was in lending and a certain company’s goal was to get you upside down financially so you could not go somewere else.
These guys use the same tactics, create a need that dose not exist so they can treat the side effect with absolutly no compassion for the owner or pet.
God bless our pets…..
I’m happy for those of you that have had positive experiences with Banfield, and I’m sorry for those us that haven’t. We’re in the situation where our dog Rexie passed away, and we are paying for three more months of care he won’t use.
I talked to the representative, and they were too ready to remind me that they don’t provide insurance but are pre-paying for services and getting a discount also. In retrospect, they said he used approximately $1600 in services over the last year of his life, so the money we paid into the program, I guess, as their method of accounting is still unclear to me, would go against that total.
In the future, I’m going to go with pet insurance only because I don’t want the heartache of being reminded of the death of our beloved pet every 12th of the month.
I live in a consumer-friendly state, and I’m going to write to my representative about a law requiring disclosure of the possibility of having to pay for a deceased pet after its death and making Banfield disclose this possibility so we can better understand what we are buying.
I do wonder if going to Banfield hospital was best for my pet. I’m not sure if he got the best care. Over the years I’ve been concerned that the revolving door of vets and the distant nature of the staff I put down as bad days were symptomatic of something else.
Kyle Swartz
If you received services right before your pet passed you have to pay for them services. The wellness plan is basically a payment plan. You receive services for your dog or cat and you pay it of by monthly payments.
Janet Whitacre
I signed up for the plan for my beloved Suri, (in addition to the plan we have for 13 year old chihuahua) a tortoise-shell cat, last April. Unbeknownst to me, she was functioning with one kidney and it began failing two weeks later. She was seen and treated and I was referred (accurately) to a qualified facility for a kidney ultrasound, (facility not associated with any Banfield facility). I was not encouraged to try any expensive and extraneous procedures such as 24 hour IV hydration without an accurate result upon which to base her treatment. They are always very cost conscious and after the results showed her severely failing, remaining kidney, I chose to euthanize for her wellbeing. I continued to pay off the remainder of her plan as it was cheaper than individually priced treatments. I wholeheartedly embrace this plan/company and their veterinarians, as ours have been with us through thick and thin, good times and sad times and know us and our fur babies very well!
I was a loyal Banfield Wellness Plan subscriber for over a decade. After losing my dog to cancer last week, Banfield refuses to release me from the Wellness Plan without paying through the rest of my annual plan; I’m effectively paying another 5 months of coverage for a deceased pet. I can’t believe that this is an actual practice. I am appalled that a company that advocates for animal welfare would choose to kick pet parents while they’re down. Their condolences are hollow; actions clearly speak louder than words.
Hi, this is appalling since I had a pet on this plan and he passed away in March last year. I’m surprised to hear this because this isn’t what happened to me. They dropped him off when he passed away. Maybe there’s a certain criteria that I’m unaware of.
Renate Starr
This happened to me as well when my Ebony passed away and I had to finish the 5 months left on the plan. Their veterinary services are totally inflated
To clarify some of the info I’ve been reading in comments that I feel is misleading or is missing info. I’ve had 2 animals that I’ve had on plans at my local Banfield for about 8 years. I think how each Banfield operates and what they may offer can vary. Mine is not hard to get an appt with, at all and I live in a major metropolitan area. Each Banfield plan gives you a discount (10-15% depending on plan) on services outside the plan, such as any emergency services or medications. It’s not much of a discount and I do think Banfield charges more for some services/medications than you might pay elsewhere (I buy heartworm med at Walmart for $20 and Banfield charges $30 I think now). I’ve not had big expensive major emergency with my pets, but I know they handle them at my Banfield (but they are not 24/7)..again you get a discount for things outside the plan, but the cost may be higher than another Vet..not sure. I decided that if something big came up that was not in the Banfield plan that I would price shop vets in my area to see if I could reduce cost…thankfully, I’ve not had to do that. I did compare a years worth Wellness costs including all shots and dental for my dog between a few vets in my area compared with the Active dental plan at Banfield. Banfield did beat the price for Wellness including dental, which is why I have used the plan. I’ve also had very good vets at my Banfield. I did have a pet die (old age) before his plan contract ended and have also recently also spoken to Banfield about how they handle cancellation of a plan before the contract ends since we may move somewhere where there is no Banfield. Regarding cancellation/pet death and the contract..I was told by Banfield that they look at the services you used already since purchase or renewal of contract and they add up the RETAIL cost (like if you had no plan) of what you used so far. If it is less than the yearly plan cost (say plan for year was $372, but you only used $100 worth of services) they will cancel and I think even reimburse you if you have paid more than the $100 at the date you want to terminate the plan. If you used services that are more than the cost of the yearly plan, they ask you to make the monthly payments to the end of the plan because the services for the contract were already used. I did have a dog pass about 6 months before end of contract. I did have to pay for services related to his death with the small discount applied since these services were outside the wellness services of the plan, BUT they added up the wellness services that I had used on his plan to that date and only asked me to pay for 2 more months to make up the cost of services already used. I DID NOT have to pay the entire contract cost for the remaining 4 months to the end of his contract. They just wanted to recoup the cost of services already used..again it is calculated at the retail cost of the service , but in my case it did not require paying the rest of the 6 months of the contract only 2 months. I do worry about emergency costs which are not included in the Banfield plans especially since my pets are getting older. I may end up purchasing some form of pet insurance at some point, but for wellness coverage, I’ve been VERY happy with my Banfield.
