Banfield Wellness Plan Reviews: Is It Worth It?

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Banfield Pet Hospital logoAlthough sometimes referred to as Banfield Pet Insurance, Banfield isn’t pet insurance — it’s a wellness membership plan (whose logo suggests it’s a vet’s office). Despite all this confusion, the primary question we have — is Banfield wellness care worth it? Its plans don’t cover illness or injury, only preventative care.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive insurance plan to cover accidents and illnesses in addition to preventative care, you may want to consider pet health insurance.

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How Does Banfield Wellness Plan Work?

Banfield Wellness Plans require you to visit a Banfield Pet Hospital, which are located in almost 1,000 PetSmart stores across the country. Its plans offer packages of preventive care, which include bi-annual comprehensive wellness exams that can cover vaccinations, parasite control, dental, nutrition and behavioral consultations. It requires a one-time sign-up fee and monthly payments that start at $12.95.



  • Widely available across the U.S.
  • Unlimited office visits
  • Weekend and evening hours
  • $15 discount on membership fee for additional pets
  • Personalized plans available
  • Annual contract required
  • No illness or injury coverage
  • Contract automatically renews
  • Some Banfield reviews online complain about upselling while at appointments, so it rarely ends up being free
  • Plans can become more expensive than competitors’ wellness plans
  • Must visit a Banfield location


Banfield Wellness Plan prices start at $12.95 per month and vary by species, location and services. It offers 3 plan levels for each type of pet: dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Its basic plan for dogs includes:

  • Comprehensive physical exam, 2 per year
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Fecal Exams, 2 per year
  • Deworming, 2 per year
  • Unlimited office visits
  • 10% off other Banfield services and products

Higher level plans include such services as urine testing, dental cleaning and preventative care x-rays, as well as higher discounts on their services and products. Optional add-ons include parasite control, spay/neuter, additional dental, chronic care and a canine DNA test.

Banfield User Reviews

Typically we post 2 positive and 2 negative reviews that we’ve found online when we do an individual review like this. However, our readers have been so helpful that we encourage you to take a look at our comment section for the most up-to-date customer reviews that we have.

Do You Need A Pet Wellness Plan?

We think the primary questions to ask yourself if you’re considering a wellness plan include:

  1. Do I have a local Pet Smart store, and is it close enough that I would go there vs my current vet’s office?
  2. Have I met the vets that work there, and do I feel comfortable with them caring for my pet?
  3. Can I budget on my own for wellness care for my pet, or would a plan like this help me prepare financially for my pet’s regular preventative needs?

Before you sign up with Banfield, here are some other pet wellness insurance options you should consider.

What Canine Preventative Measures Are Most Important?

Check out this video by Banfield that highlights what you should be doing as your puppy transitions into adulthood.

Are Banfield Wellness Plans Worth It?

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It really depends on several factors. First, some Banfield animal hospital locations are better than others — ask your neighbors/friends/coworkers and do your research online to see if your local Banfield pet hospital is up to par. After all, the kind of veterinary care your dog will receive is the most crucial factor.

Second, if your pup is healthy and young and has finished chewing everything it finds, a Banfield plan may be all you need for preventative care. If you have a new puppy who is always in trouble, your dog is older with more significant health concerns but few preexisting conditions, or if your pet has chronic health problems, you may want to consider pet insurance, which covers illness and injury.

Another major factor to keep in mind? Pet emergency visits aren’t covered by Banfield plans, whereas they are with pet insurance. Pet insurance can come with a higher monthly price tag, but it could be your better option in the long run.

If you’re considering pet insurance, be sure to check out our Pet Insurance Reviews comparison article. Many of the pet insurance companies offer wellness plans as add-on products to their health insurance. Another option would be to purchase a Banfield Wellness Plan in addition to pet insurance. This would provide coverage for both your routine pet exams as well as unexpected illnesses and accidents.

What experiences have you had with your Banfield Wellness Plan or at a Banfield Pet Hospital?

