Banfield Wellness Plan Review: Is It Worth It?

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Banfield hospital storefront (caption: Banfield Pet Insurance Plan Reviews)Although sometimes referred to as Banfield Pet Insurance, Banfield isn’t pet insurance — it’s a wellness membership plan. Despite this confusion, the primary question we have — is Banfield wellness care worth it? Its plans don’t cover illness or injury, only preventative care.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive insurance plan to cover accidents and illnesses in addition to preventative care, you may want to consider pet health insurance.

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How Does Banfield Wellness Plan Work?

Banfield Wellness Plans require you to visit a Banfield Pet Hospital, which are located in almost 1,000 PetSmart stores across the country. Its plans offer packages of preventive care, which include bi-annual comprehensive wellness exams that can cover vaccinations, parasite control, dental, nutrition and behavioral consultations. It requires a one-time sign-up fee and monthly payments that start at $21.95 for cats and $29.95 for dogs.

Banfield App Screenshots


2 / 5
Policy Coverage 3.0
Customer Service & Reputation 1.0
Price of Policy 2.0


  • Widely available across the U.S.
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Weekend and evening hours
  • $15 discount on membership fee for additional pets
  • Personalized plans available


  • Annual contract required
  • No illness or injury coverage
  • Contract automatically renews
  • Some Banfield reviews online complain about upselling while at appointments, so it rarely ends up being free
  • Plans are often more expensive than competitors’ wellness plans
  • Must visit a Banfield location


Banfield Wellness Plan prices start at $21.95 per month for cats and $29.95 per month for dogs and vary by location and services. It offers different plans for each type of pet: dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

 Early CareEarly Care PlusActive CareActive Care PlusSpecial Care
AnimalPuppy/Kitten Younger Than 6 MonthsPuppy/Kitten Younger Than 6 MonthsDog/Cat Older Than 6 MonthsDog/Cat Older Than 6 MonthsDog/Cat Older Than 6 Months
2 Physical ExamsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Wisdom Panel HealthPuppy OnlyPuppy Only
Diagnostic TestingCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Fecal ExamsCheckmark
(3 per year)
(3 per year)
(2 per year)
(2 per year)
(2 per year)
(5 per year puppy, 4 per year kitten)
(5 per year puppy, 4 per year kitten)
(2 per year)
(2 per year)
(2 per year)
Spay/Neuter SurgeryCheckmark
Dental CleaningCheckmarkCheckmark
Urine TestingCheckmarkCheckmark
(2 per year)
Additional Diagnostic TestingCat Only
Preventative X-Rays (3 Views)Checkmark
2 Eye Pressure TestsDogs Only
2 ElectrocardiogramsDogs Only
Unlimited Office VisitsCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmarkCheckmark
Discount On Most Other Banfield Services & Products5%10%10%15%20%

Optional add-ons include parasite control, spay/neuter, additional dental, chronic care and a Wisdom Panel DNA test.

Customer Reviews

Typically we post 2 positive and 2 negative reviews that we’ve found online when we do an individual review like this. However, our readers have been so helpful that we encourage you to take a look at our comment section for the most up-to-date customer reviews that we have.

Do You Need A Pet Wellness Plan?

We think the primary questions to ask yourself if you’re considering a wellness plan, especially one with Banfield, include:

  1. Do I have a local Pet Smart store, and is it close enough that I would go there vs my current vet’s office?
  2. Have I met the vets that work there, and do I feel comfortable with them caring for my pet?
  3. Can I budget on my own for wellness care for my pet, or would a plan like this help me prepare financially for my pet’s regular preventative needs?

Before you sign up with Banfield, here are some other pet wellness insurance options you should consider.

What Canine Preventative Measures Are Most Important?

Check out this video by Banfield that highlights what you should be doing as your puppy transitions into adulthood.

Are Banfield Wellness Plans Worth It?

