Banfield Wellness Plan Reviews: Is It Worth It?

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Banfield Pet Hospital logoAlthough sometimes referred to as Banfield Pet Insurance, Banfield isn’t pet insurance — it’s a wellness membership plan (whose logo suggests it’s a vet’s office). Despite all this confusion, the primary question we have — is Banfield wellness care worth it? Its plans don’t cover illness or injury, only preventative care.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive insurance plan to cover accidents and illnesses in addition to preventative care, you may want to consider pet health insurance.

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How Does Banfield Wellness Plan Work?

Banfield Wellness Plans require you to visit a Banfield Pet Hospital, which are located in almost 1,000 PetSmart stores across the country. Its plans offer packages of preventive care, which include bi-annual comprehensive wellness exams that can cover vaccinations, parasite control, dental, nutrition and behavioral consultations. It requires a one-time sign-up fee and monthly payments that start at $12.95.



  • Widely available across the U.S.
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Weekend and evening hours
  • $15 discount on membership fee for additional pets
  • Personalized plans available
  • Annual contract required
  • No illness or injury coverage
  • Contract automatically renews
  • Some Banfield reviews online complain about upselling while at appointments, so it rarely ends up being free
  • Plans can become more expensive than competitors’ wellness plans
  • Must visit a Banfield location


Banfield Wellness Plan prices start at $12.95 per month and vary by species, location and services. It offers 3 plan levels for each type of pet: dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Its basic plan for dogs includes:

  • Comprehensive physical exam, 2 per year
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Fecal Exams, 2 per year
  • Deworming, 2 per year
  • Unlimited office visits
  • 10% off other Banfield services and products

Higher level plans include such services as urine testing, dental cleaning and preventative care x-rays, as well as higher discounts on their services and products. Optional add-ons include parasite control, spay/neuter, additional dental, chronic care and a canine DNA test.

Banfield User Reviews

Typically we post 2 positive and 2 negative reviews that we’ve found online when we do an individual review like this. However, our readers have been so helpful that we encourage you to take a look at our comment section for the most up-to-date customer reviews that we have.

Do You Need A Pet Wellness Plan?

We think the primary questions to ask yourself if you’re considering a wellness plan include:

  1. Do I have a local Pet Smart store, and is it close enough that I would go there vs my current vet’s office?
  2. Have I met the vets that work there, and do I feel comfortable with them caring for my pet?
  3. Can I budget on my own for wellness care for my pet, or would a plan like this help me prepare financially for my pet’s regular preventative needs?

Before you sign up with Banfield, here are some other pet wellness insurance options you should consider.

What Canine Preventative Measures Are Most Important?

Check out this video by Banfield that highlights what you should be doing as your puppy transitions into adulthood.

Are Banfield Wellness Plans Worth It?

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It really depends on several factors. First, some Banfield animal hospital locations are better than others — ask your neighbors/friends/coworkers and do your research online to see if your local Banfield pet hospital is up to par. After all, the kind of veterinary care your dog will receive is the most crucial factor.

Second, if your pup is healthy and young and has finished chewing everything it finds, a Banfield plan may be all you need for preventative care. If you have a new puppy who is always in trouble, your dog is older with more significant health concerns but few preexisting conditions, or if your pet has chronic health problems, you may want to consider pet insurance, which covers illness and injury.

Another major factor to keep in mind? Pet emergency visits aren’t covered by Banfield plans, whereas they are with pet insurance. Pet insurance can come with a higher monthly price tag, but it could be your better option in the long run.

If you’re considering pet insurance, be sure to check out our Pet Insurance Reviews comparison article. Many of the pet insurance companies offer wellness plans as add-on products to their health insurance. Another option would be to purchase a Banfield Wellness Plan in addition to pet insurance. This would provide coverage for both your routine pet exams as well as unexpected illnesses and accidents.

What experiences have you had with your Banfield Wellness Plan or at a Banfield Pet Hospital?

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john gallagher
*Banfield and VCA are owned by a candy company*

This whole thing is a scam. We pay over $70/month for both of our dogs, and only get seen maybe twice a year. I would bet that I’m paying a lot more in total than I need to be. The company itself sucks. When I moved from TX to PA, I went in and asked the clinic to transfer the records up. 3 times I have asked for this over 2 months and they still haven’t received the records. The doctor demands that I call in advance before picking up overpriced thyroid medication. This wasn’t the case in TX. Every single place I’ve looked sells the same medication for at LEAST $15 less, and I can purchase as many as I want instead of being limited to a certain amount. There’s a laundry list of other problems to boot.

Mark Goodman
My name is Mark Goodman and my dog Cookie was a patient of Banfield Pet Hospital. I was on the wellness plan. Took my dog into the Bandield Pet Hospital for a check-up and he fell off the examination table with the Vet and the Assistant there. He landed on his side and his head snapped back and forth on the hard surface floor. He physically recovered but was traumatized. Could no longer get him into the Hospital. With that I stopped payment of the Wellness plan. I owed approx. $123.00 at that point. Now I was put in collection for the remainder of the year,over $300.I agreed to paying what I owed, spoke to
Banfield to no avail!
Our vets are at a stand-alone Banfield (not in a Petsmart). Both of our vets are amazing! They are very thorough & they listen to us….they respect the fact that I have some veterinary experience myself & that I know my dog better than anyone, and they take my opinion into consideration. They are understanding of our very limited budget, and they work with us to give our dog the best possible care at a price we can afford. Our dog is an 11 year old German Shepherd. We have been on their Special Care wellness plan for almost a year, and it has saved us SO much. She has had a full dental cleaning, bloodwork, x-rays, urine & fecal exams, heartworm test, reworking, all her vaccinations, etc…..all things we would never have been able to afford otherwise. She also gets unlimited office visits (normally $50 each) & 20% off everything not covered by the plan, which includes all her medications and flea prevention (Bravecto). The plan has saved us almost $1000 over the course of a year, at a cost of only $54 a month. But the best part for us is having two wonderful vets we can trust & count on, as well as a kind & attentive staff of technicians, assistants & receptionists who genuinely care about our pet.
Joe rodriguez
Hope you enjoy making the install payments after your pet dies. Keep up the good advice.
Wayne Li
don’t buy the Banfield Wellness Plan. when they ask you to buy it, both the nurse and the vet will tell you that you can cancel at anytime. the reality is that my dog died in a car accident, and when I call to cancel the plan, I was told I have to pay off the full plan price to cancel it. they charge you monthly, but it doesn’t mean you can walk away whenever you want. and when I ask for an invoice or statement, the representative’s answer was “We are paperless company, we don’t send invoice.” what a ridiculous company.
Mary Ann
I am so sorry for your loss. I recently lost my dog Keira. I found out tonight that i woukd have to buy out the contract to cancel the plan. It had just auto renewed right before she died. I wish I would’ve read through the contract. I woukd not recommend this to anyone. Services are so overpriced and even after spending an ungodly amount of money, my dog died without ever even knowing what made her sick. I’m still in mourning and then this crap from them is just unbelievably uncaring and beyond upseting.
Mark Miller
Sorry to hear about your losses. I am in the same boat, our dog died on Christmas Eve. The local banfield was closed on the 24th and the 25th (understandable) so we had to take our dog to an emergency hospital on the 24th just to accumulate a bill of 1.5k so they can tell us that our dog was going to die soon. Tried to get past the grieving period as best as we could only to call banfield and learn the same thing. We still owe them for the entire year even though our dog died. I was even going to upgrade our plan for our remaining dog but now I just want to square up, walk away and convince at least one person to stay away from this plan. We were members with 2 dogs for 11 years. Don’t let this happen to you. This company is despicably deplorable.
Sabrina T Braden
If you have a new puppy or kitten, this is the only way to go. We signed up our German Shepherd puppy when she was 12 weeks old. The plan was approx $40 month; however, ALL vaccines were covered, no office visits; we received a discount on flea and heart worm medications; and, when she was old enough to be spayed, it covered the entire cost of her spaying surgery. For the cost of one year, what it covered FAR outweighed what we paid. The doctors and staff at our particular Banfield were exceptional. They loved our dog and went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable.

With that being said, it is definitely only a good value for preventative care. Our dog had an accident in which she hurt her foot pretty bad and required sedation and sutures. It was late at night so all of the local vets offices were closed. We took her to a 24/hour emergency vet and got an estimate of about $750. We asked if we could just have pain meds and stabilize her foot as we only had about 4 hours until our Banfield office opened. They said that would be reasonable so we waited and took her to Banfield, thinking we would save a lot of money, but once Banfield saw her and worked up their treatment plan, it came out to over $700 anyway. Even with our medication discounts, etc., nothing was cheaper.

Long story short — if you have a young puppy or kitten – it’s a great deal. If they are an adult, save your money and go with another plan or just pay the normal vet rates.

Steve K
Yes. Totally agree. It is a good deal for puppies since you can include spay/neuter costs into the plans at a much lower cost than having it done at other vets. It will also cover all the countless puppy shots your puppy will need. But when your dog becomes an adult don’t renew the plan. I’ve had many issues when my dogs have gotten sick later in their lives. They misdiagnose the issues and charge high prices. You will find that there are many other private vet offices the charge much less than Banfield and you receive better care.
Paola Paz-zuniga
Do not get a membership with them it is a scam! The whole company just wants your money! I am a college student and I am going to think about missing a semester because I already spent over 1k on this plan! Please save yourself time and money do not go here ! And the people that work for the company are useless! I hate this pet hospital so much it ruined my life really, left me in debt !!!!!!
hi, i’m worrying about stumbling into the same issue because I mistakenly bought the membership plan. if you don’t mind me asking, how did they end up getting so much money from you? was it just the monthly fee or did they start charging for other things? and also i’m scared to bring my kitten to them for any services because they’ve already been so unhelpful. should i just avoid getting any shots, surgeries, etc. from them?
i’m sorry that they did this to you! it’s really so messed up :/
I just got home with my cat from a visit. She went in for a dental cleaning and I was convinced to also sign up for the wellness plan at $400 and change because it would cover the visit, or so I understood. Turned out she needed some teeth extracted & meds – I was quoted around $570 on the phone all in for everything. Ok. When I went to pick her up, the bill was close to $1K! They ran a bunch of other tests, also the doc added $100 to send the cat xrays to a specialist. They agreed to comp those and drop the film review but it was still $740. It took about 30 minutes of haggling with the staff to even get it down that far. They justified the other charges that it was to ensure the cat’s “wellness,” which is ok if I had the interest in paying for it. But I’m a student also – I can’t shell out for my cat when I can’t afford these kinds of tests for me.
Kate, every Banfield is different, but the only way to spend about 1K there is either with multiple animals or agreeing to get additional things done. My dog has been going there for 6 years since they saved her life from parvo. There have been a few times where additional things were needed not covered by the plan. They called me each time and let me know what they wanted to do, why they wanted to do it, and how much it would cost. If you already have the plan, definitely use it! Just let them know that you cannot afford much more than what is absolutely necessary and they will work with you.
I’ve had my approximately 14 year old shihtzu on Banfield’s wellness plan for over four years now. We took him for his checkups every year. He just passed away this week from what we were told was a heart valve issue. When we took him for the first exam as to what was wrong with him, the cost was over $200. Not knowing any better and wanting to trust the doctor, we bought two meds for him. One was quite expensive and extremely hard to find. We maybe got him to take a total of four of these expensive pills before he died. The vet worked with us on the cost of two or three follow up procedures to drain the fluids from his lungs. Now, we called to cancel the wellness plan and like others we were told we must either pay the total costs accumulated for our pup’s recent care or continue the monthly plan until May 2020. Four years on this plan with multiple doctors examining our dog and NOT ONE of them picked up on any concerns! His most recent checkup where he was deemed HEALTHY was within the passed couple months of 2019!! Go elsewhere for your pets’ care! We have two female shihtzus that once allowed we will cancel this trap!!
Once we signed up for the wellness plan we had three bad experiences with them. We decided to sign up for the plan after reading the good reviews online. One of them even said it would save money. That was definitely not the the case for us. Hopefully this review can help someone not make the same mistake we did.

They charged us for two tests we did not authorize, an anal expression they didn’t tell us about before doing, and an appointment they weren’t able to honor. We spoke to them in person, emailed the corporate office, and finally were directed to email the office manager. She said everything they did was appropriate. She said that since we didn’t complain about the anal expression, there was nothing she would do. (I spoke with the Dr. West about it, but she brushed me off saying that when she says “take a look” at anal glands it always means an anal glands expression. There wasn’t even a sorry for the miscommunication.) The office manager also said that the wellness plan was supposed to be used, so it didn’t matter that we did not agree to the tests they ran. For the appointment we were charged for, we showed up, but then were told we couldn’t be seen. At first they said their system was down, then they said our appointment got cancelled due to an emergency, and then they changed their story and said we had cancelled the appointment. We hadn’t, I had even called earlier in the day to confirm. Our wellness plan was charged for the appointment. When we realized the mistake and asked for a corrected invoice, they refused to correct it, saying that they instead would put a not on our file.

Because of all the extra charges, it is now just as expensive to cancel the plan. We are locked in to their wellness plan headache.