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I’m happy for those of you that have had positive experiences with Banfield, and I’m sorry for those us that haven’t. We’re in the situation where our dog Rexie passed away, and we are paying for three more months of care he won’t use.
I talked to the representative, and they were too ready to remind me that they don’t provide insurance but are pre-paying for services and getting a discount also. In retrospect, they said he used approximately $1600 in services over the last year of his life, so the money we paid into the program, I guess, as their method of accounting is still unclear to me, would go against that total.
In the future, I’m going to go with pet insurance only because I don’t want the heartache of being reminded of the death of our beloved pet every 12th of the month.
I live in a consumer-friendly state, and I’m going to write to my representative about a law requiring disclosure of the possibility of having to pay for a deceased pet after its death and making Banfield disclose this possibility so we can better understand what we are buying.
I do wonder if going to Banfield hospital was best for my pet. I’m not sure if he got the best care. Over the years I’ve been concerned that the revolving door of vets and the distant nature of the staff I put down as bad days were symptomatic of something else.
I was a loyal Banfield Wellness Plan subscriber for over a decade. After losing my dog to cancer last week, Banfield refuses to release me from the Wellness Plan without paying through the rest of my annual plan; I’m effectively paying another 5 months of coverage for a deceased pet. I can’t believe that this is an actual practice. I am appalled that a company that advocates for animal welfare would choose to kick pet parents while they’re down. Their condolences are hollow; actions clearly speak louder than words.
Hi, this is appalling since I had a pet on this plan and he passed away in March last year. I’m surprised to hear this because this isn’t what happened to me. They dropped him off when he passed away. Maybe there’s a certain criteria that I’m unaware of.
To clarify some of the info I’ve been reading in comments that I feel is misleading or is missing info. I’ve had 2 animals that I’ve had on plans at my local Banfield for about 8 years. I think how each Banfield operates and what they may offer can vary. Mine is not hard to get an appt with, at all and I live in a major metropolitan area. Each Banfield plan gives you a discount (10-15% depending on plan) on services outside the plan, such as any emergency services or medications. It’s not much of a discount and I do think Banfield charges more for some services/medications than you might pay elsewhere (I buy heartworm med at Walmart for $20 and Banfield charges $30 I think now). I’ve not had big expensive major emergency with my pets, but I know they handle them at my Banfield (but they are not 24/7)..again you get a discount for things outside the plan, but the cost may be higher than another Vet..not sure. I decided that if something big came up that was not in the Banfield plan that I would price shop vets in my area to see if I could reduce cost…thankfully, I’ve not had to do that. I did compare a years worth Wellness costs including all shots and dental for my dog between a few vets in my area compared with the Active dental plan at Banfield. Banfield did beat the price for Wellness including dental, which is why I have used the plan. I’ve also had very good vets at my Banfield. I did have a pet die (old age) before his plan contract ended and have also recently also spoken to Banfield about how they handle cancellation of a plan before the contract ends since we may move somewhere where there is no Banfield. Regarding cancellation/pet death and the contract..I was told by Banfield that they look at the services you used already since purchase or renewal of contract and they add up the RETAIL cost (like if you had no plan) of what you used so far. If it is less than the yearly plan cost (say plan for year was $372, but you only used $100 worth of services) they will cancel and I think even reimburse you if you have paid more than the $100 at the date you want to terminate the plan. If you used services that are more than the cost of the yearly plan, they ask you to make the monthly payments to the end of the plan because the services for the contract were already used. I did have a dog pass about 6 months before end of contract. I did have to pay for services related to his death with the small discount applied since these services were outside the wellness services of the plan, BUT they added up the wellness services that I had used on his plan to that date and only asked me to pay for 2 more months to make up the cost of services already used. I DID NOT have to pay the entire contract cost for the remaining 4 months to the end of his contract. They just wanted to recoup the cost of services already used..again it is calculated at the retail cost of the service , but in my case it did not require paying the rest of the 6 months of the contract only 2 months. I do worry about emergency costs which are not included in the Banfield plans especially since my pets are getting older. I may end up purchasing some form of pet insurance at some point, but for wellness coverage, I’ve been VERY happy with my Banfield.
myles finkelstein
