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Best Dog Foods For Pomeranians: Puppies, Adults & Seniors


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Just because this little guy is the smallest of the Spitz breeds, does not mean his nutritional needs are any less or easier. When you think of a big dog personality stuck inside a tiny dog body, the Pomeranian is definitely one of those dogs! This purebred pup is expensive, so finding the best dog food for your Pomeranian, no matter what stage of life is absolutely critical.

Being a toy dog, who weighs only 3 to 7 pounds in weight when fully grown, he has specific nutritional needs similar to most other toy dogs. Being much different from that of a standard-sized or large dog breed, it is important that you take the time to understand exactly what his tiny body and big personality need from his bowl.

Our recommendations have won the seal of approval set by the Association of American Food Control Officials, and they are all highly regarded by many small dog breed owners across the world, so you know your feisty little Pom is in good hands. Let’s take a closer look at what this little fluffball needs.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Foods for the Pomeranian

Science Diet Adult Small Paws
Our Rating

Best For Puppies

Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws Puppy

The Farmer's Dog Food Products (3 flavors)
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Best For Adults

The Farmer’s Dog

Our Rating

Best For Seniors

Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws 11+

Pomeranian Puppy Nutrient Needs

Arguably one of the most important life stages, what you feed him as a puppy sets him up for a healthy body and life ahead, so be sure to feed him puppy formula that is specifically designed for smaller breeds. If you feed him anything else, it is likely that he misses out on the key nutrients that he needs. Puppy formulas ensures that there are high levels of docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and arachidonic acid (ARA), which are amino acids that are naturally found in mothers’ milk. They support healthy brain and eye development and overall well-being, and they can be found in egg products and fish oils.

The MSD Veterinary Manual recommends that puppies should be fed a high-quality kibble that contains a minimum protein content of 22%. It is important to look for meat or meat meals in the first 5 ingredients, and these proteins provide your puppy with the building blocks his body needs for muscle growth and puppy energy.

The MSD Veterinary Manual also suggests that food should contain a minimum fat content of 8% which allows him to grow into a healthy adult, as well as nourish his bones, joints, and coat, and omega fatty acids such as fish oils are a great source of these nutrients.

An optimum blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants also ensures that his immunity is supported as it develops and keep him fighting fit against illnesses and diseases. Because he is at risk of suffering from lower blood sugar levels, it is important to feed him his daily food allowance across 3 to 4 different meal sittings and be sure to check out the symptoms of Hypoglycemia.

Adult Pomeranian Nutrient Needs

A Pomeranian puppy keeps growing until the age of around 10 to 12 months, and at this point, you need to consider switching him to an adult fiid. Remember to make the transition a gradual process, otherwise, you risk upsetting his digestive system. It is also imperative that you look for an adult recipe specifically for a toy or small breed dogs, as they contain the best nutrients.

The most important concept to remember during his adult life stage is that he needs a well-balanced diet. The MSD Veterinary Manual suggests that food should provide him with a minimum protein content of 18% and a minimum fat content of 5%. It is also important to find a brand that provides him with a blend of omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that keep him healthy and happy.

When it comes to nutrition, it is important to take his individual needs into account too, which may determine which food you look for, for example, poultry-free, grain-free, high fiber etc. Generally, an adult Pomeranian should be fed around 3 meals a day, and a feeding routine should be established to assist in proper blood sugar level regulation.

Senior Pomeranian Nutrient Needs

Between the ages of 7 and 8, your Pomeranian starts to slow down and become less active because he is now considered to be a senior pooch. It is at this point that you should start thinking about switching him to a senior formula, and one that is specifically designed for toy or small breeds. Senior kibbles have a lower fat content and fewer calories, simply because he does not need as much energy now.

His digestive system struggles to digest high-fat contents and needs ingredients that are easier to digest. L-carnitine also assists his metabolism and also helps to decrease the chances of him becoming overweight in his less active years. Protein is still important, and more vitamins and minerals are needed to keep his immunity fighting fit, which comes in the form of fruits, vegetables, or extra added supplements.

Of course, a well-balanced diet is still key, but it is now important to focus on particular ingredients. Glucosamine and chondroitin are found in meat meals, animal organs, and fish oils, and they support his aging joints and bones. They also support his coat health, as do flaxseed and other omega fatty acids, so consider these too.

Best Foods For Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian puppy eating puppy food
Pomeranian puppies require a higher calorie count until they reach at least 12 months of age.