Rita Torres
I would suggest you read the contract thoroughly and see if there is a way to stop payments since the dog passed away. Unless it expressly says that the plan would continue despite the death of the pet.
The reason the plan continues is because you are essentially paying for all the services on a monthly installment. So, you could go ahead and pay for what was done and be done with it. It is not insurance.
I personally think Banfield is a waste of your money!! I adopted an older dog and brought him into the nearest location where I needed them to do a check-up plus give him his rabies shot. They helped sign me up for their package which cost me around $60 a month. They did their extra tests and told me my dog had heartworm even though the rescue agency I purchased my dog from assured me he didn’t. Almost $500 of EXTRA costs later, they told me he didn’t have heartworms and it must have been a false positive. I was furious as the vet explained to me how painful this was going to be for my new dog before she had all the facts. Long story short, I never went back but still had to pay the monthly fee. Do your research and look for reliable vets plus insurance plans that cover more than just a check-up!!
We had a terrible experience. We had three small mixed chihuahuas and two cats. We had them all on a top tier plan so we were paying over 200 a month for all five. Not all vaccinations were included and often times the vets would talk us out of vaccinating our cats. Our oldest dog died of congestive heart failure less than six months of having her on the plan, in the four appointments she went to not one of the vets or their assistants brought up that she may have had something up with her, even when my husband said point blank on two separate appointments that she had become increasingly lethargic and was concerned about her wheezing which was new. We ended up taking her to urgent care one horrible fall night where we had to put her to sleep. The vet techs there were all shocked that our vet had never said anything to us. We don’t take any of them there anymore I canceled renewing the “preventative plan” or whatever they call it. We still shop at pets smart but we found a family ran/owned vet clinic where the care is about our pets and not boosting corporate sales. I’d rather go to a place where they see the same vet who remembers them and us than a random vet who just happened to be scheduled.
I have never had any problems with the clinics themselves and if you have a healthy pet then a plan isn’t a bad idea. But I did put my 16 year old cat on a plan and ended up having to put him down. He received his first comprehensive exam and probably not even a full dental when I was informed he was very sick and didn’t just have an abscess tooth and that I would need to put him down. He never received a single vaccination and was seen twice by this clinic in less then a month but he somehow used his entire plan amount so that I can’t just pay it out. I will have a painful monthly reminder that my baby is gone. But outside of that if you have a healthy pet it’s not a bad deal, if you have an elderly or seriously sick pet I wouldn’t do it. My elderly pup is on a plan and she will probably finish out the year and we will look elsewhere after that.
Took my dog here to update vaccinations after re-locating. Should have been a $50-75.00 one-time cost. I was socially pressured into a preventative care “Wellness Plan.” #FLORIDA. FYI. Most ETHICAL veterinarians do not push services and products that are not absolutely necessary. The wellness plan entitled her to annual exam, vaccinations, blood work, and a dental cleaning for $39.99/mo. Since the vaccinations my dog has acquired food allergies she did not have before. The wellness plan includes annual vaccinations but it is safer to opt for the 3yr. vaccines as there has been concern that some annual vaccines can have adverse affects. When she acquired the allergy they tried to steer me towards over-priced food stating she was probably allergic to chicken. She proceeded to state that many dogs had recently been acquiring food allergies. My dog eats chicken and eggs frequently in her diet with no adverse affects and a variety of other meats she does not have allergy to.

I was told I needed to wait at least 6mo. to 1yr. to schedule the dental. Lack of dental appointment availability meant I could not access the dental until after my contract was set to auto-renew. If I terminate contract then I waive access to services owed. Despite having recent blood work on file, they took additional blood work. I thought that it was all covered and would roll-over from previous services not accessible in the prior year. However, when I went to cancel I was told that it does not roll-over nor is it pro-rated. I got trapped into another year of the plan for services rendered because the new blood work and vet access was $300.00 price differential and the annual contract to keep the services is $468.00. It is cheaper to keep the plan than to terminate it after services I should have had easier access to prior to the contract roll-over. The woman I spoke with on Customer Service was condescending, un-willing to provide a reasonable compromise on the miscommunication of benefits and liabilities, and proceeded to shame me with statements about Banfield’s preventative care practices and “what all dogs deserve.” I have background in science and vet-care experience and life-long experience with animals. An animals needs are a case by case basis, some preventative care is necessary other is useful but not necessary up to a certain age. The behavior and strategy implies that only people who can pay for Banfield’s Preventative Care should own dogs. It is equally unethical as it is classist, as it implies there are not other cost-effective approaches to animal wellness.

Paola Paz-zuniga
i was pressured as well! this company is a scam. I told them before signing up that I was a college student and don’t have money like that to be paying so much and they promised me I will save..I ended up spending over almost 2K and that is the cost of one semester at cal state east bay that I had to switch community college because now I am left broke. I miss CSUEB, but this company should be SHUT DOWN !!!!!!
I found a kitten on the side of a road and brought him to Petsmart with a first visit coupon. They convinced me into getting the wellness plan. What a BIG mistake!!!! They also told me the kitten had a ear infection and charged me $40. Found out no infection. Also, they are extremely higher in all areas of the bill than a regular vet. I tried to get my money back and they cheated me out of an additional $50. Technically $100. because of the coupon. Learn by my mistake and take your animal elsewhere!
Yoshi's mom
I lost my puppy in a car accident. Yoshi only received 4 vaccines… and lost him before his next round of vaccines… they are still charging me for 12 months.. (the contract time.) They say that $35 x 12 is less than paying for the 4 vaccines that he received… Thay said he had an ear infection.. Left him some ear drops that cost $40 … I didn’t used them, ended up just washing his ears with that ear solution… and he never scratched his ears or anything….

Do not do it..

I don’t think it was worth it…

Ricki Garrett
This is my second year with Banfield. There was an issue but it got resolved to my liking. My sister & neighbor both used Banfield so three of us are happy with what we pay for. The yearly cost is less then what other vets charge for teeth cleaning.
My neighbor had to let her 14 ý/o dog be put to sleep. Banfield took care of both of them at the worst time for them. Neighbor is still impressed with the staffs caring way.
I say give them a try.
First of all I want to express how great the veterinarians are with my animals they had nothing to do with the way they treat them they are great. This email is specific to the customer service issues that I have with your clinics. Every single clinic that I go to which have been a couple because I needed to test out different waters due to the bad customer service. When I call I dont get a single assist with my pet even though they’re on their 3rd maybe even 4th year of a plan. Now that I have an emergency I do not matter at all, and mostly get attitude when I need help.

Secondly, not only are their postings and listings out there that urgent care is also included during regular business hours, even as an emergency, are included with their plans….I just talked to several clinics and that is not an available service that any clinic offers?!
I don’t understand how I’m paying so much money ever single month for no benefits as well. I have a senior dog and in paying alot to make sure that she is going to be taking care of and not only is she not, all the plan does is cover comprehensive exams, dental and pretty much a work up and that’s it. Other plans out there put yours to shame and trust me I’ve been doing research and I will be switching it over as soon as my plan is up.

Also your clinics never have available appointments anytime soon, so I’m paying every month again for your services that aren’t actual services when I need them. I suggest you take a long hard look at the services that you do offer and then maybe put a little bit of urgent care in their for people who actually have emergency situations with their animals during regular hours.

Normally I just let stuff like this go but after the horrific services I had when my other Sr dog fell sick and they couldn’t help me for a week out. She died, I blame banfield for their lack of compassion and care for “their” patients.
I got her seen and eventually (much suffering to her) was able to schedule an appt for banfield to put her down, to find out NOTHING was covered in the Sr plan for putting your pet down. Oh and make sure you have the $200 upfront or they will let your pet suffer. Seriously if you dont think this is wrong then that’s the problem!

So True…
We dealt with the same problem. Banfield is great at taking your money, but horrible at service. They don’t observe their hours and when you come in with an emergency, they are combative and turn you away. Our sweet puppy died due to their neglect. However, some of the pet doctors are great. But, Banfield, as a whole, should be avoided. And the Wellness Plan? Forget it! It’s a joke.
Paola Paz-zuniga
I had the same problem with my senior dog but i am glad he is still alive (because I haven’t gone there) BUT I read that even after the 12 months they will automatically keep charging you. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM
I love the hospital but hate the wellness plan. I wanted to write one for the wellness plan to let people know it is not worth the cost. Pet insurance such as Nationwide helps with the bills; it is a better all-around plan. This wellness plan will not help if any issues occur and you can not cancel at any time. If you try to cancel before they get all their money, you will have to pay for any procedures that they performed. In other words, they will receive more money then they pay regardless if you try to cancel. I had the wellness plan for more than 14 years and found out it is a waste.
Niki H
I moved and the last thing I thought about was cancelling my wellness plan. Well, life stuff happened last year and I wasn’t focused on past vet care for my pups, only future vet care. Today I realized that I’d been paying for 2 years for a plan that I haven’t used. I called to cancel and get my money back (about $1000 in total payments over 2 years). They were happy to cancel my plan, but when I asked for my money back that they never used I was told because I didn’t cancel in time that I am only getting less than $300 back. this is robbery!!! This isn’t an insurance plan where you are paying for the what-if’s. This is discounted vet care.
Day light robbery my friends…don’t sign up with them.
So you signed up for a plan, never cancelled the plan and are now mad because they won’t refund you? Sounds like this was your fault and you should have been more responsible about cancelling the plan. “Life stuff happened”? You need to grow up.
Katie Holmes
Disgusting response from Banfield. We have a pup that got injured and we needed to see a vet. This is the third time something came up and they couldn’t fit us in. I asked to cancel my plan and they gave me the run around. One of the perks on this plan is that you get unlimited visits a year, when I told the guy that he said that the plan is for preventive only and that I have to go to an emergency vet if I want care. Now they’re going to charge us if we want out of it, I want out of the plan because they’re not holding up their side of the deal and now I have to find a new vet that will see my dog–WHY AM I PAYING FOR THIS???? Will review on every site I can find and I’m calling my card company. They are absolute crooks and you do NOT get what you paid for.
Jill Laine
I loved Banfield for the last decade and have taken both my pups there. After several extremely bad experiences, not to mention wait lists a mile long to get in, I’m canceling this month. I believe in preventative wellness for pets, and I suppose it depends on where you live. I just don’t feel that Banfield cares about my pets or me, they are big business and that is it.
All of my munchkins are on a Banfield Wellness Plan. While I understand the negative experiences that I am reading in the comments section below, I think it is important for one to visit their local Banfield Pet Hospital to determine if they are a good fit for your household. If you adopt and the adoption agency is part of the PetSmart Adoption Partner Program, you’ll get a free visit to any Banfield Pet Hospital.

My experiences with Banfield has always been positive. In fact, my Veterinarians have a lot of experience and they can usually help me understand what’s going on without having the need to run expensive lab work. My local Banfield Pet Hospital looks for ways to help me save costs with my animals. Preventative Care is the best form of medicine and I am a firm believer in that position. Banfield’s Wellness Plan covers all of the routine services that my animals need (flea & tick treatments, heartworm prevention, dental cleanings, physicals, vaccinations (including Lyme (for dogs), FeLV (for cats), and a plethora of lab work… and where I live a lot of the Vets in this area will charge an arm, leg and soul for anything you need). Another new thing they’ve implemented is the 24/7 Vet Line. If you have an animal you are concerned about that’s part of the OWP, you can chat via mobile app about any concerns. When you reach out to them, it actually flags your home clinic and the home clinic will likely give you a call to see if everything is okay and if you need an appointment.

In terms of add-ons and additional costs, I’m a little confused at the negative comments as our team here don’t upsell or force you to do any additional services. They make recommendations and will always inform you of what the costs will be upfront (that way you are not blindsided). I’m not sure if other clinics do the same, but when I feel a treatment is too expensive, my Veterinarian helps me look at alternatives to try.

Their hours are incredibly convenient and the staff at my local clinic are wonderful. But, I understand that not all clinics are built or structured the same. I’ve built a relationship with my Banfield Team and they help me with any concerns that I have with any of my munchkins. As I mentioned though, it’s always important for individuals to formulate their own opinions. I would read the information below and reach out to a Banfield Pet Hospital in your area for more information. Overall, I’m a firm believer in experiencing what happens in person so that I can make my own judgement call.

In general Banfield’s OWP is incredibly helpful for preventive care. I find great value in the care that I receive from my local clinic.

I have had 4 dogs on Banfield wellness for a period of decades. Even back when it was VetSmart. It has been the single most economical way to care for my dogs. And when they’ve needed xrays for more serious issues those are included depending on your plan. And you can upgrade your plan and get the discount in real time if needed. If you know how to work it, it’s great. I never get my prescriptions through them however. I order those online and that saves money. The ability to have free office visits included at any time was wonderful and encouraged me to take them in more often than I would have normally. And because you have multiple vets at one location you can get second opinions in no time. Sometimes same day. I would never have a dog that is not on Banfield Wellness plans again. It’s been Wonderful!!!
Do not use Banfield or their wellness plans. I really appreciated Banfield for awhile. When I got my first dog I was in college and it felt like it saved me so much money. He also had no health issues. However as time has gone on I’ve gotten smarter. Recently I went to see them for my puppy to get her final vaccines. They told me they were going to need to remove two of her baby teeth that she had retained which I was super on board with. But then they told me that the cheapest way to do that would be to give her a full dental cleaning which wouldn’t even include the cost of the teeth pulling. So it was going to be about $550 to pull two baby teeth not including pain medication or after care. I called my mother in laws vet to see what they charged and it was less than $200 and that included pain meds, after care, and the initial exam. They also charge you $20 dollars PER EAR to clean your dogs ears. I’m so over Banfield. It’s a total scam and only one of the 6 vets at my location was even remotely competent and since he was the only good one it was difficult to get an appointment with him. Don’t use them, don’t trust them, and for the love of god don’t bother with the wellness plans because they’ll upsell and lie to you about the cost of basic procedures amounting in the hundreds of dollars.
Thanks. I am catching on.
I think a large part of the problem is that people don’t understand the value of preventive care. The Wellness plans are not insurance, but they are early intervention screening for your pets. The thought process is to catch any potential issues while they are small and easy to treat. It is an affordable way to keep your pets up to date on the foundation of the care they need for life. It’s not all inclusive but good luck finding affordable care that is. I don’t know about everyone else but I had to sign a contract and I made sure to read and understand what I was signing before agreeing to the plan.
Jim Gilbert
Banfield is the worst. Advertise allyou do is wellness plans and don’t pass yourself off as a real vet. Very terrible experience and cant cancel the plan. Never go there.
Martha Ruiz
My dog just passed and I called Banfield to cancel my plan. Do you believe that I have to continue paying the monthly rate until december? They never explain this to me. I think it is cheaver to take your dog to a vet that having these plans. Any way I always finished paying a lot of money everytime I took my dog for checkup or any illness.
Beside the pain for my dog loss, I still have to pay for 5 more months. This is incredible! People be aware of this. I just called other plans just for curiosity like Nationwide and they don’t do this.
It depends on what services you have used. I have had my dogs on this wellness plan for decades over the years and have run into this and was aware of this up front as well. If you’ve already used more services than the plan costs for the year then yes, you need to pay off the use of those service. I don’t find it to be an issue. Typically paying off the monthly rate till the contract is complete costs less than it would if you had paid full price at the time of the service without the plan. Nationwide is pet insurance, not a pet wellness plan. That is the difference. An insurance plan is run completely different than a preventative wellness plan.
Jill Laine
Hi Martha, I am so sorry for your loss. I had the same situation. My dog was killed by my neighbor’s dog, and rather than show ANY empathy, the staff at Banfield didn’t even have the decency to call me when my dog’s remains came back. Like you, I had to pay for 6 months. All this after being with Banfield for about a decade. My other dog’s plan is up this month and I am canceling and never going back.
I think Banfield makes sense of you want convenience and like the monthly fee plan. For my dog for regular check ups and vaccinations, the cost is $29.95 a month x 12 = $360 plus $45 for membership fee. I took my dog to a vet and the cost for the year was $145. My wife does the Banfield thing for her dog but she likes the late hours and open Sat and Sun.
I signed up for the wellness plan based on recommendations from my sister who works at Banfield. The employees are required by Banfield to sell or recommend the plans to visitors. I signed up and barely used any services. They charge you $20 fee/month for any late payments, which is a ridiculously expensive late fee on the $40 monthly. On top of that, they charged me twice within a two week period when I requested to have the payment date changed. I called their hotline and was told there’s nothing they can do for that change, but they’ll waive late fee this time. Tried to cancel the plan but they said the plan covers a package deal on services with 40% off. if I cancel now that they would charge me the full 100% on services, which would be $600+ now. Or I wait to be charged for an additional 5 months, which would total $550+.