I would never again work with banfiled animal hospital. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY WELLNESS PLANS it is a Mistake and Your PET will SUFFER
We have used Banfield for many years for our 3 dogs. We have had incredible care—-including preventative care, surgery, emergency care, and end of life care. They have been wonderful. Our Banfield vet once confided that she had been dreaming about my husky, who had had recurrent treatments including surgery after being bitten by another dog, because she was so worried about him.
Do be careful before joining. It is really a pre-payment plan for some of the more costly procedures, like the teeth cleaning. Just because you have a plan does not mean you get priority for your pet being seen. Getting in to see a vet can take days, and often a couple of weeks, because they have so many pets on these plans. It is correct that it does not cover emergencies. Banfield does not handle emergencies. At the location where we take our two dogs they have an Emergency Pet Hospital listing posted on the window behind their counter. We always end up paying something when we take our dogs in, unless they don’t do any procedures. Also, if your dog dies, you will still be held for remaining months of the plan. So, you are continuing to pay for “coverage” for a dead animal because the plan is technically a “pre-pay.” They do not put any of this information online where you can easily find it. READ the FINE PRINT before signing up. Pet insurance is a better option, and you can go to any vet vs having to wait weeks to get your pet in for an appointment at Banfield.
I think you should save your money and not buy the wellness plan. There are so many hidden charges that are not covered. Took my dog in for teeth cleaning they wanted $150 per tooth extraction. They said all teeth need to be pulled after they put my dog under anathesa. I called Banfield Direct and they said you can have teeth pulled somewhere elese. I couldn’t pay the additional $1,300 for teeth extractions So I said I will just come and pick my dog up. When I got there they said the bill was $450.00 dollars. I said I’m not paying you didn’t do anything and I have the wellness plan. Apparently the blood work is only paid for if they completely finish cleaning teeth. I still said I’m not paying. Then they said we’re not giving you your dog. After multiple calls to Banfield they released my dog but turned me over to collections. I have 3 dogs covered under this plan and pay over $150 per month for nothing. They called back the next day and finally took the charge off. My wife and I will never go back to Banfield. We went back to our original Vet. extractions are $30 each. Banfield prices are very high even with there %10 so called discount Just save yourself some $ And don’t get locked into a wellness plan
This Wellness Program needs to be investigated; it is deceptive and a scam! I was transferred from the kitten program to adult cat program without my approval and they won’t cancel it but are sending threatening letters to collect money I don’t owe.
Buyer beware. Tho comes in handy if your pet passes away YOU CONTINUE TO PAY FOR THE PLAN. So say your pet dies and you still have 6 months on the plan. You pay the six months for a dead pet.
Donna Schreiber
I recently went to Banfield after my vet of 3 yrs. got on my nerves by requiring every shot they make just to get her nails trimmed. My dog had a flu shot but my vet said there was a “new”one and Holly had to get it or she wasn’t allowed in the door. Over charges for vac.,office visit is 85.00. Banfield diagnosed her allergies that treatment cleared up, that the reg. vet missed. I’m going to give them a year .383.40$ for the plan. I spent 280.00 just on shots at the vet!
It took 6 visits for me to actually meet the Vet. My Breeder gave the first course of shots and had my pure breed Collie flown to me from MN, where she has multiple small businesses and is highly educated. All the staff act like mean girls coated in powdered sugar.
When asked a direct question that would take knowledge they get upset and show their teeth like when I asked about the mortality rate of Parvo in CA. They made sure I could not get her into school without that last booster shot that was completly unessasary and has turned my 6 month Collie into a freaked out little girl.
They don’t listen and are obviously scripted. Why the Vet dosn’t anounce herself is because she is not there.
When I asked which one of the two were my Vet I got a sholder nod as if she was down the halll or the one that just left the room.
They often plant you in what looks like a wellfair interview office and take you pet and are back too soon.
We argued about her eyes ever being tested as thee was not enough time for this to ever to have happened.
Finally seeing the Vet the day after Christmas, I felt sorry for her that she would allow herself to be drawn into this Kaiser model that kills and distroys lifes more than they help. They are pushing vaccines that don’t have permenant approval yet, so what else has been given to my dog that is experimental?
Parvo and Deer Tick vaccines are not mandatory and are both treatable with an extreamly high ratio for the little that actually catch Parvo.
Someone is making a lot of money.
Medicine has gone south,
Devon Carroll
First I can tell you my Wellness plan did not auto renew. I let it laps a month and wasn’t charged the join fee again.