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It really depends on several factors. First, some Banfield animal hospital locations are better than others — ask your neighbors/friends/coworkers and do your research online to see if your local Banfield pet hospital is up to par. After all, the kind of veterinary care your dog will receive is the most crucial factor.

Second, if your pup is healthy and young and has finished chewing everything he finds, a Banfield plan may be all you need for preventative care. If you have a new puppy who is always in trouble, your dog is older with more significant health concerns but few preexisting conditions or if your pet has chronic health problems, you may want to consider pet insurance, which covers illness and injury.

Another major factor to keep in mind? Pet emergency visits aren’t covered by Banfield plans, whereas they are with pet insurance. Pet insurance can come with a higher monthly price tag, but it could be your better option in the long run.

If you’re considering pet insurance, be sure to check out our pet insurance reviews comparison article. Many of the pet insurance companies offer wellness plans as add-on products to their health insurance. Another option would be to purchase a Banfield Wellness Plan in addition to pet insurance. This would provide coverage for both your routine pet exams as well as unexpected illnesses and accidents.

What experiences have you had with your Banfield Wellness Plan or at a Banfield Pet Hospital?

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I have had a Banfield Wellness Plan for my dog for a little over 4 years now. Today I took her in because she had been vomiting for a couple of days. After being examined by the vet and xrays taken, the vet said she couldn’t see anything on the x-rays, but recommended that a radiologist read the xrays. That would cost an extra $190 putting the total over $400. So I was convinced to increase my plan to one that would cover the xrays and bring down the cost spreading it out over 12 months. I agreed to have the radiologist read the xrays. Was called about 1/2 hr later saying that my dog had a foreign object in her stomach and would need to have surgery. Needless to say I rushed her to another hospital with the xrays, I told them that my dog was not the type to eat things that weren’t edible. Long story short, they operated and found nothing in her stomach. Cost me $5,500. I am through with Banfield. They change vets frequently and their Wellness plans are scams! Will never take my dog there again! And I’m stuck paying $59.00 monthly for an entire year!
Do not be fooled.This Banfield wellness plan does NOT protect your pet from non-routine procedures. My dear dog had cancer and bladder stone, and needed surgery, along with CT scan, MRI prior to surgery, and this insurance did not cover despite my paying $60+ a month. Please buy catastrophic pet insurance instead of this. If you work out the numbers, routine visits to Banfield per year is less than the annual premium. Do not buy this wellness plan! My dog just passed away, and I called Banfield hoping for a pro-rated refund for the annual premium. NOPE. I will still pay the rest of the year’s premium despite my pet’s passing. Where is the conscience? None. Do not Buy this wellness plan.
the Banfield plan has been working great for our puppy but we did read the contract first and read all the reviews and knew what we were getting into. Our elderly dog died a few months ago and was not on a Banfield plan/ not at a Banfield facility. He had kidney disease so every little thing he needed it was almost $70 just to walk in so if he had an ear infection it was that cost plus $20 for the antibiotics. The next week they might need to check his creatinine, $70 plus the $200 for the test. I mostly like this plan for our puppy because of being able to have unlimited office visits.
If he gets an ear infection we’ll pay $20 , not $90. When he gets neutered we don’t have to pay for him to stay there that day or anything at all. We’re paying about $719 a year and that includes all vaccines, neutering, and his heartworm medicine. He has already had two appointments that were nearly $500 in total yet I’ve still not paid my second month’s bill so if something happened to my puppy I would see absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t pay the rest of my bill. This is like Afterpay for preventative care , it is not insurance. This just helps us budget vet care more efficiently. If you can pay upfront for every appointment your dog needs then you don’t need this plan.
AVOID Banfield
Banfield continued to charge us 8 months on our pet wellness plan AFTER the pet died (She was put to sleep in a Banfield location). Greedy. Heartless. Unjustifiable.
The plan never did much good anyway. Didn’t cover her last visit, either.
Don’t bother signing up with Banfield.
Claudia Davis
The same thing happened to me. My pet was euthanized at a Banfield hospital one month into her renewed coverage. I now have to pay nine months of premiums for a dead pet.
Eric Purcell
Hi Charles, for recurring charges that you’d like to keep control over, use something like which allows you to setup virtual credit cards, and then cap the amount of money you have approved can be charged by the provider by month. You can also stop/cancel a virtual credit card at any time, which would have solved your overcharging issue on the spot 🙂 Some banks (like City) also offer virtual credit card number functionality. Very useful when you want to keep control of who can charge you what amount each month. Solves double charging, and so on. Hope this helps sir.