The plans are also NOT the same as pet insurance. I knew this beforehand, so I was not bothered by this. But many other people sign up thinking that it is. This means that any services that are not preventative care means that you will be charged out of pocket and is NOT covered. Very useless in my opinion.

This is clearly a way to rip money off people who just want the best for their pets. Don’t fall for their so-called “wellness plans”.

The wellness plan is a complete scam. It is much cheaper to pay outright for these cost. I have two puppies both of which were on the plan. As soon as I could cancel right before the renew I did. If you wait even till the day of they automatically renew you and your stuck again. They upsale you in appointments products you don’t need. When I would call to make an appointment for my dog they always gave a attitude, if i’m Paying monthly for these unlimited services if I think my dog is sick you should want to look at them, there were some months we didn’t even see a vet what a waste. Everything is an “add on”. My husband went to pay on their account and he couldn’t because I was the signer on the account. I even went in with him it’s ridiculous. They don’t tell you they only save cards on file that have your name on it as the signer on the contract. We came in multiple times together trying to add his card onto the automatic payments because I was no longer working. Although I like my pets vet, this plan is a scam and I didn’t find out until later that most of these shots you can get from other programs such as the animal shelter and even Petco runs $25 dollar specials on shots. You can even do spaying and neutering. I feel for the people who have had their pets die and are still paying on the plan. This company is about money not about the animals.
My dog passed away almost a year to the date and my husband and I were told “so sorry for your loss, the plan statement must be paid however” . Who does that?! I pay month to month and our pup wasn’t seen more than 2x in a year. Now he’s gone and we are just now able to cancel the plan. Worst ever don’t reccomend at all.
Worst Plan EVER!!!!!! Half the time they couldn’t even treat my dog because they were too inexperienced. Then it renewed and you are stuck with it and can’t cancel it without paying it off. I paid for the first year to include spaying, but because my dog was ill and couldn’t be spayed in the time allotted (5 days after the plan expired) I had to pay for the spaying AGAIN!!!!! Worst ever! Have no choice but to live through this ridiculous plan again, but I would NEVER RECOMMEND the plan or BANFIELD!!!!
The worst plan I should have never considered. What they said was a simple UTI was actually a tumor. I called to inform them that my pet was no longer alive only to be met with the reaction,”You have 4 months left on you contract and will need to make payments even though you no longer have your pet.” There wellness plan is only good if your pet is healthy not if it is sick. How ruthless to make me continue to pay even now that my dog passed 4 weeks after their wrong diagnosis. No heart and like everything else it’s all about what they can get out of you. I would not recommend these people and or their plans to anyone.
Susan Chapstick
I only used the plan for 2 months and my dog passed away. I am stuck for 58.00 a month for 10 more months
Nikki Brown
Where are ya’ll getting this info? Call Corporate and Cancel. I gifted a pet to a family member and one pet was stolen over the years. I called Banfield Corporate and cancelled both plans. No problems, no additional charges.
Lorrie Allen
You go lucky somehow. The contract does state if your pet passes you will be charged the entire year and if you forget to call and cancel on the date of renewal, it will auto renew. Pet or no pet.
Sharon bloom
Not true. I gave my puppy to my sister in another State. Had to pay off balance
Kristin M
I just called today (8/14/19) to cancel a plan for my pet that recently passed and was informed I would still be responsible for the remainder of the plan until the month of renew (I initially called to see about reversing my last payment made because it was auto-deducted from my checking AFTER the date of my pet passing); the person I spoke with did agree to waive the NEXT (last) payment because my pet passed so close to the end of contract but the previous one taken out after my pet died, will not be refunded. This is even after having this plan for 10+ years. I asked for a detailed explanation of how this works as we will be eventually adding a new pet to our home and wanted to understand better before considering putting another pet on one of these plans- it absolutely states you will need to pay the full cost of a 1yr plan, even if your pet passes away prior- I asked a few hypotheticals, such as “what if a pet passes after only 2 months of starting a plan?” and the response was that I would need to pay the remaining 10 months per the contract. This was the corporate contact, not my local office/store. In summary, they consider it a “courtesy” to allow a payment plan versus paying it all upfront which can also be done (i.e. if someone pays upfront and their pet passes soon into the plan, they would not receive any type of refund either).
R Stevenson
Nope. Did that-they did not cancel plan.
Betty Sumerlin
I am paying for a dog I had 3 months. Contract is 1 year and they do charge for the full year. Talked to 2 people. Ridiculous.
Same Here. Customer Service is AWFUL. If you don’t cancel within the year you are stuck no matter what with the monthly payments. Customer service reps are rude. I moved to another state where there are no Banfields around and could not get out of the contract. The only Banfield is 70 miles away and it is dirty and you HAVE to drop off your dog just for a well check. In the end, it is just money for them. No wellness for anyone. Extremely disappointed and a total scam!
E. Grazer
Beware of plan renewals.

I had two cats on Wellness Plans at Banfield for several years and received good care for a while. Saw a wonderful vet there who we just adored. Things at the hospital started changing a couple of years ago and our favorite vet left. Since then, service has been poor. One of my cats was left all day in a cage with an injured paw and not treated – no meds, nothing. They wanted to take x-rays even though I was sure it was an abscess. Vet said exam was inconclusive. Not half an hour after I picked him up the abscess burst. My other cat was misdiagnosed with FUS and I was told I had to put him on a garbage prescription diet that he was allergic to. Second and third opinions at other vets proved the misdiagnosis. I called to cancel the plans in January. The person I spoke to said my second plan expired in July and offered to downgrade the plan to basic since I hadn’t used any of the services that year.

When I called yesterday to cancel that plan, I found that the new renewal date was January of 2020 and had been set to “auto renew”! Turns out, downgrading the plan RESET THE PLAN TO DAY ONE. NONE of this was mentioned to me and I had been very clear that I no longer wanted to be a Wellness Plan member. The person who I spoke with today confirmed this by reading the notes the previous customer service agent took. Seems shady as heck not to mention that downgrading resets your cancellation date.

Thankfully, the csa I spoke with today agreed to cancel the plan so I’m no longer paying $25/mo till January. I wonder how many other people have had this experience and end up paying for months on plans they don’t use.

That is exactly what happened to me. I called to cancel in June and was told my plan auto renewed in 3/19 and went up 10 dollars per month which I said that I was never told of the increase. Then I was informed that an email was sent on the increase and that I got shots in April, therefore I would have to pay for all the shots and the rest of the year plan to 2/2020 cost roughly $420. The same service would cost 200 at another vet. Never got email. This is a scam.
Darrell Grose
They didn’t read any of my dogs tests performed and said she was OK when in fact she had bladder stones .
Nichole Burnside
I’m cancelling simply because I don’t want my cat in their care anymore. I had been taking him to the Banfield location for years not knowing that I was ‘assigned’ a vet and could switch within the clinic. I was never 100% satisfied with this specific vet but thought he was giving the basic care and would educate me if he found anything weird. One day, I asked to have my cat’s leg checked (he skinned it somehow) and I got a different vet. She spotted something in his ears within 5 minutes and referred me to a more knowledgeable vet outside Banfield. I took her advice and we treated him with the outside vet and the problem is fixed (just have to keep note if it flares up again ever) and learned more about what his known heart condition is.

I took him back to Banfield for his standard appointment (which the plan covered) and to catch the vet up on his health. I wanted to speak about it first before any further surgery (since the risks are higher for him) and was treated rudely by most of the staff for refusing to do dental (multiple times) until I could speak to the vet. When I finally saw the vet he openly got mad that he colleague sent me somewhere and that I followed that advice. FYI MY CAT COULD HAVE GONE DEAF IF THIS WAS LEFT UNTREATED!!! The vet did NOT want to discuss my concerns or hear what the outside vet did or found! I left angry and never wanted this vet to touch my cat again since he obviously just wants to do ‘assembly line care’ and not caring about individual pet’s needs. I don’t even want to switch to a different vet in the same clinic since I can’t tell who handles the pets behind the scenes after you drop them off!

I thank his colleague for pointing stuff out to me. Its the mark of a true professional to admit when something is outside your area of expertise and sending the client elsewhere even if you loose money. Besides, I found the outside vet teaches the pet owner way more about the pet’s care and allows more transparency about what things cost and what needs done. If its a little bit more up front, fine, I know my cat is getting the better care for his needs.

If you’re looking to keep up on preventive care, a wellness plan is the plan for you. There’s no office fees, so that’s a savings of $50+, even if you just want an appointment to discuss things with a vet. No. It does not cover illnesses. As it’s not PREVENTIVE care. Google preventive, then complain. I caught my dogs illness way before it was an issue, due to the blood work that was available on my plan. I had to pay for medications, at a discounted rate. But not the bloodwork. Yes. Not everything is covered. But not everything is preventive. On each invoice there’s a total savings from that visit. I pay roughly 370 (give or take) for the year. And my savings at the bottom of the invoice are either slightly under that or above. From reading the reviews don’t understand what they’re actually paying for, or dont understand pet health care.
Joseph Hinkle
It reads as if they’re overpaying for substandard care.
Mike Hallenbeck
Do NOT get a wellness plan. Every part of every “covered” treatment has some other aspect that is most definitely not free. I never left that place without coughing up, at least, an additional $300 for these free services. And canceling your plan affords you the luxury of paying for all of the “discounts” that you received but hadn’t yet paid for on your monthly billing. It cost me another $500 just to cancel. Total ripoff.
Don’t walk away from this… away.
People should call the Attorney Generals office about Banfields misleading wellness plans automatic auto billing. If this company had integrity and gave good vet care Banfield would not need to scam with the billing plans.
Laurie Kaufmann
Do not buy the wellness plan. I bought it figuring it would cover my dog’s teeth cleaning. When I took her in for the cleaning, they said they would not do it without a bunch of expensive additional tests. When I asked why the tests were important they explained that the tests would determine whether she could have the cleaning. When I asked about the fact that not having her teeth cleaned would be more dangerous to her (bacteria can migrate to the heart) they didn’t have an answer for that. When I elected to have her teeth cleaned without the additional tests, the doctor and tech became quite rude to me and indicated I would have to sign a form that stated I was going against medical treatment. On the day of the cleaning, i was again called and asked to spend additional money on extractions and “special” anesthesia. I paid $800 for these items. I think this should have been covered under the wellness plan.

When I called to cancel my automatic subscription renewal, the guy on the phone was extremely rude to me trying to tell me how much “I saved” by having the Wellness plan. I repeated my request and he became ruder.

I will no longer go to Banfield Pet Hospitals.