Now to the vet care specifically in Louisville KY at the Westport Rd location. They are the most loving, kind, compassionate vets and techs I’ve ever encountered. I’ve have had 4 dogs there now, 2 sick with serious conditions. They worked with us tirelessly to help our dogs stay as healthy and comfortable as possible. They held our hands during toughest goodbyes when it was time.

This location at least is amazing! We adore them all!

What do you really get beyond the initial vaccines (most you don’t need)?
Look up all the vaccines and the long term side effects that shorten your pets lives.
Glad you happy with them but unless they have an accident and even then, mostly I was just offered the puppy package for the first year and penalized if I did not spay my Pure Breed Collie at 6month due to Getto Dogs causing problems.
To Rawo I can’t stand non veterinarian people talking about vaccines. Vaccines are important! You are the very reason why pets get sick!
About 12 years ago my older Shepard Husky mix was having trouble while we went for a walk. He would suddenly go down and with terrific effort continue our walk. I took him to my local vet in Carmel Valley CA. They explained it was probably just a stomach ache. They said I could have tests done but did not insist and only cited what the cost would be. I took him in 2 more times. Once they held him overnight and released him in the morning saying he was fine. I moved to Escondido and that weekend noticed blood dribbling out of my dog’s nose. I was directed to Banfield. As soon as the vet looked at my dog he was alarmed and pointed out that his stomach was distended. He told me to wait while he performed a test, injecting a needle into the dog – if it came out clear, he could be treated – if it came out blood, that meant the dog was bleeding internally and would need to be put down immediately. It came out blood. The vet was so compassionate. Why had the other vets been so unconcerned as my dog was in obvious pain. Why didn’t they do the test that Banfield did?? It took me 12 years to let go of the pain and adopt a 10 month old puppy through PetSmart. I joined the care program and I understand it’s based on a yearly amount spread out over the year. If anything happens to the dog, I will be liable for the total amount. However, this preventative care allows me to stay on top of my dog’s health as it grows. I have complete faith in the vets at Banfield. I had pet insurance with both my other dogs. Every time I tried to use it, it was denied saying it didn’t cover that particular cost.
How do you know he wasn’t just yanking your chain? Look at what you did. You put your Dog down or they murdered your dog. Did you get an opinion after Banfield? They got you hooked by playing on you emotions and not are over vacinating you new pet. It took a wile but they reeled you in.
Petsmart and Banfield are two different companies. Who knows what he hit with the needle, clear or blood? What kind of diagnoses is that? When I ever ask any of the staff at Banfield a pointed question they get really upset because they are vaccine pushers and or if it aint broke, kill it.
Do you have any idea of the side effects both short and long term your new friend could and may experience due to the vaccines?
You have a computer, Google all the vaccines and get out the calculator and do a ballance sheet for what is elective and what gets them their licence.
You will probably get upset when find most of the vaccines have long term effects on the liver, joints and other vital organs.
It is like taking you dog to Kaiser. They won’t tell you the Parvo and Deer Tick vaccine are completly unessasary and have almost a complete recovery rate if treated. You could put all that money in the bank and your dog would probably never get either one.
I was told my dog had worms, nope and nope. They just wanted to sell worming drugs and if their were worms they would have ended up in my shovel. I was taught from a young boy to always look at what happens to the food I eat to ensure I am ok and had Dog duty and at least paid attention.
These people are banking on “ your dog’s so cute” their powdered sugar covering up all the nasty junk thay are forcing into your pet. Kinda like the witch with the apple but they don’t wake up at the end. What is their mortality rate I wonder?
Don’t feel taken, just open you eyes and listen real hard. Once you are through the puppy shots there is nothing paid for but they will keep charging.
Rawo, you really dont have a life do you? Look at all this time you took spreading misinformation with your Google degree. Laughable.
Omg this idiot keeps commenting on everyone’s post. I can’t even. Please get an education in the veterinary field before you talk
I don’t know where you live or who gives you veterinary facts, but you really should advertise the place you live where the following is true:

“They won’t tell you the Parvo and Deer Tick vaccine are completly unessasary (sic) and have almost a complete recovery rate if treated. ”

You surely live in Shangri-La and I’m happy for you!