I think Banfield is a good option for certain people. It’s just not an insurance plan so you have to put that out of your head. First off I’ve never had a problem with staff, they’ve always been kind and very attentive, and honest with me. I don’t feel like they have up sold me on anything, and I’m someone who always thinks someone’s trying to sell me something. If budgeting money can be hard for you the wellness plan is a good way to spread out the cost, and my main thing is if something is going on with my dog I can take her to the vet without having to worry about having the money for at least an initial visit right then and there.
It is crazy to me that people do not understand the concept of getting discounted services up front, to make monthly payments over the course of the plan period. Just because your dog dies or you cancel a plan does not mean you did not get a $300 dental cleaning for free that you still have to pay for. If you were not on a plan, you would pay for surgeries up front and not have the pay later if you lose your dog. The benefit of the plan is that you can spread those costs out over a year, but you still have to pay for the services you have already used even if you dog dies.
PJ Kramer
Dr (name redacted) DVM and (name redacted) our tech were so kind to us whenever we brought our dog in to Banfield Pet in Clackamas. We were fortunate to get very good care from them. Their compassion was all that got us through her difficult journey as a rescue…we are so grateful for their living care.
Banfield does not care about their staff. As an employee, you are not allowed to have a voice. The Mars Corporation only cares for the higher ups. Employees are over worked and under paid. They trap clients into Wellness Plan payments even after a pet passes away. Though most of the staff, and doctors are fantastic, management does not appreciate their hard work and care only about numbers. You would be better off bringing your pet somewhere else where they are not viewed as dollar signs.
PJ Kramer
The Vet’s office was amazing. The corporate insurance wellness plan not so much! I agree with this Above comment. Our sweet dog died. The next day our Banfield insurance premium’s new year began. Did the insurance portion of Banfield refund our money? No!!! They did not. If we had called in tears as our dog was dying…then we would have been fine! Are you kidding me? We have had three dogs over a 20 year span with this plan. HEARTLESS! never again.
I was considering Banfield, as I have a kitten, not an older cat. But I am hoping abbigail is a client, and NOT an employee.

Abbigail, if you are an employee, I absolutely commend you for being loyal, but your tone is so aggressive, I’d avoid joining any company that is OK with such vitriolic responses on their behalf.

If a client? Totally OK! If you’re an employee? I’ll be looking at other companies. (What happens if I sign up for a wellness plan and have a problem? Im worried I’d be stonewalled/attacked, versus having someone try to help me!)

I can handle negative reviews, everything has them.

But an employee that responds with aggressive negative emotion versus a more polished logic/diplomacy?

No way.

I like Banfield’s Wellness plan. The plan cover all preventive care (shots, flea and tick meds, heart worm medication ect.) and divides the costs throughout the year so that I don’t have that one or two huge bills for annual and bi-annual visits. I never have a base fee for a visit since the visits are free. With two dogs on the plan any extra services are 20% off. Hint: You can ask for generic prescriptions if you think the medicine they offer is too expensive. When we first starting using Banfield, there was a quick turn over of vets, however in the past 4-5 years, they have seen the same two vets.
Do not use Banfield at all They scam you its a scam to spend more money not worth it.
john gallagher
*Banfield and VCA are owned by a candy company*

This whole thing is a scam. We pay over $70/month for both of our dogs, and only get seen maybe twice a year. I would bet that I’m paying a lot more in total than I need to be. The company itself sucks. When I moved from TX to PA, I went in and asked the clinic to transfer the records up. 3 times I have asked for this over 2 months and they still haven’t received the records. The doctor demands that I call in advance before picking up overpriced thyroid medication. This wasn’t the case in TX. Every single place I’ve looked sells the same medication for at LEAST $15 less, and I can purchase as many as I want instead of being limited to a certain amount. There’s a laundry list of other problems to boot.