Pomeranian puppies are somewhat active until they reach 12-15 months of age.  Because of this, it’s imperative they are on a nutrient-packed puppy food that meets their nutritional needs. Typically most puppy foods have a higher calorie content, which allows your Pomeranian puppy to load up on extra calories while they are growing. Puppy food formulas are also enriched in certain antioxidants to help prevent your pup from becoming sick.

Because Poms are notorious for becoming overweight when their activity levels drop, you’ll likely want to start the transition to an adult formula dog food at the one-year mark.  While some breeds that are more active can stay on puppy foods for longer durations, Poms typically start to slow down activity-wise around that 12-month mark and you don’t want your pup to become overweight.  Let’s look at some of our favorite foods for Pom puppies below.

Hill's Science Diet Small Paws Puppy

  • Veterinarian endorsed brand.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Natural DHA from fish oils.
  • Antioxidants boost immune health.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 397 Calories per cup.
  • 24.5% Protein, 15.5% Fat, 3% Fiber.

This kibble lists Chicken meal as the first ingredient, and not only does that provide him with high levels of protein for muscle growth, but it also provides him with a source of glucosamine to look after his developing bone and joint health. Fish oil provides him with DHA, EPA, and ARA for his brain development, and with flaxseed and vitamin E supplements his coat is well cared for too. Science Diet frequently pops up on our list of favorite brands for smaller breeds compared to competitors.

We love that this recipe is made and recommended by Veterinarians across the world, and you can be sure that Hill’s understands the unique nutritional needs of small breeds.

Purina Pro Puppy Toy Breed

Purina Pro Adult Toy Dog Formula
  • Real chicken is the first ingredient.
  • Probiotics for digestive suport.
  • DHA for brain development.
  • Formulated for dogs under 10 pounds.
  • Higher calorie density for growing puppies.
  • 533 Calories per cup.
  • 34% Protein, 20% Fat, 3% Fiber.

Designed specifically for puppies who only reach 10 pounds or less in weight at maturity, the kibble pieces are extra small for the tiny mouth of the Pomeranian. Chicken is the first ingredient, and with fish meal also listed this kibble provides him with plenty of protein and oils for his joints and fluffy coat. DHA from egg products and an optimum blend of antioxidants provide his immune system with the vitamins and minerals it needs to develop healthily. .

We love that this recipe has the highest protein content, so you can be sure that he gets all the puppy growing power that he needs.

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Puppy

  • All-natural small breed puppy food.
  • Real meat is the first ingredient.
  • Contains no meat by-product.
  • Contains no fillers or artificial ingredients.
  • Contains blueberries, peas & carrots (Fiber).
  • Also contains sweet potatoes (antioxidants).
  • Smaller size kibble for smaller jaws.

From the Life Protection range, this puppy formula has LifeSource Bits mixed with the small kibble pieces that are made with an optimum blend of vitamins and minerals that small breed puppies need. Dried egg and fish oil contain DHA for his brain and eye development. Sweet potatoes, blackberries, and pomegranate supply all the antioxidants that his immune system needs to develop healthily, and with Chicken and Chicken meal being the first two ingredients it is a tasty recipe that puppies love.

We love that this kibble has the highest fiber content on our list, so if your Pom puppy has a particularly sensitive stomach or loose stools then this would make a great choice for him.

Canidae Pure Small Breed Puppy

Canidae Salmon Small Breed Adult
  • Grain-free formula.
  • Contains probiotics and antioxidants.
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • Salmon is the first ingredient.
  • Limited ingredient formula.
  • 525 Calories per cup.
  • 24% Protein, 13.5% Fat, 4% Fiber.

This limited ingredient recipe is made with only 8 key ingredients, which is a great option for those pups with a sensitive tummy. Salmon and salmon meal are the main protein sources and each kibble piece is coated with raw Salmon, which can be a big hit with your pups. It is the only grain-free recipe on this list, but peas, beans and lentils provide him with all the energy he needs.I  addition to the key ingredients, it is fortified with vitamins and minerals that small puppies need.

We love that this recipe is made with Salmon as the only protein source, so if your Pom is a little fussy or has Chicken intolerances then this is a great alternative.

Wellness Complete Small Breed Puppy

  • Contains no meat by-products or fillers.
  • First ingredient is real meat (turkey).
  • Supports small breed energy needs.
  • Calcium Supports bone development.
  • Contains blueberries & spinach (antioxidants).
  • Skin & coat support with Omega 3’s.
  • Made in the United States.