I go to Banfield & my keys are both 9 yrs old. I explained I believe in a more holistic approach & believe that since my dogs were vaccinated until age 5,they have enough of the vaccine to last past their life expectancy. The vet was completely respectful of my opinion on unnecessary chemicals & did not push vaccines, not even rabies. The vet I saw at Banfield was caring & the entire staff is very pleasant. The office is clean & the dropped off dogs are not hidden in the back, but visible when you walk in. I’m very impressed with Banfield. My dogs heartworm/flea/tick preventatives are also very reasonable. Raka, my Pomeranian needs xrays to confirm whether he has a collapsing trachea. The office visit & xrays would be around $250,under the wellness essentials plan the one time sign up fee will only about $105,including his preventative meds. That will include three xrays, an ekg, complete blood work up, urinalysis, dental cleaning & an eye pressure test. For $60 a month, plus a 20% discount on any meds or services. The only thing I was not pleased with is he was not knowledgeable about the benefits of feeding raw. He recommended I stay with Taste of the Wild, which had been linked to enlarged hearts & deaths. Now I’ve switched anyway because he is a medical Dr, not a discussion specialist in nutrition, but other than that, I’ve always felt my pets got the royal treatment. They even trimmed their nails for free!
Jennifer Givens
So sorry for your painful loss. It took me two years after losing my first Pomeranian before I got another dog & he wasn’t plannned, but sorta fell into my lap (& he’s been a lap dog for 9 years now). I still wanted a Pom, but instead of buying fun a breeder, again one just feel in my lap and I adopted my foster 7 mth old Pomeranian (same age as Jordy the Chihuahua/Manchester Terrier mix, who’d been deemed unadoptable due to the biting & he still tries to bite anyone who comes to close to me, but never me. I still miss my Abby & she wasn’t replaced, they are completely different personalities. When they go, I’m not sure if I’ll even have the strength to get another dog & risk the loss & heartbreak again.
I have been with Banfield in North Hills in PA for the past 20 years and had the great honor of having the same vet for all this time. He passed away a few months ago from cancer in the prime of his life and it broke and still does, break my heart. He was the most amazing, caring animal lover you can imagine. I’ve put down 2 Westies with him by my side and prior to his passing, he also took care of my 8 yr. olds. I now have a puppy, along with my PJ and Reilly, and will continue to go to Banfield hoping the vets who worked under his guidance are half the people he was. I was so totally distraught when I put my 18 yr-old Rex down 5 years ago, I could not even see to swipe my mac card at the counter. He must have been watching me through the cameras in the exam room and came busting out, took the card from my hand and took over for me. I will never forget you Dr. Mark Tartar and if there is a “doggie” heaven, I know you are there being as loved and respected as you should be! Taking care of my “boys” and now precious little girl Sadie Mae will always be my first priority. Banfield gives 1st class service to 1st class pet owners. With that being said, I have no complaints (other than losing my buddy, Dr. Tartar)!
In Banfield the Vet plays the good cop wile the corperation plays bad cop. I don’t doubt anything you have said about the Dr. but he was not blind and knew the practices and proceedures that run the front office and in Sacramento you never even see the Vet unless you demand it.
You can’t walk in the gutter without getting some on you.
I don’t know how they do things in PA but in SAC they park the owner in one room and your pet is gone just long enough for the intake assistant to do some imput on the computer.
Yeasterday I saw how rough they really get when I demanded to stay with my pet.
You just can’t separate the General from the Army and 18 years is a long time.
I think you got really lucky and now need to be careful.
The Corperation is bottom line driven and no one in the office I go to is over 30yrs without morals or concience.
My particular vet at banfield is amazing and her care was excellent. But this plan is making me continue the wellness plan even though my dog passed away. He’s gone and I have to keep paying for this wellness plan! Just plain wrong and very upsetting. Customer service was uncaring and forceful; refusing to at least downgrade the plan since we didn’t use the upgraded services and cannot possibly ever do so!
Tracey Lott Heitzman
Don’t sign up for their wellness plan… they overcharge for services so, even if your pet dies after 2 visits, you are responsible for the full amount of the plan as they charge you for the individual visits- which are easily 3xs what a normal vet office charges. Wasn’t happy with either visit I had with my cat as they wanted me to pay for a bunch of unnecessary tests. I took him back to my regular vet and after she felt his abdomen and took 1 xray of the area she had examined, he was diagnosed with cancer. He had a big tumor in his stomach and Banfield wanted to do a bunch of tests that were above and beyond their wellness plan.