Ask for a written prescription that you can fill at the pharmacy.
Mark Goodman
My name is Mark Goodman and my dog Cookie was a patient of Banfield Pet Hospital. I was on the wellness plan. Took my dog into the Bandield Pet Hospital for a check-up and he fell off the examination table with the Vet and the Assistant there. He landed on his side and his head snapped back and forth on the hard surface floor. He physically recovered but was traumatized. Could no longer get him into the Hospital. With that I stopped payment of the Wellness plan. I owed approx. $123.00 at that point. Now I was put in collection for the remainder of the year,over $300.I agreed to paying what I owed, spoke to
Banfield to no avail!
Our vets are at a stand-alone Banfield (not in a Petsmart). Both of our vets are amazing! They are very thorough & they listen to us….they respect the fact that I have some veterinary experience myself & that I know my dog better than anyone, and they take my opinion into consideration. They are understanding of our very limited budget, and they work with us to give our dog the best possible care at a price we can afford. Our dog is an 11 year old German Shepherd. We have been on their Special Care wellness plan for almost a year, and it has saved us SO much. She has had a full dental cleaning, bloodwork, x-rays, urine & fecal exams, heartworm test, reworking, all her vaccinations, etc…..all things we would never have been able to afford otherwise. She also gets unlimited office visits (normally $50 each) & 20% off everything not covered by the plan, which includes all her medications and flea prevention (Bravecto). The plan has saved us almost $1000 over the course of a year, at a cost of only $54 a month. But the best part for us is having two wonderful vets we can trust & count on, as well as a kind & attentive staff of technicians, assistants & receptionists who genuinely care about our pet.
Joe rodriguez
Hope you enjoy making the install payments after your pet dies. Keep up the good advice.
Pauline A McCaleb
I only made 1 payment after having to put my little guy down.
A Banfield employee
It’s the full price cost of the services used off the plan including office visits or the remaining months payments, whichever is less expensive. I will literally spend time off the clock to calculate costs for my clients having to euthanize so that when they call corporate they have an idea of which option they should be given. Of course you have to pay for services and it’s unforgettable that the client has to call after they’ve euthanized their pet but it’s the only legal option.
Wayne Li
don’t buy the Banfield Wellness Plan. when they ask you to buy it, both the nurse and the vet will tell you that you can cancel at anytime. the reality is that my dog died in a car accident, and when I call to cancel the plan, I was told I have to pay off the full plan price to cancel it. they charge you monthly, but it doesn’t mean you can walk away whenever you want. and when I ask for an invoice or statement, the representative’s answer was “We are paperless company, we don’t send invoice.” what a ridiculous company.
Mary Ann
I am so sorry for your loss. I recently lost my dog Keira. I found out tonight that i woukd have to buy out the contract to cancel the plan. It had just auto renewed right before she died. I wish I would’ve read through the contract. I woukd not recommend this to anyone. Services are so overpriced and even after spending an ungodly amount of money, my dog died without ever even knowing what made her sick. I’m still in mourning and then this crap from them is just unbelievably uncaring and beyond upseting.
Mark Miller
Sorry to hear about your losses. I am in the same boat, our dog died on Christmas Eve. The local banfield was closed on the 24th and the 25th (understandable) so we had to take our dog to an emergency hospital on the 24th just to accumulate a bill of 1.5k so they can tell us that our dog was going to die soon. Tried to get past the grieving period as best as we could only to call banfield and learn the same thing. We still owe them for the entire year even though our dog died. I was even going to upgrade our plan for our remaining dog but now I just want to square up, walk away and convince at least one person to stay away from this plan. We were members with 2 dogs for 11 years. Don’t let this happen to you. This company is despicably deplorable.
