8 Best Couch Covers For Dogs: How To Pick The Best Furniture Protectors & Our Personal Experience


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Our dogs are part of our family, and if your pups are anything like mine, they love relaxing on the couch with you. They also like jumping around and playing, and when they sniff the opportunity, they chew their chew sticks on there, too. So, if your couch gets lots of canine action, it needs protection against wear and tear, odors, stains, muddy paws, hair, and much more.

As a dog mom of two energetic rescue dogs and a sitter to even more pups, I know exactly what to look out for and what to avoid when picking the best couch covers for dogs. Using my knowledge and hours of research, I have found the best furniture covers for pets. So, let’s take a closer look.

Best OverallBest Waterproof BlanketBest Style
Sanmadrola Waterproof Couch CoverPetAmi Sherpa Fleece Waterproof BlanketMxaeyr Waterproof Sofa Cover
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Read ReviewRead ReviewRead Review

Couch Covers Do Not Prevent Flea Infestations

Sofa covers for pets do not prevent flea infestations. Another way to ensure your home is clean and pest-free is to consider a flea and tick subscription. This helps to prevent your pup from bringing something into your home. Once they are in, fleas are challenging to control and evict. One of my family members’ cats brought fleas into their home, and the house quickly became infested. It took months before they exterminated them. So, pet owners need to take extra steps to prevent this from happening.

4 Tips To Pick The Ideal Couch Cover For Dogs

Dog laying on back on a sofa cover on a sofa.
Image credit: Christine Bird, Shutterstock

My velvet yellow couch and pink armchairs have seen it all, from wrestling matches to material chewing, unexpected accidents, and, to my dislike, a canine cleaning station. I’ve learned a thing or two about picking furniture covers for pets, so my advice is to consider these factors before you choose one.

1. Durable Material

The material you pick should be durable and withstand heavy use and paw scratches. There’s little point in choosing a thin linen or silk cover. Some of the best options are made with polyester, a tough, machine-washable material. Look for a well-made cover with toughened stitching. But remember that there is no such thing as a dog-proof couch cover. Sofa covers should also be comfortable rather than stiff or crunchy. Learn how to trim your dog’s nails to keep your pup healthy and to help extend the life of your sofa protector.

2. Easy To Clean

It’s essential to pick sofa covers for pets that are easy to clean, preferably machine washable. Every cover I have chosen is machine washable, and some can be put in the dryer. However, a few options on the market are not machine washable, and this isn’t a must for every pet owner. For me, the reason for using a couch cover is to protect the sofa and because they are easier to wash than the sofa itself.

If your pet sheds a lot, you should invest in pet hair removers for your laundry. When you wash your cover, throw a few pet hair catchers in the machine to remove as much hair as possible. And because dog owners cannot escape doggy hair, I like to keep a lint roller by my front door and in the vehicle for a last-minute hair dust-off.

3. Waterproof

Ideally, the couch cover you choose should be waterproof. All dogs have accidents, whether you have a puppy, adolescent, adult, or senior pup. Investing in a waterproof cover extends the longevity of your sofa and prevents odors from penetrating your furniture. Some covers are water-resistant, and some don’t offer any protection.

If you can smell pet pee or other liquids on your carpet or couch, check out our guide on how to remove the smell of dog pee. Many of our product recommendations can also be used on sofas and tested by our team.

4. Fit

It’s essential to choose the right size for your sofa. If it’s too small, it’s useless; if it’s too big, your pup will use it as a blanket or pull it off anyway. Be sure to measure your sofa according to the specific product instructions to find the best fit. Some options come with adjustable straps, which is great. Before I jump into my reviews of the best furniture covers for pets, watch this short video of a gorgeous pup getting stuck in their couch cover.

8 Best Couch Covers For Dogs

Investing in a couch cover is a small expense to protect your furniture. The best pet odor neutralizers can also help, too. I have scoured the web for the best couch covers to protect your furniture from your furry family member’s antics. I’ve only chosen options that use high-quality materials, are easy to wash, and are highly rated by customers or our team.