Kokeitha Boone
My pet Hercules died at 5 years old of cancer 12/19/18. He had been going to Banfield since he was 6 months old. All of his physicals always came out fine. When he started vomitting and having diarrhea,he was in the late stages. It had spread to other organs.I do not know how this was missed. He also had a knot in his belly.Needless to say, we have to pay out the contract.I agree that they are sorry plans and the necessary care was not given to Hercules.Please take your pets somewhere else!!!
I’M so sorry for your loss your review is what I needed to make up my mind on banfield
Thank you for sharing it with us as hopefully it will help other people as well again having experienced that lost myself 3 years ago not due to cancer but my dog had a collapsible trachea that lead to congestive heart failure and with an allergy to lasix it was terminal as her kidneys failed. it took me a year and a half and now I have my rescue and recently moved your review really helped me determine more than any others because I care about the cost and it’s awful that they continue to charge you but the actual medical ask back are my major concern again I’m so sorry for your loss
Melissa Lewis
They call it a wellness plan. When i triwd to cancel it i was informed that is payment plan for services provided through out the year and to cancel it would cost $800 to cancel for both my pets. This is after a $700 bill for an emergency vist at another facility. Banfield is a very deceptive uncaring group that as much as iIwant to I cant walk away from.
Rick S.
We were new to the Johns Creek GA area and selected Banfield as our new vet. We were also convinced to sign up for the Wellness Plan. We’ve had to change to a new vet because of the poor care our aging dog received at Banfield. They seemed to miss obvious issues (ear infections and arthritis) yet routinely found the need to suggest other expensive tests. We tried to cancel the Wellness Plan after making the vet change and were told it is a non-cancellable, 12-month agreement, which will cost about $500 over the course of the year. I would NEVER recommend their Wellness Plan as it was worthless- even while we were using them for vet care.
Sandra Usry
I am very displeased with Banfield. I feel they try to sell services that are unnecessary. I am $700 poorer because of their scaring tactics. I was made to think my dog might die if I did not get an ultrasound. Ultrasound technician even felt the ultrasound was suspicious. He did not think the liver enzymes warranted an ultrasound in my 13-year-old dog but I had it anyway because Banfield said he could have a mass in his liver which I feel was a scare tactic. I was called by the vet prior to a dental cleaning to say they could not clean Tucker’s teeth because of his liver enzymes and they needed to send his blood out and that would cost. The test came back showing normal liver function but still a slighter higher liver enzyme count. We needed an ultrasound to be sure what was the matter. Had the ultrasound and now it is fine to clean his teeth with his higher liver enzyme count. Weird isn’t it? They know how much we love our pets and they play on that emotion. I am just disgusted with the whole damn thing and to boot, I could not afford to spend that amount of money. They should refund my ultrasound fee but I know they won’t. Be Wary of Banfield.
We purchased the middle wellness plan for two dogs who needed dental cleanings and have been very happy with multiple Banfields in the Mpls/St Paul area. Compared to what we were paying at our previous neighborhood vet, there is no comparison especially since Banfield doesn’t charge for office visits. One of our dogs is special needs and I found the vet went the extra mile to try to figure out how to treat her – she checked with a round-table vet group she belongs to and also posted video of the dog and how she moves/shakes her head. I haven’t found them trying to upsell me on add’l services or products, but, in any case you can say “NO” people. I think they handle alot more pets so the vets see more and are able to tailor their services better. I also think the vets think outside the box more than the neighborhood vet who just handles very routine visits.
If you want a vet who isn’t being paid to be a salesperson for “prescription” food that doesn’t actually work, this isn’t the vet clinic for you. If you want a clinic that cares about your pet more than their bottom line, don’t go to Banfield. If you want a vet clinic that isn’t constantly trying to sell you things and services you and your pet do NOT NEED, go to Banfield. Don’t get me wrong I’m in no way trying to blame the staff as individuals, but the company they work at is so commercial that all employees are taught to push their prescription food as the only thing that can help your pet, when in reality its widely known that their food contains subpar ingredients and is NOT nearly as good for your pet as many many other brands of pet food are. Their company uses the fact that your pet is sick and needs help as a way of selling their products to you. They know you’d do anything for you pet, and that you’ll pay just about any amount of money for foods/prescriptions/healthcare if a vet says it might make your loved one healthy again.