Yes, my dog had to be euthanized, right after the policy renewed. When I called to cancel, I was told that I still owed $227 for services rendered!
T jo
So sorry for your losses. I recently had a scare with my 12 yr old yorkie. He’s on the plan plus dental and I don’t know any better- I just trust the vets. He had anesthesia for dental and ALL of his shots in the same visit. I thought nothing of it as he’s never had a reaction before and has been going there all his life. The docs know him. Early next morning he started seizing and let me tell you, I was sobbing uncontrollably not knowing wth was going on. Thought he was dying. He seemed to calm after a few minutes so I thought everything was fine. Called the clinic and was told if it happens again, call back. Well it did, again I’m a a basket case at the time and took him back to our clinic. Was given anti seizure meds. Emailed corporate, told them everything, including the run back to Banfield the next day and the response I got was sorry to hear, please consult your Banfield clinic!! Um I already did! Talked to some of my longtime dog owners that raise dogs and, in their opinion, my yorkie should never had all that in one visit. I don’t know but I’m cancelling my plans and going to a less corporate style clinic. I just learned through this thread that I still have to pay out? Wow!! My dogs insurance was JUsT renewed prior to the visit days before.
Abbigail bulluck
No. If they are telling you that you can cancel at any time then that is completely wrong. You cannot. It’s a contract. I work at a banfield. And you don’t pay full price to cancel it, you pay up what months you have left. Please stop over exaggerating
I had a question and wanted to know if you are able to help me in getting a answer. My dog has the best insurance plan with Banfield we have had it for 5 years for him and yesterday he got really sick and we called Banfield and they said they couldn’t get him in but he needed to be seen and said to take him to this other place and the people there said that they will send the paperwork over to Banfield because since we have the Banfield insurance for him it will reimburse us for the labs and xrays and the fluids they have him and a medicine but the labs and xrays for sure and the other stuff was a maybe and then I tried calling Banfield and asking them if they got the paperwork yet for him and I need to bring anything else there and told her why and they said they don’t do that and I told her the other lady told me that they do because why would I be paying insurance every month if it isn’t Covering anything and so they were supposed to call me back and never did so I am going up there in the morning but just wanted to know if you wanna bee sealt with this
It’s not exaggerating, it still comes out to the full price of the year. Either you pay monthly even though your pet has passed away or you pay the remainder upfront just to be done with it. So yes you do pay the full year even if you don’t have a pet. I know for fact this is how it is. There are better choices out there, I will not bother with my local Banfield ever again
Once your pet dies, you are still held accountable to pay the remainder of the plan. It’s tragic.
My Banfield is closing. I have no means to travel 30 or more miles to another one. Mine is springfield ohio . Do I still have to payout the year
Sabrina T Braden
If you have a new puppy or kitten, this is the only way to go. We signed up our German Shepherd puppy when she was 12 weeks old. The plan was approx $40 month; however, ALL vaccines were covered, no office visits; we received a discount on flea and heart worm medications; and, when she was old enough to be spayed, it covered the entire cost of her spaying surgery. For the cost of one year, what it covered FAR outweighed what we paid. The doctors and staff at our particular Banfield were exceptional. They loved our dog and went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable.