Best Overall: Sanmadrola Waterproof Couch Cover Review

Sanmadrola Waterproof Couch Cover

View At Walmart

I have picked Sanmadrola’s couch cover as my favorite sofa protector for dogs because it ticks almost every box. It is 100% waterproof and keeps your furniture fresh and clean thanks to five layers of advanced polyester technology. The soft, quilted material means it is super comfortable, which is crucial. The underside of the cover features non-slip silicone dots, and it also has adjustable elastic straps to keep it in place. These straps help to keep your pup safe from slipping. This eco-friendly cover is easy to clean and machine washable on a gentle, cold wash.

It’s available in six neutral colors, meaning it fits well into most decors, and in four sizes (chair, loveseat, sofa, and oversized sofa). This product has a free 90-day return guarantee, which is reassuring for buyers. This highly rated option has almost no criticisms, with the only minor gripe being that it was smaller than expected. But with the correct measurements, this shouldn’t be an issue. The covers hang over the armrest, offering additional cover where couches experience lots of wear, extending the life of your couch. It is also reasonably priced and offers excellent value for money.

100% waterproofSome reviews mention it is slightly smaller than expected (just be sure to measure correctly)
5-layer durable fabric
Comfortable quilt style
Features non-slip silicone dots
Adjustable elastic straps
Machine washable
Available in a range of colors and sizes
Has armrest pockets for storage
Reasonably priced & 90-day guarantee


Best Waterproof: PetAmi Sherpa Fleece Waterproof Blanket Review

PetAmi Sherpa Fleece Waterproof Blanket.

View on Amazon | View At Chewy

PetAmi designed this blanket with pets in mind. It is made from Sherpa fleece, offering your pup ultimate comfort. The textured waffle pattern creates an extra snuggly feel and looks luxurious. It blends well into most rooms and decors rather than sticking out as a pet blanket. This blanket stands out from similar products because it’s reinforced with a special waterproof lining. Customers praise that it protects their furniture from shedding, urine, and stains.

PetAmi’s blanket is machine washable, and you can tumble-dry it on a low setting. Only a few reviews mention that it retains water during washing, and they had to spin it several times before it could go into the dryer. It is an excellent couch cover for pets, but this versatile option can also be used in dog crates or as a standard pet blanket. The stitched edging makes it more durable, too. This soft and cozy blanket comes in six colors and three sizes: medium, large, and extra large. I recommend choosing the extra-large option to cover a larger section of the sofa.

Made with Sherpa fleece for extra comfortDoesn’t have any straps or non-slip backing to keep it in place
Has a waterproof liningSome reviewers mention it can be difficult to dry
Wide range of colors and sizes
Versatile pet blanket
Machine washable & tumble-dry friendly
Durable stitching


Best Stylish Couch Cover: Mxaeyr Waterproof Sofa Cover Review

Mxaeyr Waterproof Sofa Cover

View on Amazon

Mxaeyr’s couch cover is my top pick for a stylish option. Some pet-safe couch covers look just like that: a seat cover. But this option has a luxurious appearance, which is great for any pet owner who wants their cover to blend into their stylish home. This couch cover comes in eight styles, each with a minimalist double-color design.

The thick, durable polyester fabric is soft and comfortable, with a bit of elasticity to keep it in shape. The back cover has a non-skid silicone backing with elastic loops to keep it in place. Its one-piece construction offers complete protection from pet scratches and stains, extending your sofa’s life. It is also machine washable on a cold cycle and can be tumble-dried by low heat. Only a few customers mentioned it felt stiff when they first put it on their sofa, but it softened after one wash.