Courtney Peace Hagins
I pay for upgraded plan that includes dental. Blood test prior to anesthesia required part of paid plan. If blood test comes back negative, additional cost $145.does not make sense. Rip off, constant additional up charges. Plan is a consumer rip off. An attorney for class action suit needed for all of us that pay for this service. How to start class action??
Paola Paz-zuniga
They did that to me too expect I paid $989! I even called them and they tried convincing me that I saved money and I told them I use to sell memberships to people I know what you guys are doing! They are a bunch of morons I bet they don’t even know how unethical they are !!!!!! I want to contact an attorney general so bad !
Jessica P.
I’m an LVT and I just started working at a Banfield. I’ve worked in private practices and emergency facilities, so I can compare what’s out there. If you’re concerned about paying too much for your pets care, then seriously do the research. The private practice I used to work for would charge hundreds of dollars more for the same services Banfield provides, even if you’re not on a wellness plan. People can say what they want, but unless you have experience working in the veterinary field you can’t really appreciate what Banfield does. Putting an emphasis on preventative care is so important because it’s educating clients on flea and tick products, the importance of spaying/neutering and dental care. Most people don’t realize how important these things are to your animals health. This week alone I saw a dog that wasn’t neutered die of prostrate cancer, and a don’t that wasn’t on any preventative tested positive for heartworm. Maybe Banfield can’t provide orthopedic surgery, emergency care, boarding or holistic medicine…but it serves a place in our communities. It’s bringing vet care and education to some people who maybe couldn’t afford it otherwise. To group all facilities together when there are hundreds around the country is insane. Of course it’s going to vary state to Star, city to city. If Banfield isn’t the right hospital for you then it’s not like there’s hard feelings about it; go wherever you and your pet are comfortable. That’s all that matters.
Tina Marie Glinski
i enjoyed reading your post. It sounds logical and intelligent. Thank you. It will help me make what shouldn’t be this hard of a decision. New Pug Puppy. 3 months. A lot of possible health issues. Preventable care is just as important as a Full healthcare plan.
I don’t think you understand, the shots Banfield provides on your essential wellness plan and office visit can be provided by other Vets for half the price, and when you try to cancel its a nightmare having to pay for months you no longer need. And by the way Banfield could not provide reasonable economical care for that Dog you mentioned which got cancer. Banfield Auto renew and comprehensive physical exam is questionable. The exam and shots I could get else where for around 260 which is now costing me 420 at Banfield due to auto renew.
Melissa Smith
I think the wellness plan is better for older pets. Mine both needed dental cleanings and often have older pet issues. I found out the hard way going through a private vet which was way more than paying the monthly plan at banfield for a year. Also when my pet died, I still had 4 payments left on her plan and my options were to either pay the equivalent of the services she had or pay the last 4 payments. Thankfully, they were kind and offered their condolences and took off 3/4 of the remaining payments. I have 3 plans, 2 for my 18 year old cats and 1 for my 12 year old dog. My younger cats don’t have a plan.
At first, I thought the wellness plan was a good deal. My dog, Lily could get a bright, shiny smile with her annual dental cleaning and her shots were covered. When she became severely sick and died of cancer within a few months of her annual plan renewing, I learned the hard way that it was NOT worth it. About a month after her devastating passing and paying to have her cremated, I noticed another charge from Banfield had hit my account. I had assumed her wellness plan had ended since they had in their system that she had died. I thought maybe I needed to call and officially cancel the policy. When I contacted them, they informed me that was still obligated to complete the contract or pay a cancellation fee!!! It makes me so angry that an organization designed to care for our furry friends could do something so heartless. I refused to pay and five years later, it showed up on my credit report. I’m angry all over again. I no longer use Banfield clinics or their wellness plans for my pets. I’d highly endorse Healthy Paws pet insurance instead.
Joyce Schmidt
I see the Wellness plan as a contract with 12 payments. Same as a car lease. If you turn the car in months in advance, you are still liable for the remaining payments.
Ben Bethel
That’s not true of a lot of car leases… and I’ve had over a dozen cars that I’ve leased. Recently I turned my Tesla in early, and received credit for the unused months on the lease. There may be an early termination fee, or just end of lease fee… but often leasing companies already have the down payment you paid on the lease so they’re more than happy to take a car back early – even a $150K car that you leased as in my most recent case.
Tina Marie Glinski
that’s true =/ unfortunately *sigh*
Tina Marie Glinski
I DO NOT agress with this is it is true. Once your pet has passed it just seems right for Banfield to stop the account. Cancel any payments from that point on. Not fair.
Michele S
I cannot say enough good things about the Banfield I take my dog to.Just as with anything else that’s important you have to do your due diligence and check things out before you make a decision. I switched when the high end vet I was going to wanted $1500 for a spay which I just thought was ridiculous(I work for a hand surgeon who charges less for a procedures on humans!!) I tried Banfield and signed up for the wellness plans and never looked back. I love and trust all the providers there.
Kyle Swartz
I’ve been on and off the wellness plan through my life of owning dogs and cats. At one time I canceled and went to a private practice vet and did the math and I wished I had never canceled the wellness plan. I decided to go back on the wellness plan when the private practice vet charged me $65.00 office visit just to walk in and get a dressing changed on my cats leg. I got a job at the local humane society which gave me 30% off vet care at their low cost clinic so I canceled the wellness plan again. I don’t work there anymore so I recently took my three dogs to another low cost clinic for a wellness exam and vaccinations and did the math and it came out to be a $20.00 savings per dog. That may not sound like a big savings but it is something saved. The thing with the Banfield Wellness Plan is it seems that it is over vaccinating your pet, they give like two bordetella a year to your dog which is only required once. They do two fecal exams in a year which is over kill, because if you are giving your dog heartworm medicine most have dewormer in it, so why do you need to get two fecals a year? They deworm your dog two times a year which shouldn’t need to be done if you are giving your dog heartworm preventive with dewormer in it. A lot of it is over kill to make that money. Just look at it like this; they wouldn’t be doing the wellness plans if it wasn’t making them a lot of money. Who is really benefiting from the plans? I’m still trying to figure it out which way is the best for me and my dogs. When I took one of my dogs in to Banfield I still had to pay some kind of bill on top of the plan because not everything is covered under it. I’m not going to say whether the wellness plan is good or bad because I’m still trying to do the math to see which way will save me the most money.
Dilan C. Bay
Actually, a Bordetella vaccine isn’t mandatory at all. I simply ask my Wellness Plan Banfield Vet to NOT give it to my dog. She is rarely around strange dogs and never stays at a sitters/kennel.
Thanks for all the info though! 🙂
I do NOT recommend Banfield. Especially not their wellness plans. I have a 15 week old puppy that I signed up for the wellness plan at 7 weeks. He has been 3 times so far for routine shots. The second visit I was told he had ear mites and a severe ear infection, and that he needed the hair trimmed around his eyes. I was told “no problem, we can do that for you” when I said I was nervous cutting it myself, and he can’t go to a groomer yet. They tried to charge me $25 to cut his hair, without even telling me ahead of time they were even charging me (my old vet did this and trimmed nails for free). Another $100 for ear cleaning, medication, etc. I walked out with a $133 vet bill for a puppy they’d given a perfect bill of health to just 3 weeks before. Upon getting home, I took a closer look at my puppy’s ears. I decided to wait and see how he did after having the ear mites treatment, which I was more than happy to pay for (would have been a total of $20 instead of $133). There is no infection. Never was an infection. I was just sold $70 worth of medication to treat it when there was none. When I asked the vet about it I was told “90% of dogs with ear mites will have a secondary infection” so I was sold medication and asked to administer it to my puppy for NO reason other than this vet thinks the greater majority will have one. My dog does NOT. At the follow up I was asked to have an ear swab performed, to the tune of $38. I declined, and was told he could still have an infection “even though it looks like he doesn’t”. My dog does not have an ear infection. He is happy and bouncy and runs all over and plays constantly, just like a normal puppy. His ears look fantastic, and I’m more than irritated at this vet attempting to scare me into giving my dog medication he does not need. His food also. I was told Blue puppy food is bad, horrible, too many fillers. I should be feeding him Royal Canin (happens to be owned by Banfield apparently) the vet: “I’m not saying this because it’s owned by Banfield!”. I tried changing the wellness plan to the basic, instead of the plus. (NO WAY am I leaving my dog here for them to operate on him) and I was told I would have to pay for all services I’ve already received in order to do this. Excuse me? I’m not trying to cancel, and the plan I’m trying to change to still covers EVERYTHING they’re trying to say I’d have to pay for, with the exception of the neuter. I’m done with Banfield. I will finish out this year, he will get his routine shots and ONLY his routine shots, and I will be taking him elsewhere for neutering and, God forbid, if he gets sick.
Dilan C. Bay
Hmmmm… can you imagine how much more it would have been, had you had the tests run to see if there was a secondary infection? And, if there was, you would still need the meds, now on top of that cost.
This would have happened at any vet worth his salt.
Trying to milk you would be insisting more tests be run. 😉
Sondra J Kahler, RN
I’ve had Banfield Wellness plans since 2010 and I have been more than satisfied! The vets have been very knowledgeable, and have provided fantastic care to my dogs. I have had 6 dogs on plans over the years, and having the cost of every office visit included in the plan has been a blessing. I had two dogs with immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, and the vets provided awesome care and did everything they could to manage the disease and help my dogs live longer lives. I was really appreciate that I was able to go to Banfield hospitals in Colorado and Washington while we were traveling and get wonderful care because the vets had access to my pets’ records from our home hospital in Idaho. I’m surprised to read the reviews that vets were lacking in knowledge. While I’m certainly not a vet myself, I am a nurse and my best friend is a veterinarian, and when I have gone to her for additional information, she has always endorsed the care my pets have received from Banfield. I also have not experienced the “up-selling” of which folks are complaining. While the staff have suggested certain products on occasion, they have never been forceful about it, and I have never been made to feel that my pets will suffer without my making the purchase.
Wellness plans are awesome for providing regular preventive care for your pets. They are a cost-effective way to be a good pet parent.
Dilan C Bay
Sondra, it’s nice to see a positive comment. I am still “on the fence” regarding my plan. I am however, leaning in the direction of keeping it.
The first two people wrote emotionally charged opinions, not so much “reviews”.
They had little value as research was not conducted on the contrary.
Thanks! 🙂
Whatever you do do not get this service. They cannot do anything for your pets. They know nothing about veterinary care. I went one time with my cat, and tried to cancel 4 months later. They told me to pay off the one visit (for a basic spay and shots) would be $900! Do not sign up for their program it is a scam and they are horrible veterinarians!!
Larue ford
You are absolutely right.the fees that they charge is outrageous and when they sum it up they try to say you save money. Example I had my dog get the basic yearly shots and he had his teeth clean and they told me it was 900.00. Yet when I had it done at another vet 2 years ago it cost 300.00..after I realized I made a awful mistake I called to cancel they told me I couldn’t..I even offered to pay the service that I used they still not get service with them..I also have another dog that have health issues..they insisted that I bring him in an they can help the end they ran several test which ran up to 600.00. Then they told me there nothing they can do left me with a fat pill and put him on 6 different medications.
Bruce Bart MD
They are unprofessional with their young staff always clowning around They have no clue of how to treat a pet. They operate only to maximize their profit. I strongly suggest finding an alternative. My years in practice did not prepare me to watch the clowns at Banfield.
gloria kauffman
If anything happens to your pet during the year, you will finish paying out your yearly Banfield plan in your monthly plan payments which is fair to me for convenience of a monthly plan.
Sondra J Kahler, RN
After my elderly dog passed, Banfield did not require that I pay more than the value of the services she had received under the plan. I thought that was very fair.
Pat Maycumber
I have had Banfield Wellness Plans for over 15 years. In that time, when my two oldest dogs passed, Banfield’s staff was compassionate and helpful. Most importantly, when my dogs died, Banfield Wellness Plans DID NOT require me to pay off the balance of the yearly contract.
“if anything happens to your pet”

But that’s the point, they do not cover actual medical issues. Only preventative care. IF anything happens to your pet, you will only have the office visit waived, not the treatment.