myles finkelstein
I would never again work with banfiled animal hospital. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY WELLNESS PLANS it is a Mistake and Your PET will SUFFER
We have used Banfield for many years for our 3 dogs. We have had incredible care—-including preventative care, surgery, emergency care, and end of life care. They have been wonderful. Our Banfield vet once confided that she had been dreaming about my husky, who had had recurrent treatments including surgery after being bitten by another dog, because she was so worried about him.
Sherri Torres
I agree! My 3 year old dog had a teeth cleaning which would of cost me over $600 out of pocket…I paid zero $$$ because I had the wellness plan. The vet never tries to push services on me that are not needed. Office visit and vaccination’s….$0! So far it’s working well for me.
Do be careful before joining. It is really a pre-payment plan for some of the more costly procedures, like the teeth cleaning. Just because you have a plan does not mean you get priority for your pet being seen. Getting in to see a vet can take days, and often a couple of weeks, because they have so many pets on these plans. It is correct that it does not cover emergencies. Banfield does not handle emergencies. At the location where we take our two dogs they have an Emergency Pet Hospital listing posted on the window behind their counter. We always end up paying something when we take our dogs in, unless they don’t do any procedures. Also, if your dog dies, you will still be held for remaining months of the plan. So, you are continuing to pay for “coverage” for a dead animal because the plan is technically a “pre-pay.” They do not put any of this information online where you can easily find it. READ the FINE PRINT before signing up. Pet insurance is a better option, and you can go to any vet vs having to wait weeks to get your pet in for an appointment at Banfield.
I think you should save your money and not buy the wellness plan. There are so many hidden charges that are not covered. Took my dog in for teeth cleaning they wanted $150 per tooth extraction. They said all teeth need to be pulled after they put my dog under anathesa. I called Banfield Direct and they said you can have teeth pulled somewhere elese. I couldn’t pay the additional $1,300 for teeth extractions So I said I will just come and pick my dog up. When I got there they said the bill was $450.00 dollars. I said I’m not paying you didn’t do anything and I have the wellness plan. Apparently the blood work is only paid for if they completely finish cleaning teeth. I still said I’m not paying. Then they said we’re not giving you your dog. After multiple calls to Banfield they released my dog but turned me over to collections. I have 3 dogs covered under this plan and pay over $150 per month for nothing. They called back the next day and finally took the charge off. My wife and I will never go back to Banfield. We went back to our original Vet. extractions are $30 each. Banfield prices are very high even with there %10 so called discount Just save yourself some $ And don’t get locked into a wellness plan
This Wellness Program needs to be investigated; it is deceptive and a scam! I was transferred from the kitten program to adult cat program without my approval and they won’t cancel it but are sending threatening letters to collect money I don’t owe.
Buyer beware. Tho comes in handy if your pet passes away YOU CONTINUE TO PAY FOR THE PLAN. So say your pet dies and you still have 6 months on the plan. You pay the six months for a dead pet.
Donna Schreiber
I recently went to Banfield after my vet of 3 yrs. got on my nerves by requiring every shot they make just to get her nails trimmed. My dog had a flu shot but my vet said there was a “new”one and Holly had to get it or she wasn’t allowed in the door. Over charges for vac.,office visit is 85.00. Banfield diagnosed her allergies that treatment cleared up, that the reg. vet missed. I’m going to give them a year .383.40$ for the plan. I spent 280.00 just on shots at the vet!