Very stylishMore expensive than others
Available in 8 colorsSome customers say it felt stiff on first use
Thick, comfortable & durable polyester
Non-slip backing and elastic loops
Machine washable & tumble-dry friendly
One-piece construction covers the entire couch


Best Stretch-To-Fit Couch Cover: Mainstays Waterproof Stretch-To-Fit Sofa Slipcover Review

Mainstays Waterproof Stretch-to-Fit Sofa Slipcover

View At Walmart

Mainstays slipcover is one of the highest-rated stretch-to-fit slipcovers I found during my research. Unlike many other stretch-to-fit options, it is 100% waterproof, thanks to the thermoplastic polyurethane lamination. The soft material is made from 96% polyester and 4% spandex to help it cling to the couch’s shape.

The textured tan design is visually pleasing and fits sofas between 74″ and 96″ wide. This product’s only complaint is that more choice of colors and sizes would be better. The one-piece construction makes it easy to apply and protect your entire sofa. Remove the cover and throw it into the machine to keep it looking new.

Covers entire couchIt only comes in 1 size & color
100% waterproof
Textured material looks more stylish than other stretch-to-fit options
Machine washable


Best Budget: Funny Fuzzy Chenille Couch Cover Review

Funny Fuzzy Chenille Couch Cover

View At Amazon | View on FunnyFuzzy

This is my favorite couch cover for those on a budget, and it looks very smart, too. This furniture protector starts at just over $15. It is made from high-quality chenille fabric with a classic herringbone pattern, which offers comfort for you and your pooch. The fabric has a non-slip backing, which helps to keep it in place. However, some reviewers mention it didn’t stay in place as well as they would have liked. This couch cover is available in nine colors, each in the sophisticated herringbone style. It also comes in 17 different sizes, so you can easily find the best fit for your furniture.

Great priceSome reviewers mention that it doesn’t stay in place
Comfortable chenille fabricNot waterproof
High-quality look and feel
Good range of colors and sizes
It has a non-slip backing


Our Experience With Funny Fuzzy Couch Cover

Georgie sitting on funny fuzzy sofa cover.
Georgie loves sitting on the sofa cover, and mom loves how it looks (and stays in place).
Photo by Sadie Cornelius for Canine Journal © Cover Story Media, Inc. 2024.

We tried several options to protect our sofa from dirty paws and hair debris. After years of draping a blanket over the furniture, we decided to try some covers especially made for our sofa. We measured and ordered the correct size and color of Funny Fuzzy’s herringbone chenille furniture protector, and it works perfectly. I love that it blends in with the look of our existing sofa, and you can hardly tell there’s anything there. It has a rubber grip backing and doesn’t slide even after our dog jumps on and off (and we sit on it, too). We machine-washed it, and the cover held up well with the stitched edges, and the rubber still works. We’ve already recommended them to other dog parents who noticed how stylish and functional it was (and are considering ordering another for the back panel, too).

Sadie Cornelius, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Mom & Marketing For Canine Journal

Best Couch Cover For Corners: Sofa Shield Store Sectional Slip Corner Cover Review

Sofa Shield Store Sectional Slip Corner Cover

View At Amazon

This product is for the best seat in the house, the cozy corner that my two dogs and I race for. The corner can be tricky to protect, but I have found the perfect solution for this awkward sofa section. Sofa Shield’s sectional slip corner sits nicely on a 30″ by 30″ seat, although the adjustable straps mean there is wiggle room for different measurements. The two-inch thick straps are a patented design with durable hooks made from premium zinc alloy.

It comes in 14 different colors, some of which are reversible, with a different shade to choose from. Sofa Shield offers a range of couch covers to match the corner couch cover, which is great if you’ve got an L-shaped couch. No more overlapping covers or leaving the corner exposed. Some users state it is not water-resistant. So, if this is important to you, consider another option or use a waterproof layer underneath the cover to protect your couch.