With that being said, it is definitely only a good value for preventative care. Our dog had an accident in which she hurt her foot pretty bad and required sedation and sutures. It was late at night so all of the local vets offices were closed. We took her to a 24/hour emergency vet and got an estimate of about $750. We asked if we could just have pain meds and stabilize her foot as we only had about 4 hours until our Banfield office opened. They said that would be reasonable so we waited and took her to Banfield, thinking we would save a lot of money, but once Banfield saw her and worked up their treatment plan, it came out to over $700 anyway. Even with our medication discounts, etc., nothing was cheaper.

Long story short — if you have a young puppy or kitten – it’s a great deal. If they are an adult, save your money and go with another plan or just pay the normal vet rates.

Steve K
Yes. Totally agree. It is a good deal for puppies since you can include spay/neuter costs into the plans at a much lower cost than having it done at other vets. It will also cover all the countless puppy shots your puppy will need. But when your dog becomes an adult don’t renew the plan. I’ve had many issues when my dogs have gotten sick later in their lives. They misdiagnose the issues and charge high prices. You will find that there are many other private vet offices the charge much less than Banfield and you receive better care.
Paola Paz-zuniga
Do not get a membership with them it is a scam! The whole company just wants your money! I am a college student and I am going to think about missing a semester because I already spent over 1k on this plan! Please save yourself time and money do not go here ! And the people that work for the company are useless! I hate this pet hospital so much it ruined my life really, left me in debt !!!!!!
hi, i’m worrying about stumbling into the same issue because I mistakenly bought the membership plan. if you don’t mind me asking, how did they end up getting so much money from you? was it just the monthly fee or did they start charging for other things? and also i’m scared to bring my kitten to them for any services because they’ve already been so unhelpful. should i just avoid getting any shots, surgeries, etc. from them?
i’m sorry that they did this to you! it’s really so messed up :/
I just got home with my cat from a visit. She went in for a dental cleaning and I was convinced to also sign up for the wellness plan at $400 and change because it would cover the visit, or so I understood. Turned out she needed some teeth extracted & meds – I was quoted around $570 on the phone all in for everything. Ok. When I went to pick her up, the bill was close to $1K! They ran a bunch of other tests, also the doc added $100 to send the cat xrays to a specialist. They agreed to comp those and drop the film review but it was still $740. It took about 30 minutes of haggling with the staff to even get it down that far. They justified the other charges that it was to ensure the cat’s “wellness,” which is ok if I had the interest in paying for it. But I’m a student also – I can’t shell out for my cat when I can’t afford these kinds of tests for me.
Kate, every Banfield is different, but the only way to spend about 1K there is either with multiple animals or agreeing to get additional things done. My dog has been going there for 6 years since they saved her life from parvo. There have been a few times where additional things were needed not covered by the plan. They called me each time and let me know what they wanted to do, why they wanted to do it, and how much it would cost. If you already have the plan, definitely use it! Just let them know that you cannot afford much more than what is absolutely necessary and they will work with you.
Abbigail Bulluck
The plan does not go over 1k. I work for banfield. Sorry.
Kimberly S Rhoden
She didn’t say the plan covered 1k, she said the only way to spend that much is with multiple animals.
I’ve had my approximately 14 year old shihtzu on Banfield’s wellness plan for over four years now. We took him for his checkups every year. He just passed away this week from what we were told was a heart valve issue. When we took him for the first exam as to what was wrong with him, the cost was over $200. Not knowing any better and wanting to trust the doctor, we bought two meds for him. One was quite expensive and extremely hard to find. We maybe got him to take a total of four of these expensive pills before he died. The vet worked with us on the cost of two or three follow up procedures to drain the fluids from his lungs. Now, we called to cancel the wellness plan and like others we were told we must either pay the total costs accumulated for our pup’s recent care or continue the monthly plan until May 2020. Four years on this plan with multiple doctors examining our dog and NOT ONE of them picked up on any concerns! His most recent checkup where he was deemed HEALTHY was within the passed couple months of 2019!! Go elsewhere for your pets’ care! We have two female shihtzus that once allowed we will cancel this trap!!
Once we signed up for the wellness plan we had three bad experiences with them. We decided to sign up for the plan after reading the good reviews online. One of them even said it would save money. That was definitely not the the case for us. Hopefully this review can help someone not make the same mistake we did.

