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Best Harnesses For Pitbulls: Six Great No-Pull Options


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Looking for the best dog harness for your Pitbull? While Pitbulls are a breed with boundless love, they also tend to have boundless energy. With their stocky stature, Pitbulls are powerful dogs. To walk your dog safely, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment in hand.  If you plan to harness train your Pitbull, you’ll want to make sure you find the right harness for your pup’s size & energy level.

One of the best ways to stop dogs from pulling is to opt for a harness instead of a collar. It’s also far more comfortable while your pup is out for walks. There are plenty of different models that offer the strength, security, and durability that you need as a Pitbull owner.

Below we’ve compiled our extensive research to help you find the perfect fit for your pup. Each of these harnesses should provide peace of mind when walking your dog out in public. Choosing the right harness will help you to enjoy more quality time together and improve walks for everyone. Let’s jump in!

At a Glance: Our Favorite Pitbull Harnesses

Kurgo Dog Harness
Our Rating

Best Overall

Chai’s Choice Harness

Golden Retriever Female in Autumn Leaves
Our Rating

Tactical Pick

OneTigris Dog Harness

Mighty Paw Padded Harness
Our Rating

Budget Pick

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Buyer’s Guide

Pitbull in Dog Harness
There are several factors you’ll want to consider before buying a harness for your Pitbull.

Choosing the right harness for your pitbull can be a challenge. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to proper pet gear. However, there are a few main features to look out for when shopping for pitbull harnesses.

First let’s take a look at why harnesses can be a better choice than collars. This rings true even for breeds that notoriously are pullers, like the Pitbull.  Keep in mind that these harnesses can swap out and are a good option for Pitbull mixes that are similar in size.

Harnesses vs. Collars

Traditionally, most people use a leash and collar to walk their dog. These days, though, more and more trainers are recommending that owners swap out collars for harnesses. This is even more highly recommended with large and powerful dogs.

Several issues can arise when using collars with a dog such as a Pitbull. Our four-legged friends can suffer severe neck injuries from pulling on a collar. This can lead to long-term damage to the windpipe or trachea. In some cases, collars can even lead to choking and strangulation.

Switching from a collar to a harness can help to reduce the chance of neck or spinal injuries, especially for dogs who are prone to pulling.  Harnesses are effective for other short and stout breeds like the English Bulldog. It can also help to give you more control and reduced the chances of your pitty breaking free during a walk.


One of the main reasons to use a harness is safety. Pitbulls are powerful dogs with a strong prey drive. It’s crucial that you keep them under control when out in public to prevent accidental injuries or property damage.

The perfect Pitbull harness should fit your dog snugly so that he or she can’t wriggle out and break free. It’s best to look for models with an adjustable fit, especially with puppies. You can resize it as your dog grows, ensuring a perfect fit year after year.

It’s also a good idea to outfit your pitbull’s harness with ID tags. Each year, the American Humane Association estimates that around one in every three pets, or more than 10 million cats and dogs, are lost in the U.S. every year. In the event that your pitbull manages to break free and runoff, it will be much easier to locate your pet.


Pitbulls have a lot of power. As most Pitbull owners already know, this often means a short life for pet gear. Because they are aggressive chewers, everything from chew toys to food bowls need to be robust enough to hold up to heavy wear and tear. You should always opt for a heavy-duty model designed for larger dogs, and think about an anti-pulling option for your dog.

The material is one of the most important considerations when it comes to durability. Some of the best fabrics for harnesses include nylon, polyester, and leather. It’s also a good idea to look closely at the stitching.

Whether machine or man-made, the stitching on harnesses should use strong, high-quality thread, there should be no sign of missed stitches or frayed edges. Otherwise, excessive straining may break the harness.


The perfect Pitbull harness isn’t perfect if it doesn’t fit. If it’s made of the wrong material, it can end up making walks unpleasant for your pup. You want to find an option that doesn’t chafe, overheat, or cause hair loss. It’s best to look for a model that offers interior padding, especially around rough edges and sensitive areas.

