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Does your dog suffer from urination incontinence or excitement? It’s a common problem for dogs, so you’re not alone. To help with the mess, you can check out some of the best dog diapers on the market.

We’ve also reviewed disposable and reusable doggie diapers, so if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly alternative, we’ve got you covered. Are you looking for a diaper for your female dog who is in heat? These diapers can work for her as well. So many uses but also so many choices.

Article Overview

Why Is Your Dog Having Trouble Holding It?

There are many reasons your dog may be having trouble holding their pee, but most reports come with aging or illness. However, there are other reasons your dog may need a diaper, too, especially when females are in heat. From hormone imbalance and urinary tract disorders to prostate dysfunction and diabetes, the reasons are numerous.

If you see a sudden change in your dog’s inability to control their urine, you should probably schedule a visit to the vet to get an examination of the issue and make sure it’s not a symptom of something more serious.

Dog Diapers: Male vs Female

When choosing a doggie diaper, you’ll want to consider the style. Most female diapers work for males, but it’s not the case that all male diapers work for females. Female diapers have an underwear style to them, similar to a baby’s diaper. Whereas a male’s diaper is typically in the shape of a long rectangle that wraps from their private area and fastens on their mid to low back.

Reusable: Luxury Reusable Dog Diapers Review

 Luxury Reusable Dog DiapersView on Amazon

Does your dog keep having accidents, but you don’t want to be so wasteful? Disposable dog diapers aren’t for everyone, that’s why there are reusable puppy diapers. These washable diapers are for those of you wanting to be more environmentally friendly.

You will also likely spend less money in the end because you won’t be buying diapers every week. Instead, you can get a supply of these (which is more money upfront) and use them repeatedly.

These doggy diapers can be used on males or females, and they have a hole for your furry friend’s tail. These diapers are machine washable and easy to wrap onto your dog. They can help puppies who are not potty trained, females in heat, or dogs who suffer from urinary incontinence or excitement.

They have a waterproof outer layer to keep the diaper from leaking, and the softness of these diapers compared to disposable dog diapers may help your pup adjust to wearing it since there’s no crinkle sound when they move.



  • Come in fun colors (purple, green, and blue)
  • Machine washable
  • Velcro closures don’t stick to fur
  • Waterproof outer layer
  • May help you save money in the long run
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hole for tail
  • No wetness indicator


Pricing below is for a three pack of diapers.

 Waist MeasurementsPrice
Extra SmallNewborn puppies $12.57 ($4.19 / Count)
Small8-15 inches $12.00 ($4.00 / Count)
Medium14-22 inches $19.99 ($6.66 / Count)
Large17-26 inches $21.99 ($7.33 / count)

Males: Veterinarian’s Best Comfort-Fit Review

Veterinarian's Best Comfort-Fit View on Amazon

Does your male dog suffer from urinary incontinence, male marking, or urinating when he’s excited? If so, these male dog diapers could help you and him.

These diapers have a wetness indicator that changes color when wet, so you don’t have to change his diaper unnecessarily. Each Veterinarian’s Best Comfort-Fit Wrap has fur-safe fasteners, so you don’t pull your dog’s hair. They also have a leak barrier and repositionable closures to help get the right fit.



  • Wetness indicator changes color when wet
  • Can be loosened or tightened easily at the waist for a better fit
  • Leak barrier
  • Fur-safe fasteners
  • None found


Each package includes 12 diapers.

 Sample BreedsWaist MeasurementsPrice
SmallTiny Puppies
Toy Breeds
12-18 inches $9.99 ($0.83 / Count)
Miniature poodle
18-23.5 inches $16.99 ($1.42 / Count)
LargeBull Terrier
Golden Retriever
23.5-31.5 inches Check Amazon for availability

Females: Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diaper Review

Simple Solution Disposable Dog DiaperView on Amazon

If you need diapers for dogs in heat, then these Simple Solution diapers work perfectly. They also work for urinary incontinence or if she urinates when she’s excited.