gloria kauffman
banfield plan is cheaper, more convenient; we have 3 dogs, they take care of scheduling, i take them to the appts, happy so far. Only thing, trifexis flea/heartworm medications, I get thru online service; it’s been “hell” to get my trifexis, cause they push their flea/heartworm treatments. If I wasn’t a senior citizen, I’d give in to the runaround and delays, but I get the treatments much cheaper online. The delays are unforgivable, almost.
Do not get the wellness plan!! Customer service is very poor and will not let you out of the plan if something happens. They made me come in multiple times for unnecessary testing and extra money out of pocket for for me to take my dog somewhere else and say that nothing is wrong she is just getting older and it was more of an incompetent situation. When I called complain about all the extra trips and testing for my dog they just argued with me telling me they will not cancel my plan when I will never be taking my dog there again. The are un educated and will run every test un needed. Then I had to take my dog somewhere else and pay for that as well. I do not recommend taking your animals to Banfeild!!! They just try to take your money
Leon, You should never blame the victim!
In this case it was both you and your pet the minute you walked through their doors.
It reminds me of Kaiser so much that I have a hard time even looking at Petsmart which will not disclose what their relationship really is.
I used their services as a first time pet owner and purchased a purebreed which was flown to me allready vacinated.
The dangers and risks that go along with this should have been weighed since they told me to get a licence or rabies tag my pet would have to be re-vacinated. She has never been the same again.
Out of maybe 6 visits I only saw a Vet once and the rest were in training and half my age, talking smack from begining to end.
They are reading a script for the most part and taught to sell, sell, sell!
My Breeder alerted me to what was going on and I called corperate twice and kept getting my disatisafiction relayed to the Manager of the Store which is doing exactly what their trained to do and lie, lie and if you call them on a simple fact they come unglued.
I asked how many animals came down with Parvo last year or the year before and the reply was lots. I replied what is lots?
I thought she was going to take a swing at me and when I demanded to see the Vet for my sceduled visit I was told they were running behind and short staffed. Ya….Tell me something new…..
They are always behind and rarley is you pet treated by a Vet and mostly by trainees.
Don’t beat yourself up over this since they are trained to over charge and make you think you are getting a discount.
They take care of mostly strays and don’t know how to treat a pet owner and pet that met by choice or pure breeds that are very costly.
This is not my first day at the Rodeo and have quit companies that treat customers this way as I was in lending and a certain company’s goal was to get you upside down financially so you could not go somewere else.
These guys use the same tactics, create a need that dose not exist so they can treat the side effect with absolutly no compassion for the owner or pet.
God bless our pets…..
I’m happy for those of you that have had positive experiences with Banfield, and I’m sorry for those us that haven’t. We’re in the situation where our dog Rexie passed away, and we are paying for three more months of care he won’t use.
I talked to the representative, and they were too ready to remind me that they don’t provide insurance but are pre-paying for services and getting a discount also. In retrospect, they said he used approximately $1600 in services over the last year of his life, so the money we paid into the program, I guess, as their method of accounting is still unclear to me, would go against that total.
In the future, I’m going to go with pet insurance only because I don’t want the heartache of being reminded of the death of our beloved pet every 12th of the month.
I live in a consumer-friendly state, and I’m going to write to my representative about a law requiring disclosure of the possibility of having to pay for a deceased pet after its death and making Banfield disclose this possibility so we can better understand what we are buying.
I do wonder if going to Banfield hospital was best for my pet. I’m not sure if he got the best care. Over the years I’ve been concerned that the revolving door of vets and the distant nature of the staff I put down as bad days were symptomatic of something else.
Kyle Swartz
If you received services right before your pet passed you have to pay for them services. The wellness plan is basically a payment plan. You receive services for your dog or cat and you pay it of by monthly payments.
Janet Whitacre
I signed up for the plan for my beloved Suri, (in addition to the plan we have for 13 year old chihuahua) a tortoise-shell cat, last April. Unbeknownst to me, she was functioning with one kidney and it began failing two weeks later. She was seen and treated and I was referred (accurately) to a qualified facility for a kidney ultrasound, (facility not associated with any Banfield facility). I was not encouraged to try any expensive and extraneous procedures such as 24 hour IV hydration without an accurate result upon which to base her treatment. They are always very cost conscious and after the results showed her severely failing, remaining kidney, I chose to euthanize for her wellbeing. I continued to pay off the remainder of her plan as it was cheaper than individually priced treatments. I wholeheartedly embrace this plan/company and their veterinarians, as ours have been with us through thick and thin, good times and sad times and know us and our fur babies very well!
I was a loyal Banfield Wellness Plan subscriber for over a decade. After losing my dog to cancer last week, Banfield refuses to release me from the Wellness Plan without paying through the rest of my annual plan; I’m effectively paying another 5 months of coverage for a deceased pet. I can’t believe that this is an actual practice. I am appalled that a company that advocates for animal welfare would choose to kick pet parents while they’re down. Their condolences are hollow; actions clearly speak louder than words.
Hi, this is appalling since I had a pet on this plan and he passed away in March last year. I’m surprised to hear this because this isn’t what happened to me. They dropped him off when he passed away. Maybe there’s a certain criteria that I’m unaware of.
Renate Starr
This happened to me as well when my Ebony passed away and I had to finish the 5 months left on the plan. Their veterinary services are totally inflated
To clarify some of the info I’ve been reading in comments that I feel is misleading or is missing info. I’ve had 2 animals that I’ve had on plans at my local Banfield for about 8 years. I think how each Banfield operates and what they may offer can vary. Mine is not hard to get an appt with, at all and I live in a major metropolitan area. Each Banfield plan gives you a discount (10-15% depending on plan) on services outside the plan, such as any emergency services or medications. It’s not much of a discount and I do think Banfield charges more for some services/medications than you might pay elsewhere (I buy heartworm med at Walmart for $20 and Banfield charges $30 I think now). I’ve not had big expensive major emergency with my pets, but I know they handle them at my Banfield (but they are not 24/7)..again you get a discount for things outside the plan, but the cost may be higher than another Vet..not sure. I decided that if something big came up that was not in the Banfield plan that I would price shop vets in my area to see if I could reduce cost…thankfully, I’ve not had to do that. I did compare a years worth Wellness costs including all shots and dental for my dog between a few vets in my area compared with the Active dental plan at Banfield. Banfield did beat the price for Wellness including dental, which is why I have used the plan. I’ve also had very good vets at my Banfield. I did have a pet die (old age) before his plan contract ended and have also recently also spoken to Banfield about how they handle cancellation of a plan before the contract ends since we may move somewhere where there is no Banfield. Regarding cancellation/pet death and the contract..I was told by Banfield that they look at the services you used already since purchase or renewal of contract and they add up the RETAIL cost (like if you had no plan) of what you used so far. If it is less than the yearly plan cost (say plan for year was $372, but you only used $100 worth of services) they will cancel and I think even reimburse you if you have paid more than the $100 at the date you want to terminate the plan. If you used services that are more than the cost of the yearly plan, they ask you to make the monthly payments to the end of the plan because the services for the contract were already used. I did have a dog pass about 6 months before end of contract. I did have to pay for services related to his death with the small discount applied since these services were outside the wellness services of the plan, BUT they added up the wellness services that I had used on his plan to that date and only asked me to pay for 2 more months to make up the cost of services already used. I DID NOT have to pay the entire contract cost for the remaining 4 months to the end of his contract. They just wanted to recoup the cost of services already used..again it is calculated at the retail cost of the service , but in my case it did not require paying the rest of the 6 months of the contract only 2 months. I do worry about emergency costs which are not included in the Banfield plans especially since my pets are getting older. I may end up purchasing some form of pet insurance at some point, but for wellness coverage, I’ve been VERY happy with my Banfield.
myles finkelstein
I would never again work with banfiled animal hospital. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY WELLNESS PLANS it is a Mistake and Your PET will SUFFER
We have used Banfield for many years for our 3 dogs. We have had incredible care—-including preventative care, surgery, emergency care, and end of life care. They have been wonderful. Our Banfield vet once confided that she had been dreaming about my husky, who had had recurrent treatments including surgery after being bitten by another dog, because she was so worried about him.
Sherri Torres
I agree! My 3 year old dog had a teeth cleaning which would of cost me over $600 out of pocket…I paid zero $$$ because I had the wellness plan. The vet never tries to push services on me that are not needed. Office visit and vaccination’s….$0! So far it’s working well for me.
Do be careful before joining. It is really a pre-payment plan for some of the more costly procedures, like the teeth cleaning. Just because you have a plan does not mean you get priority for your pet being seen. Getting in to see a vet can take days, and often a couple of weeks, because they have so many pets on these plans. It is correct that it does not cover emergencies. Banfield does not handle emergencies. At the location where we take our two dogs they have an Emergency Pet Hospital listing posted on the window behind their counter. We always end up paying something when we take our dogs in, unless they don’t do any procedures. Also, if your dog dies, you will still be held for remaining months of the plan. So, you are continuing to pay for “coverage” for a dead animal because the plan is technically a “pre-pay.” They do not put any of this information online where you can easily find it. READ the FINE PRINT before signing up. Pet insurance is a better option, and you can go to any vet vs having to wait weeks to get your pet in for an appointment at Banfield.
I think you should save your money and not buy the wellness plan. There are so many hidden charges that are not covered. Took my dog in for teeth cleaning they wanted $150 per tooth extraction. They said all teeth need to be pulled after they put my dog under anathesa. I called Banfield Direct and they said you can have teeth pulled somewhere elese. I couldn’t pay the additional $1,300 for teeth extractions So I said I will just come and pick my dog up. When I got there they said the bill was $450.00 dollars. I said I’m not paying you didn’t do anything and I have the wellness plan. Apparently the blood work is only paid for if they completely finish cleaning teeth. I still said I’m not paying. Then they said we’re not giving you your dog. After multiple calls to Banfield they released my dog but turned me over to collections. I have 3 dogs covered under this plan and pay over $150 per month for nothing. They called back the next day and finally took the charge off. My wife and I will never go back to Banfield. We went back to our original Vet. extractions are $30 each. Banfield prices are very high even with there %10 so called discount Just save yourself some $ And don’t get locked into a wellness plan
This Wellness Program needs to be investigated; it is deceptive and a scam! I was transferred from the kitten program to adult cat program without my approval and they won’t cancel it but are sending threatening letters to collect money I don’t owe.
Buyer beware. Tho comes in handy if your pet passes away YOU CONTINUE TO PAY FOR THE PLAN. So say your pet dies and you still have 6 months on the plan. You pay the six months for a dead pet.
Donna Schreiber
I recently went to Banfield after my vet of 3 yrs. got on my nerves by requiring every shot they make just to get her nails trimmed. My dog had a flu shot but my vet said there was a “new”one and Holly had to get it or she wasn’t allowed in the door. Over charges for vac.,office visit is 85.00. Banfield diagnosed her allergies that treatment cleared up, that the reg. vet missed. I’m going to give them a year .383.40$ for the plan. I spent 280.00 just on shots at the vet!
It took 6 visits for me to actually meet the Vet. My Breeder gave the first course of shots and had my pure breed Collie flown to me from MN, where she has multiple small businesses and is highly educated. All the staff act like mean girls coated in powdered sugar.
When asked a direct question that would take knowledge they get upset and show their teeth like when I asked about the mortality rate of Parvo in CA. They made sure I could not get her into school without that last booster shot that was completly unessasary and has turned my 6 month Collie into a freaked out little girl.
They don’t listen and are obviously scripted. Why the Vet dosn’t anounce herself is because she is not there.
When I asked which one of the two were my Vet I got a sholder nod as if she was down the halll or the one that just left the room.
They often plant you in what looks like a wellfair interview office and take you pet and are back too soon.
We argued about her eyes ever being tested as thee was not enough time for this to ever to have happened.
Finally seeing the Vet the day after Christmas, I felt sorry for her that she would allow herself to be drawn into this Kaiser model that kills and distroys lifes more than they help. They are pushing vaccines that don’t have permenant approval yet, so what else has been given to my dog that is experimental?
Parvo and Deer Tick vaccines are not mandatory and are both treatable with an extreamly high ratio for the little that actually catch Parvo.
Someone is making a lot of money.
Medicine has gone south,
Devon Carroll
First I can tell you my Wellness plan did not auto renew. I let it laps a month and wasn’t charged the join fee again.

Now to the vet care specifically in Louisville KY at the Westport Rd location. They are the most loving, kind, compassionate vets and techs I’ve ever encountered. I’ve have had 4 dogs there now, 2 sick with serious conditions. They worked with us tirelessly to help our dogs stay as healthy and comfortable as possible. They held our hands during toughest goodbyes when it was time.

This location at least is amazing! We adore them all!

What do you really get beyond the initial vaccines (most you don’t need)?
Look up all the vaccines and the long term side effects that shorten your pets lives.
Glad you happy with them but unless they have an accident and even then, mostly I was just offered the puppy package for the first year and penalized if I did not spay my Pure Breed Collie at 6month due to Getto Dogs causing problems.
To Rawo I can’t stand non veterinarian people talking about vaccines. Vaccines are important! You are the very reason why pets get sick!
To Rawo – what do you mean vaccines shorten their lives?. Do some research online, ask experienced pet owners, and talk with vets – vaccines help extend pets’ lives. I don’t have a pure bred, so I guess my mixed breed is a “Ghetto Dog?” If you’re spending the money on pure breds – I’m surprised you don’t take better care of them. Hope your UNvaccinated Pure Bred doesn’t give my Ghetto Dog rabies, parvo, or some other terrible disease.
About 12 years ago my older Shepard Husky mix was having trouble while we went for a walk. He would suddenly go down and with terrific effort continue our walk. I took him to my local vet in Carmel Valley CA. They explained it was probably just a stomach ache. They said I could have tests done but did not insist and only cited what the cost would be. I took him in 2 more times. Once they held him overnight and released him in the morning saying he was fine. I moved to Escondido and that weekend noticed blood dribbling out of my dog’s nose. I was directed to Banfield. As soon as the vet looked at my dog he was alarmed and pointed out that his stomach was distended. He told me to wait while he performed a test, injecting a needle into the dog – if it came out clear, he could be treated – if it came out blood, that meant the dog was bleeding internally and would need to be put down immediately. It came out blood. The vet was so compassionate. Why had the other vets been so unconcerned as my dog was in obvious pain. Why didn’t they do the test that Banfield did?? It took me 12 years to let go of the pain and adopt a 10 month old puppy through PetSmart. I joined the care program and I understand it’s based on a yearly amount spread out over the year. If anything happens to the dog, I will be liable for the total amount. However, this preventative care allows me to stay on top of my dog’s health as it grows. I have complete faith in the vets at Banfield. I had pet insurance with both my other dogs. Every time I tried to use it, it was denied saying it didn’t cover that particular cost.
How do you know he wasn’t just yanking your chain? Look at what you did. You put your Dog down or they murdered your dog. Did you get an opinion after Banfield? They got you hooked by playing on you emotions and not are over vacinating you new pet. It took a wile but they reeled you in.
Petsmart and Banfield are two different companies. Who knows what he hit with the needle, clear or blood? What kind of diagnoses is that? When I ever ask any of the staff at Banfield a pointed question they get really upset because they are vaccine pushers and or if it aint broke, kill it.
Do you have any idea of the side effects both short and long term your new friend could and may experience due to the vaccines?
You have a computer, Google all the vaccines and get out the calculator and do a ballance sheet for what is elective and what gets them their licence.
You will probably get upset when find most of the vaccines have long term effects on the liver, joints and other vital organs.
It is like taking you dog to Kaiser. They won’t tell you the Parvo and Deer Tick vaccine are completly unessasary and have almost a complete recovery rate if treated. You could put all that money in the bank and your dog would probably never get either one.
I was told my dog had worms, nope and nope. They just wanted to sell worming drugs and if their were worms they would have ended up in my shovel. I was taught from a young boy to always look at what happens to the food I eat to ensure I am ok and had Dog duty and at least paid attention.
These people are banking on “ your dog’s so cute” their powdered sugar covering up all the nasty junk thay are forcing into your pet. Kinda like the witch with the apple but they don’t wake up at the end. What is their mortality rate I wonder?
Don’t feel taken, just open you eyes and listen real hard. Once you are through the puppy shots there is nothing paid for but they will keep charging.
Rawo, you really dont have a life do you? Look at all this time you took spreading misinformation with your Google degree. Laughable.
Omg this idiot keeps commenting on everyone’s post. I can’t even. Please get an education in the veterinary field before you talk
I don’t know where you live or who gives you veterinary facts, but you really should advertise the place you live where the following is true:

“They won’t tell you the Parvo and Deer Tick vaccine are completly unessasary (sic) and have almost a complete recovery rate if treated. ”

You surely live in Shangri-La and I’m happy for you!