I actually purchased my pet a wellness plan over 6 months when he first started having some issues with his belly/digestion. Many visits later, my pet has gotten no better. He’s gone in with the same digestive/stomach issue multiple times, and every time they have given me no answers and no way to help him. The only solution they offer me is to buy him their (extremely expensive) prescription food, which only made him worse. I’m essentially paying a monthly vet bill so that my vet can try to sell me a product that’s extremely overpriced and doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, if the food helped I would spend whatever it takes to get him better, but the food made him worse and when I told them that, they just offered to sell me a different kind of prescription food. Despite the fact that I know it won’t make him any better, I’m still going to waste more of my money on the prescription food they recommended the second time (after I told them the first one made him worse) and see what happens. If it helps him in ANY way I’ll update the review promptly, but the chances of that happening seem extremely low.

When I took him to get his shots updated, which is covered by his wellness plan they told me they would have to put him under to give him his shots because he seemed distressed. Funny that a purring cat sitting in my lap cuddling me seemed “too distressed” to get his shots updated without putting him under sedation. No vet has ever needed to put my cat under to give him shots. The ONLY reason I can come up with for why they would need to put him under to update his shots, is so they can charge me for an extra service that isn’t covered by his wellness plan. The exact same thing happened when he needed to be dewormed. I called their clinic and they claimed they weren’t allowed to give him a dewormer without doing a fecal exam (which costs extra because his wellness plan doesn’t cover it.) Yet somehow, not a month after I had him treated for worms at a better vet, I was at yet another appointment trying to get his stomach feeling better, and the Banfield vet offered me a dewormer and said it’s a “standard” preventative care measure and does NOT require a fecal exam. So I feel pretty safe assuming that when he actually had worms and needed the treatment they thought they could force my hand into buying a fecal exam, but when he doesn’t actually have worms and is in for a standard visit, its suddenly normal preventative care and it’s no longer their policy that I need to pay for a fecal exam before he’s given a dewormer.

Please, don’t make my mistake! Don’t waste your time or your money on their wellness plan. Don’t stress your pet out taking them to unnecessary vet appointments where they won’t actually treat your pet or help them get better. Take your loved one to a vet that isn’t being paid by a corporation to care more about money than animals.

Sandy Usry
I feel the same way. Had a bad experience.
Michelle Black
Do not buy a Banfield wellness plan for your pet. My dog Milo passed away unexpectedly after about 3 months of the plan, and they charged me for the remainder of the year. Although I called to stop the charges, they refused to cancel my plan. Banfield has no heart.
BANFIELD WELLNESS PLAN ARE A SCAM!!!! Somehow I ended up paying $150 per month for 3 dogs… that’s about $600 a year per dog! When I called to cancel the plans for my 3 dogs (after 2 years of being a loyal customer) due to unsatisfactory services at Banfield Pet Hospital, they told me that I owed over $200 per year PER 2 DOGS additional just to cancel! They said I had to pay the difference between their services and what I paid. I said that’s fine. Then my 3rd dog had no services yet, so I thought what I had already paid would be subtracted….but no, of course not! So you have to pay them the difference for random prices that they make up, BUT WHAT YOU PAY FOR NO SERVICES WILL NEVER GET REFUNDED TO YOU!!!!


Pretty sure i read that they require a year contract. Cant break a contract. And I wouldn’t blame banfield for you agreeing to pay “random prices.” Thats allowing them to take advantage of you, like many businesses will do it you let them.
Sandra Usry
I think they need to be reported to the Better Business Bureau.
Tracey Lott Heitzman
You shouldn’t have to continue paying for services for a deceased pet either! That’s ridiculous.
Al Reindel
So let me get this strait. You can pay $300,or what ever your plan costs, up front for a year, none refundable. Or you can pay $25 a month for a year. If your dog dies after six months, or you want to cancel the plan, no refund from the $300, or you have to keep paying the $25 a month for another six months.Not that hard to understand for me.Yes I read the thing, understood that going in. Don’t blame Banfield if you can’t figure that out.
Kay Jay
You only pay for the services that you have used on the plan. So no, you can’t use services that would tally up to $600 for one or two visits if you were not on a plan, on the plan you only pay $35 a couple of months for those same services that equaled $600 and expect to not pay at all. Like blood work comes on a plan. Out-of-pocket you would pay $250 for blood work. So if you’ve used the blood work and other services and decide to cancel before the 12 months is up, you will pay for the services you have used not discounted because you cancelled the plan.

Stop getting pets you can’t afford to pay for! I’ve had insurance too, same thing. There are certain stipulations on everything.

Don’t sign up on a plan if you don’t expect a pet to die either. They can’t help it if your pet dies and you’ve used most or all of the services on your plan and then don’t want to pay. It’s like you go to a restaurant and eat the steak, but then say to the waiter I really didn’t like the steak so I don’t want to pay for it. Again, STOP GETTING PETS IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD THEM!!!