This recipe offers a well-balanced diet, and it concentrates on the skin, coat, energy, digestive health, eyes, teeth, gums, and immunity. The kibble pieces are bite-sized for smaller pups, and the first two ingredients are deboned Turkey and Chicken meal. With easy-to-digest ingredients such as chicory root, prebiotics, and probiotics, this recipe is gentle on his digestive tract and it is said to firm up loose stools and keep his digestive system regular. Wellness is frequently a food that gets compared against Blue Buffalo, so it’s not a surprise at all to see it here on this list.

We love that this recipe is made with his complete small breed puppy health in mind.

Best Foods For Adult Pomeranians

Pomeranian adult eating dog food
Pomeranians should start eating an adult formula dog food at about 12 months of age.

Once your Pomeranian Pup hits that 12-month mark, it’s time to start thinking through the transition to an adult formula food. Part of this is to taper back the calories, but part of it is because once they hit a year in age mark, their nutritional demands start to change. While Poms still remain active as adults, they start to express more of their couch potato habits at the one-year mark.

Adult poms are also known to have sensitive stomachs. It may take you a few times to get the right dog food for them once they turn a year old. They can also be notoriously picky about their food, so again, it requires patience as you transition them to the perfect food.  Let’s look at our favorite foods for adult Pomeranians in no particular order.

The Farmer's Dog

  • Cooked fresh, flash-frozen, and shipped to you.
  • Personalized meal plans.
  • 4 healthy, vet-designed options: beef, chicken, turkey, or pork.
  • Made with human-grade ingredients (no fillers or preservatives).
  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • Calories and nutritional values vary based on recipe.

We are not saying you want to eat this dog food from The Farmer’s Dog, but you certainly could because it includes only human-grade ingredients! This ensures that your dog’s coat stays shiny and his large muscles are kept strong and healthy. And the customized plan, designed by vets and recommended based on your Pom’s specific needs, supports him in maintaining healthy body weight and conditions. And to get more bang for your buck, mix in homecooked rice if your dog does not require a grain-free diet.

In addition to high-quality meats, your dog will enjoy the gentle fibers, such as sweet potatoes and lentils, that encourage digestion and healthy gut flora. Prepared in a USDA-certified kitchen, these recipes are sure to please even the most discerning palate.

We love that these grain-free meal plans are customized for your dog’s weight, activity level, level of pickiness, and any special dietary needs. It’s an excellent option that guarantees your dog is eating the freshest, highest-quality, well-balanced meal available.

Science Diet Adult Small Paws

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Toy Breed
  • An adult dog food made with highly digestible ingredients that are easy on your small dog’s stomach.
  • Nourishing omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Provides high-quality protein to maintain lean muscle in small breed dogs.
  • Uses an antioxidant blend specifically for lifelong immune support in toy and miniature dogs.
  • Made with natural ingredients.

This recipe is made and recommended by Veterinarians, and following their scientific research you can be sure this kibble is suited to the needs of small breeds. Each kibble piece is nibble sized for smaller pooches, and with omega fatty acids, folic acid, and vitamin E supplements, his skin and fluffy coat are nourished. It’s also been noted that many finicky dogs love this recipe.

We love that this recipe is available in two flavors, Chicken or Lamb, so if he is a particularly fussy Pom or he has particular meat allergies, there are two flavor options here.

Purina Pro Toy Breed Adult

Royal Canin Adult Maltese Dog Food
  • Budget-friendly.
  • High-quality ingredients.
  • Made for adult dogs under 10 pounds.
  • Real chicken is the first ingredient.
  • Natural prebiotic fibers.
  • 488 Calories per cup.
  • 30% Protein, 17% Fat, 3% Fiber.

Following on from the Purina puppy recommendation, this recipe is now full of nutrients specific for adult toy breeds. It has a moisture content of 12%, which many smaller dogs find easier to crunch, and real Chicken is still the first ingredient. Calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals support strong teeth and bones, and fish meal and egg products still support healthy brain and eye function.

We love that this recipe has the highest fat content and calorie count, which is good for both his fluffy coat and energy levels.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Toy Breed

  • Features real chicken to help build and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Special “small bite” kibble ideal for smaller jaws.
  • Precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists.
  • Good for all life stage needs.
  • Contains no poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

This recipe has the highest protein content by far, and with deboned Chicken and Chicken meal, his high energy needs are met whilst also supporting his active bones and joints. Sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, and cranberries provide antioxidants, as do the LifeSource Bits that contain an optimum blend of toy dog nutrients. Whilst it is grain-free, it has the joint-highest fiber content, which is great for his sensitive stomach thanks to wholesome vegetables. Reviewers loved how the kibble was particularly small for toy breeds compared to others kibbles they had tried.