Padding should be made of a gentle material such as cotton, lined foam, or fleece. In addition to being soft, it should also be breathable. Each year, hundreds of pets suffer from heatstroke that can lead to long-term damage or even death.

While pitbulls have short hair, it’s still easy for them to overheat in hot or humid climates. It’s best to look for a harness that uses fabrics that allow for airflow over the back and torso to keep your pup cool and comfortable.

Attachment Points

While a collar forces you to lead from the neck, different types of harness attachments give you options. There are harnesses specially designed to stop your pitbull from pulling against its lead during walks. These harnesses have a front or side attachment point.

While an attachment point at the back of the neck can strain a dog’s spinal cord, a frontal or side attachment translates energy to the side. It allows you to keep your dog under control by working actively to prevent forward motion. This style is designed to go to the side when your pitbull pulls, directing your pup back toward you.

Top Harnesses for Pitbulls

Tri Colored Dog Outdoors
Below are our favorite dog harnesses for active Pitbull pups.

Every Pitbull is different and typically so is the size and need for a proper training harness.  We’ve put together a compehensive list that will help guide your purchase decisions.  Each one of these brands/models is battle-tested and can hold up to the durability that your dog will need during morning and evening walks.

No matter what type of pitbull or pitbull terrier mutt you have, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite harnesses for pitbull owners who want to spend some time outdoors with their four-legged friend. As mentioned earlier, these harnesses are also good choices for some types of pit mixes that are the same size.

Chai’s Choice Dog Harness

Kurgo Dog Harness Black
  • FIve different sizes.
  • Nine different color combinations.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Reflective for low-light conditions.
  • O-ring on front discourages pulling.
  • Rear handle for maximum control.

This stylish lead is designed to handle even the wiliest of dogs, with an escape-proof design that includes four adjustable points to help you get a snug, comfortable fit. The Chai’s Choice harness is suitable for pitbulls with a chest size between 27 and 32 inches.

The chest piece is padded with a soft sponge material. This will help to prevent chafing and evenly distribute weight. A lightweight mesh lining around the chest and belly will also help to keep your pup cool during warm-weather walks.

The outer layer is made of a durable and scratch-resistant Oxford material. A lightweight Duraflex buckle allows for control over even large pitbulls by helping to improve the strength and dispersion of the harness.

The Chai’s ergonomic design is not only made to be comfortable for your pitbull but also you. You can easily put on and remove the harness simply by slipping it over your dog’s head and attaching the straps with a single click.

Nylon webbing with 3M reflective trim helps to make you and your dog more visible. This is helpful when walking at night or in low-light conditions. This feature can help to reduce the risk of an accident, especially if your route takes you near any major motorways.

We love that this harness has four adjustable points to allow for a snug, custom fit.  The foam padding and mesh lining keep your dog cool and comfortable.  The ergonomic design allows for an easy single-click fit.  The reflective trim also makes you and your pup more visible in low light conditions.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Easy Walk by PetSafe Blue
  • Comes with seatbelt attachment.
  • Crash-tested for up to 75 pounds.
  • Engineered after harnesses for rock climbers.
  • Made for maximum durability.
  • Rear section acts as a handle for control.
  • D-ring attachment upfront to prevent pulling.
  • Comfortable for long walks.

When riding in the car, it’s important to keep your dog restrained for both their safety and your own. According to the American Automobile Association, only around 16% of pet owners properly secure their pooch when driving.

This harness functions as both a walking aid and a car restraint system. It’s designed with safety in mind, with crash-test ratings for dogs up to 75 lbs. It’s been engineered using the same tech used in rock-climbing gear, ensuring the harness can withstand significant pressure.

There are two adjustable sizes to choose from, depending on your pitbull’s physique. The medium model fits dogs with a neck circumference between 16 and 25 inches, while the large fits pups with a neck between 18 and 28 inches.