I go to Banfield & my keys are both 9 yrs old. I explained I believe in a more holistic approach & believe that since my dogs were vaccinated until age 5,they have enough of the vaccine to last past their life expectancy. The vet was completely respectful of my opinion on unnecessary chemicals & did not push vaccines, not even rabies. The vet I saw at Banfield was caring & the entire staff is very pleasant. The office is clean & the dropped off dogs are not hidden in the back, but visible when you walk in. I’m very impressed with Banfield. My dogs heartworm/flea/tick preventatives are also very reasonable. Raka, my Pomeranian needs xrays to confirm whether he has a collapsing trachea. The office visit & xrays would be around $250,under the wellness essentials plan the one time sign up fee will only about $105,including his preventative meds. That will include three xrays, an ekg, complete blood work up, urinalysis, dental cleaning & an eye pressure test. For $60 a month, plus a 20% discount on any meds or services. The only thing I was not pleased with is he was not knowledgeable about the benefits of feeding raw. He recommended I stay with Taste of the Wild, which had been linked to enlarged hearts & deaths. Now I’ve switched anyway because he is a medical Dr, not a discussion specialist in nutrition, but other than that, I’ve always felt my pets got the royal treatment. They even trimmed their nails for free!
If you have children, do they not get vaccinated???
Jennifer Givens
So sorry for your painful loss. It took me two years after losing my first Pomeranian before I got another dog & he wasn’t plannned, but sorta fell into my lap (& he’s been a lap dog for 9 years now). I still wanted a Pom, but instead of buying fun a breeder, again one just feel in my lap and I adopted my foster 7 mth old Pomeranian (same age as Jordy the Chihuahua/Manchester Terrier mix, who’d been deemed unadoptable due to the biting & he still tries to bite anyone who comes to close to me, but never me. I still miss my Abby & she wasn’t replaced, they are completely different personalities. When they go, I’m not sure if I’ll even have the strength to get another dog & risk the loss & heartbreak again.
I have been with Banfield in North Hills in PA for the past 20 years and had the great honor of having the same vet for all this time. He passed away a few months ago from cancer in the prime of his life and it broke and still does, break my heart. He was the most amazing, caring animal lover you can imagine. I’ve put down 2 Westies with him by my side and prior to his passing, he also took care of my 8 yr. olds. I now have a puppy, along with my PJ and Reilly, and will continue to go to Banfield hoping the vets who worked under his guidance are half the people he was. I was so totally distraught when I put my 18 yr-old Rex down 5 years ago, I could not even see to swipe my mac card at the counter. He must have been watching me through the cameras in the exam room and came busting out, took the card from my hand and took over for me. I will never forget you Dr. Mark Tartar and if there is a “doggie” heaven, I know you are there being as loved and respected as you should be! Taking care of my “boys” and now precious little girl Sadie Mae will always be my first priority. Banfield gives 1st class service to 1st class pet owners. With that being said, I have no complaints (other than losing my buddy, Dr. Tartar)!
In Banfield the Vet plays the good cop wile the corperation plays bad cop. I don’t doubt anything you have said about the Dr. but he was not blind and knew the practices and proceedures that run the front office and in Sacramento you never even see the Vet unless you demand it.
You can’t walk in the gutter without getting some on you.
I don’t know how they do things in PA but in SAC they park the owner in one room and your pet is gone just long enough for the intake assistant to do some imput on the computer.
Yeasterday I saw how rough they really get when I demanded to stay with my pet.
You just can’t separate the General from the Army and 18 years is a long time.
I think you got really lucky and now need to be careful.
The Corperation is bottom line driven and no one in the office I go to is over 30yrs without morals or concience.
My particular vet at banfield is amazing and her care was excellent. But this plan is making me continue the wellness plan even though my dog passed away. He’s gone and I have to keep paying for this wellness plan! Just plain wrong and very upsetting. Customer service was uncaring and forceful; refusing to at least downgrade the plan since we didn’t use the upgraded services and cannot possibly ever do so!
Tracey Lott Heitzman
Don’t sign up for their wellness plan… they overcharge for services so, even if your pet dies after 2 visits, you are responsible for the full amount of the plan as they charge you for the individual visits- which are easily 3xs what a normal vet office charges. Wasn’t happy with either visit I had with my cat as they wanted me to pay for a bunch of unnecessary tests. I took him back to my regular vet and after she felt his abdomen and took 1 xray of the area she had examined, he was diagnosed with cancer. He had a big tumor in his stomach and Banfield wanted to do a bunch of tests that were above and beyond their wellness plan.
Kokeitha Boone
My pet Hercules died at 5 years old of cancer 12/19/18. He had been going to Banfield since he was 6 months old. All of his physicals always came out fine. When he started vomitting and having diarrhea,he was in the late stages. It had spread to other organs.I do not know how this was missed. He also had a knot in his belly.Needless to say, we have to pay out the contract.I agree that they are sorry plans and the necessary care was not given to Hercules.Please take your pets somewhere else!!!
I’M so sorry for your loss your review is what I needed to make up my mind on banfield
Thank you for sharing it with us as hopefully it will help other people as well again having experienced that lost myself 3 years ago not due to cancer but my dog had a collapsible trachea that lead to congestive heart failure and with an allergy to lasix it was terminal as her kidneys failed. it took me a year and a half and now I have my rescue and recently moved your review really helped me determine more than any others because I care about the cost and it’s awful that they continue to charge you but the actual medical ask back are my major concern again I’m so sorry for your loss
Melissa Lewis
They call it a wellness plan. When i triwd to cancel it i was informed that is payment plan for services provided through out the year and to cancel it would cost $800 to cancel for both my pets. This is after a $700 bill for an emergency vist at another facility. Banfield is a very deceptive uncaring group that as much as iIwant to I cant walk away from.
Rick S.
We were new to the Johns Creek GA area and selected Banfield as our new vet. We were also convinced to sign up for the Wellness Plan. We’ve had to change to a new vet because of the poor care our aging dog received at Banfield. They seemed to miss obvious issues (ear infections and arthritis) yet routinely found the need to suggest other expensive tests. We tried to cancel the Wellness Plan after making the vet change and were told it is a non-cancellable, 12-month agreement, which will cost about $500 over the course of the year. I would NEVER recommend their Wellness Plan as it was worthless- even while we were using them for vet care.
Sandra Usry
I am very displeased with Banfield. I feel they try to sell services that are unnecessary. I am $700 poorer because of their scaring tactics. I was made to think my dog might die if I did not get an ultrasound. Ultrasound technician even felt the ultrasound was suspicious. He did not think the liver enzymes warranted an ultrasound in my 13-year-old dog but I had it anyway because Banfield said he could have a mass in his liver which I feel was a scare tactic. I was called by the vet prior to a dental cleaning to say they could not clean Tucker’s teeth because of his liver enzymes and they needed to send his blood out and that would cost. The test came back showing normal liver function but still a slighter higher liver enzyme count. We needed an ultrasound to be sure what was the matter. Had the ultrasound and now it is fine to clean his teeth with his higher liver enzyme count. Weird isn’t it? They know how much we love our pets and they play on that emotion. I am just disgusted with the whole damn thing and to boot, I could not afford to spend that amount of money. They should refund my ultrasound fee but I know they won’t. Be Wary of Banfield.
We purchased the middle wellness plan for two dogs who needed dental cleanings and have been very happy with multiple Banfields in the Mpls/St Paul area. Compared to what we were paying at our previous neighborhood vet, there is no comparison especially since Banfield doesn’t charge for office visits. One of our dogs is special needs and I found the vet went the extra mile to try to figure out how to treat her – she checked with a round-table vet group she belongs to and also posted video of the dog and how she moves/shakes her head. I haven’t found them trying to upsell me on add’l services or products, but, in any case you can say “NO” people. I think they handle alot more pets so the vets see more and are able to tailor their services better. I also think the vets think outside the box more than the neighborhood vet who just handles very routine visits.
If you want a vet who isn’t being paid to be a salesperson for “prescription” food that doesn’t actually work, this isn’t the vet clinic for you. If you want a clinic that cares about your pet more than their bottom line, don’t go to Banfield. If you want a vet clinic that isn’t constantly trying to sell you things and services you and your pet do NOT NEED, go to Banfield. Don’t get me wrong I’m in no way trying to blame the staff as individuals, but the company they work at is so commercial that all employees are taught to push their prescription food as the only thing that can help your pet, when in reality its widely known that their food contains subpar ingredients and is NOT nearly as good for your pet as many many other brands of pet food are. Their company uses the fact that your pet is sick and needs help as a way of selling their products to you. They know you’d do anything for you pet, and that you’ll pay just about any amount of money for foods/prescriptions/healthcare if a vet says it might make your loved one healthy again.

I actually purchased my pet a wellness plan over 6 months when he first started having some issues with his belly/digestion. Many visits later, my pet has gotten no better. He’s gone in with the same digestive/stomach issue multiple times, and every time they have given me no answers and no way to help him. The only solution they offer me is to buy him their (extremely expensive) prescription food, which only made him worse. I’m essentially paying a monthly vet bill so that my vet can try to sell me a product that’s extremely overpriced and doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, if the food helped I would spend whatever it takes to get him better, but the food made him worse and when I told them that, they just offered to sell me a different kind of prescription food. Despite the fact that I know it won’t make him any better, I’m still going to waste more of my money on the prescription food they recommended the second time (after I told them the first one made him worse) and see what happens. If it helps him in ANY way I’ll update the review promptly, but the chances of that happening seem extremely low.

When I took him to get his shots updated, which is covered by his wellness plan they told me they would have to put him under to give him his shots because he seemed distressed. Funny that a purring cat sitting in my lap cuddling me seemed “too distressed” to get his shots updated without putting him under sedation. No vet has ever needed to put my cat under to give him shots. The ONLY reason I can come up with for why they would need to put him under to update his shots, is so they can charge me for an extra service that isn’t covered by his wellness plan. The exact same thing happened when he needed to be dewormed. I called their clinic and they claimed they weren’t allowed to give him a dewormer without doing a fecal exam (which costs extra because his wellness plan doesn’t cover it.) Yet somehow, not a month after I had him treated for worms at a better vet, I was at yet another appointment trying to get his stomach feeling better, and the Banfield vet offered me a dewormer and said it’s a “standard” preventative care measure and does NOT require a fecal exam. So I feel pretty safe assuming that when he actually had worms and needed the treatment they thought they could force my hand into buying a fecal exam, but when he doesn’t actually have worms and is in for a standard visit, its suddenly normal preventative care and it’s no longer their policy that I need to pay for a fecal exam before he’s given a dewormer.

Please, don’t make my mistake! Don’t waste your time or your money on their wellness plan. Don’t stress your pet out taking them to unnecessary vet appointments where they won’t actually treat your pet or help them get better. Take your loved one to a vet that isn’t being paid by a corporation to care more about money than animals.

Sandy Usry
I feel the same way. Had a bad experience.
Michelle Black
Do not buy a Banfield wellness plan for your pet. My dog Milo passed away unexpectedly after about 3 months of the plan, and they charged me for the remainder of the year. Although I called to stop the charges, they refused to cancel my plan. Banfield has no heart.
BANFIELD WELLNESS PLAN ARE A SCAM!!!! Somehow I ended up paying $150 per month for 3 dogs… that’s about $600 a year per dog! When I called to cancel the plans for my 3 dogs (after 2 years of being a loyal customer) due to unsatisfactory services at Banfield Pet Hospital, they told me that I owed over $200 per year PER 2 DOGS additional just to cancel! They said I had to pay the difference between their services and what I paid. I said that’s fine. Then my 3rd dog had no services yet, so I thought what I had already paid would be subtracted….but no, of course not! So you have to pay them the difference for random prices that they make up, BUT WHAT YOU PAY FOR NO SERVICES WILL NEVER GET REFUNDED TO YOU!!!!


Pretty sure i read that they require a year contract. Cant break a contract. And I wouldn’t blame banfield for you agreeing to pay “random prices.” Thats allowing them to take advantage of you, like many businesses will do it you let them.
Sandra Usry
I think they need to be reported to the Better Business Bureau.
Tracey Lott Heitzman
You shouldn’t have to continue paying for services for a deceased pet either! That’s ridiculous.
Al Reindel
So let me get this strait. You can pay $300,or what ever your plan costs, up front for a year, none refundable. Or you can pay $25 a month for a year. If your dog dies after six months, or you want to cancel the plan, no refund from the $300, or you have to keep paying the $25 a month for another six months.Not that hard to understand for me.Yes I read the thing, understood that going in. Don’t blame Banfield if you can’t figure that out.
Kay Jay
You only pay for the services that you have used on the plan. So no, you can’t use services that would tally up to $600 for one or two visits if you were not on a plan, on the plan you only pay $35 a couple of months for those same services that equaled $600 and expect to not pay at all. Like blood work comes on a plan. Out-of-pocket you would pay $250 for blood work. So if you’ve used the blood work and other services and decide to cancel before the 12 months is up, you will pay for the services you have used not discounted because you cancelled the plan.

Stop getting pets you can’t afford to pay for! I’ve had insurance too, same thing. There are certain stipulations on everything.

Don’t sign up on a plan if you don’t expect a pet to die either. They can’t help it if your pet dies and you’ve used most or all of the services on your plan and then don’t want to pay. It’s like you go to a restaurant and eat the steak, but then say to the waiter I really didn’t like the steak so I don’t want to pay for it. Again, STOP GETTING PETS IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD THEM!!!

Michael Prescia
I used Banfield and they had a good, stable Vet for over a year that I liked. My dog was health and got his shots. It is my illusion that they use some odd shots AND MASSIVELY overdose. My dog has a LUMP on his ass and they insist its not from their shots, BUT IT IS. Suing a vet for s*** like this is not financially worth it, but, they also ignored, gave no advice or recommendations, gave no diagnosis, did nothing, AFTER the 1st vet left. They rotated vets everytime I went there. So, my dog started to show signs of limping. That first vet examined and found nothing. There was something, albeit acute or long term, that turned out to be long term, to say the least. So, my complaint is really more about this moment. I returned for shots, mentioned his hip, left leg, how he would lean on it when peeing anymore and his nails began to show wear due to toe drag. They DID AND SAID NOTHING. They didn’t know. They said take TDC-1. I returned for extra visits, saying help. Not a word. Then some horrible vet rotated in and acted EXTREMELY ODD. She wouldn’t leave me alone about how he might die. She explained how he has a possible Neurological issue that could be “Cancer, A tumor, Stroke, Doggie Lou Gherigs” This vet named every possible negative outcome. I am in healthcare and KNOW she was up to something unethical. It is SO obvious to someone like me and you know too if you are in Vet or Healthcare. The waiting room was full, she stood there, took my dog BACK in again saying they may have messed up his blood test ?? VERY odd. But I left her in the waiting room, then recommending I should go get an MRI at their partner facility. THEY LITERALLY WAITED until they could find a way to charge me for something then did the referral. SICKENING. They let my dog suffer. LIED, Negligence. FAKE shots. Something is up at Banfield, but that is just my illusion. So, I took him and the cost is $4500K just for an MRI. Cost me about $140 for a visit with Neurologist at L.I. VET RIP PEOPLE OFF ians. and she gave me the eyes and heart read between the lines of it is not worth this for your dog, who is over life expectancy. SHE DID NOT SAY THAT though. She LITERALLY said, QUOTE, “I know EXACTLY what is wrong with your dog but, you have to get an MRI first.” She said they need to get an MRI before she can discuss whats wrong. I get it in some ways. They need to make money to stay in biz-they need to KNOW before treating, etc. But I asked about possible outcome based on findings. Long and short: Either operation or water therapy and s***. Neither would be for me and my dog. Now, an MRI can kill an old dog due to overnight and need to put them to sleep. Then an operation, in my opinion for an older dog like mine at what was 13 Plus, is just STUPID. There are agenda’s my friends. BE AWARE if you patronize this s***hole.
Thank you for your comment. I was told that my cat may have cancer too. In addition, I notice that my can may have neurological problems too. I believe that my cat is not getting the prevention treatment from Banfield. I am canceling my wellness plan. My cat looks like he is dying. I am going to take him to another vet for a second opinion.
After more than 9 years of having Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plan for my beloved golden, I would urge pet owners to not enroll in a Wellness Plan. For the reasons stated in other reviews, the cancellation can be challenging in addition to the cost of early cancellation. We cancelled our wellness plan at renewal time because I felt she was being “over-vaccinated” with current vet journals showing a lesser vaccination schedule than Banfield follows and the cost felt like it was escalating. We started at around $17/month when she was a puppy and ended this year at over $43/month. We did add the dental cleaning over the last few years, but that still felt excessive (over $300 increase yearly). What really has me upset is when calling to get my pet’s records transferred to her new vet clinic, I was told that she was listed as “impending death” and that her records were closed and not able to be transferred. This was done by someone at corporate per the office manager when we cancelled our plan. What’s the kicker is the office manager told me she gave our new vet clinic my pet’s current vaccination record when she really didn’t. Poor customer service overall.
Denise Sullivan
Banfield rips off their customers. Two months ago, I took my cats for a physical. At this visit, they were given rabies vaccines and a clear bill of health. Now, I need to place them for 2 days at the Petsmart Pet Hotel in the same location as Banfield and because the doctor that saw them (of which I did not choose) is on vacation, I need to bring them in and pay $170.00 just so that another doctor can give them a clean bill of health. It is much better to go to a private veterinarian than waste your time or money on this rip off institution. By the way, the location I am referring to is in NYC on East 117th Street.
I feel like a lot of people don’t actually understand what the plan is, which is odd to me because after my vet thoroughly explained everything to me and enrolled my two dogs on the active plan I have a decent understanding. Maybe some people just don’t know how to explain it right and aren’t thorough. They don’t receive anything from “tricking” People into a plan. They take the whole sum of what you would pay a year for what you get done, I know mine was a dental, all vaccinations, bloodwork and a few other things, and divide that onto monthly payments. So last time I had bloodwork done, if I were to cancel today I wouldn’t just get to get away with getting that done for my monthly payment, you have to pay for the difference. Makes sense, or you could cancel at any time and essentially get everything you had done for free or very little money. I started going to banfeild because it was cheaper than anything local. Their office visit fee was way less than the small town vet I went to. Yes I still pay for meds and tests if my dogs get sick, but my meds are discounted and I don’t pay for the office visit. I like that I can give my dogs what they need to be healthy and regularly checked on just like people are, instead of just taking them in when they are sick and doing the bare minimum.
I have used this plan for two dogs and now for two puppies. This plan has saved me a ton of money that I would have had to pay out other wise especially for dental this is a great deal. Even after my dog died I had to finish off paying for the plan only makes sense to me since we had spent more than the what the plan paid out. Don’t be greedy they give a great wellness plan not insurance plan. I have a great vet if you don’t feel comfortable with your wet than change them. I have been more than happy with this plan.
Rich Matyskiel
Just a couple comments regarding the Banfield Wellness Plan. First although the care given is mostly positive, you will find that it depends on the vet working on any particular day. On occasion we met with a vet who we found totally unacceptable, while on other visits the vet was fantastic.