We love that this recipe is a grain-free option for those pooches who are intolerant, or for those parents who wish to feed their Pomeranian such a diet.

Nutro Ultra Toy Breed Adult

Nutro Small Breed Senior
  • Made from three lean animal proteins.
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients.
  • Grain-inclusive formula.
  • No artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Antioxidants for immune support.
  • 371 Calories per cup.
  • 27% Protein, 16% Fat, 4% Fiber.

This recipe has the lowest calorie count, which is important to consider if your Pomeranian prefers the luxury of your lap rather than bouncing around, but with that being said he receives all the energy he needs from high-quality protein and highly digestible grains. It contains a trio of protein sources, Chicken, Lamb, and Salmon, including meals. As a result, this dog food also provides glucosamine and omega acids for his joint and coat needs. Nutro is another brand often compared to industry leader Blue Buffalo when it comes to food for smaller or toy breed pups.

We love that this recipe is made with exotic fruits and vegetables, such as coconut, kale, and pumpkin, so he receives all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals his immune system needs to stay healthy.

Wellness Complete Toy Breed Adult

Nutro Ultra Toy Breed
  • Small kibble size for easy eating.
  • Antioxidants to strengthen immune health.
  • Taurine for heart health.
  • No meat by-products or fillers.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 462 Calories per cup.
  • 30% Protein, 17% Fat, 3.5% Fiber.

Wellness has designed this kibble for toy breed adults and as such the kibble pieces are tiny for their miniature mouths. Deboned Chicken, Chicken meal and Turkey meal are the first three ingredients, so not only is this kibble nutritious but it is also super tasty according to the reviews online. With meat meals, biotin and flaxseed his skin is deeply nourished, as is his coat, and brown rice and gentle oatmeal provide energy and keep him feeling full for longer.

We love that this dog food recipe has a high fiber count, and with prebiotics, probiotics, healthy fibers, and chicory root, his digestive system is well cared for.

Best Foods For Senior Pomeranians

Senior Pomeranian eating dog food
Senior Pomeranians need a dog food reinforced with antioxidants.

Pomeranians can live a lot longer than larger dog breeds, so they can start the transition to a senior formulated dog food at a little later than most.  It’s recommended that you start looking at dog foods formulated for Seniors at around 8 years old.  While some Poms can enter the Senior stage of life at 7 years old, most enter around 8, and some enter as old as 9 years.

During your pup’s senior years, this is typically when they eat a food that’s got a heavier dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. They also need an antioxidant boost to help keep their immune system in top shape so it wards off illnesses.  We’ve listed our favorite foods for your Senior Pomeranian in no particular order below. Let’s take a look.

Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws 11+

  • Veterinarian endorsed brand.
  • Antioxidant blend for immune health.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Fiber supports digestive health.
  • Easy to digest ingredients.
  • 371 Calories per cup.
  • 18% Protein, 11% Fat, 4% Fiber

Chicken meal is the first ingredient, which is not only a great protein source but also provides the senior pooch the support he needs for his aging bones and joints. Fish oil also supports this, as well as nourishing his drying skin and keeping his coat full and fluffy. With a blend of minerals his heart, kidney, and bladder health are looked after, and vitamins also strengthen his immune system to fight away illnesses. It also has the lowest fiber content which some dogs do much better on, but brown rice still gives him the energy he needs without adding too many calories to his bowl.

We love that this recipe is made and recommended by canine nutritionists and Veterinarians across the world, so you can be sure that your senior pooch is in good hands with this recipe.

Purina Pro Senior Bright Minds

  • Budget-friendly dog food.
  • Probiotics for digestive health.
  • High protein recipe for muscle retention.
  • Ideal protein to fat ratio.
  • Natural ingredients promote mental sharpness.
  • 487 Calories per cup.
  • 29% Protein, 16% Fat, 3% Fiber

Chicken is the first ingredient in this recipe to provide his muscle mass with maintenance power and energy, and fish meal and egg products provide his brain with DHA, ARA, and EPA. With vitamin E supplement, folic acid, fish oils, and biotin his skin and coat looks as vibrant as ever, and this is what the reviewers loved after their pups improved alertness. This recipe has the highest fat and calorie content, which is better for those senior Pomeranians who are still full of energy.