The Kurgo is compatible with just about any car, boasting strong steel-nested buckles and a broad, padded chest plate that evenly distributes weight. The model even includes a 10-inch seatbelt tether with a sturdy steel carabiner.

We love that this harness can be used both in the car and on walks. It’s also been crash tested for large dogs (including Pits).  It uses the same technology in belts and buckles that rock climbers use, and it includes a seatbelt tether for traveling safely.  It will fit a wide range of Pitbull sizes, making it ideal for puppies.

Babyltrl Big Dog Harness

Tri Colored Dog Outdoors
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Four different sizes.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Quick-snap buckles.
  • Reflective straps.
  • Rear handle for additional control.
  • Breathable fabric.

This harness is highly adjustable and designed to accommodate larger dogs such as pitbulls with a chest size between 22 and 35 inches. Its design distributes weight evenly to help prevent choking in dogs that tend to pull. It’s made of a lightweight nylon Oxford material that won’t weigh your pup down or overheat them during walks. Reflective accents make it easier to see both of you during walks in low light.

Unlike most harnesses, the Babyltrl has a triangular anti-tear design that places straps closer to the neck instead of around the body. This means it’s more resistant to straining and snapping when a dog pulls against it. Quick-snap buckles make the Babyltrl easy to take on and off without a hassle. Both snaps can be locked for a more secure fit.

The harness features a D-ring leash attachment that’s slightly further back than that of competitors, putting less pressure on your dog when they pull. For even more control, the Babyltrl also offers a sturdy nylon handle in the back. This feature gives you an easily accessible point to handle and control your pup when necessary.

We love that this harness fits a wide range of sizes, making it ideal for growing pups.  The D-ring attachment and back handle give you the enhanced control that you need, and the triangluar anti-tear design prevents escape and improves safety.  It’s also easy to get on and off with the quick snap buckles.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

  • Multiple color combinations.
  • Two different leash points.
  • Four adjustment points for fit.
  • Reflective trim for low light conditions.
  • ID tag storage pocket.
  • Durable shell fabric.
  • Comfortable for everyday wear.

This harness boasts an easy, everyday design that’s intended for extended wear in all weather. Materials are lightweight and durable, while foam-padded strips across the chest and belly help to reduce pressure and enhance comfort. This feature makes the Ruffwear ideal for an all-day outing.

This harness easily slips over your dog’s head and can be fastened with one quick clip. There are 18 leash attachment points that you can use depending on your pitbull’s walking tendencies, and 4 points of adjustment to allow for the best possible fit.

An aluminum ring in the back and a webbing loop on the chest help to keep your dog comfortable and contained during walks. These features stand up to pups that pull and give you just a little bit more control while on the move.

For peace of mind, this harness offers an ID pocket to allow you to store your dog’s tags for easy identification. There are also bright, reflective trim elements that will help to make your dog more easily visible to passing pedestrians and motorists alike.

We love that the comfortable materials make this model a great choice for all-day wear.  There are 18 leash attachments and 4 points of adjustment to give you complete control over fit.  The aluminum leash ring and webbing loop help enhance your control.  It also has a built-in ID pocket that protects your pup in the event he gets loose.

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Multiple colors and pattern combinations.
  • Four different sizes.
  • Two metal leash attachments.
  • Strong buckles.
  • No-rip nylon material.
  • Padded mesh fabric.

This everyday harness is made to hold up to overenthusiastic dogs and larger breeds such as pitbulls. It’s made of a strong yet lightweight no-rip 1200D Oxford nylon with padding designed to reduce chafing. There are four adjustment points that allow you to fit the harness to your dog’s body. You can also choose between four separate sizes that fit dogs with chests between 17 and 38 inches.