Protection for tricky cornersNot recommended for leather furniture
Adjustable, thick straps to keep it in placeSome users state it is not water-resistant
It comes in 14 colors
You can purchase matching covers for the rest of your couch
Great choice for L-shape sofas


Best Couch Cover For Chairs: PureFit Reversible Sofa Cover Review

PureFit Reversible Sofa Cover

View At Amazon

If your pooch has a soft spot for the armchair, PureFit offers a few armchair cover options. There are covers for small and large recliners and small to medium armchairs. They also come in a wide range of colors, and they are all quilted for comfort thanks to three layers of anti-tear polyester and are reversible. Some options have two shades so you can change the feel of the room.

Each size has long armrest covers with pockets, which are handy for keeping remote controls, books, and other items that often go missing. The anti-slip elastic back strap ensures the cover stays in place, although some reviews state it didn’t always remain secure. This option is machine washable, can be ironed and put in the dryer, and has a six-month warranty. Thanks to the range of size options, this is a great choice for pet families looking to protect their entire suite.

Covers for a range of chair & sofa sizesSome reviews state it slips despite the straps
It comes in a wide range of colors
Made with anti-tear fabric that is great for pets
It has anti-slip elastic straps
Armrests have side pockets for storage
Machine, dryer & iron friendly
It comes with a 6-month warranty


Best Dog Bed For The Couch: Frisco Bolster Bed Couch Cover Review

Frisco Bolster Bed Couch Cover

View At Chewy

This option is for dogs who want to join you on the sofa but enjoy their own space or need an extra comfort boost. Frisco’s bolster bed provides Fido with their own bed, but you place it on the sofa with you. Talk about luxury! This bed is made with soft, fleece material and looks snuggly. The polyester-filled arms offer a great headrest for additional support.

The long panel at the front extends down, providing extra coverage for your couch or chair. You can chuck it in the machine for an easy and convenient clean. This option does not offer protection against liquids, but it does prevent wear and tear and is a good option for dogs who like to dig and “nest.” The downside to this bed is that it has no non-slip dots or straps to keep it in place, which may be unsafe for a senior dog.

Dog bed-style couch protectorOnly covers one section of the couch
Made with soft, snuggly materialNo non-slip features
Offers headrests for FidoNot liquid resistant
Machine washable
Great for dogs who like their own space or extra comfort


Retailer-Specific Furniture Covers For Pets

Whether you have a sofa from Ethan Allen, Williams Sonoma, or Crate & Barrel, most of the above options have a style and size to suit almost any couch. If you have an Ikea sofa, my research shows that you should avoid stretch-to-fit covers and opt for one of the quilted options with adjustable straps or one of the all-in-one or blanket options. Ikea primarily sells modern and square-style sofas, so you might want to pick a specific Ikea couch cover for dogs. They sell their furniture protectors in a range of fabrics and colors.

Extra Protection Against Pet Stains For Couches: Furniture Clinic Carpet & Upholstery Protector Review

Furniture Clinic Carpet & Upholstery Protector

View At Amazon

If you’re looking for extra protection, you can treat the couch with a protective solution. There are many options out there. My top pick is Furniture Clinic, not only because it is safe around Fido and children but also because it has protected my couch against stains and pet accidents on many occasions. It is a water-based solution made from plant extracts. The care kit comes with a cleaner and protector, and it is versatile and suitable for all materials.

The Good Housekeeping Institute evaluated the products and, after rigorous testing, granted them its prestigious Good Housekeeping seal of approval. The protector prevents contaminants from soaking into the fabric. Some of the reviews state that it didn’t work on their upholstery. However, you must be liberal with the solution to get complete protection.

My Experience With Furniture Clinic

white dog sitting on yellow sofa with cleaner bottle spray jpg
Here is a photo of my dog Bonkers posing next to a bottle of Furniture Clinic on the sofa he almost ruined.
Photo by Emma Braby for Canine Journal © Cover Story Media, Inc. 2024.

I bought a mustard velvet sofa when I moved into my new home. I had reservations about splurging on a sofa because I have two dogs, a toddler, two teenage stepdaughters, and a self-confessed clumsy husband. A friend recommended the Furniture Clinic carpet and upholstery care kit. I carefully followed the instructions and covered the entire sofa with the solutions. I didn’t skimp on the product and used half the bottle.