We love that this recipe focuses on stimulating the slowing mind of senior dogs with select botanical oils such as arginine, and it keeps them as active and alert as they were when they were an adult. Studies show visible results in just 30 days, which reviews confirmed.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Senior

  • High protein content for muscle maintenance.
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin boost.
  • No corn, wheat, soy or chicken by-product.
  • Super 7 package of antioxidant-rich ingredients.
  • Deboned chicken is the first ingredient.
  • 371 Calories per cup.
  • 23% Protein, 13% Fat, 6% Fiber.

Deboned Chicken and Chicken meal are the first two ingredients in this list, and many reviewers commented how their small seniors seemed to love this food compared to other recipes they had tried. As with the previous Blue Buffalo recommendations, this recipe also contains the LifeSource Bits, which are cold-formed to retain their nutrient potency, and are full of the nutrients that small seniors need. With wholesome fruit and vegetables such as pomegranate, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potatoes, and blackberries his immune system is in good hands too.

We love that this recipe has the highest fiber content, which makes it a great option for those Pomeranians whose digestive system does much better on such a diet, and have irregular bowel movements, or loose stools.

Wellness Complete Health Small Breed

  • Low sodium for heart health.
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin boost.
  • Omega 3’s and 6’s for skin and coat.
  • Lower calorie for less active Boston Terriers.
  • No fillers or by-products.
  • 437 Calories per cup.
  • 25% Protein, 12% Fat, 5% Fiber.

Deboned Turkey and Chicken meal are the first two ingredients on this list, which ensures that his muscles receive all the protein he needs for essential muscle maintenance and energy, as do brown rice and oats. Flaxseed and Chicken fat nourish his skin and coat, and chicory root ensures his digestive system is kept regular. Vitamin supplements are listed to complement the list of wholesome fruits and vegetables so that his immunity can remain fighting fit.

We love that this recipe focuses on his complete health, so you can be sure that this recipe provides him with a little bit of everything that he needs in his senior years.

Foods For Overweight Pomeranians

Pomeranian Overweight
If your Pom has gained weight, a weight management food is recommended.

Whilst it might be difficult to see the extra chunk through his fluffy Pomeranian coat, it is important to listen to the scales if he weighs more than what your Veterinarian recommends. This toy dog should only weigh between 3 to 7 pounds in weight, and even one pound more can bring about a host of health concerns. Be sure to slowly switch him to a weight management kibble and get him moving that little bit more, and don’t give into his Pomeranian puppy dog eyes when he is begging for snacks.

Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Puppy
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Made for small breed weight maintenance.
  • Veterinarian endorsed brand.
  • High-fiber formula.
  • Made in the United States.
  • 291 Calories per cup.
  • 24% Protein, 9% Fat, 13% Fiber.

Studies have shown that over 70% of small pooches lost weight within 10 weeks of eating this kibble, thanks to a low-fat content of 11.2%, 291 calories per cup, and L-carnitine to stimulate their metabolism. Importantly, this recipe doesn’t forget about his other nutritional needs, and it has a high protein content of 28.6% with omega fatty acids that his skin and fluffy coat still need, and the kibble pieces are small enough for miniature mouths. Science Diet is rated as the number 1 diet by Veterinarians, and because it is based on science you can be sure that your plump Pom will be able to manage his weight well with this kibble.

Halo Grain Free Healthy Weight

  • Made with non-GMO ingredients.
  • Contains no meat meals.
  • Made from sustainably caught fish.
  • Made with real fruits and veggies.
  • No by-products or fillers.
  • 383 Calories per cup.
  • 27% Protein, 12% Fat, 5% Fiber.

This recipe offers an alternative to typical Chicken flavored weight management kibbles and uses Salmon and Whitefish instead which provides a protein content of 27%. It lists L-carnitine, and it has 383 calories per cup of kibble, and fat content of 12%. It is also a grain-free recipe, which is great for those porkier Poms with a sensitive stomach, and studies have shown that it is very digestible compared to other leading brands, and according to Halo, the proof can be seen in their poop.

Final Thoughts

The feisty and bouncy Pomeranian is a family favorite, but for him to be as healthy and happy as possible it is imperative that you get his nutrition right from day one. Hopefully, you now feel confident in knowing what your adorable ball of fluff needs, and by sticking with our recommendations you can ensure that your Pom loves mealtime.

Pomeranian puppy eating puppy food

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Best Dog Foods For Pomeranians: Puppies, Adults & Seniors

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