Second if your pet should die, before your contract date is up, you are basically out of luck, and must continue paying the monthly fee for you deceased pet.

Nice and compassionate! Gotta love this business plan.

The staff at front desk at Jackson,MS location is very rude and unprofessional. Got a call for appointment scheduled and the person mentioned that the appointment was scheduled for today instead of tomorrow.
I was surprised but quickly changed my plans and took the pet there. They refused to accept the pet and did not accept the mistake they made in scheduling. I was delayed by more than hour at work and had to drive extra 45 miles just because of this miscommunication. The least they could do is keep the pet (who is on their Early Care Plus plan) for few hours so that I could report for work and pick during lunch.
Very unsatisfied.
When I tried to cancel the plan, after half an hour wait on phone, they told me I owe them more than I would have paid in installments anyway (what a scam). They tell you that there are no commitments and you can cancel any time.
Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.
Monetary Loss: $380.
Preferred solution: Full refund.
I didn’t like: Wellness plans, Staff, Customer service.
It clearly states in the paperwork when you first sign up that you are signing a CONTRACT for one year. No you can’t just cancel whenever you want, it’s been like that for a very long time. Please read before you sign anything next time.That is solely your responsibility. Good luck with your pet.
Atually, I notified banfield that I would not be renewing my plans and I continued to make the monthly payments for six months until the expiration date. Then they continued to deduct the monthly fee from my account. They told me even if I completed the entire plan year, I would still have to pay the difference between the “services” I used and the amount I payed over the entire 12 months. So it is not really insurance, just a deferred payment plan with a balloon payment at the end. May be a good plan if you like it, you just can never cancel it without paying a substantial fee. Find a good vet who is always there for your pet and just pay as you go.
I do not recommend this plan for your pet. It’s a complete rip off! I was inquiring about cancelation the plan because of my relation to Park City, Utah where their no Banfield facilities. I spoke to a representative in regards of canceling the plan, but was informed if I cancel my plan today I owe them $350.00 because of the yearly check-up visit my pet recently had three days ago. That I will need to maintain the plan until the end of the year so that I won’t receive any charges. I paid in this whole year you haven’t used! She said when your plan renews if you didn’t use the money paid in on the year before it goes away. Goes away? Wth does it go to???? It’s complete bull crap is what it is. They are ripping off tons of people who work hard for a living. Well to their surprise it won’t be there because I have no money in my account when they go to try to collect. I don’t have a job. They should’ve listened.
Patrick Carlson
Absolutely criminal. These plans are a joke. Do not buy one of their plans. Absolute waste of money. I paid it off just to get out of it.
Juanita Gable
DO NOT ENROLL IN THE PLAN! They list all of the services that they provide and say that you’ll save money but that’s only compared to their own jacked up pricing. I looked into other vets in my area and their prices were substantially less for the same services. Furthermore, you have to “opt in” to receive notifications about when you are eligible for services and I couldn’t find that “opt in” through the website when I started looking for what services were available to me since I started questioning what it was that I was paying for. And if you try to cancel, they’ll charge you an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money for services you have received if you’ve been unfortunate enough to take advantage of any of them. RIP OFF! Don’t do it!
Eric A.
I have never had a problem canceling. After all my services were completed once, I canceled, and I didn’t have a problem disenrolling. Getting the right doctor does make a difference in the Banfield experience. I will say that I live in a very populated area, so they are ALWAYS busy. Lake Ridge, Virginia. Making an appointment had to be done a couple of weeks in advance. I don’t even know if walk-ins exist at my location. Overall, it’s better than going to your local Vet where they can be rude and have unorthodox practices. Would not have it any other way.
Robin Webster
Reading all of the reviews makes me wonder why anyone signs up for this. My daughter just had to have her 14 1/2 yr old lab put down. She contacted Banfield to stop the insurance and they have pro-rated an amount that she still owes . This is over and above the cost of euthanizing the dog. When you have paid as much as she has over the years I am speechless that she would have to pay anything at this point. The reviews would probably be better if Banfield would be fair to their customers and take into account how much they are getting from people. BAN BANFIELD!
First of all I am very sorry for your loss. Also reading this makes me realize how little you understood when you first signed up your pet, Nowhere does it state that the plans are “Insurance” They are called Optimum Wellness Plans for a reason. You have to pay for services rendered to your pet while he/she was alive, These plans helped YOU spread payments over a year instead of having to pay for it all upfront(this is why you still owed money from past services along with euthanasia which is not included in the plans). Your pet used the services, you can’t just expect to get things for free because your pet passed away. Unfortunately our pets can not be with us forever,but you as a responsible owner decided to provide the best care for your pet financially and keeping up with good health whether it is for humans or pets is expensive.Medicine is expensive. Banfield is fair to customers that’s why they provide monthly payment options. You probably did not have a problem when vaccines,bloodwork,tests,physical exams, professional advice office visits, were not charged to you all in one visit, this is how your typical Veterinarian office works ranging from 300-500 dollars just for one visit. If you complain about expenses of taking care of an animals health you should not have one.
Sam, are you just a troll? Have you read the full contract, front to back and back to front? To cancel services you give them a phone call and you have two options 1) pay for remaining years contract or 2) pay regular prices for services rendered. And for the record, most insurances these days are called plans.
Bennie Banfield
This is exactly why you should not have these plans!! As you can see Banfield representatives only care about the money and it shows in the replies form their representatives!! I have the plan and my dad is an attorney. He said it sounds like someone should look into starting a class action law suit against them. It is their duty to make sure that consumers understand the plans that they are selling and it sounds to him like they are admitting that they know people are not being educated enough about the plans when they sign up and that its a problem and negligent on their part. Sam’s uncaring replies is exactly why I will not be renewing my plan. Banfield is in fact more expensive that the local vets in my area for services and also more expensive for medications as well. Most of the medications can be obtained online now for far less as well.
I agrea and to top it all off my office has planted me in one room and taken my puppy into one I can not see and returned her with side effects as she allready had her initial shots from the breeder and was double vaccined. Parvo was pushed like you would not believe along with deer tick? Who are they trying to kid. When I asked how many cases of fatal Parvo are there they got mad and tried to tell me that could live in the dirt on my property for 10 years.
They need some serious honestly training if not just how to Google? Even pushing Deer Tick vaccine is odd when it is totally treatable and so very few get it in my area.
Their answer to the parvo was Lots and Lots, which told me she didn’t know anything.
I looked it up and only 15 % of pups are effected and most live through treatment.
You can not find a database for how many cases there are as it is being hidden but I watched as a mid sized town represenative had a mic and camera shoved in his face and was nervous when stating there were three whole cases “oh my god” in this town alone.
Ya, how many kids fell out of trees?
They are vaccine pushers like Kaiser and use the Kaiser model and use vaccines that are not permently approved for long term use yet. THEY ARE NOT CLEARED AND THEY GAVE IT TO MY DOG! If a class action gets together I would like to throw my hat in. The Vet was great but it took 5 or more visits to meet her and have an adult discussion. Their techs pose as Vets.
Me and my Dog do not get separated anymore.
Thank you for stepping up.
Can you try with me to find out how many dogs die of parvo in the us?
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
HI Richard, I know this isn’t what you asked for, but we have an article about Parvo that you may be interested in reading. I’m sorry you’ve been unhappy with Banfield and hope your dog is doing well!
I’ve never written an online review, but these guys should be looked at by law makers. Ditto on nearly everyone’s experience in this thread. In my case, I was lied to about what the plan provides. Say one thing, but fine print says another. It’s more expensive to cancel than keep it. I feel like such a sucker. Not giving Banfield or PetSmart my money anymore.
Hope you contract is up. They have been passing off tech’s as Vets with me for the first 5 visits and I have had enough. Me and my Pup do not get separated. They tried to even argue that I was late and they were running behind. I told them so what is new. They have had me quartine a Collie from 10 weeks through 30 weeks and it is driving her crazy. Demanding and tatletailing to a school regaurding a parvo booster that is so elective and once she got it she acted so weird.
She came to me pre-vaccinated but they would not take my breeders licence and comments and did it all over again, leaving her chewing herself until we got her a shot. They told me she had worms, not. I pick up after her every day and nothing iregular ever has been in her droppings.
They lie to give more meds.
I enjoy the service given at Banfield Vet Clinics but they always seem to find SOMETHING to bill for that isn’t covered by insurance so I rarely walk away without spending around $100 even for just a well checkup. My biggest gripe is the people in charge of the wellness plan refuse to let me cancel the plan. I don’t find it worth the $ anymore and have tried multiple times to cancel it. I know it has to be cancelled before it auto-renews. Last year I called on the renewal date and they wouldn’t let me cancel because it was set to renew that day and they told me it was too late. Fast forward a year…I called twice the month before it was supposed to renew and told them to cancel. Knowing I did this in plenty of time and more than once, I expected it to cancel. It did not. I cancelled my cc and now am getting letters demanding payment. RIDICULOUS!!! I urge everyone to think twice before getting sucked into their wellness plans. I see a real nightmare on the horizon but haven’t felt like calling and yelling at them….yet.
Crystal Plemons
Wow! Some of you have some big problems with Banfield and the Wellness Plans. I’m sorry you have those issues, but I can say that I have had a total opposite experience! I have been two different Banfield clinics in my area and I have been nothing but pleased with the level of care my dogs have received. I’ve been with Banfield and had a Wellness Plan for over 17 years and this covered 3 dogs. One dog I adopted at 8 weeks old and she was on a Banfield plan for all 14 years of her life. Her vet was amazing and saw us from puppyhood to saying goodbye. Her wellness plan saved me a small fortune over the years. I also adopted a 14 year old dog in very rough condition. Banfield checked her out and their recommendations for improving her health were the exact same thing the vet for the rescue organization recommended in his vetting. They took great care of her for her final 3 years and her plan again saved me a small fortune. My current do has been seen by Banfield since hew as 10 weeks old and over the last 3 and a half years, he’s received nothing by great care. I’ve NEVER once been upselled or pressured into anything. When my senior dogs passed away, I did continue paying out their monthly fee for the wellness plan until the plan ended, but I had no problem doing that, because I was under contract and because I had used the plan on both of them multiple times that year and had saved a fortune. I had no problem continuing to pay the amount I agreed to pay in order to save money on all of my other visits. If you choose to cancel the plan and not fulfill your contract, then you are required to pay a fee. They are very upfront about that and will explain to you why that is the case if you speak to them. I hate seeing Banfield trashed all of the time, because there are some really good vets out there working at Banfield. I know, because my dog goes to them.
Yes and no. I had it with my last dog, and it was totally worth it for teeth cleaning and anal gland expressions. My dog had her teeth cleaned once a year and it only cost me a fraction of what it would have at a local vet.
I just adopted 2 puppy mill rescues. One needs her teeth cleaned and 1 extraction. A local vet just gave me a quote for the cleaning and extraction. It is over $600.00!!! The same vet charged me $48.00 for anal gland expression.
When I had the Banfield Wellness plan for my other dog, it only cost me $27.00 for the anal glands, and about $150.00 for the teeth cleaning.

The major problem I had with Banfield was there inability to hold on to Vets. My local Banfield location, closed 3-8 days at a time last year simply because they did not have a full time vet working there! They must not treat the Vets very well. It’s pretty awful when you have to wait 3-4 weeks for an appointment because they don’t have doctors…
Some thing is wrong there.

I need to keep searching for a place that doesn’t charge so much money. I’m retired too, and every penny counts.

May God bless us all!