They charged us for two tests we did not authorize, an anal expression they didn’t tell us about before doing, and an appointment they weren’t able to honor. We spoke to them in person, emailed the corporate office, and finally were directed to email the office manager. She said everything they did was appropriate. She said that since we didn’t complain about the anal expression, there was nothing she would do. (I spoke with the Dr. West about it, but she brushed me off saying that when she says “take a look” at anal glands it always means an anal glands expression. There wasn’t even a sorry for the miscommunication.) The office manager also said that the wellness plan was supposed to be used, so it didn’t matter that we did not agree to the tests they ran. For the appointment we were charged for, we showed up, but then were told we couldn’t be seen. At first they said their system was down, then they said our appointment got cancelled due to an emergency, and then they changed their story and said we had cancelled the appointment. We hadn’t, I had even called earlier in the day to confirm. Our wellness plan was charged for the appointment. When we realized the mistake and asked for a corrected invoice, they refused to correct it, saying that they instead would put a not on our file.

Because of all the extra charges, it is now just as expensive to cancel the plan. We are locked in to their wellness plan headache.

Rita Torres
I would suggest you read the contract thoroughly and see if there is a way to stop payments since the dog passed away. Unless it expressly says that the plan would continue despite the death of the pet.
The reason the plan continues is because you are essentially paying for all the services on a monthly installment. So, you could go ahead and pay for what was done and be done with it. It is not insurance.
I personally think Banfield is a waste of your money!! I adopted an older dog and brought him into the nearest location where I needed them to do a check-up plus give him his rabies shot. They helped sign me up for their package which cost me around $60 a month. They did their extra tests and told me my dog had heartworm even though the rescue agency I purchased my dog from assured me he didn’t. Almost $500 of EXTRA costs later, they told me he didn’t have heartworms and it must have been a false positive. I was furious as the vet explained to me how painful this was going to be for my new dog before she had all the facts. Long story short, I never went back but still had to pay the monthly fee. Do your research and look for reliable vets plus insurance plans that cover more than just a check-up!!
Banfield owp is NOT insurance. Please stop. Yes you should read the contract thoroughly because it’s a CONTRACT. You cannot just cancel at any time. Also, this happens all the time. Our machines aren’t perfect but they’re working on it. We get false negatives all the time. But since you were on the plan the heart worm test SHOULD HAVE been included. Please do your research before coming on here and ranting.
We had a terrible experience. We had three small mixed chihuahuas and two cats. We had them all on a top tier plan so we were paying over 200 a month for all five. Not all vaccinations were included and often times the vets would talk us out of vaccinating our cats. Our oldest dog died of congestive heart failure less than six months of having her on the plan, in the four appointments she went to not one of the vets or their assistants brought up that she may have had something up with her, even when my husband said point blank on two separate appointments that she had become increasingly lethargic and was concerned about her wheezing which was new. We ended up taking her to urgent care one horrible fall night where we had to put her to sleep. The vet techs there were all shocked that our vet had never said anything to us. We don’t take any of them there anymore I canceled renewing the “preventative plan” or whatever they call it. We still shop at pets smart but we found a family ran/owned vet clinic where the care is about our pets and not boosting corporate sales. I’d rather go to a place where they see the same vet who remembers them and us than a random vet who just happened to be scheduled.
The only vaccines that are NOT COVERED are flu vaccines. That’s on both plans. All plans include ALL vaccines except those. We cannot guarantee them a spot with the same doctor everytime. Just doesn’t work like that. We also talk you out of vaccines they don’t need. Like Lyme. If your dog in inside or cat is inside only we don’t do LYME. It makes no sense to do a Lyme vaccine on a dog who’s inside only. We don’t talk you out of any other vaccines but that one.
I have never had any problems with the clinics themselves and if you have a healthy pet then a plan isn’t a bad idea. But I did put my 16 year old cat on a plan and ended up having to put him down. He received his first comprehensive exam and probably not even a full dental when I was informed he was very sick and didn’t just have an abscess tooth and that I would need to put him down. He never received a single vaccination and was seen twice by this clinic in less then a month but he somehow used his entire plan amount so that I can’t just pay it out. I will have a painful monthly reminder that my baby is gone. But outside of that if you have a healthy pet it’s not a bad deal, if you have an elderly or seriously sick pet I wouldn’t do it. My elderly pup is on a plan and she will probably finish out the year and we will look elsewhere after that.
Took my dog here to update vaccinations after re-locating. Should have been a $50-75.00 one-time cost. I was socially pressured into a preventative care “Wellness Plan.” #FLORIDA. FYI. Most ETHICAL veterinarians do not push services and products that are not absolutely necessary. The wellness plan entitled her to annual exam, vaccinations, blood work, and a dental cleaning for $39.99/mo. Since the vaccinations my dog has acquired food allergies she did not have before. The wellness plan includes annual vaccinations but it is safer to opt for the 3yr. vaccines as there has been concern that some annual vaccines can have adverse affects. When she acquired the allergy they tried to steer me towards over-priced food stating she was probably allergic to chicken. She proceeded to state that many dogs had recently been acquiring food allergies. My dog eats chicken and eggs frequently in her diet with no adverse affects and a variety of other meats she does not have allergy to.