Michael Prescia
I used Banfield and they had a good, stable Vet for over a year that I liked. My dog was health and got his shots. It is my illusion that they use some odd shots AND MASSIVELY overdose. My dog has a LUMP on his ass and they insist its not from their shots, BUT IT IS. Suing a vet for s*** like this is not financially worth it, but, they also ignored, gave no advice or recommendations, gave no diagnosis, did nothing, AFTER the 1st vet left. They rotated vets everytime I went there. So, my dog started to show signs of limping. That first vet examined and found nothing. There was something, albeit acute or long term, that turned out to be long term, to say the least. So, my complaint is really more about this moment. I returned for shots, mentioned his hip, left leg, how he would lean on it when peeing anymore and his nails began to show wear due to toe drag. They DID AND SAID NOTHING. They didn’t know. They said take TDC-1. I returned for extra visits, saying help. Not a word. Then some horrible vet rotated in and acted EXTREMELY ODD. She wouldn’t leave me alone about how he might die. She explained how he has a possible Neurological issue that could be “Cancer, A tumor, Stroke, Doggie Lou Gherigs” This vet named every possible negative outcome. I am in healthcare and KNOW she was up to something unethical. It is SO obvious to someone like me and you know too if you are in Vet or Healthcare. The waiting room was full, she stood there, took my dog BACK in again saying they may have messed up his blood test ?? VERY odd. But I left her in the waiting room, then recommending I should go get an MRI at their partner facility. THEY LITERALLY WAITED until they could find a way to charge me for something then did the referral. SICKENING. They let my dog suffer. LIED, Negligence. FAKE shots. Something is up at Banfield, but that is just my illusion. So, I took him and the cost is $4500K just for an MRI. Cost me about $140 for a visit with Neurologist at L.I. VET RIP PEOPLE OFF ians. and she gave me the eyes and heart read between the lines of it is not worth this for your dog, who is over life expectancy. SHE DID NOT SAY THAT though. She LITERALLY said, QUOTE, “I know EXACTLY what is wrong with your dog but, you have to get an MRI first.” She said they need to get an MRI before she can discuss whats wrong. I get it in some ways. They need to make money to stay in biz-they need to KNOW before treating, etc. But I asked about possible outcome based on findings. Long and short: Either operation or water therapy and s***. Neither would be for me and my dog. Now, an MRI can kill an old dog due to overnight and need to put them to sleep. Then an operation, in my opinion for an older dog like mine at what was 13 Plus, is just STUPID. There are agenda’s my friends. BE AWARE if you patronize this s***hole.
Thank you for your comment. I was told that my cat may have cancer too. In addition, I notice that my can may have neurological problems too. I believe that my cat is not getting the prevention treatment from Banfield. I am canceling my wellness plan. My cat looks like he is dying. I am going to take him to another vet for a second opinion.
After more than 9 years of having Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plan for my beloved golden, I would urge pet owners to not enroll in a Wellness Plan. For the reasons stated in other reviews, the cancellation can be challenging in addition to the cost of early cancellation. We cancelled our wellness plan at renewal time because I felt she was being “over-vaccinated” with current vet journals showing a lesser vaccination schedule than Banfield follows and the cost felt like it was escalating. We started at around $17/month when she was a puppy and ended this year at over $43/month. We did add the dental cleaning over the last few years, but that still felt excessive (over $300 increase yearly). What really has me upset is when calling to get my pet’s records transferred to her new vet clinic, I was told that she was listed as “impending death” and that her records were closed and not able to be transferred. This was done by someone at corporate per the office manager when we cancelled our plan. What’s the kicker is the office manager told me she gave our new vet clinic my pet’s current vaccination record when she really didn’t. Poor customer service overall.
Denise Sullivan
Banfield rips off their customers. Two months ago, I took my cats for a physical. At this visit, they were given rabies vaccines and a clear bill of health. Now, I need to place them for 2 days at the Petsmart Pet Hotel in the same location as Banfield and because the doctor that saw them (of which I did not choose) is on vacation, I need to bring them in and pay $170.00 just so that another doctor can give them a clean bill of health. It is much better to go to a private veterinarian than waste your time or money on this rip off institution. By the way, the location I am referring to is in NYC on East 117th Street.