The overall design is intended to help discourage leash-pulling and train your dog to walk politely. A metal clip on the front, an additional D-ring on the back, and a handle on the top all help to give you the maximum amount of control. Carefully placed reflective strips help to make you and your dog more visible, even at night. You can also find it in several bright colors for better daytime visibility.

We love that this harness has plenty of adjustable size options to fit pitbull chests anywhere between 17 and 38 inches.  The Oxford Nylon is resistant to ripping or breaking, and there’s four adjustment points for greater versatility.

Rabbitgoo No-pull Dog Harness

BabyTRL Harness Husky
  • Multiple color options.
  • Four different sizes.
  • No-pull and no-choke design.
  • Engineered for comfort.
  • Four adjustable straps.
  • Breathable mesh for long walks.
  • Easy-on overhead harness.

The Rabbitgoo dog harness is specifically designed with a d-ring attachment at the front to prevent pulling. It’s extremely budget-friendly, and will stop even the most aggressive puller in their tracks. A medium or large should fit your Pitbull, depending on their size.

This harness comes in four different sizes and has ten different color options. This will allow you to style your pup according to their personality. It’s also designed to also prevent choking and evenly distributes pressure across your dog’s entire body.

This harness is equipped with four easily adjustable straps around the body, allowing you to give your pup a perfect fit. It has a fully padded chest area that’s covered in a breathable mesh fabric. It comes equipped with two different quick release buckles making it extremely easy to get on your dog, and get it back off without hassle.

We love the budget-friendly price point on this harness. Rabbitgoo doesn’t sacrifice quality for budget either, and there’s a good chance this harness will last your pup for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I train my Pitbull to use a harness?

    Your pitbull may not like wearing its harness at first. You’ll need to take small steps to get your pup used to the idea. First, allow them to sniff the harness and gently play with it. Work your way up to putting the harness on your dog. Don’t go outside for any walks just yet.

    Allow your dog to wander around the house in their harness for longer periods. Allow them to start feeling comfortable. Once your pitbull can run around the yard in its harness, you’re ready to start going for walks.

  • How old does my Pitbull need to be to use a harness?

    Harnesses can be used at just about any age. As soon as your pup is ready for leash training, you can begin harness training. Just make sure to purchase a harness that’s adjustable so that you can increase the size as your puppy grows.

  • How long can I leave on my Pitbull’s harness?

    Generally, you can leave harnesses on adult dogs on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. They’re more comfortable than collars. They also have less of a chance of snagging and damaging your dog’s trachea.

    If your dog tends to treat everything as a chew toy, however, leaving its harness on at all times may not be a good idea. Even the most durable options can’t hold up to persistent teeth. You may find yourself having to replace your dog’s harness more often than necessary.

    If you have a puppy, you shouldn’t leave its harness on for more than an hour or two at a time. Make sure to take the harness off when not in use. Wearing it too frequently can affect a growing puppy’s bone development.

  • How strong does my Pitbull’s harness need to be?

    Pitbulls are pullers. You’ll want to buy a harness that can hold them back, especially when they pull.  Just like buying a crate that’s made for Pitbulls, you’ll need something that can roperly contain their activity levels.

  • Should my Pitbull use a running harness?

    If you plan to go running with your Pitbull to get some energy out, we’d recommend getting a harness that’s specifically designed for running.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial that you have the perfect Pitbull harness equiped when the two of you are enjoying time out and about in public. While Pitbulls are beautiful, loving creatures, they’re also a powerful breed with a strong prey drive.  You want to make sure you get the right fit that’s not meant for a smaller breed.

For the sake of your own safety, that of your pup, and of anyone who happens to be around you, it’s crucial that you find the right walking gear. A harness is one of the best ways to keep your pitbull secure, comfortable, and controlled as you go about your day together.

If you’re interested in getting a new harness for your pitbull, it’s important that you do your research. For a good everyday Pitbull harness, we recommend Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Harness. In terms of versatility and durability, it beats out much of the competition. It’s comfortable for your dog while giving you complete control during your walking time.

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