I was told I needed to wait at least 6mo. to 1yr. to schedule the dental. Lack of dental appointment availability meant I could not access the dental until after my contract was set to auto-renew. If I terminate contract then I waive access to services owed. Despite having recent blood work on file, they took additional blood work. I thought that it was all covered and would roll-over from previous services not accessible in the prior year. However, when I went to cancel I was told that it does not roll-over nor is it pro-rated. I got trapped into another year of the plan for services rendered because the new blood work and vet access was $300.00 price differential and the annual contract to keep the services is $468.00. It is cheaper to keep the plan than to terminate it after services I should have had easier access to prior to the contract roll-over. The woman I spoke with on Customer Service was condescending, un-willing to provide a reasonable compromise on the miscommunication of benefits and liabilities, and proceeded to shame me with statements about Banfield’s preventative care practices and “what all dogs deserve.” I have background in science and vet-care experience and life-long experience with animals. An animals needs are a case by case basis, some preventative care is necessary other is useful but not necessary up to a certain age. The behavior and strategy implies that only people who can pay for Banfield’s Preventative Care should own dogs. It is equally unethical as it is classist, as it implies there are not other cost-effective approaches to animal wellness.

Paola Paz-zuniga
i was pressured as well! this company is a scam. I told them before signing up that I was a college student and don’t have money like that to be paying so much and they promised me I will save..I ended up spending over almost 2K and that is the cost of one semester at cal state east bay that I had to switch community college because now I am left broke. I miss CSUEB, but this company should be SHUT DOWN !!!!!!
I found a kitten on the side of a road and brought him to Petsmart with a first visit coupon. They convinced me into getting the wellness plan. What a BIG mistake!!!! They also told me the kitten had a ear infection and charged me $40. Found out no infection. Also, they are extremely higher in all areas of the bill than a regular vet. I tried to get my money back and they cheated me out of an additional $50. Technically $100. because of the coupon. Learn by my mistake and take your animal elsewhere!
Yoshi's mom
I lost my puppy in a car accident. Yoshi only received 4 vaccines… and lost him before his next round of vaccines… they are still charging me for 12 months.. (the contract time.) They say that $35 x 12 is less than paying for the 4 vaccines that he received… Thay said he had an ear infection.. Left him some ear drops that cost $40 … I didn’t used them, ended up just washing his ears with that ear solution… and he never scratched his ears or anything….

Do not do it..

I don’t think it was worth it…