I am so glad I did because three weeks after receiving the sofa, my dog Bonkers was trying to get comfy and, in the process, headbutted a glass of red wine all over the cushion. To my astonishment, the wine didn’t penetrate the material, and after a few wipes with a clean, warm, damp cloth, the mark disappeared completely. I couldn’t believe it. This fabric cleaner and protector saved my couch.

Emma Braby, Dog Mom & Writer For Canine Journal


Frequently Asked Questions

We know that many of our readers have further questions about the best sofa covers for pets and how to protect their furniture. If you don’t see your question below, please ask us in the comments, and we’ll find the answer for you.

How Often Should I Wash A Couch Cover?

How often you wash your couch cover depends on various factors and preferences. I wash mine every month or more if they become particularly dirty or during the shedding seasons. If you have a hairy and adventurous pup or pups who spend a lot of time on the sofa, you should wash the covers more. If you have one dog who is a low-shedding breed or one who rarely gets their paws muddy, you might wash them less. Most brands recommend washing the couch protectors at least every two to three months to keep the fabric clean and smelling fresh and to remove bacteria, allergens, dirt, and hair.

How Do I Measure For A Dog Sofa Protector?

Measure the dimensions of the couch, including the length, width, and height. To find the perfect fit, be sure also to measure the depth of the seat cushions and any armrests. Every couch cover is different, so follow the specific measurement instructions when buying one.

What Is The Best Heavy-Duty Couch Covers For Dogs?

My pick for the best heavy-duty couch covers for dogs is Sanmadrola or the all-in-one heavy-duty blanket by Mxaeyr. Both have thicker material that can withstand regular to heavy use, much better than some other options. Remember, there is no such thing as a completely dog-proof sofa cover, and with heavy use over time, all covers will eventually wear and tear.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Chewing The Couch?

Unfortunately, if you buy a cover to stop your dog from chewing the couch, they are more than likely to chew the cover and then continue with the sofa. Instead, you must address the root cause of this behavior and learn how to stop your dog from chewing.

Where Can I Find A Custom Couch Cover?

On rare occasions when the above recommendations don’t give you the perfect fit for your couch, you can order custom couch covers. They can be expensive, and you usually have to wait a few weeks for them, but they might be a better option, especially if you have a uniquely shaped sofa. Custom-Works states they can make slipcovers for any couch. They have a wide range of options in various pet-friendly materials, such as claw-proof velvet.

Can I Buy A Pet-Friendly Couch?

Yes, you can buy pet-friendly couches. If your couch is way past its best, why not consider a dog-friendly couch? Many modern couches are designed to suit modern families, including being pet-friendly with easy-to-clean, removable, and machine-washable covers. Merous’s stylish and pet-friendly couch is a great option for any family.

Keep The Rest Of Your Home Clean

Now that you’ve covered your couch, it might be time to “spring” clean the rest of your home. Learning which pet-safe cleaning products to use and how to avoid poisoning is essential. If you’re like me and struggle to keep up with the hair-tufts around the home, consider investing in a robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Alternatively, our experts have also reviewed some of the best vacuums for pet hair. Lastly, an air purifier for pets can improve the air quality in your home and help keep it feeling and smelling fresh.

Do you use couch covers to protect your sofa from canine stains and odors? Do you have any product recommendations or advice we should include in this guide? Please let us know in the comments below.

Why Trust Canine Journal?

Emma is a dog mom of two rescue dogs, a senior dog called Bonkers and a cheeky teenage Doxie named Chips. She regularly cares for family and friends’ dogs, too, and the couch is their favorite place. Emma has lots of hair and muddy paws to contend with, and she is always looking for ways to keep her home clean and keep dog messes under control. She works with a knowledgeable and dedicated team to bring the most up-to-date and relevant information, research, and product recommendations to help their readers make the right choices for them and their dogs.

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