My Westie is 14 in March and we’ve had such a good relationship with our vet UNTILL EVIL BANFIELD came on board with their “insurance” but don’t call it that !! We are on social security and the vet used to break up my appts so I could pay for services. Not the last time in May 2017. I am on Xanax & Adderall and am 65. The rep and the nurse were so pressuring about the wellness plan I was overwhelmed. After signing what I thought was for vet service and paying 217.00 that I did not have I FORGOT about stupid Banfield. No calls, no mail asking me whats the prob. (I had changed banks a month after the appt) so they could not debit account. Needless to say when they did contact me my bill is over 400. !!!! I am not returning to my vet, it saddens me that big companies take over small neighborhood businesses and the clients are the ones left holding the bag.
I no longer have my puppy for reasons that couldn’t be helped ( he was born very sick) and in two weeks and one wellness check up and one shot i am having to pay over $300 to cancelled. Please Please be careful with this company.
Holly andrews
Do NOT do this !!!!! If you try to cancel because your daughter needs a wheelchair they say you owe the $400 for one visit!!!!! Plus you still have to pay something when you take them in! Biggest con EVER!!!!!!!
Maris Mitchell
Beware. Auto renew commits you to another complete year of payments. You’re brought in on a comprehensive exam and charged for a physical exam. They upscale services mot covered by your discount plan. I’ve never left paying less than 75. Bucks and still pay almost 360. A year. Where’s the savings. Save your money in case of an actual emergency. You can purchase your vaccinations from your dog groomer for 20 dollars and at least there’s a relationship there.
They say theyre not insurance but to me is a lot like auto or gome insurance. You pay the premiums and still have to pay for your service. Geez
Do not join this because it is a total scam…they bring you in once a month to milk you out of money and if your pet dies you still owe them! Check out Embrace for real pet insurance….it works and they are Johnny on the spot when it comes to paying out!
I had the same experience of Sandy below. I called to cancel my contract and they said then I owed $250 for PAST services. Not worth it. My last experience at the vet there was terrible. I requested my dog’s blood be drawn in the room. The vet tech said that my dog would become aggressive around me and we couldn’t do that. So what ended up happening is they worked my dog up into a panic attack and had to come back into the room to do a very difficult veni-puncture with me as he was all worked up. It didn’t have to happen like that if the tech had simply listened to me in the first place. Obviously they don’t hire the best staff.
Do not sign up for the Plan. It is a complete rip off. I had to leave my job due to my husbands relocation, and tried to cancel my plan. They told me I owed them $350 + because my plan had just renewed and it was for services owed on my cat. I said what about the over $400 I paid in this whole year you haven’t used! She said when your plan renews if you didn’t use the money paid in on the year before it goes away. Goes away? Wth does it go to???? It’s complete bull crap is what it is. They are ripping off tons of people who work hard for a living. Well to their surprise it won’t be there because I have no money in my account when they go to try to collect. I don’t have a job. They should’ve listened.
that is true, my Yorkshire puppy had an accident and broke his leg, I called my local banfield hospital and since I didn’t have $ to pay at the time, they told me they couldn’t help my puppy, he was in so much pain, I tried to check local vet hospitals but they all denied the services unless I paid at the time. I also called another place and they told me that the only way to treat my puppy was if I surrender him…. but first they asked me what kind of breed was my puppy before they told me I had to surrender him… I broke my heart but He needed to be treat.. every since I’ve been so sad….. Banfield is a rip off…. ah I couldn’t canceled my plan since my puppy got neutered just 3 weeks before the accident….
They’re very upfront about the fact that it doesn’t cover accidents like this. I’m sorry about your dog but just because you didn’t read the contract you signed doesn’t make them a terrible company…You should’ve maybe opted into actual pet insurance because wellness plans don’t cover accidents. They also are very clear that is is a CONTRACT and if you cancel there is a fee, I don’t see how that is such a surprise. It sucks if you lose your job or something happens but you signed up for it and they still have a business to run.
DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR BELOVED PET TO BANFIELD. The vets and techs are nothing more than salespeople with huge quotas on Non-Core Vaccines and other products including their Wellness Plan. If they don’t meet or refuse their quotas they are summarily fired! The PetSmart salespeople are more knowledgeable than the Banfield Veterinarians. PetSmart PLEASE SEVER THIS PARTNERSHIP AND KICK BANFIELD OFF YOUR PROPERTY!! Beware of what you think are independently owned vet practices and hospitals as the Banfield name has become so disreputable, they or their parent company are buying up vet practices and hospitals to sell their vet products, BUT leaving the name alone. HOWEVER, same rules apply: if the vet refuses to meet what he believes is a dangerous quota, not in the best interest of the health of the animals he treats, he gets fired. STAY AWAY FROM BANFIELD!!
Anonymous…thank you for your statement. You said exactly what I’m feeling. Banfield is a ripoff. They should be investigated and shut down until they git it together.
This is a big company scam!!! We singed up in April and our cat passed away after 1 month. We have visited Banfield only once and when I wanted to cancel the plan they said that we have already used $496.66 and that needs to be paid.
I may be the only one who chimes into say it’s worth, IF…..

I have had a wellness plan for my pets for the last few years. Here’s the thing…IF you just take your pet once a year for an exam/vaccines/bloodwork (which by the way some are only needed every three years), it’s not worth it. IF you have a pet with chronic illness or a pet who gets sick from time to time, I have always found it worth it. JUST to WALK IN THE DOOR, it costs you $52.00. It always seems that at least one or two things come up each year. You have to do the math. IF you have a healthy animal who rarely gets sick then I would say the wellness plan isn’t worth it. IF you have a pet who needs to be seen a couple of times outside of their exam, it’s worth it. I have had times where my dog had diarrhea…took them in and did not pay a cent for an exam, but did walk home with medication which was actually discounted because we have a wellness plan.

It has been worth it for us…I had a pet with cancer and a pet with addisons disease. Every office visit is free…discounts on meds, their vaccines were included (if needed), and there were discounts on tests.

It’s the same for me. My Pomeranian has a collapsing trachea. It would cost me a small fortune just to diagnose this. The essential wellness plan covers his x-ray & 2 additional x-rays for $60 a month. The enrollment fee is $45 same price as the office visit otherwise I would be paying $45 for the office visit & $250 for the x-ray. Plus he will get a bunch of other essential preventative test & a dental cleaning. I’ve checked his teeth & they are in good shape so he should not need many extractions. Knowing I can just go in & not pay for the office visit is a comfort. I understand that it is a year contract. According to my calculations including calls regarding other vets prices & the cost & coverage insurance would provide, the wellness plan is definiately a good value. Most insurance does not cover preventive care, only illness & accidents so having both would be ideal, but with 2 dogs,extremely costly for me m
Don’t do it!!! After having the Optimum wellness plan for over 10 years, my dear pet passed away. When I called to cancel the plan, they told me I owed them nearly $200 to cover the expenses I used ‘over’ the plan that year. A total rip off!!!
I do not recommend Banfield. I thought I would save money and gain convenience (walk-in services, multiple locations across the country) by using the Wellness plan. What I gained was a distrust and a fear for my dogs health.

It is general policy that the wellness exam is a drop off service which means your pet sit in the “back room” in a crate until the vets have time do an exam sometime during the day. In this case, you the owner are not present to observe the exam and ask questions. You CAN schedule an exam with your pet in an exam room, but the clinic I used still took my dog to the back for shots, draw blood, etc. Apparently, the brief back-room experience qualifies for a $25 “hospitalization fee” because that is what I was charged and that is the explanation I was given by a front desk staff (after not getting an answer as to the fee when asking other staff).

I question their practices. While in the “back room”, my dog was administered three optional vaccines without my consent. The injection site swelled up like a golf ball and the vaccines caused my dog to be extremely sedated for three days. I never understood the philosophy of this practice. Since the cost of vaccines are included in the Wellness plan, Banfield did not make more money by giving the vaccines. Instead, they lost money on the cost of the vaccines all the while giving my dog vaccines I did not want given.

My dog died of unknown causes at age 9.

L Mays
Omg that happened to me. I said I wanted to be in
the room for my dogs vaccines but they took my pup
to the back and administered the shots!
Mary Baniak
Learn from our costly mistake. DO NOT take your pet to Banfield Hospital. Big rip off company!!
We purchased the $420 plan which was to include neutering and puppy shots and so much more. Each time we spent additional money. At least $50 to $94 every time he needed shots.
Well, we took our puppy in on December 26, 2016 to be neutered.
They called and said his liver enzymes were high. They suggested they run a second more comprehensive blood test which would cost $70 extra. I gave them the okay to proceed.
Again they call saying my puppy has a liver problem and they can’t operate. I said our puppy is so lively and energetic how could he have a liver problem. They said that is typical not to show signs of liver problems.
They prescribed a $98 bag of dog food, and called a lab across the street for an ultrasound and other additional test. The cost was going to be around $700.
My husband said no.
I said let’s get a second opinion. We took our puppy to Webster Animal Hospital. Sure enough there is nothing wrong with our sweet puppy. Webster neutered our puppy and our puppy is completely fine.
I asked Banfield to stop charging us $35.00 a month since they didn’t do the neutering.
They said if we cancel the agreement we will have to pay $643.00 for all the shots we did receive. Keep in mind the plan is $420.00.
We called the main office and got the same line of garbage.
What an unethical company!!! They care more about their bottom line than they do about the animals they are treating or the clients they are taking advantage of.
They should be ashamed of how the operate.
I recently signed up for the wellness plan at banfield, I sure wish I had seen these reviews before hand. I’m going through the almost exact thing you had. Took my new pup in for exam and shots and they told me his liver count was high. I I I Want to get him neutered but the blood test said his liver count was not only still high but higher then befor. Now they want me to put him on a supliment for a few months and check it again to see if it’s any better. The supplement is super expensive and he just doesn’t seem to me to be ill in any way. I’m REALY considering a second opinion also. Something just seems off. And the doc I took him to just REALY doesn’t seem lagitamatley concerned and seem a little stressed. I walked out with nothing and they had given him an extra dose while there of dewormer which he had already had when I got his shots. To me this is a red flag that maybe they aren’t the best place for my little fur baby.
Don’t do it! Banfield seems to set the pricing of the vet services – so, you are paying them a monthly fee, but appointments always go over, and so you end up paying their prices for appointment services. If you get rid of your pet or your pet dies, you keep on paying the monthly fee until you’ve met what they consider to have been the cost of the services you receive. All I can say is don’t do it! Or at least research it thoroughly.
Mayvelin Riveron
Never thought I would find myself writing a review, but I feel as if I have to help others and open their eyes. On October 18th, 2016, I took my miniature schnauzer, China, to the Pembroke Pines Banfield Pet Hospital for a routine check-up. I mentioned to the front staff that her appetite had decreased, but figured it was due to her 12 years of age. They called me a few hours later to inform me that China had an infected uterus and it had to be removed or she would eventually die. I found it suspicious that her daughter, Salty, had just been there a month before her and suffered from the same condition and had to have emergency surgery to have her uterus removed as well. I payed $1,100 for Salty’s surgery. I brought this up and they told me it was a plainly coincidental, but stressed that she was in dire need for the removal and it had to be performed immediately to save her life. China, being my baby girl, I figured I had to do what I could to save her life. Even if I was broke, even if I had my suspicions. I pulled together every last cent I could and paid another $1,100. I picked China up that evening and took her home. She seemed sedated and out of it that night but the next day was back to normal or so I thought. At around 10 pm on October 18th, China had a horrible seizure, I panicked and called Banfield, which was closed, so I called a 24 hour vet and they told me all I could do is wait and make sure she didn’t get hurt till it passed. So my family and I decided to wait till the morning to take her back to Banfield. China had four more seizures that night. I took her back to Banfield in the morning in tears, October 19th, a day I will never forget. She had another seizure in the car, almost causing me to get into an accident. I walked in with her foaming from her mouth and tears in my eyes. They took her and told me they would contact me once they evaluated her. China had never, in her 12 years, had a seizure. They called me an hour later, informing me her surgery might have caused the seizures and they needed to administer a shot, another $200 to help her. I mentioned the fact that she had never had seizures before and that I was flat broke. I had her on the “wellness” plan and if there was anything they can help me with.. if this plan covered anything at all? They passed me around to different staff and I eventually agreed to pay the fee. They then transferred me to “the front”. They thought they had put me on hold but apparently hadn’t. I then heard them being completely unprofessional and disrespectful. Talking about how they were going to get my money, called me crazy and how they had covered “their ass” about the amount they had asked for. Once back on, I explained that I had heard their entire conversation and was hurt by the fact that they had absolutely no compassion for people going through such a traumatic event and that I had been nothing but kind and respectful towards them. The staff shrugged it off, somewhat apologizing and once again took my payment. That evening, I picked up China..but it wasn’t China anymore. She was lost. They told me to take her to a 24 hour emergency vet for the night and I explained I had absolutely no money left. So they said to just monitor her. Dr. Levitz told me to please call and email her in the am to let her know how she was doing and she seemed truly concerned. I drove China home that evening, she cried the whole ride while my son held her in his lap. China died an hour later in my arms at home. She slowly stopped breathing. I was and still am devastated. I emailed and called the doctor the next morning and told her that she had passed and never got a call back or a response to my email. Today I called Banfield to cancel China’s health plan and they told me I needed to continue paying for the next twelve months, till October 2017. My baby died, why do I need to continue to pay for my pet who is not even with us. Insurance for a non existent pet. When you walk in with a sick pet and they throw books of paperwork at you, you don’t have time to read the fine print. You just sign away and beg for their help. This corperation is made up of money vampires. They don’t care about your pet, they don’t care about you or your situation they just want your money. I believe I made the wrong decision and it cost the life of my beautiful girl. Unprofessionalism, no respect, no honor or truth to this hospital. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE.
Alexus Fisher
I cried for you im so sorry this happened to you
so sorry for your loss and terrible treatment at Banfield. They are a scam company preying on those of us who love our pets. I will Never use them again and have even stopped shopping at Petsmart. Loss of revenue is the only thing they understand. Hopefully someone will file a class action suit against them for unethical practice. I’ll sign up for that in a heartbeat.
kathleen brennan
Anyone in Florida with banfield issues please contact me at working to lobby state attorney general to go after them for malpractice, deception insurance plans, etc.
Kathleen Brennan
So sorry for your loss of China, similar situation with our beloved Lucy. Please email me at as I am gathering florida resident signatures to present to State Attorney General. Thank you.
Kathleen, How is your effort going? California need this effort also!
I know it’s been a while since you posted this very horrible account. But I am so sad this happened! If it means anything, your post is the deciding factor for me to say screw you banfield! I am tossing ‘BAN’field’s paperwork- should take it back to them tomorrow and toss it in their unsmiling faces!
I also cried for your loss. I’m so sorry you had such a horrible experience. I couldn’t love my fur babies anymore had I given birth to them, so I know the pain you’re in. I lost my first Pomeranian, Abby, in 2007 & it was 2 years before I was given another dog. He was not a Pom, but a Chihuahua/Manchester Terrier mix & so cute my heart melted, but I still miss my Abby. I’ve even dreamed about her recently. Allow yourself to grieve. She can’t be replaced & other people don’t understand our dogs out individuals with their own unique quirks. Your story is so heartbreaking. My heart aches for you.
I wasn’t aware that preventative health care plans existed for pets but makes sense. I really appreciate you explaining how Banfield works and helping me decide if it’s worth it for my pup Grizzy. He’s just a puppy now so I figured if I started being proactive about his health now I can help him live a longer, better life. I’m debating if I should get Banfield in addition to regular pet insurance perhaps there are some pet insurance plans that also cover wellness. Either way, thanks Sally for the information!
Honestly, if you are thinking of getting a Wellness Plan from Banfield, you’d be better just putting the money you’d pay monthly to them away in a savings account to use when needed. The plans only cover check-ups and basic visits, which you could pay for yourself easily if you are putting $30 bucks into savings monthly.

It will mean you have to pay upfront for the cost of your puppies neuter (if you are planning on neutering that is) but the Banfield Wellness Plans are a scam. They never end up actually covering all that they say they will, and if they do cover what they said there is always something that “comes up” and isn’t covered making the visit cost you something.