Each diaper has a comfortable leg fit and fur-friendly fasteners that can be repositioned. There’s even a hole for the tail to go so she can wag away. These female dog diapers have leakproof protection, so you don’t have to worry about any spills. They also have optional disposable liners that you can purchase for additional protection.



  • Leakproof protection
  • Fur-friendly fasteners
  • Hole for tail
  • No wetness indicator


Each package includes 30 diapers.

 Sample BreedsWaist MeasurementsWeightPrice
XX SmallTiny Puppies
Smallest Toy Breeds
6-12 inchesUp to 4 lbsN/A
X SmallYoung Puppies
Toy Breeds
10-13 inches4-8 lbsN/A
13-19 inches8-15 lbs $28.99
Miniature Poodle
18-25 inches15-35 lbs $32.99 ($1.10 / Count)
LargeBasset Hound
Bull Terrier
20-27 inches35-55 lbsN/A
X LargeGerman Shepherd
25-35 inches55-90 lbsN/A

Other Doggie Diapers

Didn’t find what you were looking for above? Below are some of the other best dog diapers we found and reviewed during our research.

OUT! Disposable Diapers Review

OUT! Disposable DiapersView on Amazon

If you were unable to get the sizing needed for the Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers for females (recommended above), then you may be able to get a reliable secondary option with Out! Check and see if your pup’s size is available.



  • Leak protection
  • Adjustable strips
  • Tail hole
  • No wetness indicator


 Waist MeasurementsWeightDiapers IncludedPrice
Extra Small13-16 inches4-8 lbs18 Check Amazon for availability
XS-S13-18 inches4-15 lbs16 $8.74 ($0.55 / Count)
M-L18-25 inches15-40 lbs14 Check Amazon for availability

Simple Solution Washable Male Wrap Review

Simple Solution Washable Male WrapView on Amazon

These Simple Solution washable dog diapers are for males, and they wrap around their bellies. They have adjustable strips so they fit your dog correctly and comfortably. They are blue to give your dog a bit of a fashion statement.



  • Washable
  • Adjustable strips
  • Leak protection
  • No wetness indicator


Price is for one diaper.

SmallUp to 15 lbs $9.38
Medium15-45 lbs $10.00
Large35-90 lbs $14.34

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers Review

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog DiapersView on Amazon

There are five different sizes available for the Wagreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers. The outside is eco-friendly and waterproof, made from the same material as washable baby cloth diapers. The interior is made of birdseye mesh fabric (also used in baby clothes), and the middle layers are microfiber to add absorbency.



  • Washable
  • Leak protection
  • Adjustable strips
  • No wetness indicator


Pricing below is for three diapers.

 Waist MeasurementsPrice
X Small9-13 inches $11.99 ($4.00 / Count)
Small13-16 inches $11.99 ($4.00 / Count)
Medium16-20 inches $20.99 ($7.00 / Count)
Large20-25 inches $16.99 ($5.66 / Count)
X Large25-34 inches $24.99 ($8.33 / Count)

How To Measure Your Dog For A Diaper? (Video)

The video below shows how to measure your dog for a diaper. Some of the measurements may not be necessary for the diapers we’ve reviewed in this article. So after you’ve chosen a diaper for your dog, see which measurements you need to purchase the appropriate size.

Trying To Potty Train?

These diapers can also help with potty training but don’t lean on them too much, or you will regret it. A dog (or kid) who has too many props will not learn the proper potty training method. We suggest using them on long car rides with a puppy who is still learning or an older dog who has trouble holding it.

If your dog has an accident, you will want to use a UV flashlight to locate the exact spot and clean up with a top-ranked odor cleaning product.

But if you’re at home, we suggest using a dog toilet. But with the dog toilet, don’t lean on it too much, or it may become a crutch too and end up preventing your dog from becoming house-trained.

What questions do you have about doggie diapers?